ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Taking Stock of Criminology
 Dooley, Brendan.

Taking Stock of the Literature: A Qualitative Review of Twenty-five Years of Stalking Research
 Phillips, Lorraine.

Tapping into "Tap-out": The Barbaric Spectacle of Underground Fighting
 Brent, John. and Kraska, Peter.

Targeted Policing: A Comparative Analysis of Eight Experimental Studies
 Avdija, Avdi.

Targeting Strategies, Police Response and Sighting and Arrest Risks at Non-residential Burglaries
 Coupe, Richard. and Ceccato, Vania.

 Longmire, Dennis.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Sandys, Marla.

 Acker, James.

 Burnett, Cathleen.

Teaching Crime and Culture, Teaching Skills of Liberation
 Coyle, Michael.

Teaching Criminal Investigation or Forensic Science? Consider a Course on the JFK Assassination
 Burke, Tod. and Owen, Stephen.

Teaching Gender Issues: Using Pathways Research: "Maria Full of Grace"
 Kuehnle, Kristen.

Teaching Orienting Strategies in Criminology
 Robinson, Bryan., Vogel, Matt. and Wong, Allen.

Teaching Restorative Justice Behind Prison Walls
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann.

Teaching about Crime and Justice in Online vs. Classroom Settings: Does Location Matter?
 Hardesty, Rachel.

Teaching about Gender and Race Using Domestic Violence Case Files
 Durfee, Alesha.

Teaching and Learning in Prison: Students’ Experiences with an Inside-out Prison Exchange Course in Oregon
 Wilson, Michel. and Salisbury, Emily.

Team Crime Prevention and Perception: Crime in College Park, Maryland
 Debenedetti, Luciana.

Telling Sentencing Stories
 Tombs, Jacqueline.

Territory, Bodies and Security: Technologies of Border Control in an Age of Globalization
 Michalowski, Raymond.

Terrorism Views of College Students from Bangladesh
 Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Elechi, Oko., Baker, David., Jiang, Shanhe. and Lambert, Eric.

Terrorism and Crime: Rising Threat or Exploitable Opportunity?
 Clutterbuck, Lindsay.

Terrorism, Detention & Torture
 Clark, Michaela.

Terrorism, Detention, Due Process & Wrongful Incarceration
 Cubellis, Michelle.

Terrorist Threats and Police Performance: A Study of Israeli Communities
 Hasisi, Badi., Weisburd, David., Jonathan, Tal. and Aviv, Gali.

Testing Perception of Crime in a Virtual Environment: A Commercial Drive Study
 Park, Andrew., Spicer, Valerie. and Mosca, Eileen.

Testing Use of Deadly Force Under Section 508 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code
 Coroian, Jr., George.

Testing Violentization: Considerations on Planning and Surviving Interviews
 Teixeira, Vitor.

Testing a Bayesian Learning Theory of Deterrence among Serious Juvenile Offenders
 Loughran, Thomas. and Anwar, Shamena.

Testing the Effectiveness of an Integrated Approach to Relationship Violence Prevention for Youth 10-17 Years
 Krumholz, Susan. and Stanley, Debra.

Testing the Effects of Race, Sex and Concentrated Disadvantage on Recidivism Rates in Wayne County
 Wehrman, Michael.

Testing the Generality of Social Control Theory: The Effects of Race and Gender across Three Studies
 Britt, Chester. and Costello, Barbara.

Testing the Generalizability of Informal Social Control Theory among Various Racial and Gender Subgroups
 Bounds, Christopher.

Testing the Link Between Drug Quantity and Later Criminal Behavior among Convicted Drug Offenders
 Langan, Neal. and Bierie, David.

Testing the Mediating Effects of Private, Parochial and Public Controls on Victimization and Community Traits.
 Niroula, Nirmal.

Testosterone Moderates the Relationship Between Cortisol Reactivity and Psychopathy
 Glenn, Andrea., Raine, Adrian. and Schug, Robert.

Tests of Multiple Causal Models of Serotonin Expression Influencing Antisocial/Criminal Behavior
 Galyean, Kevan. and Vaske, Jamie.

Textbook Writing as Scholarship
 Fuller, John.

That Was My Rape Story: Personalizing Rape Victim Blame in the Classroom
 Miller, Michelle.

The Academic Contribution of Textbooks
 Pogrebin, Mark.

The Academic's Perspective
 Morrell, Barbara.

The Activist's Perspective
 Sisk, Janet.

The Adaptation of Family Group Decision Making into Offender Reenty Programming
 Grol, Susan. and Michels, Roxanne.

The Association between Paternal Criminality and Offspring Delinquent Involvement
 Roberts, Kathleen., Beaver, Kevin. and Vaughn, Michael.

The Association between Work-family Conflict and Job Burnout among Correctional Staff: A Preliminary Study
 Lambert, Eric., Hogan, Nancy., Jiang, Shanhe. and Altheimer, Irshad.

The Association of Intimate Partner Violence and Other Forms of Offending for Young Adult Men
 Wiesner, Margit. and Capaldi, Deborah.

The Attorney's Perspective
 Klawiter, Richard.

The Attractiveness of a Taser with the Current Continuum of Force for Law Enforcement
 Kocher, Charles., Griffin, Patricia. and Stocker, Darren.

The Backstage Constructions of Deviant Identities
 Marvasti, Amir. and Day, L..

The Battered Person Syndrome in a Case of Self-defense: Does Gender and Sexual Orientation Matter?
 Russell, Brenda., Ragatz, Laurie. and Kraus, Shane.

The Benefits and Costs of Prison-based Substance Abuse Treatment
 Zarkin, Gary., Cowell, Alexander., Belenko, Steven., Houser, Kimberly., Hicks, Katherine., Dunlap, Laura., Mills, Michael. and Keyes, Vincent.

