ASC Annual Meeting 2012-Nov-13 to 2012-Nov-17

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"Getting Up": Street Taggers' Use of Neutralization Techniques
 Vasquez, Arthur.

"Gonzo Research": Using Unsystematic Social Observation to Develop Criminological Theory
 Innes, Martin.

"He Said, She Said", the Police Said: Gendered Violence and Domestic Violence Protection Orders
 Fitzgerald, Robin. and Douglas, Heather.

"My Gang’s Bigger Than Your Gang": Understanding Policing, Gangs and Community
 Robertson, Annette. and McMillan, Lesley.

"No Known Cure" Debate: A Philosophy of Sex Offender Management
 Li, Liying.

"Peeragogy" in Action: Utilizing Applied Research in the Classroom
 Felden, Jonathan., Higgins, Ethan., Karpova, Polina., Moran, Rebecca., Rayburn, Bethany., Tate, Cassandra., Wheaton, Angie., Woody, Pamela. and Wells, James.

"Pulling Levers" in Scotland to Tackle Gangs and Violent Crime: A Comparative Analysis of International Criminal Justice Policy Transfer
 Graham, William.

"She Made Sure I was Gonna Take Care of My Kids": Negotiating Fatherhood during Incarceration
 Martinez, Damian., Eason, John., Christian, Johnna. and Ortiz, Natalie.

"Voice Your View": Feelings and Experiences of Crime and Incivility among Young People
 Davenport, Ryan. and Simm, Will.

"We're Not Supposed to Have Nothing in Here": Incarcerated Girls Expose How Juvenile Justice Institutions Contradict Their Rehabilitative Rhetoric
 Tosouni, Anastasia.

"What about the Kids?" The Effect of Gender, Race and Childcare Responsibilities on Sentencing Outcomes
 Bond, Christine. and Jeffries, Samantha.

"Who You Run with and Who You Don't Run with": Navigating the Carceral Social Order
 Lopez-Aguado, Patrick.

"Would You Like To Move Away From This Neighborhood?": Strain and Sexual Assault in Adolescents
 Vlajnic, Maja.

(Re)Negotiating Police Culture through Partnership Working: Trust, Compromise and the ‘New’ Pragmatism
 McCarthy, Daniel. and O\'Neill, Megan.

“Come Heavy or Not at All": Defended Neighborhoods, Ethnic Concentration and Chicago Robberies -- Examining the Italian-American Mafia Influence
 Marshall, Hollianne.

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A Bumpy Road toward Police Integrity: Exploring Attitudes by Croatian Community Policing Officers and Traditional Police Officers
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja.

A Call to Deep Learning: Reinvigorating Feminist Pedagogy in the Criminal Justice Classroom
 Michalsen, Venezia. and Talgar, Cigdem.

A Career and Life Stage Analysis of Correctional Staff Outcomes
 Lambert, Eric., Hogan, Nancy., Garland, Brett., Griffin, Marie. and Cheeseman, Kelly.

A Case Study of Implementing a State-Wide Randomized Experimental Design to Evaluate Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
 Scaggs, Samuel., Ensley, David., Bales, Bill., Clark, Catie. and Coltharp, Philip.

A Case Study of the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act Investigation in Arizona
 Taylor, Melanie., Decker, Scott. and Katz, Charles.

A Closer Look at Family Group Conferencing in Juvenile Justice
 Waltman-Spreha, Kelly.

A Community Justice Approach to Probation: Evaluating the NYC New Model of Probation
 Barnes-Ceeney, Kevin., Mellow, Jeff. and Thomas, Shenique.

A Comparative Study of Developmental Processes in Victimization and Delinquency
 Sullivan, Christopher., Ousey, Graham. and Wilcox, Pamela.

A Comparative Study of Juvenile Justice Systems in England, Japan, South Korea, and the United States: Trends, Changes, and Challenges
 Cooper, Maisha. and Cho, Yeok-il.

A Comparison of Gang and Non-Gang Involved Adult Probationers in California’s Agricultural Heartland
 Sutton, James. and Sutton, Jessica.

A Comparison of U.S. and European Law and Policy on Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal Record
 Jacobs, Jim. and Larrauri, Elena.

A Criminal Opportunity Model of Violence Against Police: A Hierarchical Examination of the Role of an Offender’s Criminal History on Assaults Against Law Enforcement
 Faggiani, Donald. and Bibel, Daniel.

A Critical Assessment of Theory and Research on the “School to Prison Pipeline”
 Hirschfield, Paul.

A Crossover Population Study: Comparing Delinquency Outcomes
 Day, Susan., Bazemore, Gordon. and Pennell, Joan.

A Cultural Criminogical Inquiry into the Mind: Irrationality, Social Constructions and Misperceptions, and the Development and Maintenance of a Critical Perspective
 Calathes, William.

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Backgrounds and Motivations of Faith-Based Halfway-House Volunteers
 Denney, Andrew.

Bad Apples in the Food Industry
 Bauer, Tim.

Bad Cop, No Diploma: The Impact of Post-Secondary Educational Requirements for Law Enforcement Officers
 Walsh, Kevin.

Bad Touches, Getting Away, and Never Keeping Secrets: An Examination of the Efficacy of the "Red Flag Green Flag People" Program
 Wood, Mckenzie. and Archbold, Carol.

Balancing, Grouping, and Efforts to Manage Youth: Analyzing Race and Gangs in Juvenile Correctional Facilities
 Kang-Brown, Jacob., Haerle, Darin., Omori, Marisa. and Gascón, Luis.

Barriers to Coping with Intimate Partner Violence for Korean Immigrant Women
 Byun, Sung-hun.

Barriers to Implementing Substance Abuse Treatment Services for Probationers: Views of Probation and Treatment Staff
 Belenko, Steven., Rieckmann, Traci., Johnson, Ingrid. and Wolff, Nancy.

