ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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"A 'Critical' Approach to Teaching White Collar Crime: Challenges and Objectives"
 Calathes, William.

"All in the Game": The Problem of Social Change in "The Wire"
 Gumbhir, Vikas.

"Brains, Beauty and a Badge": The Social Construction of the Female Cop
 Rabe-Hemp, Cara.

"Disturbia" and Domestic Violence: A Content Analysis of Rihanna & Chris Brown's Violent Relationship
 Goodlin, Wendi. and Cheesman Dial, Kelly.

"Don’t Taze Me, Bro”: Investigating the Use and Effectiveness of the TASER
 White, Michael. and Ready, Justin.

"Drug" Testing in Schools: Practical Policy or Troubling Bio-Surveillance?
 Baumann, Eleen.

"Falling Out of the Rabbit Hole": Former Long-Term Prisoners Negotiation of Reentry and Resettlement
 Munn, Melissa.

"I Always Thought I Was a Good Mother": Parenting and Punishment in a Women's Jail
 Aiello, Brittnie.

"I'll Just Do My Time": Multiple DWI Offenders and the Rejection of DWI Court
 Eckberg, Deborah.

"It's a Matter of Survival": Homeless Young Women's Involvement in Crime
 Smith, Hilary.

"Making Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit”: Subprime Mortgage Frauds and the Global Economic Crisis
 Nguyen, Tomson.

"Outmates": An Innovative Approach to the Treatment of Technical Probation and Parole Violators in a Community Corrections Setting
 Sweeney, Ed. and Egizio, Cindy.

"The Great Divide or It's All the Same": Sexual Assault Among Male and Transgender Inmates
 Jenness, Valerie. and Sexton, Lori.

"The Streets": The Site of Black Male Gender Identity, Violent Crime Offending and Victimization
 Oliver, William.

"This Kind of Learning Changes Lives": Conversion Narratives in Teacher-Activist Recruitment
 Conti, Norman. and Pantaleo, Katherine.

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A Comparison of Injuries: Bias vs. Non-Bias crimes
 Pezzella, Frank.

A "Non" DNA Wrongful Conviction/Incarceration Exoneration with a Host of "Noteworthy" Participants
 Steinmann, Rick.

A 15-Year Retrospective: ASC’S Police Task Force Report
 Adler, Freda.

A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
 Piehl, Anne.

A Biosocial Model of Jihadist Radicalization
 O\'Connor, Tom.

A Case Study of an Official Response to Stalking
 Sharp, Susan.

A Catalyst for Change? The Impact of Katrina Evacuees upon Crime Patterns in Houston
 Zhao, Jihong., Zhang, Yan., Ren, Ling. and Hoover, Larry.

A Close Look at Juvenile Sex Offenses and the Juvenile Justice System in Pennsylvania
 Henderson, Jaime.

A Closer Look at Juvenile Reentry: Examining the Cycling of Male and Female Delinquents
 Parker, Laurin.

A Comparative Analysis of American and German Criminal Justice Responses to Adolescent Criminal Behavior
 Link, Tanja.

A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right Extremist Homicides
 Gruenewald, Jeff.

A Comparative Analysis of ‘Western’ Counter-Terrorist Measures
 Warnes, Richard.

A Comparative Assessment of Crime Perspectives for Non-Metropolitan Communities
 Wells, Edward. and Weisheit, Ralph.

A Comparative Study Between South Korea and the US: Multiple Group Analysis of Cross-National Bullying Data
 Lee, Chang-Hun.

A Comparison of Characteristics of Sex Offenders in a Treatment Facility and the General Population
 Jeglic, Elizabeth., Mercado, Cynthia. and Ackerman, Alissa.

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Back on the Beat: Revisiting Fieldwork Among the Police
 Caudill, Jonathan.

Background Factors Influencing the Use of Post-Conflict Justice Modalities
 Rothe, Dawn. and Mullins, Christopher.

Bad Boys Behind Bars: An Analysis of "Jail" and "Inside Jail"
 Cecil, Dawn.

Bad Cops: A Study of Career-Ending Misconduct among New York City Police Officers
 Kane, Robert. and White, Michael.

Ban Juvenile Transfer in Homicide Cases: Brain Development and the Need for Blended Sentences
 Pettus-Davis, Carrie. and Garland, Eric.

Band Aids and Bull Horns: Changing a Voter-Approved Drug Policy
 Gardiner, Christine. and Urada, Darren.

Barbary Piracy and Somali Piracy: An Historical Comparison
 Dammer, Harry. and Dzuric, David.

Barriers to Receiving Gender-Responsive Treatment in an Institutional Setting
 Cantora, Andrea.

Barriers to Reentry: Unintended Consequences of Parole Policy
 Kleis, Katy.

Battered Women Shelters – From Theory to Practice
 Flint, Charley. and Ranjan, Sheetal.

Bayesian Analysis in Criminology and Criminal Justice
 Park, Seongmin. and Kim, MoonSun.

Beautification Ad Absurdum: Ottawa’s National Capital Commission Conservation Officers and the Policing of Homelessness
 Walby, Kevin.

Becoming a Peacemaking Criminologist: The Travels of Richard Quinney
 Wozniak, John F..

Behavioral Outcomes in the Contexts of Families and the Neighborhood
 Schnupp, Rebecca. and Benson, Michael.

