American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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Daily Shifts in Assault Patterns in Chicago
 Lentz, Theodore. and Felson, Marcus.

Dancing Around the World for Social Justice
 Frigon, Sylvie.

Dancing in a Maximum Security Prison
 Young, Jacqueline.

Dancing with Molly: A Comparative Content Analysis of Club Drug Use, EDM Festivals, and Harm Reduction
 Hoffner, Rebecca.

Dancing with the Blue Devil: Citizen Accounts of Seeking Relief from Industry for Energy Crime in Colorado
 Shelley, Tara. and Opsal, Tara.

Dangerous Deals: A Theoretical Approach to Criminogenic Policies
 Patten, Daniel.

Dangerous Minds: An Examination of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Violent Behavior
 Crews, Gordon., Stanko, Stephen., Crews, Garrison. and Green, Sara.

Dangerous Places: Examining the Spatial Distribution and Stability of Sexual Crime Over Time
 Hewitt, Ashley., Beauregard, Eric., Andresen, Martin. and Brantingham, Patricia.

Dark Networks and the Catholic Church
 Death, Jodi. and Muytjens, Sally.

Data Collection Challenges: Databases and the Unit of Analysis
 Lovell, Rachel., Butcher, Fredrick. and Flannery, Daniel.

Dating Violence Victimization and Substance Use: An Examination using General Strain Theory
 Yohros, Alexis., Pomykacz, Corey. and Ford, Jason.

Daughters of Christ in the D.O.C.: How Religion Matters for Incarcerated Women
 Ellis, Rachel.

Daylight and Criminal Behavior
 Domínguez Rivera, Patricio. and Asahi, Kenzo.

Dazed and Confused: A Qualitative Analysis of Substance Abuse Patterns Among a Sample of Male and Female Jail Inmates
 Worley, Robert. and Zendejas, Miroslava.

De-Escalation Techniques in Potentially Violent Police-Citizen Encounters: A Field Study of Expert Police Officers
 Todak, Natalie.

Dead Girl Town: Exploring Televised Femicide and Pessimism
 Marchi, Estee.

Dead or Alive? The role of personal characteristics and immediate situational factors in the outcome of serious violence
 Ganpat, Soenita., Van der Leun, Joanne. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Dealing with Death-Apprehensive Jurors: Gender-Specific Forms of Pressure and Dissent
 Pruss, Heather.

Dealing with Overt and Hidden Biases Due to Selection: Evidence from an Intergenerational Longitudinal Study
 Walter, Emily. and Loughran, Thomas.

Death Penalty in Japan: Why Does Japan with the Lowest Homicide Rate Continue to Kill People in its Criminal Justice System?
 Hamai, Koichi.

Death after Police Contact: Constructing Accountability in the 21st Century
 Baker, David.

Debtor’s Prisons: The Escalating Costs of License Suspension
 Northcutt-Bohmert, Miriam.

Decide Your Time: Evaluation of a Drug Testing and Graduated Sanctions Program for Probationers in Delaware
 O\'Connell, Daniell., Brent, John. and Visher, Christy.

Deciding to do the crime: An examination of Decision Making Among an Sample of Male and Female Offenders.
 O\'Connell, Daniell.

Decision Analysis and Equity
 Dieterich, Bill., Oliver, William., Brennan, Tim. and Mendoza, Christina.

Decision Support for Improving Quality of Police Discretion in Manufacturing Turning Points
 Slothower, Molly.

Decisions to Disclose: When and Why One Group of Ex-Felons in Higher Education “Outed” Themselves
 Leary, Judith.

Declining Returns: Explaining Trends in Recidivism Rates of Florida Inmates, 2004-2010
 Clark, Catie., Bales, William., Gaes, Gerry. and Scaggs, Samuel.

Decoding ISIS Propaganda: A Case-Study of Audience Reception
 Cottee, Simon.

Decoding the Media’s Construction of ‘Violent’ Young Women
 Collins, Kelsey., Stevens Anderson, Tia. and Isom, Deena.

Decriminalization from a Penal Abolition Perspective
 Coyle, Michael. and Gomez-Logan, Elizabeth.

Decriminalizing Mental Illness: Improving Diversion - Reducing Recidivism
 Griffin, Patricia.

