ASC Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-19 to 2013-Nov-24

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"A Valued Member of the Community": Perceptions of Victimhood and Capital Sentencing Decisions
 Kleinstuber, Ross., McDonough, Caitlin. and Zaykowski, Heather.

"Alternatives to Crime: Identifying Desistance Pathways in a Higher Education Program for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals"
 Livingston, Lindsey.

"Any Time You Can Die": Interviewing and Observing Law Enforcement Rangers in Uganda
 Moreto, William.

"Are You Half-Offended?" - Biracial Identity Theory in the New Millennium
 Thompson, Joanna.

"Done Way Too Long": Scenarios of Re-entry and Reoffending in a Cohort of Young Males
 Halsey, Mark. and Deegan, Simone.

"Gendered Hybridities": Culture as Criminalizing and Criminalized
 Pourebrahimalamdar, Negar.

"Heart of a Warrior": The Law Enforcement Canine-handler Relationship
 Simon, Alison. and Clark-Miller, Jason.

"Is the Apartment Still for Rent?": The Stigmatic Impact of a Sex Offense Conviction
 Evans, Douglas. and Alicea, Adriana.

"It Isn't Really Rape Because you Don't Know if She Wanted to or Not": Perpetuation and Subversion of Rape Culture through Social Media in the Steubenville Case
 Kosloski, Anna. and Welch, Bridget.

"It Just Depends!": The Situational Nature of Collective Efficacy and the Use of Qualitative Methods
 Koski, Connie.

"It's Not Real Crime." Using Cell Phones Whilst Driving
 Bain, Andy.

"Man Tracker": GPS Monitoring of Criminal Offenders
 Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin., Nerlien, Tamara. and Esselmont, Chris.

"Manly" Shoplifting? A Qualitative Analysis of Male Shoplifters in an Urban Drug Market
 King, Anna. and Caputo, Gail.

"Many People, One Community": Exploring the Growth of Clayton County, Georgia Using a Dynamic Model of Social Disorganization
 Holland-Davis, Lisa.

"Maturing Out" of Crime? A Longitudinal Analysis of Adolescent Romantic Relationship Status
 Worthen, Meredith. and Murphy, Lisa.

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A Biosocial Analysis of Routine Activities Theory
 Bakes, Brandon. and Beaver, Kevin.

A Biosocial Theory of Female Offending
 Vaske, Jamie., Boisvert, Danielle. and Wright, John.

A Body DIvided: Pregnancy, Murder and Mayhem in Indiana
 Brown, Geneva.

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: The Role of Post Release Employment Opportunities in Offender Reintegration
 Terrell, Ashley. and Walsh, Kevin.

A Carnival of Crime: Human Resource Development, Social Capital, Youth Violence in Trinidad and Tobago
 Matthew, Alvinelle.

A Census of Day Reporting Centers in the United States
 Lanterman, Jennifer.

A Closer Examination of the Empirical Link Between Antisocial Parents and Children’s Deviance
 Loth, Lydie. and Wooldredge, John.

A Comparative Analysis of Bosnian and American Students’ Attitudes toward Electronic Monitoring
 Maljevic, Almir., Muftic, Lisa. and Payne, Brian.

A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Drugs and Crime
 Li, Spencer., Zhao, Ruohui. and Zhang, Hongwei.

A Comparative Study on the Improvement of Correctional Treatment of Elderly Offenders between South Korea and Japan
 An, Sung-Hoon.

A Comparison of Attempted and Completed Rapes
 Pedneault, Amelie., Beauregard, Eric. and Knight, Raymond.

A Comparison of Estimates of the Effect of Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment on Reoffending Using Random Assignment, Multi-variate Modeling, and Exact and Approximate Matching Methods
 Bales, William., Scaggs, Samuel., Ensley, David., Coltharp, Philip. and Clark, Catie.

A Comparison of Information Theft by Organizational Types as Rational Choice Perspective
 Kim, Jeong Hyun.

A Comparison of Methadone and Buprenorphine for Opiate Addiction: A Meta-analysis
 Manzo, Amber., Sperber, Kimberly., Sullivan, Christopher. and Martiniuc, Angelyne.

A Competing Risks Model of Criminal and Technical Parole Violations
 Lin, Jeffrey. and Grattet, Ryken.

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Back to the Future: Typologies, Rural Communities and Criminology Theory
 Wells, Ed., Weisheit, Ralph. and Donnermeyer, Joseph.

Bad Boys or Mean Girls?: A Meta-Analysis of Gender and Aggressive Behavior
 Hassey, Janet. and Sarinic, Holly.

Bad Boys, Blue Bloods, and Lock Up: Incorporating Media Sources into an Introductory Criminal Justice Course
 Stevens, Jennifer.

Bangladesh Immigrants' Crime Reporting Behavior and Intentions
 Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Wu, Yuning. and Lambert, Eric.

Barriers and Facilitators to Participation in Online Research Related to Sexual Violence Among Male College Students
 Salazar, Laura., Swartout, Kevin., Swahn, Monica., Carney, Jhetari., Vagi, Kevin. and Moseley, Colby.

Barriers to Implementing Restorative Justice: A Pilot Program Case Study
 Gerkin, Patrick. and Walsh, John.

Battered Immigrant Women and Economic Dependence
 Dikho, Nora.

Batterers Behind the Thin Blue Line
 Morin, Natalie.

Because She is Beautiful, I Should Help Her: Victim’s Physical Attractiveness and Police Officer’s Responses
 Lin, Yusheng. and Wang, Zih-Wei.

Becoming a Female Felony Offender
 Alarid, Leanne. and Wright, Emily.

Before and After Genocide: State Capacity, Complicity, and Control
 Uggen, Christopher., McElrath, Suzy. and Nyseth Brehm, Hollie.

Behavioral Genetic Approaches to Identifying Parent and Child Effects on Antisocial Behavior
 Jaffee, Sara.

