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"An Analysis of Peace Making Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the IPTF as a Case Study"
 Celik, Ahmet.

"An Indian Guy with a Prior. What's More Juicy than That?": Race and Wrongful Conviction
 Bell, James., Clow, Kimberley. and Ricciardelli, Rosemary.

"Balancing," the Fourth Amendment, and Defendants' Rights
 Jones, David.

"Can I Have A Glass of Water? Interviewing in a Women's Prison"
 Schneider, Rachel.

"Channeling Freire: Theory Meets Praxis in a Wrongful Conviction Course and Live Client Clinical Innocence Project"
 Schehr, Robert.

"Cracks" in the Penal Harm Movement
 Listwan, Shelley., Lero Jonson, Cheryl., Cullen, Francis. and Latessa, Edward.

"Defiance Theory in the Explanation of Bullying"
 Ttofi, Maria. and Farrington, David.

"Delightfully Tacky" Yet Criminogenic? Sexual Aggression, Tipping, and the Hooters Restaurant Dynamic
 Farber, Molissa.

"Green Criminology": Another "Yellow Logarithm" or a Productive New Paradigm?
 Pearce, Frank.

"He Do the Police in Different Voices:" Policing and the Multicultural Society
 Motto, Michael. and Matravers, Amanda.

"If I Ignore It, It Will Just Go Away...": Examining if a Mismatch Exists between Anti-Stalking Laws and the Behavioral Assumptions of Whom the Law was Established to Serve
 Simms, Odessa.

"Integrating Research and Teaching: Making it 'Real' for Students in a Miscarriages of Justice Class"
 Westervelt, Saundra.

"Intelligence for Dummies" 2007
 Kibitlewski, Joseph.

"Juvenile Referrals in Florida: Utilization of the Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT)"
 Rechichi, Jennifer.

"Life after Death Row: A Needs-Based Analysis of Life Post-Exoneration"
 Cook, Kimberly. and Westervelt, Saundra.

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A "Need" for Violence: Reducing Prison Violence By Understanding Masculinity
 Schultz, Ashley.

A Bayesian Approach to Geographic Profiling:
 Levine, Ned.

A Biosocial Explanation to Delinquency Abstention
 Boutwell, Brian. and Beaver, Kevin.
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A Brief History of Criminal Justice Scholarship and the Internet
 Mentor, Kenneth.

A Call on the State: Assuming Responsibility for Successful Reentry
 Navarro, Angela. and Thompkins, Douglas.

A Case Study of Efforts to Professionalize the Police in Michoacán México
 Murataya, Rodrigo. and Olivero, Michael.

A Case Study of Trafficking in North Korean Women in China
 Kim, Eunyoung., Park, Mirang. and Williams, Hue.

A Colonial Perspective: War on Drugs and its Impact on People of Color
 Garcia, Arlene.

A Comparative Analysis of Media Reports of U.S. Parricide Cases with Officially Reported National Crime Data
 Heide, Kathleen. and Boots, Denise.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

A Comparative Analysis of Rape Typologies and Bivariate Item Analysis in the Prediction of Stranger Rapist’s Prior Criminal Record
 Goodwill, Alasdair. and Alison, Laurence.

A Comparative Analysis of Victims vs. Non-Victims of School Violence and Delinquency in Trinidad and Tobago
 Ramdhanie, Ian.

A Comparative Study of British Colonial and American Correctional Systems
 Hossain, Mokerrom. and Sugg, Michael.

A Comparison of Commuations and Executions in Capital Cases in New York State from 1890-1963
 Acker, James., Freilich, Joshua., Harmon, Talia. and Rivera, Craig.

A Comparison of Community Corrections in the U.S. and China
 MacKenzie, Doris.

A Comparison of Physical and Non-Physical Intimate Partner Abuse
 Denney, Justin. and Belknap, JoAnn.

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Babes, Bitches, and Bimbos: A Review of Women in Violent Roles in PG and PG-13 Movie Scenes
 Roberts, Jennifer. and Gossett, Jennifer.

Backlash or Equality? The Influence of Men’s Rights Discourses on the Demise of Domestic Violence Legislation in Ontario
 Girard, April.

Bail Prediction and Neighborhood Context in Philadelphia
 Goldkamp, John. and Vilcica, E. Rely.

Bank Robbery Versus Board Room Robbery: Can You Spot the Difference?
 Friedrichs, David. and Leeper-Piquero, Nicole.

Bargain Justice? Perceptions of Procedural Justice at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Hagan, John.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Barriers to Treatment Completion for Women Substance Abusers: Challenges of Addicted Mothers
 Miller, Carla.

Base of the Pyramid: Predicting Public Support for Terrorism in Indonesia
 Franke, Derrick.

Batterers and the Battered: Role Reversals in Domestic Violence
 Friday, Paul., Hartman, Jennifer., Lord, Vivian. and Exum, M..

Bayesian Inference, Program Evaluation, and the Accumulation of Evidence in Crime and Justice Intervention Studies
 Sullivan, Christopher. and Mieczkowski, Tom.

Behavioral, Self, and Social Control Predictors of Desistance from Crime: Testing Launch- and Contemporaneous-Effect Models for Conventinal Males
 Le Blanc, Marc. and Morizot, Julien.

Behavioural Contexts and Crime Causation. Beyond the Routine Activities Theory
 Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Behind Bars: Assessing Patterns of Coping Among Mothers in Prison
 McGee, Zina. and Joseph, Ebone.

