American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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E-racing Migrant Life: Examining the Implications of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Politics on a Global Scale
 Fernandez, Luis. and McDowell, Meghan.

END iT: Expert Novice Differences in Terrorism
 Morrison, John.

Earlier Theft and Violence as Predictors of Concurrent Alcohol and Marijuana Use in Adulthood
 White, Helene., Bechtold, Jordan. and Pardini, Dustin.

Early Childhood Predictors of Life-Course-Persistent, Adolescence-Limited, and Late-Onset Offenders in the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development
 Farrington, David., Jolliffe, Darrick., Ttofi, Maria. and Piquero, Alex.

Eating Their Own: Police Responses to Excessive Use of Force
 Hanink, Peter., Ward, Geoff. and Verma, Anjuli.

Economic Exploitation By the Criminal Justice/Abusive Debt Collection System #poorlivesmatter
 Leighton, Paul.

Economic Nomads, Transnational Citizens, and Unwelcome Vagabonds: A Theoretical Deconstruction of the Illegal Immigration Debate
 Sellers, Brian. and Arrigo, Bruce.

Economies of Excess
 Hallsworth, Simon.

Ecumenism, Interfaith Cooperation, and Inmate Ministry: Religious Pluralism at Louisiana State Penitentiary
 Hays, Joshua.

Education and Desistance: Connecting Life-course Transitions with Desistance from Offending behavior through Higher Education
 Gonzalez, Kevin.

Edwin H. Sutherland and Crimes of the Powerful: A Consideration of His Legacy
 Friedrichs, David.

Effect Of Empathy On Death Penalty Support In Relation To The Racial Divide And Gender Gap
 Rad, Jordyn., Hubbell, James., Godcharles, Brian., Heide, Kathleen., Cochran, John. and Solomon, Eldra.

Effect of Portland’s Directed Patrol Intervention on Community Attitudes Toward the Police
 Kahn, Kimberly., Stewart, Greg., Renauer, Brian., Labissiere, Yves., Sothern, Sean., Mitchell, Renee., Peterson, Christian. and Henning, Kris.

Effective Assistance of Counsel for Forensic Defendants: Calling in Backup
 Lynch, Alison.

Effective Crime Prevention and Enforcement Programs in Cities
 Marshall, Ineke.

Effective Parent Engagement Training program
 Paris, Grady. and Kethineni, Sesha.

Effective Reintegration for Rural Communities: Proposals for Public Policy
 Vrtiak, Vanessa.

Effective Reintegration for Rural Communities: Proposals for Public Policy
 Castro, Fidel.

Effective Reintegration for Rural Communities: Proposals for Public Policy
 Baus, Hanna.

Effective Use of Federal Sentencing Data
 Semisch, Courtney.

Effective Use of Federal Sentencing Data
 Herbst, Emily.

Effective Use of Federal Sentencing Data
 Reedt, Lou.

Effectiveness of Nalmefene on Reducing Alcohol Addiction: A Meta-analysis
 Park, Insun. and Park, Jinhan.

Effectiveness of Policy Options for Responding to In-Prison Violence in Pennsylvania State Prisons
 Bucklen, Bret.

Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Principles in Juvenile Justice: A Meta-Analysis
 Wilson, David., Olaghere, Ajima. and Kimbrell, Catherine.

Effectiveness of Sex Offender Registrations and Notification Policies: A Time-Series Analysis of Key Legislative Interventions
 Askew, LaQuana. and Bouffard, Jeff.

Effects of Child Abuse Subtypes and Abuse Chronicity on Adult Crime: A Longitudinal Investigation of Gender Differences and Developmental Pathways
 Herrenkohl, Todd.

Effects of Displacement on Impoverished Youth: Adaptation to New Areas and Increases in Delinquency and Deviance
 Hollingsworth, Michael.

Effects of Japanese Sex Offender-Treatment Program: Examining Heterogeneity of Prisoners
 Yuma, Yoshikazu., Kanazawa, Yuichiro., Inozume, Yusuke. and Matsushima, Yuko.

