ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Sadism vs. Reconciliation: An Exploratory Analysis of Threats in Intimate Partner Rape Cases
 Spohn, Cassia.

Salvia Divinorum: Patterns of Use
 Bowles, Christie.

Sanctions, Temptations and Self-interest in Choice Theories of Crime
 Gottfredson, Michael.

Sapphires and Jezebels: The Female Gangsta Rapper
 Perumean-Chaney, Suzanne. and Karr, Beverly.

Savage Art: Distorting Filipino Identities from United States to Philippine Caricatures
 Magno, Christopher.

Saving Grace or Spuriousness? Religiosity, Self-Control and Crime
 Wolfe, Scott., Reisig, Michael. and Pratt, Travis.

Scaling Offending
 Sweeten, Gary.

Scholarly Influence in American Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals From 1986-2005
 Cohn, Ellen. and Farrington, David.

Scholarship and Entitlement: Theft by Those Most Trusted
 Curry, Virginia.

School Bullying in a Multi-Mediated Society: Cyberbullying as a Distinct Social Phenomenon?
 Greer, Chris. and Myers, Carrie-Anne.

School Crime Victimization, Delinquency and Immigrant Youth: An Analysis of US ISRD-2 Data
 He, Ni., Marshall, Ineke. and Ren, Ling.

School Environments and Violent Incidents, Theft and the Use of Disciplinary Measures: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Bauer, Lynn.

School Security: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
 Phaneuf, Shannon.

School Worker’s Perceptions on Female Delinquency and Its Effect on Juvenile Justice Referrals
 Messer, Amy.

School-Based Theories of Delinquency
 Kremser, Jonathan.

Schools, Youth Crime, and Violence: Moral Crisis or Moral Panic?
 Howells, Stephanie.

Scientific Penology in Argentina: A Foucauldian Interpretation of Early Modern Prisons
 Welch, Michael. and Macuare, Melissa.

Scope and Conceptual Issues in Testing the Race-Crime Invariance Thesis: Black, White, and Hispanic Comparisons
 Steffensmeier, Darrell., Ulmer, Jeffery., Feldmeyer, Ben. and Harris, Casey.

Scrap Yards and Metal Theft Insurance Claims in 54 U.S. Cities
 Whiteacre, Kevin. and Howes, Raeann.

Seeing Black: Race, Crime and Third-Party Reporting
 Xie, Min. and Lauritsen, Janet.

Self-Control and Sexual Assault Victimization: Extending Schreck's (1999) Victimization Hypothesis to a Sample of University Women
 Franklin, Cortney.

Self-Control as Context-Specific: A Different Perspective on the General Theory of Crime
 Pratt, Stephanie. and McGloin, Jean.

Self-Control or Parental Control?: The Impact on Deviancy Among African American and Latino Youth in Chicago
 Flexon, Jamie. and Lurigio, Arthur.

Self-Control, Alcohol Use and Violent Victimization: Findings from the 2008 Texas College Victimization Survey
 Tackett-Gibson, Melissa., Johnson, Matthew. and Kercher, Glen.

Self-Control, Delinquent Lifestyles, and Subsequent Victimization
 Vecchio, J. Michael., Esbensen, Finn-Aage. and Taylor, Terrance.

Self-Identity Among Burglars
 Abell, Leslie.

Self-control and Spousal Aggression in Hong Kong
 Cheung, Yuet. and Choi, Susanne.

Selling Alchol and Neighborhood Crime
 White, Garland., Gainey, Randy. and Triplett, Ruth.

Sentence Severity in Federal Drug Cases: The Effect of Racial Threat and Vigilantism
 Albonetti, Celesta. and Baller, Robert.

Sentencing Sex: Sentencing Discrepancies Between Male and Female Sex Offenders
 Embry, Randa.

Sentencing for Intimate Partner Homicides in Rural Pennsylvania 1990-2000
 Cronin, George.

Sentencing in Context
 Liu, Yanhua.

