ASC Annual Meeting 2008-Nov-11 to 2008-Nov-16

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" I Hate The Police!": Revealing Hidden Feeling Among Children of Prisoners
 Muhammad, Bahiyyah.

"All is Cheerless, Dark and Deadly": Transgressing through Excess and Eroticism, Decay and Divine Filth
 Presdee, Mike.

"Club Culture and Bouncers in the Big Apple: Findings from the New York Night Time Economy Study"
 Brotherton, David.

"Disrupting Race, Class and Gender in a Criminology Classroom"
 Leonard, Eileen.
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"Do You Want to Take a Vote First?": An Examination of Jury Deliberation Style
 Farley, Erin.

"Hello, I'm An Addict": Exploring Strategies for Disrupting Intergenerational Transmission of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
 Taylor, Kim.

"I Broke the Law? No the Law Broke Me": Constructing Palestine/Israel Through Hip Hop
 Schept, Judah.

"Illegal Alien Invasion": Anti-Immigration Propaganda in the White Supremacist Movement
 Beichner, Dawn., Warner, Tracy. and Johnson, Cori.

"Mirror, Mirror": Reflecting on the Role of Others in Reinforcing Prisoner-Students' Changing Sense of Self
 Hughes, Emma.

"Nothing but Uncertainty ":The Experiences of Adolescent Males in Detention
 Cesaroni, Carla., Peterson-Badali, Michele., Pelvin, Holly. and Manerowski, Lisa.

"Research on the Rez: Then and Now."
 Robyn, Linda.

"Riding Shotgun with Chee and Leaphorn: Two Researchers' Experiences Working with the Navajo Police and Rangers"
 Meyer, Jon\'a. and Paul, Richard.

"Safeguarding" Canadian Communities: The Tackling Violent Crime Act and the Importance of "Responsibility" within Neo-liberalism
 Larocque, Rachelle.

"St. Mary’s is Gaytown:” Girls’ Perceptions of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior in Juvenile Residential Treatment
 Panfil, Vanessa. and Peterson, Dana.

"Surviving They War": The Race and Gender Politics of Mass Incarceration
 McCorkel, Jill.

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A Biosocial Liability Model of Antisocial Behavior: An Exploratory Test in a Sample of Adolescents
 Vaughn, Michael., Beaver, Kevin., DeLisi, Matt. and Wright, John.

A Call for Disaggregating Race in the Data
 Stuart, Ian., Newman, Anika. and Clayton, Karima.

A Case Analysis of University Shootings
 Ross, Darrell. and Mors, Terry.

A Case Study of PKK: How PKK Terrorist Organization Earns Money
 Kose, Yasin., Akdogan, Huseyin. and Basibuyuk, Oguzhan.

A Case Study on Implementing Community Policing in Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey
 Gozubenli, Murat., Ozturk, Mesut. and Ozgenturk, Ilyas.

A Classification of Youths Served in a Mentoring Program for At-risk Youths
 Poulin, Mary.

A College Degree as a Turning Point: How Does One Get There?
 Shermer, Lauren.

A Comparative Analysis of American and German Criminal Justice Responses to Adolescent Criminal Behavior
 Link, Tanja.

A Comparative Analysis of Sex Offender Laws
 Brown, Michael.

A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Female Defendants Convicted of Murder from the 19th-21st Centuries
 Hall, Yvonne., Kumar, Korni. and Kieval, Nathaniel.

A Comparison of the Offenders and Non-Offenders Among the Women and Girls in the Kinsey Data
 Belknap, Joanne. and Turbin, Mark.

A Critical Examination of Recent Shifts in Canada’s Sex Offender Policy
 Rollwagen, Heather.

A Critical Review of Studies on China’s Corrections and Recidivism
 Liang, Bin. and Wilson, Corinice.

A Critical and Necessary Function of Convict Criminology: Theory, Research Methods and Policies
 Lenza, Michael. and Jones, Richard.

A Critique of "Pedophile" As a Distinct Type of Criminal
 Stafford, Mark.

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Back to the Future or Forward to the Past
 Rawstorne, Shirley.

Back-end Sentencing, Focal Concerns and Discretionary Decision Making in Parole Revocation
 Lin, Jeff. and Grattet, Ryken.

Bag Trom Bars: An Analysis of Relative Risks, Perceived Risks and Methods of Offence
 Bowers, Kate. and Sidebottom, Aiden.

Bail Issuance and Violations in Spousal Violence Cases in Canada
 Quann, Nathalie.

Balanced and Restorative Juvenile Justice in Wisconsin
 Koller, Cynthia.

Ballistic Imaging
 Cork, Daniel.

Barriers to Reporting Sexual Abuse: Child and Youth Assessments of The State
 Hlavka, Heather.

Base Rate in the Profile of Sexual Murderers: A Neglected Dimension?
 Mieczkowski, Tom. and Beauregard, Eric.

Battered Women and the Road to the Shelter.
 Garcia, Jacqueline.

Bearing Ones Own Cross? Criminal History Records and the Prediction of Future Offending
 Blokland, Arjan. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Behind Bars in Florida
 Pate, Kerensa., Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique. and Bedard, Laura.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the DNA Field Experiment
 Reid, Shannon., Roman, John. and Chalfin, Aaron.

