ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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A Comparison of Injuries: Bias vs. Non-Bias crimes
 Pezzella, Frank.

A "Non" DNA Wrongful Conviction/Incarceration Exoneration with a Host of "Noteworthy" Participants
 Steinmann, Rick.

A 15-Year Retrospective: ASC’S Police Task Force Report
 Adler, Freda.

A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
 Piehl, Anne.

A Biosocial Model of Jihadist Radicalization
 O\'Connor, Tom.

A Case Study of an Official Response to Stalking
 Sharp, Susan.

A Catalyst for Change? The Impact of Katrina Evacuees upon Crime Patterns in Houston
 Zhao, Jihong., Zhang, Yan., Ren, Ling. and Hoover, Larry.

A Close Look at Juvenile Sex Offenses and the Juvenile Justice System in Pennsylvania
 Henderson, Jaime.

A Closer Look at Juvenile Reentry: Examining the Cycling of Male and Female Delinquents
 Parker, Laurin.

A Comparative Analysis of American and German Criminal Justice Responses to Adolescent Criminal Behavior
 Link, Tanja.

A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right Extremist Homicides
 Gruenewald, Jeff.

A Comparative Analysis of ‘Western’ Counter-Terrorist Measures
 Warnes, Richard.

A Comparative Assessment of Crime Perspectives for Non-Metropolitan Communities
 Wells, Edward. and Weisheit, Ralph.

A Comparative Study Between South Korea and the US: Multiple Group Analysis of Cross-National Bullying Data
 Lee, Chang-Hun.

A Comparison of Characteristics of Sex Offenders in a Treatment Facility and the General Population
 Jeglic, Elizabeth., Mercado, Cynthia. and Ackerman, Alissa.

A Comparison of Private and State Operated Prisons on Security and Quality of Confinement Issues
 McCorkle, Richard. and Lukemeyer, Anna.

A Comparison of South Korean Police Officers' Perceptions of Organizational Climate by Rank and Nature of Work
 Nalla, Mahesh. and Kang, Wook.

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Spread of Rape Law Reforms in the United States
 McMahon-Howard, Jennifer.

A Comprehensive Assessment and Revision of Jail Standards in Ohio
 Kowalski, Brian., Martin, Brian., Schnelle, Sharon. and Hunyadi, Eugene.

A Conceptual Understanding of High School Graduation as a Turning Point in Adolescence
 Liu, Weiwei. and Petras, Hanno.

A Country of Chaos, Corruption and Oppression: Zimbabwe and State Crime
 Hoofnagle, Kara.

A Criminological Typology of International Crimes Through the Eyes of the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine
 Sungi, Simeon.

A Critical Assessment of the Purpose and Structure of Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations
 Westfall, Edith "Penny". and Brennan, Pauline.

A Critical Examination of Gender Differences in Strain for the Non-Violent Street Level Drug Dealer
 Isom, Yvonne.

A Cross-National Analysis of Gender Equality and Women's Fear of Crime
 Abbott, Jessica.

A Cross-Site Evaluation of the Role of Treatment in Adult Treatment Drug Courts
 Love, Craig., Ahlin, Eileen. and Galloway, Angela.

A Death Foretold Similarities Between Law and Literature
 Loumansky, Amanda.

A Developmental Model of the Origins of Sexual Violence
 Lussier, Patrick. and Healey, Jay.

A Direct Longitudinal Test of the Gang Facilitation Hypothesis: Eliminating the Gang Selection Effect with IPTW
 Krohn, Marvin., Ward, Jeffrey., Gibson, Chris., Thornberry, Terence. and Lizotte, Alan.

A Feminist Critique of the Representation of Women in Films: Bollywood under the Microscope
 Bhat, Meghna.

A Feminist Perspective on Buying and Selling Sex
 Scroggins, Jennifer. and Conley, Meghan.

A Fifth Stage of the Police Socialization Process: The Exit Strategy
 Stinson, Philip.

A Follow-Up Analysis of Outcomes for an Experimental Study of DRC Effectiveness
 Ragusa, Laura. and Boyle, Douglas.

A Gang Member’s Quest for Legitimacy in an Uncertain Social Environment
 Lauger, Tim.

A General Strain Theory of Terrorism
 Agnew, Robert.

