American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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A Backlash against the West? Assessing the Relationship between the Collective Strain of Globalization and International Terrorism
 Godwin, Kelly., Membrez-Weiler, Nicholas. and Lutz, Jennifer.

A Bird’s Eye View of Civilians Killed by Police in 2015: Further Evidence of Shooter Bias
 Nix, Justin., Campbell, Bradley., Byers, Edward. and Alpert, Geoffrey.

A Black Criminology Matters
 Unnever, James. and Owusu-Bempah, Akwasi.

A Brief Overview of Fine Art Theft in the United States
 Burmon, Kate Melody.

A Call for Action: Examining How Residents Mobilize to Effectively Combat Crime
 Wo, James.

A Call to Arms? Faculty and Staff Perceptions of on Campus Victimization
 Darno, Darla.

A Canadian Typology of Arsons
 Collin-Santerre, Justine. and Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine.

A Case Study of Forced Marriage: North Korean Migrants in China
 Park, Hyoungah.

A Case Study on the Heartless Felons Prosecution in Cleveland, Ohio
 Julian, Linda.

A Changed Man or a Smarter Criminal: Offender Perspectives on Sentencing
 Barkase, Kayla.

A Climate for Hate? An Exploration of the Right-Wing Extremist Landscape in Canada
 Perry, Barbara. and Scrivens, Ryan.

A Closer Look at Domestic Disturbances that Resulted in Fatal Shootings by Police in 2015
 Pinchevsky, Gillian. and Nix, Justin.

A Closer Look at Restrictive Housing Reforms and Operational Changes in Ohio
 Kowalski, Brian.

A Collective Effort to Reduce Violence and Incarceration in New Orleans
 West, Charles.

A Comparative Analysis of Wrongful Convictions in the United States and Canada
 Cunningham, Shannon.

A Comparative Analysis of the Experiences of Women in Prison in Britain and Ireland
 Quinlan, Christina.

A Comparative Approach to Understanding the Immigration – Crime Link: Drug Arrests in San Antonio, TX and Brisbane, Australia
 Fay-Ramirez, Suzanna. and Martinez, Ramiro.

A Comparative Study of Fear of Crime between Mongolian Immigrants and Native Born Koreans in South Korea
 Chuluunbat, Sharkhuu., Kim, Sohee. and Hwang, EuiGab.

A Comparative Study of The Code of Silence
 Sauerman, Adri., Haberfeld, Maria., Kang, Wook., Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja., Peacock, Robert., Porter, Louise. and Prenzler, Timothy.

A Comparative Study on National Counter-terrorism and Homeland Security Strategy Framework between China and the United States
 Jia, Di.

A Comparison of Male and Female Community Supervision Officers and Their Use of Effective Correctional Skills
 Wanamaker, Kayla., Chadwick, Nick., Gutierrez, Leticia., Bourgon, Guy., Rugge, Tanya. and Bonta, Jim.

A Comparison of Prison Violence Prevention and Control Strategies Between the USA and Australia
 Hummer, Donald., Byrne, James. and Barberi, Daniela.

A Comparison of the Sexually Violent Predator Program in New Jersey and Florida
 Mogavero, Melanie.

A Competing Risk Analysis of Immigrant Detention and Case Outcomes
 Larson, Ryan., Uggen, Christopher. and Chan, Linus.

A Contemporary Comparison of Drug Use Tends among College and Non-College Enrolled Young Adults
 Watkins, William.

A Content Analysis of Civil Gang Injunctions in the United States
 Bates, Kristin. and Swan, Richelle.

A Correctional Culture of Masculinity or Survival? Gendered Perspectives of Violence Involvement Among Incarcerated Youth
 Scott, Daniel., Magnus, Amy. and Maxson, Cheryl.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Prison-Based Dog-Training Program in Florida
 Cooke, Barbara. and Farrington, David.

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Institutionalized Juveniles
 Tiry, Emily. and Kim, KiDeuk.

A Court Administrator's Perspective
 Grajczyk, Jolene.

A Crime Scene Approach to Distinguishing Sexual Murderers
 Edwards, Sonja. and Beauregard, Eric.

A Crime Script Analysis of Brute Force Attacks against Israeli and Chinese University Computer Networks
 Ren, Wuling., Bossler, Adam., Berenblum, Tamar., Maimon, David. and Sevilla, Ido.

A Critical Approach to Understanding Police Legitimacy Issues in Communities of Color
 Vollman, Brenda.

A Critical Perspective on Zero Tolerance Policing in a Multi-ethnic Society
 Crichlow, Vaughn.

A Critical Review of National Standards of PREA: Policy Recommendations for Successful Victim Care and Rehabilitation
 Choi, Eunsuhk. and Lutze, Faith.

A Cross National Comparative Study of Confidence in the Police among Immigrants
 Kim, Sohee., Han, Sungil. and Hwang, EuiGab.

A Cross-National Study of Youth Offending Toward a General Theory of Crime
 Roh, Myunghoon.

A Decade Plus: Establishing an Inside Out Program on Riker's Island
 Ryder, Judith.

A Decade of Inside-Out in Ohio
 Jonson, Cheryl.

A Descriptive Examination of Officer-involved Shooting Incidents in a Western County
 Richie, Matt. and Caudill, Jonathan.

A Developmental Model of Gang Involvement: Building Strengths from Childhood to Adulthood
 Howell, James.

A Diaspora Approach to Understanding Human Trafficking for Labor Exploitation
 Arhin, Antonela.

A Different Method of Predicting Risk: Unpacking the Implications of a Statewide Sentencing Risk Assessment
 Laskorunsky, Julia.

A Different Pattern of Sexual Assault: Does Prior Sexual Assault Reduce College Victimization?
 Pavan, Karisa., Ferranti, Carol. and Kennedy, M. Alexis.

A Focused Deterrence Initiative: Reviewing the Data From the Social Service Providers’ Perspectives
 Schnobrich-Davis, Julie. and Gardner, Desiree.

A Friendship-Based Look into Offending Specialization and Versatility
 Boman, John. and Higgins, George.

A Game Changer? Uses for Virtual Reality in the Criminal Justice System
 Ticknor, Bobbie.

A Gendered Look at Neighborhood Poverty, Residential Mobility, and Violent Victimization
 Kuhl, Danielle., Ziegler, Jessica., Chavez, Jorge. and Swisher, Raymond.