Best Practices for Police Relative to Recognizing Extremists
 Mors, Terry.

Better Late Than Never: Delayed Justice for Political Crime
 Adams, Harry.

Between Tradition and Modernity: Transitional Justice in the Indian Context
 Vincentnathan, S. George. and Vincentnathan, Lynn.

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CCTV Impact on the Social Construction of Security
 Leman-Langlois, Stephane.

CCTV in Public Places: Results from a Pilot Crime Reduction Initiative in Las Vegas, Nevada
 Madensen, Tamara. and Sousa, William.

Caged Witnesses: Bystanders to Prison Rape
 Carlson, Melanie.

California Mandatory Conditions of Parole Evaluation: Where to Start?
 Malm, Aili., Ireland, Connie. and Fischer, Ryan.

Calling a Crime a Crime: Techniques of Neutralization Among a Sample of Texas Inmates
 Miller, Kristine.

Campus Hate Crime: Another Kind of Colour Blindness
 Perry, Barb. and DeKeseredy, Walter.

Campus Safety: A Qualitative Study
 Emmons, Michael., Isaacs, Shawn. and Tracy, Jessamyn.

Can Biometric Measures Prevent Internet Identity Theft? A Situational Crime Prevention Approach
 Foradori, Manuel.

Can DNA Solve Property Crimes? Final Results from the DNA Field Experiment
 Roman, John., Reid, Shannon., Adams, William. and Chalfin, Aaron.

Can Environment and Offense Patterns Predict Cohort Membership?
 Ackerman, Alissa., Khan, Bilal. and Terry, Karen.

Can Interventions Influence Peer Groups? An Examination of the Impact of ASP Involvement on Students’ Friendship Choices
 Connell, Nadine.

Can Released Prisoners “Make it”? Examining Formerly Incarcerated Persons’ Belief in the “American Dream”
 LeBel, Thomas.

Can You Hear Me Now! Race and Gender Represent Intersectionalities
 Young, Vernetta.

Can You See Me Now? GPS Monitoring of Paroled Sex Offenders
 Baumer, Terry., Newby, III, William., LaMade, Megan. and Seymour, Amy.

Can the Criminal Justice System Really Deliver Justice?
 Clayton, Diana Reynolds.

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DWI: An Argument for Violent Felony Status
 Johnstone, Michael. and Tischler, Chloe.

Data Sources and Measurement in Crime and Criminal Justice of China
 Liu, Jianhong.

De Federal Law Enforcement Grants Reduce Serious Crime?
 Worrall, John.

De-essentializing Latino-Police Relations: The Intersection of Race, Class, Gender, Immigration Status, and Urban Space in the Barrio
 Portillos, Edwardo.

Deadly Force Training Policies, Programs and Practices: Results from a National Survey
 Morrison, Greg.

Deadly Impact? Exploring the Effect of Mortality Salience on Arab-American Hate Crimes
 Koski, Connie. and Clinkinbeard, Samantha.

Deadly Ties: The Influence of Gang Members’ Social Networks on Gun Violence
 Papachristos, Andrew. and Fagan, Jeffrey.

Decision Points in Criminal Justice: The Parallel History of Sentencing and Racial Profiling Research
 Tillyer, Rob. and Engel, Robin.

Decisionmaking Errors in Criminal Justice and How to Reduce Them
 Mears, Daniel. and Bacon, Sarah.

Defending The Indigent White- Collar Criminal:Federal Public Defender Defence Strategies
 Pogrebin, Mark.

Defining Bullying Behaviors in School: An Investigation of Student Perceptions of Relational and Physical Bullying Behaviors
 Russell, Brenda., Ceccherini, Traci. and Kraus, Shane.

Deinstitutionalization of Mental Patients and the Impact on the Corrections System
 MacKenzie, Doris., Smith-Kea, Nicola., Gossett, Drew. and Acevedo, Summer.

Delinquency, Juvenile Arrest, and Adult Stratification: Correlation, Causation, or Spurious Association?
 Walters, Nathan.

Delinquent Peers and Behavior: A Longitudinal Network Analysis of Selection and Influence Effects
 Weerman, Frank.

Delinquent Peers, Self-Control, and Crime: Assessing Effect Size across Different Measures of Delinquent Peers
 Meldrum, Ryan., Young, Jacob. and Weerman, Frank.

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E-racking: New Opportunity Structures in Professional Shoplifting
 Weide, Robert.

Eastern Nigerian Youths Ownership Ideal System: Implications on Delinquency, Juvenile Justice System, and Community Development
 Ubah, Charles.

Ecological- and Individual-Level Predictors of Delinquent Outcomes: An Exploratory Study of Moderating Effects
 Reisig, Michael. and Beaver, Kevin.

Ecotage: A Mixed Methods Investigation
 Varriale, Jennifer.

Educational Re-enrollment and the Recidivism of Youth Returning from Detention and Correctional Facilities
 Hirschfield, Paul.

Edwin H. Sutherland: The Theory of Differential Association
 Goff, Colin. and Geis, Gilbert.

Effect of Primogeniture on Gender Patterns among Street Children in Ghana -A Case for Strain Theory
 Amantana, Vivian.