A General Theory of Policing: The Impact of Culture
 Librett, Mitch.

A Group-Based Approach to Examining the Association among Risky Sexual Behavior, Substance Use, and Criminal Involvement
 Childs, Kristina., Dembo, Richard., Belenko, Steven., Cochran, John. and Sullivan, Christopher.

A Life Course Analysis of Juveniles Processed Through the Juvenile Justice System
 Gann, Shaun.

A Longitudinal Test of Stage Theory’s Drug Sequencing Hypothesis: The Case of High-Risk, Urban Youth
 Bolland, John., Howell, Rebecca. and Lian, Brad.

A Low-Crime Eco-Niche: An Ethnographic Study of a Small Town Hotel and Tavern Culture
 Stroup, Brandon. and Austin, Timothy.

A Man’s World, Ladies Need Not Apply: Gender and Social Control in a College Bar
 Yeknich, Meagan. and Vander Ven, Thomas.

A Mathematical Model of Neighborhood Migration and Crime
 Dabbaghian, Vahid., Jackson, Piper., Wuschke, Kathryn., Ginther, Jordan. and Spicer, Valerie.

A Meta-Analytic Discovery of the Relationship between Treatment Setting, Treatment Dosage, Risk, and Recidivism
 Warner, Jessica. and Ndrecka, Mirlinda.

A Micro-Level Alternative for Cyber-Crime Prevention: Implementation and Analytic Assessment of a Computer Ethics Course
 Choi, Kyung-shick.

A Mile Wide, an Inch Deep: Confidence Intervals Around American Indian and Alaska Native Crime And Victimization Rates
 Smith, Jaclyn., Acevedo, Summer., Backes, Bethany., Moult, Kelley., Moore Parmley, Angela. and Crossland, Christine.

A Model Program for Offender Change: The Transformation of Women Offenders
 Dougherty, Joyce.

A Model for Anticipating a New Administration’s Plan for Juvenile Justice
 Ainsworth, Stephanie. and Olaghere, Ajima.

A Model of Emotions in Prison Chaplaincy
 Hicks, Allison.

A Multi-Level Analysis of Between-School Variability in Delinquency and the Future-Orientation-Delinquency Link
 Chen, Pan. and Vazsonyi, Alexander.

A Multi-Level Analysis of the Effect of Judge Characteristics on Sentencing Outcomes in South Carolina
 Hester, Rhys., Steiner, Benjamin., Sevigny, Eric., Koons-Witt, Barbara. and Burrow, John.

A Multi-Methodological Approach to Designing an Instructor Development Program for Pennsylvania’s Office of the Sheriff
 Luongo, Anthony.

A Multi-Varient Non-Statistical Model For Applied Spatial Analysis
 Morley, Harvey.

A Multiple Domain Investigation of Self-Reported Use Among a Sample of White and Native American Youth
 Running Crane, Wendy. and Hollist, Dusten.

A Multiple Method Inquiry into International Cigarette Smuggling
 Melzer, Sharon.

A National Portrait of Domestic Violence Courts
 Labriola, Melissa. and Bradley, Sarah.

A Natural Attraction: Cultural Criminology and Liberatory Pedagogy
 Barrett, Carla.

A Needs Analysis of Recidivating Female Offenders in Oklahoma
 Ortiz, Juanita.

A New Look at Neighborhood-Level Informal Social Control: Solving Social Dilemmas of Achieving Public Order
 Yu, Shaohua.

A New Penology: An Empirical Analysis of Prison Officers
 Page, Joshua. and Hussemann, Jeanette.

A New Theory of Delinquency: A New Approach of Culture Conflict
 Einat, Tomer.

A Partial Test of the SSSL Model: Examining the Link Between Neighborhood Structure and Antisocial Behavior
 Akers, Ronald. and Gibson, Chris.

A Performance Overview of the Legal Orientation Program: Advancing Justice through Immigration Legal Rights Education
 Cheng, Zhifen.

A Point Pattern Analysis of Police Use of Force
 Lersch, Kim., Mieczkowski, Tom. and Bazley, Tom.

A Portrait of Jewish Domestic Violence Victims in an Urban Community
 Cares, Alison., Cusick, Gretchen. and Michels, Lisa.

