ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Halting Penal Populism: Cross-National Challenges
 Steen, Sara.

Harmonization of Organized Crime Legislation in the EU: A Fig Leaf for Propaganda Policies?
 Calderoni, Francesco.

Harsh Parenting and Adolescent Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Anger, Self-Control, and Hostile View of Relationships
 Morris, Sara. and Simons, Ronald.

Have Conservation Officers Been Granted an Open Season on the Fourth Amendment?
 Burrell, Thomas.

Have You Checked the Sex Offender Registry Lately? Citizens' Explanations for Not Accessing Registry Information
 Evans, Mary., Anderson, Amy. and Sample, Lisa.

Health Care Fraud in America
 Morreale, Stephen.

Helping Families Maintain Ties with Their Incarcerated Loved Ones: A Content Analysis of DOC Websites
 Neusteter, S. Rebecca., Mellow, Jeff. and Albala, Robyn.

Here There Is ‘Just Us’: Results from a ‘Restorative’ Prison Experiment
 Piché, Justin.

Hero or Inmate, Prison or Camp, Rehabilitation or Labor Extraction?: Studying California's Prison Fire Camps''
 Goodman, Philip.

Hiding Crimes in Cyberspace: Crime and Victimization in Public Access Internet Facilities
 D\'Ovidio, Rob., Anandarajan, Murugan. and Schlanger, Irv.

Hierarchical Growth-Curve Analysis of Chicago Neighborhood Homicide Trends: 1965-1995
 Stults, Brian.

Higher Education in Prison: Can Degrees Deter Crime?
 Joseph, Patricia. and MacKenzie, Doris.

Hispanic Domestic Victimization at a New Destination Immigrant Pole Using Official Data, 2000-2006
 Pitts, Wayne. and McNeeley, Susan.

Hispanic Immigration, Disadvantage, and Crime in Houston, TX
 Keller, Shawn.

Home Invasion Crime: A New Crime From Old Concepts
 Norton, William.

Homegrown Terrorists: A Comparative State Analysis of White Supremacist Hate Groups in the United States
 Gilliard-Matthews, Stacia.

Homeland Security and Organizational Efficacy: Examining the Influence of the Institutional Environment
 Giblin, Matthew., Burruss, George. and Schafer, Joseph.

Homeless Criminality: A Study of the Chronically Homeless Population in Orange County, California
 Miller, Kristen. and Fischer, Ryan.

Homelessness to Jail and Back Again
 Brown, William., Prather, Sarah. and Melchor-Ayala, Omar.

Homicide in the Context of Robbery, Burglary and Theft in Switzerland and the United States
 Markwalder, Nora. and Killias, Martin.

Homogeneity And Homicide
 Jarvis, John. and Regoeczi, Wendy.

Honorary Fellows
 Robinson, Laurie.

How Are Methamphetamine Markets Organized? An Analysis Based on Johnson’s Freelance/Business Model Distinction of Illicit Drug Markets
 Brownstein, Henry., Mulcahy, Timothy. and Taylor, Bruce.

How Business Districts Manage Crime and Disorder: A Gap in Our Knowledge of the Ecology of Crime
 Monk, Khadija.

How Civil Rights Lawsuits Improve American Policing
 McCoy, Candace.

How Close is Too Close? Intimate Partner Relationships and Stalking Related Offenses
 Bartlinski, Carla.

How Did I Get Here? Childhood Risk Factors for Men and Women
 Daggett, Dawn.

How Do Drug Courts Work?
 Roman, John.

How Does Immigration Affect Intimate Partner Violence? Examining the Roles of Ties and Culture
 Wright, Emily. and Benson, Michael.

How Does it Feel to be a Problem? Black (Revolutionary) Hip Hop and White (Supremacist) Criminology
 Saleh-Hanna, Viviane.

How General is Control Balance Theory? Evidence from Russia
 Hughes, Lorine., Botchkovar, Ekaterina. and Antonaccio, Olena.

How Journalists Think About Public Opinion and Penal Policymaking: Evidence From New York State
 Brown, Elizabeth.

How Judges Think About Sentencing
 Forst, Brian. and Souris, Renee.

How Much Crime Reduction through Drug Substitution? A Systematic Review
 Killias, Martin., Egli, Nicole. and Aebi, Marcelo.

How Race Conditions the Relationship between Veteran Status and Income Attainment
 Kerrison, Erin.
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How States Can Save Money by Reducing Prison costs
 Austin, James.

How is Prisoners' Experiential World Theorized? Endogenous, Importation Model, and Thirty Years Incarceration Binge Culture
 Tregea, William.

How the Canine Became the K9: Use and Misuse of Dogs in U.S. Policing
 Gur, Oren.

How to Prevent Your Fraud Analysis from Being a Fraud: Preventing Pitfalls Analyzing Economic Offenses Using Federal Sentencing Data
 Semisch, Courtney.

Hudson v Michigan and the Decline of the Exclusionary Rule
 Jones, David.

Human Nature, Morality, and Crime: Test of a Social Schematic Theory of Antisocial Behavior
 Simons, Ronald. and Burt, Callie.

Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Korean Women for Sexual Exploitation to the United States
 Choo, Kyungseok. and Jang, Joon Oh.

Hybrid Gangs or Social Networks: A View from the Other Side
 Bolden, Christian.

Hyper-Concentrated Poverty, Juvenile Delinquency and Adjudication
 Floyd-Cooke, LaNina.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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