Effective Strategies for Retention and Academic Success Among Criminal Justice Transfer and Freshmen-Declared Majors
 Lord, Vivian. and Hartman, Jennifer.

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment for Aboriginal Men
 Kunic, Dan. and Varis, David.

Effectiveness and Effects of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Policies
 Letourneau, Elizabeth., Levenson, Jill., Bandyopadhyay, Dipankar., Sinha, Debajyoti. and Armstrong, Kevin.

Effectiveness of Adult Intensive Supervision Probation
 Huynh, Thuy. and Potter, Hillary.

Effectiveness of Improved Street Lighting in Reducing Crime
 Farrington, David. and Welsh, Brandon.

Effectiveness of Programs to Prevent School Bullying
 Ttofi, Maria., Farrington, David., Baldry, Anna. and Kyvsgaard, Britta.

Effects of Communities That Care on Adolescent Delinquent Behavior and Substance use in the Community Youth Development Study
 Oesterle, Sabrina., Brown, Eric., Hawkins, J.., Abbott, Robert., Arthur, Michael. and Catalano, Richard.

Effects of Instructors and Instructional Methods on Trainings of Community Policing
 Ozturk, Mesut., Ozgenturk, Ilyas. and Gozubenli, Murat.

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Face-to-Face Police Initiated Contact Rates: The Influence and Intersection of Community Fabric, Race/Ethnicity and Gender
 Wyant, Brian., Taylor, Ralph., Garcia, Marie. and Lawton, Brian.

Face-to-Face Restorative Justice: A Systematic Review
 Strang, Heather. and Sherman, Lawrence.

Facebook Panic: Real and Imagined Dangers
 Tracy, Jessamyn. and Emmons, Michael.

Facilitating Change for Women?: Exploring the Role of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Drug Court
 Saum, Christime.

Factories with Fences: The Effect of Prison Industries on Female Inmates
 Richmond, Kerry.

Factors Affecting the Prosecution of Domestic Violence
 Rivera, Marny., Wood, Darryl., Rosay, Andre., Postle, Greg. and TePas, Katie.

Factors Affecting the Prosecution of Sexual Assault Cases
 Wood, Darryl., Rosay, Andre., Postle, Greg. and TePas, Katie.

Factors Affecting the Prosecution of Stalking
 Rosay, Andre., Wood, Darryl., Postle, Greg. and TePas, Katie.

Factors Associated with Bullying Behaviors in a Longitudinal Sample of Children
 Tusinski, Karin.

Factors Associated with Responses to Inmate Misconduct in State Prisons
 Fischer, Ryan.

Factors Influential to the Decision to become a Refugee or Internally Displaced Person
 Pruitt, William.

Factors Related to Male Juvenile Sexual Violence, Rape and Gang Rape: an Integrated Theoretical Approach
 Lerdtomornsakul, Unisa., Cheurprakobkit, Sutham. and Suriyamanee, Chankanit.

Factors Related to ‘Recovery’ from Early-onset Antisocial Behaviour: An Examination of Moffitt’s Typology
 McGee, Tara., Mazerolle, Paul. and Najman, Jake.

Fairer Sex, Fairer System, or the Other: Gender and Corruption in the Comparative Perspective
 Halim, Nafisa. and Broidy, Lisa.

Faith-based Corrections Around the World
 Culp, Richard.

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Gang Formation: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory among Latino Youth
 Laske, Mary.

Gang Involvement by Elementary School Students: Perception vs. Reality
 Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Rice, Kennon., Russell, Brenda. and Hafer, Abigail.

Gang Members’ Delinquent and Violent Behaviors: Determining the Role of Parental Monitoring and Supervision
 Swahn, Monica., Bossarte, Robert., West, Bethany. and Topalli, Volkan.

Gang-kill: Inmates, Gang Membership, and Prison Misconduct.
 Drury, Alan. and DeLisi, Matt.

Gangs vesus Wannabes: Assessing without Objective Standards
 Lauger, Tim.

Gangs, Drugs and Violence: Are the Newer Gangs Different?
 Howell, Buddy., Curry, Glen., Egley, Arlen. and O\'Donnell, Christina.

Gender Differences in Behavioral Consequences of Experienced Violence and Anticipated Victimization
 Palmer-Boyes, Ashley. and Jang, Sung Joon.

Gender Differences in Crime in the U.S. and Turkey
 Mese, Ibrahim.

Gender Differences in Criminality: What Can We Learn from the Heart Disease Model?
 Van Gundy-Yoder, Alana.

Gender Differences in Delinquent Behavior among American Indian Youth
 Hartshorn, Kelley.

Gender Differences in Drug Use: Patterns of Continuity and Change
 Thompson, Melissa., Uggen, Christopher. and Sandquist, R..

Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Victimization and Offending using NIBRS data
 Durfee, Alesha.

Gender Differences in Long-Term Consequences of Victimization and Offending
 Kubena, Jiletta.

Gender Differences in Narratives of Positive Change: Implications for Revised Gender-Specific Reentry Strategies for Female Offenders
 Herrschaft, Bryn.

Gender Differences in Perceived Threats of Formal and Informal Sanctions
 Fukushima, Miyuki., Spivak, Andrew. and Kelley, Margaret.
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Hate Crime and the Community: The in Terrorem Effect
 Perry, Barb. and Alvi, Shahid.