Behaviour and Interaction by Successful Drug Crime Entrepreneurs
 Huisman, Sander.

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CBA and the NY State Task Force
 Estep, Ben.

COMPSTAT and Community Policing: Did These Popular and Innovative Policing Strategies Reduce Crime in Richmond, VA?
 Reitzel, John. and Piquero, Nicky.

California's Simulation Model for Forecasting Prison and Parole Populations
 Chaiken, Jan. and Maltz, Michael.

Can Low Self-Control Explain More “Core” Degrees of Gang Membership?
 Pyrooz, David.

Can PCL-R Predict Implicit Aggression among Korean Inmates?
 Sohn, Ji Seun. and Webb, David.

Can Police Training Affect Use of Force on the Streets? Affirmative Evidence from the Metro-Dade Violence Reduction Field Experiment
 Klinger, David.

Can Structural Disadvantage Explain Effects of %Black or %Hispanic on Violence Rates: An Elaboration and Empirical Test
 Feldmeyer, Ben., Steffensmeier, Darrell. and Ulmer, Jeffery.

Can You Hear Me Now?: Historical and Legal Roots of the Bush Administration's Warrantless Surveillance
 Ingram, Scott.

Canada's National Crime Prevention Strategy: The Role of Longitudinal Studies
 Yessine, Annie.

Canada’s Worst Neighbourhood: Fear of Crime and the Impact of CPTED in North Central Regina
 Jones, Nicholas. and Patenaude, Allan.

Canadian Drug Treatment Courts: Graduates, Drop Outs and Risk
 Weinrath, Michael.

Canine Socialization Programs and Inmates' Contributions to Society's Need for Service and Working Dogs
 Furst, Gennifer.

Capital Punishment with a Two-Year Suspension: China’s Gateway to Fewer Executions?
 Liu, Siyu.

Capitali on Environmental Crime: The U.S.A. Polluter-Industrial Complex in the Age of Globalization
 Faber, Daniel.

Capturing Criminals' Image: A Study of the Use of CCTV Images in Crime Stoppers
 Lippert, Randy. and Wilkinson, Blair.

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DWI Divert Court
 Carver, Virginia.

Dallas Disruption Unit, Efficacy of Hot Spot Deployment
 Jang, Hyunseok. and Lee, Chang-Bae.

Dallas Hot Spots, Impact of Concentrated Patrol and Disorder Arrests
 Ren, Ling., Zhao, Jihong. and Lee, Hoon.

Daring to Show What We Never Wanted To Know: Fiction and Awakening Others to the Raw Realities of Prison Life
 Richards, Stephen.

Dark Side of the Superhighway: A Quantitative Content Analytic View of Terrorism on the Internet
 Braddock, Kurt.

Dating Violence among Students Attending College in the U.S. and Korea: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
 Gover, Angela., Park, MiRang. and Tomsich, Elizabeth.

Day Fines: An Alternative to Incarceration
 Russell, Lisa. and Zedlewski, Edwin.

Day Reporting Centers: A Synthesis and Assessment of the Extant Empirical Literature
 Wagoner, Stacy. and Brennan, Pauline.

Deadly Force Policy and Practice: The Forces of Change
 Fridell, Lorie.

Deadly Force Training Among Larger U.S. Police Departments
 Morrison, Gregory.

Dealing with Domestic Violence: A Comparative Analysis of Women Police Stations in Brazil and India
 Natarajan, Mangai.

Dealing with State Crimes of the Past in Bosnia: What do People Think?
 Parmentier, Stephan. and Weitekamp, Elmar.

Death in Texas: Relative Risk across Texas’ 35 Largest Cities
 Titterington, Victoria. and Rivolta, Pierre.

Death in the Country: An Analysis of Rural Domestic Homicides across the United States
 Van Horne, Sheryl.

Deciding Whether to Tell: Women’s Experiences after Arrest for Intimate Partner Violence
 Thacker, Devon.

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Early Findings: Male Veterans: Homelessness, Incarceration and Life Experience
 Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin.

Ecological Disadvantage and Robbery: A Spatial Analysis of Location Choice
 Block, Richard. and Bernasco, Wim.

Ecological Harm: A Forgotten Crime?
 Mares, Dennis.

Economic Destabilization, Social Disorganization, and Crime: The Home Foreclosure Crisis and Crime
 Harris, Lish.

Economic Investment and Crime in Washington, DC
 Matsuda, Mauri.

Education in Prison or the Applied Art of ‘Correctional’ Deconstructive Learning?
 Collins, Peter.

Effective Elements of Anti-Bullying Programs
 Ttofi, Maria. and Farrington, David.

Effectiveness of Treatment Outcome: A Comparison of Religion-Based and Prison-Based Treatment Programs in Taiwan
 Chu, Doris., Sung, Hung En. and Hsiao, Gail.

Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children: A Systematic Review
 Murray, Joseph., Sekol, Ivana., Olsen, Rikke. and Farrington, David.

Effects of Religion on Inmate Perceptions of Terrorism and Political Violence
 Anarumo, Mark.

Effects of Urban Restructuring on Crime
 Wittebrood, Karin.

Effects of a Youth Substance Use Prevention Program on Delinquent Behavior
 Nieri, Tanya., Kulis, Stephen. and Marsiglia, Flavio.

Effects of an Anti-Methamphetamine Program
 Rivera, Marny. and McMullen, Jennifer.

