American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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CATCH Court: Changing Actions to Change Habits—A Preliminary Evaluation Study
 Miner-Romanoff, Karen.

CCTV, Systematic Social Observation, and Understanding Drug Markets: Prospects and Challenges for Research
 Piza, Eric. and Sytsma, Victoria.

CJA’s Release Recommendation System: Recommending Defendants for Pretrial Release in New York City
 Healy, Eoin.

CO’s Versus Administrators: Who is More Cynical?
 Warner, Jessica J.. and Latessa, Edward.

CPS Sucks, but… I’m better off in the System: On Overlooked Systems of State Control
 Moule, Jr., Richard. and Cesar, Gabriel.

Calling the Campus Police: Extending the Procedural Justice Model to Campus Authorities
 Aiello, Michael.

Callous-Unemotional Traits Mediate the Association Between Violence Exposure and Aggressive Offending
 Docherty, Meagan. and Boxer, Paul.

Callous-Unemotional Traits, Interpersonal Victimization, and Recidivism among Justice-Involved Youth
 Kerig, Patricia., Chaplo, Shannon. and Modrowski, Crosby.

Camera-friendly Policing: How the Police Respond to Cameras and Photographers
 Sandhu, Ajay.

Campus Carry and Academic Freedom: A Qualitative Look at Guns in the Classroom
 Benz, Terressa.

Campus Climate Survey Validation Study (CCSVS): Measurement and Validity
 Krebs, Chris., Lindquist, Christine., Langton, Lynn., Planty, Michael., Stroop, Jessica., Berzofsky, Marcus. and Shook-Sa, Bonnie.

Campus Police Perspective on Primary Campus Threats and Officer Preparation
 Cathcart, Katy.

Campus Sexual Assault and the Changing Role of Victim Advocates
 Brubaker, Sarah Jane.

Campus Sexual Assault: An Analysis of Current Canadian University Policies
 Lee, Chelsey. and Wong, Jennifer.

Can Anti-Conflict Prison Programs Reduce Violence Behavior?
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann. and Hartsfield, Jennifer.

Can At-Risk Youth be Diverted from Crime? A Meta-Analysis of Restorative Diversion Programs
 Wong, Jennifer., Bouchard, Jessica., Gravel, Jason., Bouchard, Martin. and Morselli, Carlo.

Can Computer System Environments Influence System Trespassers’ Efforts to Cover Their Tracks In the Attacked System? Findings from Three Randomized Field Trials
 Maimon, David., Testa, Alex., Cukier, Michel., Sobestobso, Bertrand. and Ren, Wuling.

Can Directed Patrol With a Focus on Community Engagement Reduce “Backfire” Effects and Increase Equity?
 Renauer, Brian., Kahn, Kimberly., Mitchell, Renee., Peterson, Christian., Labissiere, Yves., Henning, Kris., Sothern, Sean. and Stewart, Greg.

Can General Strain Theory Explain College Students' Prescription Drug Misuse?
 Montero, Jennifer., Pedalino, Jordan., Stelfox, Victoria., Pepper, Kristen., Lewis, Gabrielle., Beuerman, C.J.. and Frailing, Kelly.

Can Google Street View Reliably Collect Neighborhood Observational Data in International Research?
 Oliveira, Elenice. and Hsu, Ko-Hsin.

Can Mass Incarceration Be Ended Where it Begins? Establishing the Relationship between Pretrial Detention and Prison Commitments
 Henrichson, Christian.

Can Participation in Drug Treatment Courts Reduce Emergency Department Use? An Evaluation.
 Middleton, Meaghan. and Scott, Hannah.

Can Revisiting Thomas Paine Improve our Understanding of Crimes of Empire?
 Klein, Josh.

Can We Use Case Characteristics to Identify the Source of Bias? Further Exploration of Same-Sex Statutory Sex Offense Outcomes
 Saito, Kei.

Can You Lie in Front of a Mirror? An Evaluation of Self-Awareness During an Interrogation
 Yang, Leo., Choi, S. H., Choi, S. E. and Hur, T. K.

Can the Process of Going Straight be Understood as a Queer Experience?
 Backlin, Emy.

Canadian News Media and the Portrayal of the Victim: A Critical Analysis of Media Representations of Online Crime Victims
 Verbora, Antonio. and Ackroyd, Alison.

Cannibis Social Clubs: A Cross-National Comparative Analysis
 Decorte, Tom., Pardal, Mafalda., Queirolo, Rosario., Boidi, Maria Fernanda., Sanchez Aviles, Constanza. and Pares Franquero, Oscar.

Capital Jurors’ Receptivity to Mental Mitigation for Female Defendants with Non-Stereotypic Gender Behavior (Kentucky, Missouri)
 Jochnowitz, Leona.

