ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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I See Rational People: Policing and the Sixth Sense
 Whitehead, Stephanie.

I Wish It Wasn’t This Way: Negative Assessment of Disstressed Peers in Law Enforcement
 Kurtz, Don. and Linnemann, Travis.

IPV Among Adolescent Reproductive Health Clinic Patients: The Role of Relationship Communication
 Messinger, Adam.

Identifying Theoretical Variables that Mediate the Effect of Official Labeling on Subsequent Delinquency
 Ciaravolo, Emily.

Identifying and Understanding Delinquency and Violence Trajectories Using Latent Class Analyses
 Zheng, Yao. and Cleveland, Bo.

Identifying the Causes of Crime in Italian Provinces
 Pavesi, Irene. and Balzaretti, Maura.

Identifying the Collateral Costs of Metal Theft
 Lammert, Ryan. and Whiteacre, Kevin.

Identifying the Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Children’s Activities and Adults’ Neighborhood Watch Activities Using GPS Data
 Amemiya, Mamoru., Kikuchi, George., Saito, Tomonori., Shimada, Takahito. and Harada, Yutaka.

Identifying the Variables that Mediate the Effects of a Comprehensive Prevention Program on Delinquency
 Hay, Carter., Wang, Xia., Ciaravolo, Emily. and Meldrum, Ryan.

Identifying “Reducible” Risks and Needs Associated with Parole Violations
 Daly, Reagan., Frederick, Bruce. and Kapur, Tarika.

Identity Theft Insurance: A New Form of Protection or New Form of Fraud?
 Ross, Debra.

Identity Theft and the Global Economic Crisis: Is the Public Willing to Pay to be Protected?
 Piquero, Nicky., Cohen, Mark. and Piquero, Alex.

Identity Thieves: Profiling Ordinary Offenders
 Dupont, Benoit. and Louis, Guillaume.

If They 'Come for You' Will They Remember What You Look Like?
 Sainato, Vincenzo. and DeCarlo, John.

If You Build It, They Will Fill It: The Unintended Consequences of Prison Overcrowding Litigation
 Guetzkow, Joshua. and Schoon, Eric.

Illicit Use of Prescription Drugs Among College Students: Prevalence and Motivation Among Student Subgroups
 Farley, Erin. and Lanier, Christina.

Illustrating Race and Class Differences in Men’s Narratives of Intimate Partner Violence
 Mansley, Elizabeth.

Imagining Decarceration in a World with Life Without Possibility of Parole
 Henry, Jessica.

Imagocratic Authoritarianism in Peru (1990-2000)
 Schulte-Bockholt, Alfredo.

Imbalanced Sex Ratio and Crime in China
 Li, Liying.

Immigrant Concentration and Violent Crime in Neighborhoods: A Social Disorganization Perspective
 Huff-Corzine, Lin., Olson, Christa., Corzine, Jay. and Laurikkala, Minna.

Immigrant Households Protect Youth from Violence
 MacDonald, John. and Saunders, Jessica.

Immigrant Status and Arrests for Aggravated Assaults and Robberies in Miami
 Nielsen, Amie., Stowell, Jacob. and Martinez, Ramiro.

Immigrants’ Perceptions of Police Services
 Ortiz, Christopher.

Immigration, Gender, and Crime: Why Female Immigrants Commit Less Crime Than Their Male Counterparts
 Cui, Wanjun. and Scroggins, Jennifer.

Imminent Threat as an Explanation for Prison Homicide
 Hadwiger, Joy.

Impact of Antisocial Lifestyle on Health: Chronic Disability and Death by Middle Age
 Shepherd, Jonathan., Farrington, David. and Shepherd, Iona.

Impact of Housing Relocation Initiatives on Community Violence Levels
 Cohen, Jacqueline. and Gorr, Wilpen.

Impact of Parental Monitoring and Peer Influence on Substance Use and Delinquency
 Lee, Byung. and Maxwell, Sheila.