Serial Murder Victims: Does Time to Detection Vary by Victim Type?
 Quinet, Kenna.

Serial Rapists: Specialized Sexual Offenders or Versatile Criminals?
 Pepper, Karen. and Terry, Karen.

Service Learning & General Education: Examining the Implementation Process in a Criminal Justice Course
 McDonald, Danielle.

Service Learning in Criminal Justice and Criminology
 Bush, Michael.

Setting the Record "Straight:" The Criminalization of Girls' Sexuality in Youth Corrections
 Pasko, Lisa.

Sex Offenders: Can We Tell the Bad from the Worst?
 Singer, Jennie.

Sex Offenders’ Emotional Reaction to Civil Commitment: A Qualitative Analysis
 Robilotta, Stephanie., Jeglic, Elizabeth. and Mercado, Cynthia.

Sex, Statutory Offenders, and Master Status: Deconstructing Hyper-Masculinity and Media Sold Identity Restrictions
 Rider, Erin. and Lynton, Edward.

Sex-Differences in the Link Between Parental Bonding and Delinquency: A Meta-Analysis
 Hoeve, Machteld., Stams, Geert., Dubas, Judith., van der Laan, Peter. and Gerris, Jan.

Sexual Activity as a Means of Gaining Respect in Neighborhoods With Different Levels of Disadvantage
 Jensen, Elise. and Stewart, Eric.

Sexual Assault Activity in PA State Correctional Institutions: A Multiphase Analysis
 Zortman, Jesse. and Flaherty, Robert.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses: An Assessment of Student Knowledge
 Pearlman, Terrylynn.

Sexual and Intimiate Partner Violence on Historically Black College and University Campuses
 Krebs, Chris. and Lindquist, Christine.

Sexually Violent Predators in the Courtroom
 Rosoff, Katherine.

Shades of Grey: Aging Criminal Justice Personnel
 Mays, Larry. and Ruddell, Rick.

Shame as a Mediating Mechanism Between the Gender Crime Relationship
 Howerton, Amanda. and Rebellon, Cesar.

She Bangs: The Role of Women at Gun Shows
 Neuenschwander, Sara., Rayburn, Rachel., Corzine, Jay. and Huff-Corzine, Lin.

Sheldon Glueck: The First and Forgotten War Crime Criminologist
 Pruitt, William.

Shifting Perspectives: Changes in Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women in Australia, 1995-2009
 McGregor, Kiah.

Shooting Investigations: A Collaborative Approach
 Ross, Richard.

Short-term Outcomes of An Experimental Study of DRC Effectiveness
 Marcus, Andrea. and Boyle, Douglas.

Sibling Sexual Abuse: An Empirical Analysis of Offender, Victim, and Event Characteristics in NIBRS data, 2000-2005
 Krienert, Jessie. and Walsh, Jeff.

Simulated Deadly Force Scenarios: A New Experimental Tool for Measuring Racial and Gender Bias in Policing
 James, Lois.

Simulating Gang Behavior: Where Mathematics Meets Criminology
 Barbaro, Alethea. and Reid, Shannon.

Situating Black Problem Drug Users in the Criminal Justice Approach to Drug Treatment in England
 Kalunta-Crumpton, Anita.

Situational Contexts of Police Use of Force
 Petersen, Rebecca.

Situational Crime Theories and Public Response
 Decker, Jordan.

Situational Factors on Homicides in the Alto Vera Cruz Favela, Brazil.
 DeSouza, Elenice.

Snagging the Online Sexual Predator: Descriptions of Who and How
 Tetzlaff, Melissa.

So You Think You Want to Offer A Study Abroad Program? Risks, Rewards, Responsibilities and Rights
 Wakefield, Bill., Bennett, Dick., Sasse, Scott., Watson, George., Brennan, Pauline. and Nobiling, Tracy.

Social Adjustment in Juvenile Sex Offenders: Employment, Intimate Relationships and Drugs Use
 Van Vugt, Eveline., Bijleveld, Catrien., Hendriks, Jan. and Stams, Geert.