Barroom Incidents as the Night Progresses
 Geoffrion, Steve., Boivin, Remi., Ouellet, Frederic. and Felson, Marcus.

Bars to Walls: Inmate Art Expressions (Prison Art in Kentucky)
 Salomon, Katharine.

Bath Salts and Spice: Patterns of Use
 Perrone, Dina., Helgesen, Randi. and Fischer, Ryan.

Battered Women of Interpersonal Violence: Psychological Issues
 Ross, Jacqueline. and Shutay, Jeanette.

Beating Up on Bullying: A Narrative of the Construction of a Social Problem
 Brooks, Robert. and Cohen, Jeff.

Behavioral Biogenetics in Clinical Criminology: Problems and Prospects
 Rocca, Gabriele. and Verde, Alfredo.

Behavioral Heterogeneity in Adolescent Friendship Networks
 Rees, Carter. and Burt, Callie.

Being An Addicted Criminal Mother: An Understanding of Intricate Relationships
 Couvrette, Amelie., Brochu, Serge. and Plourde, Chantal.

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CALEA Accreditation: An Empirical Examination
 DeBarr, Mark.

CCTV Location Allocation in 3D Geographical Information System
 Park, Sang Jun. and Seo, Chunghyeon.

CCTV in Cyberspace? Testing the Effectiveness of Monitoring and Surveillance on Computer Trespassing
 Maimon, David., Alper, Mariel., Sobesto, Bertrand. and Cukier, Michel.

CHAID Analysis of Drug-Related Police Corruption Arrests
 Stinson, Philip., Liederbach, John., Brewer, Steven., Schmalzried, Hans., Mathna, Brooke. and Long, Krista.

California's Public Safety Realignment: Stakes versus Risk
 Gerlinger, Julie.

Campaign 2012: Growth of White Supremacy Groups via Mainstream Political Discourse
 Hicks, Wendy.

Campus Crime: A Geospatial and Temporal Perspective
 Cho, Yeok-il. and Park, Seong min.

Campus Law Enforcement Organization and Community Policing
 Hancock, Katy.

Can "Disciplined Passion" Overcome the Cynical View? An Empirical Inquiry of Evaluator Influence
 Welsh, Brandon., Braga, Anthony. and Hollis, Meghan.

Can Matching and Similar Adjustments Achieve the Experimental Benchmark?
 Kim, KiDeuk.

Can Music Trigger Violent Criminal Victimization? A Study of Jamaican Dance Halls
 Barnaby, Carlene.

Can Qualitative Research Be "Evidence?": A Case for Non-Causal Research Informing Justice Practice
 Maruna, Shadd.

Can Situational Crime Prevention Help Solve Leopard Poaching Driven by Human-Wildlife Conflict in South Africa?
 Viollaz, Julie.

Can You Hear Me Now? Strategies for Collecting and Analyzing DMC Data in States with Data Systems that Do Not Communicate
 Garcia, Crystal., Jarjoura, G. Roger., Haight, Konrad., Sherls, Jaime. and Roof, Justin.

Canadian Youth Justice Reform and the "Problem" of Violent and Repeat Youth Offenders
 Mann, Ruth.

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DMC Case Studies: Jurisdictions Successful in Reducing Racial Disparities in their Juvenile Justice Systems
 Cohen, Marcia., Spinney, Elizabeth., Feyerherm, William., Stephenson, Rachel. and Yeide, Martha.

Darfur and the United Nations: Realpolitik in Decision-Making and Intervention
 Overton, Angela.

Data-Based Alternatives to Theoretical Classification of Countries in Comparative Research: ISRD2 Results
 Marshall, Chris. and Marshall, Ineke.

Dating Violence and Risky Behaviors: An Analysis of the International Dating Violence Study
 Morgan, Rachel.

Dayton Accord's Constitution of Exclusion of Roma and Jews
 French, Laurence., Korajlic, Nedzad. and Kovacevic, Goran.

Death and Politics:The Role of Demographic Characteristics and Testimony Type in Death Penalty Cases Involving Future Dangerousness Testimony
 Magnus, Amy., Heen, Miliaikeala., Lieberman, Joel., Bejinariu, Alexa. and Mills, Marie.

Death to Politics: A Socio-Historical Analysis of Congressional Assassinations and Attempts
 Subjack, Jeanne.

Decide Your Time: Using Deterrence’s Certainty Principle to Change Behavior
 O\'Connell, Daniel., Visher, Christy., Bacon, Grant., Brent, John. and Hines, Karl.

Decision Time: Foundations of Juvenile Court Judges' Disposition Decisions
 Smith, Brian.

Declining Crime Rates in Canada’s Largest Social Housing Project: A Story about Collective Efficacy and Cultural Capital
 Thompson, Sara.

Decomposing the Court Process: Effects of Prosecutorial Discretion on Prison Population Growth
 Yan, Shi., Bushway, Shawn. and Sabol, William.

Deconstructing Drama in Criminology Statistics Classes
 Brown, Stephen., Kopak, Albert. and Vaske, Jamie.

Decriminalization in China: Crime and Minor Offence
 Xiong, Moulin.

Decriminalizing Mentally Ill Offenders through Salutogenic Models of Inquiry
 Vaughan, Adam.

Defending Our Institutionalized Veterans: Bringing PTSD and Co-Morbid Disorders at Pre-Trial, Trial, and Sentencing Stages
 Fischer, Robert.

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EU Survey to Assess the Level and Impact of Crimes against Business: A Pilot Study
 Manchin, Robert. and Dugato, Marco.

Ealing Calling: Riot in the Queen of London’s Suburbs
 Stenson, Kevin.

Early Childhood Predictors of Self-Control
 Brown, Susan., Demuth, Stephen. and Rocheleau, Gregory.

