ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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DWI Divert Court
 Carver, Virginia.

Dallas Disruption Unit, Efficacy of Hot Spot Deployment
 Jang, Hyunseok. and Lee, Chang-Bae.

Dallas Hot Spots, Impact of Concentrated Patrol and Disorder Arrests
 Ren, Ling., Zhao, Jihong. and Lee, Hoon.

Daring to Show What We Never Wanted To Know: Fiction and Awakening Others to the Raw Realities of Prison Life
 Richards, Stephen.

Dark Side of the Superhighway: A Quantitative Content Analytic View of Terrorism on the Internet
 Braddock, Kurt.

Dating Violence among Students Attending College in the U.S. and Korea: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
 Gover, Angela., Park, MiRang. and Tomsich, Elizabeth.

Day Fines: An Alternative to Incarceration
 Russell, Lisa. and Zedlewski, Edwin.

Day Reporting Centers: A Synthesis and Assessment of the Extant Empirical Literature
 Wagoner, Stacy. and Brennan, Pauline.

Deadly Force Policy and Practice: The Forces of Change
 Fridell, Lorie.

Deadly Force Training Among Larger U.S. Police Departments
 Morrison, Gregory.

Dealing with Domestic Violence: A Comparative Analysis of Women Police Stations in Brazil and India
 Natarajan, Mangai.

Dealing with State Crimes of the Past in Bosnia: What do People Think?
 Parmentier, Stephan. and Weitekamp, Elmar.

Death in Texas: Relative Risk across Texas’ 35 Largest Cities
 Titterington, Victoria. and Rivolta, Pierre.

Death in the Country: An Analysis of Rural Domestic Homicides across the United States
 Van Horne, Sheryl.

Deciding Whether to Tell: Women’s Experiences after Arrest for Intimate Partner Violence
 Thacker, Devon.

Decision Making and Crime During the Transition to Adulthood
 Boonstoppel, Sarah. and Laub, John.

Defending U.S. Ports: Homeland Security's Albatross
 Snowden, Lynne.

Defense Strategy in Capital Cases: The “Denial Defense” Trap
 Kowaluk, Gary.

Defining Rural: A Systematic Review of the Measurement of Rurality in Criminal Justice Research
 Cordner, AnnMarie.

Defining Stalking: The Influence of Legal Factors, Extralegal Factors, and Particular Actions
 Cass, Amy.

Delinquency, Deviance, Dissent and Disability - Challenging the Four D’s
 Nocella, Anthony.

Delinquent Peers, Belief, and Offending: Using Dynamic Latent Change Score Models to Explore Change
 van Reeuwyk, Chantal.

Delving Further into State Fragility and Terrorism: The Importance of War
 Fahey, Susan., LaFree, Gary. and Dugan, Laura.

Democracy and Criminal Victimization: A Cross-National Study
 Roh, Sunghoon.

Demographic Differences Between Shooting Victims and Their Community: Over and Under Representations of Shooting Victims
 Medina, Justin., Kurtz, Ellen. and Ahlman, Lindsay.

Demographic Risks of Homicide Victimization
 Millar, Paul.

Demographics and Homicide in Canada: Fixed Effects Analysis of Homicide Rates from 1971 to 2007
 Trussler, Tanya.

Denied! A Public-Private Approach to Filtering Online Child Pornography in the European Commission
 Picarelli, John.

Dens of Iniquity or Dens of Virtue: Revisiting the Bars and Crime Thesis
 Madensen, Tamara., Groff, Elizabeth. and Eck, John.

Density, Place, and Crime: Measuring Violent and Property Crimes Across the Rural-Urban Divide
 Roussell, Aaron. and Hipp, John.

Derelict Buildings: A Longitudinal Photographic Evaluation of Neighborhood Disorder Abatement
 Schalliol, David. and Wallace, Danielle.

Desire, Crime and Control
 Carney, Phil.

Determınants of Turkish Police Officers’ Perception of Integrity: Impact of Organizational Culture
 Kucukuysal, Bahadir.

Determinants Affecting Classification and Prosecution Outcome of Hate Crimes
 Teske Jr., Raymond.