Being Tough on Crime: Prison Crowding and Inmate Violence
 Wang, Hsiao-Ming. and Lai, Yung-Lien.

Betrayers of Trust: Public Support for Punishing White-Collar "Crooks"
 Cullen, Francis., Hartman, Jennifer. and Lero Jonson, Cheryl.

Betting after the Race is Run: A Case Study Analysis of the Mutual Fund Scandal
 Peterson, Andrew.

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C. Wright Mills and Higher Immorality: Implications for Corporate Crime, Ethics, and Peacemaking Criminology
 Wozniak, John.

CED Use in a Custodial Setting
 Cronin, James., Kappelman, Kristin. and Kubu, Bruce.

CEOs and the Roles They Play in Corporate Misconduct: An Examination of CEO Characteristics
 Schoepfer, Andrea.

CJ Theory II: Additional Considerations In Developing An Infrastructure
 Gray, Kishonna. and Kraska, Peter.

COMPSTAT and Community Policing: Lessons from the Field
 Willis, James., Mastrofksi, Stephen. and Kochel, Tammy.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Campus Murder: A Descriptive Analysis of Homicides Occurring on US Colleges and Universities
 Kimble, Jennifer.
 [001] [002]

Campus-Based Social Change Activities to End Dating Violence
 Finley, Laura. and Herman, Erica.

Can Criminology be Reproduced? Wooldredge and Thistlethwaite's Analyses of Domestic Violence Prosecution
 Garner, Joel. and Maxwell, Christopher.

Can DNA Solve Property Crimes? Results from a Randomized Control Trial
 Roman, John., Adams, William., Reid, Shannon. and Reid, Jay.

Can Parents Have an Effect? Video Games as a Social Learning Process
 Butcher, Fredrick.

Can the Horse be Led to the Water? Barriers to Effective Leadership in Police Organizations
 Schafer, Joseph.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Can the Wounds of the Aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement be Healed through Restorative Justice?
 Whitson, Marian. and Kenwright, Derrick.

Canadian Correctional Practices at Stake: The Perception of the Professionals
 Jendly, Manon. and Vacheret, Marion.

Capturing Crime Displacement and Diffusion of Benefit Effects during/after Police Interventions
 Kim, MoonSun., Bonner, Heidi., McLean, Sarah. and Worden, Robert.

Cardinal Richelieu's Pragmatic Conservatism and French Criminal Justice Reform
 Kania, Richard.

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DARE: When Science and Advocacy Collide
 Rosenbaum, Dennis.

DC’s Sentencing Guidelines: Reducing Judicial Disparity?
 Sikich, Keri., Melzer, Sharon. and Souris, Renee.

DNA Policy
 Taylor, Ralph.

DUI Court: Processes, Impact Model, and Preliminary Findings
 Hiller, Matthew. and Saum, Christine.

Dalits "Opressed People" of India: How Their Social, Economic and Human Rights are Addressed
 Kethineni, Sesha.

Dampening Unintended Adverse Effects of Maternal Incarceration on Preschool Children
 Cecil, Dawn., Strozier, Anne., Littlewood, Kerry., Pietsch, Joel. and McHale, James.

Dangerous Territory: Mapping Violence and Abuse in Queer Couples
 Dragiewicz, Molly.

Dangerousness as Hegemonic Discourse
 Yeager, Matthew.

Dating Violence and School Performance among College Students
 Jenkins, Jenise., Sergenian, Silva. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Dating and Delinquency: An Examination of Links between Early Heterosexual Interest and Involvement and Later Delinquency
 Seffrin, Patrick., Giordano, Peggy., Manning, Wendy. and Longmore, Monica.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Deaf Criminal Offenders-Examining the Effects of Delayed Language Acquisition and Developing Criminal Behavior
 Twersky Glasner, Aviva.

Death Penalty Jurisprudence: Past History and Future Direction
 Ingram, Jefferson. and Payne, Michael.

Death Penalty Support Among Men and Women: A Multi-Variate Preliminary Examination
 Hogan, Nancy., Lambert, Eric., Clarke, Alan., Tucker, Kasey. and Camp, Scott.

Defiance, Gender, and Restorative Justice: An Analysis of the RISE PCA Experiment
 Gill, Charlotte. and Woods, Daniel.

Defining and Quantifying High-Risk:Comparing Risky Behaviors by Youth in Disadvantaged Urban Communities to the U.S. Average
 Swahn, Monica. and Bossarte, Robert.
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 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022] [023] [024]
 [025] [026]

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Early Assessment Risk List for Girls (EARL-21G): Predicting Antisocial Behaviours and Clinical Implications
 Walsh, Margaret., Yuile, Amy., Jiang, Depeng., Augimeri, Leena. and Pepler, Debra.

Economic Cycles, the Welfare State, and Cross-National Homicide Rates, 1971-2002
 Rosenfeld, Richard. and Messner, Steven.

Economic Sanctions and Recidivism
 Cares, Alison., Hoskins, Stacy. and Ruback, R. Barry.

Edgework: The Sensual, Thrill Seeking Nature of Embezzling
 Rodriguez, Nestor.

Edgework: The Sensual, Thrill Seeking Nature of Embezzling
 Rodriguez, Nestor.

Effect of Law Enforcement on Drug Markets and Drug Use
 Rhodes, William.