The Biosocial Underpinnings to Adolescent Victimization:
 Beaver, Kevin., Boutwell, Brian., Barnes, J.C.. and Cooper, Jonathon.

The Black Box at the Front End of the Juvenile Justice System
 Mears, Daniel.

The Black Hand: Organized Crime and the Social Construction of Deviance in Chicago
 Lombardo, Robert.

The Blueprints Approach
 Elliott, Delbert.

The Challenges of Successful Reintegration: Identifying the Needs of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals
 Edwards, Cavwell. and Kazemian, Lila.

The Circles of Control: Integrating Control and Situational Explanations of Crime.
 Maimon, David.

The City’s Poor: The Changing Distribution of Neighborhood Poverty and City Crime Rates
 Yates, Daniel.

The Co-founder's Perspective
 Williams, Pat.

The Co-occurrence of Chronic Aggression and Hypersexual Behaviors in Children
 Healey, Jay., Lussier, Patrick. and Corrado, Raymond.

The Connection between Economics Factors and the Rate of Family Violence: A Systematic Review of the Evidence
 Maxwell, Chris. and Stone, Rebecca.

The Construction, Content and Predictors of Sex Offender Legislation
 Meloy, Michelle., Curtis, Kristin. and Boatwright, Jessica.

The Context of Corporal Punishment: The Effect of Corporal Punishment on Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers
 Bell, Kristin., Gibson, Chris. and Morris, Sara.

The Contextual Effects of School Characteristics on Students’ Delinquency
 Kim, Young S..

The Contingent Context of Place Violence: Violent Crime in Apartment Complexes
 Scherer, Heidi., Payne, Troy., Wilcox, Pamela., Fisher, Bonnie. and Eck, John.

The Convergence of Conflict: Family Relationships among Returning Juvenile Offenders
 Panuccio, Elizabeth., Christian, Johnna. and Martinez, Damian.

The Correctional Officers’ Intent to Leave Employment: Do Stress and Burnout Matter?
 Garcia, Marie. and Lawton, Brian.

The Cost Savings of Alternative to Placement Programs in New York State: An Update from Governor Paterson’s Task Force on Transforming New York State’s Juvenile Justice System
 Elliott, Maggie.

The Costs of Delinquency: Gender and Adult Social Events
 Chapple, Constance. and Hope, Trina.

The Creation and Utilization of a Gang Identification and Assessment Instrument
 Gebo, Erika. and Deibert, Gini.

The Crime Control Effects of Criminal Sanctions for Intimate Partner Violence
 Garner, Joel. and Maxwell, Chris.

The Crime Prevention Impact of the Cincinnati Police Department’s Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR)
 Ozer, Murat. and Engel, Robin.

The Crime Range of Persistent Offenders in British Columbia: A Study in Small Areas and Anchor Points
 Andresen, Martin. and Felson, Marcus.

The Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in US, Taiwan and Mainland, China
 Liu, Haiyan.

The Criminal Justice Response to Gustav: Lessons Learned from Katrina
 Harper, Jr., Dee Wood.

The Cultural Context of Drinking and Violence: A Cross-national Comparison of Adolescents
 Savolainen, Jukka., Felson, Richard., Bjarnason, Thoroddur. and Anderson, Amy.

The Cumulative Effect of Multiple Risk Factors for Youth Violence, Gang Membership and Violent Victimization
 Freng, Adrienne., Esbensen, Finn-Aage., Taylor, Terrance. and Peterson, Dana.

The Decline in Suicide by Men Who Kill Their Intimate Partners
 Gartner, Rosemary. and McCarthy, Bill.

The Designation of Career Offenders: A Multi-level Analysis
 Caravelis Hughes, Cyndy., Chiricos, Ted. and Bales, William.

The Determinants of Sentencing: A Meta-analysis
 Souris, Renee. and Forst, Brian.

The Development and Validation of the Ohio Offender Risk and Need Assessment System
 Smith, Paula., Latessa, Edward., Makarios, Matthew., Lemke, Richard. and Lovins, Brian.

The Development of the Measures of Criminal and Antisocial Desistance (MCAD)
 Kroner, Daryl.

The Differential Effects of Criminal Involvement across Gender
 Youstin, Tasha.

The Dismissal and Public Safety Connection: What Does the Evidence Mean for Policy Development?
 Vilcica, E. Rely.

The Disproportionate Impact of Prosecuting Youth as Adults on Communities of Color
 Arya, Neelum.

The Distribution of Lead Emissions: Structural Disadvantage, Collective Efficacy and the Role of Political Power
 Gibbs, Carole. and Pizarro, Jesenia.

The Drug Use Trajectories of Arrestees
 Myrstol, Brad.

The Dynamics of Lethal Force in a Raid on a Terrorist Cell
 Hunt, Jennifer.

The Effect of Crime Type and Citizenship on Perceptions of Torture
 Narchet, Fadia. and Russano, Melissa.

The Effect of Familial and Environmental Factors on Intimate Partner Violence among Homeless Young Adults
 Melander, Lisa. and Tyler, Kimberly.

The Effect of Higher Education on Police Behavior
 Rydberg, Jason. and Terrill, William.

The Effect of Incarceration on Young Offender Development
 Matsuda, Kristy.

The Effect of Institutional and Community Racial and Ethnic Transition on Crime in Los Angeles Public Schools
 Boggess, Lyndsay.

The Effect of Officer Fatigue on the Exercise of Police Discretion and Accountability
 Vila, Bryan. and Moore, Jason.