Deep Green Abolition: Penal Abolition at the Intersection of Environmental and Racial Justice
 Mazurek, Jordan.

Defender Research with Student Researchers
 West, Valerie.

Defender-Driven Research, Project LEAD, and Policing in Seattle
 Daugaard, Lisa.

Defending the Guilty and Innocent: Daily Stress and Life Changes of Defense Attorneys
 Thewes, Hayley.

Defense Attorney Perceptions of Prosecutorial Assistance in Exoneration Cases
 Webster, Elizabeth.

Defiance as Corrective Action: The Interplay between Workplace Stresses and Workplace Stakes
 De Coster, Stacy. and Crowley, Martha.

Deficiencies in Deadly Force Data: Recommendations for Future Data Collection Efforts Related to Officer-Involved Shootings
 Pickering, Jordan.

Defining Quality, Choosing Metrics
 Metzger, Pamela.

Defining the Girls Circle Program: Theory, Goals and Activities
 Taormina, Giovanna., Gies, Stephen., Cohen, Marcia. and Bobnis, Amanda.

Defying Determinism: Strategies Employed by Minor-Attracted Persons to Remain Resilient Against Sexual Offending
 Walker, Allyson.

Delinquency among Adopted Youth at School: Parental Bonds and Strain
 Agnich, Laura., Pniewski, Grace. and Schueths, April.

Delinquency compared across samples: Young migrants, majority youths and juveniles in the countries of origin.
 Killias, Martin. and Monnet-Lukash, Anastasiia.

Delinquent Consequences of Family Instability by Sex of Youth
 Shelley, Walter.

Delinquent Peers and Drift: Assessing Between- and Within-Individual Differences in Deviant Peer Thresholds
 Thomas, Kyle. and McCuddy, Timothy.

Delinquent Youth in a Transforming China: A Generation of Strain
 Bao, Wan-Ning.

Delving into the Heart of Victimization Risk: Examining the Interactive Relationship between Demographic Factors and Context
 Eggers, Amy.

Demasiados Problemas: Exploring Differences in Latina and Caucasian Girls’ Pathways to Court Involvement
 Pasko, Lisa.

Demeaned, Deprived, Disempowered: How the Abolitionist Anti-Trafficking Movement Punishes Women Who Do Not Behave.
 Cojocaru, Claudia. and Haber, Naomi.

Demeanor and Disposition: Juveniles’ Self-presentation during Case Processing and Impacts on System Responses
 Little, Victoria., Gomez, Katherine. and Reagan, Allison.

Demographic Disparity in Criminal Justice Involvement: Focusing on Prevalence and Recidivism in the New York State Population
 Kim, Jaeok.

Demographic Predictors of Arrest Trajectories in Micro-place
 Wong, Ivan. and Worrall, John.

Demography and Kernel Density Estimation of Theft in Downtown Houston
 Ejiogu, Kingsley. and Harris, Judith.

Depolicing Among Missouri Police Departments in the Wake of Ferguson
 Shjarback, John., Decker, Scott., Pyrooz, David. and Wolfe, Scott.

Deportation Outcomes and Proceedings
 Smith, Barbara.

Designing Meaningful Assignments on the Topic of Race and Crime
 Griffith, Candace.

Desistance from Sexual Offending: Life Narratives of Recidivism and Redemption
 Harris, Danielle.

Desistance in process? Narrative selves and turning point stories by youth in detention.
 Gradin Franzén, Anna. and Borjesson, Mats.

Desistance of Prisoners: Inmates’ Expectations and their Post-Release Criminal Behavior
 Nieuwbeerta, Paul., Dirkzwager, Anja. and Doekhie, Jennifer.

Destruction and Looting of Cultural Heritage in the “First World”: The Case of Megara Hyblea
 Patania, Ilaria., Vidal, Juan. and Veca, Carlo.

Destructive Constructions: Intersections of Race and Gender Among Women Ex-Offenders’ Perceptions of Criminal Justice System Treatment
 Wesely, Jennifer.

Detecting norm change: A survey of young men in New York City neighborhoods
 Delgado, Sheyla., Alsabahi, Laila. and Butts, Jeffrey.

Detective Decision-Making in Cases of Domestic Partner Sexual Violence
 Taylor, Steven.

Detention Stories and the Criminology of Vindictiveness
 Brotherton, David.

