ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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FMRI In Court: Technologies of Control and Predictions of Dangerousness
 Douard, John. and Schultz, Pamela.

FMRI in the Court of Public Opinion: Science, Law and Public Perception
 Schultz, Pamela. and Douard, John.

Face to Facebook: An Exploration of Harassment of Undergraduate Students in Online Social Networks
 Grugan, Shannon.

Factors Affecting the Decision To and Results of Consent Searches
 Withrow, Brian.

Factors Associated to “Forensic Awareness” in Sexual Assault Events
 Hildebrand, Sarah. and Beauregard, Eric.

Factors Influencing Probation Officer’s Sentencing Recommendations
 Freiburger, Tina. and Hilinski, Carly.

Factors Related to the Successful Reentry of Offenders
 Alexander, A. Daktari., Helfgott, Jacqueline. and Gunnison, Elaine.

Factors thats Cause Juvenile Delinquency
 Asencio, Edwin. and Padua, Lizamarie.

Faculty Hiring Among Top-Ranked Criminal Justice and Criminology Graduate Programs: Maintaining an Elite Status.
 Lewis, John.
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Failure of Environmental Regulation: The Environmental Protection Agency and American Corporations
 Katz, Rebecca.

Faith Based Reentry Programs: Can it Reduce Recidivism Rates?
 Gilbert, Janinne.

Faith-Based Social and Supportive Reentry Services Provision
 Frazier, Beverly D..

Fakes, Frauds, and Frontin': Testing Hirschi's Revised Self-Control as an Explanation of Electronic Deviance
 Dodson, Kimberly. and Cabage, LeAnn.

Falling for Bad Boys!: Testing a Cross-Cultural Model of Evolutionary Sex Differences in Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors
 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth. and Murray, Gregg.

False Witness: The Impact of Prosecutor Misconduct on the American Criminal Justice System
 Brown, Dan.

Family Environment and Adolescent’ Antisocial Behavior in a Poor and Violent Community in Brazil
 Curto, Bartira., Paula, Cristiane., Murray, Joseph. and Bordin, Isabel.

Family Formation, Fatherhood and Crime
 Skardhamar, Torbjorn. and Lyngstad, Torkild.

Family Processes and At-Risk Behaviors: Testing the Moderating Influences of Race, SES and and Immigrant Status
 DiPietro, Stephanie.

Family Violence and Gang Membership
 Dunlevy, Ellen., Woytko, Nicole., Russell, Brenda., Khondaker, Mahfuzul. and Rice, Kennon.

Fear Mongering and Crime Policy
 Christian, Jennifer.
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Fear of Crime Revisited: Examining the Influence of Disorder, Social Capital, and Prior Victimization
 Chappell, Allison. and Alper, Mariel.

Fear of Gang Crime among College Students and Professionals in a Non-Metropolitan Community
 Castle, Tammy.

Feasibility of Using Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) with Detained Adolescent Girls
 Hirschinger-Blank, Nancy., Forke, Christine., Kenyon, Alexandra., Myers, Rachel., Zhang, Xuemei. and Schwarz, Donald.

Federal Role in Combating Gang Crime
 Larence, Eileen.

Federal and State Law Enforcement Collaboration in Combating Illegal Immigration and Associated Crime
 Alexander, Dean. and Mors, Terry.

 Lattimore, Pamela., McGarrell, Edmund. and McDougall, Cynthia.

Felony Disenfranchisement: Developing a New Perspective
 Kirkpatrick, Tara.

Felony Disenfranchisement: Re-Negotiating Racial Divisions
 Schaefer, Brian. and Kraska, Peter.

Female Criminality and Community Reentry: An Examination of General Strain Theory
 Bergeron, Lindsey.

Female Drug Court Participants Discuss Bottoming-Out and Motivation to Change
 Fischer, Michael., Geiger, Brenda. and Fischer, Arielle.

Female Institutional Classification Research in Ohio: Advances with a Practical Touch
 Van Dine, Steve., Kowalski, Brian. and Martin, Brian.

Female Serial Murderers: Directions for Future Research
 Gurian, Elizabeth.

Female Sex Offenders in Federal Custody: An Analysis of Incident Dynamics & Comparison with Non-Sex Offending Incarcerated Females
 Faust, Erik. and Faust, Miranda.