Capital Punishment Support: Exploring the Effects of Race, Gender, and Empathy
 Hubbell, James., Rad, Jordyn., Godcharles, Brian., Cochran, John., Heide, Kathleen. and Solomon, Eldra.

Capital Punishment as a Salient Issue in the Reelection of Incumbents
 Block, Molly. and Vito, Gennaro.

Capital Punishment for Offenses Committed by Youth: A Population-Based Analysis
 Gur, Oren., Whitson, Hollis., Connolly, Eric., Yarkhan, Adnan., James, Rufus. and Pessoa, Kimberly.

Capturing Resource Deployment Variation During a True Experiment in Micro-Policing and Property Crime
 Taylor, Ralph., Ratcliffe, Jerry., Tyler, Mackenzie. and Naimo, Christopher.

Carbon Criminals, Ecocide and Climate Justice
 White, Robert.

Caregiver Financial Exploitation of Elderly Persons with Disabilities
 Dunkley, Lisa. and Harris, Charlene.

Caretaker Assaults and Crashes into Buildings: An Analysis of Ageist Stereotypes in Media Reports
 Levin, Jack., Rabrenovic, Gordana. and Sattler, Hanna.

Caretaking in the Aftermath of Crime: Women’s Experiences as Offenders’ Families in Contemporary Japan
 Kita, Mari.

Case Management and Coordinated Care for Victims of Human Trafficking: Early findings from a mixed methods process evaluation
 Krieger, Kathleen., Hardison Walters, Jennifer. and Gibbs, Deborah.

Cashlessness and Crime: A Cross-National Investigation of the Association Between Electronic Payment System Use and Instrumental Offending
 Pridemore, William., Roche, Sean. and Rogers, Meghan.

Casting Too Wide a Net? The implication of ‘threats of violence’ on designating dangerousness in Canada: R. v. Steele
 Yule, Alison. and MacAlister, David.

Catch Me If You Can: Patterns and Motives in Serial Killers’ Communications with the Media and Police
 Fennessy, Melissa.

Catching up in crime? Long-term processes of recidivism within the criminal histories of convicted males and females
 Sivertsson, Fredrik.

Categorizing homicides in Brazil: a typology proposal
 Diniz, Alexandre. and Ribeiro, Ludmila.

Celluloid Marys: Discovering and Listening to the Bad Mothers Behind the Criminals in Crime Films
 Miller, Michelle., Hendrix Sloan, Geraldine. and McDermott, M. Joan.

Cesare Lombroso and Art History: The High Renaissance
 West, Kate.

Chains, Crews, The Guys, and the Game: Organized Crime in Western Canada
 Morden, Hilary.

Challenges in Recognizing, Naming, and Disclosing “Forced Marriage”
 Love, Hanna.

Challenges in the Fight against Human Trafficking in Europe: Enhancing the Resilience of State Policy and Practice
 Zyfi, Jona.

Challenges of Penal Abolition
 Litwin, Kenneth.

Challenges to the Borders of the Former Yugoslavia: Trafficking Crimes
 Sikman, Mile., French, Laurence. and Vuković, Mladen.

Challenging Rape Myths in the Classroom
 Kosloski, Anna. and Diamond-Welch, Bridget.

Change Fatigue: Organizational Culture in Probation Amidst Continual Reform and Change
 Hansen, Chris.

Changes in Adolescent Smoking: Self-control and Social Factors?
 Leroux, Ximena.

Changes in Community conditions: Race/Ethnicity and San Antonio Homicides Since 1970
 Iwama, Janice. and Martinez, Ramiro.

Changes in Regional Drug Dealing Networks – Implications of Recent Cryptomarket Developments
 Munksgaard, Rasmus. and Demant, Jakob.

Changes in the Characteristics of Admissions to State Correctional Facilities: 1974-2004
 Krajewski, Andrew., Felson, Richard. and DeMichele, Matthew.

Changes in the Working Alliance Over the Course of Prison-Based Sexual Offender Treatment
 Kane, Brianne. and Blasko, Brandy.

Changes of Reactions to Victimization: From Adolescence to Adulthood
 Gagnon, Analisa.

Changing Aligning Actions: Stigma Management and Deviance Perception in Rodeo and Motorcycle Subcultures
 Taylor, Jim.

Changing Cultural Orientations within Mixed Economy Police Custody Settings: Findings from Phase 2 of the 'Good' Police Custody Study
 Rice, Lindsey. and Skinns, Layla.

Changing Demographics and Drunk Driving in Rural Counties
 Crew, B.. and Gorton, Ronald.