Early Confessions and Justice Outcomes for Juveniles: Is Confession Good for the Soul?
 Gardner, Kristin. and Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn.

Early Onset Deviance: Diathesis-Stress Modeled as a Logistic Regression Series and a Fuzzy Cognitive Map
 Morden, Hilary.

Early Results of the War on Terror on Crime and Punishment: A Sociological Legal and Psychological Weather Report
 Stanulis, Robert.

Ecological Correlates of Sex Trafficking in Oklahoma
 Chapple, Constance. and Worthen, Meredith.

Economic Conditions and Punishment: A Meta-Analysis
 Kim, Dae-Young. and Wu, Jawjeong.

Economic Crime: Structural Conditions and Limits of Penal Control
 Boers, Klaus.

Economic Development, Armed Violence, and Public Safety
 Das, Dilip. and Den Heyer, Garth.

Ecstasy-Related Deaths at Raves: Media Portrayals and Political Interpretations in L.A. and Las Vegas
 Sardina, Alexa.

Eddie O'Brien: The End of Juvenile Justice in Massachusetts?
 Spooner, Kallee. and Wright, Richard.

Educating Victimization Risk: Alternative Crime Prevention Strategies for College Campuses
 Vaughan, Tyler.

Educational Pathways from Juvenile Justice to Community College: Promoting Engagement In Education Rather than Crime
 Lansing, Jiffy., Cusick, Gretchen. and Hess, Nathan.

Effect of Exogenous Supervision Officer Reassignment on Supervision Outcomes
 Ganier, Carroll.

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Facebooking Bikers: Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and the Digital Divide
 Richardson, Chris.

Facial Emotion Processing in Psychopathy: Putting the Deficit Assumption to the Test
 Almeida, Pedro., Ferreira-Santos, Fernando. and Marques-Teixeira, João.

Fact or Fiction, Does it Matter?: Exploring Narrative Meaning in the Sex Offender-Victim Dyad
 Vollman, Brenda.

Factors Associated with Homicide Clearances
 Wellford, Charles.

Factors Impacting Recidivism Among Female Inmates
 Maybrier, Shayna. and May, David.

Factors Related to Re-offending among Chinese Mass Murders and Serial Murders
 Yan Ma, Melody. and Li, Spencer.

Facts and Figures: What Can We Learn from the 2010 Census Data?
 Iwama, Janice.

Failed States, Destabilization, and Trajectories of Terrorism: A Multi-Regional Study
 Hollingsworth, Michael.

Faith in the Police and Subcultural Violence: An Examination of Adopting the Code of the Street
 Intravia, Jonathan. and Wolff, Kevin.

Families of Gang-Affiliated Probationers
 Gaston, Shytierra.

Family Dinners and Suicidal Ideation
 Matthews, Lionel., Green, Matthew. and Perrone, Carlos.

Family Dinners and Victimization
 McBride, Duane., Thayer, Jerome., Baltazar, Alina. and Chelbegean, Romulus.

Family Financial Stress and Adolescent Substance Use: An Examination of Structural and Psychosocial Factors
 Menasco, Melissa.

Family Functioning and Delinquency across Immigrant Generations: A Gendered Examination
 Cwick, Jaclyn. and Di Pietro, Stephanie.

Family Influences on Crime and Policy Implications
 Fagan, Abigail.

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GST: A Model For Understanding Prison Misconduct
 Monteiro, Carlos.

GUESS WHO? : Enablers behind a Web of Internet Sites Linked to the Hells Angels
 Provost, Chloé. and Decary-Hetu, David.

Gang Crime In Los Angeles: 2005 to 2011
 Hayeslip, David.

Gang Desistance as Role Transitions
 Decker, Scott., Pyrooz, David. and Moule, Richard.

Gang Investigators' Perceptions of Military-Trained Gang Members in the Southern United States
 Smith, Carter.

Gang Membership, Life-Course Persistent, and Adolescent Limited Offending: A Test of Alternative Hypotheses
 Petkovsek, Melissa., Boutwell, Brian., Pyrooz, David. and Barnes, J.C..

Gang Talking Fantasies and Realities in the U.K.
 Hallsworth, Simon.

Gang Territories: A Comparison of Identification Methods
 Deger, Amy. and Engel, Robin.

Gang-Related Homicides and Domestic Homicides in Brooklyn, NYC: A Geospatial Analysis
 Ramdath, Cassandra. and Hayes, Brittany.

Gangs Online: Group-Level Predictors of Internet Adoption
 Moule, Richard., Pyrooz, David. and Decker, Scott.

Gated Communities and Risk of Burglary Victimization
 Breetzke, Gregory. and Cohn, Ellen.

Gender Bias Among Jurors
 Olson, Lisa.

Gender Differences and TWD: An SLT Approach
 Vegh, Deborah., Ricketts, Melissa., Higgins, George. and Marcum, Catherine.

Gender Differences in Criminal Pathways: The Impact of Social Context
 Vigna, Ana.

Gender Differences in Hazing Rituals
 Vazquez, Melissa.

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Hackers Beware! Does a Warning Banner Shape Hackers' Attacks?
 Alper, Mariel., Maimon, David., Sobesto, Bertrand. and Cukier, Michel.

Half Locked: Assessing the Distribution of Household Safety Protection in Stockholm
 Lewakowski, Bridget. and Ceccato, Vania.

Hard Core Blood and Guts Criminal Defense for Veterans
 Sheppard, William.

Harms at Railroad Crossings: Intersecting Public and Private Domains
 Milburn, Travis.

Has Crime Bottomed out in NYC?: Youth and Crime in the South Bronx
 Cortez, Dimas., Heyaca, Maria., Montano, Nicholas., Alsabahi, Laila., Dominguez, Leonardo. and Mazzarella, Alyssa.