Effects of Poverty, Neighborhood Quality and Connectedness on Delinquency in Adolescents
 Le, Phuong. and Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.

Effects of Sibling’s Peers on Antisocial Behavior
 Woeckener, Matthias. and Boisvert, Danielle.

Effects of Static and Dynamic Disadvantage on Trajectories of Negative Self-Feelings
 Plickert, Gabriele. and Pals, Heili.

Effects of Work Environment Variables on Nigerian Correctional Staff
 Elechi, O. Oko. and Lambert, Eric.

Effects of a Preventive Intervention for Conduct Problems on Risk-Taking and Physiological Responding
 Glenn, Andrea., Kassing, Francesca., Caleb, Taylor., Lochman, John. and Powell, Nicole.

Effects of an Organizational Process Improvement Intervention on Offender Assessment Practices in Corrections
 Welsh, Wayne.

Effects of state-level factors on rates of cybercrime perpetration: A partial test of situational action theory
 Song, Hyojong., Cochran, John. and Lynch, Michael.

Effects of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and It's Reauthorizations on Prostitution Arrests in the United States.
 Davies Robinson, Amelia.

Efficiency of Gangs in El Salvador
 Alda, Erik.

Effort, Struggle, and Success: The Development of a Criminology Major
 Wallace, Rich. and Wiesen-Martin, Desiree.

Elder Abuse in the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
 Mulford, Carrie. and Rosay, Andre.

Electronic Monitoring in Europe: A Case Study of Five Jurisdictions
 Hucklesby, Anthea.

Electronic Monitoring in the Netherland: A Means to Improve Probation Supervision
 Boone, Miranda.

Electronic Monitoring of Prisoners and Recidivism: Findings From a Randomized Controlled Trial in the Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
 Meuer, Katharina. and Woessner, Gunda.

Elevating Silenced Voices: Addressing Recidivism through Justice Reinvestment in Remote Australian Aboriginal Communities
 Dawes, Glenn.

Elliott Currie -The Violence Divide: Tackling 'Ordinary Crime' in a Volatile World
 Currie, Elliott.

Embodiment and the Ethic of Compassion in Clinical Forensics
 Draper, Matthew., Polizzi, David., Snyder, Elizabeth., Estrada, Zakery. and Glenn, Kevin.

Embodiment, Race, and the Social Construction of Crime
 Breton, Brett., Hanks, Madison. and Petersen, Danni.

Embodiments of Mental Illness in Prisons
 Mark, Olsen., Spencer, Jan. and Engstrom, Emily.

Emerging Adulthood and The Age-Crime Curve: Does Delaying Young Adulthood Delay Desistance?
 Miller, Ty.

Emerging Policy Options for Cannabinoids in Canada
 Werb, Daniel.

Emerging Theories on the Causes of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Intimate Partner Violence
 Messinger, Adam.

Emotion Regulation in Prison
 Laws, Ben.

Emotion processing deficits in psychopathy
 Fagan, Shawn. and Gao, Yu.

Emotional Numbing Symptoms of PTSD and Violent Juvenile Offending: Associations with Callous-Unemotional Traits and Aggression
 Miller, Molly. and Marsee, Monica.

Empathy and the Gender Gap in Juvenile Offending
 O\'Neill, Kate.

Empirical Assessment of Cyber Harassment Victimization: A Comparative Study of the United States and South Korea
 Choi, Kyung-shick., Scott, Timothy. and Park, Hee-Kyung.

Empirical Assessment of Domestic Disengagement and Deradicalization (EAD3)
 Jensen, Michael.

Empirical Exploration into the Discrepancy of Mental Disorder across Group-Actor Terrorists.
 Corner, Emily.

Employing Ex-Offenders: Hiring Decisions and the Role of Employers' Subjective Beliefs about Offenders' Redeemability
 Reich, Suzanne.

Employment, Education and Crime During Emerging Adulthood
 Pape, Catherine.

Employment/investment entry into the marijuana production market during decriminalization
 Louton, Brooks.

Empowering Clients with 21st Century Communication Technologies
 Houldin, Mark.

