ASC Annual Meeting 2011-Nov-15 to 2011-Nov-19

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"A Good Man Always Knows His Limitations”: The Role of Overconfidence in Criminal Offending
 Loughran, Thomas. and Paternoster, Ray.

"Buffers” against Crime? A Look at Positive Relationships among Women Offenders
 Crittenden, Courtney., Wright, Emily. and Koons-Witt, Barbara.

"Code of the Hallway": Examining the Effects of School Subculture on Delinquency
 Swartz, Kristin. and Wilcox, Pamela.

"I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends": Isolation and Delinquency
 Roberts, Anthony., Mead, Jenna. and Suh, Daniel.

"I Know It's Wrong, But I'd Probably Still Do It": Business Student Rationalizations of Unethical Conduct
 Kennedy, Jay.

"OMG, I Did WHAT Last Night???": Illuminating Deviance and Victimization with TFLN
 Kelley, Kathleen. and Bonistall, Emily.

"The Taxpayers Won't Allow It": The Contradictions of Providing Therapy in Jail
 Aiello, Brittnie.

"Theater Women in Low-Neck Dresses": Mass Media and Social Science Discourse about Clothing and Crime from 1890s-1950s
 Bailey, Frankie.

"Was It His Fault…?”: Contextualization and Individualization by Defense Attorneys and Experts
 Kleinstuber, Ross.

"You Won't Forget Me:" Personal Narratives of Women in Policing
 Buist, Carrie.

(Com)passion and Punishment: American Attitudes toward State-Sanctioned Death
 Lopes, Giza., Lizotte, Alan. and Davies, Andrew.

(Re)Creating the Iraqi Police: A Study of Policing as State Power
 Wozniak, Jesse.

'Hot for Student': Female Teacher--Male Student Statutory Rape Cases in the Popular Media
 Hayden, Karen. and Aiello, Brittnie.

'Smart on Crime' Policies and Prospects for Criminal Justice Reform
 Fairfax, Roger.

'These Illegals': Personhood, Punishment and the Political Economy of Unauthorized Immigrant Othering
 Stageman, Daniel.

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A Bail of a Story
 Starks, Brian.

A Border Milieu of Violence: Mexican Female Sex Workers on the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Cepeda, Alice. and Nowotny, Kathryn.

A Call To Arms: The Militarization of Disaster Response in the United States
 Farmer, Ashley. and Kraska, Peter.

A Call to Reform: Changing Corrections from the Bottom Up
 Sutton, Paul.

A Community Court Grows in Brooklyn: Process Evaluation Results and Preliminary Outcomes
 Cheesman II, Fred., Rottman, David. and Lee, Cynthia.

A Comparative Analysis of Deaths in Milwaukee County and Cook County Jails: Data-Driven Policy Implications
 Zevitz, Richard.

A Comparative Analysis of Reentry Experiences in St. Louis, Missouri
 Bolton, Amanda., Amidon, Ethan., Gunderman, Mikh., Duplantier, Daniel. and Freitas, Amber.

A Comparative Look at American and Canadian Approaches to Compensate the Wrongfully Convicted
 McLellan, Myles.

A Comparative Study of Perceived Police Effectiveness: Japanese and American Cases
 Seo, Chunghyeon.

A Comparative Study of Self-Reported Juvenile Victimization in China and the United States
 Ren, Ling., Zhao, Jihong., Webb, Vincent., He, Ni. and Marshall, Ineke.

A Comparison Study of Female Homicide Offenders in Arkansas
 Liles, Alesa.

A Comparison of 12-Month Theoretical and Actual Failure Rates
 Kurtz, Ellen. and Ahlman, Lindsay.

A Comparison of Explanations of Public Expenditures on Corrections and Education in U.S. States
 Bjornstrom, Eileen. and Leap, Braden.

A Comparison of Homicide Clearance Using Binary and Time to Failure Arrest Outcomes
 Kowalski, Brian. and Lundman, Richard.

A Comparison of Law Enforcement Homicides and Other Homicides Committed by Far-Right Extremists
 Suttmoeller, Michael., Gruenewald, Jeff., Chermak, Steven. and Freilich, Joshua.

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BJS Census of Probation Agencies: New Data Collection
 Stickle, Wendy. and McPherson, Karla.

Bad Cops at Home: An Exploratory Study of Officer-Involved Domestic Violence
 Stinson, Philip. and Liederbach, John.

Balancing Strength of Evidence and Contextual Constraints: A Multi-Method Study of Factors Affecting Prosecutors’ Decisions
 Frederick, Bruce., Stemen, Don., Bang, April., O\'Neil, Stephen. and Alligood, Kevin.

Barriers to Effective Gang-Member Reentry: An Examination of Street Gang-Affiliated Probationer Recidivism in a Southwestern State
 Matz, Adam., Stevens, Kelli. and DeMichele, Matthew.

Barriers to Reentry: Common Coping Strategies for the Female Offender
 Koski, Susan.

Barriers to Successful Reentry: Navigating the Ideological Shift from Being “Tough on Crime” to Being “Smart on Crime”
 Toro, June. and Dougherty, Joyce.

Barriers to the Adoption of Evidence-Based Diversionary Programs: Exploration of Organizational Change Strategies
 Hiller, Matt. and Zajac, Gary.

Barriers to the Reintegration of Formerly Incarcerated Gang Members
 Thompkins, Douglas.

Battered into Prostitution: From Intimate Partner Violence into Sex Trafficking
 Reid, Joan.

Before Its Too Late: Exploring the Effects of a Visual-Media Based Drug Prevention Program
 Carleton, Rebecca. and Davies, Garth.

