ASC Annual Meeting 2010-Nov-16 to 2010-Nov-21

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"I See Dead People": A Visual Criminology of Fatalities in the Media
 Muzzatti, Stephen.

"Legitimate This": Youth Perceptions of the Canadian Criminal Justice System
 Madon, Natasha.

"Mr Larsen is Walking out Again": The Origins and Development of Scandinavian Prison Policy
 Eriksson, Anna.

"Now You See Me, Now You Don’t": Service Delivery to FASD Offenders in Community Corrections
 Gerger, Bonny.

"OMG, I did WHAT Last Night???": Illuminating the Dark Figure of Crime through TFLN
 Bonistall, Emily. and Kelley, Kathleen.

"Prisoner" Reentry: Perspectives of the Exonerated in Dallas County
 DeShay, Rashaan.

"Suffering" and Human Rights: A New Theoretical Approach to Criminal Justice in America
 Calathes, William.

"We Just Push Them Around the Corner": Implications of Foot Patrol Delineation on the Measurement of Crime Displacement
 Wood, Jennifer., Sorg, Evan., Groff, Elizabeth., Johnson, Lallen., Taniguchi, Travis., Haberman, Cory. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

"Well, How Did You Feel?" Managing Potential Rape Revictimization
 Jordan, Jan.

"What Set You From?" Navigating Affiliation, Association, and Alliance in the Gang Landscape
 Bolden, Christian.

"You Just Don't Get Me!": The Impacts of School Structure on Adolescent Development
 Duty, Lindsay. and Perumean-Chaney, Suzanne.

(De)mobilizing Violence: Social Capital, Group-Based Violence and Prospects for Social Reconstruction
 Chakravarty, Anuradha. and Chaudhuri, Soma.

(Not) All Onboard the E-Learning Education Train
 Stocker, Darren., Griffin, Patricia. and Kocher, Charles.

(Sexual) Recidivism Beyond the Cox-Model: Are Parametric Models the Better Alternative?
 Leitgoeb, Heinz., Hirtenlehner, Helmut. and Bacher, Johann.

2009 National Training Needs Survey of Rural Emergency Responders
 Simpkins, Brian.

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A Case Study of Early Prisoner Release Policy and Politics in California
 Welsh, Megan.

A Changing Neighborhood: Gentrification, Crime and Youth in the Puerto Rican Community of Chicago
 Perez, Xavier.

A Citizen's Adherence to the Code of the Street and Police Use of Excessive Force
 Smith, Jeremy.

A Community Court Grows in Brooklyn: Implications for the Study of Problem-Solving Courts
 Cheesman, Fred., Rottman, David. and Lee, Cynthia.

A Comparative Analysis of Public Defender Offices in State Versus County–Based Systems
 Farole, Donald. and Langton, Lynn.

A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Victim Lawyers in Common and Civil Law Jurisdictions
 Kirchengast, Tyrone.

A Comparative Assessment of the Predictive Validity of Criminogenic Needs for Short and Long Term Inmates.
 Lemke, Richard., Latessa, Edward., Smith, Paula. and Lowenkamp, Christopher.

A Comparative Frame Analysis of Femicide News Coverage
 Givens, Eugena., Gillespie, Lane., Richards, Tara. and Smith, Dwayne.

A Comparative Study on Determinants of Confidence in the Police: Focusing on the Country Level Covariates
 Jang, Hyunseok., Joo, Hee-jong. and Tackett-Gibson, Melissa.

A Comparison of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Youth’s Profile Characteristics in Custody
 Kuehn, Sarah., Corrado, Raymond. and Ghosh, Amit.

A Comparison of Forensic DNA Analysis in the US and English Criminal Justice Systems
 Goulka, Jeremiah., Matthies, Carl. and Disley, Emma.

A Comparison of Recruitment Strategies of Non-Violent and Violent Right-Wing Extremist Groups
 Welker, Holly., Fitzgerald, Sarah., Suttmoeller, Michael., Chermak, Steven. and Freilich, Joshua.

A Comparison of Two Models of Drug Diversion Treatment: Client Outcomes
 Hall, Elizabeth., Prendergast, Michael., Roll, John., Warda, Umme., Anglin, M. Douglas. and Campos, Michael.

A Comparison of the External Hostile Attributions Scale in Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples
 Hendry, Melissa., Michal, Natalie. and Douglas, Kevin.

A Comprehensive Review of Gender Specific Measurement Instruments for Psychopathy
 Manzo, Amber.

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Back to the Beginning: The Impact of Pretrial Decisions on Plea Bargaining
 Sacks, Meghan.

Bad, Mad or Sad? The Social Construction of Women and Policing
 Fenwick, Melissa. and Hendrix, Nicole.

Bail: The Lost Entity in the Criminal Justice System
 Starks, Brian.

Balancing the Scale: How the Law “Should” and “Does” React to Drug Market Conflict
 Jacques, Scott.

Banishing Native Hawaiians: Penal Transfers, Private Profits and Mass Incarceration in Hawaii
 Shirota, Carrie Ann. and Brown, Marilyn.

Barriers to Reintegration: A Qualitative Examination of Female Offenders Returning to Society
 Carter, Lisa.

Barriers to Substance Abuse among the Homeless
 Taylor, Amanda.

Battle of the Sexes: PHDCN Youths’ Gender and Ethnicity Differences in Adolescent Delinquency and Aggression
 Reyes, Cassandra.

Bayesian, Agent-Based Geographic Profiling
 Mohler, George.

Because They Can: Towards a Theory of Prosecutorial Power
 McCoy, Candace.

Been There, Done That, Don’t Wanna Do it Again!”
 Robyn, Linda.

