ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Race and Selective Enforcement in Public Housing
 Davies, Garth., Fagan, Jeffrey. and Carlis, Adam.

Race and the Predictive Validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R)
 Vose, Brenda., Jonson, Cheryl., Smith, Paula., Lowenkamp, Christopher. and Cullen, Francis.

Race in the Newspaper: Effects & Criminological Implications
 Dickson, Megan.

Race of Victim Effects in Georgia Capital Cases: 1970-2004
 Joseph, Patricia. and Paternoster, Ray.

Race, Crime and the Transition to Adulthood
 Bosick, Stacey.

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender at the Walls: Louisiana State Penitentiary, 1835-1878
 Fisher-Giorlando, Marianne. and Palombo, Bernadette.

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Sentence Length: Irish, German, and Black Inmates in Eastern State Penitentiary, 1829-1870
 Aubuchon-Rubin, Ashley.

Race, Trauma and Mental Health among Women Prisoners
 Hartsfield, Jennifer.

Racial Differences in Girls' Pathways into Delinquency: A Retrospective Study
 Wong, Newman. and Conner, Sonya.

Racial Differences in the Effects of Support Types on Intimate Partner Violence Victims
 Celaya, Adrienne.

Racial Disparities and Detention Reform in Multnomah County: An Ongoing Saga
 Feyerherm, William.

Racial Disparity and Officer Race: An Analysis of Police Search Behavior
 Warren, Patricia.

Racial Profiling and Vehicle Searches
 Irlbeck, Dawn.

Racial Threat and Communal School Organization: A Test of Moderation
 Payne, Allison. and Welch, Kelly.

Racial Typification of Crime and Student Support for Punitive Criminal Justice Policies
 Cowan, Joseph. and Bell, James.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Boys’ Sentencing in the Juvenile Justice System
 Moore, Lori. and Padavic, Irene.

Racial and Gender Profiling in Arrests of Middle School and High School Students
 Gealt, Roberta., O\'Connell, Daniel. and Button, Deeanna.

Racially Motivated Crime and the Contradictory Masculine Subject
 Gadd, David.

Radicalization and the Evolution of the Jihadi Threat
 Sageman, Marc.

Radicalization: A Review of the Evidence
 Tuthill, Louis. and Zahn, Margaret.

Randomized Field Experiments: Perhaps Just the Silver Standard
 Adams, Ken. and Langworthy, Robert.

Ranking of Prisons for Year 2 of the National Inmate Survey (NIS), 2009
 Krebs, Chris., Beck, Allen., Harrison, Paige. and Caspar, Rachel.

Rape Attitudes and Beliefs: A Replication Study
 Briones, Rhissa. and Heide, Kathleen.

Rape and Revictimization: Reclaiming the Disenfranchised
 Nolan, Thomas. and Sardina, Alexa.

Rational Choice, Routine Activities Theory, and the Unintended Consequences of Social Control Policy
 Thompkins, Douglas.

Rationales for the Legal Prohibitions of GHB and MDMA
 Griffin, III, Hayden.

Re-Entry Mediation: Supporting the Bridge from Incarceration to the Community
 Charkoudian, Lorig. and Flower, Shawn.

Re-examining the "Static" Risk of Reoffending in Adult Sexual Offenders: A Test of Two Competing Theories
 Amirault, Joanna. and Lussier, Patrick.

Re-examining the Implications of Neighborhood Factors for Violent versus Nonviolent Crime
 Savage, Joanne. and Wozniak, Kevin.

Reading Terrorist Activities of Turkey from a Different Perspective
 Ozer, Murat. and Duru, Haci.

Reasoned Action and Children’s Deviant Diets
 Tolle, Glen., Mcintosh, William., Kubena, Karen. and Anding, Jenna.

Recent Data and Emerging Issues in Generic versus Specific Risk Assessment with Domestic Violence Perpetrators
 Kropp, P. Randall.

Recent Developments in the Sociology of Punishment: An Author-Oriented Study
 Daems, Tom.

Recent Juvenile Homicide Transactions in Houston, Texas
 Sanders, Shatara., Burton, Alex. and Gibson, Camille.

Recent Reforms of Criminal Law and New Völkisch Punitive Practices: An Analysis Under Synoptical Diagram
 Carlés, Roberto.

Receptivity of Capital Jurors to Mitigating Factors; Mental Illness and Retardation in Death Penalty Decisions
 Jochnowitz, Leona.
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Recidivism Rates of Female Sexual Offenders: A Meta-Analytic Review
 Cortoni, Franca., Hanson, R. Karl. and Coache, Marie-Eve.