Healing Communities Reentry Initiative: Congregation Member Perceptions and Their Impact on Participation in a Faith-Based Program
 Legette, Kerri., Taxman, Faye. and Trulear, Harold.

Health Challenges of Recently Released Inmates and Implications for Public Health Policy
 Yu, Sung-suk Violet.

Health Conditions among Opioid-Dependent Individuals under Community Supervision
 Murphy, Amy., Wooditch, Alese., Taxman, Faye., Lawson, William., Broadway, Akbar. and Felizzola, Jesus.

Health Correlates of Violence Against Women: Results from the Alaska Victimization Survey
 Rivera, Marny., Garcia, Gabriel., Rosay, Andre. and TePas, Katherine.

Health Strains and Subsequent Delinquency and Marijuana Use
 Kort-Butler, Lisa.

Hearing Voices: Teaching with Prisoner-Generated Materials
 Munn, Melissa.

Help Seeking among Victims of Hate Crime: A Review of the Empirical Literature
 Scheer, Derek., Kim, Bitna., Hawkins, Paul. and Byoun, Soo-Jung.

Help-Seeking Behavior Among Youth Victims of Dating Abuse
 Yahner, Jennifer., Zweig, Janine., Dank, Meredith. and Lachman, Pamela.

Her American Dream: Bringing Gender into Institutional-Anomie Theory
 Applin, Samantha. and Messner, Steven.

Hermeneutics as Anarchic Criminology
 Visano, Livy.

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I May Have a Life
 Lekarowicz, Joe.

I Report, You Record? Variations of Police Crime-Recording Practices in a Large Canadian City
 Boivin, Remi.

ICOPA: Making International Connections to Contest State Repression
 Piche, Justin.

Ice, Ice Babies: An Examination of Methamphetamine Use among Youth
 Radatz, Dana. and Vandenberg, Abby.

Identification of Factors Influencing the Commission of Burglaries
 Donmez, Mustafa.

Identifying At-Risk Youth: The Youth Services Evaluation Tool
 Hennigan, Karen.

Identifying Complex Treatment Needs: An Examination of the Prevalence of Serious Mental Illness, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Substance use Disorders in Women in Jail
 Lynch, Shannon., DeHart, Dana., Belknap, Joanne., Green, Bonnie., Dass-Brailsford, Priscilla., Johnson, Kristine. and Whalley, Elizabeth.

Identifying Indicators of Labor Trafficking of Human Beings
 Barrick, Kelle. and Lattimore, Pam.

Identifying Limitations in the Criminal Justice Response to Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence
 McKnight, Kami. and Langley, Jessica.

Identifying Risk Factors for the Perpetration of Child Maltreatment
 Thornberry, Terence., Augustyn, Megan. and Matsuda, Mauri.

Identifying Suspects, Discovering New Offenders, and Linking Crimes: Crime Series Identification Using Model-Based Clustering
 Porter, Michael. and Reich, Brian.

Identifying Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Results from a Screening Process in Juvenile Detention
 Salisbury, Emily.

Identifying and Assessing Risky Facilities
 Wellsmith, Melanie.

Identity Theft Patterns in Florida: An Analysis Using Suspect, Victim, and Witness Data
 Norris, Ingrid., Trost, Jennifer. and Van Slyke, Shanna.

Identity, Fear of Crime, and Defensive Behavior
 Asencio, Emily., Oliva, Monica. and Steiner, Michael.

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Jail Staff Members’ Views on Jailed Women’s Mental Health, Trauma, Offending, Rehabilitation and Reentry
 Belknap, Joanne., Lynch, Shannon., DeHart, Dana. and Green, Bonnie.

James Q. Wilson On Broken Windows
 Kelling, George.

James Q. Wilson on Deterrence
 Nagin, Daniel.

James Q. Wilson on How to Think about Crime
 Forst, Brian.

James Q. Wilson on Policing and Experimentation
 Sherman, Lawrence.

James Q. Wilson on Psychology and Developmental Criminology
 Farrington, David.

James Q. Wilson on Punishment, Drugs, and Ideology
 Kleiman, Mark.

James Q. Wilson, The Colleague
 Blumstein, Alfred.

James Q. Wilson, The Person
 Petersilia, Joan.

Janus Awakes? Outbound Anti-Smuggling Enforcement and Advanced Industrial Countries
 Friman, Richard.

Jihadi Violence
 Armborst, Andreas.

Job Stress among Public Defenders: A Multilevel Analysis
 Choo, Tae. and Lee, Hoon.

Judicial Oversight and Its Effects on Punishment: Revisiting Sentencing Guidelines and Disparities
 Warren, Patricia. and Siennick, Sonja.

Judicial Practice of Sentencing Multiple Offenders
 Vibla, Natalia.

Judicial Public Relations: The Strategic Use of the Media to Communicate Decisions about Criminal Law
 Grove, Sara.

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Keeping the Peace: Social Identity, Procedural Justice and the Policing of Soccer Crowds
 Hoggett, James.

Key Components of Team-Based Learning
 Roberson, William.

Kidnapping as 'Public Good': Framing Nigeria's Oil Insurgency
 Oriola, Temitope.

Knight's Fall
 Will, Susan.

Knives and Alcohol: A Deadly Combination for Russians in Estonia
 Salla, Jako.

Knowledge Exchange Workshops on Desistance
 Maruna, Shadd.

Knowledge, Awareness, and Behavior: HIV/AIDS among Black Drug Users
 Dunlap, Eloise. and Benoit, Ellen.


Labeling Convicted Felons: Is There a Young Black or Hispanic Male Penalty?
 Ryon, Stephanie., Chiricos, Ted., Bales, Bill. and Barrick, Kelle.

Labeling the Hood: Exploring Ecological Labels through Resident Responses
 Moloney, Joseph.

Laptop Theft: How Easy is it?
 Dimkov, Trajce., Junger, Marianne., Pieters, Wolter. and Hartel, Pieter.

