ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Macro-Quantitative Approach to Studying Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: Taking a Global Snapshot
 Jahic, Galma.

Madea in the Media: Media Depictions of Women Who Kill Their Children
 Proctor, Amy. and McCoy, Tana.

Madness Behind Bars: An Application of General Strain Theory Using Prison as Place
 Stackman, Valerie.

Mafia in the Public Contracts: Common Patterns of Infiltration in the Italian Public Procurement System
 Caneppele, Stefano. and Martocchia, Sara.

Maintaining Racial Stratification through Mass Imprisonment
 Hayes-Smith, Justin.

Making Prisons Safer: Policies and Strategies to Reduce Extremism and Radicalization Among U.S. Prisoners
 Useem, Bert. and Clayton, Obie.

Making Sense of Broken Windows: The Relationship between Disorder and Crime-Direct or Indirect?
 Hinkle, Joshua.

Male College Athletes and Sex "In Play": Attitudinal and Behavioral Assessment of Social Interactions with Women
 Nolan, Thomas. and Garrity, Stacy.

Managing Random Assignment of Re-Entry Jobs to Gang Members
 Cook, Philip.

Managing Random Assignment of Swift and Certain Sanctions on Probation
 Hawken, Angela.

Managing a Random “On-The-Spot” Lottery in Re-Entry Services
 Farabee, David., Zhang, Sheldon. and Wright, Benjamin.

Mandating Treatment: The Impact of Mandatory Community-Based Drug Treatment in Kansas
 Stemen, Don. and Rengifo, Andres.

Maple Leafs and Eagles: An Examination into Cross-Border Smuggling Between Canada and the United States
 Waid, Courtney. and Melzer, Sharon.

Mapping Metal Thefts and Scrap Yards
 Schafer, Amera. and Whiteacre, Kevin.

Mapping Santa Ana Domestic Violence: A Spatial Examination of Multi-Agency Data Over Time
 Demyan, Ashley.

Mapping the Campus: Using GIS to Track Crime and Public Safety Concerns at a University
 Thomas, Matthew. and Patten, Ryan.

Mapping the Development and Impact of Restorative Justice in Schools: On-Line Tools for Schools
 Morrison, Brenda.

Mapping the 'Weather and Crime' Research Domain
 Puniskis, Michael.

Marital Dissolution and the Development of Criminal Behavior
 van Schellen, Marieke., Nieuwbeerta, Paul. and Poortman, Anne-Rigt.

Marital Rape and the Law: The Role of Gender Stratification
 Jackson, Aubrey.

Marriage and Desistance Among an Urban African American Cohort
 Doherty, Elaine. and Ensminger, Margaret.

Masculinity and Gender Violence: Toward an Eco-Feminist Theoretical Framework
 Hunnicut, Gwen.

Mass Imprisonment, Mass Release, and Crime Rates
 Hannon, Lance. and DeFina, Robert.

Maximum Sentence: The Collateral Consequences of Life in Prison for Prisoners and Their Families
 McCorkel, Jill.

Measuring Change in Cognition in a Forensic Sample of Adult Sex Offenders
 Altman, Eleanore.

Measuring Fear of Gang Crime in a Developing Nation
 Johnson, Devon.

Measuring Human Trafficking
 Kangaspunta, Kristiina.

Measuring Jail Recidivism in Montgomery County, MD
 Uchida, Craig., LoBuglio, Stefan., Piehl, Anne., Flower, Shawn. and Still, Teresa.

Measuring Juvenile Delinquency Correlates Using Structural Equation Modeling
 Abramoske-James, Stephanie.

Measuring Police Productivity and Its Effect on Crime
 Tillyer, Marie., McCluskey, John., Tillyer, Rob. and Cancino, Jeffrey.

Measuring Recidivism in Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections: A Comparison among Inmate Treatment Programs
 Flaherty, Robert., Antonio, Michael. and Young, Jacqueline.

Measuring Victimhood: Developing a Victim Self-Ascription Scale
 Davies, Andrew.
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Measuring and Modeling Repeat and Near-Repeat Burglary Effects
 Short, Martin., D\'Orsogna, Maria-Rita. and Tita, George.

Measuring and Understanding the Framing of Human Trafficking Problems in the U.S.
 Fahy, Stephanie., Farrell, Amy. and McDevitt, Jack.

Measuring the Effectiveness of the DWI Court Model: Impact Evaluation of Two NY State DWI Courts
 Cissner, Amanda.

Measuring the Efficacy of Probative Referral Orders on Youth Offenders and Satisfaction among Community Volunteers
 Goodman, Anthony. and Puniskis, Michael.

Measuring the Impact of Crack on Homicide Rates of Young Black and White Males, 1980-2000
 Vieraitis, Lynne. and Kovandzic, Tomislav.

Measuring the Impact of Targeted Police Efforts in Dallas: An Examination of Hot Spot Definitions
 Lawton, Brian.

Measuring the Intensity of Crime in Small Areas of a City
 Wuschke, Kathryn. and Brantingham, Paul.

Media Depictions of Environmental Harm
 Fitzgerald, Amy. and Baralt, Lori.

Media Depictions of Wrongful Conviction: Reality or Distortion
 Overton, Angela.