Being Fearless and Fearsome: Colonial Control, Racist Demoralization, and Violence among Pacific Islander Boys
 Irwin, Katherine.

Being a Criminologist
 Liebling, Alison.

Beliefs about Wife Beating among Arab-Israeli Women: The Effect of Patriarchal Ideology
 Zaatut, Amart.

Best Practices in Ohio Jails: Findings and Recommendations from a Statewide Evaluation
 Martin, Brian., Kowalski, Brian. and Schnelle, Sharon.

Between-District Variation, Race/Ethnicity, and the Recommendation/Pursuit of the Death Penalty in Federal Court
 Cano, Mario. and Dario, Lisa.

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CRASH & Burn: The Continued Consequences of the Rampart Scandal
 Halvorson, Megan., Tita, George., Valasik, Matthew. and Reid, Shannon.

Callous-Unemotional Traits, Conduct Problems and Negative Parental Discipline: A Monozygotic Twin Differences Study
 Fontaine, Nathalie., Oliver, Bonamy., Plomin, Robert. and Viding, Essi.

Can Brief Interventions Change Criminogenic Risk and Health Risk Behaviors?: Preliminary Results from the MISTERS Project
 Potter, Roberto.

Can Comprehensive Community-Based Reentry Work? Lessons Learned from Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating the Safer Return Demonstration
 Fontaine, Jocelyn. and Rossman, Shelli.

Can Criminologists Handle Legal Scholarship?
 Zalman, Marvin.

Can DNA Assist Motor Vehicle Theft Investigations? Results from a Randomized Control Trial
 Markman, Joshua., Roman, John. and Walsh, Kelly.

Can Delinquents Trust in Us?
 Bartula, Aaron.

Can FoodLion Help Save a Neighborhood?
 White, Garland. and Muldoon, Caitlin.

Can General Theories Explain Offending Trajectories across Race and Ethnicity?
 Caudy, Michael.

Can Living with a Custodial Grandparent Impact Juvenile Delinquency? A Study of Youth in Chicago Neighborhoods
 Goulette, Natalie. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Can Social Capital Explain the Incidences of Index Crimes in Turkey?
 Irmak, Fatih., Aksu, Gokhan. and Cubukcu, Suat.

Can Social Impact Bonds Fund Public Safety Programs?
 Roman, John., Markman, Joshua. and Downey, P. Mitchell.

Can Socially Constructed Perceptions be Re-Constructed?
 Chatellier, Kayre.

Can You Hear Me Now? First Responder Communication a Decade after 9/11
 Merritt, Nancy., Heaps, Joseph. and Kaplan, John.

Can a Cultural Arts Program Provide a Preventative Effect for Adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System?
 Rapp-Paglicci, Lisa., Stewart, Chris. and Rowe, William.

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Darfur and the Responsibility to Protect
 Overton, Angela.

Data Collection and Experimental Designs in the Study of Cybercrime
 Cukier, Michel., Sobesto, Bertrand. and Maimon, David.

Dating Violence Prevention in New York City Middle Schools: Six-Month Follow-Up Multi-Level Experimental Results
 Taylor, Bruce. and Stein, Nan.

Dating Violence among Latino Adolescents
 Sabina, Chiara. and Cuevas, Carlos.

Dating and Drinking Diffusion in Adolescent Peer Networks: A Replication and Extension
 Kreager, Derek., Haynie, Dana. and Hopfer, Suellen.

De-Concentrating Prisoner Reentry: A Natural Experiment of Neighborhood Change
 Kirk, David.

Death Notifications in Murder Cases: The Management and Reactions to the Delivery of Bad News
 Reed, Mark. and Dabney, Dean.

Death Penalty in Islamic Countries
 Alasti, Sanaz.

Death Penalty without Imposition of Death? The Tanzanian Experience
 Kakoti, George.

Debts and Delinquency in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Review
 Hoeve, Machteld., Stams, Geert Jan., van der Zouwen, Marion., Vergeer, Margaretha M.., Jurrius, Kitty. and Asscher, Jessica.

Decarceration, Reentry and the Politics of the Budget
 Farrell, William.

Deciding to Offend with Others: The Role of Adversity
 Nguyen, Holly. and McGloin, Jean.

Decline of US Crime Rates and Ecology of Place
 Botts, J..

Deconstructing the Criminalization of Mass Atrocity
 Lohne, Kjersti.

Deconstructing “Power”: A New Understanding of the “Power and Control” Motive
 Wagers, Shelly. and Sellers, Christine.

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E-Resistance and Technological In/security in Everyday Life: The Palestinian Case
 Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera.

EEG Patterns and Their Relationship to Aggression in Childhood
 Niv, Sharon., Raine, Adrian. and Baker, Laura.

Early Abuse, Victimization, and Substance Use among Homeless Young Adults
 Tyler, Kimberly. and Melander, Lisa.

Early Aggression and Adult Criminal Behavior: An Evaluation of the Woodlawn Intervention
 Liu, Weiwei., Petras, Hanno., Ensminger, Margaret. and Kellam, Sheppard.

Early Problem Behavior and Later Delinquency: Considering the Moderating Role of the Family
 Widdowson, Alex., Hay, Carter., Meldrum, Ryan. and Piquero, Alex.

Ecstasy Production in the Netherlands from a Macro Network Perspective
 Spapens, Antoine.

Educating the Ethical Officer: Are Universities Doing their Part?
 Sibila, Deborah. and Pollock, Wendi.

Education of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and Civic Engagement
 Wang, Shun-Yung.

Education, Intelligence and Violent Behavior
 Savage, Joanne.