Behind Bars: Exploring a New Approach to Female Delinquency Through the Eyes of Incarcerated Female Youth
 Foster, Donnielle.

Behind the Correctional Wall: The Difficulties Facing Incarcerated Parents and Their Counterparts
 Holler, Timothy., Ward, Kyle. and Stroup, Brandon.

Being Afraid or being Smart?
 Lawton, Brian. and Johnson-Dias, Janice.

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C.O.T.A. Council on Thought and Action: Model
 Mention-Lewis, Risco.

C.O.T.A.: Challenges for Evaluating Short and Long Term Transformation in a High Risk Recidivism Parole Population
 Marmo, Robert.

C.O.T.A.: Theoretical Foundations and Direction for Measurement
 Morrell, Barbara.

CCTV in the City of Cincinnati
 Park, Sang. and Seo, Chunghyeon.

CSI Investigators and Critical Incident Trauma: A Preliminary Analysis
 Clark, Richard., Winterich, Daniel., DeZolt, Ernest. and Distelrath, Catherine.

California’s Criminal Justice Realignment: Estimating Direct Effects and Implementing Best Practices
 Cohen, Derek. and Ozer, M..

Calling the Shots: How Family Courts Address the Firearms Prohibition in Protection Orders
 Fleury-Steiner, Ruth. and Miller, Susan.

Callous-Unemotional (CU) Traits, Reactive-Proactive Aggression, and Schizotypal Personality in Hong Kong Children
 Wong, Keri.

Campus Safety: Victimization Experiences, Fear of Crime, and Constrained Behavior to Reduce Victimization
 Schafer, Joseph., Lee, Charern. and Hibdon, Julie.

Can After School Programs Prevent Delinquency? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Evidence
 Taheri, Sema. and Welsh, Brandon.

Can Differences in Attachment to Parents and Level of Self-control Explain the Gender Gap in Juvenile Delinquency? Testing a Gendered Control Theory
 Hirtenlehner, Helmut.

Can Life Course Theory Explain Pre-delinquent Behavior in a Cohort?
 Miller, Jennifer. and Berthelot, Emily.

Can Lifestyles Routine Activities Theory Predict Traditional & Cyber Bullying?
 Sheridan, Shari. and Scherer, Heidi.

Can a Reward Deter Crime? Discussions in a Strategic Framework on Deterrence of Tax Evasion
 Sousa, Pedro.

Canadian Crime Analysis and the Construction of Crime Data
 Sanders, Carrie. and Condon, Camie.

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Damaged Daughters: Girls, Juvenile Justice, and the Regulation of Sexuality
 Pasko, Lisa.

Dating Violence and Sexual Orientation among a National Sample of College Students
 Snyder, Jamie., Scherer, Heidi. and Fisher, Bonnie.

De-incarceration or Trans-incarceration? The Local Translation of Prison Downsizing Efforts
 Verma, Anjuli.

Death In Prison Sentences: Not so Different from Death
 Henry, Jessica.

Debating Controversial Issues in a Criminal Justice Capstone Course
 Roberts, Melinda.

Debating Justice in WA Prisons: WWCC/WSU Partnerships in Correctional Education
 Morczek, Amber., Wheeldon, Johannes. and Taylor, Loretta.

Deciphering Gang Talk
 Hallsworth, Simon.

Deconstructing Control: An Analysis of Homicide Crime Scene Behaviors
 Curmi, Teresa., Hannula, Kara. and Salfati, C. Gabrielle.

Deconstructing John Roberts: An Analysis of the Chief Justice’s Motives for Rescuing Obamacare
 Worley, Robert.

Deconstructing Support for the Death Penalty
 Kowaluk, Gary.

Definitions of the Situation: Implications for Post-release Recidivism
 Johnston, Michael.

Deflection of Offenders During "Bar Break" in Downtown Anchorage
 Chamard, Sharon.

Delinquency Predisposition? The Role of Neurophysiology, Environmental Adversity and its Effects on Phenotypes
 Wiedlebacher, Chad.

Delinquency and Educational Attainment: Considering the Role of Advanced Placement Coursework
 Widdowson, Alex., Hay, Carter. and Siennick, Sonja.

Delinquency in Childhood: Individual, Family, School, and Neighborhood Influences
 McNulty, Thomas. and Bellair, Paul.

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EEG Reveals Decreased Cortical Activity in Children with ADHD and Conduct Disorder
 Isaacs, Charles., Rudo-Hutt, Anna., Soyfer, Liana. and Raine, Adrian.

Early Criminal Justice Contact & Adulthood Mental Health Outcomes
 Ziegler, Jessica.

Early Release of Elderly Prisoners in the Light of the U.S. Constitution
 Khechumyan, Aleksandr.

East of the River Community Court Evaluation
 Stickle, Wendy., Harmon, Michele. and Cotter, Ryan.

Eco-Justice, Animals and Green Criminology
 Sollund, Ragnhild.

Ecological Characteristics of Property Crime in Gauteng, South Africa
 Metla, Valeriya., Porter, Jeremy. and Hiropoulos, Alexandra.

Economic Inequality or Racial Threat? The Determinants of Police Strength
 Dirlam, Jonathan. and Jacobs, David.

Economic Strain and Homicide Rates
 Cho, Yeok-il., Shin, Inyong. and Lee, Wanhee.

Economic Struggle and Prison Outburst: A Radical Historical Analysis of Pennsylvania's Prison Systems
 Crawford, Greg. and Khondaker, Mahfuzul.

Educational Expectations and Delinquency: Racial and Ethnic Difference Among Youth
 Giddings, Tiara.

Educators’ Perceptions on Antisocial Behavior and Response Strategies
 Pabla, Manjit. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Effective Use of Federal Sentencing Data
 Blackwell, Kevin.

Effective Use of Federal Sentencing Data
 Semisch, Courtney.