A Preliminary Evaluation of a Footbeat Intervention
 Ratcliffe, Jerry. and Taniguchi, Travis.

A Preliminary Study of Staff Turnover in Juvenile Correctional Facilities
 Runkle, Wendy.

A Profile of Demographic Partners of Drug Users in the Independent Municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico
 Asencio, Edwin.

A Qualitative Case Study Exploring the Use and Effectiveness of Intelligence Activities in Fusion Centers
 Graphia, Renee.

A Quantitative Analysis of the Current State of Subcultural Theory
 Stearn, Adam.

A Quantitative Investigation about Teachers’ Responses to Bullying
 Bush, Michael.

A Randomized Clinical Trial of Buprenorphine-Naloxone (Suboxone) for Pre-Release Prisoners in Baltimore, Maryland
 Gordon, Michael., Kinlock, Timothy. and Schwartz, Robert.

A Randomized Experiment Comparing Problem-Solving and Directed Patrol at Violent Crime Hot Spots
 Koper, Christopher., Taylor, Bruce., White, Matthew. and Roush, Jamie.

A Randomized Experiment of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prisoner Reentry Initiative
 Armstrong, Gaylene., Armstrong, Todd. and Harpster, Nick.

A Rational Choice Theory of Neighborhood Social Capital
 Matsueda, Ross. and Drakulich, Kevin.

A Reanalysis of the Impact of Concealed Carry on Violent Crime
 Hull, David.

A Reliability Generalization Study of Criminal Thinking Instruments
 Mitchell, Damon. and Decker, Kristin.

A Renewed Interest in Rehabilitation? Examining Inmate Treatment Characteristics, Program Participation and Institutional Behavior
 Whitby Chamberlain, Alyssa.

A Review of Empirical Assessments of Juvenile Boot Camps
 Rugola, Rebekah.

A Review of U.S. Grant Dollars Targeted Toward Global Anti-Trafficking Initiatives
 Wooditch, Alese. and Hummer, Don.

A Risk Assessment of Violent Crime in Irvington and Newark, New Jersey
 Xu, Jie. and Kennedy, Leslie.

A Short Term Deterrent Effect of Executions on Homicides
 Hong, Moonki.

A State-by-State Comparative Analysis of the Collection Process of Forensic Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases
 Hamilton, Danielle., Robberstad, Kerrie., Narchet, Fadia. and Tamborra, Tracy.

A Study of the On-Line Game Crime in Korea
 Lee, Yoon. and Kim, Do.

A Study of the Relationship between Policing on Community and Fear of Burglary in South Korea
 Sung, Yong-Eun. and Lee, Dae-Sung.

A Study on an Integrated Path Model for Juvenile Delinquency
 Lee, Yoon. and Yoo, Young.

A Survey and Analysis of Programs for Inmate Fathers: Basic Questions and Future Directions
 Shannon, Sarah., Wakefield, Sara. and Uggen, Chris.

A Tale of Two Counties: The Influence of Race and Location on Juvenile Court Outcomes
 Guevara, Lori. and Brown, Robert.

A Test of General Strain Theory Across Two Generations
 Johnson, Matthew., Morris, Robert. and Menard, Scott.

A Test of Reintegrative Shaming Theory as an Explanation of Bullying Among University Students
 Pontzer, Daniel.

A Test of Self-Control Through the Use of the G.R.E.A.T. Program.
 Oliveira, Cliff.

A Transactional and Situational Theory of Urban Youth Violence
 Wilkinson, Deanna.

A Typology of Reentry: Making Sense of the Conceptual and Research Problems in a Popular Movement
 Lucken, Karol. and Alloway, Amber.

A Validity Study of the LSI-R by Gender and Violence Types
 Kim, Hyesun. and Lee, Minsik.

A Vector Decomposition Approach to Addressing Collinearity Problems with Slow-Moving Variables in Panel Studies with Unit Effects
 Kovandzic, Tomislav. and Worrall, John.

A Victim Perspective on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and National Courts
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Hagan, John.

A Woman's Life Before Serving Life: Examining the Negative Pre-Incarceration Life Events of Female Life-Sentenced Inmates
 Leigey, Margaret.

ADHD/ADD, Childhood Maltreatment and Juvenile Arsonists
 Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique. and Hickle, Kristine.