Empowerment Programs and Success of Intervention Efforts: Cases from India
 Chaudhuri, Soma. and Morash, Merry.

Enforcing Order? The Use of Behavioural Control ‘Contracts’ in Drug Treatment Services
 Seddon, Toby. and Bacon, Matthew.

Engaged Pedagogy Within the Servant Leadership Ideal: Moving Beyond the Contractual Nature of Higher Education Courses
 Solinas-Saunders, Monica.

Engagement in Research as an Officer and as a Researcher
 Birzer, Michael.

Engaging College Men in Anti-Violence Work
 Sharpless, Rashona.

Enhancing Prisoners' Quality of Life and Compliance-Related Behaviour through Procedural Justice
 Barkworth, Julie., Murphy, Kristina. and Rynne, John.

Enhancing Services for Crossover Youth: Challenges and Recommendations
 Wright, Emily., Spohn, Ryan. and Chenane, Joselyne.

Enhancing Social Justice Through Criminal Justice Teaching Methods
 Roberts, Melinda.

Enhancing a Pre-Arraignment Screening Unit
 Parsons, Jim.

Enhancing the Study of Criminology through Understanding Learning Theory and Practice
 Vodde, Robert.

Environmental (In)justice at the State Level: The Flint Water Crisis
 Doyon-Martin, Jacquelynn.

Environmental Authoritarianism and Shared Governance: Hazardous Waste Pollution in Northwestern China
 Mao, KuoRay.

Environmental Factors and Crime: a Spatial Analysis
 Jung, Yeondae.

Environmental Risk Factors and Gun Crime
 Circo, Giovanni. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Envisioning A Broader Role For Philanthropy in Prison Reform: How Collective Impact Can Unite the Prison Reentry Movement
 Bryan, Jennifer.

Envy and Crime: Exploring the Development and Validation of a New Measure of Envy
 Zuniga, Ana.

Equal Justice: An Examination of the Effects of Citizenship Status on Federal Drug Sentencing Outcomes
 Holland, Melanie.

Equal Opportunity? An Examination of Police Diversion for Young Offenders, and its Impact on Re-offending
 Little, Simon.

Equality and Inequality in the News: Gender differences in Print Media Portrayal of Homicide Perpetrators
 Gushue, Kelsey., Wong, Jennifer. and Gravel, Jason.

Erasing Race: The Avoidance of Racial Inequality in Capital Sentencing Trials
 Kleinstuber, Ross.

Escape from violence: What reduces the enduring consequences of adolescent gang affiliation?
 Krohn, Marvin. and Dong, Beidi.

Escaping Control: Desistance, Recovery and Self-Determination in Mentally Ill Offenders.
 Van Roeyen, Sofie., Vander Laenen, Freya. and McNeill, Fergus.

Estimating a Rate of Wrongful Conviction
 Roman, John.

Estimating the Costs of Guaranteed Basic Income vs. Prison: An Econometric Analysis
 Auerhahn, Kate.

Ethical Concerns & Considerations on the Privatization of Prisons
 Bash, Kayla.

Ethics and Law in Criminal Justice: A Fresh Look at an Old Issue
 Cebulak, Wojciech.

Ethnic Identity as a Predictor of Non-Medical Prescription Drug Abuse among a College Population
 Carter, James., Peralta, Robert. and Xi, Juan.

Evaluating Cure Violence in New York City
 Butts, Jeffrey. and Delgado, Sheyla.

Evaluating Frontline Criminal Justice Practice: Findings From Evaluations in Wales, United Kingdom
 Ugwudike, Pamela.

Evaluating Historical Police Practices: Strikeforce Parabell, LGBTIQ Hate Crimes and the Role of Community Oversight
 Asquith, Nicole. and Dwyer, Angela.

Evaluating Risk and Responsibility in the UK Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme
 Duggan, Marian.

Evaluating Service Delivery in the Youth Justice System: Uncovering the ‘Black Box’ of Supervision Practices In Wales
 Morgan, Gemma.

Evaluating Services for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) Victims
 McMahon-Howard, Jennifer.

