American Society of Criminology – 71st Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-17 to 2015-Nov-22

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"A Brand New Glock in a Box": Instrumental and Symbolic Dimensions of Gun Violence
 Goldsmith, Andrew. and Halsey, Mark.

"Changes (That's Just The Way it Is)" : Domestic Violence & Broken Windows Theory
 Muni, Michele. and Whelan, David.

"Colorblind" Police Officers of America, 1990 to 2015
 Smith, Alyssa., Golden, Keturah., Harris, Traven. and Allgood, Paige.

"Free the Weed?": Legalized Marijuana, Capitalism, and Social Inequality
 Selman, Donna. and Robison, Kaitlyn.

"Here You Gotta be Good, In the MC You Had to be Bad": The Role of Military Norms in Veteran Treatment Court
 Vaughan, Tyler., Bell Holleran, Lisa. and Brooks, Rachel.

"Hunting" in Indian Country: Sexual Assault on American Indian Women and the Violence Against Women Act
 Robyn, Linda.

"I Ain't for That": Intimate Partner Violence and Help Seeking in the Lives of Urban African American Women
 Schumann, Rachel.

"Just Pictures" Offenders and Anti-Social Behavior: A Profile of Child Pornography Offenders who Sexually Reoffend.
 Faust, Erik.

"Mom is Happy and I am Less Delinquent":The Relationship Between Parent-Child Relationship Satisfaction and Levels of Delinquency
 Conte, Catherine.

"On Behalf of Her Children": The Impact of Children on Judicial Decision-Making in Protection Order Cases
 Magnus, Amy.

"Othering" the "other": Language, Representation, Distancing and Diminishing Trans Individuals in Media and Entertainment
 Cardiel, Micah.

"Should 'Forced Marriage' be Criminalised?"
 Begum, Popy.

"The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House": The Compromises Feminists Make in the Courtroom
 Yang, Fei.

"Tow to Go" and Its Impact on DUI Offenses
 Harris, Sharayah., Spencer, Meridith. and Cordeira, Kaleigh.

"Trigger Warnings" and Sexual Assault on Campus: A Teaching Reflection
 Brown, Alan.

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A Bayesian Analysis of the Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on High-risk Probationers' Recidivism Rates
 Han, SeungHoon. and Hyatt, Jordan.

A Blind Randomized Controlled Trial: Testing Police Response in Property Crime Micro-Time Hot Spots
 Santos, Rachel. and Santos, Roberto.

A Brief History of Progressive Criminology in California, 1960-2010
 Myers, Randolph. and Goddard, Tim.

A C.R.A.S.H. Course in Policing: The Temporary Abatement of a LAPD Anti-Gang Unit
 Valasik, Matthew., Reid, Shannon. and Phillips, Matt.

A Cabinet of Curiosities: The Boston Marathon Bombing as a Government Conspiracy
 Cadigan, Robert.

A Case Analysis of the Impact of Diagnosis of FASD on the Sentencing of Offenders in the Courts of Three Canadian Provinces
 Jonas Vidovic, Petra.

A Case Study in Skills for Offender Assessment and Responsivity (SOARING2): How Officer Coaching is used in Hidalgo County, Texas
 Lopez, Faustino., Maass, Stephanie., Blasko, Brandy. and Taxman, Faye.

A Case Study of Embeddeding a Researcher within a Criminal Justice Agency
 Frisch, Nicole.

A Cautionary Tale: Identifying At-Risk Youth for Sexual Recidivism
 Kim, KiDeuk.

A Change in Course?: Young Female Offenders and Community-Based Programming
 Ryder, Judith.

A Change in Offenders' Perspectives: Exploring the Impact of a Reentry Program on Views of the Justice System
 Michaud, Andrew. and Johnston, Faith.

A Clinical Examination on Substance Abuse and Homicidal Ideation
 Tsai, Lily Chi-Fang., Ajavon, Amakoe. and Hsia, Victor.

A Collaborative Ethnography of Life After Prison
 Martin, Liam.

A Community-Level Analysis of Opioid Abuse, Diversion and Related Crime
 Kreiner, Peter.

A Comparative Analysis of Injury Severity in Cases of Sexual Assault by Intimate Partners, Acquaintances and Strangers
 Pattavina, April., Williams, Linda. and Morabito, Melissa.

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BJA’s Smart Defense Initiative: Answering Gideon’s Call
 Ball, Kim.

BJS’s Efforts to Understand State Indigent Defense Expenditures
 Kyckelhahn, Tracey.

Back from the Abyss: Glimmers of Hope in the State of Police Research in Canada
 Griffiths, Curt Taylor. and Murphy, Joshua.

Bad for Business? A Multi-level Analysis of the Penal Regime’s Influence on Mortgage Denials
 Trocchio, Sarah.

Bakken Bombs and Train Derailments: A Case Study of the Implications of Expanded oil Transportation
 Milburn, Travis.

Balancing the Responsibilities of Government with the Rights of the Victim
 Turner, Tonya.

Bangin' in the Streets: Low Self-Control, Routine Activities, and Exposure to Violence as Predictors of Gang Involvement
 Gilchrist, Andrew.

Bared from Each Other: Why Normative Husbands Remain Married to Incarcerated Wives
 Einat, Tomer.

Barriers to Justice: Challenges Faced by ESL Clients Seeking Protection Orders
 Willis, Carolyn. and Troshynski, Emily.

Barriers to Victim Services as Perceived by Victims of Crime
 Growette Bostaph, Lisa., King, Laura., Kirkland Gillespie, Lane., Goodson, Amanda. and Lopez, Juan.

Becoming Delinquent Online: Drift and the Digital Domain
 Goldsmith, Andrew., Brewer, Russell., Holt, Thomas. and Williams, Matthew.

Becoming Jihadist in the Internet Era: Individual Vulnerabilities, Situational Exposure and Frame Alignment Mechanisms
 Ducol, Benjamin.

Behind Closed Doors: State Crime, Corruption, And The Macedonian Wire-Tapping Scandal
 Arsovska, Jana.

Behind the Scenes of Body-Worn Cameras: Implementation and Organizational Change in a Police Department
 Koen, Marthinus.

Being a Good Mother: Events Weakening the Maternal Identity of Law-breaking Addicted Women
 Couvrette, Amélie., Brochu, Serge. and Plourde, Chantal.

