American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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100,000 Years Nuclear Waste Deep Underground Repository: Can We Keep it Safely without Troubles and Accidents for Such a Long Time?
 Takemura, Noriyoshi.


A Backlash against the West? Assessing the Relationship between the Collective Strain of Globalization and International Terrorism
 Godwin, Kelly., Membrez-Weiler, Nicholas. and Lutz, Jennifer.

A Bird’s Eye View of Civilians Killed by Police in 2015: Further Evidence of Shooter Bias
 Nix, Justin., Campbell, Bradley., Byers, Edward. and Alpert, Geoffrey.

A Black Criminology Matters
 Unnever, James. and Owusu-Bempah, Akwasi.

A Brief Overview of Fine Art Theft in the United States
 Burmon, Kate Melody.

A Call for Action: Examining How Residents Mobilize to Effectively Combat Crime
 Wo, James.

A Call to Arms? Faculty and Staff Perceptions of on Campus Victimization
 Darno, Darla.

A Canadian Typology of Arsons
 Collin-Santerre, Justine. and Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine.

A Case Study of Forced Marriage: North Korean Migrants in China
 Park, Hyoungah.

A Case Study on the Heartless Felons Prosecution in Cleveland, Ohio
 Julian, Linda.

A Changed Man or a Smarter Criminal: Offender Perspectives on Sentencing
 Barkase, Kayla.

A Climate for Hate? An Exploration of the Right-Wing Extremist Landscape in Canada
 Perry, Barbara. and Scrivens, Ryan.

A Closer Look at Domestic Disturbances that Resulted in Fatal Shootings by Police in 2015
 Pinchevsky, Gillian. and Nix, Justin.

A Closer Look at Restrictive Housing Reforms and Operational Changes in Ohio
 Kowalski, Brian.

A Collective Effort to Reduce Violence and Incarceration in New Orleans
 West, Charles.

A Comparative Analysis of Wrongful Convictions in the United States and Canada
 Cunningham, Shannon.

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BJS Research on Recidivism
 Markman, Joshua.

BJS's Current and Future Recidivism Initiatives and Research Agenda
 Tsoutis, Anastasios.

Back to the Yards: Revisiting the ASC 1988 "Criminological Tour of Chicago"
 Harada, Yutaka.

Back-End Sentencing: An Exploratory Study of Predictors of Parole Revocation
 Ostermann, Michael. and Hyatt, Jordan.

Background Checks for Firearm Transfers: the Legal Landscape
 Frandsen, Ronald., Karberg, Jennifer. and Mueller, David.

Bad Cops and True Detectives: The Horror of Police and the Unthinkable World
 Linnemann, Travis.

Bad Milk Powder Drives Out Good
 Soudijn, Melvin.

 Sutton, Paul.

Bail as a Proxy for Dangerousness? An Exploration of Bail as Applied to Sex Offenders
 Bruell, Christopher. and Pfeffer, Rebecca.

Bail, Pretrial Detention, and Case Dismissal: Punishment Without Conviction?
 Vilcica, E. Rely.

Baking Bittersweet: Mothers’ Dessert-Making Behind Bars
 Stearns, Ami.

Bakken Oil and Intimate Partner Violence: Findings Related to the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation
 Heitkamp, Thomasine., Baker-Demaray, Twyla. and Legerski, Liz.

Balanced Justice and Support for Problem-Solving Courts
 Atkin-Plunk, Cassandra. and Sloas, Lincoln.

Balancing Criminal Records with Evidence of Rehabilitation in Licensing Decisions
 Denver, Megan.

Balancing Public Safety & Justice: Pretrial Detention and risk of Custodial Sentencing among Defendants ages 16 to 24
 Rempel, Michael., Kerodal, Ashmini. and Spadafore, Joseph.

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CATCH Court: Changing Actions to Change Habits—A Preliminary Evaluation Study
 Miner-Romanoff, Karen.

CCTV, Systematic Social Observation, and Understanding Drug Markets: Prospects and Challenges for Research
 Piza, Eric. and Sytsma, Victoria.

CJA’s Release Recommendation System: Recommending Defendants for Pretrial Release in New York City
 Healy, Eoin.

CO’s Versus Administrators: Who is More Cynical?
 Warner, Jessica J.. and Latessa, Edward.

CPS Sucks, but… I’m better off in the System: On Overlooked Systems of State Control
 Moule, Jr., Richard. and Cesar, Gabriel.

Calling the Campus Police: Extending the Procedural Justice Model to Campus Authorities
 Aiello, Michael.

Callous-Unemotional Traits Mediate the Association Between Violence Exposure and Aggressive Offending
 Docherty, Meagan. and Boxer, Paul.

Callous-Unemotional Traits, Interpersonal Victimization, and Recidivism among Justice-Involved Youth
 Kerig, Patricia., Chaplo, Shannon. and Modrowski, Crosby.

Camera-friendly Policing: How the Police Respond to Cameras and Photographers
 Sandhu, Ajay.

Campus Carry and Academic Freedom: A Qualitative Look at Guns in the Classroom
 Benz, Terressa.

Campus Climate Survey Validation Study (CCSVS): Measurement and Validity
 Krebs, Chris., Lindquist, Christine., Langton, Lynn., Planty, Michael., Stroop, Jessica., Berzofsky, Marcus. and Shook-Sa, Bonnie.

Campus Police Perspective on Primary Campus Threats and Officer Preparation
 Cathcart, Katy.

Campus Sexual Assault and the Changing Role of Victim Advocates
 Brubaker, Sarah Jane.

Campus Sexual Assault: An Analysis of Current Canadian University Policies
 Lee, Chelsey. and Wong, Jennifer.

Can Anti-Conflict Prison Programs Reduce Violence Behavior?
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann. and Hartsfield, Jennifer.

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Daily Shifts in Assault Patterns in Chicago
 Lentz, Theodore. and Felson, Marcus.

Dancing Around the World for Social Justice
 Frigon, Sylvie.