Evaluating Three Years of Diversionary Programs
 Howat, Holly., Biggar, Raymond., Forsyth, Craig. and Laborde, Stephen.

Evaluating University Investigations of Alleged Sexual Misconduct
 Allen, Christopher. and Stone, Rebecca.

Evaluating YLS Assessment Scores in Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice
 Waltman Spreha, Kelly. and Fowler, Justine.

Evaluating a Cognitive Life Skills Program for Community Supervised Offenders: An Assessment of Treatment Outcomes
 Antonio, Michael. and Crossett, Andrew.

Evaluating the Crime Control and Cost-Benefit Effectiveness of License Plate Recognition Technology for Criminal Investigations
 Lum, Cynthia., Koper, Christopher. and Willis, James.

Evaluating the Crime Control and Cost-Benefit Effectiveness of License Plate Recognition Technology for Patrol Deployment
 Koper, Christopher. and Lum, Cynthia.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Survivor-Led Mentorship Programming for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims
 Paruk, Jennifer., Bright, Katie., Rothman, Emily. and Farrell, Amy.

Evaluating the Effects of Early Release from Prison: A Natural Experiment
 Hamilton, Zachary. and Drake, Elizabeth.

Evaluating the Efficacy of Stacked Ensemble Models in Predicting Failure to Appear
 Clipper, Stephen.

Evaluating the Federal CVE Initiative
 Schanzer, David.

Evaluating the Impact of Breathalysers on Alcohol-Related Violence: Quasi-Experimental Evaluation
 Boyd, Katharine., Farrimond, Hannah. and Ralph, Neil.

Evaluating the Impact the Level of Funding of Indigent Defense Systems has on Defendant Outcomes Using a Natural Experiment in Louisiana
 Anwar, Shamena.

Evaluating the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in an Adult Probation Department
 Hiller, Matthew., Belenko, Steven., Donohoe, Chelsey., Taxman, Faye. and Murphy, Amy.

Evaluating the Predictive Powers of Country-level Indicators on Police Legitimacy in Africa: A Multilevel Multinational Analysis
 Boateng, Francis.

Evaluating the Puppy Mill Community: Profit over Principles
 Stocker, Darren.

Evaluating the Quality of Pensacola City Parks Using the Public Space Index and GIS
 Evans, Jocelyn., Morgan, John., Snyder, Jamie., Evans, Sara. and Abderhalden, Frances.

Evaluation Issues and Challenges Regarding Body Worn Cameras
 Coldren, James.

Evaluation of California's Armed and Prohibited Persons System
 Wintemute, Garen.

Evaluation of a Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative in Clark County, Washington
 Mosher, Clayton., Akins, Scott. and Martin, Jodi.

Evaluation of the Impact of NIBIN-Driven Arrests on Violent Crime
 Schaible, Lonnie.

Evaluation of the Second Chance Act in OJJDP FY2010 Juvenile Sites: Interim Impact Findings
 Liberman, Akiva. and Hussemann, Jeanette.

Every cop a doctor; every doctor a cop
 Librett, Mitch. and Perrone, Dina.

Everyone’s Gonna Get Arrested: Police Discretion and Body Worn Cameras
 Farmer, Ashley.

Evidence Based Policing (EBP) – Moving Beyond the Rhetoric?
 Martin, Peter.

Evidence of Criminology’s Impact on Policy and Practice
 Blomberg, Thomas.

Evidence-Based School Safety: Establishing Effective Research Partnerships
 Myers, David.

Evidence-based Policy and Native American Criminal Justice Reform
 Janisch, Roy.

Evolving Policing Styles in the United States: Balancing the State and Civil Society
 Hawdon, James.

Exacting Leverage: The Role of Probation in Plea Bargaining
 Doherty, Fiona.

Examination of Crime Trajectories and the Relation to behavioral Health Treatment
 Walsh, Julia. and Givens, Eugena.

Examination of the Impact of Parent Criminal Justice Involvement, Substance Use, and Mental Illness on Childhood Problem Behavior
 Givens, Eugena.