Latino Immigration and White, Black, and Latino Inter-Racial Violence: A Community-Level Assessment
 Harris, Casey. and Gruenewald, Jeff.

Latino Women's Perceptions of Domestic Violence
 Murphy, Lisa. and Felix, Evelyn.

Law Enforcement Contact of the Nebraska DMC Assessment
 Behrens, Candace. and Hobbs, Anne.

Law Enforcement Officers' Theoretical Commitments and Their Effects on Attitudes Toward Punitiveness
 Lynch, Caitlin.

Law and Order's Construction of Rape: Changes 1990-1999
 Humphries, Drew.

Legacy and Longing: Criminological Education, Understanding, and Modesty
 Wheeldon, Johannes.

Legacy, Conspiracy and Pedophilia: An Analysis of Local Coverage of the Penn State Sex Scandal
 Mansley, Elizabeth. and Frenzel, Erika.

Legal Coercion as Motivation for Drug Court Participation
 Janoski, Maria. and Magro, Paul.

Legal Consciousness among Chinese Citizens
 Jiang, Shanhe. and Wu, Yuning.

Legal Environment and Judicial Discretion: The Effect of Mandatory Minimum Penalties on Federal Sentencing in Drug Trafficking Cases
 Albonetti, Celesta.

Legislative Accident? When Automatic Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults Collides with Mandatory Life Without Parole – The Case of Jacqueline Montanez
 McDonald, Aubri.

Legitimacy as a Neighborhood Level Construct
 Kochel, Tammy. and Tankebe, Justice.

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Macro, Meso and Micro Approaches for Analyzing Human Trafficking
 Savona, Ernesto.

Mad Men in Bib Overalls: Media’s Pornification and Horrification of Rural Culture
 DeKeseredy, Walter., Muzzatti, Stephen. and Donnermeyer, Jospeh.

Mafia Companies: Profitable Investments or Shells for Money Laundering?
 Riccardi, Michele. and Caneppele, Stefano.

Mafia Infiltration of Wall Street: Perception, Enforcement and Control Strategies
 Diih, Sorle.

Mafia Neighborhoods: Patterns of Real Estate Investments in Large Italian Cities
 Calderoni, Francesco. and Dugato, Marco.

Main and Moderating Effects of Formal Controls on Crime in U.S. Cities
 Carter, Allison., Steiner, Benjamin. and Wright, Emily.

Making Sense of Stalking Data and Trends in the United States
 Tracy, Jessamyn.

Making Sense of Terrorism: Popular Responses to a Federal Trial
 Cadigan, Robert.

Making Them into a Safe Product: Objectification of Formerly Incarcerated African American Men
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre.

Making a Case for the Introduction of Restorative Justice Practices in Middle Schools in Texas
 Tapper, Sharmaine. and Elechi, O. Oko.

Male Victims of Sexual Assault: What Do We Know About Them? Characteristics of Violent Sexual Assaults Involving Male Victims Reported to Law Enforcement, 2006-2009
 Cooper, Alexia.

Male and Female Perceptions of Teen Sexting
 Hilinski-Rosick, Carly. and Freiburger, Tina.

Managing Risks and Regulating Student Life on Canadian University Campuses
 Wilkinson, Blair.

Managing the Aftermath of the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks
 Verma, Arvind.

Mandatory Arrest and Other Laws: A Transnational Perspective of Unintended Consequences to Immigrant Latinas
 Vidales, Guadalupe.

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NIJ’s Violence Against Indian Women Pilot Study: Select Findings
 Brooks, Alison., Palmer, Jane., Crossland, Christine. and Rosay, Andre.

Narratives of Change in Drug and Alcohol Misuse
 Kougiali, Zetta.

National Juvenile Corrections Data
 Simoncini, Steve., Giunta, Josh. and Sedlak, Andrea.

National Juvenile Court Data
 Sickmund, Melissa. and Puzzanchera, Charles.

National Juvenile Probation Data
 Quinn, Liz.

Navigating Risk: The Impact of Neighborhood Effects on Female Adolescent Sexual and Substance Use Behaviors
 Gilliard-Matthews, Stacia. and Stevens, Robin.

Near-Repeat Patterns of Professional and Amateur Vehicle Theft in Newark, New Jersey
 Block, Steven.

Negotiating Justice: Defendant Perspectives of Plea Bargaining and Court Processing
 Hussemann, Jeanette.

Negotiating Police Work in Post-Conflict Environments: The Experience of Canadian Police Officers
 Tanner, Samuel. and Boulet-Gauthier, Chanele.

Neighborhood Environment, Perceived Risk of Victimization, and Fear of Crime in Seoul, South Korea: An Empirical Assessment
 Sung, Jason. and Choi, Kyung-shick.

Neighborhood as Network or Network as Neighborhood? Placing Social Ties in Geographic Space
 Cahill, Meagan. and Roman, Caterina.

Neighborhoods and Space: Situating Residents' Networks
 Boessen, Adam., Hipp, John., Butts, Carter., Nagle, Nicholas., Almquist, Zack., Marcum, Chris. and Acton, Ryan.

Neighborhoods and Urban Safety in Accra, Ghana: An Examination of Collective Efficacy in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Parks, Michael.

Neighborhoods, Collective Efficacy, and the Case for Micro-Neighborhoods
 Gerell, Manne.

Network Characteristics and Offending Patterns of Chinese Drug Trafficking Groups
 Li, Spencer. and Liu, Jianhong.

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OJJDP Research Funding Opportunities
 Donoghue, Brecht.

OJJDP Sponsored Journal of Juvenile Justice
 Robbers, Monica.

OJJDP Youth under Supervision Data Collections
 Chiancone, Janet.

Observations from the Field: Rearticulating Broken Windows Theory as a Culture of Permissiveness
 Ready, Justin. and Hinkle, Joshua.