A General Pathway v. Multiple Pathways: Examining the Trajectory of Juvenile Violent Crime
 Dawson, Krysta.

A Gentleman's Best Kept Secret: Policing the Internet Escorts
 Williams, Francis.

A Geospatial Analysis of the Crime Commission Process of Sexual Murderers
 James, Jonathan. and Beauregard, Eric.

A Historical Analysis of the U.S. War on Drugs and Its Impact on African-American Women
 Robledo, Sarahi.

A Historical Examination of the Relationship between Political Factors and State-Level Incarceration Practices
 Amidon, Ethan.

A Historical and Contemporary Analysis of Punishment Discourses: Neoliberal Penology in the Age of Colorblindness
 Williams, Jason. and Battle, Nishaun.

A Holistic Approach to The Gang Life
 Brzenchek, Robert.

A Journey of a Lifetime: The Relationship between Leisure, Pleasure and Harm in ‘Extra-Ordinary’ Tourist Spaces.
 Large, Jo.

A Land of Opportunity or Empty Promises? Payment by Results in a Therapeutic Community for Substance Use
 Gosling, Helena.

A Life Course Analysis of the Criminal Behavior of 500 Sexual Offenders: Phase III
 Zgoba, Kristen. and Salerno, Laura.

A Life Table Approach to Estimating Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System
 Shannon, Sarah. and Hauer, Matthew.

A Longitudinal Analysis of Crime and Energy Prices in Alberta
 Ly, Monica. and Andresen, Martin.

A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Victimization on Community Perceptions and Interactions
 Wickes, Rebecca., Broidy, Lisa. and Benier, Kathryn.

A Machine Learning Approach to Analyzing Officer-involved Shootings in the United States
 Arslan, Hasan. and Dundar, Murat.

A Macro-level Evaluation of the Structural Determinants of Group Crime
 Rowan, Zachary.

A Mental Health Perspective of Contemporary Political Terrorists: Have Motivation Profiles Changed?
 Corrado, Raymond., Davies, Garth. and Cohen, Irwin.

A Mentor Coordinator's Perspective
 Araujo, Christopher.

A Meta-theoretical Model for Addressing the Complexity of Multiple Masculinities in Criminology
 Cohen, Jeff.

A Mixed-Method Analysis of International Terrorism Support Within the United States.
 Parker, Amanda.

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Assess the Effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Team Training in Corrections
 Davidson, Megan.

A Multi-City Neighborhood Analysis of External Resources and Crime Rates
 Ranson, J.W. Andrew.

A Multifaceted Examination of the Impact of Prison Context on Recidivism
 Lamb, Kathleen., Kowalski, Brian. and Martin, Brian.

A Multilevel Analysis of Teen Courts
 Fernandez, Allison. and Bowman, Scott.

A Multilevel Analysis of Unemployment and Crime
 Ha, Olivia., Andresen, Martin. and Davies, Garth.

A Mutlilevel Study of Neighborhood Intelligence and Violence
 Gibson, Chris., Beaver, Kevin., Boutwell, Brian., Wright, John. and Barnes, J.C..

A National Scan of Best Practices in Reentry for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
 Godfrey, Kim.

A Near-repeat Examination of Economic Crimes
 Grubb, Jonathan. and Powell, Zachary.

A Neglected Population: Media Consumption and Fear of Crime Among International Students Studying in the United States
 Shi, Luzi.

A New Crime Commission Should Seek to Advance Knowledge About Criminal Careers
 Farrington, David.

A New Direction for Integrated Theory
 Goodrum, Sarah., Kingston, Beverly., Elliott, Delbert. and Woodward, William.

A Panel Analysis of Prison Misconduct
 Monteiro, Carlos.

A Partial Test of Wikstrӧm’s Situational Action Theory Using Self Report Data on Intimate Partner Violence
 Miley, Lauren., Cochran, John. and Sellers, Christine.

A Pilot Study of the H.E.A.T. Intervention among Re-Entry Court Participants
 Ray, Bradley., Marlowe, Douglas., Lawson, Spencer. and Turpin, Darryl.

A Political Puzzle Over Police Control
 Deosaran, Ramesh.

A Preliminary Analysis of the Voucher System in the United States.
 Mueller, Kyle. and Sandel, William.

A Preliminary Look at the Effects of Legalization of Retail Marijuana on Crime
 Mowder, Denise. and Li, LiYing.

A Process Analysis of Human Trafficking in Post-Socialist Countries
 Williamson, Sarah.

A Program Director's Perspective
 Wagner, B. J..

A Propensity Score Approach to Military and Non-Military Mental Health and Offending
 Jaecques, Brittany.

A Prospective Investigation of Pathways From Childhood Victimization to Adult Revictimization
 Spizzirri, Rebecca. and Widom, Cathy.

A Punitive Melting Pot? Race, Immigration and Attitudes towards Punishment in Canada
 Aeby, Samantha. and Wortley, Scot.

A Qualitative Investigation of Decision Making in Digital Piracy
 Caetano, Daniel.

A Qualitative Proportionality Review of Capital Sentencing Outcomes in North Carolina (1977-2009)
 Fogel, Sondra., Cochran, John., Rad, Jordyn., Trapassi, Jessica., Smith, M.. and Bjerregaard, Beth.

A Qualitative Study of Convicted Female Child Sex Offenders: Examining Motivation and Attribution of Meaning
 Sardina, Alexa.

A Qualitative Test of Deviant Modeling
 Lalonde, Patrick., Gallupe, Owen., Nguyen, Holly. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.

A Quantitative Analysis of Human Trafficking in Federal Courts
 Rose, Adam. and Shields, Christopher.

A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Warrant Unit in Community Corrections
 Coggeshall, Mark.

A Question of Access? Comparing Perceptions of Police Services Among the Underprivileged in South Africa and Zimbabwe
 Mutongwizo, Tariro.

A Randomized Controlled Trial of HIV Testing and Linkage to Care at Community Corrections: Six-Month Outcomes
 Gordon, Michael., Rich, Josiah., McKenzie, Michele. and Kinlock, Timothy.

A Randomized Study of School Safety and School-Based Mental Health Services
 Yaros, Anna. and Trudeau, James.

A Reclassification of Online Piracy and Examination of Music Downloading Behavior
 Hoffman, Damian.

A Regression Discontinuity Estimate of Imprisonment’s Effect on the Recidivism of Drug Offenders
 Mitchell, Ojmarrh., Cochran, Joshua., Mears, Daniel. and Bales, William.