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Callous Unemotional Traits and Reward Sensitivity in Children: The Role of Social Adversity and PEP Responding Patterns
 Zhang, Wei. and Gao, Yu.

Calls-for-service: The Influence of Time, Type and Space
 Jia, Di.

Cameras and Police Legitimacy: Preliminary Results from an RCT
 Lawrence, Daniel. and Malm, Aili.

Campus Policing Practices And Legitimacy in Different Community Contexts: A Qualitative Analysis of Student Perspectives
 Grugan, Shannon.

Campus Sexual Assault: What We Know and How the Ontario University System Responds
 Veshkini, David.

Campus Violence Against Women - Current Estimates of the Problem
 Rennison, Callie.

Can Courses in Intimate Partner Violence Shape New Attitudes Among Future Criminal Justice Professionals?
 Wagers, Shelly. and Lewis, Caitlyn.

Can Critical Criminological Research be Resistance?
 Naegler, Laura.

Can Hot Spots Policing Reduce Crime in Jurisdictions? An Agent-Based Model Simulation
 Weisburd, David., Braga, Anthony., Groff, Elizabeth. and Wooditch, Alese.

Can Hot Spots of Domestic Violence Reduce Criminalness?
 Dayan, Michal.

Can Jails and Prisons be Healed?
 Innes, Chris.

Can Mafia Homicides Be Predicted? A Spatial Approach
 Dugato, Marco.

Can Police Observational Data be used to Study Police Deviance? Evidence from a Large Scale Observational Study of Police
 Spano, Richard., Kringen, Anne. and Kringen, Jonathan.

Can Reentry-Based Restorative Justice Signal Desistance?
 Franke, Derrick. and Jarjoura, Roger.

Can Structural Theories of Suicide Explain Suicide Attacks?
 Manning, Jason.

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Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t: Marijuana Growers’ Compliance with State Regulations
 Louton, Brooks.

Dangerous Spaces: The Structural Context of Violence against Foreign Nationals in South Africa
 Hiropoulos, Alexandra.

Data Driven Policy Reform in the Criminal Justice System
 Brushett, Rachel.

Data-Driven Culture and Systems Change in Juvenile Justice Agencies
 Adams, Benjamin. and Greenwald, Mark.

Data-driven Decision Making for Evidence-based Delinquency Prevention
 Bradley, Stephanie., Bumbarger, Brian., Cook, Lee Ann., Demi, Mary Ann., Glunt, Kris. and Spaw, Roger.

Dating Violence and Depression: The Moderating Influence of Social Support
 Ford, Jason. and Blumenstein, Lindsey.

Dating Violence: A Global Epidemic Affecting Society
 Coto, Lynnette. and Parra, Michelle.

David Matza: Becoming and Being a Criminologist
 Blomberg, Thomas.

Dealing with Terrorism and Radicalization Before It’s Too Late: The Importance of Face to Face Family Visits in the Fight against Terrorism
 Yayla, Ahmet.

Death Professionals: Becoming a Killer for a Commander
 Maury, Sophie. and Simon, Clémentine.

Deaths Stories: A Qualitative Analysis of Autopsy Narratives
 Neuilly, Melanie-Angela., Benecke, Brooke. and Rudisill, Olivia.

Deaths in Custody: A Comparative Analysis
 Kara, Farzana. and MacAlister, David.

Debunking the One-Size-Fit Model in Corrections: Exploring the Significance of being African American in Counseling Offenders in Corrections
 Truesdale-Moore, Sherrise.

Decentering Power in Research with Criminalized Women: A Case for Photo-Elicitation Interviewing
 Rumpf, Cesraea.

Decision Making for Juvenile Court Cases in Tennessee
 Reed, Wornie. and Shoemaker, Donald.

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Early Childhood Predictors: An Examination of Sibling Impact on Recidivism
 Abderhalden, Frances. and Evans, Sara.

Early Life History Interviews: From Traumatized Boy to Violent Man
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann.

Early Onset of Delinquent Behavior – Developments and Predictive Power
 Boers, Klaus., Reinecke, Jost. and Seddig, Daniel.

Earning by Other Means: An Examination of Kidnapping and Functional Displacement in Antioquia, Colombia
 Dulin, Adam. and Patino, Jairo.

Easy Target: Definitions of Southern as Predictive of Gun Ownership
 Hendrix, Nicole., Logan, Michael., Fenimore, Danielle. and Van Patten, Isaac.

Ebola: A Case Study of Public Dialogue in Two Cities’ Papers Regarding the Intersection of Science, Policy, and Criminalization
 Artello, Kristine. and Greep, Michele.

Echoes Through Time: The Historical Roots of the NYPD’s Post-9/11 Response to Violent Extremism
 Irwin, Kate.

Economic Crime and China’s High Speed Railway: A Case Study of the Wenzhou Disaster
 Pontell, Henry. and Ghazi-Tehrani, Adam.

Educating for Activism and Advocacy: Helping Chronically Ill Inmates
 Kate, Meloney.

Education Behind and Beyond Prison Walls
 Werts, Tyrone.

Education for Justice: Experiences and Prospects for Further Internationalization
 Barberet, Rosemary.

Educational Aspirations, School Connectedness, and Delinquency among Rural Youth
 Rebellon, Cesar.

Effect of Empathy on Death Penalty Support in Relation to the Racial Divide and Gender Gap
 Godcharles, Brian., Cochran, John., Heide, Kathleen. and Solomon, Eldra.

Effect of Prior Prison Sentence on Domestic Violence Recidivism
 Frantzen, Durant. and Ybarra, Roman.

Effecting Real Change in Prisoner Reintegration: A Challenge to Prevailing Assumptions in Research and the Public Sphere
 Bell, Marina.

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Facilitating the Discussion: Teaching Ferguson and the Eric Garner Case Across Social Class, Race and Ethnicity
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre.

Facilitating the Discussion: Teaching Ferguson and the Eric Garner Case in Across Social Class, Race and Ethnicity
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre.

Facilitative Conditions for “Domestic Terrorism”: Extremist Political Violence in the United States, 1980-2012
 Snow, David., Smith, Brent., Tan, Anna. and Fitzpatrick, Kevin.

