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CBA and the NY State Task Force
 Estep, Ben.

COMPSTAT and Community Policing: Did These Popular and Innovative Policing Strategies Reduce Crime in Richmond, VA?
 Reitzel, John. and Piquero, Nicky.

California's Simulation Model for Forecasting Prison and Parole Populations
 Chaiken, Jan. and Maltz, Michael.

Can Low Self-Control Explain More “Core” Degrees of Gang Membership?
 Pyrooz, David.

Can PCL-R Predict Implicit Aggression among Korean Inmates?
 Sohn, Ji Seun. and Webb, David.

Can Police Training Affect Use of Force on the Streets? Affirmative Evidence from the Metro-Dade Violence Reduction Field Experiment
 Klinger, David.

Can Structural Disadvantage Explain Effects of %Black or %Hispanic on Violence Rates: An Elaboration and Empirical Test
 Feldmeyer, Ben., Steffensmeier, Darrell. and Ulmer, Jeffery.

Can You Hear Me Now?: Historical and Legal Roots of the Bush Administration's Warrantless Surveillance
 Ingram, Scott.

Canada's National Crime Prevention Strategy: The Role of Longitudinal Studies
 Yessine, Annie.

Canada’s Worst Neighbourhood: Fear of Crime and the Impact of CPTED in North Central Regina
 Jones, Nicholas. and Patenaude, Allan.

Canadian Drug Treatment Courts: Graduates, Drop Outs and Risk
 Weinrath, Michael.

Canine Socialization Programs and Inmates' Contributions to Society's Need for Service and Working Dogs
 Furst, Gennifer.

Capital Punishment with a Two-Year Suspension: China’s Gateway to Fewer Executions?
 Liu, Siyu.

Capitali on Environmental Crime: The U.S.A. Polluter-Industrial Complex in the Age of Globalization
 Faber, Daniel.

Capturing Criminals' Image: A Study of the Use of CCTV Images in Crime Stoppers
 Lippert, Randy. and Wilkinson, Blair.

Career Dimensions of Stalking Victimization and Perpetration
 Nobles, Matt., Fox, Kate., Piquero, Nicky. and Piquero, Alex.

Carrying Weapons for Protection in the Workplace: Results from the 2002 NCVS, Workplace Risk Supplement
 Fetzer, Matthew.

Case Studies in Improving the Safety of Public Housing: Lessons from Nineteen Sites
 Tidd, Simon. and Nadeau, Carey.

Case Studies of Suicide Missions in the United States
 Rodriguez, Diana.

Case Study of Community Violence in a Working Class Community in the Northern Region of Trinidad
 Adams, Ericka.

Caste Violence in a Christian and a Hindu Community in India
 Vincentnathan, S. George. and Vincentnathan, Lynn.

Categorically Less Culpable? An Analysis of Common Mitigating Factors and Juvenile Criminal Responsibility
 Hanson, Nicole.

Catholic Charities Maryland Re-entry Partnership - Turning a Time of Crisis Into an Opportunity for Change
 Britt, Trevor., Powers, Gregory. and Flower, Shawn.

Causal Factors of Rape in Marriage
 Clevenger, Shelly.

Causes and Consequences of Parole Violations in California: Policy Implications
 Petersilia, Joan., Grattet, Ryken. and Lin, Jeffrey.

Challenges of Research into Policy: The Example of Bail
 Goldkamp, John.

Changes in Gang Territory, Alliances, and Conflicts
 Maguire, Edward.

Changing Patterns of Terrorism in Pakistan: The Impact of U.S-Led Invasion of Afghanistan
 Hussain, Syed.

Changing Risk: A Comparison of Sex Offender Characteristics and Risk Factors Prior to and After the Implementation of Megan’s Law
 Zgoba, Kristen. and Veysey, Bonita.

Characteristics of Inmate Victims from the National Inmate Survey, 2007
 Harrison, Paige., Krebs, Chris. and Berzofsky, Marcus.

Characteristics of the Members of the PKK (The Kurdistan Workers Party) Terror Organization
 Cam, Taner., Demircioglu, Mehmet., Akyuz, Kadir. and Guclu, Timur.

Charting Recent Crime Trends in the Aftermath of the Great American Crime Decline
 Wolff, Kevin.