Obstacles to Developing and Implementing Problem-Oriented Policing Projects in Police Agencies
 Estrella, Kristine-Gem., Luong, Victoria. and Madensen, Tamara.

Occupy Policing: The Repression of the Occupy Movement and Radical Alternatives to Policing
 Vysotsky, Stanislav.

Occupy the Courts: How Activists Negotiate Arrest and Criminal Prosecution
 Arford, Tammi. and Hill, Andrea.

Occupy the Political Economy: An Exercise in Public Criminology
 Friedrichs, David.

Off-Premise Alcohol Outlets and Violence in a College Town: The Role of Outlet, Staff, and Patron Characteristics
 Snowden, Aleksandra. and Pridemore, William.

Offender Assessment, Case Planning, and Referral to Community-Based Treatment: Effects of a Structured Process Improvement Initiative
 Welsh, Wayne., Peters, Roger., Monico, Laura., Stein, Lyn. and Stahler, Gerald.

Offender Decision-Making Factors in Critical Infrastructure Cyber Attacks
 Rege, Aunshul.

Offender Grooming Policies in U.S. Prison Systems
 Riley, Brenda.

Offender Reentry, Day Reporting Centers, and the Disconnection between Evidence-Based Practices and Policy
 Ward, Kyle.

Offender Reentry: An Assessment of Opportunity and Participation in Programming
 Drawbridge, Dara., Rodriguez-Meade, Rebecca. and Frost, Natasha.

Offender-Victim Relationships in Far-Right Homicides: The Influence of Location in Ideologically and Non-Ideologically Motivated Homicides
 Boyd, Katharine. and Hayes, Brittany.

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Paid Mentoring Evaluation
 Anderson, Stephanie., Trudeau, James. and Breeden, Kimberly.

Parental Regulation and Delinquency in a Sample of African Americans: A Trajectory Analysis
 Fetzer, Matthew., Ricketts, Melissa. and Higgins, George.

Parental, Social, and Political Child Neglect
 Adams, Harry.

Parenting Stress and the Adjustment to Incarceration among Jailed Fathers and Mothers
 Martin, Jamie., Phaneuf, Shannon., Rine, Garrett. and Scheer, Derek.

Parenting and Exposure to Criminogenic Settings
 Janssen, Heleen.

Parenting, Child Disclosure, and Delinquency: A Structural Equation Panel Model
 Grigoryeva, Maria.

Parents in Youth Court: Participants, Supervisors or Observers?
 Varma, Kim.

Parole Officers’ Perceptions of Sex Offender Subtypes
 Bailey, Danielle. and Sample, Lisa.

Parole Reform in California: Impact on Recidivism
 Braithwaite, Helen., Turner, Susan. and Kearney, Lauren.

Parole Reform in California: Parolee Perceptions of Supervision
 Tatar, Joseph., Braithwaite, Helen. and Turner, Susan.

Partisanship and Indigent Defense Spending: A Sample of State Public Defender Offices
 Falconer, Sean., Campbell, Christopher., Block, Lauren. and Abboud, Mia.

Pastoral Correctionalism: Power and Agency in Justice Institutions
 Leon, Chrysanthi.

Paternal Attachment and Hispanics: Discovering the Link between Attachment and Self-Control
 Alvarez-Rivera, Lorna., Jennings, Wesley. and Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn.

Paternal Incarceration and Children's Behavior: Understanding the Role of Children's Perceptions of the Father-Child Relationship
 Washington, Heather.

Paths Not Taken: An Examination of Crime Politics in California's Prison Boom Era
 Campbell, Michael.

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Qualitative Fieldwork Contributions to Experimental Design and Implementation Science in Criminal Justice Settings
 Rudes, Danielle.

Quantity or Quality? The Interconnections among Household Structure, Parent-Child Relationships, and Juvenile Delinquency
 Jacobsen, Shannon.

Quantum Postmodern Criminology: An Alternative Ontology
 Milovanovic, Dragan.

Queer(ing) Criminology
 Backlin, Emy.

Quelling the Flames: Examining the Role of Substance Use as a Risk Factor for Experiencing or Perpetrating Cyberbullying within the Routine Activities Theory Perspective
 Navarro, Jordana. and Jasinski, Jana.


RJ Wrap-Around: Reentry Phases with Restorative Supports
 Bazemore, Gordon.

RTM in Smaller Urban Areas: An Evaluation and Refinement
 Van Patten, Isaac. and Foy, Andrew.

Race Differences in Intelligence, Family Adversity, and Externalizing Problems in a Nationally Representative Sample of Children
 Boutwell, Brian., Barnes, J.C.., Wright, John. and Beaver, Kevin.

Race Differences in Post-Prison Job Starts and Recidivism
 Huggins, Christopher., Bellair, Paul., Kowalski, Brian. and Martin, Brian.

Race and Cumulative Disadvantage in the Federal Justice System
 Johnson, Brian.

Race and Institutional Misconduct: The Predictive Validity of the LSI-R
 Vandenberg, Abby., Brennan, Pauline. and Wulf-Ludden, Timbre.

Race and Policing: New Trends in French Research
 Jobard, Fabien. and Levy, René.

Race and the American Dream: Can Institutional Anomie Theory Explain Racial Differences in Offending?
 Azimi, Andia., Daigle, Leah. and Muftić, Lisa.

Race and the Imprisonment Decision in Problem-Solving Courts
 Jeffries, Samantha. and Bond, Christine.

Race, Disadvantage, Family Structure, and Violence Against Women:
 Heimer, Karen., Lauritsen, Janet., Lang, Joseph. and Xie, Min.

Race, Ethnicity, and Judicial Discretion: Using Quantile Regression to Assess the Impact of United States v. Booker
 Nowacki, Jeffrey.