Facilities, Opportunity, and Crime: An Analysis of Places in Two Urban Neighborhoods
 Blair, Lesli., Wilcox, Pamela. and Eck, John.

Facing Domestic Violence against Women in Brazil: an empirical study on the punitive impact of the Maria da Penha Law
 Montenegro Pessoa de Mello, Marilia. and De Medeiros, Carolina.

Factors Associated with Prisoner Suicide: Using Random Forest Techniques to Understand Suicide Completion in Prisons
 Debus-Sherrill, Sara. and Blasko, Brandy.

Factors Associated with Rape Kit Submission
 Kirkner, Anne.

Factors Influencing Medication Assisted Treatment in Ohio Halfway Houses and Community Based Correctional Facilities
 Sperber, Kimberly. and Manzo, Amber.

Factors Influencing Parole Decisions in a Rural County Jail Setting
 Ely, Katie. and Bowman, Ed.

Factors That Affect Violence Victims’ Use of Services across the Rural/Urban Divide
 Balemba, Samantha. and Hayes, Timothy.

Failed Neutralizations and PTSD
 Kooistra, Paul. and Mahoney, John.

False Narratives: Trajectories of Inter-Racial Gang Conflicts in Los Angeles
 Weide, Robert.

Familial DNA Searching Practices and Perceptions: Results of the National Survey of CODIS Laboratories
 Field, Michael. and Debus-Sherrill, Sara.

Families in Crisis: Parents’ Attempts to Help Drug-Using Daughters
 Lopez, Vera.

Family Detention In The Eyes Of The Media
 Vera Tata, Nestor.

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GPS-EM Sanctions for Serious Sex Offenders: The Application and Outcomes in the USA and Australia
 Martinovic, Marietta.

Gaining Access and Building Rapport: Methodological Issues in Prisoner Re-Entry Research
 Maier, Katharina.

Gambling on Crime : A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship between Pathological Gambling and Crime
 Queloz, Balthazar. and Ouellet, Frédéric.

Gaming for Fun – Researching for Change: Exploring the Use of the Critical Gaming Lab for Social Justice in Virtual Gaming Communities
 Lively, Thomas. and Gray, Kishonna.

Gang Affiliation and Radicalization to Violent Extremism within Somali-American Communities
 Ellis, Heidi. and Abdi, Saida.

Gang Culure
 Kontos, Louis.

Gang Intelligence Databases: Crime Control and Civil Liberties
 Huff, Ronald. and Barrows, Julie.

Gang Involvement in Prostitution in the US
 Davies Robinson, Amelia.

Gang Life: More Than Drugs, Violence, and Crime
 Mitchell, Meghan.

Gang Membership and the Risk-Protection Continuum
 Trujillo, Saundra.

Gang Networks and Gang Desistance Over Time
 Cahill, Meagan., Roman, Caterina. and Saunders, Jessica.

Gangs and Crime: Integrating Predictive Gang Prevention
 Brzenchek, Robert.

Gangs and the Social Media: OGs to Generation X
 Brown, Gregory.

Gangs in the Print Media: Description, Crime, and Intervention
 Hu, Xiaochen., Dittmann, Layne. and Pyrooz, David.

Gangs, Clubs, and Alcohol: The Effect of Organizational Membership on Adolescent Drinking Behavior
 Suh, Chan., Brashears, Matthew. and Genkin, Michael.

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Harm Reduction Policies: Can Listening Circles with Sex Offenders and Survivors Create Policy Change?
 Ackerman, Alissa. and Pittman, Nicole.

Hate Crime Processing: Understanding the Trajectory of Hate Crime through the Criminal Justice System
 Lantz, Brendan., Gladfelter, Andrew. and Ruback, R. Barry.

Hate Crimes Against the Homeless
 Levin, Brian.

Have Black Lives Ever Mattered, if so, to Whom? An Analysis of Police-Community Relations
 Headley, Andrea.

Have the U.S. Global Conservative Policies Aided the Revival of Islamism in the South?
 Ejiogu, Kingsley.

Head Injures and the Association between Self-Control and Aggressive Behavior over the Life Course
 Schwartz, Joseph., Connolly, Eric. and Brauer, Jonathan.

Health Care Needs of the Realignment Population: Estimating Their Mental Health and Drug Treatment Profiles and Eligibility for Medicaid Under Health Care Reform
 Davis, Lois.

Health and Health Care Among the U.S. Incarcerated Populations Key Measures and Recent Findings
 Maruschak, Laura.

Health and Prisoner Reentry: Does Social Support Moderate Changes in Physical Health?
 Fahmy, Chantal.

Hegemony and Lifetime Sexual Victimization: Examining the Intersection of Gender, Physical Disability, and Sexual Minority Status
 Bones, Paul.

Helping Others 2 Win: A Collaboration of Evidenced-Based Practices for Post-Release Female Offenders
 Seabrook, Renita., Kelly, Michelle. and Sherr, Jay.

Helping and Cooperation in Heavy Inter-Group Hostility, Verbal Violence, Alienation and Conflict Conditions: Exposure to Empathy by the Other Party as a Facilitator of Perceived Helping Schema among Jews and Arabs in Academic Settings in Israel
 Yehuda, Limor.

Heroin-assisted Treatment in Switzerland: A Policy Comparison
 Angulski, Kate.

Heterosexism and Homophobia in the Russian Federation: Public Attitudes Towards Sexual Minorities' Civil Rights
 Rausch, Cassandra., Andreescu, Viviana. and Shon, Leah.

Hidden Power: An Analysis of Corporate Environmental Harms using Cultural Criminology
 Ningard, Holly.

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I Know Where you are. Hate Speech and DigiPlace
 Miro-Llinares, Fernando. and Medina-Sarmiento, Jose.

I thought you'd never ask: Perspectives on Probation from the Criminal Justice System and Probationers
 Ruhland, Ebony., Alper, Mariel., Corbett, Ron. and Reitz, Kevin.

IPV Culture in the United States: Is History Repeating?
 Arthurs, Shavonne. and Hanrahan, Kathleen.

ISIS Jihadettes: Examining the Role of Women in ISIS
 VanZant, Scott. and Rege, Aunshul.