Hate Crimes and Policing
 Morris, Angela.

He Said, She Said: An Assessment of Victim/Offender Accounts of Sexual Assault
 Samuelson, Ryan. and Spohn, Cassia.

Heavy Hitters and Empty Suits: Differences between High-Arrest and No-Arrest Officers
 Linn, Edith.

Helmets Save Lives, Religion Takes Lives – Any Questions?: Sikh Turbans, Motorcycle Helmets and Systemic Racism in Law
 Gill, Jagjeet.

Heroic Homicide
 Cooney, Mark.

Hidden Population Research: Ethnography and Children of Incarcerated Parents
 Muhammad, Bahiyyah.

High-risk Sex Offenders in the Province of British Columbia, Canada: Can We Identify Those At-risk of Re-offending while Under Intensive Supervision?
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine. and Lussier, Patrick.

Hispanic Juvenile Offenders in Residential Placement – The Latest from the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement
 Sickmund, Melissa.

Hispanic Juvenile Victims and Offenders
 Adams, Benjamin.

Hispanic Youth in Juvenile Court
 Puzzanchera, Charles.

Hitting the hard keys: assessing the challenges of post-release employment skills training
 Dill, Nandi.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry meets the Sociology and Criminology Classroom: Teaching Race, Class and Gender through the use of the Harry Potter Film Series
 Simon, Angela.

Holding Steady or Fading Fast? The Physical Health of Older Inmates Serving Life Without Parole
 Leigey, Margaret.

Homegrown Terrorist: A Spatial Analysis of Hate Group Existence in the United States
 Gilliard-Matthews, Stacia.

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I Am Not What I Think You Think I Am:
 Hogan, Sharon.

Ideas for Interactive Teaching in Criminology
 Hill, Jan.

Identifying Gender-Responsive Needs—An Enhancement for Fourth Generation Risk/Needs Assessments in Criminal Justice
 Ehret, Beate., Wright, Emily. and Van Voorhis, Pat.

Identifying Trends in Rural/Urban Crime Rates: How does Rurality Relate to Crime?
 Briddell, Laine.

Identity Crisis: How Terrorist Organizations Name Themselves
 Breen, Clairissa.

Identity Work as Edgework in the Inner-City
 Garot, Robert.

If Your Friends Jumped Off a Bridge, Would You?: Differential Association, Peer Influence, and Delinquency
 Barnes, James., Miller, Holly. and Miller, J. Mitchell.

Illegal Dumping: Large and Small Scale Littering in Rural Kentucky
 Tunnell, Kenneth.

Illegal Economies in War and Post-War Societies
 Nikolic-Ristanovic, Vesna.

Illegal Gun Carrying and the Demand for Guns in Trinidad and Tobago: Evidence from a Survey of Youths in At-Risk Schools
 Wells, William. and Katz, Charles.

Illegal Immigrants in Custody
 Coontz, Phyllis. and Siciliano, Michael.

Immigrant Succession, Neighborhood Composition, and the Crime Drop in Los Angeles
 Gill, Charlotte., Hipp, John. and MacDonald, John.

Immigration and Crime: An Examination of Offending Trajectories in a General Sample
 Bersani, Bianca.

Immigration and Informal Economies - The German Case
 Bucerius, Sandra.

Immigration and Neighborhood Homicide Patterns
 McCluskey, Cynthia., McCluskey, John. and Cancino, Jeffrey.

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Jerome Kerviel: Mastermind or Scapegoat?
 Huff, Rodney. and Kane, John.

Johns’ Misogynistic Attitudes and Attraction to Violent Sexuality
 Givens, Eugena. and Blasdell, Raleigh.

Journey to Homicide: Traveling Patterns for Victims and Suspects
 Corsaro, Nicholas. and Pizarro, Jesenia.

Judging Juveniles: Prosecuting Adolescents in Adult and Juvenile Courts
 Kupchik, Aaron.

Judicial Behavior In The Context Of The War On Drugs
 Green, Jeffery.

Justice of the Peace Courts in Canada and the United States:Evolution of Law
 Lepage, Cory.

Juvenile Custody Rates, Community-based Sanctions and Race: Effects of Juvenile Justice Reform in North Carolina
 Cooley, Valerie.

Juvenile Delinquency and Justice in Contemporary China: A Critical Review of Recent Studies
 Zhang, Lening.

Juvenile Delinquency and Violence: Examining International Police and Societal Response
 Crews, Gordon. and Crews, Angela.

Juvenile Homicide Offenders: An Analysis Of 29 Years Of U.S. Data By Gender
 Heide, Kathleen., Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique. and Solomon, Eldra.

Juvenile Justice Decision-Making and a Test of the Liberation Hypothesis
 Guevara, Lori.

Juvenile Justice Innovation in Virginia
 Maggard, Scott. and Chappell, Allison.

Juvenile Justice Reform: From Adultification to Rejuvenalization
 Merlo, Alida. and Benekos, Peter.

Juvenile Parole and Reentry: A Critical Reflection on the Aftercare Evaluation Research
 Meisel, Joshua.

Juvenile Recidivism among South Korean Youth: Measures of Community Risk Factors
 Jeong, Seokjin. and Kwak, Dae-Hoon.