The Effect of Parental Perception of Neighborhood Disorder on Family Management Strategies and Child Antisocial Behavior
 Lobo-Antunes, Maria.

The Effect of Structural Conditions and Firearm Availability on Homicide Rates: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Owen, Laura.

The Effect of Time Served on Future Criminality
 Snodgrass, Matthew., Nagin, Daniel., Nieuwbeerta, Paul. and Blokland, Arjan.

The Effect of U.S. v Gall on Federal Sentencing
 Blackwell, Kevin.

The Effect of Victim Participation on Victims' Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System
 Mastrocinque, Jeanna.

The Effect of Victimization on Adolescents' Gang Membership and Participation
 Button, Deeanna., Miller, Susan. and Gealt, Roberta.

The Effect of Welfare Reform, Income Inequality and Unemployment on Female Arrest Rates, 1990-2005
 Thompson, Melissa. and Uggen, Chris.

The Effect of the Method of Execution on Sentencing Determinations in Capital Cases
 Fera, Adam.

The Effectiveness of Multisystemic Therapy
 Jonson, Cheryl., Cullen, Francis., Smith, Paula. and Lux, Jennifer.

The Effectiveness of Reintegrative Shaming and Restorative Justice Conference
 Kim, Hee Joo. and Webb, David.

The Effectiveness of School-based Anti-bullying Programs: Theory, Evaluation and Recommendations
 Cox, Amanda.

The Effects of "Pulling Levers" Policing on Crime
 Braga, Anthony. and Weisburd, David.

The Effects of Broken Windows Policing on Crime, Disorder, Fear of Crime and Collective Efficacy
 Weisburd, David., Hinkle, Joshua., Famega, Christine. and Ready, Justin.

The Effects of Community Contexts on Crime and Fear of Crime: Results from a Community Survey
 Kwak, Dae-Hoon., San Miguel, Claudia. and Kiburn, Jr., John.

The Effects of Correctional Programming on Earnings
 Jensen, Eric. and Kane, Stephanie.

The Effects of Correctional Work on Officers’ Attitudes towards Rehabilitation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
 Lerman, Amy.

The Effects of Crime Type on Juvenile Court Outcomes for Girls relative to Boys
 Leiber, Michael., Brubaker, Sarah Jane. and Fox, Kristan.

The Effects of Employment on Longitudinal Trajectories of Offending: A Follow Up from Ages 18-34
 Geest, Victor., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Blokland, Arjan.

The Effects of Gun Seizures by a Directed Police Patrol Unit in Dallas
 Wells, William., Zhang, Yan. and Zhao, Jihong.

The Effects of Incarceration on Families of Inmates: Who, When and How Much?
 Viollaz, Julie. and Lynch, James.

The Effects of Legal Cynicism on Criminal Behaviors: A Test of Theory in an Asian Setting
 Narag, Raymund.

The Effects of Nonshared Environments on Adolescent Depression: Findings from a Sample of Monozygotic Twins
 Shields, Ryan. and Beaver, Kevin.

The Effects of Parental Incarceration on the Transition to Adulthood: Does Incarceration Affect Intergenerational Mobility?
 McClure, Timothy., Purser, Christopher. and Dunaway, R..

The Effects of Reform on Justice of the Peace Courts: Listening to the Justices
 Lepage, Cory.

The Effects of Second thought on Decision about Punishment: Systematical Reasoning or Confirmation Bias
 Watamura, Eiichiro., Wakebe, Toshihiro. and Takano, Yohtaro.

The Effects of Self-control and Social Learning on Offending Specialization
 Benson, Jana., Pratt, Travis. and Reisig, Michael.

The Effects of Situational Crime Prevention on Crime and Fear among College Campuses and Students
 Farina, Katie.

The Effects of Victim-related Characteristics on Sentencing among Korean Violent Criminals
 Lee, Minsik.

The Effects of Zero Counts on Delinquency Scale Construction
 Landsheer, Johannes. and Eilers, Paul.

The Effects of the Public Level of Control on Homicide Rates: Evidence from Bogota, Colombia
 Escobar, Gipsy.

The Efficacy of PROMISE on Parolees in New Jersey
 Schlager, Melinda. and White, Richard.

The Electronic Monitoring of Offenders Under Community Supervision: An Assessment of the Consequences to Public Safety
 Bales, William., Blomberg, Thomas., Mann, Karen., Barrick, Kelle. and Gaes, Gerry.

The Emotional Needs of Public Safety Personnel
 Plebanski, David.

The Evolving Danger of Cyberterrorism: More Than Just a Virtual Threat
 Parker, Amanda.

The Expansion of Online Teaching in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Impact on Students and Faculty
 Siegel, Larry.

The Experience of Federal Imprisonment for Women: A Historical Review or Women's Federal Prisons
 Rousseau, Danielle.

The Factors of White-collar Crime among Koreans and Japanese
 McQuerrey, Brooke., Cho, Yeok-il. and Kim, Jiyoung.

The Floggings Will Continue until Morale Improves: Assessing Organizational Justice and Police Job Satisfaction
 McNabb, Neal.

The Framing of School Shootings
 Howells, Stephanie.

The Friday Afternoon Crab Club, Redux
 Schafer, Joseph.

The Future Evolution of Ethics in Policing
 Buerger, Michael.

The Gender Category of Hate Crime Law: An Optimistic Future?
 Hodge, Jessica.

The General Theory of Crime and White-collar Crime: An On-going Dialogue
 Friedrichs, David.

The Gentrification of Humboldt Park: A Study of Crime in the Puerto Rican Community of Chicago
 Perez, Xavier.

The Geography of Excuses: The Spatial Patterns of Citizens Excusaed From Reporting for Jury Duty
 LeBeau, James.