Abnormal Electroencephalogram Activity in Delinquent Adolescent Boys
 Rudo-Hutt, Anna. and Raine, Adrian.

Abolition: An American Possibility
 Tabin, Larissa.

Above the Law? A Comparative Study of National Prosecutions of Heads of State
 Reyes, Napoleon. and Gerber, Jurg.

Accounting for Variation in Non-Fatal Youth Violence Trends across Cities in the United States
 Barrick, Kelle. and Strom, Kevin.

Accounting for Variation in Youth Homicide Trends Across Cities in the United States
 Strom, Kevin. and Williams, Kirk.

Achieving High Post-Release Follow-Up Rates with Challenging Populations
 Couvillon, Kathleen., Kinlock, Timothy. and Gordon, Michael.

Across the Generations: The Crack Era and Its Effects on Two Age Cohorts of Females
 Ryder, Judith. and Brisgone, Regina.

Action and Rational Choice Theory
 Burnett, Cathleen. and Jones, W. Paul.

Addition by Subtraction? A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of Deportation on Violent Crime
 Stowell, Jacob., Messner, Steven., Barton, Michael. and Raffalovich, Lawrence.

Addressing Juvenile Crime Through Community-Based Sanctions: A Policy Evaluation of State Juvenile Justice Reform
 Cooley, Valerie.

Addressing Risk, Need, and Responsivity: Developing an Assessment for Juvenile Delinquents Using Prospective Data
 Lovins, Brian., Latessa, Edward. and Smith, Paula.

Addressing Stereotypical Images in Criminal Justice Textbooks
 Sever, Brion.

Addressing the School-To-Jail Pipeline: Restorative Justice and Theory for Practice in Real Alternatives to Zero Tolerance
 Bazemore, Gordon. and Schiff, Mara.

Addressing the Uninterrupted Cycle of Adolescent Female Violence
 Welsh, Megan. and Zibalese-Crawford, Marsha.

Adjudicating Child Homicide: Analysis of a Cohort of “Death Eligible” Cases.
 Poteyeva, Margarita.

Adolescent Alcohol Use in Rural Communities
 Sanchez, Shanell.

Adolescent Girls’ Beliefs about Partner Abuse and Safer Sex
 Teitelman, Anne., Davis-Vogel, Annet. and Lu, Michelle.

Adolescent Homosexual and Heterosexual Romantic Relationships and Delinquent Involvement
 Worthen, Meredith.

Adolescent Motherhood and Adjudicated Children’s Risk for Out-of-Home Placement
 Robbins, Cynthia. and Martin, Steven.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014]

Adolescent Work and Substance Use Revisited
 Rocheleau, Gregory. and Swisher, Raymond.

Adolescent and Young Adult Criminal Behavior: Special Categories of Offenders
 Rosenfeld, Richard.

Adrenocortical Activity and Aggressive Behavior in Children: A Pattern Analysis
 Loesel, Friedrich. and Stemmler, Mark.

Adult Family Relationships, Human Agency, and Desistance from Crime
 Forrest, Walter.

Advancing the Notion of a Community: What Criminology Can Learn from Philosophical Theorizing of “Community”
 Troshynski, Emily.

Advice to Policymakers
 Aos, Steve.

After Six Years: The Incinerator at Anniston, Alabama
 Friery, Rodney.

After-School Programs: Are They an Effective Crime-Prevention Strategy?
 Bowen, Kendra.

Against Mass Imprisonment: Budgets, Resistance, and Emerging Change in Governance, Policy, and Perspective
 Buntman, Fran.

Agency Capture and Control Fraud: The Law of the Fox in the Hen House
 Canova, Timothy.

Aggression Replacement Treatment: Theory, Research, and Policy
 Bowers Jr., James.

Aggressiveness, Workgroups, and Use of Force: A Multilevel Examination of the Police Attitude-Behavior Relationship
 Ingram, Jason.

Alcohol Intake and the Willingness to Report Victimization to Police
 Zavala, Egbert.

Alcohol Sales, Collective Efficacy and Adolescent’s Alcohol Use
 Maimon, David. and Browning, Christopher.

Alcohol Trajectories and Risk of Arrest
 Browning, Sarah.