Chicago Public School Violence: A Media Constructed Reality
 Miller, Darnesha.

Child Internet Sexual Victimization: Part II. Internet Offenders Compared with Non-Internet Sex Offenders
 Burgess, Ann., Prentky, Robert., Schuler, Ann. and Morgenbesser, Leonard.

Child Internet Sexual Victimization: Part III.Internet Offenders Compared with Non-Internet Sex Offenders and College Students
 Malamuth, Neil., Prentky, Robert., Burgess, Ann., Schuler, Ann. and Morgenbesser, Leonard.

Child Maltreatment and Delinquency in an At-Risk Population of Youth: Children of Incarcerated Parents
 Siegel, Jane.

Child Sexual Internet Victimization: Part I. Shaping Internet Offender Profiles
 Prentky, Robert., Burgess, Ann., Schuler, Ann. and Morgenbesser, Leonard.

Childhood Property Victimization: Unique Features of a Ubiquitous Experience
 Plass, Peggy.

Childhood Sexual Abuse
 Lee, Tricia.

Childhood Victimization, PTSD, and Violence: A Prospective Examination
 Baker, Christopher. and Widom, Cathy.

Children of Incarcerated Parents: Research and Practice in Miami-Dade County
 Solomon, Shellie., Uchida, Craig., Olsen, Robin. and Freeman, Linda.

Chinese Policing in a Time of Transition, 1978-2008
 Sun, Ivan. and Wu, Yuning.

Christian Religion and Support for the Death Penalty: A Comparison of Measurement Strategies
 Wozniak, Kevin. and Lewis, Andrew.
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Chronic Public Inebriate Movement Patterns: Responses to Disruptions in Preferred Environments
 Chamard, Sharon.

Circumstances of Abuse: Situational Characteristics of Female-Perpetrated Sexual Offenses
 Simms, Odessa.

City-Level Variations in Neighborhood Disadvantage
 Fornango, Robert. and Cano, Mario.

Civic Engagement and Socio-Economic Structure: Cross-National Explanations of Victimization
 Robbins, Blaine. and Pettinicchio, David.

Civil Death: An Examination of Ex-felon Disenfranchisement and Reintegration in Florida
 Miller, Bryan.

Civil Liabilities of Police Officers for Use of Tasers and Stun Guns
 Barua, Vidisha.

Civil Protective Orders: Justice or Just a Piece of Paper and What about Costs to Society?
 Logan, T.K..

Civilian Oversight of Policing in Korea: Police Officers' Perceptions
 Nalla, Mahesh. and Kang, Wook.

Clarifying the Research on Police Use of Authority and Coercion: Racial Differences in Officer Behavior
 Brown, Robert., Novak, Kenneth. and Frank, James.

Class in Class: Teaching about Economic Inequality, Criminal Justice, and Crime
 Kauzlarich, David.

Cleaning the Dirty Pool: What (Not) To Do In Panel Analysis of Criminology Data
 Harmon, Mark. and O\'Brien, Robert.

Clearing Up Conflicting Reports: A Deconstruction of Federal Case Processing Data in Indian Country
 Acevedo, Summer., Hagen, Leslie. and Crossland, Christine.

Climate Change, Human (In)security, and Violent Conflict
 Puniskis, Michael.

Clinically Significant Differences among Juveniles with Externalizing Disorders
 Hawke, Josephine.

Co-Occurring Disorders of Females as Predictors of Prison Misconducts and Its Influence on Treatment Access
 Houser, Kimberly., Belenko, Steven. and Brennan, Pauline.

Co-Offending in Context
 Martinez, Katherine.

Code of the Suburb: Avoidance and Toleration as Responses to Drug Market Conflict
 Jacques, Scott.

Coercive Control in Same Sex Relationships
 Tuller, Abbie. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Cognition and Crime: An Integration of Differential Association Theory and an Ecological Social Cognitive Model
 Proctor, Kristopher., Williams, Kirk. and Guerra, Nancy.

Cognitive Skills, Adolescent Violence, and the Moderating Role of Neighborhood Disadvantage
 Bellair, Paul. and McNulty, Thomas.

Collective Efficacy and Neighborhood Violence: The Importance of Socio-Historical Context
 Goode, Jennifer., Jipguep-Akhtar, Marie. and Phelps, Kenyatta.

