ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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PO-Probationer Relationship: Creating Justice
 Rhodes, Anne. and Taxman, Faye.

PPD2020: Envision the Future Now
 Zedan, Karima.

Paint Bomb: Graffiti and the City
 Ferrell, Jeff. and Weide, Robert.

Pakistan: Local Terrorist Activities can Lead to Global Disaster
 Fasihuddin, Fasihuddin.

Pantomime Justice?: "Victim Culture" and the Effacement of Adulthood
 Hayward, Keith.

Parental Alcohol Problems as a Predictor of Anti-Social Behavior in College Students
 Thomas, Kyle.

Parenting, Personality, and Problem Behaviors in Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Youth from the Netherlands and Switzerland
 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth. and Vazsonyi, Alexander.

Parenting, School Contexts and Violent Delinquency
 Fitzgerald, Robin.

Parole Officers Experiences of Secondary Trauma in the Supervision of Sex Offenders
 Pettus-Davis, Carrie. and Severson, Margaret.

Partner and Nonpartner Violence in Switzerland and the United States: Explaining the Similarities and Differences
 Jaquier, Veronique. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Pass and Fail: The Framing of Transgender Homicide Victims in Mainstream and Alternative Media
 Eckhardt, Krista.

Pass the Trash: The Mortgage Default Crisis as State-Corporate Crime
 Liederbach, John. and Burek, Melissa.

Pathways to Female Offending and their Implications for Treatment and Supervision
 Brennan, Tim., Breitenbach, Markus. and Dieterich, William.

Pathways to Female Offending and their Implications for Treatment and Supervision
 Van Voorhis, Patricia., Gehring, Krista. and Bell, Valerie.

Patients or Prisoners? Therapeutic Treatment in the State and the Market
 McKim, Allison.

Pattern Studies of Violentization at the Societal Scale
 Spohn, Meg.

Patterns and Predictors of Specialization In Violent Crime Across a 23–Year Span
 Wiesner, Margit. and Yoerger, Karen.

Patterns of Corruption During China’s Economic Transition
 Deng, Xiaogang. and Zhang, Lening.

Patterns of Crime in the Surrounds of Drinking Establishments: A Small Place Analysis in Vancouver
 Kinney, Bryan. and Reid, Andrew.

Patterns of Decline Among Terrorist Movements
 Miller, Erin.

Patterns of Men's Victimization in Intimate Partner Violence: A Pilot Study
 Chaudhuri, Tanni.

Patterns of Near Repeat Shootings in Philadelphia
 Rengert, George.

Patterns of Offending Among American Young Adults
 Dawson, Jean.

Patterns of Peer Networks, Routine Activities, and Crime-Specific Victimization Experiences: A Social Network Analysis
 Swartz, Kristin., Dunham, Jessica., Reyns, Bradford. and Wilcox, Pamela.

Patterns of Substance Use in Young Adult Romantic Relationships
 Herrera, Veronica., Wiersma, Jacquelyn. and Cleveland, Bo.

Pay Per View: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of CCTV Implementation and Operation
 Markman, Joshua.

Pedagogy, Experience, and Transformation:
 Jensen, Vickie.

Peer Group Solidarity: Causal Force or Farce?
 Young, Jacob.

Peer Influence Toward Conformity: An Exploration of Mechanisms of Peer Influence among University Students
 Costello, Barbara.

Peer Validation of IPV: A Comparison of LGB and Straight Students
 Jones, Cassandra A.. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Peer Victimization in Middle and High School: An Application of Latent Class Analysis
 Noe, Kathryn. and Petras, Hanno.

Perceive Organizational Support and Police Willingness to Use Stress Intervention Services: A Multilevel Analysis
 Tucker, Jane.

Perceived Court Fairness in Germany and the United States
 Baker, Thomas., Hauser, William. and Gertz, Marc.

Perceived Criminal Threat from Illegal Immigrants and Popular Support for Punitive Controls
 Chiricos, Ted., Stupi, Elizabeth. and Gertz, Marc.

Perceived Reality: A Spatial Approach Linking Human Perception with the Reality of Crime
 Spicer, Valerie. and Ginther, Jordan.