Effects of an Ethics Curriculum on Business Students' Perceptions of White-Collar Crime
 Kennedy, Jay.

Electronic Monitoring for the 21st Century: Where Do We Go From Here?
 Baumer, Terry. and Garcia, Crystal.

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FMRI In Court: Technologies of Control and Predictions of Dangerousness
 Douard, John. and Schultz, Pamela.

FMRI in the Court of Public Opinion: Science, Law and Public Perception
 Schultz, Pamela. and Douard, John.

Face to Facebook: An Exploration of Harassment of Undergraduate Students in Online Social Networks
 Grugan, Shannon.

Factors Affecting the Decision To and Results of Consent Searches
 Withrow, Brian.

Factors Associated to “Forensic Awareness” in Sexual Assault Events
 Hildebrand, Sarah. and Beauregard, Eric.

Factors Influencing Probation Officer’s Sentencing Recommendations
 Freiburger, Tina. and Hilinski, Carly.

Factors Related to the Successful Reentry of Offenders
 Alexander, A. Daktari., Helfgott, Jacqueline. and Gunnison, Elaine.

Factors thats Cause Juvenile Delinquency
 Asencio, Edwin. and Padua, Lizamarie.

Faculty Hiring Among Top-Ranked Criminal Justice and Criminology Graduate Programs: Maintaining an Elite Status.
 Lewis, John.
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Failure of Environmental Regulation: The Environmental Protection Agency and American Corporations
 Katz, Rebecca.

Faith Based Reentry Programs: Can it Reduce Recidivism Rates?
 Gilbert, Janinne.

Faith-Based Social and Supportive Reentry Services Provision
 Frazier, Beverly D..

Fakes, Frauds, and Frontin': Testing Hirschi's Revised Self-Control as an Explanation of Electronic Deviance
 Dodson, Kimberly. and Cabage, LeAnn.

Falling for Bad Boys!: Testing a Cross-Cultural Model of Evolutionary Sex Differences in Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors
 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth. and Murray, Gregg.

False Witness: The Impact of Prosecutor Misconduct on the American Criminal Justice System
 Brown, Dan.

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Gang Disengagement: Process and Variation
 Sullivan, Mercer.

Gang Involvement Among Juvenile Chronic Offenders: An Examination of Risk and Protective Factors
 Balfour, Marie.

Gang Membership and Racial Factors that Affect Sense of Safety in Community and School
 DelCollo, Ashley., Russell, Brenda., Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Rice, Kennon. and Woytko, Nicole.

Gang Sex Composition Effects: Selection or Social Facilitation?
 Peterson, Dana. and Esbensen, Finn-Aage.

Gang Territory: Comparing Perceptions of the Community and of the Police
 Willis, Julie.

Gang Violence in Rio de Janeiro
 Olsson, Patrik.

Gangs on the ‘Inside’: The Contours of Gang Membership and Violence in Prison
 Maxson, Cheryl., Matsuda, Kristy. and Jenness, Valerie.

Gangs or Networks? Co-Offending Among Youths in Copenhagen
 Sarnecki, Jerzy.

Gangster Rap and Organized Crime: How the Mafia's Influence Perpetuates a Delinquent Subculture
 McKee, Jesse., Flett, Sara. and Hodge, Christopher.

Gauging the Damage: Limitations and Possibilities of Prevalence Estimates
 Bijleveld, Catrien.

Gender Differences in Desistance: A Test of Behavioral, Self, and Social Control Predictors of Crime
 Bakken, Nicholas.

Gender Differences in Family Influences on Juvenile Delinquency
 Fagan, Abigail.

Gender Differences in Overt and Cyber Stalking Perpetration
 Menard, Kim. and Pincus, Aaron.

Gender Differences in the Extent, Nature, and Context of Dating Violence among Young Women and Men
 Kaukinen, Catherine., Gover, Angela. and Hartman, Jennifer.
 [001] [002]

Gender Gap Trends for Violent and Non-Violent Crimes in Turkey, 1970-2005
 Mese, Ibrahim., DeLone, Miriam. and Delone, Gregory.

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Halting Penal Populism: Cross-National Challenges
 Steen, Sara.

Harmonization of Organized Crime Legislation in the EU: A Fig Leaf for Propaganda Policies?
 Calderoni, Francesco.

Harsh Parenting and Adolescent Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Anger, Self-Control, and Hostile View of Relationships
 Morris, Sara. and Simons, Ronald.

Have Conservation Officers Been Granted an Open Season on the Fourth Amendment?
 Burrell, Thomas.

Have You Checked the Sex Offender Registry Lately? Citizens' Explanations for Not Accessing Registry Information
 Evans, Mary., Anderson, Amy. and Sample, Lisa.

Health Care Fraud in America
 Morreale, Stephen.

Helping Families Maintain Ties with Their Incarcerated Loved Ones: A Content Analysis of DOC Websites
 Neusteter, S. Rebecca., Mellow, Jeff. and Albala, Robyn.

Here There Is ‘Just Us’: Results from a ‘Restorative’ Prison Experiment
 Piché, Justin.

Hero or Inmate, Prison or Camp, Rehabilitation or Labor Extraction?: Studying California's Prison Fire Camps''
 Goodman, Philip.