Effective Use of Federal Sentencing Data
 Reedt, Lou.

Effectively Implementing the Cure Violence Model for the Prevention of Community Violence
 Ransford, Charles., Kane, Candice. and Slutkin, Gary.

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FEAR: Let the State do What it Must Do
 Nina, Daniel.

Facebook: International Collaboration in the Classroom
 Selman, Donna.

Factors Associated with Juvenile Drug Court Success
 Gormsen, Lia., Sullivan, Carrie., Latessa, Edward. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Factors Associated with Serious Female Criminality and its Recurrence after Imprisonment
 Proctor, Janice.

Factors Influencing True and False Guilty Pleas
 Shteynberg, Reveka. and Redlich, Allison.

Factors that Mediate the Intergenerational Transmission of Hostility toward Romantic Partners
 Simons, Leslie.

Failure to Pay: Consequences of Court-imposed Monetary Sanctions
 Iratzoqui, Amaia.

Failure within the System or Systematic Failure? Preliminary Data on the Extent and Causes of Wrongful Convictions in Germany
 Grunewald, Ralph.

Failures of Rationality in Corporate Frauds: Evidence from the Parmalat Bankruptcy
 Campana, Paolo.

Families of Homicide Victims and the Police
 Day, L. Edward. and Inderbitzin, Michelle.

Family Influences on Crime and Policy Implications
 Fagan, Abigail.

Family Violence and Animal Abuse in Spain
 Querol, Nuria., Cuquerella, Angel., Ascione, Frank., Tedeschi, Philip., Pinizzotto, Anthony., Pujol, Sonia., Carrasco, David., Rubira, Sebastian., Moratalla, Pedro Jose. and Puccia, Angelo.

Fatherhood under Corrections: Fatherhood Practices during the Mass Correctional Supervision Era
 Campos-Holland, Ana.

Fatherhood, Routine Activities, and Identity in the Lives of Formerly Sanctioned, at-risk Young Men
 Boonstoppel, Sarah.

Fear and Student Weapon Carrying: A Longitudinal Assessment
 Isaza, Gabrielle.

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G.R.E.A.T. Attitudes: Examining Changes in Attitudes in Elementary and Middle School Students after Participation in the G.R.E.A.T. Program.
 Watson, Christina.

Gaining Entre’: Homicide Prevention Programming and Getting “In” with Street Gang Workers
 Johnson, Joseph D..

Gaining Speed: Shifting Constructions of Methamphetamine, 1944-1972
 Parsons, Nicholas.

Gang Joining and Delinquency among Native American Youth on and Off the Reservation
 Katz, Charles. and Nuno, Lidia.

Gang Members in School Networks: Social Network Position and Implications for Recruiting
 Gallupe, Owen.

Gang Turf, Violent Crime and At-risk Housing
 Grossman, Leigh.

Gangs Through the Looking Glass: A British Perspective
 Densley, James.

Gangs in a Rural Town: An Analysis of Community Perceptions of Crime, Gangs, and New In-migrant Population
 Glosser, Angela.

Gangs, Corner Crews and Area Dons: The Resilience of Organized Crime Groups in Jamaica
 Wortley, Scot. and Samuels, Kanika.

Gauging Gang Membership Trends with Police Data
 Egley, Jr., Arlen. and Howell, Buddy.

Gay and Transgendered Youth Engaged in Sex Work: Examining Difference from Traditional Sex Work Networks
 Isom, Yvonne., King, Shaunda. and Castillo, Stephanie.

Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence: An Assessment of Self-control Theory
 Gulledge, Laura., Sellers, Christine., Cochran, John., Jones, Shayne. and Mohn, Richard.

Gender Differences in Offending: A Review of Social Control, General Strain and Socialization Literature
 Jackson, Robin.

Gender Differences in Pathways from Child Abuse and Neglect to Illicit Drug Use in Adulthood
 Wilson, Helen. and Widom, Cathy.

Gender Differences in Victimization Trajectories
 Zaykowski, Heather. and Gunter, Whitney D..

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HIV Services and Treatment Implementation in Corrections (HIV-STIC): Findings from a Randomized Experiment of a Local Change Team Approach
 Belenko, Steven., Visher, Christy., O\'Connell, Daniel., Dembo, Richard., Pearson, Frank., Duvall, Jamieson. and Pich, Michele.

Hacked! Online Routines and Recurring Online Victimization
 Reyns, Bradford., Henson, Billy. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Hacking the Age-crime Curve: A Study in Life-course Cybercriminology
 Stockman, Mark., Holt, Thomas., Mackey, William. and Holiday, Michael.

Handling Missing Data in the SVORI Data Set: Does Methodological Approach Matter?
 Taylor, Caitlin. and Auerhahn, Kathleen.

Hang Up Your Boots: Racist Skinhead Desistance and Subcultural Ambiguity
 Madfis, Eric. and Vysotsky, Stanislav.

Haoles, Hawaiians, Asians and Others: Racialization in Hawaii's TV Crime News
 Chagnon, Nicholas.

Hate in the Hallways: Bias-motivated Bullying and Fear of Victimization in School
 Mills, Colleen.

Have They Said Something? Determining How Terrorism Cases Came to the Attention of Law Enforcement
 Jackson, Summer., Damphousse, Kelly. and Smith, Brent.

Hazardous Drinking and Violent Death among Males: Evidence from a Population-based Case-control Study
 Pridemore, William.

Health Insurance and Substance Use
 Ford, Jason.

Health and Safety Perception in the Neighborhood among Korean Juveniles
 Lee, MinSik., Jung, JiYong. and Choi, MyungHyun.

Health and School Violence Victimization among Korean Youths
 Lee, MinSik. and Kim, Ramhee.