Determinants of citizens’ attitudes toward police: Procedural justice
 Kim, Jeong., Lim, Hyungjin. and Kim, Yongsok.

Deterrence and Substance Use on Campus: An Examination of the Effectiveness of Zero Tolerance Policies
 Fuller, Kenethia., Williams, Laytifia., Petty, Cinzia. and Brown, Robert.

Deterrence or Self-Awareness? Exploring the Theoretical Implications of Body–Worn Cameras (BWC’s) Using a Randomized Controlled Trial
 Demir, Mustafa.

Deterrence, self-control, morality, religiosity, and criminal motivation: Testing criminological theories in the Turkish cultural context
 Cihan, Abdullah.

Deterring Teen Bullying: Assessing the Impact of Perceived Punishment from Police, Schools, and Parents
 Patchin, Justin. and Hinduja, Sameer.

Developing Family-friendly Visiting Experiences through a Jail-University Partnership
 Shlafer, Rebecca. and Davis, Laurel.

Developing Pedagogies of Human Rights and Social Justice in the Prison Museum
 Golding, Viv.

Developing Research In Seclusion Contexts: From The Strangeness to The Embodiment
 Duarte, Vera. and Gomes, Sílvia.

Developing Restorative Justice in Policing in England
 Shapland, Joanna. and Crawford, Adam.

Developing Self–Control Theory towards Digital Sensoring by Smartphone Technologies
 Demant, Jakob., Heinskou, Marie., Wac, Katarzyna. and Schierff, Laura.

Developing a Model for Translational Criminology: The Use of Research to Inform Policy and Practice in Florida’s Adult and Juvenile Correctional Systems
 Ramos, Javier., Ranson, J.W. Andrew., Pesta, George. and Blomberg, Thomas.

Developing an Integrated Theory of Macro-Level Crime: A Multilevel Analysis of Anomic Disorganization Theory
 Louderback, Eric.

Developing and Implementing a Campus Climate Survey: Lessons learned
 Livsey, Sarah.

Developing and Pre-testing a Human Trafficking Screening Tool for Child Welfare Involved Youth and Runaway and Homeless Youth
 Dank, Meredith. and Yu, Lilly.

Development and Implementation of California’s Interagency Protocols for Child Trafficking
 Walker Brown, Kate.

Development of a National Data System to Collect Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury or Death
 Barnett-Ryan, Cynthia.

Development of and Desistance from Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration
 Verbruggen, Janna., Maxwell, Christopher. and Robinson, Amanda.

Developmental Impact of School Discipline on Educational and Occupational Attainment in the Lifecourse
 Payne, Allison. and Welch, Kelly.

Developmental System Changes for Children When a Parent is Released From Prison
 Smallbone, Holly., Dennison, Susan., Occhipinti, Stefano. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

Developmental patterns of antisocial behavior and relationship quality in adolescence as precursors of characteristics of early adulthood romantic relationships
 Eichelsheim, Veroni. and Blokland, Arjan.

Developmentally Disabled Adults and the Criminal Justice System
 Wallace, Kellie.

Deviant Modeling, Peer Gender, and Theft: An Experimental Test
 Gallupe, Owen., Lalonde, Patrick., Nguyen, Holly. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Deviant Physicians: How a Demographic Portrait of Medical Doctors is Created by Regulatory Agencies in the U.S.
 Burton, Bryan.

Diagnosing Dosage: Diminishing Marginal Returns of Community Supervision
 Campbell, Christopher., Hamilton, Zachary. and Lu, Ruibin.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Corporate Crime Revisited: Looking Outside the Organization for Malfeasance Catalysts
 Hansen, Laura.

Dialogue about Fear: A case study examining the interaction of governmental distrust, race and scientific mistrust as seen through two cities’ newspaper comments.
 Artello, Kristine. and Greep, Michele.

Did ”Everyone Come Back”?: A Longitudinal Study of Recidivism at a Medium-Size Probation Office
 Smithey, Shannon. and Robison, Kristenne.

Differences and Similarities of Fatal and Non-Fatal Firearm Incidents
 Gill, Lexi., Fox, Andrew. and Novak, Kenneth.

Differences in Arrest by Ethnicity for Foreign and Non-Foreign Born Latinos
 Levchak, Philip.

Differences in Occupational Attainment for Children of the Incarcerated at the Intersection of Race and Gender
 Wiernik, Craig.