Effect of Local Police Presence on the Prosecution of Violence Against Women
 Wood, Darryl., Rosay, Andre., Postle, Greg. and TePas, Katherine.

Effect of Medical / Forensic Examinations on the Prosecution of Sexual Assault
 Snodgrass, G. Matthew., Rosay, Andre. and Henry, Tara.

Effect of Mental Health Training on Attitudes and Behaviors of Resident Counselors in Juvenile Justice
 Poland, Amy.

Effect of Police Investigations on the Prosecution of Violence Against Women
 Postle, Greg., Rosay, Andre., Wood, Darryl. and TePas, Katherine.

Effective Interventions for Minor Delinquients: Evaluating Civil Citation Programs and Neighborhood Accountability Boards
 Duncan, Shiyloh. and Wang, Shun-Yung.

Effectiveness of Drug Court: A Descriptive Analysis
 Terrell, Nathaniel-Eugene.

Effects of Fluoxetine on Measures of Mood and Aggression in Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
 George, David.

Effects of Incarceration on HIV Risk Behaviors Among Drug Users
 Zule, William., Costenbader, Elizabeth. and Coomes, Curtis.

Effects of Incarceration on Recidivism Across Offense Types
 Arnold, Catherine. and Boisvert, Danielle.

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Factors Affecting Police Use of Deadly Force: Shoot/No Shoot Decision Making
 DeCarlo, John.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Factors Affecting Recidivism: An Examination of Persistence Among Subgroups of Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders
 Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Factors Affecting the Homicide Clearance: A Comparison Among Police Agencies
 Hsu, Ko-Hsin.

Factors Influencing Students' Decisions to Major in Criminal Justice
 Brewster, Mary.

Factors that Motivate Violent Crime Victims to Seek Compensation
 Nellis, Ashley. and Orchowsky, Stan.

Faith and Civic Involvement Among Released Prisoners: Catalysts for Success?
 La Vigne, Nancy. and Brazzell, Diana.

Faith-Based Correctional Institutions: An Overview and Analysis of Florida's Faith-based Prisons
 Weldon, Jamie.

Falling Stars: Prisoner Reenty, Success Stories, and Recidivism. Implications for the Field
 Mobley, Alan.

Falling Stars: Prisoner Reenty, Success Stories, and Recidivism. Implications for the Field
 Mobley, Alan.

Family Criminality and Delinquent Behavior: A Growth Model of Parallel Processes
 Dembo, Richard., Childs, Kristina. and Wareham, Jennifer.

Family Matters: Perspectives of Active Violent Offenders
 Dashora, Pushpanjali. and Wilkinson, Deanna.

Family Trends and Crime an Overview of Macro-Theoretical Approaches
 Robinson, Bryan.

Family and Reentry: The Impact of Incarceration and Reentry on Family Members of Returning Prisoners in Texas
 Shollenberger, Tracey.

Family of Origin and Partner Influences on Risky Fathering: Accounting for Intergenerational Associations in Antisocial Behavior
 Capaldi, Deborah., Pears, Katherine. and Kerr, David.

Fatal Versus Non-Fatal Outcomes Among Infants and Children in High-Risk Environments in North Carolina
 Hunnicutt, Gwen.

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Gangs & Curfew Laws
 Adams, Ken.

Gangs, Organized Crime and Risk Assessment with the LS/CMI
 Tétreault, Karine. and Guay, Jean-Pierre.

Gender Difference in Drug Information Procurement: Findings from an Online Survey of Drug Users
 Tackett-Gibson, Melissa.

Gender Differences in Arrest Making: A Survey of NYPD Officers
 Linn, Edith.

Gender Differences in Delinquency and Health Risk Behaviors: A Test of General Strain Theory
 Francis, Kimberly.

Gender Differences in Fear of Crime in Trinidad
 Agha, Suzanne. and Johnson, Devon.

Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence Recidivism
 Menard, Kim., Anderson, Amy. and Godboldt, Suzanne.
 [001] [002]

Gender Differences in Nonviolent Relationship Abuse: Power, Control, and Emotional Abuse Victimization
 Wilczak, Andrew.

Gender Differences in Predictors of Detention: Results from the Hawaii Study
 Pasko, Lisa. and Chesney-Lind, Meda.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Gender Differences in Youth Treatment Engagement and Outcomes
 Steinke, Camela., Peterson, Dana., Cunningham, Scott. and Smith, Brenda.

Gender Differences in a Gene-environment Interaction Predicting Depression in Young Adults
 Vaske, Jamie., Boisvert, Danielle., Wright, John. and Beaver, Kevin.

Gender Differences in the Acquisition and Stability of Self-Control
 Johnson, Katherine.

Gender Differences in the Occurrence of Stalking
 Wilczak, Andrew.

Gender Differences in the Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence
 Rollwagen, Heather. and Van Brunschot, Erin.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Gender Responsive and Traditional Probation and Parole Tactics
 Morash, Merry.

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HCV and the Re-entry Population: Prevention, Treatment and Awareness
 Rhodes, Anne. and Sterling, Richard.

HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors among Ketamine and Non-Ketamine Using Criminal Offenders Prior to Prison Entry
 Oser, Carrie., Havens, Jennifer., Staton Tindall, Michele., Wong, Conrad., Leukefeld, Carl. and Prendergast, Michael.