Heart Rate and Aggression: The Mediating Role of Impulsive Sensation-Seeking
 Portnoy, Jill., Raine, Adrian., Pardini, Dustin., Loeber, Rolf. and Jennings, Richard.

Hello, is Anybody Home? A Comparative Study of the Effect of Vacancies and Foreclosures on Neighborhood Crime Rates
 Goforth, Patricia.

Help Seeking among Intimate Partner Violence Victims
 Kim, Bitna. and Pikciunas, Kweilin.

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I Got the Money & I Got the Yayo: State-corporate Crime & Social Harm at the Hands of HSBC
 Bordt, Maria.

I Just Want a Job: The Unintended Consequences of Parole Policy & Parole Officer Decision Making on Parolees Finding & Maintaining Employment
 Thompkins, Douglas.

I Want Justice: The Relationship Between Perceptions of Distributive and Procedural Justice with Organizational Commitment
 Qureshi, Hanif., Klahm, Charles., Smith, Brad., Frank, James., Lambert, Eric. and Hogan, Nancy.

Identify Theft Victimization in Late Adulthood
 Holtfreter, Kristy. and Reisig, Michael.

Identifying Domestic Burglary Solvability Characteristics
 Coupe, Richard.

Identifying Links Between Victimization and Offending in a Sample of Detained Girls and College Women
 Herrera, Veronica. and Harris, Danielle.

Identifying Persons Vulnerable to Violent Extremism and Understanding Terrorist Recruitment Through Social Media
 Weyers, Jeff.

Identifying and Addressing the Civil Legal Needs of Crime Victims in Alaska
 Rivera, Marny. and Lepage, Cory.

Identifying the Predictors of Prison Visitation
 Cochran, Joshua. and Mears, Daniel.

Identifying the Skills of Highly-rated Patrol Officers
 Sanders, Beth.

Identity Re-construction after Loss of a Loved One to Homicide: Victim, Survivor or Advocate
 Hourigan, Kristen.

Identity Theft Threats to College Students: Are we Doing Enough to Protect our Students from Becoming Victims of Identity Theft?
 Rebovich, Donald.

Identity Transformation for Sex Offenders
 Kras, Kim.

Ideology through the Looking Glass: An Examination of the Use of Ideology in Criminal Justice and Criminology
 Steinmetz, Kevin. and Kappeler, Victor.

If the Lamb Had Sharp Teeth: Are Firearms Really the Danger?
 Gala, Don.

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Jail Inmates’ Perceived Stigma and Post-release Functioning: A Longitudinal Mediational Model
 Moore, Kelly., Stuewig, Jeffrey. and Tangney, June.

Jamaica, Crime, and the Garrison Phenomenon
 Scott, Marsha-Ann.

Japanese Society, Crime Rates, and Cross-national Comparability
 Dallier, Douglas.

Jerry Sandusky, Pedophilia and the Media: A Pretrial Publicity Content Analysis
 Klein, Jennifer. and Tolson, Danielle.

Job Satisfaction among Court-appointed Attorneys
 Brooks, Rachel. and Sanders, Beth.

Job Searching after Incarceration: The Experiences of Halfway House Residents
 Cantora, Andrea.

Joint Effects: Race-ethnicity, Sex, Age and Time-served in Prison.
 Engen, Rodney. and Bradley, Mindy.

Judicial Decision-Making in Child Custody Cases Involving Partner-Abusive Fathers
 Zeoli, April., Rivera, Echo. and Sullivan, Cris.

Judicial Departures for Policy Disagreements: Use of Propensity Score Matching with Federal Child Pornography Defendants
 Kaiser, Kimberly.

Jurors’ Perceptions of Juvenile Interrogation Evidence: Are Perceptions of Psycholegal Maturity more Relevant than Race?
 Warner, Todd., Nagel, Alison. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Jurors’ Perceptions of Juveniles in Videotaped Interrogations
 Lisuzzo, Margaret.

Jury and Judicial Perceptions of Criminal Offenders with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorders (hfASDs)
 Berryessa, Colleen. and Garrison, Nanibaa\'.

Just Another Form of Punishment? Rehabilitation in the Juvenile Justice Systems in Boston and Chicago
 Soyer, Michaela.

Just Say No! The Cleric-Penitent Privilege
 Linhares, Fernando.

Just do it: Using Social Learning Theory to Examine College Underage Drinking
 Curioz, Maxime.

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Kernel Density Estimation and Parameter Settings: Examining the Influence of Interpolation Method, Grid Cell Size, and Bandwidth on Predicting Risk
 Hart, Timothy. and Zandbergen, Paul.

Key Findings from the What Works in Reentry Clearinghouse
 Dodd, Hannah. and Breaux, Justin.

Killing Us Softly: The Impact of Violent Images in Advertisements for Latinas and African American Women
 Johnson, Kecia.

Knowing and Voluntary: Implications of Taser Exposure on a Suspect’s Ability to Intelligently Waive their “Miranda” Rights
 Kane, Robert.


Labelling Genocide: The Constitutive Problem of Genocide Attribution, Genocide Denial and Misclassification
 Brannigan, Augustine.

Labor Trafficking among Farmworkers in North Carolina
 Barrick, Kelle., Lattimore, Pamela. and Pitts, Wayne.

Labor Trafficking in Canada: A Neglected Crime
 Arhin, Antonela.

Laissez-fairy Tale: Analyzing the Role of Economic Ideology and Deregulation in White-collar Crime
 Champion, Christine.

Land Use and Crime: A Partial Replication and Expansion of Stucky and Ottensmann’s 2009 Study
 Vacanti, Ryan.

Lasting Impacts of the Inside-out Prison Exchange Program: Following Up with Former Students
 Hilinski-Rosick, Carly.

Law Enforcement Perspectives on Sex Offender Registration and Notification
 Ricci, Helen. and Harris, Andrew.