Dancing in a Maximum Security Prison
 Young, Jacqueline.

Dancing with Molly: A Comparative Content Analysis of Club Drug Use, EDM Festivals, and Harm Reduction
 Hoffner, Rebecca.

Dancing with the Blue Devil: Citizen Accounts of Seeking Relief from Industry for Energy Crime in Colorado
 Shelley, Tara. and Opsal, Tara.

Dangerous Deals: A Theoretical Approach to Criminogenic Policies
 Patten, Daniel.

Dangerous Minds: An Examination of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Violent Behavior
 Crews, Gordon., Stanko, Stephen., Crews, Garrison. and Green, Sara.

Dangerous Places: Examining the Spatial Distribution and Stability of Sexual Crime Over Time
 Hewitt, Ashley., Beauregard, Eric., Andresen, Martin. and Brantingham, Patricia.

Dark Networks and the Catholic Church
 Death, Jodi. and Muytjens, Sally.

Data Collection Challenges: Databases and the Unit of Analysis
 Lovell, Rachel., Butcher, Fredrick. and Flannery, Daniel.

Dating Violence Victimization and Substance Use: An Examination using General Strain Theory
 Yohros, Alexis., Pomykacz, Corey. and Ford, Jason.

Daughters of Christ in the D.O.C.: How Religion Matters for Incarcerated Women
 Ellis, Rachel.

Daylight and Criminal Behavior
 Domínguez Rivera, Patricio. and Asahi, Kenzo.

Dazed and Confused: A Qualitative Analysis of Substance Abuse Patterns Among a Sample of Male and Female Jail Inmates
 Worley, Robert. and Zendejas, Miroslava.

De-Escalation Techniques in Potentially Violent Police-Citizen Encounters: A Field Study of Expert Police Officers
 Todak, Natalie.

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E-racing Migrant Life: Examining the Implications of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Politics on a Global Scale
 Fernandez, Luis. and McDowell, Meghan.

END iT: Expert Novice Differences in Terrorism
 Morrison, John.

Earlier Theft and Violence as Predictors of Concurrent Alcohol and Marijuana Use in Adulthood
 White, Helene., Bechtold, Jordan. and Pardini, Dustin.

Early Childhood Predictors of Life-Course-Persistent, Adolescence-Limited, and Late-Onset Offenders in the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development
 Farrington, David., Jolliffe, Darrick., Ttofi, Maria. and Piquero, Alex.

Eating Their Own: Police Responses to Excessive Use of Force
 Hanink, Peter., Ward, Geoff. and Verma, Anjuli.

Economic Exploitation By the Criminal Justice/Abusive Debt Collection System #poorlivesmatter
 Leighton, Paul.

Economic Nomads, Transnational Citizens, and Unwelcome Vagabonds: A Theoretical Deconstruction of the Illegal Immigration Debate
 Sellers, Brian. and Arrigo, Bruce.

Economies of Excess
 Hallsworth, Simon.

Ecumenism, Interfaith Cooperation, and Inmate Ministry: Religious Pluralism at Louisiana State Penitentiary
 Hays, Joshua.

Education and Desistance: Connecting Life-course Transitions with Desistance from Offending behavior through Higher Education
 Gonzalez, Kevin.

Edwin H. Sutherland and Crimes of the Powerful: A Consideration of His Legacy
 Friedrichs, David.

Effect Of Empathy On Death Penalty Support In Relation To The Racial Divide And Gender Gap
 Rad, Jordyn., Hubbell, James., Godcharles, Brian., Heide, Kathleen., Cochran, John. and Solomon, Eldra.

Effect of Portland’s Directed Patrol Intervention on Community Attitudes Toward the Police
 Kahn, Kimberly., Stewart, Greg., Renauer, Brian., Labissiere, Yves., Sothern, Sean., Mitchell, Renee., Peterson, Christian. and Henning, Kris.

Effective Assistance of Counsel for Forensic Defendants: Calling in Backup
 Lynch, Alison.

Effective Crime Prevention and Enforcement Programs in Cities
 Marshall, Ineke.

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FOCUS on Women: Probation and Women’s Initiative Supporting Health Partnership Improves Legal and Medical Outcomes
 Morse, Diane. and Cerulli, Catherine.

Faceless Rage: An Examination of Incivility on Facebook News Pages
 Clark, Nicholas., Clark, Rachel., Hutchison, Courtney., Mitchell, Madeleine., Name, Edward., Snowden, Alexa. and Glosser, Angela.

Facilitating Transition Back to the Community: An Analysis of the Post-release Context for Inmates with Substance Use Problems Leaving Prison
 Hamilton, Leah. and Belenko, Steven.

Facing and Overcoming Addiction: The Plight of Formerly Incarcerated Mothers Across Racial-Ethnic Groups
 Garcia-Hallett, Janet.

Factor Analysis of Deviance, Substance Use, and Risky Behaviors: A test of the “Generality” Hypothesis
 Javakhishvili, Magda., Vazsonyi, Alexander., Phagava, Helen., Phagava, Karaman. and Michaud, Pierre-Andre.

Factors Affecting Blame Attribution for Rape in Ghana: An Examination of Rape Type, Participant Gender, Empathy, and Perceived Similarity
 Diamond-Welch, Bridget. and Amos-Clement, Jerry.

Factors Associated with Repeated Contact between Police and Emotionally Disturbed Persons
 Vaughan, Adam., Verdun-Jones, Simon., Andresen, Martin. and Davies, Garth.

Factors Associated with Two-Year Recidivism Rates among Participants in a Drug Court Program
 Shannon, Lisa., Jones, Afton., Newell, Jennifer. and Perkins, Elizabeth.

Factors Impacting Job Satisfaction Among Police Personnel in India: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis
 Vinod Kumar, T.K..

Factors Influencing Reporting of Cyberbullying Incidents among Adolescents: Evidence from South Korea
 Seo, Hwawon.

Factors Influencing Successful Parole Completion in a Rural County Setting
 Bowman, Ed. and Ely, Katie.