ISRD#: First Results on Victimization and Offending
 Kivivuori, Janne., Enzmann, Dirk., Marshall, Ineke., Hough, Mike., Killias, Martin. and Steketee, Majone.

Identified: Disciplining Bodies and Culture in Education
 Brent, John.

Identifying Gender-neutral and Gender-responsive Factors Associated with Women Prisoners' Criminal Lifestyles Before and After Imprisonment
 Proctor, Janice. and Kirsopp, Adam.

Identifying High-Risk Juvenile Offenders: A Validation of Florida's Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAI)
 Early, Kristin., Blankenship, Julia. and Greenwald, Mark.

Identifying Key Factors for Explaining Lone-actor Terrorists' Target Choices
 Cocarascu, Oana., Alrajeh, Dalal. and Gill, Paul.

Identifying Technology and Related Needs to More Effectively Acquire and Utilize Digital Evidence
 Goodison, Sean., Davis, Robert. and Jackson, Brian.

Identifying Unmet Operational Needs of Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border Criminal Justice Agencies
 Matsuda, Mauri., Saunders, Jessica. and Aharoni, Eyal.

Identifying the Context of Intimate Partner Violence Through Text Network Analysis
 Byun, Sung-hun.

Identities, Boundaries, and Accounts of Active versus Institutionalized Women Methamphetamine Users
 Deitzer, Jessica., Webb, Megan. and Copes, Heith.

Identity Theft, Self-Efficacy, and Accounting for Failure: A Qualitative Approach
 Vieraitis, Lynne., Copes, Heith. and Powell, Zachary.

Identity and the Navigation of Place and Space Among Returning Prisoners
 Leverentz, Andrea.

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Jail Administrater's Role to Assist Inmates With Addictions
 Keslar, Marissa.

Jail Staff Can You Hear Us? Voices Of a Cohort of Individuals Addicted to Narcotics
 Sturges, Judith.

Jailing in New York's Decarceral State: Are Jails Replacing Prisons?
 Pragacz, Andrew.

Jails, Sheriffs and Localism: an Emerging Zeitgeist in Criminal Justice Policy?
 Verma, Anjuli.

Janie's Got a Gun:Gendered Predictors of Motivations for Aggression
 Niebuhr, Nicole., Bouffard, Leana., Muftic, Lisa. and Bouffard, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer: An Overlapping Biological, Psychological, and Psychosocial Developmental Timeline Approach to the Study of Serial Homicide
 Petitt, Joseph. and Schug, Robert.

Job Satisfaction: Organizational and Environmental Factors
 Skogan, Wesley.

Job-related Stress: A Qualitative Study of Hong Kong Police Officers
 Li, Jessica C-M.

John Jay’s Experience with Diplomacy Lab: Projects on Women in Criminal Justice and Developing Measures for Law Enforcement Accountability
 Kang, Susan. and Barberet, Rosemary.

Joint Custody: Formerly Incarcerated Mothers and the Negotiation of Caregiver Roles
 Killinger, Danette. and Christian, Johnna.

Judas Kiss: How Never Ratting and Keeping Your Mouth Shut does not Apply to Street Snitches
 Pashea, Joseph.

Judicial Differences in Protective Orders Issuance Rates: An Examination of Court Factors, Case Aspects, and Individual Characteristics
 Bejinariu, Alexa.

Judicial Perceptions of Jury Competency and their Influence on Sentencing Determinations: A Qualitative Study
 Nir, Esther.

Jurisdictional Effects On White-Collar Sentencing In Maryland's Circuit Courts
 Bernstein, Justin.

Justice Deferred? An Analysis Of Recent Corporate Fraud Cases In The U.S.
 Maume, Mike.

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Keeping It 100: Investigating the Emphasis of Sexual Behaviors and Drugs Use in the Billboard Charts
 Cooper, Danielle. and Klein, Jennifer.

Kicked Out of Class, Kicked In a Cell: An Exploratory Analysis of School Discipline and Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)
 Jones, Chenelle. and Greene, Helen.

Kids of Parents In Detention Study (KIDS): Developmental System Change and Child Wellbeing During Parental Imprisonment and Post-Release
 Smallbone, Holly., Dennison, Susan., Occhipinti, Stefano., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Joosen, Katharina.

Killer Whales or Whale Killers? A Routine Activities Analysis Introducing Agency Among Orca Whales During the Capture of Orca Calves
 Walton, Magdalen.

Killing Kids for Terror’s Sake
 Fahey, Susan. and Asal, Victor.

Killing Time: Environmental Crime and the Closure of the Future
 Amster, Randall.

Killing in Combat: The Effect of Adolescent Antisocial Behavior and Adulthood Psychopathic Personality Traits
 Nedelec, Joseph. and Beaver, Kevin.

Knowledge Translation in Policing: A Theoretical Analysis and a Practical Tool
 Litmanovitz, Yael.

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Awareness in Alaska from a statewide survey.
 Lepage, Cory. and Blumenstein, Lindsey.

Korean and American Police Officers' Perceptions of Professional Integrity: A Comparative Analysis
 Andreescu, Viviana., Shon, Leah. and Vito, Gennaro.


LGBQ and SSB Youth’s Experiences with Victimization and Social Isolation: A General Strain Approach
 Button, Deeanna. and Worthen, Meredith.

LGBTIQ Young People in Carceral Settings
 Dwyer, Angela. and Asquith, Nicole.

LGBTQ Individuals’ Experiences With Sexual Aggression in Public Drinking Spaces
 Munn, Dana., Becker, Sarah. and Tinkler, Justine.

Labeled for Life – Sex Offender Policies and Shame
 Oliver, Brian.

Labeling Theory as an Alternative Pathway from Childhood Maltreatment to Criminal Offending
 Estienne, Elizabeth.

Labeling, Perceptions, and Realities: Middle Eastern Criminals?
 Lynton, Eddy., Abdullah, Alatawi. and Alotaibi, Mishal.

Land Use and Neighborhood Robbery: A Spatial Examination across Four cities
 Hipp, John., Wo, James. and Kim, Young-An.

Last Hired, First Fired: Employment Amongst Criminally Involved Young People through the Great Recession
 Miller, Ty. and Vuolo, Michael.

Latino Police Officers’ Support for Broken Windows Policing within a Community Problem-Solving Strategy
 Jenkins, Michael.