Effect of Evidence-Based versus Empowerment Based Prosecutorial Policies on Recidivism, Victim's Safety, and Empowerment
 Finn, Mary.

Effect of Vitamin D on Child Psychopathy
 Choy, Olivia., Raine, Adrian. and Soyfer, Liana.

Effective Interventions for Girls in Trouble with the Law in the Toronto Metropolitan Area
 Stevens, Tia.

Effective Supervision Strategies: Do Frequent Changes of Supervision Officers Affect Probationer Outcomes?
 Clark-Miller, Jason. and Stevens, Kelli.

Effects of Arrestees’ Facial Attractiveness on Criminal Justice Case Outcomes in State Court
 Reitler, Angela. and Newsome, Jamie.

Effects of Consecutive Night Shift Work on Police Officer Performance
 Waggoner, Lauren., Grant, Devon., Van Dongen, Hans., Belenky, Greg. and Vila, Bryan.

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Facilitating Re-Entry: A Prison-Based Case Managed Re-Entry Program for Low Income Pregnant Women and New Mothers
 Mogul, Marjie.

Fact or Fiction: Female Offenders on Television Dramas and Documentaries
 Mann-Deibert, Gini., Beiter, Sarah., Brooks, Emma., Guerrero, Annalia., Kelly, Lyndsey. and Thompson, Taia.

Factor Structure of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire for Street-Youth Involved in the Sex Trade
 Forde, David. and Baron, Stephen.

Factors Affecting Homicide Clearance Rates
 Castro, Elsa.

Factors Affecting Homicide Rate Fluctuations in Canada
 Trussler, Tanya. and Carmichael, Jason.

Factors Affecting Institutional Campus Sexual Assault Statistics
 Palmer, Jane.

Factors Associated with Recidivism among a Sample of Mentally Ill Offenders from the Ontario Correctional Population
 Verhaaff, Ashley.

Factors Associated with the Reduction of Intimate Partner Violence: Medellin, Colombia 2003-2007
 Restrepo, Alexandra., Duque, Luis. and Montoya, Nilton.

Factors Related to Exit Status in a Work Release Program: A 4-Year Study
 Roy, Sudipto. and Mackey, William.

Factors and Correlates Influencing Murders of Police Officers in the Line of Duty
 Walker, Michael., Haberfeld, Maria., Horwitz, Solomon. and Albert, Calen.

Factors of Hit-and-Run Accidents after Drinking in Japan: Deterrence and Rational Choice Perspective
 Fujita, Goro.

Factors of Running Away from Home among Korean Juveniles: A Test of General Strain Theory
 Byun, HaDo. and Baek, Hyunin.

Factors that Affect the Risk of Harassment and Stalking Victimization: Findings from the NCVS: Stalking Victimization Supplement
 Menard, Kim.

Failed States and the Rise of Terrorism
 Plummer, Chelli. and Zahn, Margaret.

Failed and Failing States: The Relationship between State Power and Terrorist Activity
 Hollingsworth, Michael.

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GST & the Illicit Use of Prescription Drugs: A Gendered Response
 Vegh, Deborah.

Game Theoretic Models for Collective Efficacy
 Short, Martin.

Gang Membership and Adherence to the Code of the Streets
 Freng, Adrienne., Melde, Chris., Matsuda, Kristy. and Taylor, Terrance.

Gang Populations and Ethnic Diversity in Canadian Penitentiaries
 Grant, Brian. and Ruddell, Rick.

Gang Risk Factors: Emerging Trends and Prevention Opportunities in Urbanizing Communities
 Wingo, Samantha. and Groskin, Richard.

Gang-Related Homicide in the Media: Moral Panic, Police Organizational Changes, and the Impact of High-Profile Incidents
 Gravel, Jason. and Wong, Jennifer.

Gangs and Media
 Kontos, Louis. and Thompkins, Douglas.

Gangs in the Hood: How Neighborhood Factors Can Reduce Gang Activity for High Risk Youth
 Kurlychek, Megan., Krohn, Marvin., Lizotte, Alan., Dong, Beidi. and Hall, Gina.

Gays Don't Go Straight; They Go Forward
 Silva, Maya.

Gender Based Perceptions of Biosecurity Threats
 Salvatore, Christopher. and Gorman, Brian.

Gender Based Violence in Kenya: Policy Implications
 Kimuna, Sitawa. and Cherukuri, Suvarna.

Gender Differences among Individuals Who May Accompany Endangered Runaway Youth
 Morewitz, Stephen.

Gender Differences in Decision-Making among Delinquent Adolescents: A Psychosocial Perspective
 Solomon, Brett.

Gender Differences in Perceived Social Bonding and Its Effects on Violence
 Lee, Chang-Hun., Song, Juyoung. and Kim, Bitna.

Gender Differences in Weapon Use during Violent Offenses
 Sewell, CheyOnna. and Carbone-Lopez, Kristin.

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H.H. Holmes-America's First Serial Killer?
 Suero, Hazel.

HIV Status and Intimate Partner Violence among Men Who Have Sex with Men
 Tetteh, Adjoa. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Halfway Home: The Effect of Transitional Housing Placement on Long-Term Patterns of Recidivism
 Huebner, Beth., Kras, Kimberly. and Pleggenkuhle, Breanne.

Handling the Drunks: Crowd Control in a Permissive Environment
 Geoffrion, Steve., Boivin, Rémi. and Ouellet, Frederic.

Hanging Out in Hollenbeck: The Influence of Territoriality, Residency, and Injunctions on Gang Members’ Mobility Patterns
 Valasik, Matthew. and Tita, George.

Hanging on the Streets: Time Use and Youth Gangs in Chicago (1959-1962)
 Hughes, Lorine., Short, James. and Anderson, Amy.