College Student Alcohol Drinking and Drunk Driving: Effects of Individual and Campus Characteristics
 Liu, Jing.

College Students' Views of Terrorism in their Communities as Related to Media-Viewing Habits
 Bradshaw, Renee.

College and Criminality: Is There Really an “Off the Leash” Effect Associated with the Collegiate Experience?
 Wiecko, Filip.

Coming Home and Moving Away: Intra-individual Patterns of Residence, Cohabitation, and Recidivism
 Huebner, Beth. and Pleggenkuhle, Breanne.

Coming Out and Staying Out? Community Impacts of Anti-LGBT Hate Crime
 Perry, Barbara. and Bell, James.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation Services: Outcome Evaluation of the SAGE Project
 Cohen, Marcia., Gies, Stephen., Edberg, Mark. and Boutilier, Allina.

Communication and Decision Making Strategies in Hostage Taking Situations
 Hancerli, Suleyman.

Community Based Learning in Southern Oregon
 Burke, Alison.

Community Cohesion and the Stress Process in Youth
 Van Gundy, Karen., Stracuzzi, Nena., Rebellon, Cesar. and Cohn, Ellen.

Community Court Research: A Literature Review
 Henry, Kelli.

Community Foreclosure: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory
 Collier-Goubil, Deshonna.

Community Integration and Serious Violence in Post-Katrina New Orleans
 Lee, Matthew., Blanchard, Troy. and Weil, Frederick.

Community Organizations and Crime: An Examination of the Social-Institutional Processes of Neighborhoods
 Roman, Caterina.

Community Policing and Action Research: Identifying and Responding to Officers' Gendered Experiences
 Corsianos, Marilyn.

Community Policing and Immigration: New Challenges to Police and Community
 Decker, Scott., Benson, Jana., Provine, Doris., Lewis, Paul. and Varsanyi, Monica.

Community Policing and Social Capital: An Interactional Model
 Ansari, Sami. and Bruell, Christopher.

Community Policing as Procedural Justice: Examination of Baltimore Residents After Implementation of Community Policing Variables
 Eckert, Ronald.

Community Responses to Sex Offenders: The Case of Residence Restrictions
 Williams, Monica.

Community Responses – When Racist Incidents Happen on a Middle-School Campus
 Midi, Tania.

Community Sentencing: Are Outcomes Gendered
 Brewster, Dennis. and Hadwiger, Joy.

Community-Based Correction in Macau, China
 Zhao, Ruohui. and Liu, Jianhong.

Companions, Coping, and Criminality: The Influence of Prior Victimizations, Violence, and Relationships on Offending by Women
 Koons-Witt, Barbara., Wright, Emily. and DeHart, Dana.

Comparative Homicide: Canada and the United States
 Reasons, Charles.

Comparative Juvenile Justice: An Examination of Public Opinion, Legislation, and Policies
 Marhefka-Steiner, Tara.

Comparative Perspectives on Intelligence-Led Policing
 Dai, Mengyan.

Comparing African American and White Women Prisoners: Implications for Theory and Practice
 McDaniels-Wilson, Cathy. and Belknap, Joanne.

Comparing Extreme Far-Right Homicide Cases: The Role of Snitching
 Jackson, Tarra. and Parkin, William.

Comparing Extremist Prison Groups to Extremist Organizations Outside Prison, a Case Study Approach
 Duran, Celinet.

Comparing Gender: Correctional Facilities, Programs, and Funds
 Van Gundy-Yoder, Alana.

Comparing Police Attitudes to Race, Immigrant Status, and Political Orientation in New York City
 Warnke-Carpenter, Katherine.

Comparing Police-Reported and Victim Survey-Based Trends in Assault in Four Nordic Countries, 1980-2006
 Sorensen, David.

Comparing Self-Report to Official Data on Inmate Misconduct Within and Across Prisons in Two States
 Steiner, Benjamin. and Wooldredge, John.

Comparing Terrorist Attacks against Police with Other Targets
 Gibbs, Jennifer.

Comparing the Correlates of Three Forms of Informal Social Control
 Rollwagen, Heather. and Van Brunschot, Erin.