Hiding Crimes in Cyberspace: Crime and Victimization in Public Access Internet Facilities
 D\'Ovidio, Rob., Anandarajan, Murugan. and Schlanger, Irv.

Hierarchical Growth-Curve Analysis of Chicago Neighborhood Homicide Trends: 1965-1995
 Stults, Brian.

Higher Education in Prison: Can Degrees Deter Crime?
 Joseph, Patricia. and MacKenzie, Doris.

Hispanic Domestic Victimization at a New Destination Immigrant Pole Using Official Data, 2000-2006
 Pitts, Wayne. and McNeeley, Susan.

Hispanic Immigration, Disadvantage, and Crime in Houston, TX
 Keller, Shawn.

Home Invasion Crime: A New Crime From Old Concepts
 Norton, William.

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I See Rational People: Policing and the Sixth Sense
 Whitehead, Stephanie.

I Wish It Wasn’t This Way: Negative Assessment of Disstressed Peers in Law Enforcement
 Kurtz, Don. and Linnemann, Travis.

IPV Among Adolescent Reproductive Health Clinic Patients: The Role of Relationship Communication
 Messinger, Adam.

Identifying Theoretical Variables that Mediate the Effect of Official Labeling on Subsequent Delinquency
 Ciaravolo, Emily.

Identifying and Understanding Delinquency and Violence Trajectories Using Latent Class Analyses
 Zheng, Yao. and Cleveland, Bo.

Identifying the Causes of Crime in Italian Provinces
 Pavesi, Irene. and Balzaretti, Maura.

Identifying the Collateral Costs of Metal Theft
 Lammert, Ryan. and Whiteacre, Kevin.

Identifying the Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Children’s Activities and Adults’ Neighborhood Watch Activities Using GPS Data
 Amemiya, Mamoru., Kikuchi, George., Saito, Tomonori., Shimada, Takahito. and Harada, Yutaka.

Identifying the Variables that Mediate the Effects of a Comprehensive Prevention Program on Delinquency
 Hay, Carter., Wang, Xia., Ciaravolo, Emily. and Meldrum, Ryan.

Identifying “Reducible” Risks and Needs Associated with Parole Violations
 Daly, Reagan., Frederick, Bruce. and Kapur, Tarika.

Identity Theft Insurance: A New Form of Protection or New Form of Fraud?
 Ross, Debra.

Identity Theft and the Global Economic Crisis: Is the Public Willing to Pay to be Protected?
 Piquero, Nicky., Cohen, Mark. and Piquero, Alex.

Identity Thieves: Profiling Ordinary Offenders
 Dupont, Benoit. and Louis, Guillaume.

If They 'Come for You' Will They Remember What You Look Like?
 Sainato, Vincenzo. and DeCarlo, John.

If You Build It, They Will Fill It: The Unintended Consequences of Prison Overcrowding Litigation
 Guetzkow, Joshua. and Schoon, Eric.

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Jail Recidivism in Hampden County (MA)
 Lyman, Martha.

Jailing "Bad" Girls: Trends in Juvenile Female Incarceration
 Chesney-Lind, Meda.

Jena Six and the Evolution of a Moral Panic
 Sween, Molly., Moore, Matthew., Kosloski, Anna. and Welch, Bridget.

Jessor's Problem Behavior Theory: Cross-National Evidence from Eight Distinct Developmental Contexts
 Vazsonyi, Alexander., Chen, Pan. and Jenkins, Dusty.

Jewish Terrorists in Their Own Words: Methods, Motives, and Backgrounds of Irgun Members in 1940s' Palestine
 Roth, Mitchel.

Joan McCord Award Presentation
 Gottfredson, Denise.

Job Satisfaction Behind Walls and Fences: A Study of Prison Health Care Staff
 Garland, Brett. and McCarty, William.

Judicial Inputs and Crime Prevention: What Can We Learn from China Data
 Chen, Shuo.
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Judicial Inputs and Crime Prevention: What Can We Learn from China?
 Chen, Shuo.

Jury Instructions: Procedures and Perceptions in Three States
 Maier, Elizabeth. and Bean, Christopher.

Justice League? Depictions of Criminality and Justice in Children’s Cartoons
 Kort-Butler, Lisa.

Justice in Tiers: Security Certificate Detention in Canada
 Larsen, Mike.

Juvenile Arrests and Gender Inequality in Educational Attainment
 Hirschfield, Paul. and Burrows, Kathryn.

Juvenile Binge Drinking Factors
 Bowers Jr., James. and Bowers, Megan.

Juvenile Delinquency and Teenage Pregnancy: An Ecological Approach to Risk Assessment
 Khurana, Atika., Cooksey, Elizabeth. and Gavazzi, Stephen.

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Keeping Students in School and Out of Crime
 Harris, Anne.

Key Implementation Issues of Restorative Justice: Alternative Disciplinary Initiative in Middle Schools
 Rich-Shea, Aviva. and Gebo, Erika.

Kinds of Legitimacy: How They Mediate the Relation Between Personality Traits and Delinquent Behaviors
 Cohn, Ellen., Trinkner, Rick., Van Gundy, Karen. and Rebellon, Cesar.

Knowledge Practices in Sex Offender Law
 Leon, Chrysanthi.


Latent Failures of Deportation Policy
 Navarro, Angela.

Latino Attitudes toward Violence: The Effect of Acculturation
 Bratina, Michele.