Habits, Choices, and Desistance: Understanding the Agency of Crime through Simulation Methods
 Haar, Dirk-Hinrich.

Hands-On Assignments In The Criminology Course: Benefits, Challenges, And Outcomes
 Eargle, Lisa. and Esmail, Ashraf.

Hanging out in the Bronx: Crime, Incarceration, and Multi-level Models of Social Networks
 Rengifo, Andres.

Has Community Policing Run its Course? Community Policing Implementation after 9/11
 Lee, Jason.

Hate Crime on Campus: A Pilot Study
 Perry, Barbara. and DeKeseredy, Walter.

Hate Speech Laws in Europe and the Role of the European Union
 Kyckelhahn, Tracey.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

Hate, Crime, and the Law: A Social Constructionist Perspective
 Kim, Dae-Young. and DeLone, Miriam.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006]

Health Issues Implicated by Uranium Mining on the Navajo Nation
 Robyn, Linda.

Hell hath no Fury: A Gender Dichotomized Analysis Predicting Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty Attitudes
 Gau, Jacinta. and Wiecko, Filip.

Help-Seeking Behaviors of Battered Women in Tajikistan
 Haarr, Robin.

Hidden Obstacles to Offender Reentry: The Florida Experience
 Pate, Kerensa., Bedard, Laura. and Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique.

Hidden Victims: An Examination of Crimes Against Illegal Immigrants
 Bucher, Jake. and Tarasawa, Beth.

High on Life: Patterns of Drug Use in the Club Scene
 Perrone, Dina.

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ISRD-2 in Developing Countries: Is it Possible?
 Bovenkerk, Frank.

ISRD-2: Armenia
 Magaryan, Anna.

ISRD-2: Austria
 Stummvoll, Guenter.

ISRD-2: Canada
 Savoie, Josee.

ISRD-2: Russia
 Sakagaev, Alexander.

ISRD-2: Spain
 Rechea Alberola, Cristina.

ISRD-2: The Netherlands
 Junger-Tas, Josine.

ISRD-2: The US
 He, Ni., Marshall, Ineke Haen., Sawyer, Wendy. and Bassos, Alec.

ISRD-2: Venezuela
 Morillo, Slobey.

Identity Theft: Motivations and Lifestyles
 Vieraitis, Lynne. and Copes, Heith.

Identity as Currency: Behaviour Control in the Industrial Cyberspace
 Leman-Langlois, Stephane.

Ideology, Subjectivity, and the Criminology of the Shadow: The Case of Public Punitive Attitudes
 Arrigo, Bruce.

Ill-Gotten Gains: A Look at Regulatory Policy Changes in the Pharmaceutical Drug Markets
 Ferguson, Florence., Holness, David. and Bing, Robert.

Illuminating Dark Figures: Examining an Alternative Approach for Estimating Prevalence in Crime and Drug Use
 Jones, Shayne. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Imagining the Global Corporate Gulag: Lessons from History and Criminologial Theory
 Hallett, Michael.

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Jail-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Among Probationers
 Dirks-Linhorst, Ann. and Linhorst, Donald.

Jails Sentences: A National Examination
 Fearn, Noelle. and Ruddell, Rick.

Jamaican Posses
 Joseph, Janice.

Job Decentralization: Spatial Mismatch and Street Crime
 Arvanites, Thomas. and DeFina, Robert.

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Noncustody Prison Staff: A Comparative Analysis
 Garland, Brett.

Judicial Discretion in the Sentencing of Male and Female Criminal Offenders
 Freiburger, Tina.

Juggling the Self and Self Control: The Construction of Self, Power and Property
 Pettiway, Leon.

Juicing across Genders: Sex-Specific Motivations for the Use and Abuse of Anabolic Steroids
 McKee, Megan.

Jurisprudential Themes In Criminal Justice
 Janikowski, Richard. and Zalman, Marvin.

Jury Competence and the CSI Effect: What We Know and Don’t Know
 Garmo, Melissa.

Just Another Murder: Violence, Sex, Love and Respect, in a Maximum Security Prison
 Lenza, Michael.

Juvenile Court Judges' Waiver Decisions: A Comparison between Indiana and Missouri
 D\'Angelo, Jill.

Juvenile Delinquency among Homeless Youth: An Analysis of Longitudinal Social Network Stability and Adolescent Delinquency
 Hoyt, Dan. and Rose, Trina.

Juvenile Delinquency and Teenage Motherhood
 Khurana, Atika. and Gavazzi, Stephen.

Juvenile Deviance and Work Career Outcomes for At-risk Young Men
 Wiesner, Margit.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

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Key Elements of a Transformation Model for Reducing Re-offending Developed by Incarcerated Men
 Harris, M. Kay.

Knowing ‘Inside’: The Need to Reintegrate the Experiences of Prisoners in the Study of Prisons
 Piche, Justin.

Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior: A Youth Program Evaluation
 Zhao, Jihong. and Liu, Yanhua.


Labeling of Styling and (Racial) Profiling: Contextualizing Quantitative Research with Qualitative Understandings
 Lee, Pao.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Labeling the Labelers: A Quasi-Experiment Examining the Deviance Amplification Hypothesis at the Organizational-Level
 Ward, Jeffrey.

Last (Dis)Orders? : The Implications of the Licensing Act (2003) on Violent Crime
 Humphreys, David.