Examing the Factor Structure of the Ohio Youth Assessment System Residential Tool
 Julian, Linda. and Karpinski, Aryn.

Examining #NativeLivesMatter and Twitter Activism of American Indian Victimization Issues
 Pitman, Brian., Campagna, Lena. and Graham, Roderick.

Examining Criminal Career of Child Lurers in Quebec
 Massicotte, Francois., Fortin, Francis. and Chartrand, Eric.

Examining Experiences of Victimization, Support for Punitive Punishments, and Confidence in the Criminal Justice System
 Chintakrindi, Sriram., Mboka, Abu., Gerstenfeld, Phyllis., Chiang, Chau-Pu., Werling, Robert., Gao, Huan., Matravers, Amanda., Wood, Steve., McClellan, Dorothy. and Kovčo Vukadin, Irma.

Examining Factors Associated with Bullying Among Middle and High School Students
 Biggar, Raymond., Forsyth, Craig. and Richard, Tayler.

Examining Financial Transactions in Online Stolen Data Markets with Social Network Analysis: Trust and Selection
 Chua, Yi-Ting.

Examining Gender Differences in Factors Associated with Program Completion in a Statewide Drug Court Program
 Shannon, Lisa., Jones, Afton., Newell, Jennifer. and Perkins, Elizabeth.

Examining Gender Disparities and Sentencing Outcomes in U.S. Federal Courts: A Multilevel Analysis
 Whitby, Porche\'.

Examining Heterogeneity in the Effects of Prior Criminal Record on Inmate Misconduct
 Butler, Harry. and Steiner, Benjamin.

Examining Immigrants' Educational Aspirations, Expectations, and Attainment and Risk for Criminal Justice Contact and Victimization
 Baumgardner, Marisa. and Chavez, Jorge.

Examining Inmate Motives for Prison Riots
 Kim, Mijin. and Sudula, Susruta.

Examining Judicial Decision-Making in Bail Hearings in Southern California
 Scott-Hayward, Christine. and Ottone, Sarah.

Examining Mediators in the Assocaition between Adolescent Racial Discrimination and Adulthood Intimate Partner Violence
 Sutton, Tara. and Gordon Simons, Leslie.

Examining Officer Perceptions of Consolidation Across Four Agencies
 Gruenewald, Jeff.

Examining Privileged Drug Use: An Analysis of Congressional Hearings on Ecstasy
 Laguna, Sofia.

Examining Procedural Justice and Legitimacy in Corporate Offending and Overcompliance: The Efficacy of Direct and Indirect Regulatory Interactions
 Rorie, Melissa., Simpson, Sally., Cohen, Mark. and Vandenbergh, Michael.

Examining Protective Factors for Antisocial Behaviors Among Rural and Urban Youth
 Forsyth, Craig., Biggar, Raymond., Chen, Jing. and Richard, Tayler.

Examining Race and Sexual Assault Kit Submission: A Test of Black's Behavior of Law Theory
 Ylang, Norah.

Examining Racial Segregation in Drug Trafficking Groups: A Quantitative Analysis
 McCarthy, Daniel.

Examining Relationships Among Crime Analysis Integration, Evidence-based Practice and Accountability in Police Agencies
 Smith, Justin. and Santos, Rachel.

Examining Similarity and Differences in Support for Attacks Against US Military and Civilian Targets: The Role of Perceived Legitimacy
 Morris, Nancy.

Examining Static and Dynamic Factors for Black and White Juvenile Offenders
 Miller, William., Campbell, Christina. and Anderson, Valerie.

Examining Students’ Academic and Mental Health Outcomes Related to Bullying Experiences Across Racial and School Demographics
 Pech, Alexandria., Bauman, Sheri. and Wilson, Dominique.

Examining Terrorist Pre-Incident Affirmation Behaviors
 Ratcliff, Katie. and Shields, Christopher.

Examining UK Constables' Perceptions of Cybercrime
 Bossler, Adam., Holt, Thomas. and Burruss, George.