Perceived Risk and Fear of Terrorism and Willingness to Lose Personal Rights
 Lane, Jodi., Meeker, James. and Nellis, Ashley.

Perceptions of Anti-Gay and Anti-Lesbian Attitudes Among Criminal Justice Majors
 Cannon, Kevin., Beichner, Dawn., Ogle, Robbin. and Cobb, P. Denise.

Perceptions of Campus Safety and Actual Victimizations: Results from UMass Lowell’s Campus Safety Survey
 Harris, Christopher. and Cares, Alison.

Perceptions of Police: A National Study of South Korean Citizens
 Lee, Yung Hyeock., Schafer, Joseph. and Varano, Sean.

Perceptions of Punishment: Cross-National Comparison between China and the U.S.
 Wu, Zongxian., Sun, Ivan. and Wu, Yuning.

Perceptions of the Police: A Comparison between Chinese and American College Students
 Wu, Yuning. and Sun, Ivan.

Perceptions of the Work Environment in Female Prisons: A Comparison of Male and Female Staff
 Collins, Angela. and Garland, Brett.

Performance Enhancing Drugs: Perceptions of Legality and Punishment
 Athey, Nicholas. and Fischer, Ryan.

Performance Management in Police Agencies: A Conceptual Framework
 Shane, Jon. and Andreychak, Christopher.

Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: How Parental and Sexual Abuse Affects Anger and Lethality
 Thomas, Kim. and Russell, Brenda.

Person and Propensity: Morality and the Ability to Exercise Self-Control
 Treiber, Kyle. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Person or Place? Multi-Level Prediction of Homicide Victimization Risk using National Health Interview Survey Data
 Berthelot, Emily.

Phenomenology, Postmodernism and Criminology: Towards a Theory of Existential and Material Harm.
 Arrigo, Bruce.

Photos and Field Notes From Visual Research
 Tunnell, Kenneth.

Pill-A-Palooza: Privilege and Illegal Pharmaceutical Use and Dealing on a College Campus
 Mohamed, Rafik.

Pimping and “Loverboys” in the Netherlands
 Bovenkerk, Frank.

Piracy of the New Millennium: A Longitudinal Analysis of Downloading Behaviors among College Students
 Gunter, Whitney.

Pirates, Thieves and Markets: Analysis of a Hacker Social Network
 Decary-Hétu, David.

Planning for the First Six Years
 Humphries, Drew.

Plea Bargaining in Pennsylvania: Effects of Case, Court, and County Factors
 Tinik, Leigh. and Ruback, R..

Plural Policing and Police Custody in England and Wales
 Skinns, Layla.

Police Accountability - The Reporting of Police Shootings & Deadly Outcomes
 Parent, Richard.

Police Accountability and the Central Problem in American Criminal Justice
 Walker, Samuel.

Police Activities to Counter-Terrorism: What We Know and What We Need To Know
 Lum, Cynthia., Haberfeld, Maria (Maki)., Fachner, George. and Lieberman, Charles.

Police Contact, Trust in Police Work, and Police Integrity: Indian Citizen’s Perceptions
 Nalla, Mahesh.

Police Corruption and Illegal Logging in Protected Forest Areas
 Fenoff, Roy. and Gore, Meredith.

Police Deviance in Trinidad and Tobago
 Johnson, Lee. and Pino, Nathan.

Police Enforcement of Quality-of-Life Offenses in Los Angeles, New York City, and Frankfurt Au Main, Germany
 Cohen, Bernard.

Police Integrity and Community Policing in Korea
 Kang, Wook. and Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja.

Police Involvement in Counter-Terrorism and Public Attitudes Toward the Police in Israel: 1998 – 2007
 Jonathan, Tal.

Police Leadership During the Times of Deepening Recession
 Haberfeld, Maria (Maki)., Ortmeier, P.J.. and Morreale, Stephen.

Police Officer Management Communication Profile
 McCafferty, Michael. and Cragan, John.

Police Officer Professional Vision Profile
 McCafferty, Michael. and Cragan, John.