Hanging up the Tucker Telephone: Landmark Arkansas Prison Cases
 Pate, Matthew.

Harm Avoidance or Trigger? Criminal Social Capital and Violence among Homeless Drug Dealers
 Descormiers, Karine. and Morselli, Carlo.

Harms and Crimes in Tropical Rainforests
 Boekhout van Solinge, Tim.

Harsher criminal sentences due to physical appearance or cultural differences
 Wermink, Hilde., De Keijser, Jan. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Have You Seen My Backyard?: Exploring the Stereotypical and Prototypical Prison Town
 Schalliol, David. and Eason, John.

He Said, She Said: An Empirical Inquiry into Media Portrayals of Male and Female-Perpetrated Partner Violence
 Sellers, Brian. and Desmarais, Sarah.

Healing Communities Reentry Initiative: Community Perceptions of a Faith Based Program
 Legette, Kerri., Taxman, Faye. and Trulear, Harold.

Health Issues in Youth Correctional Facilities
 Gallien, Martha.

Heard, Not Seen: The Invisible Yet Influential Role of the Police Dispatcher in the Distribution of Law Enforcement Services
 Orosco, Carlena.

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I Cu Txtn While U R Drivn
 Austin, Denise., Jahn, Amber. and Taylor, Talia.

Identifying Best Places for CCTV Camera Placement: An Analysis of Micro-Level Environmental Features
 Piza, Eric., Caplan, Joel. and Kennedy, Leslie.

Identifying Characteristics of Solved Cold Case Homicides
 Unnithan, Prabha. and Rogers, David.

Identifying Factors in How Women Categorize Rape
 Holmes, William. and Salinger, Larry.

Identifying the Dynamic Risk Factors for Varying Degrees of Victimization: Routine Activities Questioned
 Nazaretian, Zavin.

Identity Crimes and Identity Criminals: What We Know and What We Don’t Know
 Rebovich, Donald. and Choo, Kyungseok.

Identity Theft and Great Plains Policing: Detective Perceptions of Identity Theft Response
 Johnson, Michael.

Identity Theft: A Transnational Techno-Crime
 Rebovich, Donald.

Identity and Control?: The Intersection of Race and Gangs in California’s Juvenile Justice Facilities
 Omori, Marisa., Gascon, Luis Daniel., Haerle, Darin. and Kang-Brown, Jacob.

If All Else Fails: An Analysis of Citizen and Police Justified Homicides in Texas
 Mauck, Melissa. and Teske, Jr., Raymond.

If There’s a Crime in Your Neighborhood, Who You Gonna Call?
 Boessen, Adam., Hipp, John., Butts, Carter., Nagle, Nicholas., Acton, Ryan., Marcum, Christopher. and Almquist, Zack.

Illegal Online Gambling: How Technology is Used to Circumvent Laws and Regulatory Controls Internationally
 Byrne, James.

Illuminating the Mediating Factors of Prostitution: Sexual Victimization, Drug Use, and Mental Health
 Bonistall, Emily.

Images of Louisiana Prisoners: Media Representations of Women in Louisiana’s Prison News Magazine, The Angolite
 Fisher-Giorlando, Marianne.

Immigrant Concentration and Violence: Does the Spatial Distribution of Immigration Matter?
 Feldmeyer, Ben., Harris, Casey. and Scroggins, Jennifer.

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Jail Days after Exiting a Recently Established Mental Health Court
 Ray, Bradley. and Burns, Padraic.

Jail Incarceration and Crime Rates: A Time-Series Investigation of Albuquerque Neighborhoods (2000-2006)
 Trujillo, Saundra.

Jail Reentry Planning: Risk and Needs Assessment
 Wei, Qing. and Parsons, Jim.

Jail, Bail, and Foreclosure: The Hidden Cost of the Housing Crisis
 Rosky, Jeffrey., Collins, Peter., Lin, Hefang. and Thomas, Andrew.

Janie’s Got a Gun – A Study of Crime and Concealed Handgun Licensees’
 Miller, Brooke. and Saber, Mark.

Job Satisfaction and Sexual Harassment in Law Enforcement: The Mediating Effect of Social Bonds
 Harrison, Jill.

Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention among South Korean Probation Officers: An Examination of the Job Related Factors
 Lee, Chang-bae., Jang, Hyunseok. and Lee, Chang-Han.

Judges’ Perceptions of the Extent and Nature of India’s Domestic Violence Legislation and Implementation
 Sims, Barbara., Goel, Sudershan., Sumner, Jennifer. and Sodhi, Ravi.

Judicial Perception and Use of Risk/Need/ Responsivity Assessments for Sentencing in Wisconsin
 Cheesman II, Fred. and Kleiman, Matthew.

Judicial Perceptions of Rape and Sexual Assault
 McMillan, Lesley. and Tombs, Jackie.

Judicial Reforms in Mexico and the Implications of Technological Innovation
 Pitts, Wayne. and Benitez, David.

Jurisdictional Variation in the Clearance and Prosecution of Sexual Assault
 Stacey, Michele. and Martin, Kimberly.

Juror Attitudes and Comprehension of Jury Instructions
 Kremling, Janine. and Reckdenwald, Amy.

Jurors vs. Defendants: Examining Perceptions of Fairness in Criminal Trials
 Parker, Laurin.

Just How Damaging is Prison for Women? A Reconviction Study Using Propensity Score Matching
 Hedderman, Carol. and Jolliffe, Darrick.

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Keeping it real: Battered, Colored and Accused of Intimate Partner Homicide
 Livingston, Lindsey.