A Replication Study of Police-Involved Homicides Employing Unofficial, Crowd-Sourced Data
 Renner, Matthew. and Hanink, Peter.

A Researcher's Perspective
 Baldwin, Julie.

A Risk Prediction Face-off: Comparing Dynamic and Static Instruments and the Implications for Community Corrections
 Herrschaft, Bryn.

A Road Out of Europe? Life without Parole in England & Wales
 Pettigrew, Mark.

A Safe Place to Grow Up? Trajectories of Adolescent Violent Victimization Across Neighborhood Types
 Warner, Tara.

A School District and Juvenile Court Partnership for Working with Low-Risk Delinquent Youth
 Lindsey, Andrea., Mears, Daniel., Siennick, Sonja., Pesta, George., Collier, Nicole. and Lehmann, Peter.

A Second Chance: Delinquency Prevention Among Special Education Students
 Barrow, Christine.

A Situational Analysis of Community Supervision in Washington, DC
 Fink, David.

A Social Movement Against White-Collar Crime? Icelandic Activism, Framing, and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
 Lutz, Jennifer.

A Spatial Analysis of Civilians Killed by Police in 2015
 Kaminski, Robert., Nix, Justin., Campbell, Bradley. and Alpert, Geoffrey.

A Spatial Analysis of Juvenile Detention in Montana
 McKay, Patrick. and Hollist, Dusten.

A Spatial Analysis of Rape and Sexual Assault Discussions on Twitter
 Stubbs-Richardson, Megan., Harris, Colleen. and Haynes, Stacy.

A Spatial Exploration of Police Use of Force Incidents in a Mid-Sized Western City
 Barthe, Emmanuel., Garrick, Jena. and Leone, Matthew.

A State of Disruption: Crime Control, Social Welfare Policy, and the Construction of “Carceral Citizenship"
 Miller, Reuben.

A Stimulating Experience: An Examination of Non-prescription Amphetamine Use in United States High School Students
 Fera, Beth.

A Study of College Students' Perceptions of Sexual Assault
 Yeh, Yenli.

A Study of Criminal Social Networks in the Federal Justice System
 Ranson, Matthew., Radakrishnan, Sharmini. and Swan, Holly.

A Study of How Police Can Increase Collective Efficacy
 DeCarlo, John. and Dlugolenski, Eric.

A Sword Never Kills Anybody: A Rational Choice Analysis of Run-over Terrorist Attacks in Israel
 Perry, Simon., Hasisi, Badi. and Perry, Gali.

A Synthesis of the Emerging Literature on Gunshot Detection Technology
 Vasquez-Noriega, Carla. and Gurvis, Annie.

A Systematic Literature Review of Reentry Practices for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
 Ferone, Jennifer.

A Systematic Review of GST’s Conditioning Hypothesis
 Swagar, Nic.

A Systematic Review of Parenting Interventions for Incarcerated Mothers
 Tremblay, Monique.

A Systematic Review of the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders
 Belur, Jyoti., Thornton, Amy., Tompson, Lisa., Sidebottom, Aiden., Johnson, Shane., Bowers, Kate. and Tilley, Nick.

A Test of Competing Hypotheses: Using Boost and Flag Variables to Predict Crime
 Perenzin, Amber., Ratcliffe, Jerry. and Taylor, Ralph.

A Test of Focal Concerns Theory: Gender and Racial Disparity in Weapons Sentencing
 Hobbs, Ashley. and Elis, Lori.

A Test of Macro Level Strain Theory on the Variation in Offending Between Schools
 Sandahl, Julia.

A Theory of Use of Force Review
 Thacher, David.

A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Model of Representing Criminal Defendants with Traumatic Brain Injury
 Lynch, Alison. and Perlin, Michael.

A Thinning Blue Line: The Changing Landscape of Policing in Vancouver
 Dawson, Stephanie. and Davies, Garth.

A Thirty-year Follow-Up on the “Cycle of Violence”
 Widom, Cathy.

A Time Series Analysis of Police Reporting Behavior of Gender and Victim/Offender Relationship-Specific Crimes, NCVS 1994-2014.
 Bachman, Ronet., Becker, Patricia., Mancik, Ashley. and Pugh, Brandie.

A Typology of Gang Members’ Social Networks and their Relationship to Desistance from Crime and Gangs
 Cahill, Meagan. and Roman, Caterina.

A Typology of Market Sellers of Endangered Wildlife in Peru
 Leberatto, Antony.

A Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist's Perspective
 Janda, Karen.

A Wrinkle (Over) Time: County-Level Predictors of an Aging Population Sentenced to Prison in Florida from 1980 to 2010
 Scaggs, Samuel., Widdowson, Alex. and Bales, William.

A modified experimental audit of criminal records and college admissions
 Stewart, Robert. and Uggen, Christopher.

A network of neighborhoods: Predicting crime trips in a large Canadian city
 Boivin, Rémi.

A penetrated space: At the threshold of propriety, sexual practice and the public
 Fanghanel, Alexandra.

A study of detection time period of information theft incidents in public organizations
 Kim, Jeong Hyun.

A test of the effects of social disorganization on the occurrence of property crime in South Africa’s most urbanized province.
 Porter, Jeremy., Hiropoulos, Alexandra. and Metla, Valeria.

Abandoned and Betrayed: A System of Illusions, Window Dressing and Harm?
 Stanulis, Robert., Brown, William. and McElroy, Gerrad.

Abolition from the Inside Out: National Work Stoppage in the U.S.
 Hackett, Colleen. and Turk, Ben.

Abolitionism as a Foundation for an Academic Department
 Arford, Tammi. and Saleh-Hanna, Viviane.

Academic Complicity in Police Militarization
 Kraska, Peter.

Access to Counsel: The Determination of Eligibility for Counsel in Upstate New York
 Clark, Alyssa. and Davies, Andrew.

Access to Justice in Short-Term Detention
 Bowman, Blythe.

Accounting for Youth Violence: The Moderating Influence of Race and Gender on the Relationship between Neighborhood Disorganization and Micro-Level Strain Processes
 Antunes, Maria Joao. and Manasse, Michelle.

Accounts of Formerly Incarcerated Pregnant Women’s Medical Experiences in Prison
 Rodriguez Carey, Rebecca.

Acculturation and Violence-Related Attitudes among College Students
 Devoto, Sarah.

