ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Early Findings: Male Veterans: Homelessness, Incarceration and Life Experience
 Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin.

Ecological Disadvantage and Robbery: A Spatial Analysis of Location Choice
 Block, Richard. and Bernasco, Wim.

Ecological Harm: A Forgotten Crime?
 Mares, Dennis.

Economic Destabilization, Social Disorganization, and Crime: The Home Foreclosure Crisis and Crime
 Harris, Lish.

Economic Investment and Crime in Washington, DC
 Matsuda, Mauri.

Education in Prison or the Applied Art of ‘Correctional’ Deconstructive Learning?
 Collins, Peter.

Effective Elements of Anti-Bullying Programs
 Ttofi, Maria. and Farrington, David.

Effectiveness of Treatment Outcome: A Comparison of Religion-Based and Prison-Based Treatment Programs in Taiwan
 Chu, Doris., Sung, Hung En. and Hsiao, Gail.

Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children: A Systematic Review
 Murray, Joseph., Sekol, Ivana., Olsen, Rikke. and Farrington, David.

Effects of Religion on Inmate Perceptions of Terrorism and Political Violence
 Anarumo, Mark.

Effects of Urban Restructuring on Crime
 Wittebrood, Karin.

Effects of a Youth Substance Use Prevention Program on Delinquent Behavior
 Nieri, Tanya., Kulis, Stephen. and Marsiglia, Flavio.

Effects of an Anti-Methamphetamine Program
 Rivera, Marny. and McMullen, Jennifer.

Effects of an Ethics Curriculum on Business Students' Perceptions of White-Collar Crime
 Kennedy, Jay.

Electronic Monitoring for the 21st Century: Where Do We Go From Here?
 Baumer, Terry. and Garcia, Crystal.

Eliminate Disparity in Economic Sanctions
 Ruback, R.. and Clark, Valerie.

Emotions and Desistance in the Transition to Adulthood
 Kaufman, Joanne., Vogel, Matt. and Sutton, Gretchen.

Empirical Assessment of What We Know about the Structural Covariates of Homicide Rates?: A Return to a Classic Twenty Years Later
 McCall, Patricia., Parker, Karen. and Land, Kenneth.

Employment Context and Recidivism
 Mears, Daniel. and Wang, Xia.

Employment Patterns of Women Police
 Cordner, Gary. and Berndt, Jennifer.

Employment and Crime and Delinquency of Working Youth: A Longitudinal Study of Youth Employment
 Wang, Shun-Yung. and Kleck, Gary.

Employment and Recidivism in a Sample of African-American Men
 DeJong, Christina. and Terfa, Simone.

Employment and Separation: Protections Against Reabuse by an Intimate Partner
 O\'Sullivan, Chris. and Webster, Daniel.

Employment, Unemployment and Rates of Domestic Violence
 Peterson, Richard.

Empowerment, Self-image, and Shame in a Prison Setting: A Survey of Incarcerated Girls
 Tosouni, Anastasia.

Enculturation of Correctional Officers: An Examination of War Stories in an Academy Setting
 Chenault, Scott.

Enhancing Justice and Reducing Crime in the 21st Century: Policy Integration and Institutional Efficacy
 Barak, Gregg.

Enhancing and Maintaining Boys Town Model Fidelity
 Way, Mona. and Daly, Dan.

Enlisting Shame as a Deterrent: DUI Offending in Ohio
 Porter, Lauren.

Ensuring the Quality, Credibility and Relevance of U.S. Justice Statistics
 Cork, Daniel.

Environment and Exposure. The Moral Context
 Oberwittler, Dietrich. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Environmental Influences on the Target Selection Patterns in Rape Events
 Rebocho, Maria., Beauregard, Eric. and Rossmo, Kim.

Equity in the Provision of Social Services and Disproportionate Minority Youth Contact with Police
 Rice, Kennon.

Equivalent Harm? The Relative Roles of Maltreatment and Domestic Violence Exposure in Violent Youth Outcomes
 Smith, Carolyn., Ireland, Timothy., Thornberry, Terence. and Park, Aely.

Establishing a Risk Scale for Police Failure-To-Train Liability
 Scheer, Charlie.

Estimating Parameters of a Simulation Model of Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment
 Hicks, Katherine., Zarkin, Gary. and Cowell, Alexander.

Ethnocentrism Among Inside-Out Prison Exchange Students
 Allred, Sarah.

Ethnographic Emotional Labor
 Koski, Connie.

Evaluating California's Parole Violation Decision-Making Instrument
 Turner, Susan. and Murphy, Amy.