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Keeping the Peace: Gendered Violence in U.N. Refugee Camps
 Brightman, Sara. and Lenning, Emily.

Kill Method
 Ferrell, Jeff.

Korean Hostages in Afghanistan
 Yun, Minwoo. and Kim, Eunyoung.
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Korean Police Officer Attitudes and Self-reported Behaviors
 McCluskey, John. and Moon, Byongook.


Labeling Language: Transitions, Similarities, and Differences throughout an Experiential Course on Social Inequality
 Allred, Sarah. and Wallace, Elizabeth.

Labeling Women Embezzlers as White-Collar Criminals
 Burns-Pratt, Megan. and Dodge, Mary.

Land Policy, Capitalization of Power, and Corruption in Contemporary China
 Deng, Xiaogang.

Land Use, Street Networks, and Crime Patterns in the Mattapan Section of Boston, Massachusetts
 Giordano, Lauren M..

Language is Leaving Me in Silence
 Twersky Glasner, Aviva.

Late Onset Offending: Mountain or Molehill
 Welch, Kristen.

Late-Modern Blood Lust: From the Unthinkable to Primetime
 Brent, John. and Kraska, Peter.

Late-Onset Offending: Truth or Fiction?
 Wiecko, Filip.

Latino Homicide: Race and Ethnicity
 Riedel, Marc.

Law Enforcement and Counterterrorism in Post-9/11 Germany
 Bensinger, Gad.

Law Enforcement and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of Police Efficiency
 Gultekin, Sebahattin. and Kapti, Alican.

Leadership and Effectiveness: An Examination of the Leadership Styles of Texas Police Chiefs
 Sarver, Mary., Miller, Holly. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Leap of Faith? A Systematic Review on the Effect of Faith-Based Initiatives on Recidivism
 Gross, Laura.

Learning Deviant Behavior: Salvia Divinorum Use and the Internet
 Miller, Bryan., Griffin, Hayden. and Khey, David.

Learning about the Death Penalty: Engaging Students through Authentic Research
 Hardesty, Rachel.

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MAOA has a Moderator of Childhood Maltreatment: A Preliminary Quantitative Meta-analytical Investigation
 Healey, Jay. and Lussier, Patrick.

Macerating Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Rule of Law and Due Process for Illusion of Safety
 McGaha, H. James.

Machine Theory: A Three Part Criminal Justice Thought Model
 London, Jeffrey.

Macro and Micro Processes in the Race/Ethnicity-Age-Crime Relationship
 Burbank, Melissa., Rebellon, Cesar. and Kaufman, Joanne.

Mad Men, Meth Moms, and Moral Panic: Gendering Meth Crimes in the Midwest
 Linnemann, Travis., Siqueira, Adryanna. and Westfall, David.

Maintaining Perspective in a Gendered Society: Female Prison Officers and the Purpose of Imprisonment
 Hussemann, Jeanette. and Page, Josh.

Making Use of the Marginal? Women as Suicide Attackers
 Rasche, Christine.

Making the Case for Gender- and Cultural- Specific Programming in Drug Treatment Settings
 Pacheco, Vivian. and Chowdhury, Liza.

Male Peer Support and Battered Immigrant Women: An Exploratory Study
 Couture, Amanda., Goodbrand, Jennifer. and Alvi, Shahid.

Managing Irrationality: Contradictions in the Case Processing of Youth Prosecuted As If They Were Adults
 Barrett, Carla.

Mandatory Arrest Laws: Policies and Enforcement Practices
 Thacker, Devon. and Steen, Sara.

Mapping the Terrain of Perceptions of Injustice: The Case of Chicago Youth
 Shedd, Carla.

Marginalized Urban Males Perspectives on the Efficacy of Community Justice Practitioners to Reduce Youth Violence
 Wilkinson, Deanna. and Beaty, Chauncey.

Marginalized Women’s Voices about a Proposed “Family Justice” Center: A Focus Group and Collaborative Study
 Potter, Hillary., Montoya, Celeste. and Belknap, Joanne.

Market-Driven Fraud: The Impact and Consequences of Counterfeit Products and Intellectual Property Violations
 Mace, Robyn.

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NIDA Funding for Research and Career Development: Nuts, Bolts, and Neurons
 Conway, Kevin.

NIDA's Interests in Criminal Justice Research: Drug Use/Abuse, Offending, Prevention, and Services
 Liberman, Akiva.

Narrative Creation and Control: Examining the Rules Regulating Victim Participation in the Criminal Justice System
 Englebrecht, Christine.

Narratives of Women Sex Offenders
 Matravers, Amanda.

National Surveys of State Parole Boards: Models of Service Delivery
 Kinnevy, Susan. and Caplan, Joel.

Navigating Obstacles: Women Riders, Stereotypes and Power
 Selman, Donna.

Needs Assessment of Police Education and Training to Combat Human Trafficking in Chennai India
 Suresh, Geetha.

Negotiating Family Time in the Visitation Room: Incarcerated Men and Role Management Strategies
 Thomas, Shenique.

Negotiating Gender for Couples in Methadone Maintenance Treatment
 Kelley, Margaret.

Negotiating Masculinity Within Prison
 Hefner, M. Kristen.

