American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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BJS Research on Recidivism
 Markman, Joshua.

BJS's Current and Future Recidivism Initiatives and Research Agenda
 Tsoutis, Anastasios.

Back to the Yards: Revisiting the ASC 1988 "Criminological Tour of Chicago"
 Harada, Yutaka.

Back-End Sentencing: An Exploratory Study of Predictors of Parole Revocation
 Ostermann, Michael. and Hyatt, Jordan.

Background Checks for Firearm Transfers: the Legal Landscape
 Frandsen, Ronald., Karberg, Jennifer. and Mueller, David.

Bad Cops and True Detectives: The Horror of Police and the Unthinkable World
 Linnemann, Travis.

Bad Milk Powder Drives Out Good
 Soudijn, Melvin.

 Sutton, Paul.

Bail as a Proxy for Dangerousness? An Exploration of Bail as Applied to Sex Offenders
 Bruell, Christopher. and Pfeffer, Rebecca.

Bail, Pretrial Detention, and Case Dismissal: Punishment Without Conviction?
 Vilcica, E. Rely.

Baking Bittersweet: Mothers’ Dessert-Making Behind Bars
 Stearns, Ami.

Bakken Oil and Intimate Partner Violence: Findings Related to the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation
 Heitkamp, Thomasine., Baker-Demaray, Twyla. and Legerski, Liz.

Balanced Justice and Support for Problem-Solving Courts
 Atkin-Plunk, Cassandra. and Sloas, Lincoln.

Balancing Criminal Records with Evidence of Rehabilitation in Licensing Decisions
 Denver, Megan.

Balancing Public Safety & Justice: Pretrial Detention and risk of Custodial Sentencing among Defendants ages 16 to 24
 Rempel, Michael., Kerodal, Ashmini. and Spadafore, Joseph.

Balancing Visibility and Invisibility in LGBTI Police Liaison Programs in Three Australian States
 Dwyer, Angela. and Ball, Matthew.

Banal Violence: Re-conceptualizing the Gendered Nature of Defensive Violence Based on Women’s Narratives of Gun Ownership and Self-Defense Training.
 Halkovic, Alexis.

Banishment in Public Housing: Deterrence and Displacement
 Torres, Jose. and Apkarian, Jacob.

Barcelona Study on Sex Offenders: Characteristics and life styles of juvenile sex offenders and non-sex offenders
 Martínez-Catena, Ana., Redondo, Santiago. and Andrés-Pueyo, Antonio.

Bared from Each Other: Why Normative Husbands Remain Married to Incarcerated Wives
 Einat, Tomer.

Barriers to Implementing Naloxone Distribution Programs in Community-Based Substance Abuse and Corrections Programs
 Winstanley, Erin., Sperber, Kimberly. and Manzo, Amber.

Barriers to Implementing the Essential Elements of Mental Health Courts within a Suburban Jurisdiction
 Honegger, Laura.

Barriers to Recruiting and Retaining Indigenous Female Police in Australia
 Fleming, Sheena.

Barriers to Reporting Rape: Lessons Learned from the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline
 Goodman, Kimberly.

Barriers to Successful Reentry: Understanding the Incarceration-Food Insecurity Relationship
 Johnson, Kecia.

Barriers to and Facilitators of Sexual Assault Case Processing: How does the evidence from the sexual assault medical forensic exam factor into the investigation process?
 Cramer, Lindsey., Walsh, Kelly. and Zweig, Janine.

Barrioside: A Growth-Curve Analysis of the Neighborhood Correlates of Murder in East Los Angeles
 Valasik, Matthew. and Reid, Shannon.

Bathroom Graffiti: Writings on the Stall
 Lively, Thomas.

Battered Nation Syndrome: A Response to Threat of Islamic Terrorism
 Alasti, Sanaz. and Fakhravar, Amir.

Be Like Barbra Walters, Linking Traditional Methods to Police Victimization Research
 Muir, Breanne.

Becoming Defensible Data: The Ontological History of Graffiti In Criminology Research
 Landry, Deborah.

Becoming ‘Smarter’ About Individuals Who Sexually Offend: Research Collaborations between NIJ and the SMART Office
 Garcia, Marie.

Before and After Ban the Box: Employer Responses in Minnesota
 Schneider, Lesley., Uggen, Christopher., Vuolo, Mike. and Lageson, Sarah.

Behavioral Economics, Rational Choice, & Sanction Perception Updating
 Roche, Sean., Pogarsky, Greg. and Pickett, Justin.