The Global Terrorism Database: Tracking World-wide Trends in Terrorism
 LaFree, Gary.

The High Road: A Content Analysis of Newspaper Articles Concerning Medical Marijuana
 Vickovic, Samuel.

The Historical and Biological Roots of Robert K. Merton’s Anomie.
 Orenstein, David.

The Impact Of Legislations On Homicides Involving Firearms: A Canadian Study
 Gagné, Marie-Pier. and Blais, Étienne.

The Impact of Activity Spaces on Two Different Treatment Delivery Systems
 Taxman, Faye., Lum, Cynthia., Zinsser, Kate., Willis, Julie. and Wooditch, Alese.

The Impact of Age, Race and Gender on Juvenile Court Outcomes
 Jordan, Kareem. and Freiburger, Tina.

The Impact of Broken Windows Style Policing on Trust and Confidence in the Police: Overall and Race-specific Effects
 Famega, Christine., Ready, Justin., Weisburd, David. and Hinkle, Joshua.

The Impact of Bullying Behaviors on School Avoidance
 Hutzell, Kirsten.

The Impact of Childhood Exposure to Family Violence and Childhood Psychopathology on Adolescent Bullying and Victim Behavior
 Herrera, Veronica. and Stuewig, Jeffrey.

The Impact of Constrained Behaviors on Sentencing Outcomes
 Rader, Nicole. and Haynes, Stacy.

The Impact of Electing an African American Mayor on Interracial Homicide
 Sutton, Gretchen. and Johnson, Kecia.

The Impact of Globalization and Technological Innovations on Punishment in the United States
 Kim, Dae-Young. and Batton, Candice.

The Impact of Globalization on Youth Behaviors and Identities: An Empirical Test
 Maxwell, Sheila. and Narag, Raymund.

The Impact of Governmental Corruption on Crime Rates
 Welch, Rebecca.

The Impact of Higher Education on Police Officer Attitudes Regarding Abuse of Authority
 Telep, Cody.

The Impact of Houston Crime Reduction Unit on Violent and Property Crimes in Four Patrol Districts
 Ren, Ling., Zhao, Jihong. and Hoover, Larry.

The Impact of Incarceration and Treatment of Drug-law Violators on Community Crime Rates: A Pooled-time Series Analysis
 Sterk, Rachel. and Olson, David.

The Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Employees and Their Workplace
 Lindquist, Christine., Clinton-Sherrod, Monique., McKay, Tasseli. and Walters, Jennifer.

The Impact of Offender Criminal History on Non-government Sponsored Sentencing Decisions Made Below the Guidelines
 Cano, Mario.

The Impact of Operation Ceasefire on Gunshot Wound Admissions to a Level 1 Trauma Center
 Boyle, Douglas., Lanterman, Jennifer. and Pascarella, Joseph.

The Impact of Policing Terrorism on Society: Lessons from Israel and the U.S.
 Alpert, Geoff. and Hasisi, Badi.

The Impact of Politics and Policies on Imprisonment in the U.S.
 Engen, Rodney.

The Impact of Prior Arrests on Recidivism: Assessing a Social Location Typology of Adjudicated Youth
 Schulenberg, Jennifer.

The Impact of Prison Victimization Exposure on Community Reintegration Outcomes
 Listwan, Shelley. and Hanley, Dena.

The Impact of Probation Intensity on Recidivism: A Systematic Review
 Gill, Charlotte.

The Impact of Reentry Programming on Adult Males
 Steffey, Danielle., Lattimore, Pamela. and Visher, Christy.

The Impact of Reentry Programming on Outcomes for Female Returning Prisoners
 Barrick, Kelle. and Lindquist, Christine.

The Impact of Restorative Justice on Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms in Male and Female Crime Victims
 Angel, Caroline.

The Impact of Scott v. Harris on Objective Reasonableness of Police Use of Force
 Lee, Hoon. and Kim, Jeonglim.

The Impact of Television Crime Programming on Punitive Attitudes
 Sarver, Mary., Sarver, III, Robert. and Dobbs, Rhonda.

The Impact of a Failing Economy on the Needs of Victims of Violence
 McCandless, N. Jane., Knowles, Sarah. and Lutgen, Laura.

The Impact of a Road Safety Unit on Accidents with Injuries: A Quasi-experimental Study
 Beaudoin, Isabelle. and Blais, Étienne.

The Impact of an Instructional Police Program on Violence and Denunciation Behaviours: A Multi-center Approach
 Blais, Étienne. and Gagné, Marie-Pier.

The Impacts of Medical Resources upon National Homicide Rates
 Chon, Don.
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The Implementation of Evidence-based Programming in a Community Corrections Setting: Parenting Inside Out for Women Offenders on Work Release Status
 Fox, Lizabeth.

The Implications of Terrorism for the Formal and Social Organization of Policing: Some Concerns and Opportunities
 Greene, Jack.

The Importance of Asking Why and How: Toward an Analytical Criminology
 Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

The Importance of Place for Prolific Co-offender Networks
 Croisdale, Tim., Brantingham, Patricia. and Brantingham, Paul.

The Importance of Sex Offender Type: A Comparison of Rapists and Child Molesters
 Colombino, Niki., Mercado, Cynthia. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

The Imposition and Payment of Economic Sanctions among Juvenile Offenders
 Haynes, Stacy., Cares, Alison. and Ruback, R..

The Influence and Practice of the Bail Decision
 Starks, Brian.

The Influence of Bus Stops and Commercial Establishments on Violence Crime
 Yu, Sung-suk Violet.

The Influence of Individual-level and Neighborhood-level Factors on Citizen Perceptions of the Police
 Vogel, Brenda.

The Influence of Peer Group Composition on Delinquent Beliefs
 Carson, Dena.