Determinants of Therapeutic Alliance and Perceived Help in a Rehabilitation Program for Youth Offenders
 Cournoyer, Louis-Georges. and Ste-Marie, Julie.

Determinants of Citizen’s Attitudes toward Police in Houston
 Zhao, Jihong. and Lai, Yunglien.

Determining Factors That Affect Rape Myth Acceptance among Male College Students: Implications for Policy
 Herman, Katie.

Deterrence Based Laws and Attitudes towards Drinking and Driving
 Durna, Tuncay.

Deterrence in the Real World: Certainty, Severity and Swiftness in a DUI Court Context
 Bouffard, Jeff. and Bouffard, Leana.

Deterrence, Treatment, and Compliance: Strategies for Reducing Recidivism
 Welker, Holly., Melde, Chris. and Chermak, Steven.

Deterrence-Trapped Criminal Organizations: Doing the Crime Without Paying the Fine
 Green, Gary.

Developing Avoidance to Include Both General and Specific Mechanisms
 Randa, Ryan. and Wilcox, Pamela.

Developing Indicators for Use in Post-Conflict Environments
 Bang, Hyo Eun (April).

Developing Latent Risk Assessment Schemes From Suppressed Risk Measures
 Bhati, Avinash.

Developing Portfolios
 Zatz, Marjorie.

Developing a Peer-Driven Evaluation of a Peer-to-Peer Reentry Program
 Veysey, Bonita.

Developing an Action plan for the Implementation of Community Policing Policy
 Avdija, Avdi.

Developing and Testing an Interactionist Control Theory of Crime and Delinquency
 Pickett, Justin.

Development and Validation of an Instrument to Assess Staff Harassment and Misconduct in Women’s Correctional Facilities
 Wells, James., Owen, Barbara., Pollock, Joycelyn. and Muscat, Bernadette.

Development of the Partner Violence Community Response Scale
 Raghavan, Chitra. and Ranjan, Sheetal.

Development, Police Reform, and Civil Society in Trinidad and Tobago
 Pino, Nathan.

Development, Rationality and Formation of Perceptual Deterrence Among Adolescents
 Fagan, Jeffrey., Loughran, Thomas., Mulvey, Edward. and Piquero, Alex.

Developmental Pathways to Intimate Partner Homicide: Understanding Individual and Situational Dimensions
 Mazerolle, Paul., Wortley, Richard. and Johnson, Holly.

Developmental Trajectories of Maternal and Paternal Attachment and Delinquency
 Higgins, George., Jennings, Wesley. and Mahoney, Margaret.

Dialoguing With the Other: Engaging with the Human Offender
 Draper, Matthew.

Differences in Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Legislation Across Time and Place
 Koon-Magnin, Sarah., Ruback, R.. and Unger, Olivia.

Different from Adults: An Updated Analysis of Juvenile Transfer and Blended Sentencing Laws, With Recommendations for Reform
 Griffin, Patrick.

Differential Deterrence: Studying Heterogeneity and Changes in Perceptual Deterrence among Serious Youthful Offenders
 Piquero, Alex., Loughran, Thomas., Fagan, Jeffrey. and Mulvey, Edward.

Differential Psychological Consequences for Women Raped by Dates versus Other Known Perpetrators: A Comparative Inquiry
 Sawtell, Carolyn. and Williams, Christopher.

Differential Treatment of Serial Killers: An Exploratory Study of Sentencing Patterns
 Tsang, Siny.

Diffusion of Fraud Through Subprime Mortgages: The Perfect Storm
 Patterson, Laura. and Koller, Cynthia.

Direct Action as Conceptual Art: An Examination of the Role of the Communiqué for Eco-Defense
 Brisman, Avi.

Disability, Abolition Politics, & the Prison-Industrial Complex
 Ben-Moshe, Liat.

Disadvantage, Race/Ethnicity, and Violent Crime in NYC Neighborhoods
 Bederka, Stacey.

Disadvantaged Neighborhoods and Anger: Implications for Community-Level Theories of Crime and Delinquency
 Burns, Padraic.

Disadvantaged Neighborhoods and Criminal Victimization
 Ansari, Sami.

Disaster and Crime: Post-Katrina Familial Homicide in New Orleans
 Walsh, Patrick., Thornton, William. and Voight, Lydia.