Evaluating Inmate Treatment Programs: Findings from Community Orientation Reintegration and Violence Prevention
 Antonio, Michael. and Young, Jacqueline.

Evaluating Single-Offender Bias Homicide: A Spectrum of Offender-Victim Relationships
 Boyd, Katharine., Meterko, Vanessa. and Salfati, C..

Evaluating a Case of On-Campus Sexual Assault: The Victims' Perspective and the Criminal Justice System's Response
 Tamborra, Tracy.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology in Reducing Auto Theft
 Taylor, Bruce., Koper, Christopher. and Bellero, Anthony.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Post 9/11 Legislation and National Security Measures
 Johnson, Matthew.

Evaluating the Use of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Technology to Deter Misconduct in Prison
 LaVigne, Nancy., Halberstadt, Robin. and Parthasarathy, Barbara.

Evaluation of Criminal Justice Interventions for Mentally Ill Offenders: Study Overview, Court Policies and Practices, and Baseline Participant Characteristics
 Buck Willison, Janeen. and Debus, Sara.

Evaluation of DNA Laboratory Efficiency
 Hayeslip, David.

Evaluation of Residential Substance Abuse Aftercare in California: First Year Findings
 Malm, Aili., Ireland, Connie. and Fischer, Ryan.

Evaluation of a Jail Reentry Program: Findings from a Quasi-Experimental Design
 Miller, Holly. and Miller, J. Mitchell.

Evaluation of a Multi-District Weed and Seed Program in Connecticut
 Sedelmaier, Christopher. and Gaboury, Mario.

Evaluation of the Community-Wide, Comprehensive Gang Intervention in San Antonio, Texas
 Tapia, Mike. and Hoffer, Kayli.

Evaluation of the Harlem Parole Reentry Court
 Hamilton, Zachary.

Evaluation of the National Weed and Seed Strategy: Introduction and Overview
 Trudeau, James.

Evaluation of the National Weed and Seed Strategy: Resident Survey Findings
 Trudeau, James., Blitstein, Jon., Morgan, Karen. and Roehl, Jan.

Evaluation of the National Weed and Seed Strategy: Stakeholder Survey Findings
 Miller, Shari., Trudeau, James. and Barrick, Kelle.

Evaluation of the National Weed and Seed Strategy: Synthesis of Case Studies
 Roehl, Jan. and Trudeau, James.

Everyone Pays: The Cost of Incarcerating Drug Offenders in Hawai’i
 Lengyel, Thomas.

Evidence from Controlled Field Experiments on Tax Compliance Strategies: A Systematic Review
 Ariel, Barak.

Evolving Perceptions of Homeland Security Priorities
 Pelfrey, Jr., William.

Evolving the Implementation of CCTV
 Gaittens, John.

Ex-Con Resources
 Wilcox, III, H. Bennett. and Selman, Donna.

Examination of the Effects of Family and Peers on Deviance Across Culture and Gender
 Fukushima, Miyuki., Sharp, Susan. and Kobayashi, Emiko.

Examining Covariates of Multiple Sex Partners: A Longitudinal Study Among Justice Involved Youth
 Gulledge, Laura., Dembo, Richard., Cochran, John. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Examining Disparity in Treatment among Institutionalized Youth
 Arnold, Catherine. and Latessa, Edward.

Examining Gender Differences in Strain and Delinquency Among Korean Youth
 Song, Juyoung. and Maxwell, Sheila.

Examining Immigration and Crime over the Life Course
 Bersani, Bianca.

Examining Implementation: The Experience of the Georgia Department of Corrections
 Van Voorhis, Patricia. and Groot, Brittany.

Examining Intimate Partner Homicide Over Time
 Reckdenwald, Amy. and Parker, Karen.

Examining Maternal Incarceration and the Child-Caregiver Relationship Among Minority Women
 McGee, Zina.

Examining Police Use of Force: A Multilevel Analysis
 Klahm, Charles. and Frank, James.

Examining Predictors of Child Physical Abuse: A Meta-Analytic Approach
 Shutay, Jeanette.
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Examining the Ability of the PCL-R to Predict Recidivism in a Korean Offender Sample
 Sohn, Ji Seun., Miller, Holly. and Lee, Soo Jung.

Examining the Applicability of Low Self Control to Juvenile Computer Crime
 Holt, Thomas., Bossler, Adam. and May, David.

Examining the Consequences of Delinquency and Juvenile Justice Contact for Future Life Chances
 Walters, Nathan.

Examining the Correlates of Cybercrime Victimization Using Lifestyle Routine Activities Theory
 Greenless, Andrew., Bhat, Meghna. and Holt, Thomas.