Media Exposure, Perceptions of the Quality and Credibility of Media Crime Coverage, and Students’ Punitive Attitudes
 Shelley, Tara., Waid, Courtney. and Dobbs, Rhonda.

Media and Prison Sexual Assault: How We Got To The Don't Drop The Soap Culture
 Levan Miller, Kristine. and Polzer, Katherine.

Men Who Seek Restraining Orders Against Female Intimate Partners
 Mele, Marie. and Roberts, James.

Mental Disorder, Comorbidity, and Arrest among Indigenous Adolescents
 Hartshorn, Kelley.

Mental Illness and Offending and Victimization in Prison
 Felson, Richard., Silver, Eric., VanEseltine, Matthew. and Lane, Kelsea.

Mental Models of the Drug Market Intervention Program
 Rivers, Louie. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Metal Prices and Metal Theft
 Whiteacre, Kevin. and Soika, Lisa.

Methodology, Crime and Psychosocial Outcomes
 Rempel, Michael.

Micro Places as Origins and Destinations of Crime
 Elffers, Henk., Bernasco, Wim. and Bruinsma, Gerben.

Micro and Macro Dynamics: Predicting Population Flows and Crime Flows Across Neighborhoods Within and Across Cities Over Time
 Hipp, John.

Middle Eastern Typification of Terrorism and Support for Punitive National Policies
 Welch, Kelly.

Migrant Labor in Occupied Iraq: Neocolonial Schemes to Defraud Workers
 Welch, Michael. and Faruqi, Daanish.

Migration, Crime and Imprisonment in Europe and the United States in Times of Crisis: Working Toward a Proposal for Comparative Research
 Melossi, Dario.

Military Service, Combat Service, and Criminal Behavior among Veterans: Comparing Volunteers and Conscripts
 Culp, Richard., Youstin, Tasha., Englander, Kristin. and Lynch, James.

Minority Threat and Punishment: An Examination of Heterogeneity as a Predictor for Modalities of Punishment
 Pate, Matthew. and Gould, Laurie.

Minority Threat in Schools: Racial Status, Social Context, and Social Control
 Brick, Bradley.

Missed Opportunities: Forgotten Spaces of Crime and Deviance
 Hanson, Laura.

Mitigating Economic Risk: The Role of Pro-Social Ties
 Geller, Amanda.

Mixtures of Participation and Frequency During Criminal Careers Over the Life Span
 Petras, Hanno. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Modeling Peer Influence and Homophily as Processes
 Vasquez, Bob Edward.

Modeling Sentencing in U.S. Federal Courts: Competing Methods for Modeling Presumptive Sentencing Guidelines
 Ulmer, Jeffery. and Light, Michael.

Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Crime Through Contiguity, Social Influence, and Status
 Tita, George., Radil, Steven. and Flint, Colin.

Moffitt’s Developmental Taxonomy: An Exploration of Characteristics that Distinguish Abstainers from Offenders
 Owens, Jennifer. and Slocum, Lee.

Money, Evolution, and Exchange: A Motivational Context for Illicit Police Behavior
 Williams, Christopher.

Moral Development and Recidivism: A Meta-Analysis
 Stams, Geert., Gibbs, John., Van Vugt, Eveline., Bijleveld, Catrien., Hendriks, Jan. and van der Laan, Peter.

Moral Disengagement and Neutralization Techniques: Joining Related Concepts to Explain Violence in Preteens
 Ribeaud, Denis. and Eisner, Manuel.

More Alike than Different? Assortative Mating and Antisocial Behavior in Adulthood.
 Boutwell, Brian. and Beaver, Kevin.

Motherhood and Offending: A Test of Two Theoretical Explanations
 Kleymann, Erin., Broidy, Lisa. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Mothers Behind Bars
 Slotboom, Anne-Marie., Ezinga, Menno. and van Kalmthout, Willemijn.

Mothers, Infants and Imprisonment: An Overview of Prison Nurseries and Community-Based Alternatives
 Villanueva, Chandra. and Byrne, Mary.

Motivations and Opportunities for Leaving Prostitution
 Oselin, Sharon.

Motor Vehicle Theft for Export: Prevalence Estimations, Prevention, and Research Challenges
 Block, Steven.

Movin' Out: Crime Displacement from Public Housing Redevelopment Projects
 Cahill, Meagan. and Hetrick, Samantha.

Moving Beyond Individual-level Interventions: An Evidence-based Review of the Influence of Community Context and the Effectiveness of Place-Based Reentry Strategies
 Byrne, James. and Pattavina, April.

Moving Beyond Monomethod Research: The Case for Mixed Methods
 Kraska, Peter. and Brent, John.

Multi-Agency Responses to Sexual Violence in the UK
 Robinson, Amanda.

Multivariate Analysis Using Federal Sentencing Data
 Blackwell, Kevin.

Mumbai Attacks: A Case Study of Overlap Between Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups
 Sharma, Divya.

Murder Stories and the Hegemony of Individualism
 Kaplan, Paul.

Mystical Experiences as an Aid to Recovery for Crime Victims
 DeValve, Elizabeth. and Adkinson, Cary.

Müllerian Mimicry and Street Gangs: Understanding the Response of Victims and Bystanders to Gang Violence
 Rennison, Callie. and Melde, Chris.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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