Factors Reducing Recidivism in Paroled Stimulant Drug Offenders
 Hazama, Kyoko., Katsuta, Satoshi. and Nishi, Keiko.

Factors Related to the Physical and Mental Health of Inmates: An Exploratory Analysis
 Fahmy, Chantal.

Factors associated with extortion compliance in Mexico: Who pays and why?
 Estevez Soto, Patricio.

Faculty Attitudes toward Consensual Sexual Relationships between Students and Faculty
 Henderson, Brandy., Crittenden, Courtney. and Garland, Tammy.

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GPS-EM Sanctions for Serious Sex Offenders: The Application and Outcomes in the USA and Australia
 Martinovic, Marietta.

GPS-EM and Stakeholder Expectations
 Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin. and Humphrey, Tamara.

Gang Affiliation Tattoo Removal: Examination of Self-perception, Stigma, and Internalized Values.
 Mayba, Yevgeniy. and Herrera, Veronica.

Gang Affiliation Tattoo Removal: Examining Gender and Age Differences in Program Participation.
 Herrera, Veronica. and Mayba, Yevgeniy.

Gang Affiliation and Radicalization to Violent Extremism within Somali-American Communities
 Ellis, Heidi.

Gang Culture on the Virtual Corner: Examining Local Gang Culture Through Online Rap Videos
 Lauger, Timothy.

Gang Identity, Performance, and Conflict Transformation in the Online World
 West-Fagan, Jenny.

Gang Member as Defendants: The Importance of Procedural Justice
 Morgan, Kirstin.

Gang Membership and Violent Delinquency: How Strong is the Association After Taking into Account Familial Confounds?
 Connolly, Eric.

Gang Membership, Deviant Behavior and Social Reaction to Offending: Results from the Third Wave of the International Self-Reported Delinquency Study (ISRD-3) in 12 countries.
 Gatti, Uberto. and Haymoz, Sandrine.

Gang-Affiliated Latina Teen Mothers Overcoming Marginalizations through Resilience and Educational Aspirations
 Maldonado, Katherine.

Gangs and Humanitarianism in Comparative Context: Perspectives from Practice
 Palama, Audrey.

Gangs and Urban Genealogy
 Fraser, Alistair.

Gangs, Groups, Networks, and Deterrence: An Evaluation of Syracuse Truce
 Worden, Robert., McLean, Sarah., Wheeler, Andrew. and Becker, Kelly.

Gangs, Masculinity and Social, Emotional and Spiritual Journeys: Transatlantic Insights from Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Glasgow
 Deuchar, Ross. and Weide, Robert.

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Hands Off My School: Exploring State Regulation of Homeschooling
 Cohen, Isaiah.

Hands Up! A Qualitative Study of the Bodily Dynamics of Shop Robberies Using Video-Analysis
 Mosselman, Floris., Weenink, Don. and Lindegaard, Marie.

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Perceptions of Racial Bias in Police Use of Force in Canada
 Laming, Erick. and Wortley, Scot.

Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd? Unstructured Socializing, Delinquency and Characteristics of the Present Peers
 Hoeben, Evelien., Osgood, Wayne., Siennick, Sonja. and Weerman, Frank.

Harassing Bisexuals on YouTube: Bullying, Labeling, and Informal Policing of Sexuality
 Jasperson, Nicole. and Kawaguchi, Riku.

Hardtime Revisited: A Fresh Look at Prisons and Prison Reform
 Johnson, Robert., Rocheleau, Ann. and Martin, Alison.

Hartford: A Hell of a Town: Planned Capitalist Abandonment
 DiChiara, Albert.

Has the Battered Woman Syndrome Done More Harm Than Good for Battered Women Who Kill Their Abusers?
 Kelish, Adrienne.

Has the Colorblind Ideology Permeated Prison Walls?
 Furst, Gennifer. and Korgen, Kathleen.

Hashtag Supertroopers: The Use of Twitter as a Non-investigative Law Enforcement Tool
 Ryan, Casey.

Hate Crime Statutes: A Public Policy and Law Enforcement Dilemma
 Pezzella, Frank.

Hate Crime in New York City, 1995-2010: Revisiting the Classic NYC Neighborhood Studies
 Mills, Colleen.

Hate crime: Who are the offenders?
 Garland, Jon.

Have Government Policies Been Complicit in Creating Spaces Where Extremism Can Flourish?
 Skoczylis, Joshua. and Andrews, Sam.

Hazy Perceptions: Understanding Differences in Defining Hazing Activities among College Students and Their Implications
 Alexander, Kellie. and Opsal, Tara.

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I Came for the Food: Perspectives of Youth Participants in a Youth Diversion Program
 Samuels, Kanika.

I Can Haz Applicants: An Analysis of Police Recruitment and Marketing Through Social Media
 Helldorfer, Kelly.

I Can Resist Anything But Temptation: Exploring Religion, Risk, Opportunity, and Self-Control
 Ray, Katherine. and Mier, Carrie.

I Don’t Want to Die in Your Cell: Black Women and Girls as Victims of State-Sanctioned Violence
 Willingham, Breea.

I Felt Like a Hostage in My Own Relationship: Understanding Co-offending Women's Pathways into Crime and Experiences of Agency
 Barlow, Charlotte.

I Got Shot, but I Ain’t a Victim: Masculinity, Gun-violence, and Victimization in the Ghetto
 Berardi, Luca.

I Never Knew it Was So Complicated: The Impact of Formerly Incarcerated Guest Speakers on Criminal Justice Classes
 McDowell, Lila.

I Was Reborn a Prisoner: The Shifting Salience of Gender at the Prison Gate
 Williams, Susan. and Green, Edward.

I started making some very bad choices: Making sense of narratives of desistance “failures”
 Leverentz, Andrea.

ISIL, Cool Men and Lonely Women: How the Media Makes Sense of The Group’s Recruitment Success
 Salman, Sara.

