ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Object, Subject, Victim, and Suspect: The Complex Construction of Women in a Community Patrol Organization
 Becker, Sarah.

Obstacles to Reintegration Created by the Institution of Parole
 Opsal, Tara.

Occupational Differences: General Test for Differences in Preferences for Police Action Among College Majors
 Greene, Helen., Nation, Denise. and Dai, Mengyan.

Of Fists and Fangs: The Relationship between the Graduation Hypothesis and Juvenile Delinquency and Aggression
 Reyes, Cassandra.

Offender Presence, Available Victims, Social Disorganization and Sex Offense Rates
 Mustaine, Elizabeth., Tewksbury, Richard. and Covington, Michele.

Offender Reentry Programs as Reintegrative Shaming
 Fox, Kathryn.

Offending and Neutralization Trajectories among Adolescents
 Higgins, George. and Copes, Heith.

Offending and Victimization Reporting on College Campuses
 Zaykowski, Heather. and Bachman, Ronet.

Official Reactions to Graffiti in New York City: Making Spaces of Distinction
 Kramer, Ronald.
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Old Laws and New Penology: A Study of Bail as Danger Control
 Sacks, Meghan., Kazemian, Lila. and McCoy, Candace.

Older African American Women and Barriers to Reporting Domestic Violence to Law Enforcement in the Rural Deep South
 Lichtenstein, Bronwen. and Johnson, Ida.

On Point? Using "Public Safety" Factors in Prison Classification Tools
 Shermer, Lauren. and Bierie, David.

On the Compliance of Restorative Justice with Procedural Justice Premises - The Victims’ Point of View
 Van Camp, Tinneke.

On the Variability of Affect (Anger) Cross-Culturally
 Rice, Stephen., Horton, Randall., Piquero, Nicky. and Piquero, Alex.

One Vision One Life: Evaluation of a Problem-Based Community-Driven Violence Prevention Initiative
 Wilson, Jeremy., Chermak, Steven. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Online Dating Scams: A Dangerous Crime of the Future
 Gibson, Shannon.

Online Hot Spots: Environmental Criminology in a Virtual World
 Reyns, Bradford. and Henson, Billy.

Online Social Networks: A New Arena for Stalking Victimization
 Henson, Billy. and Reyns, Bradford.

Onset Charge and Criminal Careers: Results from a Sample of Male Sexual Offenders
 Harris, Danielle. and Knight, Raymond.

Onset of Offending Among Serious Juvenile Offenders
 Donker, Andrea.

Oregon’s Anti-Education ‘Corrections’ Policy: A Surprise?
 Steffler, Scott.

Organizational Effectiveness And Policy Development for Public Safety Organizations
 Mielke, Frank.

Organizational Effectiveness and Policy and Practices Development for Public Safety
 Mielke, Frank.

Organizational Learning in the Evaluation of Footbeats
 Wood, Jennifer., Groff, Elizabeth. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

Organized Criminal Activities in Cyber Space
 Kim, Jeong Hyun.

Organized Criminal Involvement in the Illicit Antiquities Trade
 Proulx, Blythe.

Our Punitive Society: Political and Religious Factors
 Shelden, Randall.

Out of the Frying Pan: The Inside-Out Prison Exchange System Through the Students’ Lens
 Kring, Jenna. and O\'Connell, Daniel.

Outcome-Specific Predictors of Drug Initiation and Time to Initiation: Implications for Theory and Age-Graded Prevention
 Howell, Rebecca.

Outcomes from a Large-Scale Evaluation of Community Corrections
 Latessa, Edward., Lowenkamp, Christopher. and Bechtel, Kristin.

Outside Peanut Butter, Inside Jelly: Schools as a Proxy for Neighborhoods in Delinquent Outcomes
 Sanford-Jenson, Tiffany.

Over a Decade of National Youth Gang Survey Research: What Have We Learned?
 O\'Donnell, Christina., Egley, Jr., Arlen. and Howell, James.

Overcoming a Moral Panic: Assessing Course Impact on Attitudes Toward Sex Offenders
 Zilney, Lisa Anne. and Michalsen, Venezia.

Overconformists: The Understudied Group of Adolescents
 Ward, Melinda.

Overhauling the Forensic Sciences: Critiquing Principles, Methodologies and Court Admissibility
 Dioso-Villa, Rachel.

Owning Up to the Culture of Corrections: Key Factors to Advance Adoption
 Taxman, Faye. and Belenko, Steven.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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