Differences in Risk for Arrest and Non-Arrest for Violent Crime in Jersey City, NJ
 Buccine-Schraeder, Henri., Kubik, Joanna., Caplan, Joel., Boxer, Paul. and Kennedy, Leslie.

Different Alphabets, Same Story? – Media Framing of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Serbian, British and Dutch media
 Krsmanovic, Elena.

Different than the Sum of its Parts: Examining the Unique Impacts of Immigrant Groups on Neighborhood Crime Rates
 Kubrin, Charis., Hipp, John. and Kim, Young-An.

Differential Disadvantage: Examining Variation in Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Youth Behavior
 Johnston, Tricia.

Differential Effects of Maternal and Paternal Incarceration on Child Wellbeing? A Gendered, Life Course Lens on Long-Term Impact
 Giordano, Peggy., Copp, Jennifer., Longmore, Monica. and Manning, Wendy.

Differential Efficacy of Behavioral Health Interventions Across Latent Classes of Justice-involved Treatment Clients: A Test of the RNR Principles
 Caudy, Michael. and Taxman, Faye.

Differential Perceptions of Fear of Crime among College Students: The Race Factor
 Adjekum-Boateng, Nana. and Boateng, Francis.

Differential Susceptibility In Psychopathic Subtypes: The Role Of Genetic Plasticity In The Development Of Successful Psychopaths
 Tanksley, Peter. and Newsome, Jamie.

Digital Boundaries: Examining Differences in Perception Between Online and Offline Crime
 Mattalia, Anna., Andrews, Jamie., Arnett, Natalie., Kostara, Fryni. and Meiklejohn, Sarah.

Digital Debt-Collector: The Growing Use of Private Security GPS Devices as a Condition of ‘Subprime’ Auto Loans
 Haag, Julius.

Digital Democracies: An Examination of Policing Strategies for a Network Society
 Zalfackruddin, Asif.

Digital Literacy Education within the Orleans Parish Prison Reentry Process
 Castek, Jill.

Dilemmas about Pictures: Ethical Dilemmas Involving Images of (Violent) Incidents, Suspects, Injuries and Victims
 Vanderveen, G.N.G..

Disclosure and Service Utilization among American Indian and Alaska Native Victims of IPV
 Hafner, Steven.

Disconnection to Reconnection: Using Technology to Understand the Re-entry Experience
 Franklin, Almethia.

Discount or Tax? A Real World Conceptualization of Plea Bargaining
 Lynch, Mona.

Discourse, Logic, and Decision-Making in Parole Eligibility Hearings
 Maziarka, Kristen. and Conner, Emma.

Discovering Drug Crimes: Explaining Police Rationales for Initial Contact in Drug Stops Across Places
 Campbell, Walter. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Discovering the "Other America": Film Creations of Appalachian Deviance
 Young, Stephen.

Disentanglement of the interactive nature of biological and environmental risk factors for antisocial behavior
 Wells, Jessica., Armstrong, Todd., Boisvert, Danielle., Lewis, Richard., Woeckener, Matthias. and Cooke, Eric.

Disentangling the Forces of Selection in the Aggregate Age-Crime Relationship
 Lu, Yunmei. and Thomas, Jason.

Disentangling the Knots: Police Legitimacy, Minority Status, Discrimination and Immigration in 26 European Countries
 Bradford, Ben. and Jackson, Jonathan.

Disentangling the Long-Term Effects of Procedural Justice on Youthful Offending
 Pimentel, Susybel., Gann, Shaun. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Disorder in the Neighborhood: A Large-Scale Field Experiment on Disorder, Norm Violation, and Pro-Social Behavior
 Lanfear, Charles., Matsueda, Ross. and Beach, Lindsey.

Disparities in Programming for Probationers
 Taxman, Faye. and Souza, Karen.

Dispatch Priming and Police Officer Error
 Taylor, Paul.

Disproportionality in the diagnosis of deep-end juvenile justice youth: Are we missing minority trauma?
 Baglivio, Michael., Wolff, Kevin., Piquero, Alex., Greenwald, Mark., Epps, Nathan. and Jackowski, Kathy.

Disproportionate Experiences in Custody? An Examination of Disproportionality in Minority Youth Experiences Confined in Secure Facilities
 Mueller, Derek., Sullivan, Christopher. and Wooldredge, John.