Alcohol and Violence among Urban Youth: Correlates of Alcohol-Related Physical Fighting versus other Physical Fighting
 Swahn, Monica., Alemdar, Meltem., Hamburger, Merle. and Donovan, John.

Aligning Criminal Justice Models With Justice Theory
 Joplin, Jerry.

All Bark and No Bite? Comparing the Effectiveness of Auditors and Legal Authorities as Corporate Watchdogs
 Rorie, Melissa., Schell-Busey, Natalie. and Simpson, Sally.

All in a Day’s Work: Do Experienced Correctional Staff Support Inmate Rehabilitation?
 Young, Jacqueline. and Antonio, Michael.

Allow Extremist Participation in the Policy-Making Process
 Dugan, Laura. and Young, Joseph.

American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Self-Identification, Visual Verification of Race Practices, and the Legal/Political Relationship of AI/AN Within the US
 Crossland, Christine., Moult, Kelley., Moore Parmley, Angela. and Backes, Bethany.

American Indian/Alaska Native Juvenile Offenders in Residential Placement
 Sickmund, Melissa. and Livsey, Sarah.

American Indian/Alaska Native Juvenile Victims and Offenders
 Puzzanchera, Charles. and Sickmund, Melissa.

American Indian/Alaska Native Youth Population Characteristics
 Adams, Benjamin., Addie, Sean. and Sickmund, Melissa.

American Indian/Alaska Native Youth in Juvenile Court
 Hockenberry, Sarah. and Puzzanchera, Charles.

An Academic Service Learning Approach to Understanding "The Correctional Other"
 Keveles, Gary.

An Accident Waiting to Happen: Or Essential Collateral Damage?
 Bryant, Caryl.

An Agent-Based Model of Routine Activities of Children and Crime Victimization
 Kikuchi, George., Amemiya, Mamoru., Saito, Tomonori., Shimada, Takahito. and Harada, Yutaka.

An Analysis of Bullying among Hispanic Youth
 Hartley, Richard., San Miguel, Claudia., Kwak, Dae-Hoon. and Lee, Chang-Hun.

An Analysis of Hot Spot Techniques Across Multiple Geographies
 Wilson, Ronald.

An Analysis of Inmate’s Misconduct and Violence in Korean Prisons
 Yoon, Okkyung. and Hwang, EuiGab.

An Analysis of Police Officer Line-of-Duty Deaths in the Middle-Atlantic Census Division
 Salinger, Lawrence.

An Analysis of Stranger Rapes: Offending Behaviors and Offender Background Characteristics
 Park, Jisun.

An Analysis of the Data Regarding the Retroactive Application of the Crack Cocaine Sentencing Guideline
 Dukes, Jennifer. and Reimer, Melissa.

An Analysis of the Influence of Sampling Methods on the Estimation of Drug Use Patterns
 Kremling, Janine., Mieczkowski, Tom., Cochran, John., Sullivan, Christopher., Lersch, Kim. and Fogel, Sondra.

An Analysis of the Introduction of CCTV: Differential Impacts by Location
 Taniguchi, Travis. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

An Analysis of the Methodological Considerations Regarding the Selection of a Time-Window for Repeat Victimization
 Levy, Marissa. and Tartaro, Christine.

An Appreciative Inquiry (AI) into the Prison Experiences of Diverse Minority Groupings
 Lavis, Victoria. and Cowburn, Malcolm.

An Assessment and Extension of the Inviting Convicts to College Program
 Rose, Chris., Reschenberg, Kristin. and Richards, Stephen.

An Assessment of Causal Attributions towards Crime and Punitive Views among Criminology and Non-Criminology Students
 Falco, Diana., Martin, Jamie., Bowers Jr., James. and Spraitz, Jason.

An Assessment of Deterrent and Labeling Effects for Offending Subpopulations: A Contemporary Methodological Approach
 Ward, Jeffrey. and Krohn, Marvin.

An Assessment of Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Data and Knowledge in Two States
 Poulin, Mary. and Orchowsky, Stan.

An Ecological Exploration of Crime and Disorder
 Van Brunschot, Erin. and McQuillan, Kevin.

An Economic Evaluation of a Re-Entry Initiative
 Cowell, Alexander. and Roman, John.