Law Enforcement and Educator Perspectives on School Resource Officers
 Chrusciel, Meg., Hansen, J. Andrew., Wolfe, Scott., Rojek, Jeff. and Kaminski, Robert.

Law, Ideology and the Corporate Criminal: Exploring the Boundaries of Criminalizing Powerful Corporate Actors
 Bittle, Steven. and Snider, Laureen.

Lay Judge Decisions in Sex Crime Cases- The Impact of “Saiban-in” on the Criminal Justice System for Sex Crime in Japan
 Hirayama, Mari.

Leadership Succession in Illegal Organizations: An Analysis of the Sons of Anarchy
 Wu, Edith., Davies, Garth. and Carleton, Rebecca.

Leading the Charge: Program Evaluation Findings regarding the Impact of Harbor House of Central Florida’s Leaders of Courage Primary Prevention Initiative Targeting Youth in Pine Castle, Florida
 Navarro, Jordana., Jasinski, Jana. and Wick, Carol.

Learning Cyber Deviancy: An Analysis of the Socialization of College Students
 Tolson, Danielle. and Klein, Jennifer.

Learning by Doing: The Role of Mock Trials in Comparative Criminal Justice Classes
 Herrera, Anastasia. and Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja.

Learning from Business: Organized Crime and the Environment
 Ruggiero, Vincenzo.

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MAPIT: An Automated Tool to Help Motivate Offenders
 Lerch, Jennifer. and Taxman, Faye.

MAPIT: Demonstrating the Tool
 Walters, Scott.

Mainstreaming Green Criminology: Environmental Victims as Offenders
 Potter, Gary.

Making Sense of DUI Offenders: Policy Reform in Colorado
 Steen, Sara. and Hackett, Colleen.

Making it on the Outside: Preliminary Results of Jail-based Work Release Program Evaluation
 Rukus, Joseph. and Lane, Jodi.

Making the Road through Walking: The Challenges of an Action Research Approach in Community Corrections
 Barnes-Ceeney, Kevin., Mellow, Jeff. and Thomas, Shenique.

Male Peer Support Theory
 DeKeseredy, Walter. and Schwartz, Martin.

Managing Paternal Absence: Paternal Incarceration and Family Functioning
 Wakefield, Sara.

Managing Victim Confrontation: Auto Theft and Informal Sanction Threats
 Cherbonneau, Michael. and Jacobs, Bruce.

Managing and Implementing Problem Solving and Directed Patrol Strategies for a Hot Spots Policing Experiment
 Morrow, Pete.

Managing the Criminal Label: A Study of Experienced Offender Self-stigma
 Scott, Julia. and Evans, Douglas.

Managing the State: Women’s Lives after Prison and Jail
 Rumpf, Cesraea.

Manifestations of Guilt and Justice: Canadian Parolees’ Perceptions of the Factors Underlying Wrongful Conviction
 Ivany, Alyx., Ricciardelli, Rose. and Clow, Kimberley.

Marionization and Solitary Confinement
 Richards, Stephen.

Maritime Piracy in Malacca Strait and South China Sea: Testing the Prevention, Deterrence and Reactance Models
 Jiang, Bo. and Toh, Mun Heng.

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NIJ Office of Research and Evaluation: Justice Systems Research Funding Priorities and Initiatives
 Newton, Phyllis., Moore, Angela. and Reed, Winifred.

NIJ Office of Research and Evaluation:Funding Priorities and Initiatives in Crime, Violence and Victimization Research
 Newton, Phyllis., Reed, Winifred. and Moore, Angela.

NIJ’s Du Bois Fellowship and You: A Leg up for Junior Faculty
 Frederique, Nadine.

NSF Law and Social Sciences Program: Update on Funding Priorities and Initiatives
 Zatz, Marjorie.

Narco Wars: Examining Levels of Confidence in the Mexican Army at the State Level
 Murillo, Jesus.

National Examination of the State of Community Policing in American Law Enforcement Agencies
 Scheider, Matthew. and Spence, Deborah.

National Officer Safety and Wellness Initiative
 Spence, Deborah. and Fiedler, Mora.

National and State Trends in Unconditional and Conditional Prisoner Releases
 Dhungana, Karla.

Native Americans Incarceration Rates: A Neglected Population?
 Janisch, Roy.

Native Networks and Adolescent Delinquency
 Freng, Adrienne., Rees, Carter. and Winfree, L. Thomas.

Navigating Difficult Terrain: A Follow-up Study of Children of Incarcerated Mothers
 Siegel, Jane.

Negative Emotions and Noxious Stimuli: Examine the Research Gap in General Strain Theory
 Kim, Jihoon.

Negative Neighborhood Perceptions and Mental Health
 Liles, Alesa.

Neglected Groups: The Creative Undergraduate Criminal Justice Student
 Takata, Susan.

Neglected Policy Issues for People Leaving Prison: How Collateral Consequences Research Overlooks Implications of Criminal Records for College Entrance
 Sokoloff, Natalie. and Fontaine, Anika.

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OJJDP Research Funding Opportunities
 Chiancone, Janet.

OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book
 Sickmund, Melissa.

OJJDP Youth Under Supervision Data Collections
 Donoghue, Brecht.

OJJDP’s Girls Study Group and Girls Delinquency Research
 Kelley, Barbara., Tyson, Jennifer., Duquela, Cecilia., Chiancone, Janet. and Pierce, Catherine.

Objective Risk Assessment and Minority Overrepresentation: The Validation Imperative
 Trapp, Don.

Obstacles to Desistance from Sexual Offending: Results from 50 Life Narratives
 Harris, Danielle.

Of Price and Men: The Spatial Dimensions of Gentrification and Crime
 Hipp, John. and Branic, Nicholas.

Offence Specialization as a Predictor of Recidivism
 Laskorunsky, Julia.

Offenders' Social Supports and Progress under Community Supervision
 Null, Crystal.