Police Officer Race and Gender: Examining Attitudes about the Use of Unnecessary Force
 Sobol, James. and Phillips, Scott.

Police Officers in Schools - A Strategy to Win Hearts and Minds?
 Noaks, Lesley.

Police Officers' Perceptions of 'Real Rape'
 McMillan, Lesley.

Police Officers’ Perceptions of Community Policing: Do Job Dimensions, Job Satisfaction, and Multicultural Sensitivity Matter?
 Kwak, Dae-Hoon., Kang, Wook. and Lee, Byung.

Police Organizational Change in a Post-September 11 Environment: Rhetoric or Reality?
 Grillo, Michele.
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Police Perceptions of Corruption
 Jenks, David., Correia, Mark. and Costelloe, Michael.

Police Perceptions of Juvenile Offenders and the Role of Interaction in Shaping Adolescent Behavior
 Shockey-Eckles, Martha.

Police Reform in Russia: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back?
 Robertson, Annette.

Police Response to Mentally Ill Persons in Crisis: Mobile Crisis Teams
 Freeland, Rachel. and MacKenzie, Doris.

Police Stations as Fortresses: Further Isolation from the Public
 Ruiz, James. and Starko, Frank.

Police Stress: Do Race and Gender Make a Difference?
 Maguire, Mary.

Police Training: Access, Participation and Attitudes
 Turner, Mila.

Police Use of Force Practices and Policies: A Multi-City Examination
 Terrill, William. and Paoline, Eugene.

Police Use of Nondeadly Force: From Determining Appropriateness to Assessing the Impact of Policy
 Terrill, William.

Police Violence Depictions in the Core Cop Film Genre: Should We Explore Cultivation Theory?
 Wilson, Franklin.

Police and Court Effectiveness and Fear of Crime: A Conceptual Extension of Collective Efficacy
 Cupp, Rhonda. and Kleck, Gary.

Police and the Public: An Old Approach with New Consequences
 Smith, Hayden. and Alpert, Geoff.

Police as Contact Men and Women
 Chriss, James.
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Policewomen Moving Up in Rank: Changing Approaches to Negotiating Gender, Race and Ethnicity
 Haarr, Robin. and Morash, Merry.

Policing Communities with Competing and Converging Interests
 Wilder Bonner, Kideste.

Policing Philadelphia: An Introduction
 Joyce, Nola.

Policing Philadelphia: The Commissioner’s Perspective
 Ramsey, Charles.

Policing Protest: The Tension between Public Order and Political Change
 Smith, Stephen.

Policing Terrorism: Do Terrorist Arrests Deter Terrorism?
 Hussain, Syed.

Policing and Rising Female Youth Offending: Explaining the ‘Phenomenon’
 Nicholson, Jan.

Policing and the Spatial Regulation of Irish Travellers: Nomadism and the Limits of Diversity Policing
 Mulcahy, Aogan.

Policing, Terrorism, and Beyond
 Feucht, Thomas., Weisburd, David., Perry, Simon., Mock, Lois. and Hakimi, Idit.

Policy Implications from the Serious and Violent Offender Re-entry Initiative (SVORI) Evaluation
 Lattimore, Pamela. and Visher, Christy.

Policy Implications of Widespread Criminal Background Checks
 Blumstein, Alfred. and Nakamura, Kiminori.

Policy-Making for Combating Global Terrorism in South Asia: Cases of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
 Shahidullah, Shahid.

Political Participation, Poverty, and Neighborhood Crime Rates
 Viglione, Jill.

Politics, Punishment and Vocabularies of Motive
 Farrell, William.

Pool of Pakistani Terrorists: Their Characteristics
 Hussain, Syed.

Poor Childhood Fear Conditioning Predisposes to Adult Crime
 Gao, Yu., Raine, Adrian., Venables, Peter., Dawson, Michael. and Mednick, Sarnoff.

Popular Culture and Death Penalty Opinion
 Bohm, Robert. and Surette, Ray.

Post-Release Outcomes of Youth in Juvenile Justice Programs
 Clark, Jim., Mann, Karen., Bales, William., Blomberg, Thomas., Valentine, Colby. and Arnio, Ashley.