An Empirical Analysis of Race Disparities in the Administration of Death Penalty in Georgia, 1971-2004
 Na, Chong Min.

An Ethical Examination of Forced Adherence to Sentencing Guidelines: A Look at the Macro Level
 Campagna, Michael. and Schaefer, Roger.

An Evaluation of Boys Town Gender-Specific Short Term Residential Program
 Gies, Stephen., Cohen, Marcia., Way, Mona., Williams, Katherine. and Boutilier, Allina.

An Evaluation of Minnesota's Corrections-Based Educational, Vocational, and Reentry-Preparation Programs
 Northcutt Bohmert, Miriam. and Duwe, Grant.

An Evaluation of Minnesota's Institutional/Community Work Crew (ICWC) Home Building Program
 Duwe, Grant. and Northcutt Bohmert, Miriam.

An Evaluation of Monitoring High Risk Sex Offenders with GPS Technology
 Gies, Stephen., Gainey, Randy. and Cohen, Marcia.

An Evaluation of a Complex and Expansive Law Enforcement Initiative of Five Community Drug Gangs
 Pascarella, Joseph.

An Evaluation of an Advanced Undergraduate Research Experience
 Bufkin, Jana. and Luttrell, Vickie.

An Evaluation of the Philadelphia Community Court
 Cheesman, Fred.

An Evaluation of the Promotional Processes of a Large North Texas Metropolitan Police Department
 Bishopp, Stephen.

An Examination of Factors that Predict SVP Commitment in a Statewide Examination of Sex Offenders
 Mercado, Cynthia., Jeglic, Elizabeth. and Quesada, Stephen.

An Examination of Female Serial Killers and the Case Study of Aileen Wuornos
 Bradley, Cora.

An Examination of Implementation and Fidelity in An Experimental Study of DRC Effectiveness
 Lanterman, Jennifer. and Boyle, Douglas.

An Examination of Justice and Peacekeeping at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
 Gibbs, Benjamin. and Trammell, Rebecca.

An Examination of Prison Misconduct among Geriatric Inmates
 Blevins, Kristie. and Blowers, Anita.

An Examination of Recidivism Rates for Offenders with Co-Occurring Disorders: How Much Do Services Help?
 Mulvey, Philip.

An Examination of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Parental Discipline and Child Misbehavior
 Lane, Kelsea.

An Examination of the Relationship between Adolescent Health and Delinquency in a Nationally Representative Sample
 Stogner, John.

An Examination of the Situated Transactions of Homicide
 Pizarro, Jesenia.

An Exploration Towards Enhancing Criminology Pedagogy
 Ratansi, Shamir., Bender, Kimberly. and Tirnady, Rachel.

An Exploration of Same-Sex Intimate Partner Abuse Cases in Boulder County, Colorado
 Roark, Jenn. and McDonald, Courtney.

An Exploratory Analysis of Single-Offender and Multiple-Offender Homicide in the Dominican Republic
 Ceballos, Fabiola.

An Exploratory Research on the Situational Factors Affecting Corruption in Public Procurement Procedures
 Zanella, Marco.

An Exploratory Study of College Student Perceptions of Drug Policies in the United States
 Garland, Tammy., Knox, Sara. and Bumphus, Vic.

An Exploratory Study of Human and Social Capital and Their Influence on Police Confidence in India
 Tahiliani, John.

An Idiot’s Guide to Committing Street Robbery: Finding the Best Technique in Your Immediate Situation
 Heinonen, Justin., Monk, Khadija. and Eck, John.

An Insight Into How Prosecutors Make Their Decisions
 Angioli, Shanda.

An Intersectional Perspective on Graduation from a Delaware Drug Court
 Howard, Daniel.

An Investigation of Offender-Victim Relationship in Juvenile Homicide
 Williams, Fay.

An Investigation of Public Views about Capital Punishment of Sex Offenders
 Mancini, Christina. and Mears, Daniel.

An Investigation of the Effects of Distance to Community-Based Treatment Programs for Juvenile Offenders
 Lockwood, Brian.

An Old Friend in a New Light: Reconceptualizing Delinquent Peer Association through the Sociology of Emotions
 Palmer-Boyes, Ashley.

An Overview and Proposed System for Generic and Specific Risk Assessment for Domestic Violence Perpetrators
 Campbell, Jacquelyn.