ISIS in American Courts
 Jackson, Summer. and Shields, Christopher.

Identifying Change Levers Related to Program Effectiveness: Evidence from a Large Meta-analysis of Juvenile Delinquency Programs
 Wilson, David. and Lipsey, Mark.

Identifying Criminogenic Needs
 Bhati, Avinash.

Identifying Major Actors of the Nexus Between Governance and Criminality: From 1985-2015
 Ibe, Patrick.

Identifying Similarities and Differences in the Effect of Key Risk and Protective Factors on Deviant Behavior, Social Stability, and Health
 Soderstrom, Melanie., Childs, Kristina. and Stewart, Chris.

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Jail Staff Willingness to Report Wrongful Behavior: A Descriptive Study
 Wells, James., Minor, Kevin., Lambert, Eric., Phillips, Ryan., Ellis, Joseph., Granger, Kendahl., Brown, Cameron., Shuplinkov, Tyler., Mallory, Carlene. and Henson, Jordan.

Jailhouse Environmentalism: Understanding Environmental Inequality of Mass Incarceration
 Silvaggio, Anthony.

Japanese Implicit and Explicit Attitudes toward Juvenile Delinquents
 Fujiwara, Yuki. and Fujii, Tsutomu.

Jennifer Fleetwood
 Fleetwood, Jennifer.

Jihadi Cool, Visual Criminology and the ISIS Beheading Videos
 Hamm, Mark.

Jihadi Leadership and its Relationship to Group Longevity
 Suttmoeller, Michael. and Gunderman, Karen.

Job Assignment and Police Perceptions of Engagement with the Public: Bicycle Patrol and the Community Response Unit
 Sytsma, Victoria. and Piza, Eric.

Job Readiness and Navigating ReEntry Networks
 Nhan, Johnny. and Bowen, Kendra.

Job Stress and Job Satisfaction Among Police Officers in Trinidad and Tobago: The Mediating Role of Social Support
 Mohammed, Linda. and Seepersad, Randy.

Job-related Stress: A Survey of Hong Kong Police Officers
 Li, Jessica., Sun, Ivan. and Cheung, Jacky.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Or Poverty? The Jobs, Poverty, Social Isolation Nexus with Neighborhood Crime
 McCall, Patricia., Parker, Karen. and Dollar, Cindy.

Joining the “Boy’s” Club: Gendered Experience of Women Police Officers in a Midwestern Law Enforcement Department
 Jackey, Hayley. and Ortiz, Jennifer.

Journey to Homicide: Zero-inflated Distance Analysis of Non-travel and Travel Homicides
 Park, Seong-min.

Journey-to-raids: Distance Decay and Prohibition Enforcement
 Donohoe, Chelsey.

Judicial Decision-Making in a Northeastern Juvenile Court
 Corbett, Ron. and Butterfield, Allison.

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K-9 Deaths: A Qualitative Analysis
 Schally, Jennifer., Barberi, Daniela. and Gibbs, Jennifer.

Kate's Law: A Study of How Tragedy Can Affect Legislation
 Boyer, Jennifer.

Keepin' it Real: Exploring Gang Members' Use of Social Media for Achieving Expressive Goals
 Johnson, Joseph. and Schell-Busey, Natalie.

Keeping Tabs: The Emerging Role of Surveillance and Technology in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
 Tuttle, Olivia.

Kelling and Moore Revisited: An Integrated History of the Police
 Dario, Lisa. and Cesar, Gabriel.

Key Findings from the What Works in Reentry Clearinghouse
 Durnan, Julia.

Key Policy Strategies for Strengthening Law Enforcement Organizations through the Use of Citizen Oversight
 Buchner, Brian.

Kill or Die: Female-Perpetrated Intimate Partner Homicide (IPH) as a Survival Strategy
 Harper, Shannon.

Kill the Men, Baby Boys and Mothers, Rape the Beautiful Girls: Gender-Based Violence in Darfur
 Ferrales, Gabrielle., Brehm, Hollie., Englehart, Michael. and Nobles, Allison.

Killers with Cameras: How to Understand Murderers Who Video Record Their Crimes
 Sandhu, Ajay.

Killing Fields: An Examination of Homicides in Memphis Tennessee 2000 – 2015
 Doss, Daniel., McElreath, David., Jensen, Carl., Wigginton, Michael., Mallory, Stephen., McElreath, Leisa. and Lee, Pierce.

Killing Queer Women
 Duggan, Marian.

Knowledge Diffusion: An Examination of Staff Attitudes and Beliefs about Opioid Overdose Response and Naloxone Distribution
 Sperber, Kimberly., Winstanley, Erin. and Manzo, Amber.

Knowledge of Implementation Process and Support for OYAS
 Sullivan, Carrie., Lugo, Melissa., Gibbs, Gina. and Sullivan, Christopher.


Labelling and intergenerational transmission
 Besemer, Sytske., Farrington, David. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

Labor, Power, and Inmate Consent: Work as an Apparatus of Control in the American Prison
 Gibson-Light, Michael.

Ladbrokes Life: Gambling Identities and Deviant Leisure
 Raymen, Thomas.

Language Competence, Emotion and Restorative Justice Conference Processes
 Hayes, Hennessey.

Language Matters: How the Media Discusses Youth Who Engage in Sexting Behavior
 Ryan, Casey.

Language as Cultural action: Why Criminology Needs to Engage with Institutional Discourses
 Petintseva, Olga.

Latino Capital Punishment Defendants’ and Their Families’ Views of the Police: Exploring Attitudes towards the Police via Multiple Marginality Theory
 Portillo, Edwardo.

Latino Homicide Victimization and Offending: An Examination of Individual and Situational Covariates in Three Cities
 Pizarro, Jesenia., Mora, Victor., LoFaso, Charles. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Laughter in Stories of Crime and Tragedy: Bringing Humour Theory to Criminology
 Tutenges, Sébastien. and Sandberg, Sveinung.