Poverty and Violence Revisited: Does Severe or Chronic Poverty Help us Predict the Most Serious Offending?
 Savage, Joanne., Ellis, Stephanie. and Wozniak, Kevin.

Poverty, Violence, and the Value of Life
 Tcherni, Maria.

Power Inside – Utilization of the Original Window Study Data -- the Benefit of Research for the Practioner
 Robarge, Jacqueline., Fontaine, Anika. and Flower, Shawn.

Power, Knowledge, and Evidence: The Social Structure of the Production of Knowledge
 Auerhahn, Kathleen.

Powerlessness or Radicalisation: The Criminological Significance of Women of Mass Destruction
 Painter, Kate.

Practical Considerations in Teaching in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program: 10 Practical Do’s and Dont’s
 Stahler, Jerry.

Practical Contingencies in Population Forecasting
 McCleary, Richard. and Gardiner, Christine.

Pragmatic Discretion and Democratic Policing
 Marwah, Sanjay. and Joplin, Jerry.

Pre/Perinatal Risk Factors of Chronic Physical Aggression in Early Childhood
 Tzoumakis, Stacy., Lussier, Patrick. and Corrado, Raymond.

Precursors to Violence? Using Black's Theory of Self-Help to Explain Personal and Vicarious Victimization
 Burrow, John. and Apel, Bob.

Predatory Credit Card Lending (Fee-Harvest Cards): A Legitimate Business Model or Outright Fraud?
 Stadler, William.

Predicting Attitudes toward Sexual Harassment
 Eigenberg, Helen. and Crittenden, Courtney.

Predicting Future Crime Events Through a "Self-Exciting Point Process"
 Mohler, George., Tita, George. and Brantingham, Jeffrey.

Predicting Illegal Downloading Behavior: An Analysis of Opinions About the Copyright Holder
 Adams, Amanda.

Predicting Judicial Independence: A Cross-National Exploration
 Sung, Hung En. and Kang, Ji Hyon.

Predicting Medical and Mental Health Outcomes of Antisocial Children: An Eight Year Follow-up of 447 Clinic-referred Antisocial Children under Age 12
 Koegl, Christopher.

Predicting Police Perceptions about the Prevalence and Risk of Human Trafficking in Local Communities
 Farrell, Amy., Fahy, Stephanie. and McDevitt, Jack.

Predicting Police Support for a Gang Prevention Program
 Ruffinengo, Marc.

Predicting Retention for Clients in Prison-based Therapeutic Communities across Three Time-in-treatment Thresholds
 Runkle, Wendy., Hiller, Matthew. and Welsh, Wayne.

Predicting Sexual Recidivism During and After Released from Supervision: Improving Risk Assessment Scales
 Stalans, Loretta.

Predicting Success in the Police Academy
 Way, Lori Beth. and Patten, Ryan.

Predictive Policing: A View from the Top
 Bratton, William. and Brody, Joan.

Predictive Policing: Research and Evaluation
 Uchida, Craig.

Predictors of Delinquency throughout Adolescence: Investigating Age-Varying Effects of Family Factors and Gender Ideology
 Cornell, Rena.

Predictors of Students’ Willingness to Report Other Students’ Possession of Weapons to School Authorities
 Elrod, Preston., Lowe, Nathan. and May, David.

Predictors of Trust in the Police in Central/Eastern Europe
 Bonkiewicz, Luke.

Pregnancy-Associated Intimate Partner Violence: The Efficacy of Proxy Variables to Measure Pregnancy
 Taylor, Rae.

Pregnant Women: Investigating the Who, When, Where and How of a Neglected Homicide Victim Type
 Wright, Carla.

Preliminary Estimates of the Rate of Wrongful Convictions in Serious Person Crimes
 Markman, Joshua.

Preliminary Findings from an Evaluation: The Role of Crime in the Lives of Homeless People
 Donley, Amy. and Truman, Jennifer.