Race, Religion, and Delinquency: Building Social Capital
 Yevchak, Lecinda. and Pitt, Cassady.

Race-Based Sentencing Disparities and Defense Attorneys' Decisions and Beliefs in the Federal System
 Silver, Jasmine.

Race-Ethnicity, Social Class, and Unfair Stops by Police
 Bjornstrom, Eileen.

Raced and Gendered Identity: Humanistic Crime and Social Altruism
 Katz, Rebecca. and Willis, Hannah.

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SPI Site Methodological Review
 Fachner, George.

Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: An Analysis of Violence among Gay Men
 Gerstenberger, Caryn.

Save $1,000 per Inmate
 Sheldon, Paul.

Save Our Streets: Impact Evaluation of a Ceasefire Replication on Gun Violence in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
 Fritsche, Sarah. and Cerniglia, Lenore.

Saved, Salvaged, or Sunk: The Effects of Faith-Based Interventions on Offender Recidivism
 Sams, Tara., Schaefer, Lacey. and Lux, Jennifer.

Scarface Redux: Evolution of the Narco-Migrant Frame in the Twentieth Century
 Ghatak, Saran. and Moran, Niall.

Scarlet Letters: Sex Offender Housing in Central Texas
 Roberie, Rebecca.

School Bullying: An Empirical Test of General Strain Theory
 Moon, Byongook. and Jang, Sung Joon.

School Contexts, School Networks, and Illicit Drug Use: Specifying a Multi-Contextual Explanation of Adolescent Substance Use
 Rees, Chris. and Vogel, Matt.

School Crime and Violence as Represented by Canadian News Media
 Howells, Stephanie.

School Days: The Promises and Limitations of the University Environment on Reentry
 Colanese, Jennifer. and Xu, Qiang.

School Discipline and Delinquency: Suspension, Arrest, and Incarceration in the NLSY97
 Shollenberger, Tracey.

School Disorder and the Current Strategies Utilized: An Analysis of Texas Schools
 McKenna, Joseph.

School Resources and Social Support: A Multilevel Analysis in the Strain Tradition
 Carter, Khirin.

School Segregation, Income, and Environmental Hazards: An Environmental Justice Study in Western New York
 Barrett, Kimberly. and Boggess, Lyndsay.

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TFLN: Challenging Contemporary Ideas of Sexual Victimization
 Bonistall, Emily.

Take Back the Date Night: An Examination of Universities’ Preventative Measures of Date Rape
 Harrington, John., Woodward, Vanessa. and Griffin, III, O..

Taking the Criminological Imagination Forward: Lessons from the Classroom
 Bowles, Paula. and Daskalou, Manos.

Talk about Sexual Assault Matters: Paradoxical Positions
 Okita, Kiara.

Talking about a Revolution: Tahrir Square, Indignados, Occupy, and the Cultural Politics of Global Solidarity
 Van de Voorde, Cécile. and Root, Carl.

Tangled Up in Green: Cultural Criminology and Green Criminology
 Ferrell, Jeff.

Teaching Criminal Justice Students Research Skills through an Examination of Scholarly Literature on Occupational Burnout
 Bower, Tim.

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills
 Coyle, Michael.

Teaching Elite Crime Critically
 Calathes, William.

Teaching Juvenile Delinquency Critically
 Barrett, Carla.

Teaching Occupy
 Brisman, Avi.

Teaching Policing Critically: Beyond the Cop Shop
 Gumbhir, Vikas.

Teaching Victimization in Freshman English
 Krumholz, Susan. and Benson, Nancy.

Teaching an Abnormal World View: Hate Studies
 Etter, Gregg. and Johnson, Jeffery.

Teaching through Drawing: A Creative Process to Assess Learning and Change in Perception in Criminology Courses
 Whitus, Stephanie. and Walsh, Kevin.

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U.S. Child Pornography Offenders: Sexually Dangerous Behavior
 Hunt, Kim.

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions on Criminal Procedure in the News: A Study of the Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today
 Buckler, Kevin.

U.S., U.K., and E.U. Strategies for Preventing Convicted Sex Offenders from Working with Children
 Blitsa, Dimitra.

Uncovering the Educational Experiences of Incarcerated Women
 Robison, Kristenne., Cantella, Jennifer. and Ritchie, Joseph.

Undergraduate Student Perceptions of HIV Transmission and the Canadian Criminal Justice System
 Perkins, Michael.

Underlying Risk in Spatial Analysis: Comparing the Suitability of Densities, Rates, and Cumulative Counts in the Ecological Study of Homicide Victimization
 Escobar, Gipsy.

Understanding Abuse in Teen Dating Relationships through Concept Mapping
 Mulford, Carrie., Goldman, Alyssa. and Rosas, Scott.

Understanding Acquaintance Assault: What Factors Lead to Young People Being Victimized More by People They Know?
 Drummond, Darla.

Understanding Adolescent Weapon Carrying Behavior
 Emmert, Amanda. and Lizotte, Alan.

Understanding Anger’s Role in Crime and Rehabilitation: A Conceptual Overview of Current Research
 Thrush, MaryAnn.

Understanding Anti-social and Documented Behavior on Social Networking Sites: A First Look
 Grillo, Michele., Cahill, Katelyn. and Musa, Catherine.

Understanding Cases of Wrongful Conviction
 Irazola, Seri., Gross, Samuel., Williamson, Erin., Niedzwiecki, Emily. and Debus-Sherrill, Sara.

Understanding Crime and Crime Rate in China
 Xiong, Moulin.

Understanding Cyberbullying in the NET Generation: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis
 Oblad, Timothy. and Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.

Understanding Female Offender Typologies
 Brushett, Rachel.

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Validating an RNR-Based Program Evaluation Tool
 Crites, Erin., Caudy, Michael. and Taxman, Faye.