Examining the Direct and Interactive Effects of Changes in Racial and Ethnic Threat on Sentencing Decisions
 Wang, Xia. and Mears, Daniel.

Examining the Distribution of Robbery: A Look at Patterns With and Between Races
 Berg, Mark. and Stacey, Michele.

Examining the Effective Program Characteristics of 60 Residential Community Corrections Programs
 Brusman Lovins, Lori., Lowenkamp, Christopher., Latessa, Edward. and Smith, Paula.

Examining the Effects of Authoritarianism on Support for Capital Punishment
 Rodgers, Forrest.

Examining the Influence of Gender Socialization on Males' and Females' Offending in Response to Strain
 Savage, Jenna.

Examining the Influences on Use of Force Policies
 Rojek, Jeff. and Kaminski, Robert.

Examining the Intersection of Ethnicity and Place in Homicide Victimization
 Pendzich-Hardy, Margaret.

Examining the Issue of Racial Profiling from the Cognitive Perspective
 Sun, Key.

Examining the Linkage between Sexual Activity and Problem Behaviors among Female Delinquents
 McGee, Zina.

Examining the Phenomenon of Somali Maritime Piracy
 Twyman-Ghoshal, Anamika.

Examining the Relationship between Drug Crime, Methamphetamine, Violent Crime and Social Capital Using NIBRS
 Rosky, Jeffrey.

Examining the Relationship between Drug Use and Criminal Aliens
 Katz, Charles., White, Michael. and Fox, Andrew.

Examining the Relationship between the "How I Think Questionnaire" and Recidivism in Adult Female Offenders
 Sperber, Kimberly. and Smith, Paula.

Examining the Role of Political Factors and Police Leadership Change in Police Arrest Activity
 Cronin, Shea.

Examining the Role of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Mental Health Courts: Analysis of Courtroom Observation Data
 Mallik-Kane, Kamala. and Rossman, Shelli.

Examining the Stress, Challenges, and Experiences of Computer Crime Investigators
 Burruss, George., Holt, Thomas. and Blevins, Kristie.

Examining the Structural Covariates of Homicide “Specialization”
 Ousey, Graham. and Lee, Matthew.

Excessive Violence: An Examination of Juvenile Homicide Crime Scene Behaviors
 Scherer, J.., Drawbridge, Dara. and Salfati, C..

Executed Female Offenders in the U.S. and China - An Analysis of Case Characteristics
 Lu, Hong., Liang, Bin. and LaHaie, Courtney.

Exiting from Darkness: What Causes Dedicated Racist Skinheads To Stop Hating?
 Molloy, Donna.

Expanding Clear et al.’s Value of Religion Ideas: Former Prison and Jail Inmates’ Perspectives
 Santos, Saskia. and Lane, Jodi.

Expanding the Community: An In-Depth Analysis of a Parole Office’s Location and Its Impact on Parolees
 Shah, Rita.

Experiences of Lesbian Intimate Partner Abuse
 McDonald, Courtney.

Experiencing Parole Violations: Perspectives from Officers and People on Parole
 Scott-Hayward, Christine. and Daly, Reagan.

Experiencing Wrongful Conviction As Torture
 Wildeman, Jennifer., Costelloe, Michael. and Schehr, Robert.

Experimental Evaluation of Fuel Efficiency on a High Fidelity Police Driving Simulator
 Moore, Jason.

Experimental Evaluation of Neuro-Physiological Techniques for Accelerating Police Deadly-Force Training
 James, Stephen.

Experimental Evaluations of Officer and Supervisor Training Programs
 Schuck, Amie., Rosenbaum, Dennis. and Fridell, Lorie.

Experimental Evidence of the Effects of Imprisonment on Life-Course Outcomes
 Loeffler, Charles.

Experiments are Not the Gold Standard: Causal Knowledge and Observational Science
 Sampson, Robert.

Expertise and Experience: The Development and Transfer of Therapeutic Approaches
 Leon, Chrysanthi.

Explaining Black, White, and Hispanic Differences in Violent Arrest Rates
 Ulmer, Jeffery., Steffensmeier, Darrell., Harris, Casey. and Feldmeyer, Ben.

Explaining Cross-National Attitudes about Abortion: The Influence of Religion and Cultural Context
 Adamczyk, Amy.

Explaining Drug Use Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Adolescents in Arizona Using the Arizona Youth Survey
 Kopak, Albert., Ayers, Stephanie., Lopez, Vera. and Stevenson, Phillip.