Social Bonding and School Victimization: The Ties That Bind
 DeVoe, Jill.

Social Bonds, Identity, and Violence
 Asencio, Emily., Kim, Tia. and Williams, Kirk.

Social Class, Self-Concept, and Behavior: The Duke University Lacrosse Team Incident – Preliminary Findings
 Hassett-Walker, Connie.

Social Consequences of Anti-Gang Policies
 Laboy, Chano.

Social Disorganization and Crisis Intervention: A Spatial Analysis
 Stewart, Cindy.

Social Disorganization in Rural and Urban Counties
 Briddell, Laine.

Social Learning Theory: Underage Drinking, Substance Use and Black Market Deviance
 Stewart, Heather.

Social Learning in COIN: Promotion of Definitions Unfavorable to Terrorism as Part of Non-Lethal COIN
 Silverman, Adam. and Martinelli, Eugene.

Social Learning, Reinforcement, and Criminal Probability
 Antonaccio, Olena., Tittle, Charles. and Botchkovar, Ekaterina.

Social Norms and ATOD Use: The Results of a Long-Term Evaluation
 Connell, Nadine.

Social Norms and Bullying: The Results of a Long-Term Evaluation
 Pearce, Allie.

Social Presence and the Criminal Body: A Phenomenological Perspective.
 Polizzi, David.

Social Sources of Bias Crimes: The Case of Race and Ethnicity Bias
 Stacey, Michele.

Societal Consequences
 Western, Bruce.

Socio-Demographic Impacts of Innovation in Immigration Enforcement and Sentencing
 Warner, Judith.

Sociological Prevention: New Experiments
 McGaha, H..

Sociology of the Prison Classroom: Confronting Marginalized Identities and Developing Sociological Imaginations Behind Bars
 Parrotta, Kylie. and Thompson, Gretchen.

Sociology, Policy, and Cyberspace
 McKenzie, Natasha.

Sorting Truth from Bias: An Analysis of the Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Mandate
 Leiber, Michael. and Rodriguez, Nancy.

Spatial Analysis of Homelessness and Crime: Research Issues to Consider
 Jasinski, Jana., Donley, Amy. and Truman, Jennifer.

Spatial Analysis of Partner Violence in New York City
 Ranjan, Sheetal. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Spatial Analysis of Property Crimes on Foreclosure and Other Socio-Economic Variables: An Examination of Garfield Heights
 Wilson, Harry., Cieplowski, Kevin. and Lee, Seungmug.

Spatially-Dependent Specialization and Peer Contagion Among Delinquent Recidivists
 Harris, Philip. and Mennis, Jeremy.

Spatio-temporal Interaction of Urban Crime in Houston Southwest
 Zhang, Yan., Zhao, Jihong., Ren, Ling. and Hoover, Larry.

Specialization, Onset, and Violence for Dependent Children
 Forde, David., Schreck, Christopher. and Coleman-Davis, Veronica.

Specific and General Deterrence
 Nagin, Daniel.

Splintered Justice: Is Judicial Corruption Breaking the Bench?
 Koller, Cynthia. and Koller, Elizabeth.

Stability of Religion and Delinquency in Adolescent Life Course
 Li, Spencer.

Stakeholder Perceptions of Prisoner Reentry on the Wind River Indian Reservation
 Wodahl, Eric. and Freng, Adrienne.

Stalking Experiences and Attitudes of College Students
 Geistman, James., Smith, Brad., Lambert, Eric. and Cluse-Tolar, Terry.

Stalking Victimization of Women and Men: Findings from the 2007 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
 Smith, Sharon. and Lynberg Black, Michele.

Stalking Victimization: Findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey
 Baum, Katrina., Catalano, Shannan., Rand, Michael. and Rose, Kristina.

Stalking and Intimate Partner Abuse: Exploring the Role of Gender
 Melton, Heather. and Sillito, Carrie.

Starting and Stopping: Distinguishing True Desistance From Intermittency in a Criminal Career
 Kurlychek, Megan. and Bushway, Shawn.