Behavioral Economics and Crime
 Pogarsky, Greg., Loughran, Thomas., Paternoster, Raymond. and Piquero, Alex.

Behind the Scenes of the Evidence-Based Policing Matrix
 Telep, Cody.

Being Pursued Online: Lifestyles, Routine Activities and the Cyberstalking Victimization of College Students
 Reyns, Bradford., Henson, Billy. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Belief and Ritual in Modernized Societies: The Religion-Crime Connection
 Corcoran, Katie., Pettinicchio, David. and Robbins, Blaine.

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CCTV in Public Places: The Learning Curve and Impacts of a "New" Technology (Montreal 2004-2008)
 D\'Elia, Maurizio., Charest, Mathieu. and Boivin, Remi.

CD, ODD, ADHD, and Callous-Unemotional Traits as Unique Predictors of Future Psychosocial Maladjustment in Males
 Pardini, Dustin. and Fite, Paula.

CSI and Beyond: Multivariate Examinations of Indirect-Effects Model of Mediated Adjudications
 Kim, Young S.., Barak, Gregg. and Shelton, Donald E..

Californians' Attitudes toward Inmates in an Era of Scarcity and Early Releases: A Natural Experiment
 Aviram, Hadar. and Gideon, Lior.

California’s Prison Fire Camps and the Changing Nature of Punishment
 Goodman, Phil.

Can Self-Control Change Substantially over Time? Disentangling Causal Mechanisms underlying Stability and Change of Offending Behavior
 Na, Chong Min. and Paternoster, Raymond.

Can Social Disorganization Lead to Animal Cruelty?
 Smith, Mathew.

Can Strain Explain Gender Differences in Delinquency?
 Op de Beeck, Hanne.

Can You Go Somewhere Else? Using Informal Social Controls to Maintain Public Safety
 Eichenbaum, Joshua.

Cannabis Policy: Moving beyond Stalemate
 Reuter, Peter.

Capital Juror Decision Making: A Critical Realist Perspective
 Kowaluk, Gary.

Capital Jurors’ Receptivity to Mitigation Regarding Mental Health, Cognitive, Situational-EMED Impairments; Analyzing Sentencing Literature
 Lanier, Charles. and Jochnowitz, Leona.
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Capital Punishment Reforms in Illinois: Comparing the Views of Police, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders
 Lombardo, Robert. and Olson, David.
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Capital Punishment and Drugs: The Experience in South East Asia
 Peel, Diana.

Capital Punishment and Lived Experience
 Pruss, Heather.

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DEA Case Characteristics: A Review Covering Arrestees, Drugs, Non-Drug Seizures, and DEA Work Hours
 Levin, David.

DMC and Minority College Education: A Socioeconomic Perspective.
 Arungwa, Sam. and Osho, Solomon.

Dangerous Deceptions: An Inquiry into the World of Counterfeit Goods
 Melzer, Sharon.

Data Sources on White-Collar Law Breaking in the 21st Century
 Schlegel, Kip.

Dating Violence Prevention Programs in New York City Public Middle Schools: A Multi-Level Experimental Evaluation
 Taylor, Bruce. and Stein, Nan.

Dating Violence among South Korean College Students: A Focus on Gender and Child Maltreatment
 Gover, Angela., Park, MiRang., Tomsich, Elizabeth. and Jennings, Wesley.

Dating and Delinquency: Assessing Alternative Explanations for the Link
 Rebellon, Cesar., Van Gundy, Karen. and Cohn, Ellen.

Day Reporting Programs in Georgia: Examining Program and Implementation Models
 Van Voorhis, Pat., Groot, Brittany. and Ritchey, Phillip.

Dealing in Death and Delinquency: Criminal Acts, Victims and Victim References in Offender Final Statements
 Springer, Victoria., Larsen, Barbara. and Cahoon, Kristy.

Death Row Man: An Analysis of Florida's Male Death Row Inmates
 Brown, Cynthia. and Bohm, Robert.

Death Sentencing in East Baton Rouge Parish, 1990-2008
 Pierce, Glenn. and Radelet, Michael.

Death in August: A Criminological Examination of War Crimes Committed in 2008 Georgia-South Ossetia Conflict
 Mullins, Christopher. and Rothe, Dawn.

Decision Making Styles and Participant Outcomes in a Juvenile Drug Court
 Lucas, Schannae.

Decommodification and Homicide Revisited: A Time-Series Cross-Sectional Analysis of IAT in the OECD Nations (1970-2002)
 Boswell, Matthew.

Decommodification by Dispossession? (Non-)Volunteering Long-Term Unemployed on the Security Market
 Eick, Volker.

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E-commerce and the Emergence of the Online Black Market for Stolen Data
 Holt, Thomas.

Early-Life Trajectories, Self-Control, Job Characteristics, and Workplace Deviance
 Piquero, Nicole., Moffitt, Terrie. and Piquero, Alex.

Eclipsed by Innocence: How the Innocence Death Penalty Movement Diminished the Closure Argument
 Dirks, Danielle.

Eco-Crime, Horizon Scanning and Criminological Research
 White, Robert.

Ecological Predictors of Non-Profit Environmental Enforcement Organizations across US Counties, 2000-2010
 Stretesky, Paul. and Lynch, Michael.

Economic Development, Literacy, and Stream Analogy of Homicide and Suicide
 Chon, Don.

Economic Disadvantage, Welfare Spending, and Gendered Arrests for Violence: An Analysis of Cities, 1970-2000.
 Cumley, Samantha. and Heimer, Karen.

