ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08

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War on Drugs: An Analysis of the Affect of Methamphetamine on the Incarceration of Women
 Bush-Baskette, Stephanie. and Pacheco, Vivian.

Wasted Time: The Impact of Mandatory Minimum Sentences on the Culture of a Maximum-Security Prison
 Inderbitzin, Michelle.

We Want To Hear From You: Pathways to Accountability on Police Websites
 Graziano, Lisa.

Weaknesses in National Anti-Corruption Strategies and Plans
 Fan, V-Tsien.

Weapons Used by Juveniles and Adult Offenders in Sexual Homicides: An Empirical Analysis
 Chan, Heng Choon (Oliver). and Heide, Kathleen.

Web Terror 2.0: U.S./Extremist Group Radicalization, Recruitment and Propaganda Activities on the Internet
 Alexander, Dean.

What Does It Mean to be a Low-Level Drug Offender? An Examination of Definitions
 Stacer, Melissa.

What Happened to Rape in the United States over the Past 35 Years?
 Gorislavsky, Ekaterina.

What Happens when She is Both Criminalized and Victimized: The Limits of Procedural Justice for Aboriginal Women
 Balfour, Gillian.

What Matters in Predicting Crime? Analyzing Risk Factors Related to Crime at Micro Places Over Time
 Yang, Sue Ming., Weisburd, David. and Groff, Elizabeth.

What Variables Contribute to the Racial Bias Identified on the MAYSI-2?
 McCoy, Henrika.

What Victims Want: Do Sexual Assault Victims also use the “Good” Victim Ideology?
 Alderden, Megan.

What Works for Juvenile Prisoners: Developing and Validating a Group Climate Questionnaire
 Helm, Peer.

What Works with Gang Members and Gangs
 Howell, James.

What about the Children?
 Ezinga, Menno., Slotboom, Anne-Marie. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

What can Justice Theories Teach us about Good Police Work?
 Willis, James.

What is Criminal Justice? A Content Analysis
 Payne, Troy., Stoddard, Cody. and Paxton, Megan.

What is the Price of Crime? New Estimates of the Price of Criminal Victimization
 Roman, John. and Knight, Carly.

What's Behind the Increase? Explaining Recent Trends in Suicide Among African American Males
 Kubrin, Charis. and Wadsworth, Tim.

What’s Politics Got to do with It? Baltimore City Mayor’s Office Proactively Engaged to Render Data-Informed Criminal Justice Policy
 Lewis, Jean., Timpson, James. and Flower, Shawn.

When Boys and Girls Kill: An Empirical Analysis of 30 Years of U.S. Data
 Heide, Kathleen., Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique., Solomon, Eldra. and Chan, Heng Choon (Oliver).

When Domestic Goes Capital: Predictors of Death Sentencing in Domestic Murder Cases Tried Capitally
 Fogel, Sondra., Smith, Dwayne. and Bjerregaard, Beth.

When Lightning Strikes Twice: Studying Double Wrongful Convictions
 Leo, Richard.

When do Bias-Motivated Acts Become Criminal?: The Criminalization of Anti-Gay Hate Crimes in the U.S.
 Scheuerman, Heather., Faupel, Alison., Parris, Christie. and Werum, Regina.

When does Gender Matter? A Meta-Analysis of Gender Differences in Perceptions of Stalking Behaviors
 Phillips, Lorraine.

When is the Verdict or Judgment Final?: An Examination of Post Trial Activity in Civil Litigation
 Cohen, Thomas.

Where Criminology Meets Human Rights: The Case of the War on Terror
 Welch, Michael.

Where We Live and Where We Go: Comparing Effects on Problem Outcomes
 Krivo, Lauren., Peterson, Ruth., Calder, Catherine., Jackson, Aubrey., William, Darnieder. and Washington, Heather.

Which Former Prisoners Succeed in a Transitional Job? Evaluation of the Center for Employment Opportunities
 Zweig, Janine., Yahner, Jennifer. and Redcross, Cindy.

Which Parolees Benefit from Case Maangement Services? An Application of Classification and Regression Tree Analysis
 Prendergast, Michael., Frisman, Linda. and Lin, Hsiu-Ju.

Who Goes Where, Why, and Does What, for What Reason? Disentangling the Influence of Settings and Selection on the Occurrence of Crime
 Taylor, Ralph. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Mysterious Death of an Icon
 Moroz, Christen.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The Nature of Fraudulent Internet Opportunity and Solicitation
 Nhan, Johnny., Burns, Ronald. and Kinkade, Patrick.

Who is More Likely to be Believed When Defendants Claim Abuse? Gender and Sexual Orientation
 Stapleton, Heather., Russell, Brenda., Ragatz, Laurie. and Kraus, Shane.

Who is the White Collar Criminal? A Socio-Demographic Profile Study
 Alalehto, Tage. and Larsson, Daniel.

Who's at the Head of the Class: Predictors of Educational Program Usage In Prison
 Tietjen, Grant.

Who’s to Blame? Elaborating the Mechanisms of General Strain Theory
 Hoffmann, John.

Why Crime Might Matter for Urban Labor Markets – Mechanisms and Empirical Evidence
 Lens, Michael.

Why Criminologists are the Experts in the Study of Profound Market Failure: Accounting Control Fraud and the Global Financial Crisis
 Black, William.

Why Criminology Needs to Promote Class Warfare: On Silence, Injustice and Comprehensive Theoretical Integration
 Leighton, Paul.

Why Do Black Youth Use Drugs Less than White Youth during Adolescence and Young Adulthood?
 Jang, Sung Joon. and Johnson, Byron.

Why Do We Need Another Rule of Law Instrument?: Identifying Gaps in Existing Assessment Tools
 Kutateladze, Besiki.

Why Do You Donate Your Ancient Torso to MET? Taxcut? How Much?
 Can, Salih.

Why They Did It: Popular Cultural Explanations of Crime and Criminality
 Soulliere, Danielle. and Brisson, Kara.

Widening the Net: The Effects of Transitioning to Offense-Based Systems of Registration & Notification
 Harris, Andrew.

William Bratton's Crime Control Model: Methods Employed, Outcome Measures, and Criticisms
 Fischer, Michael.

With Whom do Adolescents Hang Out Most?
 Siennick, Sonja. and Osgood, D. Wayne.

Women and Men Involved in Intimate Partner Homicide: Blurred Boundaries between Victimization and Offending?
 Jung, Seyun Maria. and Gartner, Rosemary.

Women and Reentry: The Necessity of Gender-Specific Approaches
 Traylor, LaTosha.

Women in Jail: What are their Perceived Program & Service Needs?
 Williams, Yaschica.

Women, Family Reunification, and Reentry
 Beichner, Dawn.

Women’s Careers in Drug Use and Prostitution
 Gao, Huan.

Women’s Reentry and Multi-Systemic Involvement: Reconciling Manifest and Latent Goals
 Michalsen, Venezia.

Work Psychosocial Hazards as Predictors of Strain: A Study among Prison Staff in Spain
 Ghaddar, Ali.

Wretched Men: The Politics of Jury Selection in Capital Murder Trials in New York
 Gordier, Paige. and Schaefer, James.

Writing Textbooks: Natural History of a Spent Youth
 Siegel, Larry.

Wrongful Conviction: The Dallas County Phenomenon
 Swensen, Michelle.

Wrongful Convictions: An Examination of Major Factors Associated with the Conviction of Innocent Individuals.
 Delgado, Melissa.

Wrongful Convictions: Post-Exoneration Offending and Assessing the Reliability of Exonerations
 Shlosberg, Amy.
ASC Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-03 to 2009-Nov-08
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