The Influence of Perceived Police Effectiveness & Ecological Factors on Fear of Crime in South Korea
 Lee, Yung Hyeock. and Daday, Jerry.

The Influence of Race and Gender of the Offender and Victim in Death Sentence Recommendations
 Murry, Crystal.

The Influence of Scholarship on the Strategic Value of Art
 Nemeth, Erik.

The Influence of Self-control and Parenting Styles on Young Latinos' Criminal Offending
 Shekarkhar, Zahra. and Gibson, Chris.

The Integrative Roles of Morality and Self-control in Juvenile Delinquency; A Partial Test of SAT Theory
 Mulligan, Erin. and Jones, Shayne.

The Interaction Between Propensity and Exposure
 Tseloni, Andromachi. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

The Interaction between Low Birth Weight and Neighborhood Conditions in the Prediction of Antisocial Outcomes
 Roberts, Kelly. and Beaver, Kevin.

The Interactive Effects of Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Age on Upward Departures in Pennsylvania
 Iannacchione, Brian. and Frenzel, Erika.

The Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender in a Community Context: A Partial Application of GST
 Burbank, Melissa.

The Intersectionality of Race, Gender and Reentry: Challenges for African American Women
 Brown, Geneva.

The Invisible Offender: Older Sex Offenders in the U.S.
 La Corte, Jack. and Stanback, Brianne.

The Israeli Model for Policing Terrorism: Goals, Strategies and Open Questions
 Perry, Simon., Weisburd, David. and Jonathan, Tal.

The Janus-like Face of Youth Justice in Canada: A Public Policy Analysis in Three Acts
 Patenaude, Allan., Jones, Nicholas. and Hurlbert, Margot.

The Journey to Part I and Part II Crime
 Hayslett-McCall, Karen.

The Landscape of Mental Health Courts in the US
 Debus, Sara. and Buck Willison, Janeen.

The Last Convict: Merv Breaton and his 70-year Criminal Career
 Yeager, Matthew.

The Legal Community's Views of Terrorism and Civil Liberties: A Survey and an Experiment
 Merola, Linda.

The Long Term Impact of Routine Activities (Deviant Lifestyle and Guardianship) on Chronic Violent Victimization
 Spano, Richard. and Rivera, Craig.

The Long-term Consequences of Bank Disinvestment on Neighborhood Crime: An Analysis of Albuquerque Neighborhoods (1990-2006)
 Velez, Maria. and Lyons, Christopher.

The Long-term Impact of a Prison-based Therapeutic Community on Offender Recidivism
 Olson, David.

The Low Risk Experiment in Philadelphia: Can Low Risk Probationers be Supervised Less without Compromising Public Safety?
 Ahlman, Lindsay. and Kurtz, Ellen.

The Measurement of Mental Illness in a Criminal Justice Context
 Morabito, Melissa. and Blank, Amy.

The Mediating Effects of Social Support on Negative Outcomes for Sexual Minority Students
 Button, Deeanna., Smolter, Nicole. and Gealt, Roberta.

The Meta-analytic Approach
 Lipsey, Mark.

The Modern Underground Railroad: Examining the Transition from the Street to the Prison among Criminal Illegal Aliens
 Stevenson, Gabriela. and Marquart, James.

The Monument: Fiction and the Correctional Officer
 Dum, Christopher.

The Moral Significance of Class
 Reiman, Jeffrey.

The Multiple Contexts of Development: School and Neighborhood Effects on Delinquency among Urban Adolescents
 Browning, Christopher. and Burrington, Lori.

The Mutual Unfolding of Self-regulation and Externalizing Behavioral Problems: A Biosocial Analysis
 Barnes, J.C.. and Beaver, Kevin.

The Myth of "Mandatory Arrest": Etiology of Domestic Violence Statutes and Limitations on Police Discretion
 Friedmann, Rick. and Boots, Denise.

The Myth of Punitiveness Revisited
 Matthews, Roger.

The Myth of Re-entry: Tales from the Field
 Twersky, Aviva. and Sheridan, Matthew.

The Mythology of Prostitution: Advocacy Research and Public Policy
 Weitzer, Ron.

The National Context Effect: A Test of Validity of Cross-national Research using Unrepresentative Samples
 Straus, Murray.

The Nature of Religious Hate Crimes in the United States Pre and Post 9/11
 Nolan, James., Bennett, Susan. and Rodrigues, Ellen.

The Neighborhood Bully in Cyberspace: An Exploratory Analysis of Cyber-Bullying
 O\'Connell, Daniel. and Bakken, Nicholas.

The Neighborhood Context of Hate Crime between African Americans and Latinos in Los Angeles County
 Brown, Jacob.

The Neighborhood Environment and Repeat Intimate Partner Violence: A Social Disorganization Approach.
 Valentine, Colby.

The Neuroscience of Neutralization
 Niemeyer, Richard. and Proctor, Kristopher.

The Nexus between Economics and Family Violence
 Maxwell, Chris. and Stone, Rebecca.

The Offender's Angle: Spatial Vectoring of Criminal Target Search in Urban Areas
 Frank, Richard. and Brantingham, Patricia.

The Onset of Self-control
 Lussier, Patrick. and Corrado, Raymond.

The Past Is Prologue: Prior Adjustment to Prison and Institutional Misconduct
 Drury, Alan. and DeLisi, Matthew.

The People Prisons Make: Modeling Incarceration as a Dynamic Risk Factor
 Lerman, Amy.

The Perception of Criminal Stigma: A Study of Non-offenders
 Scott, Julia. and Evans, Douglas.

The Phenomenology of Targeting: Method, Metaphors and Gunfire
 Wender, Jonathan.