Latino Migration and Homicide: Beyond the Social Control Umbrella of Traditional Areas
 Shihadeh, Edward. and Barranco, Raymond.

Latino Threat: Examining Victimization among a Diverse, Multi-Site Youth Sample
 Taylor, Terrance., Carbone-Lopez, Kristin. and Brick, Bradley.

Latino Youth in the Juvenile Drug Court of Orange County, CA
 Fradella, Henry. and Fischer, Ryan.

Latino(a)-Police Interactions: A Two-City Case Study
 Vidales, Guadalupe.

Laundering Money in the Virtual World
 Schlegel, Kip. and Cohen, Charles.

Law Enforcement's Utilization of Coordinated Community Response to Empower Domestic Violence Victims
 Wagers, Shelly.

Laypeople's Strategy for Determining Appropriate Sentence
 Wakebe, Toshihiro. and Watamura, Eiichiro.

Learning to Live Again: How a Halfway House Shapes the Reentry Experiences of Female Ex-Prisoners
 Leverentz, Andrea.

Leave the Minimum Drinking Age to the States
 Cook, Philip.

Left Wing Extremism and Socio-Economic Factors in India
 Ouassini, Nabil., Scott, Julia. and Verma, Arvind.

Legal Implications of the Longest Genocide Trials in Africa
 Toggia, Pietro.

Legal Regulation of Marijuana: The Better Way
 Erickson, Patricia., Hyshka, Elaine. and Hathaway, Andrew.
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Legal Responses to Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
 Nolasco, Claire. and Vaughn, Michael.

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Macro-Quantitative Approach to Studying Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: Taking a Global Snapshot
 Jahic, Galma.

Madea in the Media: Media Depictions of Women Who Kill Their Children
 Proctor, Amy. and McCoy, Tana.

Madness Behind Bars: An Application of General Strain Theory Using Prison as Place
 Stackman, Valerie.

Mafia in the Public Contracts: Common Patterns of Infiltration in the Italian Public Procurement System
 Caneppele, Stefano. and Martocchia, Sara.

Maintaining Racial Stratification through Mass Imprisonment
 Hayes-Smith, Justin.

Making Prisons Safer: Policies and Strategies to Reduce Extremism and Radicalization Among U.S. Prisoners
 Useem, Bert. and Clayton, Obie.

Making Sense of Broken Windows: The Relationship between Disorder and Crime-Direct or Indirect?
 Hinkle, Joshua.

Male College Athletes and Sex "In Play": Attitudinal and Behavioral Assessment of Social Interactions with Women
 Nolan, Thomas. and Garrity, Stacy.

Managing Random Assignment of Re-Entry Jobs to Gang Members
 Cook, Philip.

Managing Random Assignment of Swift and Certain Sanctions on Probation
 Hawken, Angela.

Managing a Random “On-The-Spot” Lottery in Re-Entry Services
 Farabee, David., Zhang, Sheldon. and Wright, Benjamin.

Mandating Treatment: The Impact of Mandatory Community-Based Drug Treatment in Kansas
 Stemen, Don. and Rengifo, Andres.

Maple Leafs and Eagles: An Examination into Cross-Border Smuggling Between Canada and the United States
 Waid, Courtney. and Melzer, Sharon.

Mapping Metal Thefts and Scrap Yards
 Schafer, Amera. and Whiteacre, Kevin.

Mapping Santa Ana Domestic Violence: A Spatial Examination of Multi-Agency Data Over Time
 Demyan, Ashley.

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NIDA Funding for Research and Career Development
 Conway, Kevin.

NIDA Health Services Research: Getting Effective Drug Abuse Treatment and Services to Criminal Justice Populations
 Liberman, Akiva.

NIDA Prevention Research: Substance Abuse and Crime-Related Risk Prevention
 Diana, Augie.

Narrative Methods in Situational Policing
 Nichols, Lawrence., Althouse, Ron. and Nolan, James.

National ID Systems as a Tool for Social Control and Surveillance
 Sainato, Vincenzo.

National Portrait of Parole Supervision Practices
 Solomon, Amy., Elderbroom, Brian., Jannetta, Jesse., Cahill, Meagan., Parthasarathy, Barbara. and Burrell, William.

Negotiating Personalities: Stepping Through the Minefield
 Hewitt, John.

Negotiating Sexual Harassment: A Case Study of Politics, Perceptions and Policy
 Miller, Michelle.

Neighborhood Change in SES and Patterns of Violence from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
 Kuhl, Danielle C.., Swisher, Raymond. and Chavez, Jorge.

Neighborhood Committees and Community Stability in Contemporary Urban China
 Zhang, Lening.

Neighborhood Deterioration and the Creation of Deviant Places: The Aftermath of Clustered Foreclosured Properties
 Behlendorf, Brandon., Wilson, Ronald. and Kirk, David.

Neighborhood Disadvantage and the Perceptions on Fear of Victimization Controlling for Family Structure.
 Nicholson, David. and Hope, Trina.

Neighborhood Disadvantage, Violence, and the Moderating Influence of Grandmothers and Old Heads
 Stupi, Elizabeth. and Stults, Brian.

Neighborhood Effects of News Coverage: Understanding the Spatial Distribution of Newspaper Crime Coverage in Atlanta
 Grosholz, Jessica.