Recidivism and Construct Validity
 Maltz, Michael. and Chaiken, Jan.

Reconsidering the Culture and Violence Connection: Strategies of Action in the Rural South
 Lee, Matthew. and Ousey, Graham.

Reconstructing "Violence"
 Pepinsky, Hal.

Recurring Non-sexual Victimization: The Impact of Victim-Offender Relationship and Sex of Victim
 Daigle, Leah. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Recurring Victimization of People with Mental Disorders: A Within-Person Modeling Approach
 Teasdale, Brent. and Daigle, Leah.

Recurring and Unresolved Legal Issues in Sexual Predator Proceedings
 Epstein, Jules.

Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light – Oh! Learning Points in the Trajectories of Persistent Offenders
 Brisgone, Regina.

Redefining “Hate”: Multiple Identities, Intersectionality, and What it Means to be Bias-motivated
 Glisch-Sánchez, David.

Reduce Using Immigration Status to Address Crime
 Martinez, Ramiro.

Reducing Art Theft Using Situational Crime Prevention
 Parkin, William. and Viollaz, Julie.

Reducing the Use of Youth Courts and Custody in Canada: the Impact of the YCJA
 Carrington, Peter., Bala, Nicholas. and Roberts, Julian.

Reefer Sanity: Collective Action Framing and Drug Law Reform Mobilizations
 Stevenson, Peter. and Ghatak, Saran.

Reentry Experiences and Recidivism Outcomes of Juvenile Offenders
 Dawes, Debbie. and Brumbaugh, Susan.

Reentry Programs for Formerly Incarcerated Women: A Systematic Review
 Heidemann, Gretchen., Soydan, Haluk. and Xie, Bin.

Reentry in San Diego County: An Overview of Findings from the Evaluation of SB 618
 Burke, Cynthia. and Mulmat, Darlanne.

Reform by Consent Decree: An Empirical Analysis of Change in Four Police Departments
 Chanin, Joshua.

Registered Sex Offenders in the Community: A Test of Agnew's General Strain Theory
 Ackerman, Alissa.

Regulating Judicial Discretion: Recusal in the Age of High-Priced Judicial Campaigns
 Delligatti, Anthony.

 Cullen, Francis.

Reintegration Success and Failure among Incarcerated and Paroled Women
 Cobbina, Jennifer.

Reintegrative Shaming and Recidivism among Mental Health Court Defendants
 Ray, Bradley.

Rejection Dynamics and Antisocial Behavior
 Light, John. and Snijders, Tom.

Relating Counselor Rapport to Therapeutic Engagement in a Prison-Based Drug Treatment Program
 McGrain, Patrick.

Relation Between Job Satisfaction of Turkish Traffic Enforcement Officers and their Leaders’ Leadership Style
 Ozbaran, Yavuz.

Relation of Societal Gender Equality and Individual Dominance to Partner Violence Among University Students
 Gozjolko, Kristi.

Relational Perspectives on Crime and Victimization
 Hala, Nicole.

Relationship Type, 'Outing' Threats, Mutual Assault, and Domestic Violence Reporting Patterns: A Vignette Survey Research
 Aviram, Hadar. and Persinger, Annick.

Relationships between Psychopathic and Compliant Personalities: Implications for Police Interrogations
 Ray, James.

Relative Deprivation and Delinquency: A Social Psychological Analysis
 Deosaran, Ramesh.

Religiosity and Delinquency
 Gunes, Ismail. and Yurdaer, Ahemet.

Religiosity and Delinquency: Does Change in Religiosity Predict Change in Delinquency over Time?
 Desmond, Scott., Kikuchi, George. and Budd, Kristen.

Religiosity and Spirituality among Drug-Involved Offenders in Prison-Based Drug Treatment
 Burdon, William., St. De Lore, Jef. and Prendergast, Michael.

Religious Conversion in Prison
 Bierie, David., Kwon, Okyun. and Acevedo, Summer.

Religious Freedom and Controlled Substances: The Religious Use of Drugs vs. The Government
 Henderson, Howard. and Tapia, Natalia.

Renovation of Community Policing for Crime Reduction in Japan
 Nasu, Osamu.

Reparation for Victims in the ICC and the Trust Fund: Toward a Process-Oriented Approach
 Parmentier, Stephan.

Repeat Burglary Victimization: An Application of Routine Activities Theory
 Kuo, Shih-Ya. and Cuvelier, Steven.

Representations of the Police on "The Bill": The Effect of the "Media Loop"
 Colbran, Marianne.