Accumulating (Dis)advantage: Do Social Bonds Mediate the Relationship between Multiple Childhood Adversities and Persistent Offending?
 Humphrey, Tamara. and Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin.

Achieving Masculinity Through Violence: An Examination of Anti-Homeless Bias Homicides
 Allison-Gruenewald, Kayla.

Across the Universe? A Comparative Analysis of Violent Radicalization Across Three Offender Types with Implications for Criminal Justice Training and Education
 Horgan, John.

Active Shooter Events from 2000 to 2016: Findings and Policy Implications.
 Shaw, Callie.

Active Shooters: A Typology and Process
 Daly, Sarah.

Active Versus Passive Approaches to Whistleblowing
 Simpkins, Dainius. and Henderson, Kelsey.

Activist, Criminal, or Viking? Contested Images of the Soldiers of Odin
 Castle, Tammy.

Actual Costs of Bystander Intervention in Street Violence: A Multilevel Analysis
 Heinskou, Marie. and Liebst, Lasse.

Actual Innocence and Post-Conviction Procedures
 Senn, Samantha.

Adaptations and Supports: The gendered context of parenthood and crime for at-risk young adults
 Boonstoppel, Sarah.

Addicts Can Change: On the Nuts and Bolts of Establishing a Drug Court
 Krueger, Janelle. and Kuhlmann, Annette.

Addressing Boundaries on the Inside
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann.

Addressing Differences Through Sameness: An Examination of an Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Program and the Diverse Experiences of Female Perpetrators Who Are Mandated to Attend
 Poon, Julie.

Addressing Gender-Specific Risk Factors to Reduce Aggression in Girls Through the SNAP Program
 Bernier, Jennifer. and Campbell, Robin.

Addressing Health Disparities Through Critical Health Literacy With Inmates
 Kelly, Patricia. and Ramaswamy, Megha.

Addressing Mental Health Problems at Crime Hot Spots: A Demonstration Project of a Police and Mental Health Professional Outreach Program
 White, Clair., Weisburd, David. and Goldberg, Victoria.

Addressing Myths Associated with Sex Crimes and Sex Offenders
 Vandiver, Donna. and Braithwaite, Jeremy.

Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus: An Evaluation of a Bystander Intervention Program
 Cook, Carrie. and Graham, Jennifer.

Addressing the Myths about the Impact of Transitioning to Incident-Based Crime Reporting
 Burch, Andrea. and Cooper, Alexia.

Adjudicated Youths and Special Needs Myths
 Mims, Bethany.

Adolescent Delinquent Behavior and Job Search Support
 Carter, Angela.

Adolescent Routine Activities and Deviance: A Cross-National Study Across Thirty Countries
 Kelley, Erin. and Vazsonyi, Alexander.

Adolescent and Teenage Dating Violence Victim Protection: A Review of Domestic Violence Legislation
 Motley, Shantae. and Jackson, Robin.

Adolescent daytime sleepiness as a risk factor for adult crime
 Raine, Adrian. and Venables, Peter.

Adoption and Implementation of Bystander Programs for Violence Prevention on College Campuses (McBEE)
 Davidov, Danielle., Coker, Ann., Bush, Heather., Fisher, Bonnie. and Clear, Emily.

Adrenocortical Activity and Aggressive Behavior in Children
 Bender, Doris., Loesel, Friedrich. and Stemmler, Mark.

Adult Prisoner Re-entry: Significance, Roadblocks, and Understanding
 Tscherne, Danielle., Tucker-Gail, Kasey., Lilley, David. and Stewart, Megan.

Adult-onset offending: A case for pre-charge diversion
 Thompson, Carleen., Broidy, Lisa. and Stewart, Anna.

Advances in Crime Prevention Evaluation: Developing a Fully Fledged Cost-Benefit Analysis
 Burssens, Dieter.

Advancing and Testing the Interactive Gang Enhancement Model of Delinquency
 Ward, Jeffrey. and Augustyn, Megan.

Advising to Retain Students in the New Millennium
 Barton, Shannon., Behem, Travis. and Burns, Jonathon.

Advocates for Risk: The Rise of the Criminal Record in the United States, 1900-1940
 Brackett, Charles.

Advocating for Victims: the Challenges of Being Insiders and Outsiders
 Stafford, Teresa. and Simmons, Marya.

Aesthetically Pleasing?: The Portrayal of Botched Lethal Injections in the American Media
 Soliman, Ann. and Westlake, Bryce.

African American Crime in the NFL: Does the NFL Have a Crime Problem?
 White, Devonte.

African American Females from Grade School to the Academe: Underestimated, Undervalued and Marginalized
 White-Lewis, Elvira.

African Americans and the Constitution: More Than Just Law
 Reasons, Charles.

After Mississippi Hustle: Corruption in the Mississippi Department of Corrections
 McElreath, David., Doss, Daniel., Jensen, Carl., Mallory, Stephen., Wigginton, Michael., McElreath, Leisa. and Lyons, Terry.

Against the Tide: Legislative Reasons to Constrain the Use of Residency Restrictions
 Comartin, Erin., Williams, Monica. and Lytle, Robert.

Age Structure, Disengaged Youth, and Race/Ethnicity-Specific Violence: Unravelling the Macro-level Age-Crime Paradox
 Feldmeyer, Ben., Harris, Casey., Steffensmeier, Darrell. and Shafer, Jillian.

Age of Onset of Marijuana Use: Consequences for Rural and Urban Youth
 Briddell, Laine.

Age-80 Follow-Up of the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study: Preliminary Findings on Offending and Death
 Welsh, Brandon., Zimmerman, Gregory. and Zane, Steven.

Agency and Structure in Processes of Desistance
 Farrall, Stephen.

Aggression Management Treatment among Virginia’s Institutionalized Juveniles
 Binford-Weaver, Robin., Schneider, Jessica. and Miller, Jared.

Aging Out of the Child Welfare System: Assessing the Impact of Group Home Placement on Economic Hardship, Substance Abuse, and Criminality
 Domanico, Rose.

Aging Out of the Graffiti Subculture
 Downing, Steven. and MacDiarmid, Laura.

Aid-in-Dying Legal Reform: An Analysis of Three Countries
 Dombrink, John.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones
 Montgomery, Jasmine.

Alcohol Consumption among Turkish Adolescents: An Empirical Test of General Strain Theory
 Orak, Ugur. and Solakoglu, Ozgur.