Latino Youth Gang Membership: Examining the Effects of Depression, Acculturative Stress, and Zero-Tolerance Policies as Risk Factors
 Coleman, Calvina.

Law Enforcement Accountability in Colombia
 Burke, Jessica.

Law Enforcement Intervention and Violent-Retaliatory Disputes
 Klofas, John. and Altheimer, Irshad.

Law Enforcement Interventions and the Structure of Terrorist Network Regeneration
 Ouellet, Marie. and Bouchard, Martin.

Law Enforcement Officer Stress and Coping: The Impact of Relationship Satisfaction
 Bonner, Heidi., Tyndall, Lisa., Jones, Mark. and Brimhall, Andy.

Law Enforcement Perceptions and Chicago’s Violence Reduction Strategy
 Fontaine, Jocelyn., Lawrence, Daniel. and Jannetta, Jesse.

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MIXEDconceptions: Mixed-Race College Students and Interpersonal Violence
 Thompson, Joanna.

Mainstream Media’s Portrayal of Women and Prisoner Reentry
 Wiegand, Ashley.

Mainstreaming Experiential Learning Activities on Prisoners Abuses in Graduate Curriculum: An experience from the Network for Peace and Conflict Studies Centers in Northern Nigeria
 Ogbozor, Ernest.

Maintaining Dignity and Ethical Practice by Improving the Quality and Education of Attorneys in Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Civil Commitment Cases
 Cucolo, Heather.

Major Jack J. Wells: A Case Study of How Personal Factors Can Facilitate Whistleblowing
 Wells, James.

Majority and Minority Perceptions of Racial Profiling
 Gerlomes, Jennifer.

Making Hidden Biases Visible: The Color-Blind Racial Attitudes Scale as a Teaching Tool
 Koski, Connie.

Making Policing Political: Civilian Oversight and Legislative Capacity in Spokane
 Hendrickson, Kimberly.

Making Use of the SPEP: Implementation Requirements, Challenges, and Implications at the Program Level.
 Hussemann, Jeanette. and Liberman, Akiva.

Making the Case for Place: A Study of Urbanization's Relevance in Social Capital-Crime Correlations in U.K. Communities
 Smith, Shawn.

Making the [Judicial] Grade: Patterns of Procedural Justice in Civil Protection Order Hearings
 Lucken, Karol. and Rosky, Jeffrey.

Male Incarceration
 Sevilla, Elvis.

Male Rape Myth Adherence: A Survey of U.S. Adults
 Walfield, Scott.

Male and Female Single-Victim Sexual Homicide Offenders: Examining the Types of Murder Weapon Used in Killing Their Victim
 Chan, Heng Choon (Oliver)., Heide, Kathleen. and Beauregard, Eric.

Managerial Pressure and Crime Report Manipulation
 Eterno, John.

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NIJ’s Du Bois Fellowship and You: Tips to Submitting Strong Applications!
 Frederique, Nadine.

Narrative Accounts of Self-Blame: Reactions to Interpersonal Violence Trauma
 Bonnan-White, Jess., Welch, Bridget. and Hetzel-Riggin, Melanie.

Narratives of Court Experiences from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer-Identified Citizens
 Forbes, Alexis.

National Estimates of Specific Crime Rates from NIBRS Data
 Roberts, John. and Roberts, Aki.

National Police Force’s Dilemma: The Greek Police Experience
 Petropoulos, Nick.

National Policies on School Safety
 Esquith, David.

National Survey of Men’s Perceptions of Youth Mentoring
 Hawkins Anderson, Stephanie., Trudeau, James. and Williams, Jason.

National Survey of State Police Crowd Control Training
 Jensen, Carl., Wigginton, Michael., Mallory, Stephen., McElreath, David. and Doss, Daniel.

National and State Trends in Juvenile Residential Placement
 Puzzanchera, Charles., Adams, Benjamin. and Sickmund, Melissa.

Nation Building and Nation Crushing: The Role of the State in the Institutionalization of Chicago’s Black Street Gangs
 Papachristos, Andrew.

Native American Women, Sexual Assault, and IPV: A Case Study of Current Policies.
 Cummings, Sarah.

Native Americans’ Attitudes Towards the Actions of Law Enforcement
 Redner-Vera, Erica. and Wallace, Danielle.

Need for Policy-relevant Research and Program Evaluations
 Binford, Robin. and Kim, KiDeuk.

Need or Greed? The Role of Motivational Attributions on White-Collar Crime Sentencing
 Dilks, Lisa., McGrimmon, Tucker. and Schmidt, Marshall.

Needs Assessment of Victim Services in Massachusetts: Are They Doing Enough?
 Feeley, Lisa., Lowry, Samantha., Reid, Lenna. and Johnson, Melanie.

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OJJDP’s Action Research - Translating Research to Practice
 Tyson, Jennifer. and Adams, Benjamin.

OJJDP’s New Ideas and Strategies for Supporting State Juvenile indigent Defense Reform
 Dennis, Nicole. and Grasso, Kathi.

Occupational Hazards: The Realities of Child Protection Workers
 Pare Cardinal, Maude., Geoffrion, Steve. and Ouellet, Frédéric.

Offender Decision-Making and Displacement: The Influence of Drugs and Alcohol
 Smith, Barbara. and Rossmo, Kim.

Offender Decision-Making and Spatial Displacement
 Rossmo, Kim. and Summers, Lucia.

Offender Programming in Pennsylvania’s Board of Probation & Parole: An Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs
 Nalaschi, Bianca. and Antonio, Michael.

Offenders Offend in Hot Spots But They Grow Up In Neighborhoods
 Sullivan, Mercer.

Offenders, Guardians, and Targets, Oh My! Estimates of Their Presence and the Consequences for Crime at Various Times of Day
 Hipp, John.

Offenders' Assessments of the Robbery Potential of Everyday Streetscapes
 Eidson, Jillian.

Offenders' Use of Techniques of Neutralization to Account for Violent Behavior
 Huberman, Stephanie. and Vieraitis, Lynne.

Offense Planning in Burglary: A Comparison of Deliberate Burglars and Impulsive Burglars
 Sanders, Amber. and Kuhns, Joseph.