The Political-Economy of Risk: Constructing the Criminal Labor Immigrant in Israel
 Ajzenstadt, Mimi.

The Politics and Culture of Negotiated Outcomes in Homicide Prosecution
 Unah, Isaac., Coggins, K.. and Desmarais, Bruce.

The Politics of Doing Time: Gender, Punishment and Justice
 Olson, Bernadette.

The Practice of Juvenile Justice: New Treads or Re-treads?
 Benekos, Peter., Merlo, Alida. and Puzzanchera, Charles.

The Pragmatic American: Attributions of Crime and the Hydraulic Relation Hypothesis
 Unnever, James., Cochran, John., Cullen, Francis. and Applegate, Brandon.
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The Prediction of Early Adult Onset Criminal Activity
 Hoge, Robert.

The Predictors of In-school Weapon-carrying
 Stickle, Wendy.

The Price and the Promise of Citizenship: Extending the Vote to Nonincarcerated Felons
 Uggen, Chris. and Inderbitzin, Michelle.

The Prison Librarian: Fiction and Rehabilitation
 Tabriz, Sonia.

The Problems of Law Enforcement in Cyber Crime
 Lerdtomornsakul, Unisa.

The Process of Developing a Risk and Needs Assessment Instrument for Offenders
 Peralta, Sofia. and Fischer, Ryan.

The Prosecution – or Lack Thereof – of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
 Jackson, Shelly. and Hafemeister, Thomas.

The Protest Music of Phil Ochs
 Leichtman, Ellen.

The Psychology of Security: 360 Degree Security: Lessons in Contemporary Contract Security
 Behm, Trystan.

The Public Defender's Perspective
 Ricciardi, Rhoda.

The Punishment of Hispanics Over Time: An Analysis of Hispanics Sentenced under Federal Sentencing Guidelines, 1992-2004
 Light, Michael.

The Racial Typification of Crime and Social Control
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The Reciprocal Relationship between School Disengagement and Delinquency in Late Childhood/Early Adolescence
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The Regulation of the Professions
 Tillotson, Stephen.

The Relationship between Belief in a Just World & Perceptions of Ethical Dilemmas Involving Police Officers
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The Relationship between Criminology and Criminal Justice: Revisiting an Old Controversy
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The Relationship between Depression and Antisocial Behavior in PHDCN Girls
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The Relationship between Family Support and Adjustment among Female Detainees: Findings from a National Survey
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The Relationship between Individual Factors and Juvenile Delinquency in Ghana
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The Relationship between Minority Adolescent Female Delinquency and Association with Delinquent Peers
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The Relationship between Moral Reasoning and Executive Function
 Grometstein, Randall.

The Relationship between Residential Proximity and Sex Offense Recidivism
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The Relationship between Self-control and Crime among Convicted Sex Offenders
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The Relationship between Social Integration and Victimization among Immigrant Groups
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The Relationship between the Perceived Punitiveness of Prison and the Likelihood of Recidivism
 May, David. and Wood, Peter.

The Relationship between the Severity of a Crime and Eye Witness Identification
 Els, Nicole. and Hayslett-McCall, Karen.

The Relationships between Identity Styles and the Selection of Delinquent Peers
 Courey, Michael. and Pare, Paul-Philippe.

The Relative Stability of the Impact of Self-control on Deviance across Adolescence and Young Adulthood
 Nofziger, Stacey.

The Rich Get Richer Because the Poor Get Prison.. and When They Don’t: Profit Making Alternatives to Incarceration
 Selman, Donna.

The Right to Counsel: A Historical and Comparative Analysis of State Policies
 Worden, Alissa., Davies, Andrew. and Brown, Elizabeth.

The Risks, Needs and Responsivity Model & Drug Treatment Courts
 Richardson, Katie.

The Road Between Abuse and Offending: A Test of the Pathways Perspective
 Gehring, Krista., Vaske, Jamie. and Van Voorhis, Patricia.

The Role of Community in Addressing the Cultural Legitimization of Domestic Violence Among Indo-Caribbean Immigrant Women
 Baboolal, Aneesa.

The Role of Criminology and CJ Expertise in Policy Making (Sense and Non-sense of Common Sense Crime Control Policies)
 Mesko, Gorazd.

The Role of Cultural Codes and Social Organisation in Explaining Albanian Organised Crime
 Arsovska, Jana.

The Role of Emotions in Jury Decision Making in the Context of a Criminal Trial
 Jeandron, Gerald.

The Role of Gender in Shoplifting: Criminality and Apprehension Trends
 Levine, Jesse.

The Role of Selection Effects in the Drug-crime Relationship: A Propensity Score Matching Approach
 Ragan, Daniel. and Beaver, Kevin.

The Role of Status Compatibility on the Help Seeking Decisions of Female Intimate Partner Violence Victims
 Kaukinen, Catherine., Akers, Caroline. and Meyer, Silke.

The Role of Suspect Forensic Exams in Police Sexual Assault Investigations
 Kelley, Kathleen., Campbell, Rebecca. and Dworkin, Emily.

The S.C.I. as Neighbor: Examining Community Satisfaction of State Prisons in Rural Pennsylvania among Local Residents
 Courtright, Kevin., Hannan, Michael., Packard, Susan. and Brennan, Edward.

The Scarlet Letter: Internet Sex Offender Registries
 Williams, James. and Rodeheaver, Daniel.

The Science Behind Social Norms
 Davis-LaMastro, Valerie.

The Shackling of Imprisoned Women: Just Another Excuse to “Keep Her Down”
 Zaitzow, Barbara H..

The Shifting Ground of Parole in California: An Uneasy Mix of Rehabilitation, Reentry and Regulation
 Werth, Robert.