Changing High Risk Group Norms Around Violence in Central City, New Orleans
 Rattler Jr, Gregory.

Changing How Police View Arrest: The Critical Role of Police in Criminal Justice Reform
 Engel, Robin., Corsaro, Nicholas. and Ozer, Murat.

Changing the Face of Policing
 Addison, William.

Characteristics of Line of Duty Death (LODD) Incidents in the U.S., 2010-2015
 Weaver, Greg., Scherer, Jacqueline., Tetzlaff-Bemiller, Melissa. and Huff-Corzine, Lin.

Characteristics of Officer-Involved Killings in 2015: Examining Race and Situational Variables
 Guadalupe-Diaz, Xavier.

Characterization of the Homicide Trends in Metropolitan Region, Chile: How to Understand High Homicide Areas in a Nationwide Low Homicide Rate?
 Salazar, Felipe.

Characterizing Multi-door Criminal Justice
 Gal, Tali. and Dancig-Rosenberg, Hadar.

Characterizing Offender Experiences in the Federal Justice System: An Exploration of Typologies Using the FJSP
 Luallen, Jeremy. and Litwok, Dan.

Charting the Middle Ground: A Bourdieusian approach to violence perpetrated by women
 Batchelor, Susan.

Cherry-picking from a Jar: Welfare Surveillance as Migration Control in the European Union
 Nagy, Veronika.

Chicago Police Department Predictive Policing
 Wernick, Miles. and Lewin, Jonathan.

Child Advocacy Centers: Forensic Interviews of Juvenile Crime Victims
 Sanborn, Beth.

Child Homicide: Comparing Data Sources
 Tetzlaff-Bemiller, Melissa. and Weaver, Greg.

Child Maltreatment and Neighborhood Foreclosures
 Wallace, Danielle. and Chamberlain, Alyssa.

Child Migrants to the U.S.: An Understanding of the Other Side
 Camargo, Esperanza.

Child Removal in Maltreatment Cases: Focal Concerns and the Role of Parent Gender
 Bradley, Mindy. and Crawford, Brandon.

Child Trafficking: How Aware Are We?
 Gross, Sarah.

Childhood Risk Factors for Adolescent Victimization: A Discordant Twin Design
 Beckley, Amber.

Children of Incarcerated Parents: Neighborhood Effects
 Antle, Kelsey. and Krohn, Marvin.

Children's Rights and Juvenile Justice in Australia
 Cunneen, Chris. and Russell, Sophie.

Children's Rights, State Criminality and Settler Colonialism: Violence and Child Arrest in Occupied East Jerusalem
 Nadera, Shalhoub-Kevorkian. and Kovner, Bella.

China: Powerhouse and Resistor of Restorative Justice Reform
 Zhang, Yan.

China's New Counter-Terrorism Legal Framework: A Socio-legal Inquiry
 Li, Enshen.

Chinese Women’s Experience of Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring Factors Affecting Various Types of IPV
 Lin, Kai.

Chronic Discontent, Police Illegitimacy, Bureaucratic Disorganization, and Homicide
 Vaughn, Paige.

Chronic Violent Crime Places and Criminal Opportunities in Newark, New Jersey
 Grossman, Leigh.

Citations of Articles in "Crime and Justice": An Analysis Across the Life Span of a Journal
 Powell, Zachary., Cohn, Ellen., Farrington, David., Iratzoqui, Amaia. and Piquero, Alex.

Citizen Control of the Police in Russia
 Le Huerou, Anne.

Citizen Monitoring Re-Visited: The Impact of Citizen Monitoring on Police Use of Justified Force
 Todd, Hilary.

Civil Forfeiture in Ireland – A Study on Practitioner Perspectives over the Past Two Decades
 King, Colin.

Civil Legal Needs Of Crime Victims In Alaska: A Proposed Partial Agenda For Future Research
 Lepage, Cory. and Rivera, Marny.

Civil Legal Needs of Sexual Assault Survivors
 Nicksa, Sarah. and Palmer, Jane.

Civil Protection Orders: Identifying Factors Associated with a Successful and Longer PO
 Bejinariu, Alexa.

Civilians Killed by Police Pre- and Post-Ferguson: A Time-Series Analysis
 Campbell, Bradley., Nix, Justin. and Maguire, Edward.

Claimsmaking, Child Saving and the Mass Media
 Kohm, Steven.

Class, Corporate Crime and Criminal (In)justice
 Bittle, Steven.

Classification and Regulation of Daily Fantasy Sports
 Koller, Cynthia., Patterson, Laura. and Scalf, Elizabeth.

Classification of Global Lone Wolfs
 Ochie, Charles.