Officer Practices and Perceptions Explain Variation in Probationer Supervision Outcomes: A Multi-level Examination of Practices Across Five Agencies
 Toronjo, Heather., Blasko, Brandy., Duhaime, Lauren. and Taxman, Faye.

Officers and Supervisors’ Perceptions of Being Directed to Hot Spot Locations using CAD
 Renauer, Brian., Labissiere, Yves., Peterson, Christian., Sothern, Sean., Stewart, Greg., Henning, Kris., Mitchell, Renee. and Kahn, Kimberly.

Oh, the Horror: An Empirical Assessment of Cinematic Weaponry and Violent Crime
 Lin, Arizona Wan-Chun. and Hawkins, Paul.

On Frontloading and Backfiring: The Effects of Frontloading Rehabilitative Services to Parolees
 Ostermann, Michael. and Hyatt, Jordan.

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PHDCN Revisited: People and Place in Long-Term Perspective
 Sampson, Robert.

POV Concentration Comparison
 Eck, John., O, SooHyun., Martinez, Natalie. and Lee, YongJei.

Parental Control and its Influence on Juvenile Delinquency in Switzerland, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. Results of ISRD-3
 Lukash, Anastasiia. and Killias, Martin.

Parental Criminality and Offspring Stalking Perpetration
 Woeckener, Matthias., Boisvert, Danielle., Armstrong, Todd. and Wells, Jessica.

Parental Depression and the Moderating Effects of Peer Networks on Adolescent Behavior
 Woessner, Mathew., Siennick, Sonja. and Feinberg, Mark.

Parental Incarceration and the Development of a Deviant Identity
 Finkeldey, Jessica.

Parental Involvement of Incarcerated Fathers and Recidivism Outcomes
 Noel, Melissa.

Parental Solicitations of the Juvenile System: Deconstructing Informal Social Norms on Deviant Juvenile Behavior
 Van Praet, Sarah.

Parenthood Residency Status and Criminal Desistance across Neighborhood Contexts
 Ziegler, Jessica., Kuhl, Danielle., Swisher, Raymond. and Chavez, Jorge.

Parenting Influences on Bullying and Victimization among Juveniles in South Korea
 Chung, Jeeyoung.

Parenting Style and Delinquency by Race and the Mediating Effect of Structural Disadvantage
 Mowen, Thomas. and Schroeder, Ryan.

Parenting and Delinquency: The Mediating Mechanisms of Self-control and Deviant Peers
 James, Nerissa.

Parents and Partners: Moderating and Mediating Influences on IPV across Adolescence and Young Adulthood
 Kaufman, Angela., DeMaris, Alfred., Giordano, Peggy., Manning, Wendy. and Longmore, Monica.

Parole Revocation and Racial Disproportionality in Imprisonment
 Curry, Caitlin. and Engen, Rodney.

Participatory Action Research: Identifying and Addressing Sexual Violence in St. Lucia
 Hayes, Rebecca., Dathorne, Souyenne., Lawrence, Velika. and DeJong, Christina.

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Qualitative Analysis of Incestuous Cases in Families: Sanliurfa (Turkey) Case Study
 Tasgin, Serkan.

Qualitative Research as a Tool for Social Justice: Understanding the Needs of Multisystem Youth
 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth. and Lopez, Mary Helen.

Qualitative Study of Officer Experiences and Perceptions with a Directed-Patrols Intervention to Reduce Crime and Build Public Trust and Legitimacy in Portland Oregon
 Labissiere, Yves., Mitchell, Renee., Henning, Kris., Peterson, Christian., Renauer, Brian., Stewart, Greg., Sothern, Sean. and Kahn, Kimberly.

Quantifying Life in the Gang: Methodological Challenges of Coding Gang Ethnographies
 Petersen, Amanda., Scott, Daniel. and Gravel, Jason.

Queering Policing
 Dwyer, Angela.


RAT and Repeat Victimization: Gender and Sexuality Differences
 Nazaretian, Zavin.

RNR in a Unified System: Implementing RNR Inside and Outside “The Walls” in Delaware
 O\'Connell, Daniel.

RTM (Risk Terrain Modeling) and Terrorism: An Analysis of Spatial Correlates of Terrorism in Istanbul
 Onat, Ismail.

Race Differences in the Measurement Invariance and Factors that Influence Structured Judgments of Risk Using the SAVRY
 Childs, Kristina.

Race and Crime: Public Perception of Appropriate Punishment
 Levchak, Philip. and Levchak, Charisse.

Race and Gender: The Effects on Incarceration by Trial Type (Jury, Judge, or Plea Bargain)
 Stewart-Oliver, Jasmine.

Race and Probation in a Midwestern State
 Makashova, Dzhamilia. and Steinmetz, Kevin.

Race and Restorative Policing: A 13 to 18-year Followup of Criminal Histories by Race of Random Assignment to Court vs. Restorative Policing.
 Sherman, Lawrence., Strang, Heather. and Slothower, Molly.

Race, Class, Gender, Crime, and Baltimore: Critical Criminological Intersectionality in Serial
 Vysotsky, Stanislav.

Race, Place, and Reason: A Spatial Analysis of Behavioral and Non-Behavioral Motives for Pedestrian Stops
 Lautenschlager, Rachel.

Race, Policing, and the Life-Course: A Ten-Year Followup, by Race, of Interviews of Offenders in Restorative Policing Experiments
 Strang, Heather. and Sherman, Lawrence.

Race, Social Control, and Colonial Criminology
 Williams, Jason. and Wilson, Sean.

Race, Threat, and Interracial Contact: An Examination of Exclusionary School Punishment
 Hughes, Cresean., Warren, Patricia., Stewart, Eric. and Bailey, Caroline.

Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Gangs
 Joseph, Janice.

Racial Discrimination and Pathways to Delinquency: Testing a Theory of African American Offending
 Unnever, James., Barnes, J.C.. and Cullen, Francis.

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S-Porous Borders: Media Content Analysis of ISIS/Ebola
 Abbott, Katherine. and Freis-Beattie, Reinmar.

SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) and Future Criminal Outcome: A Case for Intervention During the Middle Years
 Augimeri, Leena., Walsh, Margaret. and Donato, Adam.

SNAP® Youth Justice: Preliminary Evaluation Results of an Evidence-Based Strategy Adapted for Justice Involved Youth (Technology)
 Walsh, Margaret., Augimeri, Leena. and Woods, Sarah.