Alcohol Outlets and Street Robbery: Considering Time of Day and Property Use Covariates
 Kawaguchi, Riku. and Smith, William.

Alcohol Use and Its Effects on Academic Performance on University-level Students
 Kanyuh, Charlotte., Beck, Victoria. and Rose, Chris.

Alcohol Use and Sexual Violence Case Attrition: Outcomes in 6 Jurisdictions in the U.S.
 Williams, Linda., Pattavina, April. and Morabito, Melissa.

All Lives Matter: Health Care Needs of Women Prisoners
 Zaitzow, Barbara. and Pelligrino, Nicole.

All Volunteer, Naïve, or Coerced Enlistment? An Analysis of Participation Voluntariness and Program Knowledge in Veterans Treatment Courts
 Baldwin, Julie. and Kienzle, Megan.

All in the Game: The Influence of Social Networks and Geography on Conflicts among Camorra Clans
 Berlusconi, Giulia., Calderoni, Francesco. and Dugato, Marco.

Alternatives to Exclusionary School Discipline: Addressing Barriers to Implementation of Evidence-Based Strategies
 Hirschfield, Paul. and Kupchik, Aaron.

American and British Policy: A Comparison of Community Sentiment Toward Sex Offense Legislation Across the Pond
 Levenson, Jill. and Zgoba, Kristen.

An Aetiology of Violence. Can intrinsic aspects of violence add to our understanding?
 Pleysier, Stefaan. and Verdonck, Evi.

An Analysis and Categorization of U.S. Supreme Court Cases Under the Exigent Circumstances Exception to the Warrant Requirement
 Jia, Di., Spooner, Kallee. and del Carmen, Rolando.

An Analysis and Comparison of State-Level Victim Services Needs Assessments
 Gillespie, Lane., Growette Bostaph, Lisa., King, Laura. and Goodson, Amanda.

An Analysis of Chicago Public Schools (2011-2015)
 Green, Cherrell.

An Analysis of Crime Rate Narratives in Police Annual Reports
 Lomell, Heidi.

An Analysis of State Statutes on Capital Juror Disqualification
 Updegrove, Alexander. and del Carmen, Rolando.

An Analysis of the Labeling of Domestic and International Terrorists and their Integration into Society
 Riddell, Alyxandra.

An Analysis of the Traditional Method of Interview in the Brazilian Criminal Courts from the Perspective of the Cognitive Interview
 Araujo, Renan.

An Application of Agent Based Modeling to the Age-Crime Relationship
 Cornelius, Caitlin. and Gore, Ross.

An Application of Causal Mediation Analysis on the Theory of Procedural Justice and the Legitimacy of the Police
 Posch, Krisztián.

An Argument Against the ‘Recidivist Premium’: Taking into Account Deep Social Disadvantage and the Far-Reaching Effects of Collateral Consequences
 Wulff, Stephen.

An Argument in Support of a Tenure-Teaching Track
 Rikhimova-Sommers, Elena.

An Assessment of Alternative Explanations of Adolescent Weapon Carrying
 Taylor, Terrance., Melde, Chris. and Esbensen, Finn-Aage.

An Assessment of Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in the Mississippi Delta
 Morris-Francis, Sherill., McGee-Cobbs, Rochelle. and Elechi, O. Oko.

An Assessment of Removable Alien Recidivism Following Removal From the United States By Federal Immigration
 Hickman, Laura. and Wong, Jennifer.

An Assessment of the Conceptualization of Financial Cybercrime as Organized Crime
 Leukfeldt, E. Rutger., Lavorgna, Anita. and Kleemans, Edward.

An Assessment of the Extent of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Across the U.S. Universities
 Shariati, Auzeen.

An Assessment of the Impact of 'Sanctuary' Policies and Anti-Immigrant Legislation on Crime Rates in Traditional, New, and Re-Emerging Immigrant Destinations
 Martinez, Daniel. and Martinez-Schuldt, Ricardo.

An Ecological Model of Physical Assault Perpetration and Victimization Among University Students in China
 Xue, Jia.

An Empirical Examination of GST and Suicidal Ideation amongst Police Officers
 Roth, Kelly. and Moschgat, Robert.

An Empirical Focus on Low Level Offenses: A Call to Action
 Jones, Nikki., Weisburd, David. and Brunson, Rod.

An Empirical Test of the "School-to-Prison Pipeline"
 Martinez-Prather, Kathy., McKenna, Joseph. and Lentz, Theodore.

An Environmental Examination of Oklahoma City's Revitalization
 Stoneberg, Danielle.

An Ethnonarrative Approach to Arts-Based Programming for Marginalized Youth
 Vibert, Amber.

An Evaluation of OVW’s Sexual Assault Justice Initiative: Improving Prosecutor Performance Measures
 Lim, Nelson., Cahill, Meagan. and Greathouse, Sarah.

An Evaluation of Seattle’s Drug Market Initiatives
 Hibdon, Julie. and Telep, Cody.

An Evaluation of the City of Sarasota Police Department’s Drug Market Intervention
 Ngo, Fawn. and Grosholz, Jessica.

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Electronic Monitoring Technologies at Various Stages of the Criminal Justice System
 Dhungana Sainju, Karla., Baker, Ashley., Baggaley, Katherine., Filippelli, Vanessa. and Minassian, Tamar.

An Evaluation of the Success Mindset Program: Success Laventille Secondary School, Trinidad and Tobago
 Patten, Meredith. and Cleghorn, Leah.

An Examination Into Veterans' Likelihood of Recidivism in Florida
 Borkowski, Elizabeth. and Bales, William.

An Examination of 2015 Controlled Substance Exonerations in Harris County
 Satterwhite, Keith. and Gilmore, Elizabeth.

An Examination of Collective Efficacy and Broken Windows in an Emergent Gang City
 Costa, Elise., Hoffman, Damian. and Krohn, Marvin.

An Examination of Data on Police Vehicle Pursuits
 Reaves, Brian.

An Examination of Officer Perceptions of Body-Worn Cameras
 Hastie, Luke., Lopez, Elizabeth. and Hays, Stephanie.

An Examination of Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intent among Public Safety Staff
 Bonner, Heidi. and Davidson, Megan.

An Examination of Prison Health Worker Professional Identification
 Stephenson, Amber. and Bell, Nicolette.

An Examination of Radicalization Scholarship
 McNeel, Hillary.