Comparing the Effects of Community Service and Imprisonment on Recidivism: A Matched Samples Approach
 Wermink, Hilde., Blokland, Arjan. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037] [038] [039]

Comparison of Racial and Hispanic Threat Percived by Whites and other Minority Groups
 Lavin, Kristin.

Comparison of Theoretical Explanations of Substance Use Among University Students in Bolivia and the United States
 Meneses, Rohald. and Akers, Ronald.

Comprehensive Approach to Crime Reduction - Lessons From Japan’s Experiences
 Kanayama, Taisuke.
 [001] [002]

Comprehensive Approaches to Gang Violence: Case Study of Fitchburg, MA
 Gebo, Erika.

Comprehensive Approaches to Gang Violence: Case Study of Lowell, MA
 Bond, Brenda.

Comprehensive Approaches to Gang Violence: Case Study of New Bedford, MA
 Varano, Sean. and Wolff, Russell.

Comprehensive Approaches to Gang Violence: Case Study of Springfield, MA
 Gebo, Erika., Bond, Brenda. and Deibert, Gini.

Conceptualizing Genocide as a Subject of Criminological Inquiry
 Kleinstuber, Ross. and Fichtelberg, Aaron.

Conditional Effects of Unemployment Rates on the Relationships Between Attachment to Parents and Recidivism
 Yuma, Yoshikazu., Kanazawa, Yuichiro. and Kashiwagi, Fumio.

Condos, Coffeeshops, and Crime: Urban Revitalization and Seattle Crime Trends, 1981-2000
 Kreager, Derek., Lyons, Christopher. and Hays, Zach.

Conducting Cross-Gender/Cross-Ethnicity Ethnographic Fieldwork With a Drug Dealing Street Gang
 Bucerius, Sandra.

Confinement of Juvenile Delinquents in the Republic of Armenia
 Margaryan, Satenik.

Conflict, Crime, and Coalitions in the Developing City
 Moncada, Eduardo.

Conflicting Realities – The Contrast between Community Perceptions of Crime and Disorder and Officially Reported Incidents
 Glazier, Mary., Donahue, Danielle. and Tischbein, Andrew.

Conflicting Sentencing Principles for White Collar Criminals Versus Street Criminals
 Adams, Harry.

Connected in Conflict: Network Position, Victimization, and Offending among Gang Members in Boston
 Papachristos, Andrew., Hureau, David. and Braga, Anthony.

Conscripting the Public in Terrorism Policing: Towards Safer Communities or a Police State?
 Walker, Clive.

Consent and Legitimacy in Policing
 Tankebe, Justice.

Consider the Unintended Consequences of Proposed Interventions/Responses to Extremist and Terrorist Groups
 Chermak, Steven., Freilich, Joshua. and Caspi, David.

Considerations Surrounding Tenure Denial
 Millendore, Kristine.

Considered Armed and Dangerous: An Examination of the DWI Offender
 Shannon, Meredith. and Marquart, James.

Constructing Gender: Masculinity/Femininity in Law and Order
 Humphries, Drew.

Consuming Crime and Transgression: Imagery and Pedagogy in the Cultural Criminology Classroom
 Muzzatti, Stephen.

Contemporary Visual and Oral Histories: Recollections of a “Severely Distressed” Urban Neighborhood
 Mervis, Brett.

Contested Child Custody Where Abuse is Reported: Anti-Feminist Rhetoric and Social Science
 Dragiewicz, Molly.

Contesting Criminality: Social Service Providers’ Perceptions of the Silent Resiliency Efforts of Undocumented Immigrant Youth
 Alatorre, Francisco.

Contesting the "Campus": An Ethnography of Language, Politics, and Resistance in the Struggle over Jail Expansion
 Schept, Judah.

Context or Culture?: Explaining Delinquency in High-Crime Philadelphia Neighborhoods
 Carr, Patrick.

Contextualising Domestic Abuse – Meanings of Justice
 Clarke, Alan., Wydall, Sarah. and Williams, Kate.

Contrasting Approaches to Controlling Corporate crime: Local and Global Trends.
 Croall, Hazel.

Controlling Crime and Antisocial Behaviours in European Cities
 Selmini, Rossella.

Convicting the Innocent
 Gross, Samuel.

Cooley’s Looking-Glass: A New Exploration of Prisoner Education and Personal Change
 Hughes, Emma.