The Siege in Mumbai: A Conventional Terrorist Attack Aided by Modern Technology
 Walker, Michael. and LaRaia, William.

The Significance of Burglary in the Criminal Careers of Sexual Offenders Referred for Civil Commitment
 Harris, Danielle. and Knight, Raymond.

The Significance of Social, Family and Life Event History in the Perpetration of Domestic Violence
 Clifford, Janice.

The Situational Approach to the Study of Organized Crime
 von Lampe, Klaus.

The Situational Crime Prevention Approach to Terrorism
 Newman, Graeme. and Clarke, Ron.

The Smoke of Police Misconduct vs. the Exhaust of Routine Policing
 Worden, Robert. and Harris, Christopher.

The Social Construction of "The Other": Media Representations of Katrina Evacuees in Houston, Texas
 Warren, Deirdre.

The Social Network of Gangs in Montreal: Uncovering the Relational Dynamics through Focus Groups
 Descormiers, Karine.

The State of Shame in Terrorism: Mapping Shame via Network Text Analysis.
 Morris, Travis.

The Structural Correlates of Native American Violent Offending
 Painter-Davis, Noah.

The Structural Covariates of Hunting and Fishing Violations in Florida, 2006-2007
 Stretesky, Paul., Shelley, Tara. and Crow, Matthew.

The Study of Escalation in Criminal Careers: (I) Conceptualizing Escalation at the Individual Level
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The Study of Escalation in Criminal Careers: (II) Analyzing Trajectories Over Time - a Mixed Model Approach
 Liu, Jiayi., Francis, Brian. and Soothill, Keith.

The Subculture of Police Paramilitary Units: The Question of a Warrior Subculture
 Hunt, Jennifer.

The Sustainability of the Controlled Demolition Hypothesis for the Destruction of the Twin Towers
 Szamboti, Anthony.

The Tangible Rewards from Crime: The Role of Networks in Criminal Achievement among Young Offenders
 Nguyen, Holly. and Bouchard, Martin.

The Tattooed Inmate: Examining the Impact of Being Doubly-labeled on Reentry Outcomes
 Bales, William., Waters, Kevin. and Blomberg, Thomas.

The Terrorism Views of College Students from Canada
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The Terrorism Views of College Students from China
 Jiang, Shanhe., Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Lambert, Eric., Elechi, Oko. and Baker, David.

The Terrorism Views of Students from Nigeria
 Elechi, Oko., Baker, David., Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Lambert, Eric. and Jiang, Shanhe.

The Terrorism Views of U.S. College Students
 Lambert, Eric., Jiang, Shanhe., Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Baker, David. and Elechi, Oko.

The Threat of Animal Rights and Environmental Groups: The Role of Moral Inhibitions in “Monkeywrenching”
 Varriale, Jennifer.

The Tipping Point of Parole: Historical Factors and Parole Change
 Muni, Michele.

The Transgender Inmate Subculture in California Prisons for Men
 Sumner, Jennifer.

The Transition to Young Adulthood and Physical Health Status among Females in Juvenile Justice System: Linking Developmental Pathways and Biomarker Assessments
 Odgers, Candice., Russell, Michael. and Robins, Summer.

The Treatment of American Indians Residing in Rural Areas
 Muraskin, Roslyn.

The Treatment of Elderly Inmates : Are We Meeting the Standard of Medical Care?
 Barbeiro, Jessica.

The Trials and Tribulations of Gaining Access to Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Records
 Halter, Stephanie.

The U.S. Needs a National Police University
 Cordner, Gary.

The Undiscovered Country: A Test of Celerity Using Homicide Closures in Washington, D.C.
 Goodison, Sean.

The Unshareable Self: Developing, Sustaining and Enacting a Violent Anti-Social Identity
 Goodney Lea, Suzanne.

The Use of Civil Assessment Forfeiture by the Police
 Holcomb, Jefferson., Williams, Marian. and Kovandzic, Tomislav.

The Use of Community Networks in Criminal Justice and Emergency Management
 Myers, Laura., Myers, Larry., Grant, Lorna. and Samuels, Lorraine.

The Use of Incarceration in the United States and Other Western Democracies
 Weiss, Douglas. and MacKenzie, Doris.

The Validity of Self-reported Drug Use: A Synthesis and Critique of the Extant Empirical Literature
 Fishburn, Erin. and Brennan, Pauline.

The Value of Plea Bargains and Strength of the Evidence
 Redlich, Allison. and Bushway, Shawn.

The Welfare versus Justice Debate Continues in the UK into the 21st Century
 Rawstorne, Shirley.

The Youth Control Complex: The Consequences of the Juvenile Justice Pipeline on Racialized Youth
 Rios, Victor.

The Youth Victimization-offending Relationship: Correlate or Coincidence?
 Marano, Diane.

The 'Write' Stuff: Simple Techniques Designed to Teach Students How to Avoid Plagiarism
 Ferree, Caroline. and Pfeifer, Heather.

The ‘Slow Burn’ of Police-academic Relationships: Creating a Culture for Participatory Research
 Marks, Monique. and Wood, Jennifer.

The “CSI Effect” on Criminal Justice Students
 Maier, Shana L.. and Eith, Christine.

Theoretical and Emprical Support for the Development of Distinct Models to Understand Children in Care
 Corrado, Raymond., Freedman, Lauren. and McPhee, Robert.

Theories of Crime Places: Rivals or More of the Same?
 Bruinsma, Gerben. and Weisburd, David.

Theorizing Honor Homicide
 Cooney, Mark.

Theory and Challenges of Taking Early Prevention to Scale
 Sullivan, Christopher. and Welsh, Brandon.