Female Sex Offenders: Specialists or Generalists?
 Wijkman, Miriam., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Zoutewelle-Terovan, Mioara.

Female Sex Offending
 Horrocks, Chelsea.

Female Status and Female Crime: A Cross-National Analysis
 Agha, Suzanne.

Female Veterans and Sexual Assault
 Bedwell, Alexis-Anne.

Feminist Futures and Criminology: Notes on Intersectionality and Transnational Possibilities
 Henne, Kathryn. and Troshynski, Emily.

Field Training Officer (FTO) Styles Within an Urban Police Organization
 Getty, Ryan.

Fighting Back? Street Prostitutes' Resistance of Oppressive Gendered Interactions
 Oselin, Sharon. and Blasyak, Aaron.

Final Results from the DNA Field Experiment: Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Use of DNA in the Investigation of High-Volume Crimes
 Grunwald, Ben. and Roman, John.

Financial Magic and Illusions of Profit
 Will, Susan.

Financial Schemes and Ideologically Motivated Offenders - Preliminary Findings from the U.S. Extremist Crime Database
 Belli, Roberta.

Financial and 'White-Collar' Crimes - The Research Challenges
 Levi, Michael.

Finding Justice Post Genocide: The International Court versus Local Courts in Yugoslavia and Rwanda
 Pruitt, William.

Findings On Drug Use, Crime, Arrests, and Other Model Outcomes From a Simulation Model of Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment
 Cowell, Alexander., Zarkin, Gary., Belenko, Steven. and Houser, Kimberly.

Findings and Lessons Learned from a Process Evaluation of a Gender-Specific Short Term Residential Program for Girls
 Cohen, Marcia., Williams, Katherine. and Gies, Stephen.

Findings from a Dual Generic and Specific Risk Assessment Process for Domestic Violence Perpetrators
 Williams, Kirk.

Follow the Fake Money: A Holistic Approach to the Economic Crisis
 Huff, Rodney., Mascari, Adrian. and Boone, Jason.

Follow-up Analysis of Juvenile Offenders in a Family Preservation Program
 Diamond, Susan. and Caudill, Jonathan.

Footbeats in Philadelphia: The Organizational Challenges
 Bethel, Kevin. and Wright, Thomas.

For Better or For Work?: The Effect of Father's Employment in the Underground Economy
 Washington, Heather.

Forensics for Dummies? Equality of Arms In and On Trial in Dutch Criminal Courts
 Stalman, Sofie. and van der Kemp, Jasper.

Forewarnings About the U.S. Financial Crisis as Reported by the Media: A Content Analysis
 Bradley, Cora. and Moroz, Christen.

Former Prisoner Survey, 2008
 Beck, Allen. and Harrison, Paige.

Fostering Academic Opportunities to Counteract Social Exclusion
 Bucerius, Sandra.
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Fostering Positive School Experiences: The Relationship Between Gender, Class, and Delinquency
 Garcia, Arlene.

Four Models, Four Metaphors, Four EBPs: Examining the Adoption and Implementation of Evidence-Based Innovations
 Panzano, Phyllis.

Framing Perceptions of Disorder Housing Project Residents: The Impact of Capable Guardianship and Familial Contexts
 Wallace, Danielle.

Fraud and Organized Crime
 Levi, Michael.

Friedman Economic Policies, Social Exclusion, and Crime: Toward a Gendered Left Realist Subcultural Theory
 DeKeseredy, Walter. and Schwartz, Martin.

From Ideology to Practice: Multi-Agency Involvement in Inclusive Practices in Mainstream Education
 Clarke, Alan. and Wydall, Sarah.

From Mandatory to Advisory: Key Problems Remain with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
 Maggard, Scott. and Reitzel, John.

From Prison to Empowerment: Women Advocates Take on the Criminal Justice System
 From, Sarah. and Villanueva, Chandra.

From Supermax to Society: A Study of Recidivism Rates
 Gadson, Shari.

From the Inside: Patterns of Coping and Adjustment among Women in Prison
 McGee, Zina.

Further Evidence on the Relationship between Resting Heart Rate and Crime and Delinquency
 MacMillan, Scott. and Armstrong, Todd.

Futures Issues in Policing
 Jensen, Carl.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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