SORNA Tier Classification: Evaluating the Impact of Prosecutorial Charging Decisions
 Ticknor, Bobbie.

SPEP Implementation Requirements, Challenges, and Implications at the System Level
 Liberman, Akiva., Hussemann, Jeanette. and Roman, John.

Safer Streets for Whom?: Understanding the Segmented Role of Gentrification in the Expansion of Stop and Frisk
 Rees, Chris.

Salient Criminological Events and Racialized Perceptions of Injustice
 Wright, Valerie. and Unah, Isaac.

Same Question, Different Answers: Understanding Victim and Third-Party Decisions to Report Violent Crime to the Police
 Galvin, Miranda. and Safer-Lichtenstein, Aaron.

Same-Sex Intimate Partner Homicide Cases Reported to NIBRS from 2000-2012
 Cudmore, Rebecca. and Siller, Laura.

Satisfied and Committed Prison Officers? An Exploration of Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment Among Prison Officers in Ghana
 Akoensi, Thomas.

Saving Rhinos, Tigers, and Elephants: Analysis of Legislative Policies and the Definitions Used by Multiple Nations
 Dempsey, Tamara.

Scholarly Misconduct: Focusing on Risk Factors
 Davis, Mark.

School Administrators’ Perceptions of the Roles and Functions of School Resource Officers
 Lynch, Caitlin. and Chappell, Allison.

School Principals' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of School Safety Strategies
 Coon, Julie. and Dillon, Nicholas.

School Shootings: Are Schools Getting Safe?
 Lee, Seungmug. and Lee, Daiwon.

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Take This Job and Shove it: The Relationship Between Employment Quality and Crime
 Eassey, John., Krohn, Marvin. and Gibson, Chris.

Taken at Face Value: Assessing Inter-Judge Variation in Offender Facial Appearance Effects on Criminal Sentencing
 Richardson, Rebecca. and Johnson, Brian.

Taking Control: How Older Inmates Navigate Chronic Disease and Demonstrate Self Efficacy
 Novisky, Meghan.

Taking Neighborhoods Seriously: Moving Beyond Block Groups and Census Tracks in the Study of Crime Over time
 Gainey, Randy., Triplett, Ruth., White, Garland. and Lopez, Jonathan.

Tales from the Bush: Utilizing Ethnographic Methods to Study Law Enforcement Rangers in Uganda
 Moreto, Will.

Talia’s Domestic Violence Diversion Act
 Johnson, Natalie., Miller, Heather. and Miller, Denise.

Talking Blades, Mamba, Mobiles and Pad Debts: An Ethnographic Study of the New Dynamics of Prison Violence and Bullying
 Gooch, Kate. and Treadwell, James.

Talking to a Shadow: Exploring the Lives and Experiences of Honor Killing “escapees”
 Hakim, Nayab.

Taming a Pink Elephant? Emotions and Criminal Sanctions in Cross-Cultural Perspective
 Kury, Helmut. and Kuhlmann, Annette.

Tampa Electric Company's Big Bend Utility Plant: A Case Study
 Hodalski-Champagne, Lynne.

Targeting the Risks and Needs of Serious-Violent and Mentally Disordered Young Offenders Through Community-Based Programming – Identified Successes and Continued Challenges
 Peters, Adrienne., Corrado, Raymond., Turner, Caitlin., Quinlan, Steve. and Agg, Tim.

Tax-Free!: The Link Between the California State Prison and the Legend of the Maravilla Gangs of East Los Angeles.
 Contreras, Randol.

Teaching Abolition as Resistance and as Practice
 Delisle, Claire.

Teaching Domestic Violence: The Academic, The Professional, and the Personal
 Jensen, Vickie. and Lee, Vivian.

Teaching Penal Abolition in Prison
 Bryant, Angela.

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U.S. Servicewomen’s Strategies for Inclusion in the Military Family: Invoking Masculinity and Downplaying Sexual Harassment
 Bonnes, Stephanie.

Unconstitutional Sex Offender Registration & Notification Policies: Characteristics of Responsive & Non-Responsive States
 Comartin, Erin.

Uncovering Child Trafficking in the Fishing Industry on Lake Volta, Ghana
 Singleton, Kirsten., Stricker, Julie., Parks, Andee. and Baum, Katrina.

Uncovering More About the Racial Salience Bias in Videotaped Interrogations
 Pate, Margaret. and Hurley, Jennifer.

Uncovering the Hidden Relationship Between the Economy and Crime: The Role of the Shadow Economy
 Rocque, Michael. and Saunoris, James.

Under the Radar: Policing Non-Violent Abuse and Coercive Control
 Pinchevsky, Gillian., Robinson, Amanda. and Guthrie, Jennifer.

Underreporting of Justifiable Homicides Committed by Police Officers in the United States, 1976-2012
 Loftin, Colin., McDowall, David. and Xie, Min.

Understanding Adolescent Alcohol Use through an Intergenerational Perspective
 Schnellinger, Rusty. and Bergin, Tiffany.

Understanding Attitudes Toward Organized Crime in Sicily: The Role of Public Space and Communication
 Slater, Kelly.

Understanding Binge Drinking in Minority Adolescents: Moderating Effects of Ethnicity and Self Esteem
 Chawla, Manju. and Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.

Understanding Crime Settings to Reduce Alcohol-Related Street Fights
 Perez-Trujillo, Monica., Reyes, María Fernanda., Cabrera, Leidy. and Perez-Gómez, Augusto.

Understanding Disparities in Protection Order Outcomes
 Murray, Rebecca. and Krebs, Molly.

Understanding How Reentering Prisoners’ Plans to Change are Impacted by the Framing of Challenges
 Campbell, Audris. and Leverentz, Andrea.

Understanding How and Why 'War on Drugs' Policies Affect Incarcerated Women of Color
 Bannister, Sarah.

Understanding Necessity and Contingency in the Crime Commission Process of Food Frauds
 Lord, Nicholas.

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Validating a Latent Behavioral Continuum of Interpersonal Violence Among Male and Female College Students
 Menard, Kim. and Pincus, Aaron.

Validating the Offender Employment Retention Inventory (ERI) to Predict Offender Job Retention
 Yahner, Jennifer., Taylor, P. Elizabeth., Paddock, Ellen. and Buck Willison, Janeen.

