ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Gang Disengagement: Process and Variation
 Sullivan, Mercer.

Gang Involvement Among Juvenile Chronic Offenders: An Examination of Risk and Protective Factors
 Balfour, Marie.

Gang Membership and Racial Factors that Affect Sense of Safety in Community and School
 DelCollo, Ashley., Russell, Brenda., Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Rice, Kennon. and Woytko, Nicole.

Gang Sex Composition Effects: Selection or Social Facilitation?
 Peterson, Dana. and Esbensen, Finn-Aage.

Gang Territory: Comparing Perceptions of the Community and of the Police
 Willis, Julie.

Gang Violence in Rio de Janeiro
 Olsson, Patrik.

Gangs on the ‘Inside’: The Contours of Gang Membership and Violence in Prison
 Maxson, Cheryl., Matsuda, Kristy. and Jenness, Valerie.

Gangs or Networks? Co-Offending Among Youths in Copenhagen
 Sarnecki, Jerzy.

Gangster Rap and Organized Crime: How the Mafia's Influence Perpetuates a Delinquent Subculture
 McKee, Jesse., Flett, Sara. and Hodge, Christopher.

Gauging the Damage: Limitations and Possibilities of Prevalence Estimates
 Bijleveld, Catrien.

Gender Differences in Desistance: A Test of Behavioral, Self, and Social Control Predictors of Crime
 Bakken, Nicholas.

Gender Differences in Family Influences on Juvenile Delinquency
 Fagan, Abigail.

Gender Differences in Overt and Cyber Stalking Perpetration
 Menard, Kim. and Pincus, Aaron.

Gender Differences in the Extent, Nature, and Context of Dating Violence among Young Women and Men
 Kaukinen, Catherine., Gover, Angela. and Hartman, Jennifer.
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Gender Gap Trends for Violent and Non-Violent Crimes in Turkey, 1970-2005
 Mese, Ibrahim., DeLone, Miriam. and Delone, Gregory.

Gender and Delinquency: Different Exposure or Different Response to Life Experiences?
 Whaley, Rachel., Hayes-Smith, Justin. and Hayes-Smith, Rebecca.

Gender and Global Criminal Justice Policy: Comparing International and U.S. Perspectives
 Owen, Barbara.

Gender and Justice in Bestselling American Comic Books
 Strobl, Staci. and Phillips, Nickie.

Gender and Juvenile Case Processing in Texas
 Johnson, Dustin., Rodeheaver, Daniel. and Williams, James.

Gender and Race Effects of a Restorative Justice Intervention on School Success
 Norris, Alexis.

Gender and Social Control Theories
 Blackwell, Brenda. and Sellers, Christine.

Gender, Genetic Risk, and Offending
 Vaske, Jamie., Wright, John., Boisvert, Danielle. and Beaver, Kevin.

Gender, Race, Violence, and Social Capital: An Empirical Assessment
 Nowacki, Jeffrey.

Gender, Risky Lifestyles and Violent Victimization: A Test of the Chivalry, Convergence, and Evil Women Hypotheses
 Reynolds, Jennifer. and Pare, Paul-Philippe.

Gender, Same-Sex Reference Groups, and Attitudinal Indicators of Self-Control: An Exploratory Study
 Elis, Lori., Arneklev, Bruce. and Gainey, Randy.

Gender, Self-Control and the Effect of Social Context on Violent Victimization
 Chapple, Constance., Vaske, Jamie., Wilcox, Pamela. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Gendered General Strain Theory: Perceptions of Gender as a Conditioning Variable in General Strain Theory
 Isom, Deena. and Swatt, Marc.

Gendered Identities and the Race Gap in Female Delinquency
 De Coster, Stacy. and Heimer, Karen.

Gendered Safety and Violence: Community and Culture in Women's Correctional Facilities
 Owen, Barbara., Pollock, Joycelyn., Wells, James. and Muscat, Bernadette.

Gendered Violence and Restorative Justice: The Case for Post-Conviction Programs
 Miller, Susan.

General Petraeus Studied Them Hard: Lessons from the British Counter-Terror Experiences in Malaya (1948-60) and Northern Ireland (1969 to Date) for the Suppression of Global Jihadism
 Black, Crispin.

General Quantitative Paradigm and Strategies for Comparative Criminology
 Liu, Jianhong.

General Strain Theory and Female Offenders: A Path Analysis
 Monholland, Jason.