Economic Insecurtiy and Punitive Attitudes toward Corporate and White Collar Crime
 Hogan, Michael., Shelley, Tara. and Naday, Alexandra.

Educating for Social Change: Community Justice and Service Learning at a Historically Black University
 Barlow, Melissa. and Barlow, David.

Effect of Immigrant Community to Parenting and Delinquency
 Lee, Bora.

Effect of Waiver and Transfer Laws on Minority in the Juvenile Justice System
 Henry, Louise. and Osho, Solomon.

Effective Gang-Related Programs: An Update
 Howell, James.

Effective Management of Hidden Peer Evaluation Influences in the Tenure Process
 Mullendore, Kristine.

Effectiveness of GIS in Policing
 Zhang, Yan., Zhao, Jihong. and Hoover, Larry.

Effects of Collinearity in Hierarchical Linear Models
 Yu, Han., Jiang, Shanhe. and Land, Kenneth.

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Facebook Stalking: A Pilot Study Measuring Offending Rates among Undergraduate Students in the U.S
 Kurti, Marin.

Facebook and the Police: Communication in the Social Networking Era
 Sakiyama, Mari., Hurst, Amanda., Shaffer, Deborah. and Lieberman, Joel.

Facilitated Illegal Immigration into the European Union
 Ozcan, Mehmet.

Fact v. Fiction: How the Television Media Distorts Public Perception of the Criminal Justice System
 Petticord, Melissa.

Factors Affecting Perceptions of Another's Substance Use: Differences Within and Between Friendships of Varying Gender
 Boman, John., Stogner, John., Khey, David., Miller, Bryan. and Griffin, III, O..

Factors Increasing the Likelihood of Dual and Sole Charging of Women in Intimate Partner Violence
 Poon, Julianne. and Dawson, Myrna.

Factors Influencing Indeterminate Sentencing Review Decisions in Determinate-Plus Sex Offender Cases in Washington State
 Helfgott, Jacqueline. and Strah, Beck.

Factors Influencing Officer Decisions to Divert Young People from Court
 Little, Simon., Allard, Troy. and Stewart, Anna.

Factors Predicting DWI Offenders Recidivism: Evidence from the Harris County (Texas) DWI Court Outcome Evaluation
 Rivolta, Pierre., Nolasco, Claire Angelique. and Mullings, Janet.

Factors Related to Juvenile Violations of Detention
 Church, Wesley., Taylor, Julie., Li, Xiao., Wharton, Tracy. and Thomas, Sabrina.

Factors of Failed States in Relation to Terrorist Activity
 Plummer, Chelli.

Factors that Affect the Labeling and Reporting of Stalking: Findings from the NCVS: Stalking Victimization Supplement.
 Menard, Kim.

Faith and Non-Faith Based Prisoner Reentry Programs: Case Studies in Central Florida
 Nayer, Gautam. and Hadnott, Crystal.

Fakery and the Australian Aboriginal Art Market
 Alder, Christine., Chappell, Duncan. and Polk, Kenneth.

Falling Stars: Structural and Interpersonal Barriers to Recovering from Incarceration
 Braun, Michael.

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G.R.E.A.T. is Great
 Esbensen, Finn-Aage., Peterson, Dana., Taylor, Terrance. and Osgood, D. Wayne.

GPS Surveillance Technology and Sex Offenders: The Technological Regulation of Criminality
 Troshynski, Emily.

GST Explanations of Deviant Peer Influence on Crime and Drug Use: An Empirical Test
 Jang, Sung Joon. and Rhodes, Jeremy.

Gang Homicides in New Jersey: Analysis of Six Cities
 Lesneskie, Eric.

Gang Injunctions and the Policing of Black Youth in the Western Addition
 Jones, Nikki.

Gang Membership among Immigrant Young Adults: Risk and Protective Factors across Different Generations
 Bucerius, Sandra. and Thompson, Sara.

Gang Membership and Alcohol and Drug Use
 Gati, Uberto. and Verde, Alfredo.

Gang Territory Formation from Spatial Lotka-Volterra Competition Models
 Brantingham, P. Jeffrey., Tita, George. and Short, Martin.

Gangs in the Military: Resistance to Changes in Life-Course Trajectories
 Bubolz, Bryan. and Simi, Pete.

Gangs, God and Globalization: A Cultural Criminological Interpretation
 Brotherton, David.

Gender Based Violence in India
 Kimuna, Sitawa. and Cherukuri, Suvarna.

Gender Differences in Developmental and Life-Course Criminology: An Examination of Transitions and Desistance
 Youstin, Tasha.

Gender Differences in Mental Health Problems of Juvenile Offenders in a Predominantly Hispanic Population
 Poland, Amy. and Gonzalez, Jorge.

Gender Differences in Self-Control across Racial Groups
 Hope, Trina. and Chapple, Constance.

Gender Differences in Self-Reported Delinquency and Adult Crime
 Kempf-Leonard, Kimberly. and Tracy, Paul.

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Hacking the Hackers: Taking Advantage of Centralized Functions in Dark Networks to Monitor Organized Deviance
 Decary-Hetu, David.

Haiti in Hindsight: A Re-Conceptualization of Colonialism as State Crime
 San Antonio, Jaclyn.

Hammering Thor: The Censoring of Nordic Literature and Religion in American Prisons
 Sullivan, Larry.

Hard Economic Times and the Costs and Benefits of Domestic Violence Legislation
 Simon, Leonore. and Haggerty, John.

Hard Knock Life: Black Male Experiences with Criminal Justice in Canada
 Owusu-Bempah, Akwasi. and Wortley, Scot.

Hard Time: The Efficacy of State Incarceration as a Drug Court Sanction
 Candela, Kimberlee. and Patten, Ryan.