Behavioral Responses to Psychological Victimization in Intimate Partner Relationships: Are Responses Gendered?
 Pesta, Racheal., Peralta, Robert. and Novisky, Meghan.

Behavioral versus Attitudinal Climates and their effect on Adolescent Substance Use
 Thrash, Courtney. and Warner, Tara.

Behind the Juvenile Commitment Decline
 Carlock, Arna.

Behind the Walls, Between the Pages: Controlling Knowledge and History in Carceral Spaces
 Martinez, Kyra.

Behind the Wire Fence: Exploring Indigenous Differences in Prisoner Reentry
 Ryan, Nicole.

Belonging in a Risky World: The White Turks Phenomenon After September 11.
 Yorukoglu, Ilgin.

Bending Towards Justice: Perceptions of Justice among Human Trafficking Survivors
 Owens, Colleen.

Bereavement and the Families of Death Row
 Brewer, Krista., Wik, Abigail. and Cochran, John.

Best Practices for Female Reentry Programs: A Case Study of Friends of Guest House
 Rodgers, Jessica. and Senn, Samantha.

Best Practices in Mentoring: Examining the Effectiveness of Mentoring on Reducing Recidivism
 Duriez, Stephanie., Sullivan, Carrie. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Beta Uprising: Aggrieved Male Entitlement and Mass Shootings
 Kennedy-Kollar, Deniese.

Better at Home than in Prison? The Effects of Electronic Monitoring on Recidivism in France
 Henneguelle, Anaïs. and Kensey, Annie.

Between Care and Punishment: Prison Staff Professional Orientations
 Vigna, Ana.

Beyond Ability to Pay: Perceived Fair Treatment and Offender Compliance with Restitution Orders
 Gladfelter, Andrew., Lantz, Brendan. and Ruback, R. Barry.

Beyond Maxwell Street: Minority Street Vending, Segregation & Criminalization in 20th Century Chicago, IL
 Nichols, Clinton.

Beyond Punishment
 Pepinsky, Harold.

Beyond the Big City: The Spatial Inequality of Mass Imprisonment
 Simes, Jessica.

Beyond the Breakfast Club: Variability in the Effects of School Sanctions by School Context
 Wiley, Stephanie. and Slocum, Lee.

Beyond the Employment Dichotomy: An Examination of Protective and Risk Factors by Employment Status
 Bunting, Amanda., McNees Winston, Erin., Staton-Tindall, Michele. and Pangburn, Kevin.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling in Policing: Exploring Invisible Barriers to Achieving Gender Equality
 Silvestri, Marisa.

Beyond the Vignette: Mapping Offender Decision-Making
 Wilson, Theodore., Jessup, James. and Paternoster, Raymond.

Beyond the Water: The Real Problem in Flint, Michigan.”
 Brown, William. and Kaplan, Stephanie.

Beyond “Broken Windows”: How Order Is (And Can Be) Maintained in the Absence and in the Shadow of the Police
 Rowan, Michael.

Bias in Plea Bargaining: Discerning Differences in Attorney Plea Recommendations
 Khogali, Mawia.

Biker Violence as Primitive Warfare
 Lauchs, Mark.

Biker Violence in Florida
 Zurburg, Heather.

Bikes, Bros and Bodies: What we know from the violence
 Bain, Andy.

Biological Father Household Presence and Self-Control: An Emprical Examination of the Evolutionary Socialization Hypothesis
 Moschgat, Robert.

Black & Blue: Competing Social Constructions of Police on Instagram
 Thornhill, Mary.

Black Lives Matter: Police Militarization and Misconduct
 Benitez, Ivan. and Katz, Rebecca.

Black Women as Scapegoats: The Mass Incarceration of Black Men and the Social Stigma of the Welfare Queen
 Grace, Keiondra. and McLaughlin, Olivia.

Black and Biracial: Afro-Latinas, Criminalization, and Inclusion While Centering Black Women
 Gonzalez, Cassandra.

Black and Latino/a Youths’ Police Interactions in Newark, New Jersey
 Pegram, Kashea.

Black is the Color of American Sex Trafficker: Racially Selective Identification and Prosecution of Sex-Trafficking in the United States
 Williamson, Kathleen. and Marcus, Anthony.

Blackness as Threat?: An Examination of the Situation, Emotional, and Physical Effects of Interracial Victimization Using the NCVS
 Owens, Jennifer. and Like, Toya.

Blog to Critical Research: The Journey to Find Collective and Self-Efficacy in a Women's Federal Prison
 Malkin, Michelle.