Negotiating a Culture of Masculinity through Femininity: An Understanding of Transgender Codes of Conduct in Prison
 Sumner, Jennifer.

Negotiation and Amnesty in Algerian Terrorism
 Stoesser, Amber.

Neighborhood Context, Low Self-Control, and Delinquency: A Multilevel Study of Hispanic Youth in Chicago
 Miller, Holly., Gibson, Chris. and Piquero, Alex.

Neighborhood Covariates of Homicide Trends in South Korea: An Analysis Using Growth Curve Modeling
 Kwak, Dae-Hoon. and Cheong, Jinseong.

Neighborhood Disadvantage and the Conditional Effect of ASVAB Test Scores on Adolescent Violence
 McNulty, Thomas. and Bellair, Paul.

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OSHA’s Inspection and Enforcement Record of Accident and Standard Violations in the Apparel Industry
 McGurrin, Danielle., Arnold, Ryan. and Zilney, Lisa.

Observed vs Perceived Reintegrative Shaming: Examining the Link between Theory and Practice
 Yoon, Seokhee.

Observer Burnout, Time in the Field and Variation in Documentation of Police-citizen Encounters
 Spano, Richard., Chamlin, Mitchell. and Sundt, Jody.

Obtaining and Withdrawing Protection Orders Against Intimate Partners: Why Women Make the Decisions They Do
 Mele, Marie. and Roberts, James.

Of Course it’s Dangerous: Contextualizing Elite Cyclists Understandings of Drug use within Belgian Culture
 Sefiha, Ophir.

Offenses of Japanese Corporations against Policy for Environment
 Yokoyama, Minoru.

Officer Perceptions of Violence, Gangs, and Dangerousness at Places
 Willis, Julie.

Older Adults and Contact with the Police as Victims, Complainants and Citizens
 Cunningham, Scott.

On Becoming a Parole Agent: Training and Socialization During Reentry Reform
 Rudes, Danielle.

On Crime and Punishment in Uganda
 Belli, Roberta.

On The Cross-Cultural Validity of a Legitimacy Scale: A Study in Ghana
 Tankebe, Justice.

On Using Experiments in a Seminar on Miscarriages of Justice
 Griffiths, Elizabeth.

On-line Juvenile Sexual Victimization Among College Students
 Burweger, Stacy.

Online Teaching Challenges Using a Publisher Developed Course
 Williams, Francis.

Opposition to Affirmative Action as a Result of Racial Threat: A Multi-Level Analysis
 Lavin, Kristin.

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Paradoxes of Public Opinion: How Political Actors View Public Opinion on Penal Issues
 Brown, Elizabeth.

Parental Involvement in Young People’s Justice System Experiences
 Peterson-Badali, Michele., Broeking, Julia. and Clarke, Maggie.

Parental Parenting Practices and Race: What’s the Difference?
 White, Norm. and Loeber, Rolf.

Parents as "Textual Outlaws" in New Labour's "Modern Culture of Respect"
 Edge, Christine.

Parochial Social Control at Work: Sustainability of Neighborhood Organizations in a Disadvantaged Community
 Barrow, Christine.

Parole: The “Black Box” of the Criminal Justice System
 Shah, Rita.

Participant Experiences with Perceived Coercion and Procedural Justice in a Co-Occurring Disorders Court
 Knox, Myesa.

Partnering in Police/Community-Based Corrections Programs: Best Practices in Collaboration
 Bonham, Jr., Gene. and Katz, Joanne.

Paternalism or Punishment? An Examination of Judicial Waiver in One State
 Burke, Alison.

Pathways and Service Needs of PINS/JD’s in New York City
 Lens, Michael.

Pathways from Child Abuse and Neglect to Risky Sexual Behavior in Middle Adulthood: Sexual or General Deviance?
 Wilson, Helen. and Widom, Cathy.

Patrol Officers’ Perceptions of Non-Lethal Force Policies: Assistance, Restrictiveness, and Guidance
 Paoline, Eugene. and Bonner, Heidi.

Patterns and Predictors of U.S. Counties’ Propensity to Imprison
 Schupp, Paul. and Rivera, Craig.

Patterns of Clearances in Index Offenses
 Wellford, Charles.

Patterns of Decline among Terrorist Organizations and Movements
 Miller, Erin.

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Race & Gender Courses in Criminal Justice & Criminology Programs
 Way, Lori Beth.

Race Differences in Stressor Exposure and Illegal Behavior from Birth through Adulthood
 Slocum, Lee. and Johnson, Brian.

Race and Drug Courts
 Terrell, Nathaniel-Eugene.

Race and Policing: Chinese Immigrants’ Perceptions of the Police
 Wu, Yuning.

Race and Reporting Burglary, Robbery, and Assault in Trinidad and Tobago
 Mehlman-Orozco, Kimberly.

Race and Trends in Women’s Imprisonment: The Consequences of Welfare, Drug Penalties and Economic Hardship
 Johnson, Kecia., Heimer, Karen., Rengifo, Andres., Lang, Joseph. and Stemen, Don.

Race, Drugs, and Policing in Seattle: A Reexamination of the Evidence
 Smith, Michael. and Engel, Robin.

Race, Gender and Ethnicity: A Study of the Canadian Federal Court and Immigration Appeals
 Wheeldon, Johannes., Sheppard, Colleen. and Gould, Jon.