Offending Consistency among Serial Sex Offenders: the Role of Offender Characteristics
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine. and Beauregard, Eric.

Offending Motherhood:Discussions of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Women's Reentry Identity Narratives
 De Coster, Stacy., Heimer, Karen. and Williams, Kristin.

Officer and Citizen Injury and Fatality Outcomes from Law Enforcement Vehicle Collisions
 Hansen, J. Andrew., Rojek, Jeff., Alpert, Geoff., Wolfe, Scott. and Tiesman, Hope.

Officer, Mentor, or Something Else? Examining the Influence of the School Environment on Officer Roles, Attitudes, Satisfaction, and Activities.
 Rhodes, Trisha.

Official Reactions to Emerging Drugs and the Aftermath: Continuance Rates, Law Enforcement and Crime Lab Capacity, and the Future.
 Khey, David.

On the (Non)Existent Role of Organized Crime in the 2003-07 NBA Betting Scandal
 Griffin, Sean.

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Painting the Pain: Effectiveness of Art Therapy amongst Child Sexual Abuse Victims and Families
 Fleckenstein, Paul.

Panoptic Control in the Digital Age: Examining the Effect of LEM on Reported Forcible Rape
 Dierenfeldt, Rick. and Carson, Jennifer.

Pants, Boots, and Guns: Lesbian Police Officers’ Attributes, Working Relationships, and Discrimination
 Galvin-White, Christine.

Parent-Child Attachment, Fathers’ Criminal Involvement, and Children’s Behavior: Reassessing the Parental Attachment-Child Behavior Relationship
 Washington, Heather.

Parental Alcoholism and the Effects on the Adult Child
 Summers, Wesley.

Parental Efficacy as an Intervening Protective Factor against Delinquency/Victimizaton
 Kim, Young S..

Parental Involvement and Engagement of Youth in Property Crimes
 Ramirez, Laura.

Parenthood and Desistance: A Mixed-Methods Analysis
 Bachman, Ronet., Kerrison, Erin. and Smith, Lionel.

Parenthood, Marriage, Deviance: Examining Causal Mechanisms
 Matsueda, Ross., Grigoryeva, Maria. and Kreager, Derek.

Parenting Outside-in: Constructing the Parenting of Juvenile Detainees
 Miller, Michelle.

Parenting, Partnering, and Desistance among Low-income Mothers
 VanEseltine, Matthew.

Parole Policies and Juveniles Sentenced to Long-term Imprisonment in the Wake of Miller v. Alabama
 Singer, Simon. and Mulvey, Edward.

Partnership and the Police: An Exploration of Partnership as Organizational Adaptation
 Wolff, Russell.

Paternal Incarceration and Disadvantage: The Effects of Timing and Dosage of Paternal Incarceration in Fragile Families
 Antle, Kelsey.

Paternal Incarceration and Early Adolescents’ School Disciplinary Problems
 Robbins, Cynthia. and Zhang, Zidan.

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Qualitative Analysis of Published Memoir Writings of Incarcerated Women and Girls: Themes and Directions for the Future
 Poland, Amy.

Qualitative Study of Men and Women Involved in Methamphetamine Markets
 Yingling, Julie.

Quality of Life and Police Protection of Human Rights: Measuring What the Police Do
 Greene, Jack. and Taheri, Sema.

Queering the Margins of Criminal Justice Education
 RedHawk Love, Sharon.

Quiescence and Rebellion in the Silver Valley
 Reed, Gary.

Quiet Genocide: Indian Residential Schools and Crimes of the Canadian State
 Muzzatti, Stephen.

Qué Pasa con los Hispanos? Exploring the Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence across Whites, African-Americans, and Hispanics
 Rosario, Jordyn.


RAND Comprehensive Drug Market Intervention (DMI) Evaluation: Perceptions of Drug Market Changes among Drug Users Recruited through Respondent-Driven Sampling (RDS)
 Ober, Allison., Sussell, Jesse., Kilmer, Beau. and Saunders, Jessica.

RECLAIM Ohio: A Model for Juvenile Corrections Reform
 Gies, Ryan.

Race and Policing – The Experience of Black Police Officers in Toronto Canada
 Owusu-Bempah, Akwasi.

Race and the Media: A Content Analysis of Portrayals of Race on Dexter
 Cunningham, Shannon.

Race as a Predictor of Physical Assaults on Correctional Officers in United States Jails
 Maragh, Cynthia-Lee. and Porter, Jeremy.

Race, Class and Social Control: Measures for Use among Minority Populations
 McIntosh Fuller, Kenethia. and Davis Ganao, Jessica.

Race, Ethnicity and Immigrant Threat: Assessing a New and Emerging Threat in Sentencing Research
 Feldmeyer, Ben., Warren, Patricia., Siennick, Sonja. and Neptune, Malisa.

Race, Ethnicity, Crime and Criminal Justice in the Americas
 Kalunta-Crumpton, Anita.

Race, Nation, and Crackdowns on Immigration: District and Case-level Factors in Federal Prosecution and Sentencing
 Farrell, Amy. and Ward, Geoff.

Race, Neighborhood, and Officer Decision-making: A Hierarchical Analysis of Automobile Searches
 Zhang, Yan., Hoover, Larry., Fallik, Seth., Novak, Kenneth. and Naito, Mai.

Race, Racism and Crime: An Empirical Assessment of a Theory of African American Offending
 Isom, Deena.

Race, Sex, and Structured Sentencing: The Effects of Extralegal Variables on Sentencing Outcomes
 Gathings, M.J..

Race, Socioeconomic Status, and the Determinants of Criminal Versus Medical Social Control
 Ramey, David.

Race-ethnic Differences in Rape Victimization: A Pooled Analysis of NCVS Data, 1994-2010
 Gorislavsky, Ekaterina.

Race/ethnicity and Drug Arrests: Specific Deterrence and Collateral Consequences
 Mitchell, Ojmarrh.