Coping with Re-Entry in Finland
 Ekunwe, Ikponwosa. and Jones, Richard.

Cops and Spooks: The Role of the Police in Counterterrorism
 Weisburd, David. and Bayley, David.

Cops are Cops: Gendered Perspectives of Female Police Officers
 Valcore, Laura. and Dodge, Mary.

Core Correctional Practices, Community Supervision, and Offender Outcomes
 Lowenkamp, Christopher.

Corporate and Government Reactions to Internet Piracy
 Steinmetz, Kevin.

Corporations and International Crimes
 Huisman, Wim.

Correcting Corrections: Organizational Change and Prisoner Reentry
 Rudes, Danielle.

Correctional Asylums of the 21st Century
 Dey, Eugene.

Corrections in Pennsylvania
 Beard, Jeffrey.

Correlates and Consequences of Delinquency Abstention Among Females
 Cernkovich, Stephen., Goodlin, Wendi., Shoenberger, Nicole. and Giordano, Peggy.

Correlates and Consequences of Offending and Victimization: An Analysis of Intimate Partner Abuse among Adolescents
 Clark, Valerie.

Correlates of Informal Social Control in Guangzhou (China) Neighborhoods
 Jiang, Shanhe., Lambert, Eric. and Wang, Jin.

Correlates of Jail Inmate’s Self-Control: Invariant by Age?
 Brown, Tracey., Malouf, Elizabeth., Stuewig, Jeffrey. and Tangney, June.

Corruption And Routine Activities
 Felson, Marcus.

Corruption and Control
 Graycar, Adam.

Corruption in the Russia’s Public Service System: The Origins and Tendency
 Cheloukhine, Sergei.

Cost Functions in Forecasts of Criminal Behavior
 Berk, Richard.

Counter-Terrorism Through Community Engagement
 Lieberman, Charles.

Counter-Terrorist Policing in London: Locating Rhetoric, Reality and Responses
 Parmar, Alpa.

Counting Ghosts: Toward an Understanding of Institutionalized Criminal Aliens
 Orrick, Erin. and Marquart, James.

Counting our Synnomic Potatoes: Further Understanding Low Crime in Idaho in a Global Context
 Neuilly, Melanie-Angela. and Nivette, Amy.

County Level Incarceration: Racial Disparity in Pennsylvania and North Carolina
 Arvanites, Thomas.

County-Level Resource Disadvantage and the Quality of Healthcare Services: Inequities in Substance Abuse Treatment Provision
 Archibald, Matthew. and Rankin, Catherine.

Court Imposed Parameters of Police Lineups to Limit False Identification of Criminal Suspects
 Walker, Zeeyon. and Vaughn, Michael.

Court Intervention and Institutional Reform in Juvenile Justice
 Pesta, George.

Court Outcomes of Arrests Made by Directed Patrol Efforts in Houston
 Wells, William., Joo, Hee-Jong. and Lawton, Brian.

Court Room Drama: A Dramaturgical Analysis of Sentencing Proceedings
 Gathings, M.J.. and Parrotta, Kylie.

Court Services and Limited English Proficient (LEP) Persons Seeking Protection Orders
 Uekert, Brenda., Sohoni, Tracy. and Abraham, Margaret.

Creating Buy-In: Marketing a Social Norms Campaign
 Reilly, Dawn.

Creating Research Evidence: Work to Enhance The Capacity of Justice Agencies for Generating Evidence
 Feucht, Thomas. and Innes, Christopher.

Crime Control in the Digital Age: An Exploration of Human Rights Implications
 Smith, Russell. and McGregor, Kiah.

Crime Prevention and Policy Implications of Operation Weed and Seed
 Spraitz, Jason.

Crime Prolificacy in Hot Spots: Implications for Policing Strategy
 Koehler, Johann.

Crime Show Investigation: Fear of Crime and Crime Television
 Huffman, Jessica., Mina, Moises. and Hoofnagle, Kara.

Crime and Access to Justice – An International Perspective
 Kakar, Suman.

Crime and Climate: Criminal Justice Can’t Afford to Wait on the Cause of Climate Change
 Green, Edward. and Kraska, Peter.

Crime and Corruption Prolong Instability in Iraq: A Case Study
 Wahab, Bilal.