Latino Homicide: Disentangling the Circumstances of Lethal Altercations
 Cancino, Jeffrey., Varano, Sean. and Schafer, Joseph.

Latino and African American Communities: A Police Perspective
 Vera Sanchez, Claudio. and Rosenbaum, Dennis.

Latinos, Violence, and Local Context: A Longitudinal Analysis of Homicides in San Diego Neighborhoods, 1970-2000
 Martinez, Ramiro., Stowell, Jacob., Chavez, Jorge. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Law Enforcement Intelligence Sharing
 Noone, Diana.

Law Enforcement Responses to Human Trafficking
 Farrell, Amy., McDevitt, Jack. and Fahy, Stephanie.

Law Enforcement Strategies and the Line between Racially and Non-racially Targeted Policing
 Reitzel, John.

Law and Order as a Social Movement
 Patterson, Linda.

Law, Justice, and African Ivory
 Ahamneze, Obii.

Leadership Development for Law Enforcement Personnel: A Cross National Comparison
 Haberfeld, Maki. and Ortmeier, P.J..

Leadership, Security and Communities Under Suspicion
 Michael, Lucy.

Learning From Multiple Analogies: An Information Theoretic Approach to Predicting Criminal Recidivism
 Bhati, Avinash.

Learning From Past Mistakes in an Attempt to Create a More Humane Form of Corrections
 Frana, John.

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MS-13: An Expanding Threat
 Etter, Gregg.

MS-13: The Visual Construction of a Threat to American Citizenship
 Pruss, Heather.

Macro-Bully as Macro-Victim: Public Opinion, Insecurity, and Empire
 Klein, Josh. and Lavery, Cathryn.

Magnitude and Explanation of Cohort Differences in Violence
 Loeber, Rolf., Stouthamer-Loeber, Magda., Fabio, Anthony., Farrington, David. and Jolliffe, Darrick.

Making Connections: New Orleans Evacuees’ Experiences in Obtaining Drugs in Unfamiliar Sites
 Dunlap, Eloise. and Johnson, Bruce.

Making Doing Bad Feel Good: The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Policing
 Arter, Michael.

Making Police Lineups More Effective: Can We Improve the Eyewitness Identification Process?
 Steblay, Nancy.

Making Prey Out of Predators: Representations of Sex Offenders
 Rosoff, Katherine.

Making a Case for Micro-geography: Describing and Predicting the Geometry of Spatial Networks within Homicide Events
 McConnell, Patrick.

Making a Change: Facilitating Effective Volunteer Participation Both in Prison and on Parole
 Armstrong, Ruth.

Maladaptive Defense Style and Traumatic Stress in a Specialized Unit of the South African Police
 Kassen, Martin.

Male Juvenile Sex Offenders: Connecting ADHD/ADD and Impulsivity of Victim Choice
 Morris, Travis.

Male Predominance in Self-reported Crime and Delinquency: A Review of the Research from 1947 to 2004
 Dawson, Jean.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006]

Male Rape Rates in the National Violence Against Women Survey
 Carlson, Melanie.

Management of Specialized Police Units
 Wade, Lee. and Jenks, David.

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NGOs: How Are They Affecting Local and Global Reform: Examining the Legal, Sociological and Criminological Factors
 Kiser, Cassie.

National Case-Control Study of Homicide Offending and Methamphetamine Use
 Stretesky, Paul., Pogrebin, Mark., Unnithan, Prabha. and Hogan, Michael.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012]

National and Local Media Coverage of Methamphetamine Use
 Parsons, Nicholas.

Natural Resource Theft in East and Southern Africa
 Warchol, Greg.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

Neighborhood Codes of Violence: A Multi-level, Mixed Method Approach
 Matsueda, Ross., Drakulich, Kevin. and Harris, Alexes.

Neighborhood Context and Supervision: An Extension of a Post-Release Behavior Study
 Kowalski, Brian.

Neighborhood Context and Violent Offending: Distinguishing Among Violent Offenders
 Booth, Jeb. and Hetrick, Samantha.

Neighborhood Context and Violent Victimization of Youth: An Examination of Self-Control as a Moderating and Main Effect Risk Factor
 Gibson, Chris., Schreck, Christopher. and Stewart, Eric.

Neighborhood Disorder and Crime: An Analysis of "Broken Windows" in New York City
 Geller, Amanda.

Neighborhood Effects on Parenting Stratagies and Juvenile Delinquency: Preliminary Findings from a Spatial Analysis of Latino Immigrant Families
 Tuthill, Louis., Parke, Ross., Coltrane, Scott. and Lio, Shoon.

Neighborhood Religiosity, Depression and Social Control: A Multilevel Analysis of Adolescents’ Suicide Attempts
 Maimon, David. and Payne, Danielle.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006]

Neighborhood Structure and the Spatial Distribution of Child Maltreatment and Juvenile Delinquency
 Burch, Andrea. and Britt, Chester.

Neighborhood, Family, and Individual Effects on Substance Use: A Multilevel Study of Toronto Secondary Students
 Browning, Sarah., Erickson, Patricia., Adlaf, Edward. and Harrison, Lana.

Neighborhoods and Crime: An Examination of Social Disorganization and Extra-Community Crime in St. Louis Communities
 Williams, Kristin.

Network Flows of Criminal Propensity
 Sampson, Robert. and Graif, Corina.