Race, Gender and Neighborhood Differences in Youth and Family Perceptions of a Juvenile Drug Court
 Paik, Leslie.

Race, Police, and Policy: Do Racial Profiling Policies Reduce Disparities in Police Traffic Stops?
 Miller, Kirk.

Race, Social Context, and Social Control: An Examination of Racial Disparity in School Punishment
 Brick, Bradley.

Race/Ethnicity and Recidivism Risk: The Importance of Considering Nativity When Examining White-Black-Hispanic Differences
 McGovern, Virginia.

Racial Disparities in the Effects of Delinquent Peers
 Cue, Carla.

Racial Disparity in Imprisonment Rates Across Counties
 Arvanites, Thomas.

Racial Profiling Litigation: Current Status and Emerging Controversies
 Withrow, Brian.

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SPACES-2: An Agent-Based Simulation Platform for Modeling Routine Activity Theory and Policing
 Liu, Lin., Siemsen, Karl. and Eck, John.

Safety and Empowerment of Female Victims in Slovakia
 Wasileski, Gabriela.

Sanction “Uncertainty” as a Causal Mechanism in Structural Deterrence Research
 Kane, Robert. and Paulhamus, Meaghan.

Scholarly Influence in International Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals from 1990-2005
 Cohn, Ellen. and Farrington, David.

School Communities and Youth Crime in Iceland
 Valdimarsdóttir, Margrét.

School Social Threat and Communal School Organization: A Test of Moderation
 Payne, Allison. and Welch, Kelly.
 [001] [002]

School Violence Beyond Columbine: A Complex Problem in need of an Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Policy
 Henry, Stuart.

School Violence: Interventions through Peer Mediation
 Schexnayder, Vena.

Schools and Neighborhood Crime
 Willits, Dale., Broidy, Lisa., Albright, Danielle. and Denman, Kristine.

Schools, Neighborhoods and Adolescent Conflicts: A Situational Examination of Reciprocal Dynamics
 Brunson, Rod. and Miller, Jody.

Screening Offenders for Supervision Intensity: An Overview of AutoScreener
 Johnson, Calvin.

Screening for Mental Health and Drug Addiction: Challenges and Future Research
 Williams, Kaya.

Security and Environmental Risk Perception
 McGarrell, Edmund., Gibbs, Carole. and Zimmermann, Carol.

Security in the Finnish Prisons
 Junninen, Mika.

Seemingly Undetected Errors: Basics of Spatial Analyses in Criminal Justice Research
 Kim, MoonSun., Worden, Robert. and McLean, Sarah.

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TANF’s Unintended Consequences on Adolescent Well-being: Are TANF Work Policies Linked to Adolescent Antisocial Behaviors?
 Yancey, Christina.

Taking Action Against Wrongful Convictions: The Power of Individuals and Innocence Projects
 Murphy, Tiffany.

Taking Another Bite out of Social Injustice: The Formation and Promise of Peacemaking Criminology
 Klein, Lloyd. and Luxenburg, Joan.

Tales from the Field: Frontline Workers Speak about the Needs of Girls in the System
 Garcia, Crystal. and Lane, Jodi.

Tales of Richard & Aileen: Examining the Social and Psychological Characteristics of Serial Killers
 Paiz, Stefanie.

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: Judicial Review of Racial Profiling at Police Checkpoints
 Chaires, Robert., Barthe, Emmanuel. and Lentz, Susan.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Burnett, Cathleen.

 Vandiver, Margaret.

 Longmire, Dennis.

 Janikowski, Richard.

Teaching About Hate Crimes On-Line
 Etter, Gregg.

Teaching Miscarriages of Justice
 Cole, Simon.

Teaching Statistics to Social Science Students: Stats From the Three Stooges
 Davidson, Robert., Gardner, Robert. and Brown, Stephen.

Teaching Using Instant Electronic Feedback Systems
 Greek, Cecil.

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U.S. Hate Group Attacks Against Hispanics
 Alexander, Dean.

Unaccountable Cops: Police Work Hours and the Abuse of Discretion
 Vila, Bryan. and Moore, Jason.

Undergraduates Reviewing Claims of Wrongful Conviction: Student Experiences and Organizational Challenges
 Bell, James., Ricciardelli, Rosemary. and Clow, Kimberley.

Underlying Facts or Categorical Approach to Defining Crimes of Violence? The Challenge of US v. Chambers
 Culp, Richard., Kopp, Phillip. and Thelwell, Jeanne.

Understanding Female Violence: Methodology Matters
 Chesney-Lind, Meda.

Understanding Parole Violations: Parole Revocation in Colorado
 Steen, Sara., McKinzey, Shelby. and Lovegrove, Peter.

Understanding Penal Moderation: An Agenda for the Sociology of Punishment
 Loader, Ian. and Bosworth, Mary.

Understanding the Act Against Plowing by Tayle (Ireland, 1635)
 Beirne, Piers.

Understanding the Bully-Victim Cycle in School and Cyber Environments
 Brewer Jr, Steven.

Understanding the Help-Seeking Behaviour of Female Domestic Violence Victims
 Meyer, Silke., Mazerolle, Paul. and Marchetti, Elena.