Preliminary Findings of the MacArthur Mental Health Court Study
 Steadman, Henry., Redlich, Allison., Callahan, Lisa. and Robbins, Pamela.

Preliminary Outcomes from the Cook County Frequent Users Project: Lessons Learned in Implementing Random Assignment
 Fontaine, Jocelyn., Roman, Caterina. and Nadeau, Carey.

Prenatal and Postnatal Influences on the Development of Self-Control in Adulthood
 Newsome, Jamie. and Wright, John.

Preparing to Witness: The Framing of an Execution
 Pruss, Heather.

Prescribing Some Criminological Theory: An Examination of the Illicit Use of Prescription Stimulants Among College Students
 Maahs, Jeff., Weidner, Robert. and Smith, Ryan.

Prescription Drug Abuse: Congruence Between Self-Reports and Urine Tests
 Jackson, Theron.

Preservation, Weapon or Prey: The Use and Abuse of Animals among UK Youth Groups and Gangs
 Maher, Jennifer. and Pierpoint, Harriet.

Press Rankings in Criminology/Criminal Justice: A National Assessment of Book Publisher Quality
 Gabbidon, Shaun. and Martin, Favian.

Prevalence and Implications of Constitutional Problems with Capital Jury Decision-Making
 Bowers, William., Foglia, Wanda., Ehrhard, Susan. and Kelly, Christopher.

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Sexual Aggression in Girls
 Slotboom, Anne-Marie., Hendriks, Jan. and Verbruggen, Janna.

Preventing Firearms Use by Terrorists in the U.S. Through Enhanced Law Enforcement and Intelligence Cooperation
 Legault, Richard. and Hendrickson, James.

Prevention and Control of Homicides: An Impact Evaluation in Brazil
 Peixoto, Betania., Andrade, Monica. and Azevedo, Joao Pedro.
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 [017] [018]

Prevention and Intervention of Child Cyber Abuse: A Systematic Review
 Mishna, Faye., Cook, Charlene., Saini, Michael. and Wu, Meng-Jia.

Priest Abusers and Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment
 Litvinoff, Laura.

Prison Health Care: An Unfinished Revolution in Texas Penology
 Rountree, Meredith.

Prison Labor is a Form of Slavery and Should be Abolished
 Crews, Angela.

Prison Misconduct among Unauthorized Immigrants in Texas Prisons
 Morris, Robert., Kovandzic, Tomislav. and Marquart, James.

Prison Population Growth: An Examination of Canadian Trends 1970 to 2009
 Ruddell, Rick. and Fearn, Noelle.

Prison Rape: Liability under Farmer v. Brennan Before and after the Prison Rape Elimination Act
 Nolasco, Claire. and Vaughn, Michael.

Prison Staff Misconduct: Expanding the Application of Procedural Justice Theory
 Franke, Derrick. and Bierie, David.

Prison-Based Drug Treatment: Long Term Outcomes from a Multi-site Study
 Welsh, Wayne.

Prison-Based Educational, Vocational and Reentry Outcomes
 Smith, Linda.

Prisoner Radicalization and Attempted Assassination: Pathways to Terrorism
 Hamm, Mark.

Prisoner Reentry Planning and Programming Must Address Family Reunification, Relationship Conflict, and Domestic Violence
 Oliver, William.
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Prisons and Radicalisation: New Phenomenon or Recurring Theme?
 Clutterbuck, Lindsay.

Prisons in a Democratic South Africa: Macro-level Challenges Confronting Reformers
 Wood, Steve.

Probability Errors in Criminal Investigative Failures
 Rossmo, Kim.

Probation Absconders in Travis County, Texas
 Scott, Sarah.

Probation Officer Responsibility: Can Court Officers Act as an Agent of Change?
 McCafferty, James.

Probation and Gentrification: An Exploratory Case Study
 Globokar, Julie.

Probationers in Fairfax County, Virginia: An Exploratory Analysis
 Sheppard, Colleen.

Problem Solving Courts - The Same Book with a Different Cover or a Silent Revolution?
 Beinisch, Daniella.

Problematizing Jail Tourism as Ethnography
 Piché, Justin. and Walby, Kevin.