Harm Reduction and Injection Drug Use under the Control of The Correctional Service of Canada
 Bristow, Jaclyn.

Harmonization: Can We Find a Better Way to Improve International Police Cooperation?
 Perras, Chantal.

Has Anything Changed? Victims' Experiences When Approaching the Criminal Justice System for IPV-Related Support
 Meyer, Silke.

Has the Concept of White Collar Crime a Future?
 Croall, Hazel.

Hate Crime Offender Rehabilitation Programs in the United States
 McDevitt, Jack. and Pfeffer, Rebecca.

Hate Crime in Wales
 Williams, Matthew.

Have a Little Faith in Me: The Communication of Risk, Science and Christianity in CSI
 Landry, Deborah.

Hawaii’s Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative: A Re-Analysis at Year Five
 Brown, Marilyn., Davidson, Janet., Allen, Joe. and Tavares, Sherilyn.

Heading Them Off at the Pass: Using the School-to-Prison Pipeline to Control 'Dangerous' Youth
 Holland-Davis, Lisa. and Monroe, Carla.

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I Teach Criminology – You Teach Criminal Justice: Trans-National Differences in Understanding the Discipline of Criminology
 Hayman, Stephanie.

I Wish I Had a Better Story: Reproductive Decision-Making, Sexual Strategies, and the Female Juvenile Offender
 Pasko, Lisa.

IT Business Crime Prevention Strategies: Cyber Employee Crime and Broken Windows Theory
 Agustina, Jose R..

Identifying Candidates for Early Termination or Passive Monitoring Among Offenders on Community Supervision
 Coggeshall, Mark.

Identifying Juvenile Sex Trafficking Victims in Custody Settings
 Salisbury, Emily.

Identifying Promising Intervention Pathways for High Risk Offenders
 Bhati, Avi., Harrington, Afi. and Burden, Frances.

Identifying Registered Sex Offenders At Risk for Identity Manipulation: Initial Model Design, Development, and Testing
 Rebovich, Donald.

Identifying Tipping Points in the Life Histories of Criminally-Involved, Mentally Ill Women
 Sandwick, Talia., Brewer, Kathryne. and Parsons, Jim.

Identifying the Significant Factors Associated with Domestic Violence Perpetration
 Clifford, Janice.

Identity Theft Victimization: Household Trends and Highlights from the Identity Theft Supplement to the NCVS
 Baum, Katrina. and Langton, Lynn.

Identity Transformation, Emotional Self-Concepts, and Offending Across the Life Course
 Schroeder, Ryan., Giordano, Peggy. and Cernkovich, Stephen.

Identity and Resistance: The Romantic Attraction and Working of Orthodox and Radical Muslim Identities
 Geelhoed, Fiore.

Immigrant Status and Self-Reported Adolescent Delinquency
 Cui, Wanjun., Scroggins, Jennifer. and Feldmeyer, Ben.

Immigrant Status, Neighborhood Affluence, and Adolescent Violence: A Multilevel, Relative Status Approach
 Burrington, Lori.

Immigrant Women and Psychological Violence by Intimate Partners: A Case Study from the U.S.
 Couture, Amanda. and Ammar, Nawal.

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Jihad on the Internet: Analysis of Online Forum Discussions
 Erez, Edna., Weimann, Gabriel. and Weisburd, Aaron.

Job Turnover among Staff in Juvenile Corrections: A Test of the Lambert and Hogan Model
 Wells, James., Minor, Kevin., Matz, Adam. and Angel, Earl.

Joint Developmental Trajectories of Victimization and Offending in Young People
 Sharples, Stuart. and Francis, Brian.

Judging Meth Moms: A Qualitative Approach to Analyzing Attitudes towards Mothers Who Use Methamphetamines
 Shaw, Tara.

Just Wars, Enemy Combatants and the U.S. Supreme Court
 Kerodal, Ashmini.

Justice Motivation and Learned Helplessness in Victims: Does Deservingness Matter for Victim Behavioral Responses?
 Davies, Andrew.

Justice by Ulterior Motive: Symptoms of Dysfunction and the Politics of Safety in Philadelphia
 Goldkamp, John.

Justice on Campus: Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Campus Inclusion
 Engvall, Robert.

Juvenile Arrest Trends
 Puzzanchera, Charles. and Adams, Benjamin.

Juvenile Blended Sentencing: Does the Public Support It?
 Garland, Brett., Melton, Melissa., Hass, Aida. and Collins, Angela.

Juvenile Crime and School Performance
 Planty, Michael.

Juvenile Curfew Policies' Effect on Criminal Behavior, Public Safety, and Victimization
 Wilson, David. and McClure, David.

Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice: Continuing Myths or Promised Realities in Trinidad and Tobago.
 Wallace, Wendell.

Juvenile Deliquency in Trinidad & Tobago: A Comparative Study of the Relationship Between the Family and Factors of Juvenile Delinquency
 Williams, Femi.

Juvenile Detention and Recidivism: A Cure Worse than the Disease?
 Geluyckens, Tinne. and Christiaens, Jenneke.

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Kids Behind Bars: Images of Juvenile Corrections
 Cecil, Dawn.

Kids Up Front: Incarcerated Men's Strategies for Parenting
 McCorkel, Jill. and Curtis, Anna.

Killing Kings: The Decline of Elite Homicide in Europe, 600-1800 AD
 Eisner, Manuel.

Killing the Socially Expendable: Targets of Serial Homicide
 Paladino, Amalia.


LGBT Enclaves: A Safe Haven for Reporting Anti-LGBT Victimization
 Patrick, Lebrian. and Berthelot, Emily.