An Examination of Reentry and Recidivism Rates for Jail Inmates with Mental Health Diagnoses
 Garman, Julie., Foxall, Mark. and Sample, Lisa.

An Examination of Risk Variables in Solo Offending and Co-Offending Female Sexual Offenders
 Marshall, Ethan. and Miller, Holly.

An Examination of Sexting Laws Nationally
 Tomlinson, Tiffaney.

An Examination of Social Movement in Latin America: A Divergent Hyperreality in Venezuela
 Parra, Michelle.

An Examination of Strangulation Cases in the Criminal Justice System
 Wilkes, Nicole.

An Examination of Successful and Unsuccessful Terrorist Attacks in the United States Perpetrated by Far-right Extremists and al-Qaeda and Associated Movements
 Klein, Brent., Gruenewald, Jeff. and Chermak, Steven.

An Examination of the Effects of Race, Gender, and Prior Record on Juvenile Court Outcomes
 Beaudry-Cyr, Maude. and Leiber, Michael.

An Examination of the Extralegal Correlates of Juvenile Incarceration
 Psick, Zachary.

An Examination of the Impact of Romantic Relationships on Cost Perceptions and Criminal Intentions
 Niebuhr, Nicole. and Bouffard, Jeff.

An Examination of the Mechanisms Underlying the Personality Trait-Offending Relationship
 Loftus, Zachary.

An Examination of the Relationship between Social Learning and Drug and Alcohol use among Rural High School Students
 Alvarez-Rivera, Lorna., Capece, Michael., Glenn, Kamala. and Hochschild, Thomas.

An Examination of the Relationship between Substance Use Disorders, Specific Criminal Thinking Styles, and Recidivism in a Jail Sample
 Lutgen, Laura. and Guastaferro, Wendy.

An Examination of the Relative Effects of Juvenile Dispositions on Offending Trajectories
 Lee, Daiwon.

An Examination of the Risk Factors for Gang Membership Among Jamaican Youth
 Jackson, Asheka.

An Examination of the Social Policy of Marijuana
 Marshall, Dwayne.

An Examination of the “Bedroom Rapist”
 Ensslen, Katherine. and Beauregard, Eric.

An Experimental Evaluation on the Effect of Integrating Opioid Treatment into Reentry Services
 Hyatt, Jordan., Bucklen, Bret., Bell, Nicolette. and Barnes, Geoffrey.

An Exploration of Applying the ‘Power Few’ Concept to the Policing of Domestic Abuse Perpetrators
 Watkinson, Charlotte.

An Exploration of Developmental Trajectories among Children and Adolescent involved in Sexually Abusive and Sexual Violent Behaviors
 Chouinard Thivierge, Stephanie., Lussier, Patrick., Nadeau, Danielle. and Lacerte, Denis.

An Exploration of Restorative Justice Practices in British Columbia, Canada
 Janisch, Roy.

An Exploratory Analysis of Revenge Porn among College Students
 Hilinski-Rosick, Carly. and Branch, Kathryn.

An Exploratory Analysis of Social Distance, Cognitive Distortions, and Delinquency among African American Youth
 Jones, Chenelle.

An Exploratory Assessment of Students’ Perceptions of School Climate and Its Relationship with Victimization at School
 Bryson, Sara. and Childs, Kristina.

An Exploratory Study of Sustained Friendship and Criminal Activity Across the Life-Course
 Warren-Gordon, Kiesha. and Brown, Michael.

An Implementation and Process Evaluation of the Louisiana 22nd Judicial District’s Behavioral Health Court
 Khey, David. and Miller, J. Mitchell.

An In-Depth Approach to the Link between Biological Factors, Psychopathy, and Criminological Theories
 Lewis, Richard., Boisvert, Danielle., Armstrong, Todd., Franklin, Travis., Wells, Jessica., Woeckener, Matthias. and Cooke, Eric.

An In-depth Analysis of Domestic Violence Through the Use of Case Studies
 Solinas-Saunders, Monica. and Tsataros, Danny.

An Integrated Approach to Combating Art Crime
 Hadjitofi, Tasoula.

An Integrated Learning-Opportunity Theory of Deviance: Testing for Differences and Similarities between Sex and Race Groups
 Gillespie, Wayne.

An International Perspective on the Moderating effect of Alcohol on the Relationship between Impulsivity, Misogyny, and Sexual Aggression
 Tibbs, Jessie., Schlosser, MJ., Low, Elizabeth., Tuliao, Antover., Scalora, Mario. and McChargue, Dennis.

An Intersectional Focus Group Study of Participants in Jail-To-Community Reentry Program Who Did Not Complete the Program
 Calderon, Lisa., Mgbolu, May. and Belknap, Joanne.

An Investigation For The Factors Affecting Fear Of Terrorism In Turkey
 Alac, Ali.

An Ode to Delbert Tibbs
 Tibbs, Mahalia.

An Ounce of Prevention: Opportunity Structures for White-Collar Crime in Environmental Markets
 Gibbs, Carole. and Pugh, Denzel.

An Overview of Governance and Criminality in Nigeria: From 1985-2015
 Ebbe, Obi.

An Overview of the Equality Indicators Tool
 Chapman-Brown, Shawnda., Lawson, Victoria. and Kutateladze, Besiki.

An Overview of the Philadelphia Predictive Policing Experiment
 Ratcliffe, Jerry.

An Overview of the Training Pilot
 Packham, Daniel., Quinton, Paul., Alexandrou, Banos., Giacomantonio, Chris., Miller, Joel. and Sutherland, Alex.

An Overview of the What Works in Reentry Clearinghouse: Design and Methodology
 Thomson, Chelsea.

An examination of within and between family influences on the intergenerational transmission of violence and maltreatment
 Valgardson, Bradon. and Schwartz, Joseph.

Analyses of Clean Water Act Violations by Major-Discharging Firms in Four Industries
 Bernstein, Justin.

Analysing Treatment Integrity in Police Involved Randomized Controlled Trials: Drawing Lessons for Evidence-Based Policing
 Neyroud, Peter.

Analysis of Risk Assessment for Juvenile Offenders
 Ho, Taiping.

Analyzing Alternative Education Programs: Utilizing Schools’ Protective Capacity to Build Resilience among At-Risk Youth
 Lafferty, Robin.

Analyzing extremism on Tor using social network analysis through automated data capture.
 Monk, Bryan., Mitchell, Julianna. and Frank, Richard.