Examining additive and interactive effects of characteristics of the social and physical environment
 Thomas, Shaun. and Drawve, Grant.

Examining capable guardianship in the sexual victimization of college students: A test of routine activities theory
 Mummert, Sadie.

Examining the Adjudication Patterns of Male, Female, and Partnered Serial Killers
 Gurian, Elizabeth.

Examining the Association Between Gun Acquisition and Accidental Shootings
 Tevlin, Cassidy.

Examining the Breadth and Relativity of Stigmatization
 Brown, Stephen.

Examining the Correlates and Consequences of Local Incarceration Rates in New York State Over Time
 Schupp, Paul.

Examining the Determinants of Self-Reported School-Based Bullying and Carrying a Weapon
 Weidner, Robert.

Examining the Effectiveness of Holistic Defense in Practice
 Ostrom, Brian., Lee, Cynthia. and Kleiman, Matt.

Examining the Empirical Link between Working Antisocial Mothers and Children’s Deviance
 Loth, Lydie. and Wooldredge, John.

Examining the Gender Invariant-Assumption in Disorder Measurement: Assessing Whether Men Really Are from Mars and Women from Venus
 Hinkle, Josh. and Maskaly, Jon.

Examining the Impact of Bike Share Stations on Micro-Level Street Robbery Counts
 Haberman, Cory., Clutter, Jeffrey. and Henderson, Samantha.

Examining the Impact of Clinical Intervention on Juveniles with and without Psychopathic Traits
 Doyle, Adam., Docherty, Meagan. and Boxer, Paul.

Examining the Impact of Concentrated Disadvantage on Criminal Sentencing
 Maroun, Rimonda. and Jordan, Kareem.

Examining the Impact of Expedited Case Processing on Sentencing Outcomes and Recidivism
 Block, Lauren.

Examining the Impact of Guardianship on the Severity and Likelihood of Completion in Sexual Offences Against Women
 Cook, Alana., Reynald, Danielle. and Leclerc, Benoit.

Examining the Impact of the Cincinnati Police Department’s Comprehensive Prostitution Intervention
 Henderson, Samantha., Madero-Hernandez, Arelys. and Engel, Robin.

Examining the Impact of the Freddie Gray Unrest on Baltimore Citizens’ Perceptions of the Police
 Nelson, Matthew., Weisburd, David., Lawton, Brian. and Ready, Justin.

Examining the Inevitability Hypothesis of Terrorism
 Hsu, Henda., Vasquez, Bob Edward. and McDowall, David.

Examining the Influence of Increased Knowledge About White-Collar Crime on Attitudes Toward It in the Undergraduate Classroom
 Michel, Cedric.

Examining the Influence of Neighborhood Characteristics on Near Repeat Auto Thefts
 Fujita, Shuryo.

Examining the Invariance of Self-Control on Delinquent Behavior
 Hoffmann, John. and Wolfe, Scott.

Examining the Link Between Material Support Cases and Violent Plots
 Brecht, Ian. and Shields, Christopher.

Examining the Link between Cognitive-Behavioral Programming and Inmate Misconduct
 Hardy, Margaret. and Van Dine, Steve.

Examining the Link between Literacy and Numeracy and Employment Outcomes Amongst Incarcerated Individuals in the United States
 Garcia, Evelyn. and Chowdhury, Liza.

Examining the Mediating Effects of Perceived Organizational Support between Perceptions of Organizational Fairness and Police Officers’ Retaliatory Work Behaviors
 Reynolds, Paul. and Helfers, Rick.

Examining the Nature of Sexual Assault on College Campuses using Law Enforcement Data on Reported Victimizations
 Smith, Erica., Cooper, Alexia. and Martin, Kimberly.

Examining the Prevalence and Characteristics of Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
 Whitehead, Jessica., Dawson, Myrna. and Hotton, Tina.

Examining the Reasons Police Officers Fail to Seek Treatment for Occupational Stress
 Arter, Michael. and Menard, Kim.

Examining the Relationship Between Sexual and Physical Abuse and Mental Illnesses Among Female Inmates in Southern State
 Klepper, Josie., Pealer, Jennifer. and Prior, Nicole.