Labeling Addiction in Drug Court
 Murphy, Jennifer.

Labor Market Context, Employment and Recidivism
 Huggins, Christopher., Bellair, Paul. and Kowalski, Brian.

Lands and Rights in Troubled Waters: Environmental Harm and Conflict in the Tapajós (Brazil) and Cauca (Colombia) Basins
 Boekhout van Solinge, Tim. and Zaitch, Damián.

Lands in Dispute: Media Constructions of Aboriginal Land Claim Protests
 Welsh, Andrew.

Las Vegas Area Command Intelligence Officers: An Application of Intelligence-Led Policing
 Pace, Steven. and Sousa, William.

Late-Modern Moonshining
 Green, Edward. and Root, Carl.

Latent Dynamic Trajectory Modeling of Criminal Careers: An Econometric Approach
 Mesters, Geert., van der Geest, Victor. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

Latino Attitudes Towards Violence: The Effect of Americanization
 Bratina, Michele.

Law Enforcement Intelligence in the Post-9/11 Information Sharing Environment: The Perceived Utility of Fusion Centers
 Graphia, Renee.

Law in Order: The Impact of Counter-Terrorism Legislation on Policing
 Ransley, Janet.

Law, Migration, and Criminalization Processes between Europe and the United States
 Melossi, Dario.

Leaderless Resistance and the Right-Wing: What the Case Files Tell Us
 Shields, Christopher.

Leadership Confidential: Leadership Qualities in America's Institutions
 Smith, Ron.

Learning About Crime From What Offenders Leave Behind
 Lammers, Marre. and Bernasco, Wim.

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MAOA Genotype and Anger and Hostility: The Moderating Influences of Risk and Protective Factors
 Beaver, Kevin., Nedelec, Joseph., Rowland, Meghan., Lippoff, Courtney. and Jackson, Dylan.

Macrolevel Grievance Resolution and the Decline of Terrorism in South Africa (1970 - 2003)
 Van Brakle, Mischelle.

Make Her Say Aah: The Evolution of Television Media and its Impact on Society's Objectification of Black Women
 Simons, Keila. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Making Sure It Works: The Challenge of Evaluating Domestic Violence Legislation in Costa Rica
 Sudderth, Lori.

Making of a Monster: Media Construction of Gender Non-Conforming Homicide Victims
 Conover-Williams, Meredith.

Making, Negotiating and Breaking the Patriarchal Bargain: South Asian Women, Marriage Migration and Domestic Violence
 Chaudhuri, Soma., Morash, Merry. and Yingling, Julie.

Male Juvenile Homicide Offenders: Portraits of Young Boys, Pre-teens, and Teens Who Kill
 Heide, Kathleen., Sellers, Brian. and Solomon, Eldra.

Managing Mentally Ill Inmates in Massachusetts
 Yursza Warfield, Garrett.

Managing the Criminal Justice Population
 Sabol, William.

Managing ‘Risky’ Subjects in an Era of Accountability: Examining Parole Officer Decision-Making
 Opsal, Tara. and Steen, Sara.

Mandatory Arrest in Intimate Partner Violence: The Perspective of Law Enforcement
 Thacker, Devon.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: The Pennsylvania Experience Briefly Examined
 Campagna, Michael. and Crowl, Justin.

Manufacturing Charisma: The Transformation of Crime into Political Capital in the Philippines
 Magno, Chris.

Mapping Marked Bodies: Using Qualitative Techniques to Understand how Global Disciplinary Strategies Impact the Lived Experience of Migrants in Arizona.
 McDowell, Meghan.

Mapping Police Crime across the United States
 Stinson, Philip. and Hitchings, Johnathon.

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NIDA Health Services Research Interests in Criminal Justice: Getting Effective Drug Abuse Treatment and Services to Criminal Justice Populations
 Liberman, Akiva.

Napoleon Complex: Fact or Fiction
 Anderson, Amy., Simi, Pete., Evans, Mary. and Clinkinbeard, Samantha.

Narrative Structure: Exploring Identity and Behavior of Catholic Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse of Minors.
 Vollman, Brenda K..

Native American Women in Prison: Double or Triple Disadvantage?
 Hartsfield, Jennifer., Sharp, Susan. and Marcus-Mendoza, Susan.

Nature and Nurture: What Predominates in Sadistic Serial Killers?
 McClendon, Whitney.

Navigating Welfare and Risk: Is there Really a ‘New Penology’ in Canadian Parole Policy?
 Brisson, Kara.

Navigating the Emerald Triangle: The Ethics and Politics of Studying Rural Marijuana Subcultures
 August, Karen. and Meisel, Joshua.

Navigating the Thin Line Between Education and Incarceration: Reducing Collateral Consequences among Gang Associated Delinquent Youths
 Rios, Victor.

Navigating through an Obstacle Course: The Complaint Mechanism for Victims of Crime in England and Wales
 Manikis, Marie.

Near Repeat Armed Street Robberies: Close Pairs or Links in a Chain?
 Haberman, Cory. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

Negotiating Colonial Encounters: The Policing of Indigenous Peoples’ Activism in Canada
 Dafnos, Tia.

Negotiating Labyrinths of Risk: Structured Risk Assessment and Juvenile Parole Decision Making
 Barnes-Ceeney, Kevin.

Negotiation, Communication and Decision Making Strategies used by Hostage/Crisis Negotiators
 Hancerli, Suleyman. and Ikitemur (Deputy Governor), Gokhan.

Neighborhood Context and Racial and Ethnic-Specific Patterns of Drug Homicides
 Martinez, Ramiro.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs: A Difference Maker for Certain Neighborhoods?
 Nobles, Matt., Ward, Jeffrey. and Youstin, Tasha.