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Occupational Stress and Burnout Between Male and Female Police Officers: Are there any Gender Differences?
 McCarty, William., Zhao, Jihong. and Garland, Brett.

Of Fists and Fangs: A Preliminary Examination of the Relationship between Animal Cruelty and Juvenile Offenders
 Reyes, Cassandra.

Offender Profile and Recidivism among Domestic Violence Offenders in Ontario, Canada
 Quann, Nathalie.

Offending-Victimization Linkage: New Evidence from Fixed Effects Regression Models
 Chen, Xiaojin.

Offense Specialization and Versatility in Men Convicted of Sexual Offenses
 Harris, Danielle.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006]

Officer Injury by Assault in Mental Health Crisis Calls: CIT Experiences in Memphis, TN
 Pitts, Wayne. and Dupont, Randolph.

Older Adults as Criminal Offenders: What Do We Know?
 Lauck, Amanda. and Peguero, Anthony.

Older Women Behind Bars
 Kimuna, Sitawa. and Cherukuri, Suvarna.

Older Women in Prison: Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence
 Aday, Ron. and Deaton, Dayron.

Oligopoly, Niche Marketing, and Globalization in the Private Prison Industry
 Culp, Richard.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

On Domestic Surveillance
 Manning, Peter K..

On the Measurement of Sadism with the MASA: Initial Validation of a Self-reported Scale
 Guay, Jean-Pierre., Turcotte, Yvan. and Knight, Raymond.

On the Patio: What it Means to “Do Time”
 Olson, Bernadette.

Online Graduate Programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice
 Polk, O. Elmer.

Onset, Persistence and Chronicity: Do Adults Deserve Attention?
 Flannery, Erin.

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PBA Cards and Police Discretion: How Far Does Professional Courtesy Extend?
 Kudlac, Christopher.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

Parens Patriae in Juvenile Corrections: The Ideal versus the Actual
 Tirrell, Christopher. and Guarino-Ghezzi, Susan.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Parental Abuse, Animal Cruelty, and Crime: The Incorporation of Colvin's Differential Coercion Theory
 Gibson, Shannon.

Parental Detention and Offspring Criminality: A Study over 5 Generations
 Bijleveld, Catrien. and Wijkman, Miriam.

Parental Incarceration: The Experiences of Children That Are Unrelated to Incarceration
 Muhammad, Bahiyyah.

Parental Management and Self-control; Do Race and Gender Really Matter?
 Rynearson, Sarah.

Parenthood vs. Prisonhood: Managing Parental Identity in Prison
 Thomas, Shenique.

Parenting in the Context of Neighborhood
 Kroneman, Leoniek., Hipwell, Alison., Loeber, Rolf., Keenan, Kate. and Stouthamer-Loeber, Magda.

Parenting, Self-Control, and Alcohol Abuse: The Case of Russia
 Botchkovar, Ekaterina. and Broidy, Lisa.

Parole Recidivism: What's Drugs Got to Do With It?
 McShane, Marilyn. and Williams III, Frank.

Parole Release Decisions: Effects of Positive and Negative Victim and Non-Victim Input
 Caplan, Joel. and Kinnevy, Susan.

Parole: Current Practice, Programs, and Services for Releasees
 Visher, Christy.

Part-time Employment and Drug Use during Adolescence: How Much They Work or How Much They Earn?
 Weiss, Michael.

Partners, Peers, and Parents: 'Encapsulation' as Collaborative Influence on Adolescent Delinquency Involvement
 Lonardo, Robert., Giordano, Peggy., Longmore, Monica. and Manning, Wendy.

Pathetic Men and Innocent Maidens v. Hot Teachers and Teenage Boys: Constructing Sex Offenders on MSNBC
 Lea, Suzanne.

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Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Burglar Alarm Systems on Residential Burglaries
 Lee, Seungmug.

Questioning the Wisdom of "Stealth" Penal Policy
 Green, David.


Race Differences in Inmates’ Substance Use History, Program Involvement, and Post-Release Relapse
 Youman, Kerstin., Stuewig, Jeff. and Tangney, June.

Race Riots: The Contours and Dynamics of Social Control and Civil Disobedience
 Pisciotta, Alexander.

Race and Detention Decision Making Revisited
 Leiber, Michael., Fox, Kristan., Johnson, Joseph. and Lacks, Robyn.

Race and Ethnicity in the Context of Amnesty Decisions and the TRC
 Salahuddin, Mohammad. and Verma, Arvind.

Race and Gender: Old Battlegrounds Revisited in Programming for Girls
 Maniglia, Rebecca.

Race and Police Culture on Occupational Stress: a Multi-level Analysis of Individual and Department Level Variables
 Rose, Trina.
 [001] [002] [003] [004]

Race and Prosecutorial Decision Making in Context: A Multilevel Analysis
 Franklin, Travis. and Fearn, Noelle.

Race, Crime, and Residential Home Sales: An Analysis Using a Dual Latent Trajectory Model
 Boggess, Lyndsay.

Race, Gender, and Juvenile Justice Decision-Making: What Role Does Location Play?
 Guevara, Lori.

Race, Immigration Adaptation, and Delinquency
 Zhang, Yan. and Bui, Hoan.

Race, Political Economy, and the Supply of Capital Cases
 Fagan, Jeffrey., Geller, Amanda. and Zimring, Franklin.

Race, Racial Threat, and School Discipline
 Padgett, Kathy. and Chiricos, Ted.