Keeping the Barbarians outside the Gate?: Exploring the Victimization Experiences of Households in Gated Communities
 Rennison, Callie. and Addington, Lynn.

Kentucky v. King: “It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City”
 Hughes, Tom. and Burton, Corey.

Key Components of Team-Based Learning
 Roberson, William.

Kidnapping and Ransom in Nigeria 1990-2010
 Ebbe, Obi.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door: Anticipated Early Death, Religiosity, and Youth Violence
 Topalli, Volkan., Tekin, Erdal. and Brezina, Timothy.


LGBT and Justice: Seeking Social and Legal Justice
 Reasons, Charles., Noga-Styron, Krystal., Francis, Teresa. and Peacock, Derrick.

Larceny and the Atlanta International Airport: An Examination of Rational Choice and the 9/11 Intervention
 Rosbough, Christopher.

Large Police Corruption Networks in Australia
 Lauchs, Mark.

Latent Class Derived Child Maltreatment Types: An Analysis of a National Child Protective Service Sample
 Dawson, Jean. and Walsh, Wendy.

Latin American Children: Stress and Gang Membership
 Diaz-Clark, Irene.

Latino Attitudes towards Violence: The Effect of Americanization
 Bratina, Michele.

Law Enforcement Officers’ Preferences about Policing Methods for Crime Prevention
 Arslan, Metin.

Law Enforcement Students and Homophobia
 Olivero, Michael., Murataya, Rodrigo. and Francis, Teresa.

Law Enforcement Training Curriculum in Domestic Violence: The Lack of Reliability and Validity When Defining Abuse
 Russell, Brenda., Hamel, John., Jensen, Rachel., Williams, Patrice. and Anderson, Brittney.

Law and Order: Changes in the Gender Landscape
 Humphries, Drew.

Leading NIJ: Challenges to Confront and Opportunities to Seize
 Laub, John.

Learned Helplessness or Things Getting Better?
 Huang, Lan-Ying. and Lin, Yusheng.

Learning about Crime and Justice in a Women’s Prison
 Leonard, Eileen.

Learning the Dynamics of a Prison from Experience behind the Walls
 Celi, Andrea.

Legal Change and Sentencing Norms in Federal Court: An Examination of the Impact of Booker, Ball and Kimbrough Decisions
 Lynch, Mona.

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Macro-, Micro-, and System-Level Components of Recidivism: Toward a More Complete Model of Reintegration
 Cesar, Gabriel. and Wright, Kevin.

Macro-Level Threat and the Federal Prosecution of Illegal Immigrants
 Stupi, Elizabeth.

Making It Easier on the Road to Justice: Why States Adopt Compensation Laws for the Wrongly Convicted
 Owens, Michael. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Making It Work: Using Research to Guide Implementation of Effective Correctional Practices
 Groot, Brittany.

Making Room for the Voices of People Affected in Policy-Oriented Research
 Harris, M. Kay.

Making Sense of High Status Drug Users: Constructionist and Objectivist Readings of Neutralization Theory
 Gur, Oren. and Ibarra, Peter.

Making Sense of Interrogation Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures: A Synthesis of the Literature
 Miller, Jeaneé., Kelly, Christopher., Redlich, Allison. and Kleinman, Steven.

Male Inmate-on-Inmate Sexual Assault: Characteristics Associated with Risk
 Sutton, Jessica., Sutton, James. and Norton, E..

Male Offenders’ Work Experiences Pre-Prison, in-Prison, and upon Reentry: Interactions between Work, Crime, and Recidivism
 Edwards, Kerry.

Malware, Hackers and Theory: A Discussion of Cybercrime and Criminological Explanations of This Phenomenon
 Sariti, Amy., Maimon, David. and Cukier, Michel.

Management Attempts to Control Arrest-Making in the NYPD
 Linn, Edith.

Managerial Prisons and Mass Incarceration in the United States
 Schoenfeld, Heather.

Managing Conflict: The Roles of Legal and Extra-Legal Solutions
 Zhang, Jing., Du, Zhaoyong. and Zhang, Xingshui.

Managing Dens of Iniquity: Roles That Hotel Operators Play in Suppressing Emergent Crime Problems
 De La Rosa, Araseli., Bichler, Gisela., Hauck, Stacy. and Henderson, Heidi.

Managing Mental Illness in a Correctional Setting: Risk, Classification, and Programming
 Yursza Warfield, Garrett.

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National Evaluation of the Community Oriented Policing Services Secure Our Schools Program
 Crowley, Kathleen.

National Trends in Drug Use Using ADAM Data
 Rhodes, William.

Native Culture and Patterns of Child Sexual Victimization in Indian Country
 Steele, Paul.

Natural Cocaine Stories: Findings of a 12-Year Follow up Study of 56 Cocaine Users
 Decorte, Tom.

Navigating Obstacles: Women Riders, Stereotypes and Power
 Selman, Donna. and Troshynski, Emily.

Near Repeat Victimization Patterns and Neighborhood Characteristics
 Kikuchi, George.

Need an "A" in an Online Summer Class? No Worries! We Ace it!
 Rounds, Del.

Negotiating Conventional Markers of Success with the Stigma of Incarceration
 Leverentz, Andrea.

Negotiating Institutional Goals: Parole Officers’ Accounts of their Work
 Opsal, Tara. and Steen, Sara.

Neighborhood Cohesion, Structural Disadvantage, and Personal Susceptibility: A Study on the Development of Antisocial Behavior
 Gibson, Chris., Ward, Jeffrey. and Thrush, MaryAnn.

Neighborhood Context & Hispanic Offending: Variations in Impact by Generational Status
 Soto, Danielle.