Neighborhood Permeability and Land Use in the Context of Neighborhood Conditions of Social Disorganization and Crime
 Peel, Meghan. and Robinson, Jennifer.

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Object, Subject, Victim, and Suspect: The Complex Construction of Women in a Community Patrol Organization
 Becker, Sarah.

Obstacles to Reintegration Created by the Institution of Parole
 Opsal, Tara.

Occupational Differences: General Test for Differences in Preferences for Police Action Among College Majors
 Greene, Helen., Nation, Denise. and Dai, Mengyan.

Of Fists and Fangs: The Relationship between the Graduation Hypothesis and Juvenile Delinquency and Aggression
 Reyes, Cassandra.

Offender Presence, Available Victims, Social Disorganization and Sex Offense Rates
 Mustaine, Elizabeth., Tewksbury, Richard. and Covington, Michele.

Offender Reentry Programs as Reintegrative Shaming
 Fox, Kathryn.

Offending and Neutralization Trajectories among Adolescents
 Higgins, George. and Copes, Heith.

Offending and Victimization Reporting on College Campuses
 Zaykowski, Heather. and Bachman, Ronet.

Official Reactions to Graffiti in New York City: Making Spaces of Distinction
 Kramer, Ronald.
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037]

Old Laws and New Penology: A Study of Bail as Danger Control
 Sacks, Meghan., Kazemian, Lila. and McCoy, Candace.

Older African American Women and Barriers to Reporting Domestic Violence to Law Enforcement in the Rural Deep South
 Lichtenstein, Bronwen. and Johnson, Ida.

On Point? Using "Public Safety" Factors in Prison Classification Tools
 Shermer, Lauren. and Bierie, David.

On the Compliance of Restorative Justice with Procedural Justice Premises - The Victims’ Point of View
 Van Camp, Tinneke.

On the Variability of Affect (Anger) Cross-Culturally
 Rice, Stephen., Horton, Randall., Piquero, Nicky. and Piquero, Alex.

One Vision One Life: Evaluation of a Problem-Based Community-Driven Violence Prevention Initiative
 Wilson, Jeremy., Chermak, Steven. and McGarrell, Edmund.

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PO-Probationer Relationship: Creating Justice
 Rhodes, Anne. and Taxman, Faye.

PPD2020: Envision the Future Now
 Zedan, Karima.

Paint Bomb: Graffiti and the City
 Ferrell, Jeff. and Weide, Robert.

Pakistan: Local Terrorist Activities can Lead to Global Disaster
 Fasihuddin, Fasihuddin.

Pantomime Justice?: "Victim Culture" and the Effacement of Adulthood
 Hayward, Keith.

Parental Alcohol Problems as a Predictor of Anti-Social Behavior in College Students
 Thomas, Kyle.

Parenting, Personality, and Problem Behaviors in Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Youth from the Netherlands and Switzerland
 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth. and Vazsonyi, Alexander.

Parenting, School Contexts and Violent Delinquency
 Fitzgerald, Robin.

Parole Officers Experiences of Secondary Trauma in the Supervision of Sex Offenders
 Pettus-Davis, Carrie. and Severson, Margaret.

Partner and Nonpartner Violence in Switzerland and the United States: Explaining the Similarities and Differences
 Jaquier, Veronique. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Pass and Fail: The Framing of Transgender Homicide Victims in Mainstream and Alternative Media
 Eckhardt, Krista.

Pass the Trash: The Mortgage Default Crisis as State-Corporate Crime
 Liederbach, John. and Burek, Melissa.

Pathways to Female Offending and their Implications for Treatment and Supervision
 Brennan, Tim., Breitenbach, Markus. and Dieterich, William.

Pathways to Female Offending and their Implications for Treatment and Supervision
 Van Voorhis, Patricia., Gehring, Krista. and Bell, Valerie.

Patients or Prisoners? Therapeutic Treatment in the State and the Market
 McKim, Allison.

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Qualitative Analysis of Parolees’ Pre-release Plans and Post-release Experiences: Going-it-alone, Getting Help, Using Drugs
 Hall, Elizabeth., Prendergast, Michael., Farabee, David., Nelson, Elizabeth. and Album, Victoria.

Quantifying Katz: Societal Perspectives on Reasonable Expectations of Privacy
 Morrow, Weston.

Quantifying Virulence - Is There Empirical Support for the Concept of Virulence and Violent Behavior
 Twersky, Aviva.

Quantifying the Scale-Up Penalty for Early Prevention Programs
 Welsh, Brandon. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Quantifying the Specific Deterrent Effects of DNA Databases
 Bhati, Avinash.

Questioning Morality: Do Religious Beliefs Lead to Poor Drug Policies?
 Knox, Sara. and Garland, Tammy.

Quick-fix Legislative Solutions to Moral Panics: Is There an Alternative?
 Marteache, Nerea. and Christian, Johnna.


Race and Selective Enforcement in Public Housing
 Davies, Garth., Fagan, Jeffrey. and Carlis, Adam.

Race and the Predictive Validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R)
 Vose, Brenda., Jonson, Cheryl., Smith, Paula., Lowenkamp, Christopher. and Cullen, Francis.

Race in the Newspaper: Effects & Criminological Implications
 Dickson, Megan.

Race of Victim Effects in Georgia Capital Cases: 1970-2004
 Joseph, Patricia. and Paternoster, Ray.