Laundering Locally or Globally? Transnational Patterns of OC Infiltration in the Legal Economy
 Riccardi, Michele.

Law Enforcement Adoption of the Olfactometer: A Legal Analysis
 Chism, Kimberly. and Gulledge, Laura.

Law Enforcement Perceptions of Victims of Domestic Violence
 Davis, Jaya.

Law Enforcement and their Experiences with Trauma: Exposure During an Intrinsic Career
 Stocker, Darren.

Lay Participation in Sex Crime Trials in Japan
 Hirayama, Mari.

Lay Perceptions of Psychopathy and their Effect on Legal Decision-Making
 Kopkin, Megan. and Cox, Jennifer.

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MIXEDconceptions: A Narrative-Discourse Analysis of Mixed-Race College Students and Racialized Bullying
 Thompson, Joanna.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Case Study of Changing Female Narratives in Dystopic and Post-Apocalyptic Pop-Culture
 Kroon, Evangeline.

Magistrate Perceptions of Rural Reentry Challenges: An Examination of PA Judges
 Ward, Kyle., Hawkins, Paul. and Stallings, Robert.

Maintaining Continuity in the Monitoring of Offenders
 Nored, Lisa. and Scheer, Charles.

Making Claims About the Immigration-Crime Nexus in Major U.S. Newspapers
 Barber, Mariah., Gruenewald, Jeff. and Harris, Casey.

Making Positive Connections between Law Enforcement and At-Risk Youth: A Formative Evaluation of the Character Be About It Program
 Shoenberger, Nicole. and Rosen, Nicole.

Making Research and Data Useful for Helping Community Corrections Organizations Change
 DeMichele, Matthew.

Making Resistance ‘Objective’: Notes from a New-Materialist Inquiry into European Fab Labs
 Mazzilli-Daechsel, Stefano.

Making Sense of the Literature on Criminal Mobility
 Arsovska, Jana.

Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico's War on Crime
 Guzik, Keith.

Making Valid Cross-County Comparisons in Criminal Justice Performance
 Escobar, Gipsy. and Hutchison, Robert.

Making the School to Prison Pipeline Visible: A Call for Rigorous Investigation
 Phenix, Deinya.

Male Stranger Rape: Single-Victim, Serial and Group Sexual Aggression
 Gimenez-Salinas Framis, Andrea. and Perez Ramirez, Meritxell.

Male and Female Prison Environments: Gender's Effect on Performance and Retention Among Female Correctional Officers
 Epstein, Samantha.

Malevolent Forces: Self-Control, the Dark Triad, and Crime
 Morgan, Mark. and Wright, John.

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NIJ Wrongful Conviction Listening Sessions
 Martin, Eric.

NIJ’s Body-Worn Video Technology project
 Ford, William.

NIJ’s Research in Social and Behavioral Science
 Irazola, Seri.

Naloxone user attitudes toward law enforcement involvement in overdose cases
 Durieux, Jared., Mirka, Melissa., Jefferis, Eric., Curtis, Andrew. and Felix, Chaz.

Naming and Shaming Corporate Crime in the Financial Markets
 Jordanoska, Aleksandra.

Narrative Accounts of Domestic Violence: She Said, He Said, the Police Said
 Fitzgerald, Robin. and Douglas, Heather.

Narrative Criminology and Psychosocial Criminology: Similarities, Differences and a Tentative Integration
 Verde, Alfredo.

Narrative Criminology: Appalachian Stories Straight From the Horse's Mouth
 Stacy, Carissa. and Granger, Kendahl.

Narrative Habitus: Thinking Through Structure/Agency in the Narratives of Offenders
 Fleetwood, Jennifer.

Narrative Means to Self-Justificatory Ends: Neutralizing Right-Wing and Jihadi Political Violence in Germany
 Colvin, Sarah. and Pisoiu, Daniela.

Narrative criminology and ‘decisions in context’: Women’s violent victimization and substance use over the life course
 Stone, Rebecca. and Wallace, Kellie.

Narratives of Freedom: An Analysis of Exoneree Descriptions of Their First Week Out of Prison
 Curmi, Teresa.

Narratives of Justification for Police Violence
 VanNatta, Michelle.

Narratives of Rebellion
 Joosse, Paul.

National Crime Victimization Survey Research and Development Efforts
 Langton, Lynn.

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OJJDP’s Strategy for Improving Access to High-Quality Juvenile Defense
 Alanen, Julia.

Observations of a Sexual Assault Response Team
 Koon-Magnin, Sarah.

Observer and Victim Sexuality’s Effect on Blame of Heterosexual and Homosexual Male Sexual Assault Victims
 Reihe, Melissa., Mann, Olivia. and Diamond-Welch, Bridget.

Of All the Joints, She Walks Into This One: Women Executives’ Career Paths to Corrections Management
 Collica-Cox, Kimberly. and Schulz, Dorothy.

Of Jobs and Jail: Outcomes for Washington State Property Offenders
 Landon, Matthew. and Mounts, Thea.

Off the Rails: The Challenges of Implementing a Community-Based Deployment Model in the Metro Vancouver Transit Police
 Murphy, Joshua.

Offender Alcohol Consumption among Native Americans Compared across Victim Age: The Severity of Sexual Assaults
 Capparelli, Amy., Jones, Marshall. and Conradt, Travis.

Offender Insights into Human Trafficking Decision-Making: Perceptions of Risks, Rewards, and Culpability
 Shively, Michael., Smith, Kamala. and Jalbert, Sarah.

Offender Perceptions of a Police Response in Long-Term Property Crime Hot Spots
 Santos, Roberto. and Santos, Rachel.

Offenders or/and Victims: Homeless Women in Brisbane
 Menih, Helena.

Offending Over the Life Course: Self-Worth, Means of Power and Repertoires of Action
 Laferrière, Dominique. and Morselli, Carlo.

Offending Propensity versus Offending Frequency: The Differential Effects of Normative Peer Influence and Unstructured Socializing
 McCuddy, Timothy. and Thomas, Kyle.