Neighborhood Context, Individual Risk, and Recidivism
 Tillyer, Marie. and Vose, Brenda.

Neighborhood Context, Unstructured Socializing, and Youth Property Offending: Integrating Macro and Micro Explanations of Crime
 Matsuda, Mauri. and Maimon, David.

Neighborhood Crime Trajectories and Social Structures of Accumulation
 VanGeem, Stephen. and Maskaly, Jon.

Neighborhood Disadvantage, Intimate Partner Violence, and Depression
 Benson, Michael. and Wright, Emily.

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Obesity and Weight-Related Medical Problems of Incarcerated Persons with and without Mental Disorders
 Wolff, Nancy., Shi, J.. and Schumann, B..

Occupational Exhaustion among Prison Staff: Multivariate Analysis of Correlates Associated with Emotional Exhaustion
 Avdija, Avdi. and Roy, Sudipto.

Occupational Stress and Crime Scene Investigation: Assessing the Causes of and Reactions to Critical Incident Stress
 Leone, Matthew. and Keel, Renee.

Offender Perceptions on Megan's Law
 Bowers Jr., James., Frenzel, Erika., Phaneuf, Shannon., Spraitz, Jason. and Bowen, Kendra.

Ohio Risk Assessment as Applied to Arkansas Corrections
 Miller, Jennifer.

On the Importance of Being John Landesco
 Yeager, Matthew.

On the Importance of Conceptual Frameworks in Evaluation Research: The Case of Gun Control Laws
 Blais, Etienne.

On the Reinforcing Nature of Imprisonment: An Investigation of Prisoners’ Intentions to Reoffend
 Rohleder, Lacey.

On the Relationship of Past to Future Involvement in Crime and Delinquency: A Behavioral Genetic Analysis
 Barnes, J.C..

Once Gained, Never Lost? Examining Longitudinal Losses in Self-Control
 Hay, Carter. and Meldrum, Ryan.

Online Behavior, Offline Consequences, and Personnel Security
 Smith, Samantha.

Online Child Sexual Exploitation - Challenges to Fighting Crime in a Digital World
 Larence, Eileen.

Online Dating Scams: Fraudulent Attempts to Recover Money: False Justice?
 Gibson, Shannon. and Greek, Cecil.

Online Dating Scams: Fraudulent Attempts to Recover Money: False Justice?
 Gibson, Shannon. and Greek, Cecil.

Open Source Data on Terrorism and Crime: How Valid? How Reliable? How Useful?
 Behzadi, Emon. and Forst, Brian.

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PTSD: Inside and outside the Walls
 Kolkey, Zora.

Paradise by the Sodium Light: What Marijuana Culture Can Tell Us about Criminology
 Wiecko, Filip.

Parental Criminal Justice Involvement and the Development of Youth Theft, Drug Use, Depression and Educational Performance
 Murray, Joseph., Pardini, Dustin. and Loeber, Rolf.

Parental Incarceration, Child Homelessness, and the Invisible Consequences of Mass Imprisonment
 Wildeman, Christopher.

Parental Incarceration, Negative Emotions, Coping Resources, and Crime: A Test of General Strain Theory
 McClure, Timothy. and Dunaway, R..

Parental Influence on Antisocial Behavior from Adolescence to Early Adulthood
 Johnson, Wendi., Giordano, Peggy., Longmore, Monica. and Manning, Wendy.

Parenthood and Crime in Context
 VanEseltine, Matthew.

Parenting Moderates the Influence of Domestic Violence Exposure on Child Conduct Problems
 Gewirtz, Abigail. and Davis, Laurel.

Parenting Styles and Criminal Involvement: A Test of Baumrind's Typology
 Spraitz, Jason.

Parenting in Prison? An Exploratory Study of How Mothers Fulfill Parenting Roles in Prison
 Easterling, Beth.

Parenting, shame and embarrassment-- their relationships to risk taking, deviance and delinquency in Japan
 Bui, Laura.

Parole Agent Style of Communication: Does a Change of Policy Lead to Change in Practice?
 Braithwaite, Helen., Turner, Susan. and Haerle, Darin.

Parole Decisionmaking in Theory and Practice
 Vîlcică, E. Rely.

Parricide and Filicide Sentencing: Children Who Kill Their Parents and Parents Who Kill Their Children
 Whalley, Elizabeth. and Belknap, Joanne.

Partner Aggression among Police Officers
 Moreland, Wayne., Epperson, Daynasty., Yeasted, James., Chavira, David. and Raibeck, William.

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Qualitative Examination of Disproportionate Minority Contact
 Feinstein, Rachel.

Queering Criminology
 Woods, Jordan.

Quotas and Colorblindness: The Construction of Youth, Race and Justice in Federal and State Law
 Goshe, Sonya.


Race Effects in the Adult Court Sentences of Waived Youth: A Replication and Extension
 Spicer Hutto, Tonya. and Howell, Rebecca.

Race Group Differences in the Odds of Violent Victimization among Prison Inmates in Ohio and Kentucky
 Wooldredge, John. and Steiner, Benjamin.

Race War?: Racial Perspectives and Perceptions of Black and Latino Gang Members in Los Angeles County
 Weide, Robert.

Race and Ethnic Threat among Female Offenders: An Analysis of Sentencing Departures in Florida
 Warren, Patricia., Cochran, Joshua. and Shields, Ryan.

Race and Juvenile Justice Processing: What Have We Learned over the Last 50 Years?
 Taylor, Angela. and Guevara, Lori.

Race and the Use of Secure Placement Among Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
 Farrell, Jill.

Race, Crime and Criminal Justice: International Perspectives
 Kalunta-Crumpton, Anita.