Race/Ethnicity and Incarceration Decisions: Does How We Measure In/Out Matter?
 Demuth, Stephen. and Steffensmeier, Darrell.

Race/Ethnicity, Risk Factors, and Gang Membership
 Freng, Adrienne., Taylor, Terrance J.., Esbensen, Finn-Aage. and Peterson, Dana.

Racial Contexts of Crime Against Latinos
 Wong, Allen.

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SVORI Evaluation Overview
 Visher, Christy.

Safe at Home: The Transition from Public to Private Life in the United States, 1960-2000
 Warr, Mark.

Saving Children from a Life of Crime
 Welsh, Brandon. and Farrington, David.

Scare Tactics: Offenders' Use of Fear in Criminal Events
 Sacco, Vincent.

Scarred Sexuality: The Imprint of Child Abuse Experiences on Sexual Beliefs and Behaviors
 Reid, Joan.

School Discipline, Self-Reported Alcohol Use and Delinquent Behavior among Florida Students
 Ciftci, Sabri., Clark, Jim. and Blomberg, Tom.

School Violence and Safety in the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative
 Browne, Angela. and Trudeau, James.

School and Classroom Climate in the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative
 Trudeau, James. and Murray, Steve.

Schools as Capable Guardians: A Routine Activities Approach to Explaining Student Victimization
 DiPietro, Stephanie. and Gottfredson, Denise.

Scientific Support for Early Prevention of Delinquency and Later Offending
 Welsh, Brandon. and Farrington, David.

Screening, Assessment, Restraint and Isolation: Analyzing Injury in Juvenile Correction and Detention Facilities
 Snyder, Brad. and Kupchik, Aaron.

Scripted Inequality: The Perpetuation of Gender, Race, and Class Stereotypes of Characters of CSI
 Bissler, Denise. and Conners, Joan.

Searching for Patterns of Success with Situational Crime Prevention
 Smith, Martha.

Searching for the Common Punishment Denominator: An Analysis Within the Golden State
 Ruddell, Rick. and Fearn, Noelle.

Secrets within the silence: Insights into the criminal victimization of the Deaf
 Barrow, Lauren.

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Taking Decarceration Seriously
 Jacobs, James. and Henry, Jessica.

Tangled Webs: The Role of Network Relations in the Prevention of and Response to Cyber-crimes
 Nhan, Johnny. and Huey, Laura.

Tautology, Reasoned Action, or Cognitive Dissonance: Re-evaluating the Relationship between Delinquent Attitudes and Delinquent Behavior
 Rebellon, Cesar. and Manasse, Michelle.

Teaching Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement: An Exercise in Bullshit
 Stoddard, Cody. and Eck, John.

Teaching Criminal Justice Courses Online
 Ranjan, Sheetal.

Teaching Police Integrity
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Haberfeld, Maki.

Teaching Race, Class and Gender in Criminology and Criminal Justice Courses
 Stowe, Noleania.

Teaching Race, Gender and Class: A Doctoral Students’ Perspective
 Wilder, Kideste., Garcia, Arlene. and Lars, Misha.

Teaching Social Justice to Criminal Justice Students
 Twersky Glasner, Aviva.

Teaching and Learning about Crime and Corrections: Measuring Experiential Learning Outcomes
 Sutton, Paul.

Teaching to Transgress: Film Series Program for Girls in Detention
 Schaffner, Laurie.

Technological Platforms and Social Relations: Issues in the Deployment GPS and RF-based Electronic Monitoring for Domestic Violence Cases
 Ibarra, Peter. and Erez, Edna.

Telemarketing Fraud
 Szockyj, Elizabeth.

Television Police Dramas: A Shift in the American Penological Imagination?
 Aseltine, Elyshia. and Ward, Melinda.

Telling it Like it Is: Therapeutic Communities as the Generators of Pro- and Anti-Social Networks
 Leverentz, Andrea.

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U.S. Attorneys and Substantial Assistance Departures: Testing for Inter-Prosecutor Disparity
 Spohn, Cassia. and Fornango, Robert.

Understanding Chinese Immigrant Prostitution: An Rational Choice Approach
 Liu, Min.

Understanding Female Adolescent Offenders’ Initial Foray into the World of “Meth” Using a Delinquent Events Approach
 Lopez, Vera.

Understanding Legal Financial Obligations: The Monetary Penalties Associated with Criminal Conviction
 Harris, Alexes. and Beckett, Katherine.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Understanding Patterns of Identity Theft Through Empirical Research: A Discussion of the CIMIP Research Project Findings
 Choo, Kyung-Seok.

Understanding Procedurally Fair Behavior by Police during Encounters with Citizens
 Dai, Mengyan.

Understanding Spatial Variations in Target Attractiveness of Serious Assaults against Police
 Faggiani, Donald., Pattavina, April. and Bibel, Daniel.

Understanding Two Dimensions of Risk
 Lens, Michael.

Understanding Women’s Pathways to Prison: Traditional Versus Feminist Perspectives
 Proctor, Janice.

Understanding the Causes of Binge Drinking and Substance Abuse Among College Students: Results of Focus Group Discussions and Survey
 Kakar, Suman.

Understanding the Criminogenic Characteristic of the Ivory Market: the Demand and Supply
 Mupier, Robert.

Understanding the Effects of Formal and Informal Certainty of Punishment on Cheating
 Turner, Michael., Exum, M.. and Hartman, Jennifer.