Offending Women: Toward A Greater Understanding of Women's Pathways Into and Out of Crime
 Singh, Anu.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Juvenile Justice Reentry Measurement Standards Project: An Overview
 Adams, Benjamin.

Officer Characteristics and Decision Making: A Meta-Analysis
 Lytle, Daniel. and Bolger, P..

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PIAAC Data: Exploring the Literacy, Numeracy, and Digital Problem Solving Skills of the U.S. Prison Population
 Salisbury, Emily. and Castek, Jill.

POST Agency Certification Practices, 2015
 Hickman, Matthew. and Chandler, Jessica.

Pandora’s Box? Electronic Monitoring in England and Wales
 Hucklesby, Anthea.

Paper) Mapping The Major: Exclusion of Intersectionally Marginalized Con-Knowers In Criminological Discourse
 Woodall, Denise.

Parens Patriae: The historic Journey of a Fickle Parent
 Bartley, Nancy.

Parental Contact and Institutional Misconduct among Juvenile Detainees: Is There a Relationship?
 Hendrix, Nicole. and Bolin, Riane.

Parental Immigration, Legal Status, and Children’s Risky and Delinquent Behaviors
 Howard-Tripp, Alyssa. and Graif, Corina.

Parental Incarceration, Identity, and Crime
 Finkeldey, Jessica., Longmore, Monica., Giordano, Peggy. and Manning, Wendy.

Parental Social Support as a Moderating Factor in the Intergenerational Transmission of Drug Use
 Castro, Erin., Krohn, Marvin. and Dong, Beidi.

Parental use of physical force and its effect on delinquency
 Steketee, Majone. and Marshall, Ineke.

Parenthood as a Turning Point for Gang Members: A Within-Individual Study of Multiple Domains
 McGloin, Jean., Pyrooz, David. and Decker, Scott.

Parenting Juvenile Prisoners: The Challenges of Parenting beyond the Prison Walls
 McCarthy, Daniel.

Parenting Practices & Aggression among Prison Inmates
 Schanz, Youngyol.

Parenting and Self-Control across Three Generations
 Nofziger, Stacey. and Newton, Katherine.

Parenting in the Kingdom: Parenting Effects on Child Delinquency in a Sample of Saudi Arabian Youth
 Sacarellos, Catherine. and Wright, John.

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Qualitative Content Analysis on the Emerging Field of Product Counterfeiting Research
 Chan, Fiona., Sullivan, Brandon. and Wilson, Jeremy.

Qualitative Investigation into Police Training and Use of Force
 Dewey, Jodie.

Qualitative Study of Strategies Methamphetamine Market Members Use to Avoid Law Enforcement and Arrest
 Yingling, Julie.

Quality and Cost of Care for Geriatric Patients in Prison
 Cloud, David. and McKillop, Matt.

Quality of Police Leadership Scale (QPLS): Psychometric Characteristics and Associations with Psychosocial Outcomes for Officers
 Can, Salih. and Hendy, Helen.

Quantifying Injustice: How Integrative Learning Can Bring Together Theory and Praxis
 Eren, Colleen.

Quantifying the Local and Spatial Effects of Bars on Crime
 Wheeler, Andrew.

Queer Criminology
 Buist, Carrie. and Lenning, Emily.

Queering Australian Policing
 McDonald, Dave.

Queering Criminology
 Dwyer, Angela., Ball, Matthew. and Crofts, Thomas.

Questioning the Utility of Negative Emotionality: Latent Class Profiles of Emotional Traits Related to Offending
 Hannula, Kara.

Questions, Comments, and Observations: Celebrating the Teaching Legacy of Professor Richard Lundman
 Sutton, James.


RNR in the Community: Hidalgo County, Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department
 Lopez, Faustino.

Race Differences in Motivations for Gang Desistance: A Mixed-Methods Approach
 Carson, Dena.

Race Matters! Investigating University Retention and Graduation Rates
 Hale, William.

Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders of Nonfatal Violent Victimization, 2012-15
 Morgan, Rachel.

Race and Juvenile Probation Officer Decision Making in Juvenile Justice
 Perrault, Rachael.

Race as a Factor in Juvenile Arrests
 Furdella, Julie. and Puzzanchera, Charles.

Race, Ethnicity, and the Experiences of Incarcerated Juveniles
 Feinstein, Rachel.

Race, Gender, and Responses to the Police among Ferguson Residents and Protesters
 Conteh, Michael., Cobbina, Jennifer. and Emrich, Collin.

Race, Health, and Recidivism: Examining the Effects of Health Status and Healthcare Needs on Recidivism for Black versus White Ex-Offenders
 Wang, Xia., Wallace, Danielle. and Infante, Arynn.

Race, Neighborhood Context, and Experience with Campus Police: A Qualitative Assessment of Student Experiences
 Grugan, Shannon.

Race, Parenting and School Punishment
 Kupchik, Aaron., Mowen, Thomas. and Liberman, Akiva.

Race, Place, and Homicides by Police in US Cities
 Holmes, Malcolm., Painter II, Matthew. and Smith, Brad.

Race, Policing and Public Support in New York City: Findings from the Crime & Drugs in My Neighborhood Study, 2012-2015
 Camacho, Anjelica., Haxhi, Peter., Bektesevic, Mirsad., Grant, Heath. and Lopez, Amanda.

Race, Reentry and Mass Incarceration: A critical analysis of racial and criminal stigma
 Wilson, Sean.

Race, Suspect Resistance, and Police Use of Force: A Test of Interaction Effects
 Gau, Jacinta., Paoline III, Eugene. and Terrill, William.

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SMART Practices in Case Management: A New Approach to a Traditional Process
 Kiss, Marissa.

SPEP™ Implementation and Local Validation Findings from OJJDP's Juvenile Justice Reinvestment and Reform Initiative
 Liberman, Akiva. and Hussemann, Jeanette.