Impact of Race, Class, and Neighborhood on Public Satisfaction with Efforts to Control Police Misconduct
 De Angelis, Joseph.

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Fraud and Other White-Collar Crimes
 Levi, Michael.

Imperial Laughs: A Soldier's Song, the Occupation of Iraq, and the American Way of Life
 Wall, Tyler.

Implementing Prediction: Overcoming the Many Challenges in a Real-World Setting
 Barnes, Geoffrey.

Implementing Predictive Policing in Los Angeles
 Malinowski, Sean.

Implementing and Sustaining Evidence-Based Drug Treatment: Lessons from Implementation Science
 Belenko, Steven. and Taxman, Faye.

Importance of Advancing Bullying Through Reliable Methods
 Tusinski, Karin.

Imprisoned Imperceptions: Inaccuracy in Incarceration Demographic Stereotypes
 Ragusa, Laura.
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Improving Crime and Justice Research: Strengthening the National Institute of Justice
 Wellford, Charles.

Improving the Field Training Officer (FTO) Selection Process
 Sanders, Beth.

Impulsivity, Social Environment and Delinquency: How Environmental Factors Mediate Individual Traits and Criminal Behavior
 Diamond-Román, Paula.

In Her Own Voice: Presentations on Women and Crime at ASC Meetings from 1999-2008
 Kim, Bitna. and Merlo, Alida.

In Plain Sight: Capital Punishment on Film
 McKinzey, Shelby.

In Search of a “Credible” Witch: Contemporary Witch Hunts in the Tea Plantations of India
 Chaudhuri, Soma.

In Search of the “Big Lacuna”: Assessing “Crime Knowledge” Using a Theory Driven Systematic Review
 Heinonen, Justin.

In the Heart of the Beast: Masculinity and Fathering on the Inside
 Curtis, Anna.

In-Service Training of Older Law Enforcement Officers: An Andragogical Argument
 Etter, Gregg.

Incapacitation and Specific Deterrence
 Nieuwbeerta, Paul., Bushway, Shawn. and Blokland, Arjan.

Incarcerated Fathers and Family Support: Do Veteran Inmates Differ from Non-Veteran Inmates?
 Solinas-Saunders, Monica.

Incarcerated Into Adulthood
 Bishop, Donna. and Singer, Simon.

Incarceration Effects on Adolescent Males’ Affective and Anxiety Problems: A Trajectory and Propensity Matching Analysis
 White, Helene., Shi, Jing., Mun, Eun Young., Hirschfield, Paul. and Loeber, Rolf.

Incarceration and Divorce: The Effect of Time
 Remster, Brianna., Massoglia, Michael. and King, Ryan.

Incarceration as a “Rite of Passage”: Is Normalization Related to Formerly Incarcerated Persons’ Attitudes?
 LeBel, Thomas.

Indeterminate Discretion in an Undefined Role: Juvenile Case Managers
 Taxman, Faye., Young, Doug., Manus, Elizabeth. and Watson, Carolyn.

Indexing Crime and Justice
 van Dijk, Jan.

Individual-Level Determinants of Prison Victimization
 Weidner, Robert.

Individuals, Prosocial Support and Opportunies: A Model of Triple Risk for Crime
 Redondo, Santiago.

Inequality, Metropolitan Structure and Crime in Brazil
 Ribeiro, Eliéser. and Rodrigues, Corinne.

Inequitable Jeopardy: Exploring the Criminality and Culpability of Child Sex Trafficking Victims
 Reid, Joan. and Jones, Shayne.

Inevitable Recidivism: The Origin and Centrality of an Urban Legend
 Lave, Tamara.

Influence of Neighborhood Disadvantage on the Shape of the Age-Crime Curve
 Fabio, Anthony., Tu, Li-Chuan (Charlotte). and Cohen, Jacqueline.

Influences on Victim Reporting of Technology Crime: Results from the British Crime Survey
 Berg, Sara.