Discerning Encrypted Itinerary Profiles in Crime
 Fischer, Robert.

Discovering the Theorist in Tupac: How to Engage Your CJ Students With Popular Music
 Lenning, Emily.

Discretionary Decision Making: “Success” of Parolees Mandated into Substance Abuse Treatment
 Stumpp, Jennifer. and Ireland, Connie.

Discriminant Validity of Legitimacy, its Determinants, and Hypothesized Outcomes: Do Different Measures Alter Conclusions?
 Kochel, Tammy.

Disorder and Crime: Does the Level of Aggregation Matter?
 Rengifo, Andres., Slocum, Lee. and Stacey, Michele.

Disparate Outcomes in Juvenile Court: Has Acknowledgement Created Complacency or Change for Courts?
 Harvey, Angela.

Disproportionate Minority Contact: Myth and Reality
 Terrell, Nathaniel-Eugene.

Disproportionate Minority Youth Contact With The Justice System: Testing the Differential Involvement Hypothesis
 Fitzgerald, Robin. and Carrington, Peter.

Disrupting Criminal Gang Networks: The Use of Social Network Analysis in Law Enforcement
 Dunham, Jessica. and Engel, Robin.

Do Changes in Low Self-Control Among Therapeutic Community Participants Predict Treatment Completion?
 Taylor, Liana., Hiller, Matthew. and Saum, Christine.

Do Community Gardens Reduce Violent Crime?
 Shamow, Allen., Rosenfeld, Richard. and Stewart, Eric.

Do Defendant Characteristics Impact Jury Decision-Making in a Homicide Trial?
 Kraus, Shane., Ragatz, Laurie. and Russell, Brenda.

Do Drug Courts Reduce Substance Abuse?
 Rossman, Shelli.

Do Mental Health Courts Work? Findings from an Evaluation of Two Problem-Solving Courts in New York
 Rossman, Shelli. and Mallik-Kane, Kamala.

Do Methodological Differences Explain the Inconsistent Results in Studies of Rural Social Disorganization and Violence?
 Kaylen, Maria. and Pridemore, William.

Do More Police Generate More Deterrence?
 Kleck, Gary. and Barnes, J.C..

Do Prisons Actually Deter Juvenile Criminal Activity, or Should We Further Consider Alternative Programs?
 Milton, Trevor.

Do State Asset Forfeiture Laws Explain the Ongoing Upward Trend in Drug Arrests?
 Bishopp, Stephen. and Worrall, John.

Do They Know? Public Opinion, Faded Symbolism, and the Fate of Society’s Monsters
 Pettigrew, Mark.

Do the Invariant Findings for the Structural Covariates of Homicide Extend Beyond the United States? A Summary of the Cross-National and International Literature
 Pridemore, William. and Trent, Carol.

Doctoral Education in Criminology and Criminal Justice: An Examination of Doctoral Students’ Expectations
 Lytle, Daniel. and Wright, John.

Dodging Bullets: Predicting the Impact of Gun Ownership on Gun Injury and Death in Virginia
 Hendrix, Nicole. and Van Patten, Isaac.

Does Gender Influence Admittance Into Mental Health Courts?
 Baranek, Katie.

Does Higher Education Influence Civic and Community Orientations of Police Officers?
 Suttmoeller, Michael. and Terrill, William.

Does Increased Discretion Lead to Increased Disparity? The “Liberation” of Sentencing Discretion After the Booker/Fanfan Decision
 Ulmer, Jeffery. and Light, Michael.

Does Inmate Responsivity to Drug Treatment Predict Recidivism?
 Welsh, Wayne.

Does Parenting Matter or Does Violence Beget Violence (i.e., Violent Victimization) Over Time?
 Spano, Richard. and Rivera, Craig.

Does Racial Threat Apply to Hispanic Subpopulations?
 Polk, Tiffany.

Does Sexism and Acceptance of Rape Myths Promote Adversarial Sexual Beliefs Among Men and Women?
 Spano, Trisha. and Russell, Brenda.

Does Social Support Mediate Burnout among Substance Abuse Counselors Working with Offenders?
 Biebel, Elizabeth.