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O.C. Spray and Juvenile Hall: Understanding the Use of Pepper Spray in a Juvenile Facility
 Thomas, Matthew., Leigey, Margaret. and Dick, Andy.

OJP's Evidence Integration Initiative
 Wyrick, Phelan.

Obligations to Prevent Delinquency and Good Samaritan Laws
 Adams, Harry.

Occupation and Crime: Victimization and Offending in Japan
 Roberts, Jr., John. and Roberts, Aki.

Occupational Stress and Officers: The Relationship between Stress and Officer-Involved Domestic Violence using a GST Framework
 Valentine, Colby.

Off the Books Employment, Wages, and Child Support Arrangements Among Former Inmates
 Sykes, Bryan.

Offender Profiling of Burglary Incidents
 Hahn, Bryanna. and Coupe, Timothy.

Offending Trajectories and Risk of Reoffending in Adult Sex Offenders: The Mismeasure of Risk of Reoffending in Dangerous Populations
 Lussier, Patrick. and Davies, Garth.

Offending Trajectories and the Transition to Parenthood
 Bouffard, Leana.

Officer Acceptance of Community Policing
 Jenks, David., Costelloe, Michael., Johnson, L.. and Correia, Mark.

Officer Activities While on Foot Patrol: Do They Matter in Reducing Crime?
 Groff, Elizabeth., Johnson, Lallen., Wood, Jennifer. and Ratcliffe, Jerry.

Officers’ Perceptions and Experiences with Citizen Disrespect: London Metropolitan Police
 Pizio, William. and Lawrence, Barbara.

Officer’s perceptions of Accountability Practices in Their Organizations: A Test of the National Police Platform Project
 McDevitt, Jack. and Posick, Chad.

Official Data Versus Community Perceptions: Australian Sudanese Experiences and Perceptions of Criminal Justice in Queensland.
 Palmer, Darren. and Coventry, Garry.

Officially Off the Market: Evaluation of a Pulling Levers Approach to Eliminating Open-Air Drug Markets in High Point, North Carolina
 Graves, Kelly., Chiu, Korrine., Di Luca, Kristen., Shelton, Terri., Frabutt, James., Weil, John., Ireland, Amanda. and Hunt, Eleazer.

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PTSD Moderates the Relationship between Cortisol Reactivity and Aggression in Adolescent Males
 Peskin, Melissa.

PTSD and functional impairment among incarcerated individuals.
 Thrush, Trisha., Kubiak, Sheryl. and Beeble, Marisa.

Panhandling Places: The Physical Environment of Panhandling
 Madero-Hernandez, Arelys. and Eck, John.

Parent-Child Acculturation Gap Effects on Delinquency: Myth or Reality in Mexican American Families?
 Nieri, Tanya. and Grindal, Matthew.

Parent-Child Relationships and Offending During Emerging Adulthood
 Johnson, Wendi., Giordano, Peggy., Manning, Wendy. and Longmore, Monica.

Parental Divorce and Children’s Delinquency
 Sweeten, Gary.

Parental Monitoring, Young People’s Activities and Crime Involvement
 Hardie, Beth. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Parenthood and Crime: The Effect of Having a First Child on Subsequent Criminal Career Development
 de Goede, Susanne., Blokland, Arjan., Zoutewelle-Terovan, Mioara. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Parenting Factors and the Differential Etiology of Violence
 Savage, Joanne. and Ellis, Stephanie.

Parenting from Prison: Challenges of Incarcerated Women
 Urban, Lynn. and Yoon, Seokhee.

Parenting, Self-Control, and Deviant Behaviors
 Jo, Youngoh. and Zhang, Yan.

Parole Decisions: Satisfying Aims of Punishment?
 Vilcica, Elena Rely.

Parole, Snitch, or Die: How California’s Supermaxes are Operating Twenty Years In
 Reiter, Keramet.

Parsing the Effects of Presentence Investigation Reports on Sentencing Decisions
 Huffer, David.

Part Time Dealers: A Qualitative Study of Women Prescription Drug Sellers
 Murphy, Sheigla., Sales, Paloma. and Ludwick, Micheline.

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Qualitative Analyses of Black Women's Experiences with Sexual Assault
 Long, LaDonna. and Ullman, Sarah.

Qualitative Software (Nvivo) and a Structured Approach to Analyzing Media Representations of Police in South Africa
 Stewart, Cindy.

Quantifying Degrees of Restorative Justice in Adjudication Processes.
 Cuvelier, Steven. and Kuo, Shih-Ya.

Quilting and Reflecting: Two 'Best Practice' Pedagogical Strategies for an IO Class
 Lempert, Lora.


RESPONSE ESSAY - Do Business Improvement Districts Exert a Contextual Effect on Adolescent Well-Being?
 Hall, Gina. and Lizotte, Alan.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Conversion, Radicalization and the Life Course: Future Research Questions
 Zahn, Margaret.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Cost-Effective Crime Prevention
 Ludwig, Jens.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Deterrence, Economics and the Context of Drug Markets
 Bushway, Shawn. and Reuter, Peter.

RESPONSE ESSAY - From Social Control to Social Engagement: Enabling the “Time and Space” to Talk through Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation
 Morrison, Brenda.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Geographically Targeted Economic Development Policy and Youth Violence
 Greenbaum, Robert.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Less Imprisonment, Less Crime: A Reply to Nagin
 Tonry, Michael.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Mass Incarceration and the Great Recession: A Comment on Gottschalk
 Simon, Jonathan.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Politicization of Prisoners is an Old and Contemporary Story
 Clear, Todd.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Racial Threat and Schools: Looking Beyond the Boundaries of Criminology
 Kupchik, Aaron.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Religion as a Unique Cultural Influence on Crime and Delinquency: Expanding on Johnson and Jang’s Agenda
 Ulmer, Jeffery.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Talking Back to Bazemore and Schiff: A Discussion of Restorative Justice Interventions in Schools
 Cremin, Hilary.