Race, Crime and the Transition to Adulthood
 Bosick, Stacey.

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender at the Walls: Louisiana State Penitentiary, 1835-1878
 Fisher-Giorlando, Marianne. and Palombo, Bernadette.

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Sentence Length: Irish, German, and Black Inmates in Eastern State Penitentiary, 1829-1870
 Aubuchon-Rubin, Ashley.

Race, Trauma and Mental Health among Women Prisoners
 Hartsfield, Jennifer.

Racial Differences in Girls' Pathways into Delinquency: A Retrospective Study
 Wong, Newman. and Conner, Sonya.

Racial Differences in the Effects of Support Types on Intimate Partner Violence Victims
 Celaya, Adrienne.

Racial Disparities and Detention Reform in Multnomah County: An Ongoing Saga
 Feyerherm, William.

Racial Disparity and Officer Race: An Analysis of Police Search Behavior
 Warren, Patricia.

Racial Profiling and Vehicle Searches
 Irlbeck, Dawn.

Racial Threat and Communal School Organization: A Test of Moderation
 Payne, Allison. and Welch, Kelly.

Racial Typification of Crime and Student Support for Punitive Criminal Justice Policies
 Cowan, Joseph. and Bell, James.

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Sadism vs. Reconciliation: An Exploratory Analysis of Threats in Intimate Partner Rape Cases
 Spohn, Cassia.

Salvia Divinorum: Patterns of Use
 Bowles, Christie.

Sanctions, Temptations and Self-interest in Choice Theories of Crime
 Gottfredson, Michael.

Sapphires and Jezebels: The Female Gangsta Rapper
 Perumean-Chaney, Suzanne. and Karr, Beverly.

Savage Art: Distorting Filipino Identities from United States to Philippine Caricatures
 Magno, Christopher.

Saving Grace or Spuriousness? Religiosity, Self-Control and Crime
 Wolfe, Scott., Reisig, Michael. and Pratt, Travis.

Scaling Offending
 Sweeten, Gary.

Scholarly Influence in American Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals From 1986-2005
 Cohn, Ellen. and Farrington, David.

Scholarship and Entitlement: Theft by Those Most Trusted
 Curry, Virginia.

School Bullying in a Multi-Mediated Society: Cyberbullying as a Distinct Social Phenomenon?
 Greer, Chris. and Myers, Carrie-Anne.

School Crime Victimization, Delinquency and Immigrant Youth: An Analysis of US ISRD-2 Data
 He, Ni., Marshall, Ineke. and Ren, Ling.

School Environments and Violent Incidents, Theft and the Use of Disciplinary Measures: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Bauer, Lynn.

School Security: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
 Phaneuf, Shannon.

School Worker’s Perceptions on Female Delinquency and Its Effect on Juvenile Justice Referrals
 Messer, Amy.

School-Based Theories of Delinquency
 Kremser, Jonathan.

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Taking Stock of Criminology
 Dooley, Brendan.

Taking Stock of the Literature: A Qualitative Review of Twenty-five Years of Stalking Research
 Phillips, Lorraine.

Tapping into "Tap-out": The Barbaric Spectacle of Underground Fighting
 Brent, John. and Kraska, Peter.

Targeted Policing: A Comparative Analysis of Eight Experimental Studies
 Avdija, Avdi.

Targeting Strategies, Police Response and Sighting and Arrest Risks at Non-residential Burglaries
 Coupe, Richard. and Ceccato, Vania.

 Longmire, Dennis.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Sandys, Marla.

 Acker, James.

 Burnett, Cathleen.

Teaching Crime and Culture, Teaching Skills of Liberation
 Coyle, Michael.

Teaching Criminal Investigation or Forensic Science? Consider a Course on the JFK Assassination
 Burke, Tod. and Owen, Stephen.

Teaching Gender Issues: Using Pathways Research: "Maria Full of Grace"
 Kuehnle, Kristen.

Teaching Orienting Strategies in Criminology
 Robinson, Bryan., Vogel, Matt. and Wong, Allen.

Teaching Restorative Justice Behind Prison Walls
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann.

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U.S. Anti-trafficking Legislation 2000-2009: A Study in Disjointed Incrementalism
 Stolz, Barbara.

Unclogging Criminal Court Congestion
 Ostrom, Brian.

Uncovering the Unknown Impact of “Key Players” in Criminal Gangs
 Duru, Haci. and Dunham, Jessica.

Undergraduate Research: Learning while Contributing
 Forster, Corey.

Underground Banks in the U.S., the Main Clientele and Operators: The Perspectives of Chinese Illegal Immigrants
 Zhao, Linda Shuo.

Understanding Adolescent Female Delinquency
 Quinn, Camille.

Understanding Crime Trends in Europe
 Aebi, Marcelo. and Linde, Antonia.

Understanding Crime Victimization among Gang Members: A Test of Micro- and Macro-level Explanations
 Fox, Kate., Lane, Jodi. and Akers, Ronald.

Understanding Illinois Corruption Through Social Network Analysis
 Powell, Chadd.

Understanding On Line Grooming in the 21st Century. A Case Study of the London Metropolitan Police
 Martellozzo, Elena.

Understanding Police Misconduct through Theory
 Kunzi, Tasha.

Understanding Repeat Victimization of Males: Applying a Lifestyle/Routine Activity Perspective
 Snyder, Jamie., Scherer, Heidi. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Understanding Sibling Violence: A Theoretical Integration
 Givens, Eugena.

