ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Latent Failures of Deportation Policy
 Navarro, Angela.

Latino Attitudes toward Violence: The Effect of Acculturation
 Bratina, Michele.

Latino Migration and Homicide: Beyond the Social Control Umbrella of Traditional Areas
 Shihadeh, Edward. and Barranco, Raymond.

Latino Threat: Examining Victimization among a Diverse, Multi-Site Youth Sample
 Taylor, Terrance., Carbone-Lopez, Kristin. and Brick, Bradley.

Latino Youth in the Juvenile Drug Court of Orange County, CA
 Fradella, Henry. and Fischer, Ryan.

Latino(a)-Police Interactions: A Two-City Case Study
 Vidales, Guadalupe.

Laundering Money in the Virtual World
 Schlegel, Kip. and Cohen, Charles.

Law Enforcement's Utilization of Coordinated Community Response to Empower Domestic Violence Victims
 Wagers, Shelly.

Laypeople's Strategy for Determining Appropriate Sentence
 Wakebe, Toshihiro. and Watamura, Eiichiro.

Learning to Live Again: How a Halfway House Shapes the Reentry Experiences of Female Ex-Prisoners
 Leverentz, Andrea.

Leave the Minimum Drinking Age to the States
 Cook, Philip.

Left Wing Extremism and Socio-Economic Factors in India
 Ouassini, Nabil., Scott, Julia. and Verma, Arvind.

Legal Implications of the Longest Genocide Trials in Africa
 Toggia, Pietro.

Legal Regulation of Marijuana: The Better Way
 Erickson, Patricia., Hyshka, Elaine. and Hathaway, Andrew.
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Legal Responses to Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
 Nolasco, Claire. and Vaughn, Michael.

Legal, Socio-legal, and Extra-legal Factors on Sentencing for Drug Offenses in South Korea
 Lee, Minsik., Ulmer, Jeffery. and Park, MiRang.

Legitimate Work Patterns and Criminal Achievement
 Morselli, Carlo. and McCarthy, Bill.

Leisure Activities and Involvement in Delinquency: Immigrant Differentiated Effects
 Jiang, Xin.

Lessons from the Demography of Incarceration
 Patterson, Evelyn.

Lethal Rejection: Fiction and the Death Penalty
 Johnson, Robert.

Levels of Coupling within Juvenile Court Systems
 Garcia, Venessa.

Liberalizing Morality Laws Amid Increasing Diversity: The California Paradox
 Dombrink, John.

Life Course, Women and Crime: Structure, Agency and Female Pathways into Offending
 Rodgers, Forrest.

Life Span Offending Trajectories of Convicted Dutch Women
 van Os, Rianne., Blokland, Arjan. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Life 'On Road' - Young People, Gangs and Victimisation in the UK
 Young, Tara.

Lifeboats and Other Dividing Practices: Some Problems for Green Perspectives on Rights
 Beirne, Piers.

Lights, Camera, ActionÂ…. Statistics?! Educating for Justice Online
 Sainato, Vincenzo. and DeCarlo, John.

Linking Attitudes to Peer Violence Perpetration and Victimization in High-risk Adolescents
 Ali, Bina., Swahn, Monica. and Sterling, Kymberle.

Linking Changes in Perceptions through Punishment to Recidivism in Juvenile Offenders
 Anwar, Shamena. and Loughran, Thomas.

Linking Crime Scenes Across Different Crime Types
 Brodie, Scott.

Linking Individual and Contextual Strains to Adolescent Gambling: A Macro-Level General Strain Theory Assessment
 Cheung, Nicole. and Cheung, Yuet.

Linking Organizational Diversity to Police Coercion in Large U.S. Cities
 Gustafson, Joseph.

Living in Your Own Private Idaho: How Much Crime Exists in Your Neighborhood?
 Hipp, John.

Long-Term Effect of Family Group Conference on Future Criminality
 Jeong, Seokjin., McGarrell, Edmund. and Hipple, Natalie.

Long-Term Patterns in Victimization
 Averdijk, Margit., Loeber, Rolf. and Bernasco, Wim.

Long-term Impacts of Discrimination Among First and Second Generation Americans: A General Strain Theory Analysis
 Taylor, Katherine.

Looking at Terrorism through Left Realist Lenses
 Gibbs, Jennifer.

Love Bytes, Date Baits, and Cyber Sweethearts: A Study of Online Dating Crimes and Criminals
 Rege-Patwardhan, Aunshul.

Love, Danger, and Survival in Romantic Suspense Novels
 Bailey, Frankie.

Low Crime in England and Wales
 Nivette, Amy.

Low Self Control and Self-Reported Victimization and Delinquency Among a 12-15 Year Old Sample of Students
 Marshall, Ineke., He, Ni. and Marshall, Chris.

Low Self-Control Hackers?: The General Theory of Crime and Computer Hacking
 Bossler, Adam. and Burruss, George.

Low Self-Control and Fraud Offending
 Holtfreter, Kristy., Beaver, Kevin., Pratt, Travis. and Reisig, Michael.

Low Self-Control and Substance Use Among College Students
 Ford, Jason.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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