RESPONSE ESSAY - The Effect of Economic Conditions on Fraud Arrest Rates: A Comment On Levi
 Cook, Philip.

RESPONSE ESSAY - The Impact of Recent School Discipline Research on Racial Threat Theory
 Caravelis Hughes, Cyndy.

RESPONSE ESSAY - Toward a Criminology of Religion: Comment on Johnson and Jang
 Cullen, Francis.

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STFU: A content analysis of Texts From Last Night
 Vaske, Jamie., Galyean, Kevan., Moss, Samantha., Monteith, Brandon. and Glatte, Melisa.

Safety Concerns and Conciliation Experiences among Women Divorcing Abusive or Controlling Husbands
 Rivera, Echo. and Sullivan, Cris.

Safety Issues for Stalking Victims Post-Relationship
 Logan, TK.

Safety, Efficiency and Legitimacy: Explaining Court Decisions to Reincarcerate Parolees in California
 Lin, Jeffrey. and Grattet, Ryken.

Sales and Marketing of Mephedrone in the UK Under a Legislative Vacuum
 Aldridge, Judith. and Askew, Rebecca.

Salvia, LSD, Shrooms, and the Loss of Control: The Users' Experiences with these Hallucinogens
 Perrone, Dina. and Bowles, Christie.

Saving Neighborhoods from Crime? The Role of Churches in Understanding Neighborhood Crime Rates
 White, Garland., Triplett, Ruth. and Gainey, Randy.

Scandal and Reform: An Examination of Societal Responses to Major Corporate and Financial Crimes
 Sullivan, Brandon.

Scandal in the News: Examining Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church Through the Lens of the Media
 Litvinoff, Laura.

Schizotypal Personality at Age 11 Predicts Crime at Age 23
 Wong, Keri.

Scholarly Influence in American Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals, 1986-2000
 Cohn, Ellen. and Farrington, David.

School Bullying and Social Avoidance: NCVS School Crime Supplement
 Hutzell, Kirsten. and Payne, Allison.

School Commitment, Juvenile Delinquency and School Failure
 Traag, Tanja.
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 [025] [026]

School Discipline Policy and Recidivism
 Phenix, Deinya.

School Discipline and Criminal Justice: Institutional Changes to Order Maintenance
 Kremser, Jonathan.

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TV Lied to Me: Understanding the Influence of Television Programming on Knowledge of Crime Among College Students
 Dobbs, Rhonda., Sarver, Mary. and Sarver, Robert.

Taboo Confessions: South Asian Youth Speak of their Culturally Deviant Realities
 Zaidi, Arshia., Maticka-Tyndale, Eleanor. and Couture, Amanda.

Talking About Sexual Assault: Society's Response to Survivors
 Ullman, Sarah.

Tangible Outcomes and Effects of Home Detention Based Sanctions
 Martinovic, Marietta.

Target Suitability and Capable Guardianship in Cyberspace: An Examination of Online Victimization Using Routine Activities Theory
 Gendon, Amanda. and Bolton, LaMarcus.

Taser's Place in the Use-of-Force Continuum
 Barua, Vidisha. and Worley, Robert.

Tasers and Community Controversy: Investigating Training Officer Perceptions of Conducted Energy Weapons
 Wolf, Brian. and DeAngelis, Joseph.

 Longmire, Dennis.

 Burnett, Cathleen.

 Sandys, Marla.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Vandiver, Margaret.

Teaching "Immigration and Crime" in the Canadian Classroom
 Bucerius, Sandra. and Madon, Natasha.

Teaching College Courses Inside a Women's Prison: When the Educator Becomes the Educated
 Miller, Amanda. and Westfield, Ashley.

Teaching Criminological Theory through Film: Thinking Beyond Training Day
 Atherton, Matthew.

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UCR versus NIBRS: A Critical Assessment of Efficacy and Utility
 York, Melinda.

US Homicide Trends: Explaining Murder across States from 1960-2005
 Kincaid, Diane., Matz, Adam. and DeMichele, Matthew.

Unanalyzed Evidence in Law Enforcement Agencies: A National Examination of Forensic Processing in Police Departments
 Strom, Kevin., Ropero-Miller, Jeri. and Hickman, Matthew.

Unbalanced Institutional Commitments and Criminal Behavior: An Individual Level Assessment of Institutional Anomie Theory
 Stults, Brian. and Falco, Christi.

Under Trained, Over Committed, and In Danger: Wildlife Officers in Nevada and Utah.
 Leone, Matthew., Pickering, Jordan. and Townley-Petty, Sarah.

Under the Influence: High Risk Social Networks and Recidivism
 Doyle, Jennifer., Malm, Aili., Ireland, Connie. and Fischer, Ryan.

Under the Influence: Political, Academic, and Social Influences on Changes to DUI Policy in Montana
 Shapiro, Sara.

Under the Penal Gaze: The Varying Contours of Penal Consciousness Among Ohio State Prisoners
 Sexton, Lori.

Underage Drinking and Related Deviance
 Stewart, Heather.

Underground Banks: Chinese Informal Fund Transfer Systems (IFTS) and its Role in Human Smuggling
 Zhao, Shuo.

Understanding Angel’s Wings, Inc. and Its Participants
 Cole, Cristie. and Whiteacre, Kevin.