Examining the Relationship Between Victimization Exposure and Substance Use Disorders among North American Indigenous Adolescents
 Sittner, Kelley. and Hautala, Dane.

Examining the Relationship between Emergency Department Visits, Arrest, and Receipt of Medicaid Using Cross-Systems Data from Camden, New Jersey
 Harding, Courtney.

Examining the Relationship between Masculinity, Rape Myth Acceptance and Affirmative Consent
 Fejervary, Jenna. and Arazan, Christine.

Examining the Relationship between Police Crime Rates and Clearance Rates Using Dual Trajectory Analysis
 Vovak, Heather.

Examining the Relationship between Teenage Pregnancy and Maladaptive Behaviors
 Walker, D\'Andre. and Holtfreter, Kristy.

Examining the Relationships Between Correctional Officers and Promotional Opportunities: Perceptions Across Racial Groups
 Peck, Jennifer., Smith, Justin. and Dobrin, Adam.

Examining the Role of Biological Sex, Exposure to Violence, and Neighborhood Context on Adolescent Suicidal Behavior
 Farrell, Chelsea.

Examining the Role of Creativity on Gender Discrepancies in the Propensity for Deviant Behavior
 Dolliver, Matthew.

Examining the Role of Private Crime-Control Initiatives: Evidence from Chicago's Business Improvement Districts
 Torrats-Espinosa, Gerard.

Examining the Role of Psychological Disorders and Abuse Experiences on Longer-Term Offending Outcomes: A Comparison of Foster Care and Non-Foster Care Youth
 Yang, Jennifer., McCuish, Evan. and Corrado, Raymond.

Examining the Use of Full-Time Police in Schools: How Roles and Training May Impact Responses to Misconduct
 McKenna, Joseph.

Examining the Victimization of Older Lesbians
 Stacey, Michele., Averett, Paige. and Bullock, Brittany.

Examining the cumulative, sequential, and single impacts of local, state, and federal violence prevention initiatives on violent crime outcomes in Boston between 2010 and 2015
 Read, Nicholas. and Campie, Patricia.

Examining the effect of CCTV in Public Streets: A Case Study of Two Japanese Downtown Areas
 Amemiya, Mamoru.

Examining the influence of adolescent marijuana use on adult intelligence
 Boccio, Cashen. and Beaver, Kevin.

Examining the influence of childhood and adolescent risk factors on romantic relationship involvement and quality in adulthood among a sample of seriously at risk youth.
 Larson, Matthew.

Examining the readiness to adopt, implement, and disseminate evidence-based strategies in high risk-high need communities grappling with persistent violence.
 Loeffler-Cobia, Jennifer. and Campie, Patricia.

Examining the sources of violent victimization among jail inmates
 Ellison, Jared., Steiner, Benjamin. and Wright, Emily.

Examining the victim-offender overlap for both cybercrime and non-cybercrime offenses
 Weulen Kranenbarg, Marleen.

Examining the “Correction Effect” in the Relationship between Race and Juvenile Court Outcomes
 Gann, Shaun., Sullivan, Christopher. and Wooldredge, John.

Exclusionary Discipline and Neighborhood Crime
 Gerlinger, Julie.

Excuses and Justifications for Intermittent Patterns of Offending
 DeShay, Rashaan. and Vieraitis, Lynne.

Excuses, Justifications and Blame in the Offence Narratives of Convicted Rapists in India
 Pandey, Madhumita., Lundrigan, Samantha. and Moore, Colleen.

Execution on Display: Visitor Reactions to Texas’ Electric Chair
 Neucere, Elizabeth.

Exiting Prostitution: A Study in Female Desistance
 Matthews, Roger.

Expanded Police & Safety Efforts around an Urban University
 Isaza, Gabrielle., Shafer, Jillian., Henderson, Samantha. and Engel, Robin.

Expanding the Concept of a “Good Job” to Understand Desistance Processes
 Medina, Juanjo. and Salinas-Edwards, Mike.