Clean Halls, Broken Windows: Bringing Stop and Frisk Policing Inside New York's Apartment Buildings
 Kovel, Molly.

Clearance Rates as a Function of Sex Offender Registry Implementation
 Tiedt, Andrew., Budd, Kristen. and Bierie, David.

Clergy-Perpetrated Child Sexual Abuse: Techniques of Neutralisation in the Case of John Ellis
 Weir, Bridget.

Client-Centered Representation and the Reconceptualization of the Role of the Appellate Public Defender
 Hussemann, Jeanette., Siegel, Jonah. and Van Hoek, Dawn.

Climate Crimes: The Case of Exxon
 Kramer, Ronald. and Bradshaw, Elizabeth.

Climate and Crime: Rainy Days are Mondays or Hot Saturday Nights?
 Varano, Sean., Schafer, Joseph. and Jarvis, John.

Closing the Gender Gap: Trends in Violent Victimization 1993-2014
 Stewart, Megan., Lilley, David. and Tucker-Gail, Kasey.

Closing the Prison Gender Gap: Examining Female Incarceration Trends
 Rosky, Jeffrey. and Brooke, Erika.

Co-Offending Networks and Recidivism: Evidence from Norwegian Registry Data
 Andersen, Synøve.

Co-Offending and Crime Location Choice
 Lammers, Marre., Menting, Barbara., Ruiter, Stijn. and Bernasco, Wim.

Co-Offending and Offense Severity: An Analysis of Individuals and Groups in the NIBRS Data
 Lantz, Brendan.

Co-production of Police Relevant Research for the Police in Finland
 Virta, Sirpa.

Code Grey: How Prison Leaders Frame, Navigate and Enforce Rules/Policy Within Six U.S. Prisons
 Rudes, Danielle., Magnuson, Shannon. and Blasko, Brandy.

Coercion or Consent? Prisoner Compliance in the Modern British Prison
 Doubleday, Ruth.

Cognitive Decline as a Result of Incarceration and the Protective Effects of Mindfulness: A Randomized Controlled Trial
 Umbach, Rebecca., Raine, Adrian. and Leonard, Noelle.

Cognitive Factors, Contingencies, and Cybercrime in a Cross-National Context: Evidence from Israel and the United States
 Antonaccio, Olena., Louderback, Eric., Berenblum, Tamar. and Maimon, David.

Coherent Arbitrariness in Formal Risk Perceptions: Implications for Deterrence Research
 Hamilton, Benjamin., Thomas, Kyle. and Loughran, Thomas.

Collaborative Efforts with Investigative and Forensic Sciences
 Backes, Bethany.

Collaborative Efforts within Science and Technology
 Ford, William.

Collaborative International Criminal Justice Research: Successful Projects from the U.S. State Department’s Diplomacy Lab
 Lantsman, Leonid.

Collateral Consequences of Exclusionary Discipline
 Sartain, Lauren. and Hinze-Pifer, Rebecca.

Collateral Consequences of Father's Incarceration for Child's Physical Health
 Fry, Sarah. and Parker, Brandy.

Collateral Effects of Gang Membership and Affiliation for Adolescent Females and Males
 Peterson, Dana., Panfil, Vanessa. and Gao, Yu.

Collective Efficacy in Hot Spots of Crime
 Wooditch, Alese., Weisburd, David., White, Clair., Lawton, Brian. and Ready, Justin.

Collective Identities and Police Legitimacy in Europe. The Cases of French and Germany.
 Roché, Sebastian.

Collective Pain: Non-Delinquent Youth’s Perceptions and Lived Experiences with Police Presence, Police Brutality, and #BlackLivesMatter
 Campos-Holland, Ana., Zevallos, Kevin., Perez, Denise., Halpert, Zoe. and Flores, Marisol.

College Students, Gender Orientation, and Interpersonal Violence: An Exploratory Study
 Stewart, Breanna.

College-aged Young Peoples’ Opinions and Perceptions about the Legalization of Medical Cannabis
 McGuffog, Ingrid. and Mikols, Eric.

Colombian National Police & Abstract Empiricism: Conflicting Narratives of Policing Model's Treatment Effect
 Leon, Kenneth.

Color-Conscious Anti-Racism: Bias and Opportunity in the Violent Victimization of Central American Migrants in Long Island, NY
 Marcus, Anthony.

Combating Campus Sexual Victimization Through Legislation: An Analysis of State-Level Legislative Proposals (2015-2016)
 Keener, Steven.

Combating Exploitation and Modern-Day Slavery: A Comparative Analysis of National Characteristics and Human Trafficking Responses
 Tuttle, Olivia. and Miethe, Terance.

Come on now, I want to see blood! Choreographed Violence in US Gang Initiation Rites
 Hansen, Laura.