Does Strain Vary Across Religion? Testing the General Strain Theory on Non-Christians
 Niroula, Nirmal. and Rumble, Ann.

Does Structured Clinical Judgment of Offender Progress in Substance Abuse Treatment Predict Recidivism?
 Blasko, Brandy. and Hiller, Matthew.

Does Wrongdoing Deserve Imprisonment: From an Ethical Perspective
 Fryer, Daniel.

Does the Bullet or the Ballot Decrease the Political Violence?The PKK Case in Turkey
 Gergin, Nadir.

Does the Juvenile Court Deter Low-Level Delinquency? A Systematic Review of Experiments
 Petrosino, Anthony., Petrosino, Carolyn. and Guckenburg, Sarah.

Does ‘One Size Fit All’? Identifying Gender Differences in Subtypes of Delinquent Behaviour
 Mazerolle, Paul., Fitzgerald, Robin., Bond, Christine. and Western, John.

Doing Time on the Outside: Managing Relationships With Imprisoned Men
 McCuaig, Erin.

Domestic Pet Ownership as a Deterrent to Self Destructive Behavior - Emergency Department Perspectives
 Nieburg, Herbert.

Domestic Violence Offender Patterns and Victimization Trends
 Frantzen, Durant.

Domestic Violence in Colombia
 Camargo, Esperanza.

Don’t Needle Me: An Examination of the Intrusiveness and Reasonableness of Drug-Related Searches
 Mackey, David. and Smith, Michael.

Drama in Research Methods & Statistics: Pedagogical Lessons
 Briggs, Lisa. and Brown, Stephen.

Drug Market Participation and Delinquency among Detainees in Philadelphia and Amsterdam
 Harrison, Lana. and Korf, Dirk.

Drug Use Patterns among Abused and Neglected Children and Matched Controls Followed into Middle Adulthood
 Wilson, Helen. and Widom, Cathy.

Drug Use in a Sample of Incarcerated African American Men
 Rowell, Tawandra.

Drug Use with Parents as a Relational Strategy for Incarcerated Female Adolescents
 Lopez, Vera., Katsulis, Yasmina. and Robillard, Alyssa.

Drug Use, Sex Work and Social Support in a Sample of MSM’s
 Sarandrea, Jillian., Jones, Cassandra A.. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Drug War Lies 2009: An Analysis of President George W. Bush's Final National Drug Control Strategy
 Robinson, Matthew.

Drug Wars, Culture and the Deportee
 Brotherton, David.

Drug and Alcohol Offenders in a College Town: The Impact of Official Processing and Sanctions
 Khey, David.

Drug-Involved Inmates’ Views of HIV-Related Issues and Prison-Based HIV-Related Services: Identifying Opportunities for Interventions
 St. De Lore, Jef., Burdon, William. and Prendergast, Michael.

Drugs Possession Cases in Courts in Krakow: Realities of Enforcing New, Tougher Drug Laws in Poland
 Krajewski, Krzysztof.

Drugs, Violence and Domestic Relationships in the Inner City
 Golub, Andrew. and Dunlap, Eloise.

Drunk Support: An Exploratory Study of Drinking Support Systems in a University Sample
 Vander Ven, Thomas., Blazetic, Kelsey. and Hively, Lauren.

Dual Inheritance Theory and Modern Subcultural Theory
 Shutt, John.

Due Process within Juvenile Courts: A Look at U.S. Courts of Appeals Decisions
 Tsai, Chi-Fang. and Vaughn, Michael.

Dutch Counter-Terrorism Legislation: Reflections on Veiled Decision-Making and Legitimacy
 van der Woude, Maartje.

Dutch Organized Crime – Past and Present
 Siegel, Dina. and Franken, Stijn.

Dynamic Peer Networks: A Longitudinal Study of Peer Network Characteristics and the Adolescent/Peer Delinquency Association
 Rees, Carter.

Dynamic Risks for Continued Criminal Behavior: Down and Out in Prison?
 Camp, Scott. and Daggett, Dawn.

Dínísin (“I Have Faith in it”): Tribal Peacemaking as a Response to Domestic Violence
 Meyer, Jon\'a.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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