Procedural Justice and School Crime
 Clay-Warner, Jody., Bunch, Jackson. and James, Katie.

Procedural Justice and the Courts: Co-victim Satisfaction in the Criminal Processing of Murder Cases
 Reed, Mark.

Procedural Justice in Juvenile Courts: Competence and Consequences
 Feld, Barry.

Processes of Redemption Should be Built into the Use of Criminal-History Records for Background Checking
 Blumstein, Alfred. and Nakamura, Kiminori.

Processing Hispanic Juveniles in Texas
 Johnson, Dustin., Rodeheaver, Daniel. and Williams, James.

Producing Collective Efficacy through Activating and Mobilizing Multiple forms of Capital
 Ross, Jodi.

Profile of Juvenile Offenders: An Empirical View
 Kethineni, Sesha. and Suresh, Geetha.

Profiles of Counter Cyber Terrorism Units: Social Construction of Cyber Terrorism
 Jhi, Kyung Yon.

Prognostic Modeling of Relatively Rare Recidivism Events: Beyond the AUC
 Dieterich, William., Brennan, Tim. and Breitenbach, Markus.

Program Requirements for Thesis Completion: An Examination of Criminology and Criminal Justice Master's Programs
 Stone, Maryann. and Woodward, Vanessa.

Promiscuity Among College Students - Its Relationship to Greek Membership and Perception of Sexual Assault
 Wasco, Christopher. and Liu, Peter.

Proper Psychotropic Medication Management in Juvenile Facilities: A Call for Increased Education and Evaluation
 Ellefson, Beth., Galyean, Kevan. and Lovins, Brian.

Prosecuted for Illegal Firearm Carrying in Philadelphia, 2005-2007
 Wyant, Brian.

Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Cases: The Influence of Race in a Southern Jurisdiction
 Steele, Paul.

Prosecutorial Charging Decisions: Examining the Effects of the “Deleted Races”
 Franklin, Travis.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking in China: Making the Connections
 Liu, Min. and Finckenauer, James.

Provide Justice for Prostituted Teens: Stop Arresting and Prosecuting Girls
 Williams, Linda.

Public Attitudes Toward Punishment in Western Societies: Identifying Cultural Influences
 Reed, Sarah.

Public Health is Public Safety: Revamping the Correctional Mission
 Taxman, Faye. and Gallagher, Catherine.

Public Opinion, Politics and Responses to Youth Crime
 Jones, Trevor. and Newburn, Tim.

Public Perceptions of Police Racial/Ethnic Bias: Implications for Police Legitimacy
 Renauer, Brian.

Public Safety, Collective Efficacy and Community Justice in a Hard Hit Community
 Barlow, Melissa. and Barlow, David.

Public Support for Racial Profiling: Exploring Urban and Rural Residence
 Puhrmann, Aaron.

Public Views on the Death Penalty in Twentieth-Century England and Wales
 Seal, Lizzie.

Publicity and New York Governors' Clemency Decisions in Capital Cases
 Acker, James., Harmon, Talia. and Rivera, Craig.

Publicity and Secrecy concerning Execution: Contrast between the U.S. and Japan
 Fuse, Yusuke.

Punishing Hate Crime Perpetrators: Issues in Their Correctional Management
 Oates, Alexandra.

Punitiveness and Public Attitudes toward Prisoners Rehabilitation: Lessons Learned from Israel
 Gideon, Lior.

Punitiveness and the Differential Availability of Ideational Resources
 Green, David.

Pushed from the Classroom to Prison: The Struggle of Children in the Educational System
 Stuart, Ian. and Berrouet`, Alain.

Pushed to the Margins: Drugs, Vindictiveness, and Exclusion Beyond the Metropolis.
 Linnemann, Travis.

Putting Crime and Criminal Justice in California in a National Context
 Shapiro, Gregory. and Lawrence, Sarah.

Putting Public Safety First: Parole Supervision Strategies to Enhance Reentry Outcomes
 Solomon, Amy.

Putting a Price on Prisoner Release: The History of the Future of Parole
 Maruna, Shadd.
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