SPEP™ in Florida: Assessing Changes in Social Skills for Juveniles in a Residential Setting
 Moneyham, Laura., Bates, Meg., Gomez, Katherine. and Greenwald, Mark.

STATIC-99R Scores, SORNA Leveling, and Recidivism: A Study of Washington State’s Sex Offender Population
 Fisher, Leah., Landon, Matthew., Mounts, Thea. and Landon, Jeffrey.

Safety and Physical Security in School Settings
 Giever, Dennis.

Sanction and Justice Properly Understood
 Jacobs, Jonathan.

Saving Lives: An Alternative Approach to Reducing Urban Gun Violence
 Boggan, DeVone.

Saving Police Marriages
 Sanborn, Beth.

Scaled Straight: The Political Economy of Scale in South African Organized Crime
 Nesvet, Matthew.

Scary Monsters, (And Super Creeps)
 Farrant, Finola.

Schitzoville: Polarized Views about Crime, Drugs and Quality of Life in NYC Neighborhoods
 Kravchenko, Yaroslav., Zenuni, Irini., Grant, Heath. and Thompson, Kadesha.

School Class Homogeneity, Bonding to School, and Juvenile Delinquency/Victimization: Results of the ISRD-3 in Switzerland
 Siegmunt, Olga., Monnet-Lukash, Anastasiia. and Killias, Martin.

School Context and Juvenile Delinquency: Examining Common Predictors of Delinquency with Multi-Level Models
 Ladwig, Samantha.

School Discipline as a Turning Point: The Cumulative Effect of Suspension on Arrest
 Mowen, Thomas. and Brent, John.

School Security Measures: Perceptions of Severity
 Freng, Adrienne. and Mowen, Thomas.

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Taking a Deal: Exploring Influences on Plea Decisions among Adolescents and Adults
 Arndorfer, Andrea. and Malloy, Lindsay.

Taking the Long View of Risk Assessment: The Promise and Pitfalls of Machine Learning in Actuarial Decision-Making for Criminal Justice Agencies
 Kim, KiDeuk. and Duwe, Grant.

Taming Business? Understanding Effectiveness in the Control of White Collar and Corporate Crime
 Haines, Fiona.

Targeted Enforcement Against Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: How Best to Suppress Violence?
 Kleiman, Mark., Kulick, Jonathan. and Prieger, James.

Targeted Policing or Sin Taxes on Sex? The Relationship between Adult Dance Clubs and Human Trafficking
 Fink, Joshua. and Land, Kenneth.

Taught Red-Handed: Learning Crime Prevention from Offenders
 Addis, Nick., Evans, Andrew., Karstedt, Susanne. and Malleson, Nicolas.

 Harmon, Talia.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Foglia, Wanda.

 Sandys, Marla.

 Lee, Gavin.

Teacher Victimization in the U.S.: Measuring and Understanding Prevalence
 Moon, Byongook. and McCluskey, John.

Teaching Community Police Officers to Coach Colleagues
 Geenen, Marie-José.

Teaching Law Enforcement Undergraduates at John Jay College of Criminal Justice : From Punishment to Public Health.
 Drucker, Ernest.

Teaching Leadership Concepts to the Finest
 Haberfeld, Maria., Walker, Michael., Fraher, William. and LaRaia, William.

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U.S. Justice Failures: A neo-Kuhnian Paradigmatic Analysis of Westphalia’s Ghost
 Reed, Thomas.

U.S. State Power and the War on Terror: A Look at New Post-9/11 Legal Complexes
 Dunford, David.

Unaccompanied Minor Refugees in the Swedish Landscape: Visualizing Double-Edged Risk
 Jordeno, Sara.

Unaccompanied Minor Refugees’ Narratives of Risk
 Horning Ruf, Amber.

Uncaged: Mixed Martial Arts, Ultra-Realist Criminology, Violence and the Ethnographic Lens.
 Treadwell, James.

Uncertainties Faced in the Transition from Adjunct to Full-Time NTT
 Allen, Ross.

Unconstitutional Search Warrant Practices in Washington, D.C.
 Karakatsanis, Alec.

Uncovering levels of community trust, fear of crime, and police-community relations in Baltimore City.
 Cantora, Andrea.

Uncovering the Motivations, Barriers, and Pathways to Becoming a Former Extremist: Mapping the Structural, Agentic, and Organizational Dynamics in Identity Transformation
 DeMichele, Matthew., Simi, Pete. and Blee, Katherine.

Uncrossing the Digital Divide: Continuities between On and Offline Criminal Organisation
 McGuire, Mike.

Understanding Arrest Data in the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
 Wagner, Alex., Cross, Ted., Bibel, Daniel. and Koch, Ryan.

Understanding Barriers to Community-Based Health Care After Jail Release
 Mallik-Kane, Kamala., Paddock, Ellen. and Jannetta, Jesse.

Understanding CODIS Hits as a Performance Metric
 Walsh, Kelly., McClure, Dave. and Flynn, Abigail.

Understanding Crime Clearances: A Research Program to Improve Police Performance
 Wellford, Charles. and Lum, Cynthia.

Understanding Crime Hot Spots: Correlates of High Crime and Social Disorganization
 Stephensen, Rachel.

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Validating the Perceived Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Scale in Pittsburgh Youth Study
 Cheon, Hyunjung. and Pardini, Dustin.

Values, Climate, and Resources: Preparing for Implementation Success
 Toronjo, Heather., Murphy, Amy. and Taxman, Faye.

Variation in Early Childhood Cigarette and Alcohol Use by Gender and Parental Substance Use
 Abramson, Karley. and Staff, Jeremy.

Variations in Citizen Attitudes Towards Police
 Chermak, Steven. and Wilson, Jeremy.

Veterans Courts and Recidivism: Outcomes of a Mature Veterans Court
 Snell, Clete.

Veterans Working in Corrections: Does Cumulative Trauma Place Veterans at a Higher Risk for PTSD?
 Marshall-Robinson, Annette. and Swartz, Kristin.

