ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Jail Recidivism in Hampden County (MA)
 Lyman, Martha.

Jailing "Bad" Girls: Trends in Juvenile Female Incarceration
 Chesney-Lind, Meda.

Jena Six and the Evolution of a Moral Panic
 Sween, Molly., Moore, Matthew., Kosloski, Anna. and Welch, Bridget.

Jessor's Problem Behavior Theory: Cross-National Evidence from Eight Distinct Developmental Contexts
 Vazsonyi, Alexander., Chen, Pan. and Jenkins, Dusty.

Jewish Terrorists in Their Own Words: Methods, Motives, and Backgrounds of Irgun Members in 1940s' Palestine
 Roth, Mitchel.

Joan McCord Award Presentation
 Gottfredson, Denise.

Job Satisfaction Behind Walls and Fences: A Study of Prison Health Care Staff
 Garland, Brett. and McCarty, William.

Judicial Inputs and Crime Prevention: What Can We Learn from China Data
 Chen, Shuo.
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Judicial Inputs and Crime Prevention: What Can We Learn from China?
 Chen, Shuo.

Jury Instructions: Procedures and Perceptions in Three States
 Maier, Elizabeth. and Bean, Christopher.

Justice League? Depictions of Criminality and Justice in ChildrenÂ’s Cartoons
 Kort-Butler, Lisa.

Justice in Tiers: Security Certificate Detention in Canada
 Larsen, Mike.

Juvenile Arrests and Gender Inequality in Educational Attainment
 Hirschfield, Paul. and Burrows, Kathryn.

Juvenile Binge Drinking Factors
 Bowers Jr., James. and Bowers, Megan.

Juvenile Delinquency and Teenage Pregnancy: An Ecological Approach to Risk Assessment
 Khurana, Atika., Cooksey, Elizabeth. and Gavazzi, Stephen.

Juvenile Detention Reform in New York City: Understanding Risk Through Research
 Fratello, Jennifer.

Juvenile Justice in the Shadows: Texas' Municipal Courts
 Aseltine, Elyshia.

Juvenile Loitering and the Effects of Guardianship
 Drayer, Alexander. and Groot, Brittany.

Juvenile Mental Health Courts: Policy Implications and Projected Caseload for Year One Implementation.
 Hinton, Amy., Zender, Joshua. and Petee, Thomas.

Juvenile Offenders and Possible Selves: Are They Prepared for a Future Outside of Incarceration?
 Zohra, Israt. and Clinkinbeard, Samantha.

Juvenile Repeat Victimization: A Repeated Measurement Analysis of Korean Panel Data
 Park, Seongmin., Eck, John. and Kim, MoonSun.

Juvenile Station Adjustments: Implementation and Effectiveness
 Redmond, Emily., Salvi, Jennifer., Haviland, Crystal., Williams, Lori., Dreyfus, Katherine. and Hellenga, Kate.

Juvenile and Young Adult Offending: Influence of Intersections of Gender and Race
 Bell, Kerryn.

Juveniles Processed in Court: Ideas on Filling the Information Gap
 Snyder, Howard.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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