ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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U.S. Anti-trafficking Legislation 2000-2009: A Study in Disjointed Incrementalism
 Stolz, Barbara.

Unclogging Criminal Court Congestion
 Ostrom, Brian.

Uncovering the Unknown Impact of “Key Players” in Criminal Gangs
 Duru, Haci. and Dunham, Jessica.

Undergraduate Research: Learning while Contributing
 Forster, Corey.

Underground Banks in the U.S., the Main Clientele and Operators: The Perspectives of Chinese Illegal Immigrants
 Zhao, Linda Shuo.

Understanding Adolescent Female Delinquency
 Quinn, Camille.

Understanding Crime Trends in Europe
 Aebi, Marcelo. and Linde, Antonia.

Understanding Crime Victimization among Gang Members: A Test of Micro- and Macro-level Explanations
 Fox, Kate., Lane, Jodi. and Akers, Ronald.

Understanding Illinois Corruption Through Social Network Analysis
 Powell, Chadd.

Understanding On Line Grooming in the 21st Century. A Case Study of the London Metropolitan Police
 Martellozzo, Elena.

Understanding Police Misconduct through Theory
 Kunzi, Tasha.

Understanding Repeat Victimization of Males: Applying a Lifestyle/Routine Activity Perspective
 Snyder, Jamie., Scherer, Heidi. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Understanding Sibling Violence: A Theoretical Integration
 Givens, Eugena.

Understanding Where Clients are Coming from So That We Can Meet Them Where They Are
 Feder, Lynette., Campbell, Jacquelyn., Nelson, Robin. and Wallinder, Jan.

Understanding the Challenges and Realities of the Transition from Prison to the Community at Release.
 Grommon, Eric., Onifade, Eyitayo. and Bynum, Timothy.

Understanding the Medicalization of Marijuana: Putting Peter Conrad and Joseph Schneider’s Medicalization Theory to Work for Criminologists and Criminal Justice Policy Makers
 London, Jeff.

Understanding the Motivations Behind Art Crime and the Effects of an Institution’s Response
 Durney, Mark.

Understanding the Relationship between Income Inequality and Crime in Post-Communist Countries
 Stamatel, Janet.

Understanding the Rise & Fall of China's Falun Gong Movement
 Linn, Edith.

Understanding the Victimization of People with Disabilities
 Evans, Douglas.

Unearthing the Hacker Underground: Sampling Methods for Quantitative Assessments of Computer Criminals
 Bachmann, Michael. and Nhan, Johnny.

United Nations Policy-making Process: Blumer's Model of Collective Problem Definition
 Smith, Cindy.

United States District Court Responses to the Retroactivity of the Crack Cocaine Amendment
 Reitler, Angela., Frank, James. and Engel, Robin.

United States Presence in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Comparative Analysis of Student Opinions and Policy Implications
 Whitehead, Michele. and del Carmen, Alejandro.

Universities and Police Departments: The Value and Challenges of Research
 Mace, Robin.

Unknown Crime Control Policies: Applying Environmental Policies to Crime Places
 Eck, John. and Eck, Emily.

Unraveling the Relative Contributions of His, Her and Their Drinking
 Hirschel, J..

Until Proven Guilty: Miscarriages of Justice in New York
 Acker, James. and Bonventre, Catherine.

Unwanted Sexual Activities among Israeli High-School Students
 Eshet, Yovav., Geiger, Brenda. and Fischer, Michael.

Urban Boys and Girls: Linking Attitudes to Dating Violence Victimization and Perpetration
 Ali, Bina. and Swahn, Monica.

Urban Institute Interim Report of Permanent Supportive Housing Pilot
 Fontaine, Jocelyn., Nadeau, Carey., Roman, Caterina. and Roman, John.

Use Information Technologies to Empower Communities & Drive Innovation in the Criminal Justice System
 Siska, Tracy.

Use of DNA Testing in Police Investigative Work
 Wilson, David. and Weisburd, David.

Using "Real World" Data From Three Stooges Films in Introductory Statistics and Research Methods Classes
 Gardner, Robert. and Davidson, Robert.

Using CCTV to Monitor Public Domains
 Nestel, Tom.

Using Cost-benefit Analysis to Guide Criminal and Juvenile Justice Policy
 Levshin, Valerie.

Using Data and Research to Inform Community-Based Programming and Policies
 Siegel, Al.

Using Political Science Literature in Community Safety Research
 Brunton, Anne.

Using Pretrial Supervised Release to Reduce Jail Crowding: A Policy Assessment
 Brown, Michael. and Najar, Andria.

Using Research to Inform Policy: The Development of Graduated Responses in New York State Parole
 Peck, Maggie. and O\'Brien, Tim.

Using Respondent Driven Sampling to Gather Social Network Data from Methamphetamine Users and Distributors in New York City
 Wendel, Travis., Khan, Bilal., Dombrowski, Kirk. and Curtis, Ric.

Using Respondent Driven Sampling to Recruit Immigrant Victims of Violence in Hempstead, NY
 Dombrowski, Kirk., Khan, Bilal., Curtis, Ric., Kennedy, David., Wong, Sue-Lin., Bribiesca, Mady., Paladino, Amalia., Navarro, Angela., Mora, Kathy., Rodriguez, Crystal. and Alves, Elizabeth.

Using Respondent Driven Sampling to Recruit Petty Criminals in Philadelphia
 Curtis, Ric., Mack, Richard., Dombrowski, Kirk., Robbins-Stathas, Lisa., Pass, Michael., Rab, Geoff., Bribiesca, Marialuz., Paladino, Amalia., Sainato, Vincenzo. and Kelly, Lawrence.

Using the NCVS to Measure the Crime of Stalking
 Catalano, Shannan., Baum, Katrina., Rand, Michael. and Rose, Kristina.

Utilizing Agnew and Broidy's Version of Strain Theory to Predict the Criminality of Female Prisoners
 Proctor, Janice.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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