Crime as Political Capital in the Philippines
 Magno, Christopher.

Crime, Control and the Fantasy Life of the State
 Hallsworth, Simon.

Crime, Economic Conditions, and Immigrant Rights: Determinants of State Immigration Legislation
 Galvan, Chris. and King, Ryan.

Crime, Fear and Blame: Does Respondent Ethnicity Make a Difference?
 Kautt, Paula.

Crime, Justice and Change as Visually Presented by Undergraduate Students
 Takata, Susan. and Curran, Jeanne.

Crime, Justice and Sustainable Communities: An Analysis of Data
 Klofas, John.

Crime-Reporting Behavior: A Test of a Theoretical Model that Accounts for the Explanation of Crime-Reporting Behavior
 Avdija, Avdi.

CrimeTrack: A Statewide Crime Data Collection System
 Andreychak, Christopher. and Shane, Jon.

Crimes Beyond Borders and the Turkish Law
 Arican, Mehmet.

Crimes of Enlightenment
 VanEseltine, Matthew.

Criminal Careers of High-Risk Females from 12 to 32
 Wong, Thessa., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Slotboom, Anne-Marie.

Criminal Careers: Discrete or Continuous?
 Greenberg, David. and Ezell, Michael.

Criminal Contemplation, National Context, and Deterrence
 Tittle, Charles., Botchkovar, Ekaterina. and Antonaccio, Olena.

Criminal History that Repeats...and Punishes...Severely
 Hubbard, Richard.
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Criminal Self-Efficacy: Exploring the Correlates and Consequences of a Successful Criminal Identity
 Brezina, Timothy.

Criminal Trajectories in Organized Crime
 van Koppen, Vere., de Poot, Christianne., Kleemans, Edward. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Criminal Trials of the Exonerated
 Garrett, Brandon. and Gross, Samuel.

Criminalization, Civil Protection, and Treatment: A Critical Examination of Law Reform Targeting Intimate Partner Violence
 Simon, Leonore., Haggerty, John. and Anderson, Jaclyn.

Criminalized Subcultures and the Creative Class: The Case of Graffiti Writing and Skateboarding
 Snyder, Gregory.

Criminological Policy Diffusion and the Spread of Correctional Boot Camps in the United States
 Bergin, Tiffany.

Criminologists Should Stop Whining About Their Impact on Policy and Practice
 Wellford, Charles.

Criminology and the Pathology of Violence
 Fichtelberg, Aaron.

Criminology for the Community: Attacking an Open-Air Drug Market
 McKean, Jerome.

Criminology in and of China: Discipline and Power
 Hebenton, Bill.

Critical Approaches to Crime and Social Justice
 Holmes, Bernadette. and Edmonds, Doris.

Critical Pedagogy for the Excluded: Political Action and Social Consciousness as Alternative Education
 Myers, Randy. and Goddard, Tim.

Critical Perspectives of Young Women Involved in the Sex Economy
 Schaffner, Laurie.

Cross-Border Trafficking in Human Beings
 van der Laan, Peter., Smit, Monika. and Stams, Geert.

Cross-Contamination Determinants of Wrongful Convictions
 Murray, Rebecca., Cothron, Gretchen. and Fiumefreddo, Danielle.

Cross-Group Comparisons: Sexual Abuse, Professional Misconduct and Boundary Violations in the Church
 Litvinoff, Laura., Perillo, Anthony. and Mercado, Cynthia.

Cross-National Variation in the Routines of Individuals: An Analysis of Assault and Burglary Victimization
 Stein, Rachel.

Cultural Criminology and the Criminological Imagination
 Young, Jock.

Cultural Genocide and Politicide in the Land of Snow Lions: Exploring the Tibetan Tinderbox
 Van de Voorde, Cécile.

Culture Conflict: Crimes Involving Women of Color in Rural Communities
 Love, Sharon.

Culture and the Relationship Between Parenting Style and Delinquency: A Case Study of Nigerian Youths
 Odubote, Bamidele.

Current Situation of Restorative Justice in America
 Kim, Yongsok.

Customer Service? Implementing Procedural Justice in California
 Porter, Rachel.

Cutters and Their Wound Patterns: A Study in Visual Criminology
 Greek, Cecil.
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