An Overview of the National Police Research Platform
 McDevitt, Jack. and Hartnett, Susan.

Analysis of Domestic Violence Orders of Protection in a Small Rural County
 Anderson, Jaclyn. and Simon, Leonore.

Analysis of the Curfew Program for Juvenile Offenders in Korea
 Cho, Younoh.

Analytical Assessment on Cyber Crime Deterrence Among College Students
 Fronius, Trevor. and Choi, Kyung-shick.

Analyzing Spatial Patterns of Persistent and New Foreclosures
 Paulsen, Derek.

And Now for Something Completely Uncomfortable: Representing the Pedophile in Popular Culture
 Kohm, Steven.

And Some With a Fountain Pen: Securitizing Mortgage Fraud
 Barnett, Harold.

Animals in Therapeutic Correctional Programs: Promoting Adult and Juvenile Offender Maturity
 Bowman, Lisa.

Another Look at the Social Correlates of Police Notification by Victims of Violence and Theft
 Berg, Mark. and Loeber, Rolf.

Anti-abortion Terrorism and the United States Supreme Court: Testing a Rational Choice/Relative Deprivation Model
 Bartholomew, Brad.

Anticipated Early Death and the Gendered Nature of Youth Crime
 Topalli, Volkan., Tekin, Erdal. and Brezina, Timothy.

Antisocial Behaviour in Context: A Multi-Level Examination of Individual, Family and Community Effects
 McGee, Tara., Wickes, Rebecca., Bor, Willam. and Najman, Jake.

Antisocial Trajectories in Youth, Mating Effort, and Sexual Criminal Activity of Adult Sexual Aggressors of Women
 Cale, Jesse. and Lussier, Patrick.

Antistalking Legislation, Recidivism and the Mentally Disordered Stalker
 Harmon, Ronnie.

Applicability of the Social Development Model to Hispanic/Latino Youth: A Test of Risk and Protective Factors
 Choate, David.

Applying Colvin’s Arguments to Self-Report Deviance in Prisons: Testing Differential Coercion/Social Support Theory
 Day, Jacob. and Brauer, Jonathan.

Applying Community Court Principles in a Centralized Setting: Early Impacts of Bronx Community Solutions
 Katz, Shani.

Applying Hazard Modeling to Serial Terrorist Attacks
 Dugan, Laura.

Applying Interactional Theory and Trajectory Modeling to Assortative Mating
 Knight, Kelly. and Thornberry, Terence.

Applying Latent Class Growth Analysis and Growth Mixture Modeling to Terrorism Data: Issues and Implications
 Morris, Nancy. and Slocum, Lee.

Applying Service Learning Strategies into Community Restorative Justice Courses
 Cohen, Jeffrey. and Harvey, Patrick.

Applying Situational Crime Prevention Principles to Organised Crime: The Case of Extortion Racketeering
 Gosetti, Francesco.

Applying Twin Study Methods to Latent Subgroup Analyses of Delinquent and Violence Pathways
 Cleveland, Bo. and Zheng, Yao.

Appreciating the Ineffectiveness of D.A.R.E. Programs in Preventing Drug Use: A Qualitative Analysis of Perception
 Zhou, Ling. and Walsh, Kristin.

Approaching Sensitive Topics Both In and Out of the Classroom
 Jasinski, Jana.

Approvals and Condemnations of Deviance: The Role of Symbolic Immortality
 Rohleder, Lacey.

Are Civil Juries More Punitive?
 Sikich, Keri.

Are Drug Courts Associated with Increases in the Crime Rate?
 Lilley, David.

Are Ethics Codes Effective for Preventing White-Collar Crime?
 Schell-Busey, Natalie.

Are Girls Tougher, or are We Tougher on Girls?
 Stevens, Tia., Morash, Merry. and Chesney-Lind, Meda.

Are Mexican Parrots CRAVED?
 Pires, Stephen. and Clarke, Ron.

Are Probation Officers Out of the Disparity Circle?: Factors that Affect Probation Recommendations
 Leifker, Denise. and Sample, Lisa.

Are Relapse Rates an Inadequate Measure for Assessing the Effectiveness of Treatment Programs?
 Obergfell-Fuchs, Joachim.