Understanding Crime in Jamaica: Exploring Theoretical and Methodological Issues
 Satchell, Nicola.

Understanding Crime in Jamaica: Theoretical and Methodological Explications
 Satchell, Nicola.

Understanding Female Bullying Victims in a Sample of Small Town and Rural Youth
 Matthews, Betsy., Elrod, Preston. and Matz, Adam.

Understanding Help-Seeking Behavior among Female Offenders
 Howerton, Amanda.

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Validating Turning Points in a Changing Society
 Shermer, Lauren.

Variants of Psychopathy and Physical Health: The Role of Stress Reactivity
 Skeem, Jennifer.

Variation in Police Charging for Cases of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
 Hotton Mahony, Tina. and Dawson, Myrna.

Vetting Schemes in Child Protection: A Theoretical and Legal Analysis
 Lynch, Nessa.

Victim - Offender Dichotomy
 Jaffey, Michele.

Victim Blaming and Media Attention: Comparing Two Cases of Missing Women
 Gentry, Kendra.

Victim Compensation: An Institutional Response
 Brewster, Dennis., Holley, Philip. and Brown, Dan.

Victimization Patterns and Trends in Canada
 Saulnier, Alana., Couture, Amanda. and Alvi, Shahid.

Victimization Profiles Among Older Americans: Is It All in the Family?
 Klaus, Patsy. and Smith, Erica.

Victimization Risk among a National Sample of Disabled and Deaf College Students
 Scherer, Heidi., Snyder, Jamie. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Victimization among Individuals with Low Self-Control: Effects on Fear versus Perceived Risk of Crime
 Williams, Casey. and Jones, Shayne.

Victimization and Delinquency: The Impact of Race and Neighborhood Characteristics
 Lawrence, Daysha. and Mitchell, Marquita.

Victimization and Depression: Propensities and Outcomes
 Hochstetler, Andy. and DeLisi, Matt.

Victimization and Later Anti-Social Behavior: Exploring the Mediating Role of Several Psychological Mechanisms
 Watts, Stephen.
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 [041] [042] [043] [044] [045] [046] [047] [048]
 [049] [050] [051] [052]

Victimization and Re-victimization: A Test of Possible Mediators
 Clark, Valerie. and Ruback, R..

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War Rape and Prison Rape: Theoretical Perspectives
 DeJong, Christina. and Karim, Tazin.

War and Police: Police Peacekeeping, Organized Violence and Organized Crime
 Goldsmith, Andrew.

Was “Dirty Harry” Born That Way?
 Bonn, Scott.

Watching the Detectives: British Police Officers' Perceptions of Media Representations of Police Work
 Colbran, Marianne.

Waves of Violence: Synchronisation, Similarity and Difference
 Karstedt, Susanne.

Weak Links and Warrior Hearts: A Framework for Judging Self and Others in Police Training
 Conti, Norman.

Weaknesses in National Anti-Corruption Strategies and Plans
 Fan, V-Tsien.

Welcoming them Home: Residents’ Perspectives of Formerly Incarcerated Persons, Public Safety, and Community Well-Being
 Fontaine, Jocelyn. and Gilchrist-Scott, Doug.

Wellbeing and Behavior of the Children of Incarcerated Mothers
 Ezinga, Menno. and Hissel, Sanne.

What "Works" in Drug Court: A Bottom-up Female Participants' Perspective
 Fischer, Michael. and Geiger, Brenda.

What Are We Assessing? Program Goals and Senior Assignments in Criminal Justice
 Oberweis, Trish.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019]

What Factors Influence High Attrition Rates, and Low Conviction Rates, in Reported Rape Cases?
 McMillan, Lesley.

What Happens after Federal Immigration Authorities take Custody of Foreign Born Jail Inmates?
 Hickman, Laura., Wong, Jennifer. and Latouche, Claire.

What Kinds of Crime are Affected by Unemployment in Japan?
 Kanayama, Taisuke. and Kobayashi, Yoshiki.

What Makes for Successful Re-entry: A Meta-Analysis of Adult Reentry Programs
 Ndrecka, Mirlinda., Ellefson, Beth. and Latessa, Edward.

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You Just Get Used to It: Perceptions of Safety and Disorder among Inner-City versus Suburban Residents
 Rollwagen, Heather.

You Think I’m a Nuisance? You Should Meet My Brother: Controlling Race Through Nuisance Laws.
 Bates, Kristin. and Swan, Richelle.

Young Indigenous People and their Reintegration into Society through Interactions with Alternative Education Programmes
 Dawes, Glenn.

Young People, State Care and Substance Misuse: Theoretical and Empirical Understandings
 Barn, Ravinder.

Youngsters out of control. Life-History and Antisociality
 Bjornebekk, Ragnhild.

Your Subculture Sucks: Breaking the Frame of the Nazi Skinhead
 Wodda, Aimee.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012]

Youth Cyber Crime and Deviance: The Untold Story
 Abogo, Godfred. and Baiden, Philip.

Youth Mentoring: Factors Associated with Program Dropout
 Poulin, Mary.

Youth Parents in Residential Placement
 Stickle, Wendy. and Sedlak, Andrea.

Youth in Limbo: An Analysis of the Role of Accountability in Juvenile Justice Policy
 Goshe, Sonya.

Youth, Culture, and Contemporary Violence
 Brent, John.

Youth, Race, and Serious Crime: Examining Trends and Critiquing Policy
 Puzzanchera, Charles., Benekos, Peter. and Merlo, Alida.

You’re Killing Me: State, Federal, and United States Military Death Penalty Schemes
 Colyer, Timothy.
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