Understanding the Help-Seeking Decisions of Marginalized Battered Women
 Burgess-Proctor, Amanda.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

Understanding the Impact of Mental Illness on Parole Eligibility and Release Dispositions
 Cullen, Sara., Matejkowski, Jason. and Caplan, Joel.

Understanding the Importance of Life-Changing Events Among Formerly Incarcerated Persons
 Christian, Johnna. and Veysey, Bonita.

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Validity of the Wisconsin Risk Assessment Instrument Across Racial/Ethnic Adult Probationers in Travis County
 Andresen, W. Carsten.

Value Gaps between College Students Pursing Police Career and those of other Occupations
 Yun, Woosuk.

Variations in Illegality and the Organization of Heroin Markets
 Paoli, Letizia.

Victim Entitlements: What Do Victims Want?
 Holley, Philip. and Brewster, Dennis.

Victim Precipitation in Homicide Incidents Involving Juvenile Victims
 Muftic, Lisa.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Victim Services Delivery: Rural vs. Urban Communities
 Yun, Ilhong. and Kercher, Glen.

Victimization and Attitudes toward Crime
 Tracy, Jessamyn.

Victimization and Changes in Routine Activities
 Clay-Warner, Jody., McMahon, Jennifer., Bunch, Jackson. and Harrington, Cora.

Victimization and Fear of Crime in the Inner City: Spatial and Temporal Patterns in a High Crime Community
 Kohm, Steven.

Victimization and Routine Activities: About the Chicken and the Egg
 Averdijk, Margit.

Victimization and the Rural-Urban Dimension
 Gustafson, Regan.

Victimization as Strain: An Empirical Evaluation of the Link Between Victimization and Delinquency
 Bruell, Christopher., Cuevas, Carlos. and Finkelhor, David.

Victimizing Homeless Women: A Socialist Feminist Perspective
 Richards, Tara., Garland, Tammy. and Bumphus, Vic.

Victims’ Use of Narratives in Reporting Decisions: Negotiating Identity and Maintaining Legitimacy
 Weiss, Karen.

Violence Against Women: What’s Sport Got to Do With It?
 Braddock, Jomills., Sokol-Katz, Jan. and Carbone-Lopez, Kristin.

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Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk: The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Inmates' Behavioral Intentions
 Wiernik, Craig.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]

War Crimes Atrocities Photography as Evidence: From the Nuremburg Trial to the Present
 Greek, Cecil.

Warrantless Computer Searches: Exceptions in Cyberspace
 Rowe, Brenda. and del Carmen, Rolando.

We Don’t Need No Notification: The Underreporting of Victimization by Students
 Watkins, Adam. and Maume, Michael.

We Walk in Fire: Palestinian Women Rationalize Female Suicide Bombing
 Fishman, Laura.

We've Been Expecting You: James Bond and a Post 9/11 Critical Criminology
 Bendall, Mark.

Weed And Seed Policy Analysis
 Ellefson, Beth.

Were Wolfgang's Chronic Offenders Psychopaths? On the Convergent Validity between Psychopathy and Career Criminality
 Vaughn, Michael. and Delisi, Matt.

Westernizing the Criminal Justice Systems of Eastern European Countries: From the Soviet Criminal Process to the Inquisitorial-Accusatorial Criminal Trials
 Kutateladze, Besiki.

What Criminology Can Learn From Comparative-Historical Sociology
 Jacobs, Adam.

What Did the Girls Say? Analysis of Focus Group Findings
 Hawkins, Stephanie.

What Happens When Probationers and Parolees Vote? Community Supervision and Civic Reintegration
 Uggen, Christopher., Inderbitzin, Michelle. and Vuolo, Michael.

What Happens at the 73-Hour Mark?: Case Outcomes in Sexual Assault Cases When Victims Delay Reporting
 Keller, Elizabeth.

What Works in Rehabilitation
 MacKenzie, Doris.

What Works? A Case Study Analyzing the Implementation of an Inside-Out Prison Program in a Rural Community
 Burns, Jamie.

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You are Here: Danger Maps, Safety Advice, and the Boundaries of Women's Space
 Walsh, Sara.

Youth ATOD Usage in Lowndes County: A Community Assessment
 Gray, Shani. and Williams, Danielle.

Youth Employment, Strain, and Delinquency
 Richardson, Robin.

Youth Engaging in Prostitution: The Social Construction of the Child Sexual Abuse Victim by Law Enforcement
 Halter, Stephanie.
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 [057] [058] [059] [060] [061] [062] [063] [064]
 [065] [066] [067] [068]

Youth Exposure to Online Pornography: Is everyone doing it?
 Leaf, Philip., Ybarra, Michele., Hamburger, Merle. and West, Marie.

Youth Gangs in Five Nations: A Descriptive Analysis of Gang Membership and Misbehavior
 Winfree, Jr., L.., Weitekamp, Elmar., Kerner, Hans-Juergen., Reich, Kerstin., Bott, Klaus., Weerman, Frank., Medina, Juan., Aldridge, Judith., Maljevic, Almir., Muratbegovic, Elmedin., Budimic, Muhamed. and Mujanovic, Eldan.

Youth Violence in Asian and Latino Communities
 Krisberg, Barry. and Le, Thao.

Youth and Human Rights
 Walgrave, Lode.
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