Expanding the Criminological Agenda: Natural Disasters, Conflict, and Insecurity
 San Antonio, Jaclyn. and Bouloukos, Adam.

Expanding the Measurement of Police Integrity
 Powell, Zachary., Hickman, Matthew., Piquero, Alex. and Greene, Jack.

Expanding the National Decertification Index: The Challenges Ahead
 Hickman, Matthew.

Expanding the Search for Media Evidence of Institutional Anomie
 Robinson, Bryan.

Expectations Met? A Template for Assessing Capstone Courses
 Peat, Barbara.

Experience Versus Expectation: Economic Insecurity, the Great Recession, and Support for the Death Penalty
 Pickett, Justin. and Lehmann, Peter.

Experienced Abuse versus Chaotic Households: IPV Victimization and Perpetration among Women Prisoners
 Jones, Melissa., Sharp, Susan. and McLeod, David.

Experienced Racism and the Risk of Offending Among Dutch Caribbean Women
 Joosen, Katharina.

Experiences of Social Support among Formerly Incarcerated Men and Women
 Tietjen, Grant. and Park, Nicholas.

Experiential Learning in Higher Education
 Wagers, Shelly.

Experiential Learning in Higher Education
 Block, Carolyn.

Experiential Learning in Higher Education
 del Carmen, Alex.

Experiential Learning in Higher Education
 Kunkle, Susan.

Experiential Learning in Higher Education
 Jordan, William. and Riley, Brenda.

Experiential Learning: The Consortium for Humanitarian Services and Education Experience
 Ogbozor, Ernest.

Explaining Crime Clearance Through Routine Activities Theory and Departmental Variation: A Hierarchical and Longitudinal Approach
 Clarke, Kaitlyn., McCormack, Philip. and Spina, Francesca.

Explaining Crimes of the Privileged Class in the United States
 Ebbe, Obi.

Explaining Crimmigration: The Impact of State Politics and Race/Ethnicity on the Change of Immigration Control
 Jiang, Jize.

Explaining Victimization Patterns in Brazil and Mexico: A Test of Routine Activities and Social Disorganization Perspectives
 Rodrigues, Corinne. and de Oliveira, Valéria.

Explaining the Effects of the Transition from UCR to NIBRS Crime Reporting
 Levy, Dylan. and Walker, Michael.

Explaining the Geographic Distribution of White Supremacist Activities, 2013-2015
 Medaris, Drew. and Harris, Casey.

Explaining the Linkage Between Early Childhood Externalizing Behaviors and Adolescent Substance Use: The Role of Familial Characteristics and Parenting
 Larroulet, Pilar., Loughran, Thomas. and Thornberry, Terence.

Explicitly Testing the Relationship Between Police Legitimacy and Code of the Streets Values
 Safer-Lichtenstein, Aaron.

Exploiting Migrants in Research and Activism: Learning from Transatlantic Slavery and its Afterlives
 O\'Connell Davidson, Julia. and Okyere, Samuel.

Exploratory Research into the Intersection of Forced Marriage, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Violence: Preliminary findings
 Dank, Meredith. and Owens, Colleen.

Exploring Additional Delinquency, ACEs, and Antisociality in Florida Juvenile Sex Offenders
 Gomez, Katherine., Greenwald, Mark., Epps, Nathan. and Reagan, Allison.

Exploring Concept Mapping and Q-sorting as a Combined Mixed Methodological Approach
 Heath, Sarah.

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Exploring the Lived Experience of Social Class through Institutional Responses to Youth Deviance and Parenting Styles
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Exploring the Relationship between Parental Criminality and Polyvictimization
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Exploring the Risk and Protective Factors of Elder Financial Fraud Using Life Course Theory
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Exploring the Role of Caregiver Engagement in Post-discharge Outcomes for Residentially-placed Youth
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Exploring the Role of Evidence in Guilty Pleas: The Relationship between Drug Quantities and Case Processing Outcomes
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Exploring the Role of Treatment on Sexual Re-offending Over Time
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Extreme Makeover: Interrogation Room Edition
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