Disproportionate Minority Contact Involving Native Americans
 Bunch, Jackson., Hollist, Dusten. and McKay, Patrick.

Disproportionate Minority Contact among Hispanic/Latino Youth in a Southwestern State
 Jarjoura, Roger. and Haight, Konrad.

Disproportionate Minority Contact: An Assessment across Jurisdictional Contexts
 Warren, Patricia., Stewart, Eric. and Rosario, Jordyn.

Disproportionate Treatment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Prisoners
 Adamson, Sarah., Jolliffe, Darrick., Manners, Keiran., Haque, Zubaida. and Weekes-Bernard, Debbie.

Disputatiousness and the Victim-Offender Overlap
 Rogers, Ethan., Felson, Richard., Berg, Mark. and Krajewski, Andrew.

Distracted Drivers and Crash Fatalities
 Chamlin, Mitch. and Sanders, Beth.

Diversities in DUI Courts: Do Behaviors and Experiences of Repeat Impaired Drivers Vary?
 Lu, Ruibin., Mei, Xiaohan. and Hemmens, Craig.

Do Changes in Codes of Criminal Procedure Reduce Crime? Evaluating Impact with Difference-in-Differences Matching
 Hernandez, Wilson.

Do Community Resources Have a Differential Effect on Reconviction for Black and Hispanic Offenders Who Return to Disadvantaged Communities?
 Burkes, Kaleena. and Craig, Miltonette.

Do Companies Pay the Price for Environmental Crimes? The Impact of Criminal Penalties on Corporate Offenders
 Maume, Mike. and Greife, Matthew.

Do Consent Decrees Reduce the Use of Force? Evidence from Police Reports and Hospital Records
 Briggs, Steven. and Pemstein, Daniel.

Do Ignition Interlocks Reduce DWI in a Population of Chronic Offenders?
 Kierkus, Christopher., Johnson, Brian., Hoffman, Harvey., Parks, Jessica. and Gonyea, Dian.

Do Initial Levels and Changes in Young People’s Prime Propensities and Criminogenic Exposure Explain Young People’s Pathways in Crime (Crime Trajectories)?
 Treiber, Kyle., Roman, Gabriela. and Wikström, Per-Olof.

Do Justice-Involved Adolescent Parents Have Different Offending Patterns Than Non-Parents?
 Sutherland, Jessica. and Tremblay, Monique.

Do Mandatory Offender Treatment Programs Reduce Recidivism Rates?
 Mellott, Dustin.

Do National Crime Rates Follow a Global Trend?
 Rogers, Meghan. and Pridemore, William.

Do Not Come to Europe: The Experience of Migration to Greece at the Height of the European Union’s Crisis
 Hiropoulos, Alexandra.

Do Personality Characteristics Affect Use of Specific Drugs?
 Leal, Wanda.

Do Routine Activities Explain Collegiate Sexual Assault?
 Bethune, Kristen. and Dollar, Cindy.

Do School Conditions Affect Delinquency? Testing of Agnew's Strain Theory
 Kuptsevych, Anastasiia., Antonaccio, Olena. and Smith, William.

Do Serious Mental Health Problems Predict Violence and What Are the Policy Implications?
 Loeber, Rolf. and Ahonen, Lia.

Do Siblings Moderate the Effects of Maternal Incarceration on Juvenile Outcomes?
 Woodard, Tracey.

Do Theoretically “Good” Local Institutions Reduce Neighborhood Violence?
 Kawaguchi, Riku. and Jasperson, Nicole.

Do Therapeutic Communities in Jail Operate on Principles of Procedural Justice?
 Weinrath, Michael.

Do They Matter? A Survey of Student Perceptions on University Conduct Codes
 Robin, Angela.

Do Uniforms Matter? Experimental Evidence from the Police Officer Perception Project (POPP)
 Simpson, Rylan.

Do subtypes of sexual murderers follow different developmental and criminal trajectories?
 Higgs, Tamsin.

Do the Ethical Issues Explain the Differential Use of Force by Police?
 Alves, Renato.

Does Administering the OYAS Influence Perceptions of Risk and Need Assessments?
 Lux, Jennifer., Cain, Katelyn., Gibbs, Gina., Sullivan, Christopher. and Latessa, Edward.