Race, Crime and Minority Political Opportunity Structures: A Multi-Level Exploration across US Cities
 Velez, Maria. and Lyons, Christopher.

Race, Ethnicity, Age and Gender Articulation in Existing Databases on Alcohol-Related Arrests
 Agozino, Biko. and Vance, Eric.

Race, Gender & Sexuality: Social Construction of Images of Crime in Popular Films
 Chisholm, Nathaniel.

Race, Gender and Context in the Criminal Labeling of D.U.I. Offenders
 Rousseau, Danielle. and Pezzullo, Gerald.

Race, Gender, and the Policing of Public Space
 Wilder Bonner, Kideste.

Race, Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Forces, and Mass Incarceration: An Organizational Analysis
 Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin. and Smith, Lionel.

Race-Ethnic Differences in Rape Victimization: A Pooled Analysis of NCVS Data, 1992-2005
 Gorislavsky, Ekaterina.

Race/Ethnic Differences in Persistent Violent Offending: A Trajectory Analysis of Youthful Offenders Followed into Adulthood
 Reitzel, John David.

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Safari with Mobile Banking: Innovative Crimes and Crime Prevention in Kenya
 Toggia, Pietro. and Muugi, George.

Safeguarding the Innocent: A Report Card for the States
 Bonventre, Catherine., Norris, Robert., Redlich, Allison. and Acker, James.

Safety in underground stations: the importance of environmental attributes
 Ceccato, Vania.

Saints or Sinners: Newspapers’ Constructions of Bullies and Victims in Two Bullying-Related Suicides
 Cohen, Jeffrey. and Brooks, Robert.

Same case, different view: Disagreement on sentencing decision among prosecutors and judges
 Park, MiRang., Lee, Min-Sik. and Sim, Jaechul.

Same-Sex Domestic Violence and Perceptions of Homophobia in Law Enforcement among LGBTQ of Central Florida
 Guadalupe, Xavier.

Sanction fear, morality, and crime: additional evidence from two European countries
 Botchkovar, Ekaterina.

Satisfaction with Crime Control in Contemporary China: A Multilevel Analysis
 Zhuo, Yue.

Scapegoating the Roma - continued terrorism in the Balkans
 French, Laurence., Dylan, Arielle. and Nickolic-Novakovic, Lidija.

School Crime and Safety Surveys: A Wealth of Information for the School Crime Researcher
 Robers, Simone.

School Resource Officer Programs: Implementation’s Effect on Student Perceptions of Safety
 Clipper, Stephen.

School Security Practices and School Crime: Results from the 2010 School Survey on Crime and Safety
 Bauer, Lynn.

Schools and the problem of substance use
 Sutherland, Alex.

Scottish Student Crime & Victimisation: Early Findings
 Fisher, Bonnie., McMillan, Lesley., Robertson, Annette. and Godwin, Jon.

Screening Police Personnel for Digital Dirt
 Rose, Andree.

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TASERS in Texas: Measuring the Effectiveness of TASER Use in Reducing Suspect and Officer Injury
 Jefferson, Sheryl.

Tackling Juvenile Prescription Drug Abuse
 Barthe, Emmanuel.

Taking Account of Procedural and Compositional Differences in Rankings of Recidivism
 Sabol, William.

Taking Criminology to the Movies: Criminological Theory and Popular Culture
 Brown, Michelle. and Rafter, Nicole.

Taking out the Trash: Vigilantism, Retributive Justice, & Popular Culture
 Hudgins, Sara. and Cowgill, Julie.

 Harmon, Talia.

 Longmire, Dennis.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Vandiver, Margaret.

Teaching Criminal Justice in the Arts
 Bush, Michael.

Teaching Double Agents: Pedagogical Crimes & Ethical Misdemeanours
 Landry, Deborah.

Teaching Police Department Initiative: Leadership Development and Organizational Learning in Policing
 Sweeney, Joan., McKenna, Robert. and Manzi, Stephanie.

Technical Steps of Risk Terrain Modeling: Live Demonstration
 Caplan, Joel.

Ted Gest, Criminal Justice Journalists (discussant)
 Fields, Gary.

Temporal Patterning of Women's Pathways into Drug Use and Crime
 Smith, Vivian.

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Uncovering the Educational Experiences of Incarcerated Women
 Robison, Kristenne., Falconer, Katrina. and Moga, Katelyn.

Uncovering the “Cash For Kids” Scandal
 Schwartz, Robert.

Under-Reporting of Sexual Assault: The Crime Funnel Effect on Adult-on-Adult Sexual Assault
 Tavcer, Scharie.

Undergraduate Criminal Justice Student’s Attitudes toward Racial Diversity and Gender Equity
 Kim, Bitna. and Miller, Holly.

Understanding Atrocities Involved in WWI & II Submarine Warfare
 Ben-Yehuda, Nachman.

Understanding Collateral Consequences of Registry Laws: An Examination of the Perceptions of Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registrants
 Bowen, Kendra., Frenzel, Erika., Phaneuf, Shannon., Bowers Jr., James. and Spraitz, Jason.

Understanding Community Context in the Sentencing of Murderers
 Olson, David., Escobar, Gipsy. and Stemen, Don.

Understanding Crime Trajectories at Street Segments: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study
 Weisburd, David., Groff, Elizabeth. and Yang, Sue-Ming.

Understanding Crime as an Epiphenomenon of Mating Effort: Implications for Behavioral Genetics and Criminology
 Wiebe, Richard.

Understanding Etiology of Substance Abuse: Separating the Initiating Factors from Addiction Variables
 Sun, Key.

Understanding Female Gun Ownership, 1995-2008
 Koeppel, M.. and Nobles, Matt.