Blue Views: Qualitative Interviews with Police Officers on Recent High Profile Cases and their Views of the State of Police-Community Relations
 Gilmore, Elizabeth. and Buckler, Kevin.

Blurring the Lines: Making Sense of the Witness vs. Snitch Distinction
 Clampet-Lundquist, Susan. and Carr, Patrick.

Border Violence, the News Media, and the Hispanic Border Community
 Camarillo, Omar.

Born With a Silver Spoon: Media Depictions of Addiction across Race and Class
 Letteney, Kyle.

Both Sides of the Law; Navigating Use of Self in Criminal Justice
 Linn-Walton, Rebecca.

Bourdieu on the Block: New Criminologies of the Street
 Fraser, Alistair.

Bow-Tie Structure in Hacking Networks Core and Periphery positions in hackers’ networks
 Rechavi, Amit., Berenblum, Tamar., Maimon, David. and Ren, Wuling.

Bowed Up and Rowdy! Structural Correlates of County-Level Handgun Concealment in the Lone Star State
 Costanza, S.., Kilburn, John., Bowers, David. and Helms, Ronald.

Brain Correlates of White Collar Crime
 Ling, Shichun., Raine, Adrian., Laufer, William., Schug, Robert. and Yang, Yaling.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Abuse: Story and Counter-Story
 Hydén, Margareta. and Thomas, Grund.

Brevard Attitude Modification Theoretical Framework: The Use of Field Theory & Symbolic Interactionism
 Holton, Jessie., Strohacker, Emily., Whitmire, Trisha. and Wright, Lauren.

Brevard County Public Schools’ School Climate and Safety Initiative
 Childs, Kristina., Gryglewicz, Kim. and Keim, Terri.

Bridging Research and Practice on School Safety: NIJ’s White Papers and Meeting of State Representatives
 Poulin Carlton, Mary. and Frederique, Nadine.

Bridging the Gap: Police and Community
 Glowatski, Krystal.

Bringing Compassion to the Many Colors of Forensic Psychotherapy
 Glenn, Kevin. and Herndon, Taylor.

Bringing Police and Community Closer By Using Smartphone Applications: The Future is Already Here
 Petropoulos, Nikolaos. and Haberfeld, Maria.

Bringing the Classroom to Life: Evaluating Active Learning in a Crime Mapping Course
 Navarro, Jordana.

Building "a beautiful safe place for youth:" An evaluation of a community-led crime prevention process in Seattle
 Gill, Charlotte., Vitter, Zoe. and Weisburd, David.

Building Better Educators: Using Inside/Out Prison Exchange Program as a Teaching Practicum
 Oser, Carrie. and Adair, Allison.

Building Bridges and Opening Doors: An Activist Scholar’s Path to Conducting Cooperative Research with State-level Prison Administrators in the Era of Mass Incarceration
 Borchert, Jay.

Building Effective Partnerships between Universities and State Agencies
 Bales, William.

Building Police Legitimacy: Public Judgments and Police Practices
 McLean, Sarah., Worden, Robert., Dole, Caitlin. and Reynolds, Danielle.

Building Trust and Cooperation with Police using Procedural Justice: The Importance of Police Legitimacy and Law Legitimacy
 Murphy, Kristina. and Madon, Natasha.

Building a Crime Prediction Model: Distinguishing between fast and slow dynamics over various contexts
 Hipp, John. and Bates, Christopher.

Built Environment and Fear of Crime: To Test the Impact of the Presence of Neighborhood Security Systems
 Yuan, Yue.

Bullying Victimization, Body Image, and Youth Suicidality: Findings from the National Longitudinal Survey of South Korea
 Juan, Shao-Chiu., Won, Haemi., Chao, Weng-Fong. and Kuo, Andrew.

Bullying and Violence on the Rolling Hotspot: An Assessment of Behavioral Management Strategies for the School Bus
 Hendrix, Joshua. and Trudeau, James.

Bullying in Nigerian School Settings
 Fenny, Omobolanle.

Burglary Prevention – What We know and What We don’t Know (Yet)
 Wollinger, Gina., Dreißigacker, Arne. and Baier, Dirk.

Business Improvement Areas and Social Services: Negotiating Space in a Revitalizing Neighbourhood
 Kudla, Daniel. and Courey, Michael.

But I’m Not Like a Real Criminal: Accounting for the Ultimate Neutralization
 Brezina, Timothy.

Buying In: Theory and Implementation of Effective Correctional Interventions
 Rose, Kristin. and Christie, Jennifer.

Bystander Intervention in Cyber Harassment Scenarios
 Leili, Jennifer.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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