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SOARING 2: An eLearning Training Program to Improve Knowledge of EBPs
 Maass, Stephanie., Taxman, Faye., Serin, Ralph., Crites, Erin., Watson, Carolyn. and Lloyd, Caleb.

Saiban-in Trials in Japan: First Four Years
 Miyazawa, Setsuo.

Same Crime, Different Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Risk Terrain Modeling in Six U.S. Cities
 Barnum, Jeremy.

Same Old Story? Offense Specific Factors in the Sentencing of Terrorist Offenders
 Amirault, Joanna. and Bouchard, Martin.

Sample Size, Effect Size, and Statistical Power: A Replication Study of Weisburd’s Paradox
 Wooditch, Alese., Nelson, Matthew. and Dario, Lisa.

San Antonio’s Barrio Gangs of the 1950’s
 Tapia, Mike.

Sanctioning Drug Use: High-risk Drug Users on Community Supervision
 Thomas, Matt., Caudill, Jonathan., Patten, Ryan. and Anderson, Sally.

Satisfaction with Police in Violent Crime Hot Spots: Using Community Surveys as a Guide for Selecting Hot Spots Policing Tactics
 Haberman, Cory., Groff, Elizabeth., Ratcliffe, Jerry. and Sorg, Evan.

Saving the Country by Killing the New Enemy: the Executions of Corrupt Officials in China
 Shen, Puma.

Scared Straight? Measuring the Deterrent Effects of Punishment on College Underage Drinking
 Pozek, Devon.

Scene as Subculture: The Correlation between Musical Taste and Delinquency within Life Domains
 Stearn, Adam.

School Discipline and Youth Culture: Governing More Than Students’ Bodies
 Brent, John.

School Resource Officer’s Community Policing Approach to Reduce Violent & Drug Crime in Secondary Schools
 Correia, Heather. and Choi, Kyung-shick.

School Safety Measures and Bullying: How Crime Prevention Efforts Affect School Culture
 Gerlinger, Julie.

School Security: A Moderator of School Climate and Victimization?
 Perumean-Chaney, Suzanne. and Stone, Mischelle.

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TASER-proximate Arrest-related Deaths: A Content Analysis of Autopsy Reports
 Todak, Natalie., Louton, Brooks. and Cesar, Gabriel.

Tackling the Unintended Consequence of Displacement during Community Revitalization
 Luguya, Mark.

Taking Cultural Criminology Online
 Frederick, Brian. and Perrone, Dina.

Taking Stock of Incarceration: A Meta-analysis
 Lytle, Daniel.

Taking Stock of the Criminological Consequences of Gang Membership: A Meta-analysis
 Pyrooz, David., Turanovic, Jillian., Wu, Jun. and Decker, Scott.

Taking a Socio-cultural Approach to Organized Crime
 Dolliver, Diana.

Talking and Waiting to Talk: How to Change Minds about Crime and Justice
 Peterson-Sparks, Elicka.

Targeted Policing and the Eradication of Sex Trafficking in the United States
 Heil, Erin.

Targeting Los Angeles's Underground Gun Market: An Exploratory Multi-Method Approach
 Raup-Kounovsky, Anna., Reiter, Keramet. and Pifer, Natalie.

Tax Compliance Letters' Effects on Compliance
 Ariel, Barak. and Sherman, Lawrence.

Teaching Convict Criminology in the Classroom
 Richards, Stephen.

Teaching Criminological Theories to Digital Natives
 Chang, Rosa.

Team-Based Applications: Using Application Exercises to Support Course Learning Objectives?
 Budd, Kristen.

Technology and the Criminal Justice System: Piloting the Treatment of Offenders Using a Virtual Environment
 Ticknor, Bobbie.

Teen Dating Violence Measurement: An Overview
 Mulford, Carrie., Blachman-Demner, Dara., Latzman, Natasha., Holditch Niolon, Phyllis. and Tharp, Andra.

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U. S. Anti-human Trafficking Policy: 2013 Update, Evolution, Change, and Accountability
 Stolz, Barbara.

U.S. Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals Plata-type Jail & Prison Overcrowding Decisions from 2001 to 2011
 Rempel, David.

U.S. Prison Reentry Policies Must Address Digital Literacy
 Magassa, Lassana.

US Citizen Children of Deportees: Picking up the Broken Pieces of a Bulimic Society
 Arias, Fenix.

Uncovering the Demand and Availability of Sex with Minors in Atlanta and Chicago: Evidence from Internet Discussion Posts
 Finn, Mary. and Stalans, Loretta.

Uncovering Latino Sex Trafficking: From Law Enforcement to the Courts
 Copley, Lauren.

Uncovering the Blind Eye of Lady Justice through the Minds of Power
 Hill, Candice.

Under the Penal Gaze: An Empirical Examination of Penal Consciousness Among Prisoners
 Sexton, Lori.

Understanding Bail Release Conditions in Canada
 Sprott, Jane.

Understanding Contemporary Maritime Piracy – A Case Study of Somalia
 Twyman-Ghoshal, Anamika., Passas, Nikos. and Pierce, Glenn.

Understanding Criminal Justice Officials' Perceptions of Minors Involved in Prostitution in a State with Safe Harbor Legislation
 Fahy, Stephanie.

Understanding Differences in Crime Reporting Practices in Developed and Developing Nations
 Estienne, Elizabeth. and Morabito, Melissa.

Understanding Domestic Poaching Behavior: A Quantitative Focus on the Midwest
 Dempsey, Tamara. and Rivers, Louie.

Understanding Influence across Justice Agencies: The Spread of “Community” Reforms from Policing to Prosecutor Organizations
 Giblin, Matthew. and Haynes, Melissa.

Understanding International and Domestic Terrorism: Logistical Capability vs. Ideology
 Miller, Erin.