Understanding Homicide Events Involving Youth
 Trombley, J..

Understanding Identity Formation and Sex Offending Using In-Depth Personal Narratives.
 Vollman, Brenda K..

Understanding Legal Highs: The Use of Salvia Divinorum, K2, Mephedrone and “Bath Salts”
 Perrone, Dina. and Fischer, Ryan.

Understanding Perceptions of Identity Theft in Europe: Salience of Countries’ Economic Prosperity and Individuals’ Employment Status
 Haas, Brian. and Stalans, Loretta.

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Vagrant Masculinity: Subjectivity in Post-Incarceration Transitional Behavior
 Patrick, LeBrian.

Validating the Level of Service Inventory-Revised: A Gendered Perspective
 Ostermann, Michael. and Herrschaft, Bryn.

Validation of a Refined Instrument to Assess Violence & Safety in Women’s Facilities
 Wells, James., Owen, Barbara., Pollock, Joycelyn., Muscat, Bernadette., Parson, Stephen. and Innes, Chris.

Validation of the Pre-Release Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment
 Van Voorhis, Pat., Groot, Brittany. and Brushett, Rachel.

Validation of the Prison Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment
 Brushett, Rachel., Van Voorhis, Pat. and Groot, Brittany.

Validation of the Probation Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment
 Groot, Brittany., Van Voorhis, Pat. and Brushett, Rachel.

Values and Juvenile Delinquency
 Wiernik, Craig.

Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies: A New Conceptualization of Social Stratification
 Richards, Stephen. and Lenza, Michael.

Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies: A New Conceptualization of Social Stratification
 Richards, Stephen. and Lenza, Michael.

Variation in Self-Reported Familial and Marital Social Bonds and among First Time and Repeat Female Offenders
 Lavin, Kristin., Dhungana, Karla., Gertz, Marc., Baker, Thomas. and Bedard, Laura.

Variations in Intimate Partner Violence Revictimization after Police Intervention When Considering Selection Bias
 Broll, Ryan.

Varieties of Police Behavior: Interrogation of Juveniles in Urban and Suburban Locales
 Feld, Barry.

Vera’s Segregation Reduction Project: An Innovative Approach to Use of Segregation in Prison
 Browne, Angela.

Victim Ethnicity and the Clearance of Violent Crime Incidents
 Briggs, Steven. and Opsal, Tara.

Victim Participation in the Criminal Justice System: A Help or Hindrance to Recovery for Surviving Family and Friends of Homicide Victims?
 Englebrecht, Christine.

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Wage Theft against Undocumented Migrant Workers: Prevalence and Correlates
 Sung, Hung-En.

War Crimes Incarceration in Europe and Africa: Equal Treatment before the Law?
 Culp, Richard.

War Trauma & Violence against Non-Combatants: Balkan and Gulf Wars
 French, Laurence. and Nickolic-Novakovic, Lidija.

Warping the Mediascape: Graffiti, Popular Culture, and Convergence in the Ecuadorian Anti-Free Trade Movement
 Rupert, Bryan.

Warrantless GPS Surveillance, Expectations of Privacy, and the Fourth Amendment: An Analysis of Case-Law
 Gizzi, Michael.

Watching the Detectives: British Police Officers' Perceptions of Media Representations of Policing in Television Drama
 Colbran, Marianne.

Weapon Carrying among Drug-Selling Urban Youth
 Smith, Lionel. and Harrison, Lana.

Wearing the Yard Face: Inmate Interpersonal Violence and the Development of the Carceral Habitus
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre.

We’re Here, We’re Queer, Why Isn’t Anyone Listening? The Absence of a Queer Discourse in Criminology
 Turrentine, Jennifer.

What Children of Incarcerated Parents Think about the Belief that “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” and Why It Matters
 Phillips, Susan.

What Contributions Can Criminology Make to the Study of Media in the Twenty-First Century?
 Kruse, Lisa.

What Do We Know About People’s Needs for Justice? Results from Large Scale Household Surveys in Indonesia and Bangladesh
 Menzies, Nicholas. and Akmeemana, Sakuntala.

What Do We Mean When We Call Genocide a Crime?
 Rafter, Nicole.

What Do You Mean No? We’re Married!: Examining Marital Rape Using NIBRS Data, 2004-2008
 Hurtenbach, Mary., Krienert, Jessie. and Walsh, Jeff.

What Have You Been Up To? A Follow Up on Youth Probationers
 Concannon, Connor.

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Young Offenders and an Effective Justice System Response: What Happens, What Should Happen, and What We Need to Know
 Howell, James.

Young People's Social Life and Crime.
 Oberwittler, Dietrich. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Young People’s Perceptions of Crime and Disorder in a ‘Boomtown’
 O\'Connor, Christopher.

Your Face Tomorrow: Exploring the Vigilant Gaze
 Arfsten, Kerrin-Sina.

Youth Crime Prevention for Sustainable Livelihoods: Best Practices and Direction for Program Design and Evaluation
 Barnaby, Carlene.

Youth Gang Myths: Will They Ever End?
 Howell, James.

Youth Gangs in Madrid: Results from a Community Survey
 Martin, Maria Jesus., Medina Ariza, Juan., Martinez, Jose Manuel., Gimenez Salinas, Andrea. and De la Corte, Luis.

Youth and Family Involvement in Re-entry Planning
 Siegel, Jane., Meloy, Michelle. and Curtis, Kristin.

Youth in Conflict with the Law: Practitioner Perspectives on Mental Health Needs
 Chenier, Allison. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.


Zapped: A Media Analysis of Use and Misuse of the Taser
 Upton, Lindsey. and Barker, Tom.
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