Influencing Citizen Attitudes about the Russian Police: The Roles of Media Consumption and Trustworthiness
 Semukhina, Olga., Reynolds, Kenneth., Demidov, Nicolai. and Surette, Ray.

Influential Factors on Serial Homicide Time Intervals
 Osborne, Jeffery., Horning, Amber. and Salfati, C..

Informal Punishment for Noncompliance and Reward for Compliance as Inhibitors of Organizational Rule Violation
 Kobayashi, Emiko.

Inmate Safety in Jails: Physical Violence, Sexual Abuse, and Self-Harming Behavior
 Debus, Sara. and LaVigne, Nancy.

Inmate Self Harm: Does Context Matter?
 Lahm, Karen.

Inmates' Attitudes About Homosexuality and Segregation
 Blackburn, Ashley., Fowler, Shannon., Marquart, James. and Mullings, Janet.

Inmates’ View of Faith-Based Correctional Program
 Kwon, Okyun., Camp, Scott., Daggett, Dawn. and Klein-Saffran, Jody.

Inside a Juvenile Incarceration Center: Exploring Theories of Crime and Rehabilitation Practices
 Velez Young, Morghan.

Institutionalizing Research in an Operational Setting
 Barthe, Emmanuel.

Integral Gender: A New Vision for the Study of the Gender-Crime Relationship
 Cohen, Jeffrey.

Integrated Crime Data, 1960 to 2006: Preliminary Homicide Results for 1982 to 2005
 Chilton, Roland., Jarvis, John. and Regoeczi, Wendy.

Integrating Labeling Theory: Differential Social Support and Coercion
 Bruell, Christopher.

Integrating Research Opportunities Into the First-Year Curriculum
 McConnell, Bill. and Marton, John.

Integration of Neurobiology into Correctional Treatment
 Vaske, Jamie. and Galyean, Kevan.

Intelligence Innovation in the Post 9-11 Era: A Case Study Analysis of a Regional Fusion Center
 Griffin, Patricia.

Interagency Collaboration: An Administrative and Operational Assessment of the Metro-LEC Approach
 Schnobrich-Davis, Julie. and Terrill, William.

Interdisciplinary Education in Criminal Justice and Criminology: An Examination of Department Types
 Lytle, Daniel. and Travis, III, Lawrence.

Interest Groups and Scrap Metal Ordinances
 Allender, David. and Whiteacre, Kevin.

Intergenerational Discontinuity of Delinquency: A First Look
 Lovegrove, Peter.

Intergenerational Transmission of Antisocial Behavior
 Farrington, David., Ullrich, Simon. and Coid, Jeremy.

Intergenerational Transmission of Violence, Risk Factors and Gender Differences
 Besemer, Sytske., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Farrington, David.

International Cooperation, Not Unilateral Policies, may be the Best Counterterrorist Strategy
 LaFree, Gary. and Yang, Sue Ming.
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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
 Denton, Erin.
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International Rule of Law Indicators – A Mixed Method Approach
 Parsons, Jim.

International Sentencing Practices: Implications for Reducing U.S. Use of Prisons
 Carson, Barbara.

International and Domestic Prosecutions Against Heads of State: Moving Towards a New Approach to Immunity Claims
 Totten, Christopher.

Internationalizing the Curriculum Through the Use of Google Groups
 Martinovic, Marietta. and Ranjan, Sheetal.

Internet Burglary: The Vicarious Creation of Cognitive Maps
 Lab, Steven. and King, William.

Internet Censorship and Cyber-Crimes in China
 Liang, Bin., Lu, Hong. and Miethe, Terance.

Interrogation of Sex Offenders: Factors Associated to the Decision to Confess or Not in Rapists and Child Molesters
 Beauregard, Eric. and Mieczkowski, Tom.

Intersectionality, Cultural Relevance, and "Failure to Engage:" Implications for Juvenile Correctional Programming
 Foley, Allison.