State Court Processing of Intimate Partner Violence Cases
 Farole, Donald. and Smith, Erica.

State of the "Arts:" Criminal Justice in a Liberal Arts Setting
 Pray, Scott. and Rich, Caleb.

Statistical Models of Criminal Behavior: The Effects of Law Enforcement Actions
 Jones, Paul.

Stealing the Obscene: Relationships Between the Police and Adult Oriented Business Establishments
 Timbs, Allison.

Stewardship: New Approaches to Control
 Segal, Lydia.

Stock Narratives or Evolving Women? Media Analysis of Female-Perpetrated Intimate Partner Homicides Over the 20th Century
 Pelvin, Holly.

Stolo’s, Streetlife, and Offender Motivation: The Foreground Dynamics of Car Theft
 Cherbonneau, Michael. and Wright, Richard.

Straight out the Supermax: A Study of Ex-Convicts Released from Long-term Confinement Directly into the Community
 Costanza, Steve., Cox, Stephen. and Mitchell, Damon.

Strain Theory and the Attractions of Deviance
 Capowich, George.

Strain, Negative Emotions, and Deviance: Testing Agnew’s General Strain Theory for Adolescent Delinquency and Drug Use
 Weiss, Michael.

Strangers and Non-Strangers in the Midst: A Multilevel Analysis of Violence between Family, Friends, and Strangers
 Thomas, Shaun. and Hayes, Timothy.

Strategies for Helping Students Understand the Offender and Victim Perspective
 Smolter, Nicole. and Button, Deeanna.

Streamlining Criminal Intelligence Sharing Among Federal, State, Local and Tribal Agencies
 Cue, Carla.

Street Codes in Imagining and Enacting Violent Crime
 Brookman, Fiona., Hochstetler, Andy. and Copes, Heith.

Street Youths' Control Imbalance and Soft and Hard Drug Use
 Baron, Stephen.

Street-Level Conditions in Philadelphia: Hustling, Networks and Community Court Effectiveness
 Rodriguez, Crystal. and Sainato, Vincenzo.

Streets of Crystal, Glass and Diamond: Fiction and the GLBT Experience
 Cupelo, Rachel.

Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward
 Mazza, Anne-Marie.

Stress, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems In a Sample of Diversion Program Youth
 Dembo, Richard., Briones, Rhissa., Gulledge, Laura., Karas, Lora., Winters, Ken. and Belenko, Steven.

Structural Correlates of Prostitution in Exotic Dance Clubs
 Bradley-Engen, Mindy.

Structural Disadvantage and Latinos: Variations in the Relationship of Structural Disadvantage and Delinquency across Latino Groups
 Wittrock, Stacy.

Structural Disadvantage, Heterosexual Relationships and Crime: Life Course Consequences of Environmental Uncertainty
 Seffrin, Patrick., Giordano, Peggy., Cernkovich, Stephen., Manning, Wendy. and Longmore, Monica.
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Structural and Individual Determinants of Deviant Acts: A Cross-National Test of a Multilevel Mertonian Anomie Model
 Trent, Carol.

Student Victimization and Educational Outcomes: The Effect of Victimization on Student’s Attachment and Commitment
 Popp, Ann Marie. and Peguero, Anthony.

Students' Attitudes About Stalking
 Muscat, Bernadette. and Greenleaf, Richard.

Students' Perceptions of Crime, Justice, and Victimization
 San Miguel, Claudia., Rangel, Juan Diego. and Normandin, Nicole.

Studying Art Crime
 Charney, Noah.

Studying Characteristics of Sex Offenders “Missing” from Registration/Monitoring Systems
 Pattavina, April., Norton, Paul. and Harris, Andrew.

Studying Criminal Justice Policy-Making
 Rock, Paul. and Newburn, Tim.

Studying the "Life Course" of New Officers
 Rosenbaum, Dennis. and Scrivner, Ellen.