Values, Ethics, and Cultural Norms in an Era of Generational Shift: Is it Time for a New Paradigm?
 Johnson, Deborah.

Variability in the Implementation of State-Wide Sex Offender Registration Law across Urban Environments
 Hurley, Brett., Hyter, Carin. and Sample, Lisa.

Variation in Fear of Criminal Victimization Among Arab Americans in Flint, Michigan
 Jackson, Kenneth.

Variation in Services Received While on Community Supervision
 Carlton, Mary., Coggeshall, Mark. and Ganier, Carroll.

Variations in Identity Crime Offending: Have the Characteristics of Identity Crimes Changed Over Time?
 Rebovich, Donald. and Choo, Kyungseok.

Variations in the Characteristics of Sexual Violence Victimization among LGBT
 Guadalupe-Diaz, Xavier.

Variations in the Decline in Auto-Related Theft in British Columbia
 Farrell, Graham. and Hodgkinson, Tarah.

Varieties of Police Early Intervention: The Structure of Contemporary EI Systems
 Paoline, Eugene., Worden, Robert., McLean, Sarah. and Krupa, Julie.

Various Mechanisms Across Various Contexts: A Multilevel Analysis of the Immigrant Revitalization Thesis
 Campbell, Walter.

Vehicles as Weapons: An Comparison of Homicides, Suicides, and Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles
 Schiffner, Arianna. and Neuilly, Melanie-Angela.

Verbal Intelligence, Attitudinal Coherence, and Support for the Death Penalty
 Roche, Sean. and Pickett, Justin.

Vertical Inconsistency of International Sentencing - A Case Study of Rwanda
 Hola, Barbora.

Very Early Drinking: Survival Models Predicting Alcohol Use Initiation from Age 4 to 11 years by Early Childhood Conduct Problems and Parent Characteristics
 Staff, Jeremy. and Maggs, Jennifer.

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Warding off Violence: Women's Self-Defense Strategies as Enactments of Personal Safety and Empowerment
 Halkovic, Alexis.

Warning Signs of Military Workplace Violence: The Role of Rank in Reporting Threatening Behaviors
 Low, Elizabeth., Scalora, Mario. and Bulling, Denise.

Was It Justified? Applying Attribution Theory to Corporate Violence
 Michel, Cedric.

Was it Worth it?: An Examination of Adding Investigator Interviews to Case File Data in Homicide Clearance Research
 Hawk, Shila. and Dabney, Dean.

Wavering on Punishment of White-Collar Crime: The SEC’s Use of Waivers
 Will, Susan.

Wearable Sensors for Measuring Firearm Utilization: Preliminary Results from a Field Sample
 Loeffler, Charles.

Weighing Words: The Impact of Letters of Support on Parole Board Decisions in a Midwestern State
 Hail-Jares, Katie.

Weight, Perceptions, and Bullying: What Kind of Pounds Matter?
 Schell-Busey, Natalie., Kahle, Lindsay. and Connell, Nadine.

Weighted Caseload Study Methods: The Texas Experience
 Bethke, James., Carmichael, Dottie., Marchbanks, Miner., Lefstein, Norman. and Hanlon, Steve.

Weighted Caseload for Indigent Defense
 Lee, Cynthia., Ostrom, Brian. and Kleiman, Matt.

Welfare and Crime: An Examination of State-Level Policy Choices on City-Level Crime Rates
 Wittrock, Stacy. and Heimer, Karen.

What About Girls?: Investigating the Impact of the Peer Group on the Frequency of Aggressive and Delinquent Behaviour in Female Youth
 Tremblay, Monique. and Day, David.

What Are the Police Doing on Facebook?: Police Social Networking as Digital Community-Oriented Policing
 Aiello, Michael. and Lawton, Brian.

What Can Men Learn From Women About Strain, Crime and Coping? An Application of Broidy and Agnew’s Gendered Strain Theory to a Sample of Formerly Incarcerated People
 Michalsen, Venezia.

What Can TBL Do for You and Your Students?
 Stamatel, Janet.

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: a Multitemporal Estimate of the Cocaine Trade
 Aziani, Alberto.

You Are Fierce Mama: Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted Women Navigating the Terrain of Motherhood
 Gamez, Grace.

You Can Lead Offenders to Treatment, but You Can’t Make Them Abstain
 Lerch, Jennifer., Taxman, Faye. and Walters, Scott.

You Don’t Deserve to Be Here: Terrorism, Citizenship and Civil Death in Western Liberal Democracies
 Rubin, Gabriel. and Salvatore, Christopher.

You Have the Research, Now What? Non-Traditional Ways of Utilizing Research Results!
 Cooper, Caroline. and Menon, Preeti.

YouTube and Gangs: A Case Study of Viewers Perceptions and Reactions to Underground Battle Rap Videos
 Johnson, Joseph. and Burgeson, Joseph.

You're in a Room Full of Addicts!: Prisoner Reentry and the “Making Up” of the Ex-offender
 Miller, Reuben.

Young Adult Community Conferencing: A Restorative Approach
 Leitz, Alicia. and O\'Neill, Brian.

Young Offenders in Criminogenic Contexts: The Importance of Peers’ Characteristics
 Parent, Geneviève., Guay, Jean-Pierre. and Pineau-Villeneuve, Catherine.

Young People: Risks, Rights and Justice
 Carr, Nicola.

Young People's Differential Vulnerability to Criminogenic Exposure
 Wikstrom, Per-Olof., Mann, Richard. and Hardie, Beth.

Your Life Is Not Your Own: A Study Of Facebook And Social Engineering
 Cawley, William., Davidson, Robert. and Bennett, Andrew.

Youth Assault Against Correctional Staff
 Rembert, David. and Threadcraft, Whitney.

Youth Bullying: From Traditional Bullying to Cyberbullying, and the Role of Gender
 Sizemore, Erica. and Prior, Nicole.

Youth Employment's Effects on Educational Outcomes and Juvenile Delinquency
 Cundiff, Kelsey.

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Zero Tolerance in American Schools: A Critical Reappraisal of Neoliberalism’s Theoretical Foundations and Epistemological Assumptions
 Sellers, Brian. and Arrigo, Bruce.
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