Anger and Exposure to Extremist Propaganda as a Predictor of Aggression
 Shortland, Neil. and Goh, SuYoong.

Animal Rights Activists as Terrorists: The Impact of Surveillance on the Animal Rights Movement
 Boyer, Cassandra.

Anonymous, Hactivism, and Gender
 McGovern, Virginia.

Another Paradox? Symmetric Versus Directed Intimate Partner Violence in Latino Immigrant Neighborhoods
 Soller, Brian. and Kuhlemeier, Alena.

Another Ride on the Nurture-Nature Merry-Go-Round: Pedophila and the Neurology of Morality
 Cucolo, Heather.

Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces and Levels of Law Enforcement Activity
 Huff-Corzine, Lin., Sacra, Sarah., Corzine, Jay., Strohacker, Emily. and Francis, Brielle.

Anti-social behaviour: Developing a better understanding of harm
 Thompson, Rebecca. and Tseloni, Andromachi.

Anti-trafficking measures in Cambodia
 Sandy, Larissa.

Antibiotics: The Nexus of State-Corporate Crime in Our Food Supply
 Joseph, Traci.

Anticipating a Twenty First Century Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice
 Blumstein, Alfred.

Any Given Saturday: An examination of Football and Crime on a College Campus
 Devillier, Bryant.

Appetite and Control: Thick Desire, Crimino-legal Settings, and Sex-Positive Criminological Theory
 Wodda, Aimee.

Apple vs. FBI: Are People’s Perception between Security and Privacy in Line with their Political Stance?
 Kim, Sun Ho. and Yang, Leo.

Application of General Strain Theory to the Ultimate Health Outcome – Death
 Cossman, Ronald., Keith, Shelley. and James, Wesley.

Application of Routine Activity Theory to Cybercrime Victimization among College Students
 Kim, Hyesun., Morreale, Stephen. and Brooks, Robert.

Applying Black’s Behavior of Law Theory to Prosecutorial Charge Reduction Decisions
 Mellom, Douglas.

Applying Evidence-Informed Strategies from High-Income Countries in Lower-Income Settings
 Biddle, Jeremy.

Applying Public Health Tools to Criminal Justice Problems: A focus on violence
 Ryan, Elisabeth.

Applying RTM to Child Maltreatment: Results from 5 Large Cities in Texas
 Bachmann, Michael. and Bachmann, Britt.

Applying Synthetic Control to Evaluate the Impact of Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety on Violent Crime
 Rydberg, Jason., McGarrell, Edmund., Norris, Alexis. and Circo, Giovanni.

Applying Turk’s Conflict Theory to the Evolution of Marijuana Legislation
 Griffin, III, O..

Applying for OJJDP Research Opportunities
 Towery, Keith. and Kelley, Barbara.

Appreciative Inquiry with African American Participants in Drug Court
 Holmes, Bernadette., McClamy, Shelby., Fischer, Michael., Geiger, Brenda. and Edmonds, Doris.

Approaching Diversity Awareness with College Students and the Criminal Justice Population Through Community Engagement
 Koski, Susan.

Approaching the Spatial Dynamics of Desistance: Social Structures and Desistance in England and Israel
 Segev, Dana.

Are All Stops Equal? The Unexplored Gender Dynamics of Proactive Policing Strategies
 Chin, Roger.

Are Children of Rural Migrants More Delinquent than Their Peers? A Comparative Analysis of Delinquent Behaviors in the City of Guangzhou, China
 Liu, Siyu. and Liu, Jianhong.

Are Immigrants Criminals? A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Evidence
 Madero-Hernandez, Arelys., Rojas-Gaona, Carlos., Feldmeyer, Ben. and Peguero, Anthony.

Are Sex Offenders Really Different? A Comparison of Criminal Career Dimensions of Sex Offenders and Non-Sex Offenders in Belgium and the Netherlands
 Blom, Martine., Robert, Luc., Blokland, Arjan., Maes, Eirc. and Pauwels, Lieven.

Are There Gender Differences in the Risk Factors for Delinquency? An Examination of Harris County, TX Juvenile Probationers
 Gehring, Krista.

Are We There Yet? An examination of the viability of “green crime” as a sub-discipline of Criminology
 Samuels-Jones, Tameka.

Are White-Collar Offenders Treated Differently at Sentencing: Contemporary Patterns in White-Collar Sentencing Practices
 Gilberti, Charles.

Are You Safe? Comparing Individuals’ Perceptions with Actual Crime Risk
 Barnum, Jeremy., Marotta, Phillip., Caplan, Joel. and Kennedy, Leslie.

Are the Genes Responsible? Community Members' Perceptions of Genetic Evidence
 Pate, Maggie. and Costa, Elise.

Armed and Vulnerable or Armed and Defensive? Applying GST to LGBQ/SSB School Weapon Carrying
 Button, Deeanna. and Worthen, Meredith.

Armed to Dismantle the Terror Threat
 Ferdinand, Fleur.

Arrest, Incarceration and Relationship Satisfaction, and IPV in Young Adulthood
 Minter, Mallory.

Artful Dodgers: Practitioner Texts, Official Documents and Unreliable Narrators
 Evans, Jonathan.

Arts-in-Corrections: Beyond Traditional Rehabilitative Programming
 Conner, Emma., Gonzalez, Gabriela., Bell, Marina. and Pecenco, Laura.

Assembling Samira and Travel: Understanding Sexual Humanitarianism From the Global South Through Experimental Ethnofictional Filmmaking
 Mai, Nicola.

Assessing Campus Safety Initiatives
 Jehn, Anthony.

Assessing Collateral Consequences Accompanying Sex Offender Registration
 Charles, MiKayla.

Assessing Criminal History Record Quality and Completeness
 Durose, Matthew.

Assessing Disparity in the Federal Court Processing of Immigration Cases
 Beckman, Laura.

Assessing Future Justice Professionals: Experiential Learning of University Students
 Ituarte, Silvina. and Davies, Garth.

Assessing Gaps in Services for Young Victims of Crime
 Foster, Jenna.

Assessing Gender Specific Risk Factors for Sexual Perpetration and Victimization in Prison
 Toto, Sara., Steiner, Benjamin. and Wright, Emily.

Assessing How Technology is Used to Prevent and Respond to School Violence
 Ford, William.

Assessing Perceived Benefits and Uses of Information and Analytic Technologies across Units and Ranks in Multiple Police Agencies
 Happeny, Stephen., Koper, Christopher., Lum, Cynthia. and Willis, James.