Coming Back to What? Prisoner Reentry and Marginality
 Smiley, CalvinJohn.

Common Challenges and Solution Strategies for Juvenile Justice Reform: Implementing Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP™) in Ten States
 Chapman, Gabrielle.

Community Adjustment of African American Ex-Offenders
 Rosenberg, Helen.

Community Alternatives to Incarceration in Juvenile Justice: Behavior Change in the Short Term and Long Term
 Schlossman, Michael.

Community Based-Reentry: Risk and Reward of Space and Social Networking
 Smiley, CalvinJohn.

Community Collective Efficacy and Trust in the Police Among Chinese Urbanites
 Wang, Wenjin.

Community Courts and Managerial Justice
 Cheesman II, Fred. and Rottman, David.

Community Custody in Canada: Is There a Gap Between Politics and Judicial Practices?
 Euvrard, Elsa.

Community Factors Affecting Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes
 Roberts, Preston., May, David. and McGee, Jaleitra.

Community Gardens as Organizations to Build Collective Efficacy: A Chicken and Egg Scenario
 Blair, Lesli.

Community Level Violence Prevention: Concept Mapping to Understand Bystanders
 Banyard, Victoria. and Edwards, Katie.

Community Members’ Evaluations of Police-Civilian Interactions
 Khogali, Mawia.

Community Oriented Criminal Justice at Coppin State University, an Urban Historically Black College and University
 Berlin, Michael.

Community Policing in Brazil and Argentina
 Godinho de Souza, Leticia.

Community Policing: European Research Perspectives
 Kersten, Joachim.

Community Support for Body Worn Cameras
 Kopp, Phillip. and Gardiner, Christie.

Community Terrorization: Evaluating the Impact of Civil Gang Injunctions on Networked Violence between the Bloods and the Crips
 Dmello, Jared., Boyd, Britney., Bichler, Gisela. and Norris, Alexis.

Community Voices: (Working and Non-working) Relationships with the Police in the London Borough of Hackney
 Stavisky, Maya.

Community residents’ narratives of violence, safety, and low-level enforcement
 Barrett, Carla. and Welsh, Megan.

Community-Based Interventions for Court-Involved Youth: Investigating Components of Effective Programming
 Hoskins, Kayla., Goodson, Marva. and Dalzell, Erica.

Community-Based Research and Criminal Justice: Integrating a Community Psychology Perspective
 Feeney, Hannah. and Anderson, Valerie.

Community-Level Influences on the Sentencing of Convicted Sex Offenders
 Cassidy, Michael., Rydberg, Jason. and Socia, Kelly.

Community-Police Dialogues Exploring Patterns in Police Use of Deadly Force
 Lea, Suzanne.

Comparative Analysis of Lone Wolf Terrorists
 Ibe, Patrick.

Comparative Analysis of the Literature of Muslim Inmates' Radicalization in Canada and the U.S.A.
 Ammar, Nawal. and Zaidi, Huda.

Comparative Effects of Physical and Non-Physical Control Tactics Within Intimate Partner Sexual Violence
 Kleppe, Anna., Powers, Ráchael. and Cochran, John.

Comparative Jjuvenile Justice: From Global Human Rights Standards to Sub-national Practices
 Goldson, Barry.

Comparative Perspectives on Discretionary Capital Sentencing
 Novak, Andrew.

Comparative Qualitative Case Studies of Gang Members and Terrorist Perpetrators
 LaFree, Gary., Pyrooz, David. and Decker, Scott.

Comparative Study of Juvenile Repeat Bully Victimizations in South Korea and U.S.: A Longitudianal Study
 Park, Seong-min., Lim, Hyungjin. and Cho, Yeok-il.

Comparative/International Research on Women and Crime: A Review of Conference Presentations and Specialty Journals
 Kim, Bitna. and Merlo, Alida.

Compared To What? The Relative Concentration of Crime at Places and its Implications
 Eck, John., Lee, YongJei., O, SooHyun. and Martinez, Natalie.

Comparing Al Qaeda and Islamic State: Similarities and Differences
 Guler, Ahmet.

Comparing Different Methodological Approaches in Identifying Gang/Group Membership
 Magee, Lauren. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Comparing Directed Patrol and Offender and Citizen Contacts in Micro-Time Hot Spots: Blind RCT Results
 Santos, Rachel. and Santos, Roberto.

Comparing Health & Needs, Perceptions of Work, and Expectations for the Future among Sex Workers & Sexually Trafficked Youth
 Wagner, Brooke., Whitmer, Jennifer. and Dassopoulos, Andrea.

Comparing Interpersonal Bullying and Cyberbullying Victimization
 Hutzell, Kirsten. and Payne, Allison.