Explaining Juvenile Deliquency in Brazil: Testing Social Bonding and Social Learning Theories
 Rodrigues, Corinne.

Explaining What Makes Victims of Violent Crime Unique: A Test of Competing Theoretical Perspectives
 Schreck, Christopher., Ousey, Graham., Fisher, Bonnie. and Wilcox, Pamela.

Explaining Women in Police Forces: A Cross-National Comparison
 Sung, Hung En., Strobl, Staci. and Kang, Ji Hyon.

Explaining and Sustaining the International Crime Drops
 Tseloni, Andromachi., Farrell, Graham., Tilley, Nick. and Mailley, Jen.

Explaining the Work Role Orientations of Community Workers in Juvenile Justice
 Wells, James., Minor, Kevin. and Angel, Earl.

Explanations for Patterns of Offending During the Transition Years From Adolescence to Adulthood
 Thornberry, Terence.

Exploring Community Social Health, Crime and Water Quality
 Barnes, Allan.

Exploring Conditional Cautions for Women - Lessons from the UK
 Evans, Karen., Silvestri, Marisa. and Easton, Helen.

Exploring Cyberbullying – Identifying Its Nature
 Madan, Manish. and Nalla, Mahesh.

Exploring Factors Affecting the Aging Prison Population in Japan
 Ishihara, Junichi.

Exploring Family Issues, Substance Abuse, Life Experiences, and Age of Entry into Prostitution among Prostituted Women
 Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique. and Hickle, Kristine.

Exploring Satisfaction Among Communities Hosting Correctional Institutions: A Qualitative Examination of Four Rural Communities in Pennsylvania
 Packard, Susan., Courtright, Kevin. and Brennan, Edward.

Exploring Software Piracy for Professional Use
 Downing, Steven.

Exploring Trends in Youth Homicide with Cluster Analysis: New Methodological Pathways to Policy Tools
 Asencio, Emily. and Parker, Robert.

Exploring the Causes of Changes in Ethnic Differentials in Juvenile Residential Placements
 Rodriguez, Orlando.

Exploring the Consequences of Serial Battering Relationships for IPV Victims
 Burgess-Proctor, Amanda.

Exploring the Influence of Antisocial Peers on Moderate-Risk Participants in a Universal Prevention Program
 Cross, Amanda. and Gottfredson, Denise.

Exploring the Macro Level Correlates of Malicious Software Production
 Soles, Joshua., Holt, Thomas. and Burruss, George.

Exploring the Meaning of Aggregate Measures of Education: Are Effects On Violent Crime Racially Invariant?
 Harris, Casey. and Steffensmeier, Darrell.

Exploring the New “Baby Farmer”: Changing Trends in the Serial Homicide of Children
 Scott, Hannah.

Exploring the Organization of Russia Far East's Wildlife Trafficking: The Illegal Fur and Falcon Trades
 Wyatt, Tanya.

Exploring the Reasons behind a Reduction in Hate Crime Figures in an Inner London District
 Goodman, Anthony. and Healy, Jane.

Exploring the Relationship Between Adolescent Delinquency and Exposure to Violence in Urban Neighborhoods, Schools, and Households
 McGee, Zina.

Exploring the Relationship between Community Social Ties and Involvement with Police
 Rollwagen, Heather.

Exploring the Relationship between Impulsivity and Aggressive Behavior and How does Personality Type Relate
 Viens, Carrie.

Exploring the Temporal Ordering of Drugs, Pathological Gambling, and Criminal Offending
 Dooley, Lisa., McCorkle, Richard. and Lukemeyer, Anna.

Exploring the Usefulness of Home Based Alternatives to Incarceration During the Global Financial Turmoil
 Martinovic, Marietta.

Exposure to Violence, Violent Behavior and the Initiation of Gun Carrying Among Urban Minority Youth
 Spano, Richard.

Extending Criminological Theory: Examining the Effects of Low Self-Control on Health Related Behaviors in Adolescence
 Stogner, John., Gibson, Chris. and Beaver, Kevin.

Extending Our Understanding of the Childhood Victimization-Adolescent Delinquency Relationship: An Integrated Approach
 Lawrence, Daysha.

Extending Routine Activity Theory: Environmental Crimes and the Role of Capable Guardians
 Wiernik, Craig.

External Funding and Research: Short-Term and Long-Term Organizational Development
 Buerger, Michael.

Eye in the Sky: Government Surveillance and the Violation of Civil Liberties
 Klein, Lloyd.

Eye in the Sky: A Process Evaluation of CCTV Use in Three U.S. Cities
 Dwyer, Allison.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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