There is No Safe Haven: The Over-policing of Latino and African American Youth
 Vera Sanchez, Claudio.

Three Years On: The Community Order and the Suspended Sentence Order
 Mair, George.

Throwing Them Under the Bus: Journalism and the Manufacture of Comtemporary Doping Narratives
 Sefiha, Ophir.

To Change or Not to Change? The Role of Social Science in Judicial Policy-making
 Kakoti, George.

To Die Like a Dog: Grassroot Efforts to Legalize Assisted-suicide in the United States
 Rodick, Giza.

To Resist or Not to Resist? The Effect of Context and Crime Characteristics on Sex Offenders’ Reaction to Victim Resistance
 Balemba, Samantha. and Beauregard, Eric.

Today's Undergraduate Student and the Criminal Justice Profession
 Takata, Susan. and Curran, Jeanne.

Today's White Collar Crime: What Have We Learned in the Past 70 Years?
 Brightman, Hank.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010]

Tolerance for Crime and Religion: Explaining Variation in Cross-national
 Corcoran, Katie., Pettinicchio, David. and Robbins, Blaine.

Toward a Mixed Methods Measure: Concept Maps, Salience, and Multistage Analysis
 Wheeldon, Johannes.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022] [023]

Toward a More Just Fortress Europe: Combining Temporary Labor Migration and Effective Policies of Return
 Engbersen, Godfried. and Leerkes, Arjen.

Toward a Multilevel Model of In-Prison Substance Abuse Treatment
 Kelly, Christopher.

Toward a Profession of Crime Prevention and Control
 Kennedy, David. and Feucht, Thomas.

Toward an European Survey on Crime against Business
 Savona, Ernesto Ugo. and Mugellini, Giulia.

Towards a National Data Base on Officer-involved Shootings
 Klinger, David.

Tracking Global Terrorism Trends
 LaFree, Gary. and Dugan, Laura.

Tracking Sex Offenders: Understanding their Criminal Mobility Patterns throughout their Criminal Career
 Michaud, Patrick. and Beauregard, Eric.

Trafficking In and Smuggling of Men in Serbia: Where Are the Boundaries?
 Copic, Sanja.

Trailers and Trouble? An Examination of Calls for Service in Mobile Home Communities
 McCarty, William.

Trajectories of Delinquency and Social Structure During Adolescence
 Boers, Klaus.

Trajectories of Risk and Program Involvement for Young Women in SAGE Commercial Sexual Exploitation Intervention Programs
 Edberg, Mark., Cohen, Marcia. and May, Suepattra.

Trajectory Analysis of U.S. County-level Prison Admission Patterns 1990-2003
 Schupp, Paul. and Rivera, Craig.

Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Courts
 Howell, James.

Transgressive Agon: Sneaky Thrills in "Sport" Geocaching
 Hawley, Francis.

Transitions in Context: A Multilevel, Life Course Approach to Substance Use Trajectories in Early Adulthood
 Burrington, Lori. and Kuhl, Danielle C..

Translator, Traitor, Terrorist: A Continuum of Distrust
 Hess, Maya.

Travel Distance to Drug Markets: A Case Study of Camden, NJ
 Johnson, Lallen. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

Treatment Matching for Re-entering Substance-abusing Offenders: A Novel use of Latent Class Analysis
 Hamilton, Zachary.

Treatment Needs and Approaches for Offenders with Mental Illness: A Growing Crisis in America's Prison System
 Soderstrom, Irina.

Treatment Outcomes amongst Status Offenders: A Closer Look at the Dallas County Juvenile Department
 Applewhite, Myesha. and Hayslett-McCall, Karen.

Treatment Outcomes: Using CPAI Scores to Control for Program Fidelity
 Allen, Jonathan.

Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offending: A Meta-analysis of Recidivism Predictors and Targeted Treatment Effectiveness
 Kassabian, Taline. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Trends in Federal Incarceration of Undocumented Immigrants
 Warner, Judith. and Goonatilake, Rohitha.

Trends in Incarceration Rates for Violence Against Intimates: Are Women 'Catching up' with Men?
 Solinas-Saunders, Monica.

Trends in Police Research: A Cross-sectional Analysis of the 2007 Literature
 Mazeika, David.

Trends in Research of Police Ethics and Corruption in South Korea: Analysis of 2000-2008 Literature
 Sung, Yong-Eun. and Lee, Seungmug.

Trends in Youth Homicide: A Multivariate Assessment and Forecasting for Policy Impact, 1984-2007
 Parker, Robert. and Asencio, Emily.

Trivializing the Lunatic Crime Rate: Theory, Praxis and the Global Economic Meltdown
 Pontell, Henry.

Tropical Deforestation as a Harmful and Criminological Issue
 Boekhout van Solinge, Tim.

Troubled Beginnings: Paternal Incarceration and Problem Behaviors in Early Childhood
 Washington, Heather. and Myers, Meghan.

Truancy Programs: Are the Effects Too Easily Washed Away?
 Huck, Jennifer.

True Threat or Moral Panic? Newspaper Depictions of the “Mentally Ill School Shooter” and Their Impact
 Woolnough, April.

Trust in Justice – How Much do we Need? A Short History of Trust and Its Present Condition
 Karstedt, Susanne.

Trust, Risk, Credit Crunch
 van de Bunt, Henk.

Turmoil in Arizona: The Case of the Eight Year Old Interrogated in Arizona.
 Shepherd, Glenda. and Hinojosa, Brandy.

Two Actors, Three Roles: A Game Theoretic Extension of Routine Activities Theory for Interpersonal Violence
 Watson, Lesley., Grosholz, Jessica. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Two Decades of "Sexual Predators"
 Janus, Eric.
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