General Strain Theory and Prisoner Reentry: Testing the Impact of Social Stressors on Recidivism among Ex-Prisoners
 Farrell, Jill.

General Strain Theory, Negative Emotions, and Body Dissatisfaction
 Fox, Kristan. and Piquero, Nicky.

General Strain Theory: A Korean Sample
 Hong, Moonki.

General Strain Theory: Replication and Extension of Broidy’s Test
 Huck, Jennifer., Lee, Daniel., Bowen, Kendra., Bowers Jr., James. and Spraitz, Jason.

General Theory of Crime, Gender, and Computer Deviance
 McCluskey, John., Moon, Byongook. and McCluskey, Cynthia.

Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Overlap Between Low Self-Control and Delinquent Behaviors
 Boisvert, Danielle. and Wright, John.

Geographically-Based Policing Models: Police Service Areas
 Bard, Branville.

Get Tough Deterministic Punishment Policies: Are They Effective at Reducing Recidivism Among Released Inmates?
 Bales, William., Gaes, Gerry., Blomberg, Thomas. and Pate, Kerensa.

Getting the Message Across: An Examination of Interdisciplinary Approaches in Teaching
 Kubena, Jiletta.

Girl Scouts in Detention Centers: Mentoring and Identity in an Institutional Programming Initiative
 Colanese, Jennifer.

Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
 Davis, Karen.

Giving Back Behind Bars: Generativity Among Older Female Inmates
 Benedict, Regina.

Global Water Crisis and Complexity Green Criminology
 Takemura, Noriyoshi.

Globalization, Global Organized Crimes, and Global Terrorism: Modernizing Criminal Justice in South Asia
 Shahidullah, Shahid.

Going Missing and Gender: The Risks and Perils of Going Missing for Women and Girls
 van Dongen, Laura. and Dawson, Myrna.

Good Girls Made Bad: Impact of Sexual and Non-Sexual Victimization on Juvenile Offending
 Hellenga, Kate., Salvi, Jennifer., Dreyfus, Katherine., Williams, Lori. and Redmond, Emily.

Good Versus Bad Violence: A Qualitative Analysis of Accounts
 Presser, Lois., Keeton, Robert. and Farney, Lori.

Got Results? Spatial Regression or Other Methods for the Analyses of Crime-Social Disorganization Covariates
 Kim, MoonSun. and Park, Seongmin.

Governance and the London Metropolitan Police Service
 Stenson, Kevin.

Governance, Law, and Development: Toward a Research Program in the Former Soviet Union
 Wheeldon, Johannes.

Government Criminal Alliances in Business and Construction Industry: National and International Perspectives
 Ebbe, Obi.

Great Lakes Environmental and Natural Resource Crime and Enforcement
 McGarrell, Edmund., Suttmoeller, Michael. and Gibbs, Carole.

Green Criminology, Environmental Security and Organised / White Collar Crime: The Case of Naples and Some Proposals for the Policy and Research Agendas
 Ruggiero, Vincenzo. and South, Nigel.

Green Policing: Integrating Corporate Environmental Responsibility into Police Organizations
 Scheer, Charlie. and Hmurovic, Jillian.
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Groin Slap: Non-Cultures of Violence in the New Fighting Industries
 Bogazianos, Dimitri.

Group Sex Offending: A Historical Study
 Hendriks, Jan. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

Group Threat and Punishment: Examining Ethnic Disparity in the Exercise of Social Control in Society
 Johnson, Brian., Stewart, Eric. and Pickett, Justin.

Guesstimates, Estimates and Overcrowding: Counting Populations in an Overcrowded Jail
 Walsh, John.

Guilt and Innocence: How Dutch Media Presented the Van der Sloot/Holloway Case Visually and Verbally
 Vanderveen, Gabry. and Koetsenruijter, Willem.
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Guilty Until Proven Guilty: Injustice in the Military Courts of the United States and Israel
 Hilal, Maha.

Gun Related Suicides and Homicides in Jefferson County, Kentucky from 2003 to 2008
 Tewksbury, Richard., Suresh, Geetha. and Holmes, Ronald.

Gun Violence and Gangs: Socialization, Self and a Changed Identity
 Pogrebin, Mark. and Stretesky, Paul.

Gun-Related Deaths in Virginia: A Set Theoretic Analysis of Causal Complexity
 Van Patten, Isaac. and Hendrix, Nicole.

Guns and Homicide at the Cross-National Level
 Altheimer, Irshad. and Pratt, Travis.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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