Validating the Assumptions of the RNR Model Using Correctional Data from Three States
 Durso, Joseph., Crites, Erin., Caudy, Michael. and Taxman, Faye.

Validation of the Delinquency Index: Youth Report Against the Rasch Measurement Model
 Wikoff, Nora.

Variation in Federal Terrorism Case Outcomes From Geopolitical Factors Based Location of Trials
 Roberts, Paxton. and Shields, Christopher.

Variation in Levels of Civilianization Across Large Municipal Police Agencies
 Kostelac, Constance.

Variation in the Impact of Foreclosures on Neighborhood Crime: Evidence from Chicago, Miami, and New York City
 Lacoe, Johanna. and Gould Ellen, Ingrid.

Variation in the Screening, Charging, and Plea Bargaining Strategies of Prosecutors
 Stemen, Don.

Variations in Predictors of Separation/Divorce Assault Across Geographical Regions
 DeKeseredy, Walter. and Rennison, Callie.

Varieties of French Policing: What Controversies in French Policing Can Tell Us about State Power Today
 Karpiak, Kevin.

Varieties of Implementation: The Case of GPS for Domestic Violence
 Ibarra, Peter., Erez, Edna., Bales, Bill. and Gur, Oren.

Vera’s Segregation Reduction Project: An Innovative Approach to the Use of Segregation in Prison
 Browne, Angela.

Very Wrong but Not Illegal: Law, Ethics, and the Theft of Scholarly Work
 Berry, Bonnie.

Veterans Treatment Courts: Discerning National Trends in Dissemination, Structure, and Implementation
 Baldwin, Julie.

Veterans in Prison: Adaptation to Institutional Environments
 Stacer, Melissa. and Solinas-Saunders, Monica.

Vicarious Experiences, Perceived Risk, and Punishment Avoidance Strategies
 Beaudoin, Isabelle. and Blais, Etienne.

See all 43 papers starting with V ->>


Wagner in Israel: A Mixture of Music and Politics
 Siegel, Dina.

Walking ATM’s: Hispanic Robbery Victimization Pre- And Post-Hurricane Katrina in Metropolitan New Orleans
 Sainato, Vincenzo., Thornton, Dennis., Voigt, Lydia., Thornton, William. and Khey, David.

War Crimes and Environmental Crime
 Fichtelberg, Aaron.

Washington State Program for High-Risk Parolees
 Warner, Bernard.

We Were on the Same Side: Gender-Based Violence and Political Conflict in Kibera, Kenya
 Swart, Elizabeth.

Welcome Home Vets: The Number of Veterans Entering Jail is Increasing
 Brown, William.

What Are We Teaching Our Students in Introductory Criminology Textbooks? Ignorance, Misattributions, and Errors about the Psychological Theory of Alfred Adler
 Shon, Phillip., Bellessa, Shannon. and Lee, J.H..

What Austerity Measures and Structural Adjustment Programs Mean for Criminology
 Waggoner, Kimberlee. and Danner, Mona.

What Burglars Said about Entry and Search
 Lee, Seungmug (Zech).

What Can We Learn? Examining Intimate Partner Violence Service Provision in the Deaf Community
 Cerulli, Catherine., Mastrocinque, Jeanna., Chin, Nancy., Thew, Denise. and Pollard, Robert.

What Do We Do Now? Cross-National Differences in Normative Solutions to the BP Oil Spill
 Zagorski, Kimberly. and Paulson, Nels.

What Do We Gain from Early Parole Preparation Under Electronic Monitoring?
 Woessner, Gunda.

What Does the Courtroom Workgroup Say about Bail?
 Starks, Brian.

What Does the Victim-Offender Relationship Tell Us about Sex Offender Recidivism? The Importance of Specificity When Determining Risks for Child-Based Sex Offenders
 Schaefer, Roger., Kigerl, Alex. and Morczek, Amber.

What Goes Up Must Come Down? Exploring State-Level Declines in Incarceration
 Brown, Elizabeth.

See all 90 papers starting with W ->>


You Are What You Are? A Test of Importation Theory in a Southern Prison
 Lee, Gavin.

You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry: Water, Waste, and Crimes of Consumption
 South, Nigel.

You're Not Welcome Here: The Efficacy of Residency Restrictions for Sexual Predators
 Covington, Michele. and Jasinski, Jana.

Youngsters, Violence, and Antisociality
 Bjørnebekk, Ragnhild.

Youth Awareness, Understanding, and Deterrence: An Educational and Preventative Approach to Sentencing and Incarceration of Youth
 Miner-Romanoff, Karen.

Youth Crime: Interpretation of the Phenomenon in Light of Robert Agnew’s General Strain Theory
 Czerwińska-Jakimiuk, Ewa.

Youth Gangs and Non-Gang Delinquent Peer Groups: What’s the Difference?
 Carson, Dena. and Esbensen, Finn-Aage.

Youth Hangout Scenarios and Crime: Afternoon and Evening
 Agustina, Jose. and Felson, Marcus.

Youth Impressions of Intimate Partner Abuse in High School
 Love, Sharon. and Thompson, Roger.

Youth Justice: Balancing Risk, Negotiating Delinquency
 Arnull, Elaine. and Fox, Darrell.

Youth Mentoring for Juvenile Justice System-Involved Youth: An Exploratory Analysis of the Referral Stage
 Miller, J. Mitchell., Miller, Holly. and Barnes, J.C..

Youth Perspectives on Reentry Programming
 Parker, Laurin.

Youth and Violence in Brazil: Exploring Youth’s Narratives about Street Violence Related to Drug and Social Order in Brazil’s Most Violent City
 Moura de Souza, Cléssio.


Zero-Day Risk Assessment in Community Corrections
 Coggeshall, Mark. and Ganier, Carroll.

Zombie Cases: Olmstead Lives!
 Morrow, Weston. and Fradella, Hank.
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