Intersections of Citizenship and Race/Ethnicity in Federal Sentencing: Unwarranted Disparities in Incarceration and Sentence Length
 Wu, Jawjeong. and DeLone, Miriam.

Interval-Level Metrics for Evaluating Deadly Force Judgment and Decision Making
 Waggoner, Lauren.

Intimate Partner Violence Among GLBT Young People: Experiences of Service Providers, Community Activists, and Volunteers
 Keller, Elizabeth.

Intimate vs. Non-Intimate Partner Homicide: Differences in Legal, Situational, Clinical and Personal Characteristics
 Thomas, Kristie., Dichter, Melissa. and Matejkowski, Jason.

Into the Fire: Philosophy Inside and Out Through the Instructor Lens
 Linehan, Elizabeth.

Intrafamily Femicide
 Joseph, Janice.

Introduction to Federal Guideline Application and Overview of the Guideline for Drug Trafficking Offenses
 Reedt, Lou.

Investigate 9/11
 Gourley, James.

Investigating Influences and Dimensions of Methamphetamine Policy
 Omori, Marisa.

Investigating Nodal Governance: Gang Prevention Coordination in Camden, New Jersey
 McGuire, Caitlin., Wood, Jennifer. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

Investigating Public Perceptions and Attiudes Towards Mothers Who Use Methamphetamine
 Shaw, Tara.

Investigating the Continuity of Sex Offending: Evidence from the Second Philadelphia Birth Cohort
 Zimring, Franklin., Jennings, Wesley., Piquero, Alex. and Hays, Stephanie.

Investigating the Opportunity Structure of Guardianship in Action
 Reynald, Danielle.

Investigating the Relationship between Micro and Macro Levels of Efficacy and Their Effects on Crime
 Ahlin, Eileen.

Investor Fraud: A Test for General Victimology
 Brewster, Dennis., Holley, Philip. and Brown, Dan.

Involuntary Administration of Psychotropic Medication to Mentally Ill Inmates and Prisoners: A Review of Case Law
 Freeman, Beth.

Iraq War Confidential: The Lies and Crimes of the Bush Administration
 Bonn, Scott.

Is Electronic Monitoring More Effective Than Community Service?
 Gillieron, Gwladys., Killias, Martin. and Kissling, Izumi.

Is Ethnic Cleansing Happening in the United States?
 Suero, Hazel.

Is Forensic DNA Good for Women? The Unintended Side Effects of Increased DNA Capabilities
 Velazquez, Brenda.

Is Hot Spot Policing Empirically Effective?
 Battin, Joshua.

Is Self-Control Really a Social Bond?: A Response to Something Old, Something New
 Dodson, Kimberly. and Cabage, LeAnn.

Is Self-Control Theory Culturally Invariant?
 Smith, Tony. and Crichlow, Vaughn.

Is There an Upward Trend in Female Delinquency Since 1976? A Response Based on Self-Reported Data
 Belanger, Annie.

Is This Sex Trafficking? The Transnational Movement of Chinese Women for Commercial Sex
 Chin, Ko-Lin. and Finckenauer, James.

Is it Important to Examine Crime Trends at a Local "Micro" Level?: A Longitudinal Analysis of Block to Block Variability in Crime Trajectories
 Groff, Elizabeth., Weisburd, David. and Yang, Sue Ming.

Is the Japanese ‘Genbatsuka (Increasing Severity of Punishment)’ Penal Populism?
 Hamai, Koichi.

Is there Really a “CSI Effect” on Jury Deliberations in Court Room Decisions?
 Davis, Samantha.

Islam and Intimate Partner Violence: Stereotypes as Barriers for Muslim Women
 DeCleene, Christine.

Issues With Practitioner Use of Crime Hot Spot Mapping Techniques
 Lavery, Timothy. and Schuck, Amie.

Issues in the Measurement and Analysis of Sexual Victimization Trends
 Siddique, Julie.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Role of Perception on Social Disorganization Theory
 Moore, Matthew. and Kosloski, Anna.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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