ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Back on the Beat: Revisiting Fieldwork Among the Police
 Caudill, Jonathan.

Background Factors Influencing the Use of Post-Conflict Justice Modalities
 Rothe, Dawn. and Mullins, Christopher.

Bad Boys Behind Bars: An Analysis of "Jail" and "Inside Jail"
 Cecil, Dawn.

Bad Cops: A Study of Career-Ending Misconduct among New York City Police Officers
 Kane, Robert. and White, Michael.

Ban Juvenile Transfer in Homicide Cases: Brain Development and the Need for Blended Sentences
 Pettus-Davis, Carrie. and Garland, Eric.

Band Aids and Bull Horns: Changing a Voter-Approved Drug Policy
 Gardiner, Christine. and Urada, Darren.

Barbary Piracy and Somali Piracy: An Historical Comparison
 Dammer, Harry. and Dzuric, David.

Barriers to Receiving Gender-Responsive Treatment in an Institutional Setting
 Cantora, Andrea.

Barriers to Reentry: Unintended Consequences of Parole Policy
 Kleis, Katy.

Battered Women Shelters – From Theory to Practice
 Flint, Charley. and Ranjan, Sheetal.

Bayesian Analysis in Criminology and Criminal Justice
 Park, Seongmin. and Kim, MoonSun.

Beautification Ad Absurdum: Ottawa’s National Capital Commission Conservation Officers and the Policing of Homelessness
 Walby, Kevin.

Becoming a Peacemaking Criminologist: The Travels of Richard Quinney
 Wozniak, John F..

Behavioral Outcomes in the Contexts of Families and the Neighborhood
 Schnupp, Rebecca. and Benson, Michael.

Behaviour and Interaction by Successful Drug Crime Entrepreneurs
 Huisman, Sander.

Between People
 Schuilenburg, Marc.

Between 'Being' and 'Doing': An Exploration of the Contradiction Between Catholic Priest Identity and the Sexual Abuse of Minors in the United States
 Vollman, Brenda.

Beyond Desistance, Toward Freedom: Notes from the Field
 Jones, Nikki.

Beyond Reality: Deviance in Synthetic Social Universes
 Gagnon, Benoit.

Beyond Rights and Justice: Violence and its Transformation
 Pepinsky, Hal.

Beyond the Courtroom: Do Community Members Perceive a “CSI” Effect?
 Hayes-Smith, Rebecca. and Levett, Lora.

Beyond the Playground: The Effects of Unstructured and Unsupervised Socializing across Different Adolescent Social Identities
 Bears, Megan. and McGloin, Jean.

Beyond the “Black Widows”: Chechen Women, War and Suicide Terrorism
 Banner, Francine.

Binge Drinking and Crime Victimization on the College Campus
 Weiss, Karen.

Biosocial Correlates of Substance Abuse: Results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
 Ratchford, Marie. and Beaver, Kevin.

Birds of Which Feather? Similarity Among Friends for Delinquency and Other Attributes
 Osgood, D. Wayne. and Siennick, Sonja.

Birds of a Feather? Exploring Age and Gender Homogeneity in Co-Offending Groups
 van Mastrigt, Sarah. and Farrington, David.

Black Death Penalty Trials: Historical Reflections on Law, Justice and Social Control
 Pisciotta, Alexander.

Black, Brown and Blue: Converging Discourses on Racialized Violence in South Los Angeles
 Gascon, Danny.

Blending In by Moving Out: The CIMIP Sex Offender Authentication Research Project
 Byrne, James. and Rebovich, Donald.

Blog All About It: Social Media in the Criminal Courtroom
 Poland, Amy. and Diaz, Cindy.

Bloody Right: Primetime’s Serial Killing Vigilante and Extralegal Punishment
 Okita, Kiara.

Blue Lines, Shaded in Black and Brown: The Diallo Shooting, Race and Politics
 Roy, Beth.
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Blurring the Lines: Blended Sentencing and the Juvenile Justice System
 Schaefer, Shelly.

Borrowing from Evolutionary Ecology and Biology: Can it Help Us Understand Interactions Between and Among Latino and Black gangs in South Los Angeles?
 Tita, George.

Both a Blessing and a Curse: How Black Graduate Students Neutralize the Stigma of Affirmative Action
 Robertson, Oral.

Boys Town Continuum of Child and Family Services
 Way, Mona. and Thompson, Ron.

Brief Intervention: A Study of Risky Sexual Behaviors Among Truant Youth
 Gulledge, Laura., Briones, Rhissa., Dembo, Richard. and Winters, Ken.

Bringing Transparency to the Market in Illicit Antiquities: A Proposal
 Levine, Adam.

Bringing the Outside In: Institutional Perspectives on The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
 Neal, Elizebeth. and Harrison, Lana.

Broadening Perspectives: Helping Students Understand Empirical Research
 Singer, Jessica. and Barton, Michael.

Broken Backs: Modern Slavery in the Fields of Southwestern Florida
 Heil, Erin.

Broken Gate? A Study of the PLRA Exhaustion Requirement Past, Present, and Future
 Passarelli, Mariah.
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Building Capacity for Community and Youth Impact in East Columbus
 Parker, Anita., Hicks, Ashley., Wilkinson, Deanna., Harvey, Angela. and Davis, Mark.

Building Social Capital with Chinese Immigrants - To Create A Healthier and Safer Community
 Situ-Liu, Amy. and Liu, Peter.

Building Stress Management Teams in an Inside-Out Class
 Healey, Kit.

Bullying Enters the 21st Century: A Preliminary Examination of Risk Factors for Cyber Bullying
 Alvi, Shahid., Cesaroni, Carla. and Downing, Steven.

Bullying and Victimisation in the Primary School System: Examining the Gender Differential
 Lall, Vidya.

Bullying in Switzerland
 Lucia, Sonia.

Bundy Groupies: Motivations Behind Writing to a Serial Killer
 Deyell, Tracy.

Buprenorphine for Prisoners: Preliminary Findings at One-Month Post Release
 Kinlock, Timothy., Gordon, Michael. and Schwartz, Robert.

Burning Down the House: Mortgage Fraud and the Destruction of the U.S. Economy
 Fulmer, Ann.

Business Crime in Greece - Employment Offences in Third Sector Companies
 Charalampous, Ioanna.

But Some of Them Don't Come Back (to Prison!): Determinants of Parole Success and Failure
 Bucklen, Bret. and Zajac, Gary.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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