Are School-Based Bullying Prevention Programs Effective? A Meta-Analytic Review
 Wong, Jennifer.

Are Self-Control’s Effects on Delinquency Underestimated? Actual vs. Perceived Peer Delinquency Measures and Theoretical Implications
 Boman, John. and Gibson, Chris.

Are There Still "Contrasts in Tolerance"? Imprisonment in the Netherlands and England 20 Years Later
 Kruttschnitt, Candace. and Dirkzwager, Anja.

Are Unauthorized Mexican Immigrants Really More Likely to Commit Violent Crime?
 Kovandzic, Tomislav., Morris, Robert., Orrick, Erin. and Marquart, James.

Are We Making Progress Towards a More Comprehensive Understanding of the Cost of Crime and Incarceration
 Cohen, Mark.

Are We Practicing Warfare Externally Because We Have Mastered Warfare Internally?
 Todish, Barbara.
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Arranged or Forced Marriage, A Phenomenon in Our Western Societies
 Lamboley, Madeline.

Art Crime in the United States: What Can the National Stolen Art File Tell Us?
 Magness-Gardiner, Bonnie.

Art Theft and the Media: The Inspiration and Abetting of Art Theft by the News Media
 Charney, Noah.

Art Vandalism
 Salomon, Katharine.

Asian Gang Formation in the U.S.: Does Social Disorganization Matter?
 Laske, Mary.

Assaults on Police in Philadelphia: An Exploratory Study
 Ruiz, James. and Mcquiggan, Adam.

Assessing Changes over Time in Recidivism
 Oliver, Brian.

Assessing Help-Seeking among Women Exiting Jail
 Kubiak, Sheryl. and Nnawulezi, Nkiru.

Assessing Recidivism Outcomes of Juveniles in a School Based Probation Program
 Frederique, Nadine. and Gottfredson, Denise.

Assessing Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm in Adult Offenders
 Perry, Amanda.

Assessing Victimization Data: What We Know, What We Wish We Knew, and What it Means for Theoretical Development
 Addington, Lynn.

Assessing Victimization Risks of Children in Their Routine Activities
 Harada, Yutaka., Amemiya, Mamoru., Kikuchi, George., Saito, Tomonori. and Shimada, Takahito.

Assessing the "Indirect" Effects of a Natural Disaster: Houston's Crime-Arrest Relationship Pre and Post Katrina
 Myer, Andrew.

Assessing the Impact of Legislative Precursor Controls on Clandestine Manufacturing
 Shukla, Rashi. and Bartgis, E. Elaine.

Assessing the Impact of Transfer on Recidivism over the Long-Term: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis
 Johnson, Kristin., Gibson, Chris., Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn. and Bishop, Donna.

Assessing the Influence of Familial Paternalism on the Sentencing of Criminal Child Neglect Defendants
 Pierce, Mari. and Freiburger, Tina.

Assessing the Obama Standard for Interrogations: An Analysis of Army Field Manual 2-22.3
 Lankford, Adam.

Assessing the Relationship Between Strain and Crime: Comparing Subjective and Objective Strain
 Matthews, Shelley.

Assessing the Risk of Recidivism Among Juvenile Offenders
 van de Put, Claudia., Stams, Geert. and van der Laan, Peter.

Assessing the Stability of Parenting Across Childhood and Adolescence
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Assessment and Classification of Offenders Using Risk Management Systems: A Validation Study
 Kelly, Bridget., Koetzle Shaffer, Deborah. and Lieberman, Joel.

Assessment and Evaluation of Supervision Agencies to Facilitate Organizational Change
 Kane, Michael.

Assimilation and Violent Victimization among Hispanic Children: Findings from the PHDCN
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Attachment Styles and Perceptions of Level of Intrusiveness of Potential Stalking Type Behavior
 Kalin, Amanda.

Attitudes of Criminology Students Concerning Crime and Prisoners
 Frana, John. and Polizzi, David.

Attitudes toward Prostitution in the U.S. and Canada
 Cao, Liqun.

Attitudes, Beliefs, and Criminal Behavior
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Attitudinal Predictors of Tolerance of Sexual Harassment
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Au Pairs in Norway: Cultural Exchange or Exploitation and Abuse of Labour Migrants?
 Sollund, Ragnhild.
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