ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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NIDA Funding for Research and Career Development
 Conway, Kevin.

NIDA Health Services Research: Getting Effective Drug Abuse Treatment and Services to Criminal Justice Populations
 Liberman, Akiva.

NIDA Prevention Research: Substance Abuse and Crime-Related Risk Prevention
 Diana, Augie.

Narrative Methods in Situational Policing
 Nichols, Lawrence., Althouse, Ron. and Nolan, James.

National ID Systems as a Tool for Social Control and Surveillance
 Sainato, Vincenzo.

National Portrait of Parole Supervision Practices
 Solomon, Amy., Elderbroom, Brian., Jannetta, Jesse., Cahill, Meagan., Parthasarathy, Barbara. and Burrell, William.

Negotiating Personalities: Stepping Through the Minefield
 Hewitt, John.

Negotiating Sexual Harassment: A Case Study of Politics, Perceptions and Policy
 Miller, Michelle.

Neighborhood Change in SES and Patterns of Violence from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
 Kuhl, Danielle C.., Swisher, Raymond. and Chavez, Jorge.

Neighborhood Committees and Community Stability in Contemporary Urban China
 Zhang, Lening.

Neighborhood Deterioration and the Creation of Deviant Places: The Aftermath of Clustered Foreclosured Properties
 Behlendorf, Brandon., Wilson, Ronald. and Kirk, David.

Neighborhood Disadvantage and the Perceptions on Fear of Victimization Controlling for Family Structure.
 Nicholson, David. and Hope, Trina.

Neighborhood Disadvantage, Violence, and the Moderating Influence of Grandmothers and Old Heads
 Stupi, Elizabeth. and Stults, Brian.

Neighborhood Effects of News Coverage: Understanding the Spatial Distribution of Newspaper Crime Coverage in Atlanta
 Grosholz, Jessica.

Neighborhood Permeability and Land Use in the Context of Neighborhood Conditions of Social Disorganization and Crime
 Peel, Meghan. and Robinson, Jennifer.

Neighborhood effects on ChildrenÂ’s Antisocial Behavior: Linking Child Outcomes to Neighborhood Contexts
 Bates, Christopher., Odgers, Candice., Caspi, Avshalom. and Moffitt, Terrie.

Network Dynamics, Personal Development and Changes in Delinquent Behavior
 Weerman, Frank. and de Cuyper, Ruben.

Network Protection: A Survival Analysis of Failure in the Drug Trade
 Bouchard, Martin.

New Directions in Online Undergraduate and Graduate Criminal Justice and Criminology Program Development: The IUP Model
 Martin, Jamie.

New Latino Street Gangs In the Midwest: Migration or Emulation?
 Tapia, Mike.

New Ways of Response to Transnational Crime: Central European Police Academy as an Example
 Plywaczewski, Emil.

New Wineskins for Old Wine - New Empirical Approaches (and Insight?) to Standard Longitudinal Data
 Paternoster, Ray., Bushway, Shawn. and Harris, Anne.

New to the Community: The Effect of Street Gang Mobilization on Suburban Communities
 Eichenbaum, Joshua.

News Media Consumption, Social Conservatism, and the Fear of Terrorist Attacks
 Berg, David.

Nine Scorpions in a Bottle: Judicial Temperament, Collegiality, and Other Current Issues Involving the Court
 Worley, Robert. and Barua, Vidisha.

No Love for the Brothers: Philadelphia as a Site for Studying Crime, Social Control, and Urban Inequality
 Fader, Jamie.

No Parole For Sex Offenders? Impacts of Abolishing Parole on Crime Rates and Prison Populations
 Ackerman, Alissa., Sacks, Meghan. and Greenberg, David.

No Survivor is an Island: The Impact of Sexual Assault Disclosure on Friends of Rape Victims
 Branch, Kathryn. and Richards, Tara.

Non-Medical Prescription Drug Use: A Test of Three Competing Theories
 Schroeder, Ryan. and Ford, Jason.

Non-Shared Environmental Influences on Sibling Differences in Externalizing Problem Behaviors in Minority Populations
 Teesdale, Andrew. and Neubauer, Kyle.
 [001] [002]

Nonreciprocal and Reciprocal Dating Violence and Abuse among Urban Youth
 Swahn, Monica., Alemdar, Meltem. and Whitaker, Daniel.

Not Inter- Class, Intra-Class War: Violence and Human Rights Violation in Nepali Society
 Niroula, Nirmal.

Not Just Offenders: The Value of Adolescent Social Capital for Reducing Violent Delinquency
 Weiss, Harald.

Not Your Typical "Pretty Woman:" The Potential Consequences of Prostitution
 Goodlin, Wendi.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself? The Prime Time Crime & Fear of Crime Affair
 McDonald, Aubri.

Nowhere to Hide: Influences of CCTV on the Spatial Distribution of Crime and Arrests
 Hetrick, Samantha.

Nullification in Historical Perspective: A Study of the Abolitionist Lawyer's Role in Resisting Fugitive Slave Laws
 Zevitz, Richard.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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