Research Methods, Statistics and Comic Books
 Breen, Clarissa.

Research and Changing Policy: The Longer Perspective
 Gottfredson, Michael.

Research on Sex Trafficking - Critical Approach
 Zhang, Sheldon.

Residency Restrictions and Sex Offender Housing in Upstate New York
 Socia, Kelly.

Residency Restrictions, Homeless Sex Offenders and Community Safety: One Step Forward and Three Steps Back
 Loving, Russell.

Resilience in the Face of Crisis
 Adams, Terri. and Stewart, Larry.

Resilient Self-Efficacy Perception of Mizrahi Street Prostitutes
 Geiger, Brenda.

Responding to Foreclosure: Federal, State, and Local Initiatives
 Sorensen-Sigworth, Corenelia. and Tuthill, Louis.

Resting and Stress-Induced Heart Rate and Antisocial Behavior in Youth:
 Bender, Doris. and Loesel, Friedrich.

Restorative Justice With Adult Offenders: Communication, Procedural Justice and Deliberative Accountability
 Shapland, Joanna.

Restorative Justice and Human Rights: Research and Policy Implications
 Weitekamp, Elmar.

Restorative Justice within the Context of Prisoner Reentry: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
 Jarjoura, G.. and Franke, Derrick.

Results from a National Survey: Opinions of the Suitability of Dissertation vs. Mulit-Paper Option
 Bartula, Aaron. and Worrall, John.

Results of Repeated Measures of Criminal and Addictive Thinking in a Drug Court Program
 Guastaferro, Wendy.

Rethinking Policing: The Policy Implications of Hot Spots of Crime
 Mastrofski, Stephen., Weisburd, David. and Braga, Anthony.

Return to Sender? The Importance of Ecological Context for Correctional Treatment Programs
 Wright, Kevin., Pratt, Travis., Lowenkamp, Christopher. and Latessa, Edward.

Returning to Mother Earth: Exploring American Indian and Alaska Native Homicide and Death Data
 Moult, Kelley., Smith, Sharon. and Crossland, Christine.

Revictimization in the Lives of African American Women
 Long, LaDonna. and Ullman, Sarah.

Revisiting Fear of Crime: Impacts of Neighborhood Incivilities, Perceived Risk and Routine Activities
 Gendon, Amanda. and Rengifo, Andres.

Revisiting the Origins of the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule
 Roots, Roger.

Revisiting the Unemployment-Incarceration Relationship Using “Shadow Statistics”
 Fearn, Noelle. and Ruddell, Rick.

Rights, Equality and Participation: The Mobilisation of Former Prisoners in Northern Ireland
 Dwyer, Clare.

Risk Factors in a Sample of Juvenile Sex Offenders
 Martínez, Marian. and Perez-Ramirez, Meritxell.

Risk Factors of Gang Membership Among Florida Youth
 Dhungana, Karla Johanna.

Risk and Protective Factors for Sexual Violence Perpetration Against Same-Sex Peers
 Basile, Kathleen., Hamburger, Merle. and Swahn, Monica.

Risk of Intimate Partner Homicide among Marginalized Men who have Sex with Men
 Sriken, Julie., Tuller, Abbie. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Risk of Violence, Taking into Account Time Spent in Places and Activities
 Lemieux, Andrew. and Felson, Marcus.

Risk, Programming, and Recidivism: A Survival Analysis
 Yursza Warfield, Garrett., Monteiro, Carlos., Ryan, Desmond. and Frost, Natasha.

Risk-Based Policing: Applying Intelligence to Process
 Kennedy, Leslie. and Van Brunschot, Erin.

Risky Business: Policing in the Age of COPS
 D\'Onofrio-Jones, Aaron.

Ritual and Signature in Serial Sexual Homicide
 Kassen, Martin., Schlesinger, Louis. and Mesa, Blair.

Robustness Testing of Redemption Estimates
 Nakamura, Kiminori. and Blumstein, Alfred.

Romantic Dyad Asymmetries and Adolescent Delinquency
 Kreager, Derek. and Haynie, Dana.

Rotten Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree: Citizens’ Experiences with Police Corruption
 Gau, Jacinta. and Brunson, Rod.

Routine Inequality? Violent Victimization at the Intersections of Ethnicity, Race and Gender
 Like, Toya.

Rural Women's Stories of Addiction and Recovery: Through a Critical Lens
 Grant, Judith.

Russian Organized Corruption Networks and their International Trajectories
 Cheloukhine, Sergei. and Haberfeld, Maria (Maki).

Rx: What's Strain Got To Do With It?
 Vegh, Deborah.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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