Studying the "Life Course" of Supervisors
 Fridell, Lorie., Mastrofski, Stephen. and Cordner, Gary.

Subcultural Survival Mechanisms of African-American Police Officers
 Reifert, Steven.

Substance Abuse & Violence
 Yim, Youngyol.

Substance Abuse Treatment Access for a Sample of Adult Sex Offenders Reentering the Community in Kentucky
 Sloas, Lincoln., Steele, Paul. and Hare, Timothy.

Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes
 Ardila, Carla. and Holmes, Bernadette.

Substantial Assistance Departures in U.S. District Coruts: Mitigating Punishment for Sympathetic and Salvageable Offenders?
 Spohn, Cassia.

Substantially Reduce Mass Incarceration by Sentencing Focused on Community Well-Being
 Thomson, Douglas.

Success in Failure: The Mystification of the Economic Crisis
 Mascari, Adrian., Boone, Jason. and Huff, Rodney.

Suicidality Among Battered Women in Tajikistan
 Haarr, Robin.

Summarizing the Re-entry Needs of Jail Inmates and Releasees – A Collaborative Partnership Between Government, Service Providers, and Research
 Flower, Shawn., Robarge, Jacqueline., Lewis, Jean., Britt, Trevor., Timpson, James., Powers, Gregory. and Fontaine, Anika.

Supermax on Trial
 Hurwitz, Steven. and Stockner, Jeffry.

Supervision Regimes and Parolee Deviance: Official Reactions to Parole Violations in California
 Lin, Jeffrey. and Grattet, Ryken.

Supervisory Impact on Police Officers' Attitudes Toward Corruption: A Multilevel Model
 Kim, Jeonglim. and Lee, Hoon.

Surface Versus Substance: How Medicalizing the Behavioral Problems of Abused and Neglected Youth Individualizes Maltreatment
 Cruz, Kenneth.

Surplus Population Regimes in Australia, 1948-2006
 Doyon, Jacquelynn.

Surplus Population Regimes in Canada, 1948-2006
 Faust, Kelly.

Surplus Population Regimes in Finland, 1948-2006
 Bradshaw, Elizabeth.

Surplus Population Regimes in Japan, 1948-2006
 Gillespie, Michael.

Surplus Population Regimes in South Africa, 1948-2006
 Kruse, Lisa.

Surplus Population Regimes in the Netherlands, 1948-2006
 Buist, Carrie.

Surplus Population Regimes in the United States, 1948-2006
 Carlson, Susan. and Gillespie, Michael.

Surrendering their Health to Incarceration: Minority Women and Familial Imprisonment
 Thomas, Shenique., Muhammad, Bahiyyah. and Pacheco, Vivian.

Surveillance of the Powerless: Children, Homeless, and the Elderly.
 Volpi, Nicole.

Surveying Sex Offender Registration/Monitoring Agencies: Problems of "Missing" Sex Offenders
 Choo, Kyungseok.

Surveys of Agency Populations
 Skogan, Wesley., Cordner, Gary., McCarty, William. and McDevitt, Jack.

Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Predictors of Adult Revictimization
 Tapia, Natalia.

Suspended Opportunities: Examining Racial Disparities in School Punishment
 Saporu, Darlene.

Sustaining Stakeholder Satisfaction: Identifying the Needs of People who Provide Input to Parole Boards
 Tubman-Carbone, Heather. and Caplan, Joel.

Suveillance and Governance of Local Police- A Study of ‘Situational Surveillance Control’
 Sainato, Vincenzo.

Sweating Bullets: Assessing the Perceptions of Guns on Two Different College Campus
 Patten, Ryan., Wada, James. and Thomas, Matthew.

Systematic Review of Restorative Justice and Victims of Crime
 Strang, Heather.

Systematic Review of the Impact of Broken Homes on Delinquency
 Jolliffe, Darrick., Murray, Joseph. and Farrington, David.

Systemic Causes of Wrongful Convictions and Reforms Needed to Address Them
 Deskovic, Jeff.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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