Does Agency Type Matter? A Comparison of Chiefs’ Perceptions of the Institutional Environment across Three Agency Types
 Matusiak, Matthew. and Jurek, Alicia.

Does Change in Risk Matter?: Examining Whether Changes in Offender Risk Characteristics Influence Recidivism Outcomes
 Cohen, Thomas., Lowenkamp, Christopher. and VanBenschoten, Scott.

Does Childhood ADHD Increase the Chances of Substance Abuse in Late Adolescents and Adulthood?
 Hartsfield, Jennifer. and Andrews, Rhiannon.

Does Community Policing Contribute to Reducing Fear of Crime?
 Lee, Jae-Seung., Zhao, Jihong. and Lee, Heeuk.

Does Corporate Prosecution Minimize Collateral Damages?: An Examination of Changes in a Firm’s Reputation
 Lee, Hannarae.

Does Court Supervision Reduce Recidivism Risk?
 Barnes, Ashlee. and Davidson, William.

Does Discipline Fairness Matter for the Police Code of Silence? Answers from the U.S. Supervisors and Line Officers
 Peacock, Robert., Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Haberfeld, Maria.

Does Dosage Matter? The Effects of Two Versus Four Daily Police Patrol Visits to Crime Hot Spots
 Mitchell, Renee., Henning, Kris., Renauer, Brian., Stewart, Greg., Peterson, Christian., Labissiere, Yves., Sothern, Sean. and Kahn, Kimberly.

Does Electronic Monitoring Reduce Recidivism?
 Woessner, Gunda., Ibarra, Peter., Meuer, Katharina., Gur, Oren., Henneguelle, Anaïs. and Maskaly, Jon.

Does Incarceration Influence Future Illegal Earnings? Examining Within-Person Changes in Incarceration Status and Illegal Earnings
 Parker, Brandy. and Fry, Sarah.

Does Insider Trading Pay? Analysis of Trading and Tipping Activities in Insider Trading Litigation
 Nolasco, Claire Angelique., Spaic, Aneta., Tsai, Lily Chi-Fang. and Vaughn, Michael S..

Does Judicial Discretion increase Sentencing Disparity?
 Pezzella, Frank., Defreitas, Kristy. and Font, Elijah.

Does Justice Persevere in Juror's Determination of Death? The Significance of Sentencing Considerations in Capital Cases
 Albertson, Stephanie., Gehlhausen, Holly. and Stacy, Cendra.

Does Juvenile Criminal Onset Distinguish among Offenders whose Criminal Behavior is Directly or Indirectly Related to the Presence of a Serious Mental Illness?
 Conrad, Aaron., Matejkowski, Jason. and Ostermann, Michael.

Does Level of Experience in the Field Influence Perceptions of Risk and Need Assessments?
 Gibbs, Gina., Lux, Jennifer. and Latessa, Edward.

Does Location Matter? The Concept of Privacy and Public Perceptions of UAV Use for Domestic Surveillance
 Sakiyama, Mari., Lieberman, Joel. and Miethe, Terance.

Does Military Service Matter? Differences in How Police Officers’ Handle High Stress Environments.
 Pashea, Joseph.

Does Police Officer Training Influence Police Response to Victims of Domestic Violence? An Experimental Study
 Russell, Brenda.

Does SPEP™ Treatment Quality Natter? Examining the Effects of Service Quality of Iinterventions on Subsequent Recidivism for Youth Returning Home from Juvenile Justice Residential Programs
 Jackowski, Kathy., Baglivio, Michael., Wolff, Kevin., Greenwald, Mark., Gomez, Katherine. and Chapman, Gabrielle.

Does School Involvement Aggravate or Mitigate the Prediction of Student Delinquency?
 Reynolds, Madeline. and Payne, Allison.

Does Social Disorganization Impact Fear of Crime? Results from a Community Survey
 Nichols, Jordan.

Does Stickiness Matter? A Longitudinal Examination of the Stability of Adolescent Peer Groups
 Dulisse, Brandon.

Does Support for the OYAS Encourage Integrity in the Assessment Process?
 Lugo, Melissa., Long, Josh., Sullivan, Christopher. and Sullivan, Carrie.