Comparing Missouri Prison Policies: Treatment of Gay Offenders
 Urban, Victoria. and Chenault, Scott.

Comparing Organizational Goals, Structure, and Legal Authority between Canadian and U.S. Police Oversight Agencies
 Rosenthal, Richard.

Comparing Victim/Witness Procedures: USA vs. Poland
 Mlicka-Anderko, Joanna.

Comparing and Contrasting the Formal and Informal Crime Views of Nigerian and U.S. College Students
 Lambert, Eric., Elechi, O. Oko., Baker, David., Khondaker, Mahfuzul. and Jiang, Shanhe.

Comparing the Geospatial Patterns of Crime Incidents Using Police Incident Reports and Victimization Survey Reports
 Lee, Sung., Circo, Giovanni. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Comparison of Honor Crimes and Domestic Homicides Committed by the Far-Right
 Hayes, Brittany., Freilich, Joshua. and Chermak, Steven.

Compassion Fatigue in Police: An Analysis of its Prevalence and Connection to Organizational Efficacy
 DeCarlo, John., Grant, Heath. and Kleis, Katherine.

Complaining while Black: Racial Disparities in the Adjudication of Complaints Against the Police
 Faber, Jacob. and Kalbfeld, Jessica.

Complaints of Police Misconduct
 Ingram, Jason. and Terrill, William.

Components of Effective Crime Enforcement and Prevention
 Greene, Jack. and Gramckow, Heike.

Conceptualizing Persistent Offending
 Whitten, Tyson., McGee, Tara. and Homel, Ross.

Conceptualizing and Understanding Organized Crime: Life narrative, ethnography and case study approach
 Arsovska, Jana.

Concerning Consent
 Daskalou, Manos. and Bowles, Paula.

Conditioning Influences on Strain-Crime Nexus among Chinese Incarcerated Women
 Liu, Lin.

Conduct Violations among Juveniles in an Adult Prison System
 Rodriguez, Frank., Sorensen, Jon. and Rodriguez, John.

Conducting Surveillance: Undergraduate Criminal Justice Students’ Use and Views of Social Media
 Leott, Yolanda. and Leott, Angel.

Cones of Silence
 Moore, Janet.

Conflict, Complexity, and Hung Juries
 Mintz, Stephanie.

Conflicting Views and Cultural Differences of Community Policing in Europe
 Leonhardmair, Norbert.

Confronting Issues of Legal Cynicism: Law Enforcement’s Role in Impeding Community Expectations for Informal Social Control
 Block, Michelle. and Warner, Barbara.

Confronting the Overlook: Speaking Out and Uncovering the Relationships Between Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse
 Fabish, Gabriella.

Congress as a Deviant Organization
 Peoples, Clayton. and Sutton, James.

Connecting Active Shooter Offender & Incident Characteristics: Do Different Types of Offenders Commit Different Types of Incidents?
 Osborne, Jeffery. and Salfati, C..

Connecting Bourdieu’s Field Theory with Cultural Criminology
 Prieur, Annick.

Connecting Peoples’ Perceptions and Interactions in Courts: An Intersectionality, Procedural Justice and Legal Consciousness Approach
 Paik, Leslie.

Connecting the Dots: Impact of Trauma on Juvenile Delinquent Behavior
 Child, Holly. and Newport-Berra, McHale.

Connecting to the Community
 Maschi, Tina.

Consent, Coercion, Cooperation, and Credibility: An Examination Of Police Referrals For Prosecution In Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Of A Minor Cases
 Myrstol, Brad.

Considering Incentives in Money Generating Activities among an Incarcerated Sample
 Nguyen, Holly., Staff, Jeremy., Zajac, Gary., Kreager, Derek. and Loughran, Thomas.

Considering Juvenile Institutions in Prison Abolition Dialogues
 Martensen, Kayla.

Conspiracy to Convict: Prosecutorial Misconduct in Orleans Parish
 Campbell, Kathryn.

Constrained Agency: Gender and Finding Opportunities for Advancement in Policing
 Morabito, Melissa. and Shelley, Tara.

Constructing Child Kidnap Murders in the Media : Analyzing the Jones and Zhang Cases
 Fleming, Thomas.

Constructing Pain, Coalescing Power: Discipline in Penal Architecture
 Frazier, Jordan.

Constructing Small Groups which Engage Students in Discussing Difficult Justice Topics: An Experience Based Approach
 Barnes, Allan.

Constructing Social Networks from the Boston Special Youth Project Data
 Young, Jacob.

Constructing Victimhood: The Role of the Media in Framing the American Indian
 Campagna, Lena.