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Vacancies as Crime Generators
 Christenson, Blake. and Kochel, Tammy.

Vacancies or Foreclosures: Does the Distinction Make a Difference for Neighborhood Crime?
 Chamberlain, Alyssa. and Boessen, Adam.

Validating Measures of Labor Trafficking with Item Response Analysis
 Zhang, Sheldon., Cai, Li. and Liu, Ruth.

Validating a Bayesian Model for Linking Serials Crimes through Simulation
 Kringen, Jonathan.

Validation of a Chinese Version of the Attitudes Toward Prisoners Scale
 Chui, Wing.

Validation of the Calcasieu Parish Office of Juvenile Justice Services Detention Screening Instrument
 Jensen, Jennifer., Wical, Nicholas., Lau, Vincent. and Fratello, Jennifer.

Variation in Mass Incarceration in the United States: An Examination of Institutional Differences
 Campbell, Michael.

Variation in the Implementation and Structure of Mental Health Courts: An eight court study
 Kubiak, Sheryl., Tillander, Elizabeth., Ray, Bradley. and Comartin, Erin.

Variation in the Timing of Sex Offender Registration
 Lytle, Robert.

Vehement Ideas: Deconstructing Violent Jihadi and Neo-nazi Demagogues.
 Morris, Travis.

Vicarious Victimization: Examining the Effects of Witnessing Victimization during Incarceration on Post-release Outcomes
 Daquin, Jane., Daigle, Leah. and Listwan, Shelley.

Victim Advocates, Religion, and Coping Strategies
 Brown, Kelly. and Lynch, Michelle.

Victim Worthiness: The Role of the Media in Fueling a Hierarchy of Victimization
 Christenson, Danielle. and Wright, Richard.

Victimization and Fear of Violent Crime among Immigrants in France
 Andreescu, Viviana.

Victimization and Fear: An Exploratory Study of How Fear of Victimization Impacts Women
 Yercich, Sarah.

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Walking ATMs in Post-katrina Metropolitan New Orleans
 Sainato, Vincenzo., Khey, David. and Thornton, William.

Wanted Persons: Fugitives in the United States
 Bierie, David.

Was it Successful? Safer Return’s Impact on Former Prisoners’ Self-Reported Behaviors and Experiences
 Breaux, Justin. and Fontaine, Jocelyn.

Was it Successful? Safer Return’s Impact on Recidivism
 Taxy, Samuel. and Breaux, Justin.

We are all Criminals
 Baxter, Emily. and Ruhland, Ebony.

Welcoming Remarks
 Agnew, Robert.

What Did Safer Return Accomplish? Lessons on the Implementation of Comprehensive, Community-Based Reentry
 Fontaine, Jocelyn. and Rossman, Shelli.

What Do We Know about Crime and Place Research in the Classroom?: An Exploratory Study
 Hutzell, Kirsten. and Sloas, Lincoln.

What Do We Know and Where Should We Go with Research on Public Perceptions of White-collar Crime?
 Van Slyke, Shanna. and Rebovich, Donald.

What Drives Deadly Force? Some Answers From a Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Police Shootings in St. Louis, Missouri
 Klinger, David., Rosenfeld, Richard., Isom, Daniel. and Deckard, Michael.

What Has Been Learned from Systematic Reviews of Developmental Prevention?
 Farrington, David., Ttofi, Maria. and Loesel, Friedrich.

What Is the “Community” in Political Mobilization for Police Reform?
 McCoy, Candace.

What Works for Reentry: Evaluation of Reintegrative Programming
 Walsh, Kevin. and Whitus, Stephanie.

What Works in Reducing Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System: Case Studies of Successful DMC Programs
 Spinney, Elizabeth., Cohen, Marcia., Stephenson, Rachel., Feyerherm, William. and Yeide, Martha.

What Works in Reentry? The Current Status of Evidence Based Crime Prevention in Prisoner Reentry Programming
 Ward, Kyle.

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 Gest, Ted.

 Gelb, Adam.

 Robinson, Laurie.


Yelp Prison Review
 Blair, Lesli. and McNeeley, Susan.

You Won’t Catch Me Slippin’: Experiences of Gun Violence in a Toronto Public Housing Neighbourhood
 Berardi, Luca.

Young Adult Perceptions about Serving Time on a Blended Sentence
 Schaefer, Shelly.

Young Black Woman, PhD: Overcoming Barriers to Using Feminist Pedagogical Techniques
 Johnson, Melencia.

Young People as Victims of Institutional Violence in the Cambodian Criminal Justice Systemn
 Dawes, Glenn.

Young People's Narrative Accounts of Sexual Aggression in Public Drinking Spaces
 Becker, Sarah. and Tinkler, Justine.

Youth Experiences and Their Involvement in Delinquency: A Case for Building Self-Efficacy Skills
 Morris, Sherill. and Elechi, O. Oko.

Youth Gangs and Beyond
 White, Rob.

Youth Risk Behavior and Delinquency
 Crawford, Chyna. and Osho, G..

Youth Violence and Criminal Desistance: Damaged Pasts and Hazardous Journeys
 Deuchar, Ross.

Youth Violence and Victimization: Findings from a Study of Familial Background, Peer Delinquency and Attitudes toward Guns
 McGee, Zina.

Youth and Technology: Can I Really Get in Trouble for that Text or Facebook Post?
 Capps, Jennifer. and Mowder, Denise.

yogaHOPE: Providing Gender-responsive, Trauma-informed Integrative Mindfulness Programming Addressing Traumatic Stress in Under-served Populations
 Rousseau, Danielle., Jackson, Elizabeth. and Jones, Sue.


Zealous Romantics: The Progressive Era and the Naiveté of Criminal Legal Aid Reformers
 Ossei-Owusu, Shaun.

Zero Tolerance for Marginal Populations: Examining Neoliberal Social Controls in American Schools
 Sellers, Brian.
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