Does Violence in Adolescence Differentially Predict Offending Patterns in Early Adulthood?
 Cardwell, Stephanie., Piquero, Alex., Monahan, Kathryn., Mulvey, Edward. and Schubert, Carol.

Does anti money laundering combat money laundering or crimes?
 Reuter, Peter. and Levi, Michael.

Does type of psychiatric disorder affect patterns of homicidal behavior?
 Tartaro, Christine., Duntley, Joshua., Medvetz, Stephanie. and Hafner, Nicole.

Dog Whistles No More: (R)(E)Racing Borders and the Preservation of the Wages of Whiteness
 Ragan, Kasey. and Michalowski, Raymond.

Doing Away with the Missus: Murder and Crime Scene Staging by Police Officers
 Ferguson, Claire.

Doing Business for a “Higher Loyalty”? How Swedish Transnational Corporations Neutralise Allegations of Crime
 Schoultz, Isabel. and Flyghed, Janne.

Doing Data In-House: The Promise and Challenges of Data-Driven Practice and Policy Reform from within a Public Defender Office
 Olderman, Justine.

Doing Free Time: Why Volunteers Volunteer in Prison and the Impact They Have
 Hughes, Emma.

Doing More for Less in Changing Times: The Use of Volunteers in Policing
 Pepper, Melissa.

Doing Time & Doing Time: Ten Years Later
 Sutton, Paul.

Domestic Abuse and Gun Violence
 Zeoli, April.

Domestic Helper Abuse in Singapore: A Content Analysis
 Perumal, Vijaya. and Dmello, Jared.

Domestic Homicide: Examining Intra-Familial Killing in Selected Cases from 1880 to 2015
 Carpenter, Christina.

Domestic Violence Offenders and Rehabilitation Programs: Should Heterosexual Men and Women Follow the Same Protocol?
 Solinas-Saunders, Monica. and Stacer, Melissa.

Domestic Violence Protection Order Cross-Filings: Mutual Violence or Leveraging State Control?
 Durfee, Alesha.

Domestic Violence Victimization: An Examination of Data Collection
 Lin, Cheng-Hsien. and Perlik, Rain.

Domestic Violence, Batterer Intervention, and the Risk Principle
 Radatz, Dana.

Domestic Violence: A Serious Crime Problem or a Media-Induced Moral Panic?
 Gavin, Samantha.

Don’t Shoot My Dog: A Case Study of Law Enforcement Canine Encounters and Community Activism
 Wartel, Angela.

Doping among Professional Athletes in Iran: A Test of Akers' Social Learning Theory
 Kabiri, Saeed., Stewart, Bernadette., Cochran, John., Sharepour, Mahmoud., Rahmati, Mohammad. and Shadmanfaat, Syede.

Double-Edged Discrimination; Narrative Experiences of being Black and Muslim in an Urban Canadian Community
 Osterberg, Erin., Thompson, Sara. and Bucerius, Sandra.

Down and Out in New Orleans: Notes from the Urban Underbelly
 Marina, Peter.

Drinking Habits and Sexual Victimization among College Students: Risk-Avoidance Behaviors and Best Practices
 Elvey, Kathryn. and McNeeley, Susan.

Driving While Black or Brown: Ten Years Later
 Gilliard-Matthews, Stacia.

Drones, Distance and Death
 Kleinig, John.

Drug Dogs: Assessing Accuracy
 Walsh, Kevin. and Whitus, Stephanie.

Drug Induced Psychoses and Legal Insanity
 Wondemaghen, Meron.

Drug Law Enforcement in Urban Neighborhoods during the Crime Drop
 Friedson, Michael.

Drug Treatment Courts after a Quarter Century: Reflections and a Reappraisal
 Belenko, Steven.

Drug Use in Business Bathrooms: An exploratory study of manager encounters in New York City.
 Wolfson-Stofko, Brett., Bennett, Alex., Elliott, Luther. and Curtis, Ric.

Drugs Policy and the ‘New Recovery’ Movement in Australia: A Case of Failed Policy Transfer?
 Thomas, Natalie.

Drugs and gentrification in NYC: Findings from the Crime & Drugs in My Neighborhood Study, 2012-2015
 He, Christina., Louis, Stephanie., Ruggiero, Raymond., Mattioli, Fabio. and Hernandez, Milton.

Dual Diagnosis and Drug Court Recidivism
 Zettler, Haley.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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