Assessing Perceptions of Crime, Disorder, and Quality of Life for a Community Revitalization Effort: Findings from a Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Project
 Panuccio, Elizabeth. and D\'Olivo, Amy.

Assessing Police Legitimacy in Emerging Democracies: The Case of India
 Nalla, Mahesh. and Madan, Manish.

Assessing Street Drug Market Characteristics in Newark, NJ: Is There a Correlation between Churches and Crime?
 Hsu, Ko-Hsin.

Assessing The Impact Of County-Level Factors On Pretrial Detention Decisions
 Williams, Joshua.

Assessing for Racial Disparity in the Use and Effects of Disciplinary Segregation: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis
 Labrecque, Ryan.

Assessing the Affect of Traffic Stops on Calling the Police
 Chenane, Joselyne.

Assessing the Effectiveness of a Multi-faceted and Comprehensive Rehabilitative Reentry Program: Back on Track-Los Angeles
 Chance, Randie., Holsinger, Alex. and Walker, Kevin.

Assessing the Effects of Hot Spots Policing on Non-Hot Spot Areas: Results from a Quasi-Experimental Evaluation
 Koper, Christopher., Lum, Cynthia. and Wu, Xiaoyun.

Assessing the Evidence: Strengths, Limitations, and Building a Stronger Body of Knowledge
 La Vigne, Nancy. and Harvell, Samantha.

Assessing the Impact of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law on Homicide
 Humphreys, David., Gasparrini, Antonio. and Wiebe, Douglas.

Assessing the Influence of Military Presence on Crime Rates in American Communities
 Roles, Rocio.

Assessing the Nature of the Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Maladaptive Outcomes Across the Life Span
 Na, Chongmin.

Assessing the Oversight of State Criminal Investigative Agencies on Law Enforcement Use of Force
 Hyland, Shelley., Taniguchi, Travis. and Hendrix, Joshua.

Assessing the Presence of the Italian Mafias in the World
 Calderoni, Francesco., Berlusconi, Giulia., Garofalo, Lorella., Giommoni, Luca. and Sarno, Federica.

Assessing the Presentation of Ideological Messaging in Extremist Web Forums
 Freilich, Joshua., Holt, Thomas. and Chermak, Steven.

Assessing the Quality of NIBRS Data for Generating Valid and Reliable Estimates of Crime by Place
 Cooper, Alexia. and Martin, Kimberly.

Assessing the Structural Covariates of Race-Specific Crime across Measures of Offending, Arrest, and Victimization
 Painter-Davis, Noah. and Harris, Casey.

Assessing the Utility of NIBRS Data
 Salane, Douglas., Shenkin, Peter., Abdu, Eman. and Gallo, Henry.

Assessing the Utility of Signaling Theory to Understand the Practices of Stolen Data Markets
 Holt, Thomas., Smirnova, Olga. and Hutchings, Alice.

Assessing the Working Relationship between Store Security and Public Law Enforcement Officers: A Store Detective Perspective
 Floridia, Ronald.

Assessing the effectiveness of El Paso’s Safe Start program
 Barnes-Proby, Dionne.

Assessing the effectiveness of interventions for children exposed to violence: Findings from the national evaluation of Safe Start Promising Approaches
 Schultz, Dana. and Jaycox, Lisa.

Assessment of Compliance Commands on Suspect Reactivity and Officer Response.
 Sandel, William.

Assessment of Emotional Literacy Programs: Identifying Recommendations for Applications in the U. S. Correctional System
 Petrosino, Carolyn., Choi, Kyung-shick., Scott, Timothy. and Back, Sinchul.

Assets and Barriers for Providing Coordinated Care to Child and Youth Victims
 Hollist, Dusten., Lommen, Amy. and Camp, Nicole.

Associations Between Incarceration Duration and Depression Among Formerly Incarcerated Black Men in New York City
 Rowell-Cunsolo, Tawandra., Szeto, Betsy. and Mkuu, Rahma.

Associations between Cortisol, Testosterone, and Psychopathic Traits among Adolescents
 Johnson, Al. and Glenn, Andrea.

At the Intersection of Gaming and #BlackLivesMatter: White Policing of Black Cultural Production in Online Communities
 Gray, Kishonna.

Attitudes Toward Drug Policy and Legalization: Does Race Matter?
 Trombley, J..

Attitudes Towards Deviance: Sexual and Non-Sexual Violent Attitudes Across Blacks and Whites
 Mora, Victor.

Attitudes Towards an Asian Officer in the Context of Black Lives Matter
 Dai, Mengyan.

Attitudes about The Criminal Courts: Does Police Contact Affect Youths’ Views of the Criminal Courts?
 Aloisio, Rebekah.

Attitudes about the Criminal Justice System, Collective Efficacy, and Violence Norms and Their Relationship to Gun Violence in Brownsville, Brooklyn
 Jensen, Elise. and Hynynen Lambson, Suvi.

Attitudes to Crime and Criminal Justice
 Mhlanga, Bonny. and Allen, Jennifer.

Attitudes toward Dating Violence: How does sexual identity influence perceptions?
 Crittenden, Courtney., Policastro, Christina. and Eigenberg, Helen.

Attitudes toward LGBTQ: Is it a Personality Trait or Learned Behavior: A Comparative Study
 Terrazas, Aileen., Gutierrez, Jerry., Mendiola, Sergio. and San Miguel, Claudia.

Attitudes toward the Police, Immigration and Terrorism by Race/Ethnicity
 Callanan, Valerie. and Rosenberger, Jared.

Attitudes towards the Sex Offender Registry: A Comparison of Registrants and their Family Members
 Bailey, Danielle. and Klein, Jennifer.

Attractiveness and Perceptions of Blameworthiness
 Blackwell, Brenda., Wareham, Jennifer., Berry, Bonnie. and Boots, Denise.

Attributions of culpability in teacher and student relationships: Does gender and/or sexual orientation matter?
 Meade, Caitlyn. and Powers, Ráchael.

Australia’s Remote Indigenous Communities: Still Under-policed and Over-policed?
 Ransley, Janet.

Awareness and Opportunity: Testing Interactions Between Activity Nodes and Criminal Opportunity in Predicting Crime Location Choice
 Menting, Barbara., Lammers, Marre., Ruiter, Stijn. and Bernasco, Wim.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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