Constructing Whiteness: Identity and Imagery in the Legal Battle of State of Florida v. Casey Anthony
 Lawrence, Faraasa.

Constructing the Ghetto: A Discourse Analysis of Urban Ethnographies
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre. and Lynn, Vanessa.

Constructing the Muslim Refugee: Analysis of Image and Text in Hungarian News Media
 Radeva, Aleksandrina.

Constructing the “Dangerous Dog”: Nonhumans, Criminality, and Hierarchies of Violence
 Smith, Jeremy.

Contemporary Death Penalty Issues: New Dimensions/international Perspectives
 French, Laurence.

Contemporary Juvenile Justice Policy and Practice: Australia, England and Wales
 Schwartz, Melanie.

Content Analysis of Illegally Downloaded Films: What is being downloaded and prevention suggestions / strategies.
 Nazaretian, Zavi.

Contested Bodies, Contested Knowledge: Museal representations of prostitution
 Ystehede, Per.

Contesting Managerialism: How Economics Supplanted the Social in the Discourse on Prison Privatization
 Burkhardt, Brett. and Oliver, Pamela.

Context Matters: Examining Mass Shootings and the Role of County and State Level Correlates
 Schildkraut, Jaclyn., Lee, Rachel., Elsass, H. Jaymi. and Carr, Collin.

Contextual Factors and Trust in the Police in a Small City
 Lee, Heeuk., Kim, David. and Woo, Youngki.

Continuing The Conversation: Cops, Cameras And Community In The Digital Age
 Ellis, Justin.

Continuing the Conversation Beyond the Classroom
 Bradshaw, Elizabeth. and Smith, Justin.

Contributions of Friendship and Intimate Relations in Desistance Processes Among Male Adolescents in Germany
 Zdun, Steffen.

Control in Police Organization: A Case Study on the Effects of Geographic Relocation
 Onder, Seref.

Controlling Gangs: The Use and Effectiveness of Civil Gang Injunctions
 Brown, Gregory.

Controlling Research Access: Reflections on a Community-Based Study with Former Prisoners
 Watson, Tara Marie. and van der Meulen, Emily.

Controversial Connections: Public-Private Surveillance and Big-Data Policing in São Paulo
 Altenhain, Claudio.

Convenient Commodities or Blood Antiquities? The Relationship between Antiquities Looting and Armed Conflict in Egypt
 Fabiani, Michelle.

Convergence of Gang Membership, Trafficking, and Violent Extremism among Somali Americans
 Weine, Stevan.

Convict Criminology and the Struggle for Inclusion
 Ross, Jeffrey Ian., Jones, Richard., Lenza, Michael. and Richards, Stephen.

Convict Criminology: The Value of Experiential Evidence in Prison Reform Policy Decisions
 Raskumar, Karthiha.

Coordinating Connections in University-LE Research
 Brewer, Kristin.

Cop Killers and the Death Penalty: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of North Carolina Capital Sentencing (1977-2009)
 Stewart, Bernadette., Cochran, John., Smith, M.., Bjerregaard, Beth. and Fogel, Sondra.

Copayments for Inmate Health Care: Do Personal Assets and Health Predict Utilization?
 Wyant, Brian. and Harner, Holly.

Coping in Solitary Confinement: A Mixed Methods Study of Adolescent Inmates in Rikers Island
 Kaba, Fatos. and Ramdath, Cassandra.

Cops Should Know the Communities they Police: A Grounded Theory Study of Minority Youths’ Experiences with Stop and Frisk, and their Engagement in Police Reform.
 Barrett, Jeanene.

