ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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Validating the How I Think Questionnaire (HIT) on Adult Offending Populations
 Stadler, William., Morris, Autumn., Sperber, Kimberly. and Smith, Paula.

Validity of Existing Measures
 Aromaa, Kauko.

Validity of a Gender-Responsive Assessment Tool: Race Effects in a Sample of Female Offenders in Minnesota
 Bell, Valerie. and Van Voorhis, Patricia.

Vancouver's Supervised Injection Site: An Examination of Public Order Impacts
 Boyd, Neil.

Variations in Clients and Parents’ Perception of Family Functional Therapy
 Celinska, Katarzyna.

Variations in Intimate Partner Violence Revictimization after Police Intervention
 Broll, Ryan. and Pare, Paul-Philippe.

Variations on a Theme: Rationales for Wife Abuse across Three Immigrant Groups
 Yingling, Julie., Morash, Merry., Song, Juyoung. and Bui, Hoan.

Victim Devaluing or Police Devaluing? The Vitality of Police as Agents for Resolving Community Conflicts
 Jarvis, John.

Victim Reporting to the Police and the Rural-Suburban-Urban Dimension: A Multivariate Examination of Place Variation.
 Gustafson, Regan.

Victim Services by Illinois Prosecutors: An Analysis of Loose Coupling
 Humiston, Gail.

Victim and Offender Experiences Reflected in Narratives of Prostituted Teens: How do We (and They) Understand and Reconcile These Experiences over the Life-Course?
 Williams, Linda.

Victimization and Health Related Consequences
 Rivera, Craig., Hoffmann, John. and Ireland, Timothy.

Victimization and Perceptions of Crime and Justice in Small Towns and Rural Areas
 Schafer, Joseph., Giblin, Matthew., Levan Miller, Kristine. and Corsaro, Nicholas.

Victimization as a Cause of Delinquency: The Role of Depression and Gender in GST
 Manasse, Michelle. and Ganem, Natasha.

Victimization in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis across 6 Latin American Countries
 Tennyson, Kristin.

Victimization in the Workplace: Occupations, Tasks and Safety Measures
 Lynch, James. and Yoon, Seokhee.

Victimization, Involvement in Community Social Control and Household Protective Actions
 Kang, Ji Hyon.

Victimization, Risky Behaviors and The Virtual World
 Morgan, Rachel. and Jasinski, Jana.

Victimology of Sexual Violence by U.S. State Actors
 Brightman, Sara.

Victims Rights and the International Criminal Court
 Wemmers, Jo-Anne.

Victims by Human Trafficking in Japan
 Yokoyama, Minoru.

Victims’ Responses to Intimate Partner Violence – An Account of Help-Seeking Experiences Over Time
 Meyer, Silke.

Victims’ Routine Activities and Sex Offenders’ Target Selection Scripts: A Latent Class Analysis
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine. and Beauregard, Eric.

Vigilance on the Border: An Exploration of the Dynamics of Civilian Patrol
 Bryant, Jennifer.

Violence against Animals: An Examination of Factors Related to Attitudes and Behavior
 Vollum, Scott.

Violence against Police Officers in Orlando: A Geographic Representation
 Covington, Michele.

Violence in a Rural Context: The Impact of Civic Community on Violence from a Longitudinal Approach
 Corsaro, Nicholas.

Violent Acts and Injurious Consequences: Competing Hypotheses About Intimate Partner Violence in Agency-Based Data
 Warner, Tara.

Violent Juvenile Behavior: How the Time of Day Influences the Characteristics of Violent Offences
 Walser, Simone. and Killias, Martin.

Violent Offenders or Frequent Generalists? On the Relationship Between the Subculture of Violence and Offending Specialization
 McGloin, Jean., Schreck, Christopher., Stewart, Eric. and Ousey, Graham.

Violent Victimization, Self-Esteem, Depression, and the Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence: A Developmental Life Course Perspective
 Murphy, Lisa. and Asencio, Emily.

Violentization Theory and Genocide
 Winton, Mark.

Violentization: An Expanded Statement
 Athens, Lonnie.

Virtual Autopsy: Promising Forensic Practice or CSI Special Effect?
 Stern, Karen.

Virtual Policing? Examining the Impact of CCTV Use on Crime and Arrests
 Knight, Carly. and LaVigne, Nancy.

Virtual Surveillance: Law Enforcement and Copyright Online
 Leman-Langlois, Stephane.

Visual Analyses of Criminological Data
 Andresen, Carsten.

Visualizing Research Interests among the Faculty of Criminology and Criminal Justice Doctoral Programs
 Wu, Ling.

Vulnerable Youth: Collateral Consequences of Crime and Immigration Policies
 Zatz, Marjorie. and Rodriguez, Nancy.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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