Understanding the Impact of Mental Illness on Prison Program Participation and Parole Release Dispositions
 Caplan, Joel., Cullen, Sara. and Matejkowski, Jason.

Understanding the Scope and Magnitude of Prescription Drug Diversion
 Surratt, Hilary., Inciardi, James., Ibañez, Gladys. and Kutz, Steven.

Understanding the Use of Improvised Explosive Devices in Terrorist Incidents
 Legault, Richard. and LaFree, Gary.

Undocumented Immigrants as Victims of Crime
 Bribiesca, Marialuz. and Mora, Kathy.

Undoing Schooling: Reflections of a Federal Inmate’s Daughter
 Hogan, Monica.

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Validating the Principles of Effective Intervention through Meta-analysis: "What Works" in Corrections
 Smith, Paula., Gendreau, Paul. and Swartz, Kristin.

Validating the Risk and Resiliency Checklist for Los Angeles Probationers
 Fain, Terry.

Vandalizing Meaning, Stealing Memory: Artistic, Cultural, and Theoretical Implications of Crime in Galleries and Museums
 Brisman, Avi.

Variability Within a Group of Serious Offenders Transferred to Adult Court
 Schubert, Carol.

Verbally and Emotionally Abusive Teacher-Student Interaction in Sixth Grade Israeli Classrooms
 Eshet, Yovav., Geiger, Brenda., Fischer, Michael. and Fischer, Adina.

Victim Characteristics and Situational Factors of Reported Homosexual Domestic Abuse Incidents
 Farina, Katie.

Victim Characteristics and White Collar Crime Reporting
 Wall, April. and Kane, John.

Victim Offender Mediation: Process of Peacemaking Through the Use of Restorative Justice
 Trombley, Jennifer.

Victimization Rates and Drug use among High School and College Students
 Elliott, Elizabeth. and Rayne, Kaitlin.

Victimization and Disclosure in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse On and Off Tribal Lands
 Steele, Paul.

Victimization of Inmates by Staff and Fellow Inmates during Periods of Incarceration
 Tennyson, Kristin., Santos, Saskia., Perez, Deanna. and Gover, Angela.
 [001] [002]

Victims in Peril: A Re-Examination of the Juxtaposition of Sex and Violence in Horror Films
 Welsh, Andrew.

Victims of Police Crime: Measurement and Trends
 Stinson, Philip.

Violence Socialization And Approval Of Violence: A World Perspective On Gender Differences And American Violence
 Straus, Murray. and Mattingly, MaryBeth.

Violence and Serious Theft: Development and Prediction from Childhood to Adulthood
 Loeber, Rolf., Farrington, David., Loeber, Magda. and White, Helene Raskin.

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Walking Away from Terrorism: Research on Disengagement and Deradicalization
 Horgan, John.

Walking the Line: Involvement, Intervention and Care of the Self in Critical Research
 Barton, Alana.

War Minus the Shooting: Utilizing Sport as a Context for Understanding Violent Behavior
 Williams, Ryan.

Was FISA Reform Necessary? The Moussaoui Case, Terrorism, and Civil Liberties
 Botts, J.. and Botts, Tina.

Water Quality and "Community Health Indicators" in Isolated Rural Villages in Alaska
 Barnes, Allan.

We Can Work it Out: The Research Process, Ethics and Duty of Care
 Davies, Julie.

What Are The Criminal Justice Outcomes Of Child Abuse Investigations? A Research Review
 Cross, Theodore. and Walsh, Wendy.

What Drives Persistence and Desistance in Offending?
 Treiber, Kyle. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

What Happens When We Vote All the Perverts off the Island?
 Wright, Richard.

What Influences Reporting Single and Recurring Victimizations to Law Enforcement and Others?: Results from the NCVS
 Daigle, Leah., Fisher, Bonnie., Santana, Shannon. and Hartman, Jennifer.

What Makes Late Bloomers Flower?
 Thornberry, Terence., Krohn, Marv., Lizotte, Alan. and Bushway, Shawn.

What Moms Supply: An Analysis of Delinquent and Non-delinquent Girls in Three High-Crime Philadelphia Neighborhoods
 Carr, Patrick. and Napolitano, Laura.

What Police Know about Illicit Methamphetamine Markets in their Community
 Brownstein, Henry., Newton, Phyllis., Mulcahy, Timothy., Taylor, Bruce. and Kubu, Bruce.
 [001] [002] [003]

What Really Happened in New Orleans? Estimating the Threat of Violence During the Hurricane Katrina Disaster
 Brezina, Timothy. and Kaufman, Joanne.

What Risk Factors are Perceived to Predict Antisocial Behavior in Boys and Girls? A Survey of Clinicians
 Augimeri, Leena., Koegl, Christopher. and Webster, Christopher.

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Youth Homicide Trends from 1984-2004
 Williams, Kirk. and Parker, Robert.

Youth Networks and the Odds of Arrest for Cannabis Cultivation
 Nguyen, Holly. and Bouchard, Martin.

Youth Victimization and Relationship Transitions in Young Adulthood
 Wilczak, Andrew. and Kuhl, Danielle.

Youth at Risk: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Criminal Trajectories of Juvenile Offenders
 Thomas, Johanna. and Thomas, Shaun.
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