Understanding Where Clients are Coming from So That We Can Meet Them Where They Are
 Feder, Lynette., Campbell, Jacquelyn., Nelson, Robin. and Wallinder, Jan.

Understanding the Challenges and Realities of the Transition from Prison to the Community at Release.
 Grommon, Eric., Onifade, Eyitayo. and Bynum, Timothy.

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Validating the How I Think Questionnaire (HIT) on Adult Offending Populations
 Stadler, William., Morris, Autumn., Sperber, Kimberly. and Smith, Paula.

Validity of Existing Measures
 Aromaa, Kauko.

Validity of a Gender-Responsive Assessment Tool: Race Effects in a Sample of Female Offenders in Minnesota
 Bell, Valerie. and Van Voorhis, Patricia.

Vancouver's Supervised Injection Site: An Examination of Public Order Impacts
 Boyd, Neil.

Variations in Clients and Parents’ Perception of Family Functional Therapy
 Celinska, Katarzyna.

Variations in Intimate Partner Violence Revictimization after Police Intervention
 Broll, Ryan. and Pare, Paul-Philippe.

Variations on a Theme: Rationales for Wife Abuse across Three Immigrant Groups
 Yingling, Julie., Morash, Merry., Song, Juyoung. and Bui, Hoan.

Victim Devaluing or Police Devaluing? The Vitality of Police as Agents for Resolving Community Conflicts
 Jarvis, John.

Victim Reporting to the Police and the Rural-Suburban-Urban Dimension: A Multivariate Examination of Place Variation.
 Gustafson, Regan.

Victim Services by Illinois Prosecutors: An Analysis of Loose Coupling
 Humiston, Gail.

Victim and Offender Experiences Reflected in Narratives of Prostituted Teens: How do We (and They) Understand and Reconcile These Experiences over the Life-Course?
 Williams, Linda.

Victimization and Health Related Consequences
 Rivera, Craig., Hoffmann, John. and Ireland, Timothy.

Victimization and Perceptions of Crime and Justice in Small Towns and Rural Areas
 Schafer, Joseph., Giblin, Matthew., Levan Miller, Kristine. and Corsaro, Nicholas.

Victimization as a Cause of Delinquency: The Role of Depression and Gender in GST
 Manasse, Michelle. and Ganem, Natasha.

Victimization in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis across 6 Latin American Countries
 Tennyson, Kristin.

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War on Drugs: An Analysis of the Affect of Methamphetamine on the Incarceration of Women
 Bush-Baskette, Stephanie. and Pacheco, Vivian.

Wasted Time: The Impact of Mandatory Minimum Sentences on the Culture of a Maximum-Security Prison
 Inderbitzin, Michelle.

We Want To Hear From You: Pathways to Accountability on Police Websites
 Graziano, Lisa.

Weaknesses in National Anti-Corruption Strategies and Plans
 Fan, V-Tsien.

Weapons Used by Juveniles and Adult Offenders in Sexual Homicides: An Empirical Analysis
 Chan, Heng Choon (Oliver). and Heide, Kathleen.

Web Terror 2.0: U.S./Extremist Group Radicalization, Recruitment and Propaganda Activities on the Internet
 Alexander, Dean.

What Does It Mean to be a Low-Level Drug Offender? An Examination of Definitions
 Stacer, Melissa.

What Happened to Rape in the United States over the Past 35 Years?
 Gorislavsky, Ekaterina.

What Happens when She is Both Criminalized and Victimized: The Limits of Procedural Justice for Aboriginal Women
 Balfour, Gillian.

What Matters in Predicting Crime? Analyzing Risk Factors Related to Crime at Micro Places Over Time
 Yang, Sue Ming., Weisburd, David. and Groff, Elizabeth.

What Variables Contribute to the Racial Bias Identified on the MAYSI-2?
 McCoy, Henrika.

What Victims Want: Do Sexual Assault Victims also use the “Good” Victim Ideology?
 Alderden, Megan.

What Works for Juvenile Prisoners: Developing and Validating a Group Climate Questionnaire
 Helm, Peer.

What Works with Gang Members and Gangs
 Howell, James.

What about the Children?
 Ezinga, Menno., Slotboom, Anne-Marie. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

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Young Girls In the "System": An In-Depth Look
 Chowdhury, Liza.

Young Scholar Award
 Bennett, Sarah. and MacDonald, John.

Youth Characteristics, Intervention, and Recidivism: The Case of Aftercare for Youth Returning from Placement
 Bergseth, Kathleen.

Youth Curfew and Levels of Violence: Implications for the Camden City Curfew Project
 Rymdeko, Janyce. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

Youth Involvement in Alternative Subcultures, Groups, Belief Systems, and Lifestyles: Examining International Police and Societal Response
 Crews, Gordon.

Youth Probation Officers and the YCJA in Canada: Implementation Challenges in 2004 and 2007
 Kuehn, Sarah. and Corrado, Raymond.

Youth Transition and Neighborhood Effects: Residential Instability Among Serious Adolescent Offenders
 Boessen, Adam., Hipp, John., Cauffman, Elizabeth., Fagan, Jeffrey. and Steinberg, Laurence.

Youth on Bail: The Use and Nature of Release Conditions
 Sprott, Jane.
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