VicariousViews: Attitudes and Social Media Reactions to a Vehicular Pursuit Video
 Hunt, Laura., Lonergan, Holly. and Spievak, Elizabeth.

Vice or Virtue?: Regulating the Gaming Industry Across Time and Place
 Rorie, Melissa. and van Wingerde, C.G. (Karin).

Vice, Violence, & Crime in Popular Music: A Sociological Analysis of Prevalence & Meaning
 Leon, Kenneth., Desien, Michelle. and Barak, Maya.

Victim Compensation as Survivor Justice: The Potential Benefits and Limitations of the UK Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in Rape and Sexual Assault
 Smith, Olivia.

Victim Credibility on Trial: The “Perfect Victim” Stereotype in Cases of Sexual Assault
 Kroon, Evangeline.

Victim Needs Assessment in Iowa: The Voice of the Crime Victim
 Feeley, Lisa., Reddy, Vipin., Lowry, Samantha., Henninger, Alana., Long Murray, Callie., Cramer, Jacob. and Gibbes, Laney.

Victim Precipitation and Internet Crimes Against Children
 McCabe, Kimberly.

Victim Support and Human Rights: A Case Study from Sweden
 Svensson, Kerstin. and Gallo, Carina.

Victim Vulnerability and the Death Penalty: What is the Effect of Victim's Age on Capital Sentencing Decisions in North Carolina
 Marier, Christopher., Cochran, John., Fogel, Sondra., Smith, M.. and Bjerregaard, Beth.

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Walking The Talk and Stumbling: Fallacies of Empowering Research
 Deckert, Antje.

War Stories And Occupying Soldiers: A Narrative Approach To Understanding Police Culture and Community Conflict
 Upton, Lindsey. and Kurtz, Don.

Washington State: A Survey of Public Perceptions Regarding Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Policy
 Fisher, Leah.

Watching the Watchmen: The Effects of Viewing Video Recordings of Police Interactions
 Parry, Megan.

Water or Wine? Drinking with Jesus: Religiosity and Cultural Conservatism vs. Liberalism as a Predictor of Drug and Alcohol Use on Four Different University Campuses
 Madden, Shelby. and Morris, R.C..

We Are Guests in Their House: Correctional Healthcare Providers’ Experiences Caring for Transgender Inmates
 Clark, Kirsty. and Hughto, Jaclyn.

We Can Do It? The Impact of Female Prison Guards on Prison Violence
 Summers, Monica.

We Found Love in a Hopeless Place: Women Dating the Imprisoned Man
 Medrano, Justine. and Powell, Zachary.

Weathering Adaptation and Punishment
 Walker, Michael.

Weight-Based Stressors, Negative Emotions, and Bullying Victimization: A Test of General Strain Theory
 Jeong, Seokjin., Lee, Byung. and Moon, Byongook.

Weighting for Justice: How Weight Impacts Judgments of a Simulated Vehicular Pursuit
 Lonergan, Holly., Hunt, Laura. and Spievak, Elizabeth.

We’re Security Guards for the City: Examining the Role of Business Improvement Districts within Order Maintenance
 D\'Souza, Amanda.

What Actually Happens During a Correctional Home Visit and Do They Work?
 Patten, Ryan., Caudill, Jonathan., Thomas, Matthew. and Messer, Sarah.

What Clients Want: Drivers of Client Satisfaction with Indigent Defense.
 Smirniotopoulos, Amalea., Widom, Rebecca. and James, Karume.

What Does Evidence-based Policing Mean to Police Officers?
 Telep, Cody. and Somers, Logan.

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Yes Means Yes: The Role of Sexual Consent in Rape Trials in Victoria (Australia)
 Burgin, Rachael.

You Can Get There From Here: Using TTA to Help JDC Teams Implement Research-Informed Practices
 Blomquist, Martha-Elin. and Yelderman, Logan.

You Get What You Pay For?: Police Misconduct and the Racial Implications of Indemnification
 Bull, Karina.

You Have the Right to Remain Violent: Police Academy Curricula and the Facilitation of Police Overreach
 Lynch, Caitlin.

You Wear that Come Bite Me Outfit…: Vampires as a Rape Metaphor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
 Foster, Cheyenne. and Neuilly, Melanie-Angela.

You Will Love in Love Camp 7: Genocidal Violence, Verisimilitude and the Poetics of Space
 Banwell, Stacy. and Fiddler, Michael.

You, Me, and a Search Makes Three: Predicting Searches and Contraband in Traffic Stops
 Growette Bostaph, Lisa. and Matusiak, Matthew.

Young Adults in Jail: National Practices and Programming
 Montano, Nicolas.

Young Adults’ Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence Among Dating Couples: An Experimental Study
 Kuijpers, Karlijn.

Young New Zealanders, Risk Perceptions and Online Sexual Harm
 Meehan, Claire.

Young Offenders and Open Custody
 Pettersson, Tove.

Young Offenders’ Lifestyle and Delinquency
 Pineau-Villeneuve, Catherine. and Parent, Geneviève.

Your Pants Won’t Save You: Why Black Youth Challenge Race-Based Police Surveillance and the Demands of Black Respectability Politics
 Kerrison, Erin., Cobbina, Jennifer. and Bender, Kimberly.

Youth Advancement Through Athletics: An Evaluation of a Community-Based Program for Students Attending a Court-Run High School
 Goodson, Marva., Hoskins, Kayla. and Dalzell, Erica.

Youth Development Unit program at Garner Correctional Institution: Methodology, Findings and Conclusions
 Sharma, Divya. and Marino, Kim.

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Zero-Tolerance Policing, Stop-and-Frisks, and the Control of Black Sexuality and Gender
 Stuart, Forrest. and Benezra, Ava.

Zero-Tolerance, School Resource Officers, and Exclusionary Discipline in Context
 Fisher, Benjamin.

Zombies, Islam and the West: Criminalizing the Veil
 Yorukoglu, Ilgin.

Zooming into the Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Employing Geo-spatial Applications
 Kim, MoonSun.
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