Corporate Crime or Not? The Kolontar Disaster in Hungary. A Case Study.
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Corruption of the Politicians and of the Public Money and the Money Laundering: Portugal and Brazil
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Cost Allocation in Consolidated Police Agencies
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Countermeasures Against Lone-actor Extremism and Terrorism
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Courtroom Workgroup Dynamics and the Implementation of Three Strikes Reform
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Crack as Proxy: Aggressive Federal Prosecutions as Institutional Racism?
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Crack-Cocaine Lands, Communist Guerillas, and Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Brazil
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Creating Legitimate Victims through Public Stories
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Creating Off-Ramps: Lessons Learned from Police-Led Diversion Programs
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Creating Sociability after Socialism: Zero Tolerance Policing and Hooliganism in Kazakhstan
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Creating Your Niche as Non-Tenure Professor in an Academic Tenured World
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Creating a Correctional Officer Academy: Implications from a National Survey
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Creating a Sex Offender: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Future Pedophilic Behavior
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Creating a comprehensive data collection plan for violence prevention
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Crime Characteristics Contributing to the Aggravating Factor of Heinousness
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Crime Displacement Due to Gunshot Detection Technology: Preliminary Results from Three Cities
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Crime Linkage with Self-Exciting Point Process Models
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Crime Prevention in Apartment Complexes: What Works?
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Crime Prevention on Farms: Why Bother?
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Crime Reporting by Victims
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Crime Solutions: Challenges Facing the Evidence Registry for Criminal Justice Programs
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Crime Threat and Drug Testing Requirements for Welfare Applicants
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Crime at Places: What If Crime Concentration Is Unstable Over Time?
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Crime in Campaign Ads, or How I Stopped Counting and Embraced the Visual
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Crime in the Movies: Hollywood’s Portrayal of Crime and Criminals
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Crime reporting in newly emerging Hispanic communities
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Crimes of Complicity: Confronting Crises Through Collective Responsibility
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Crimes of the United States Government
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Criminal Background Checks and Recidivism: Bounding the Causal Impact
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Criminal Careers: An Investigation of Pro-social Factors and Negative Life Transitions Among Chronic Juvenile Offenders
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Criminal Discount Factors and Deterrence
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Criminal Exploitation of the Aging: An Examination of How “Con-Artists” Take Advantage of the Elderly
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Criminal Justice Racism, Black Revolution and White Reformation
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Criminal Minds and the Distorted Construction of Crime
 Nightingale, Kristine.

Criminal Policy on Drug Trafficking in Spain: A Longitudinal Study about its Effects on Delinquency
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Criminal Record Checks, Drug Testing and the Employment of Minorities in Professional and Low-Skill Jobs
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Criminal Trials Investigating Claims of Child Sexual Abuse: Impeaching Children through Prior Inconsistent Statements
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Criminalizing Atrocity: The Global Diffusion of Genocide Law
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Criminals not Addicts
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Criminogenic contexts of young offenders: With whom, when and where
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Criminology & Criminal Justice Research Guides in Academic Libraries: A Qualitative Analysis
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Criminology Explains ....: Helping Students Compare and Integrate Criminological Theory
 Brooks, Robert.

Criminology and Queer Theory: Dangerous Bedfellows?
 Ball, Matthew.

Criminology so white? How race/ethnicity is represented, presented, and discussed in criminology and criminal justice research
 Petersen, Amanda. and Sundt, Jody.

Crips & Cops: A Social Network Analysis of Gang Member and Law Enforcement Officer Interactions
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Crisis Intervention Teams: Assessing their Scope and Impact
 Goetz, Barry.

Critical Infrastructure Risk & Resiliency
 Rusnak, Danielle.

Cross-Border Violence and Social Media
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Crossing Over or Crossing Out America's Youth? Specialized Courts, Specialized Justice, and the Realities of Dual-Involvement in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency Systems
 Magnus, Amy.

Crossing the Finish Line: An Exploratory Analysis of Inmate Participation in an Equine Rehabilitation Program
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Cryptomarket Vendors and Drugs: A Regional Analysis of The Online Illicit Drugs Trade
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Cultural Criminology of Classical Music
 Siegel, Dina.

Cultural Transition to Reduce Domestic Violence in the Hmong Community
 Takahashi, Yoshiko.

Cultural criminology, consumerism and deviant leisure: understanding the connections/distinctions
 Hayward, Keith.

Cumulative Disadvantage Across the Life Course: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample
 TenEyck, Michael.

Cure Violence: A Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Reduction
 Decker, Brent.

Current Issues in Suicide Terrorism
 Siller, Sherry.

Current State of Aftermath Research, #1
 Westervelt, Saundra.

Current State of Aftermath Research, #2
 Cook, Kimberly.

Current State of Aftermath Research, #3
 Shlosberg, Amy.

Cyber Hate Speech on Social Neighborhoods: An Examination of Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Paris Attacks
 Miró Llinares, Fernando.

Cyber-Bullying Victimization and Cyber Routine Activities Theory: A Qualitative Approach to Prevention
 Earl, Kevin.

Cyberbullying and Cyber Victimization among College Students: A Test of Social Learning Theory.
 Lee, Gang.

Cyberbullying as an Outcome of Strain
 Malinski, Rebecca.

Cyberbullying: Examining the Role of Self-Control and Internet Addiction
 Higgins, George., Marcum, Catherine. and Nicholson, Jason.

Cybercrime 4.0: Now Whats to be Done?
 McGuire, Mike.

Cybercrime victimization survey and crime displacement in Japan
 Kanayama, Taisuke.

Cybersecurity in the Criminal Justice Curriculum
 Payne, Brian.

Cycles of Violence: Examining Mental Health Mechanisms in Neighborhood Violence
 Wolsey, Rachel.
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