American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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FOCUS on Women: Probation and Women’s Initiative Supporting Health Partnership Improves Legal and Medical Outcomes
 Morse, Diane. and Cerulli, Catherine.

Faceless Rage: An Examination of Incivility on Facebook News Pages
 Clark, Nicholas., Clark, Rachel., Hutchison, Courtney., Mitchell, Madeleine., Name, Edward., Snowden, Alexa. and Glosser, Angela.

Facilitating Transition Back to the Community: An Analysis of the Post-release Context for Inmates with Substance Use Problems Leaving Prison
 Hamilton, Leah. and Belenko, Steven.

Facing and Overcoming Addiction: The Plight of Formerly Incarcerated Mothers Across Racial-Ethnic Groups
 Garcia-Hallett, Janet.

Factor Analysis of Deviance, Substance Use, and Risky Behaviors: A test of the “Generality” Hypothesis
 Javakhishvili, Magda., Vazsonyi, Alexander., Phagava, Helen., Phagava, Karaman. and Michaud, Pierre-Andre.

Factors Affecting Blame Attribution for Rape in Ghana: An Examination of Rape Type, Participant Gender, Empathy, and Perceived Similarity
 Diamond-Welch, Bridget. and Amos-Clement, Jerry.

Factors Associated with Repeated Contact between Police and Emotionally Disturbed Persons
 Vaughan, Adam., Verdun-Jones, Simon., Andresen, Martin. and Davies, Garth.

Factors Associated with Two-Year Recidivism Rates among Participants in a Drug Court Program
 Shannon, Lisa., Jones, Afton., Newell, Jennifer. and Perkins, Elizabeth.

Factors Impacting Job Satisfaction Among Police Personnel in India: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis
 Vinod Kumar, T.K..

Factors Influencing Reporting of Cyberbullying Incidents among Adolescents: Evidence from South Korea
 Seo, Hwawon.

Factors Influencing Successful Parole Completion in a Rural County Setting
 Bowman, Ed. and Ely, Katie.

Factors Reducing Recidivism in Paroled Stimulant Drug Offenders
 Hazama, Kyoko., Katsuta, Satoshi. and Nishi, Keiko.

Factors Related to the Physical and Mental Health of Inmates: An Exploratory Analysis
 Fahmy, Chantal.

Factors associated with extortion compliance in Mexico: Who pays and why?
 Estevez Soto, Patricio.

Faculty Attitudes toward Consensual Sexual Relationships between Students and Faculty
 Henderson, Brandy., Crittenden, Courtney. and Garland, Tammy.

Faculty Led Study Abroad and Assessment of Learning Outcomes
 Miller, Karen.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Perceptions of Active Shooter Training: An Assessment
 Carter II, James. and Gialopsos, Brooke.

Fair Enough? Women’s Perceptions of Fairness in the Protection Order Process
 Fleury-Steiner, Ruth., Miller, Susan. and Hefner, M. Kristen.

Faith, Church Attendance, and Service: Pathway to Transformation and Freedom
 Johnson, Byron. The Internet and the Counterfeit Medicine Trade in the United Kingdom
 Hall, Alexandra. and Antonopoulos, Georgios.

False Confessions: Commonalities between two Different Countries: China and the United States
 Zhang, Yu. and Tighe, Scott.

Family Disorganization and Juvenile Homicide
 Murray, Brittany.

Family Economic Hardship and Trajectories of Aggression in Childhood: Implications for Early Onset Delinquency
 McNulty, Thomas., Bellair, Paul., Roscigno, Vincent. and Lei, Man (Karlo).

Family Members Feelings towards the Death Penalty: Is Offender Race a Factor?
 Bronson, Eric. and Picon, Mayra.

Family Structure and Racial Disparity in Opportunities for Diversion
 Love, Tony. and Morris, Edward.

Family Structure, Self-control, and Childhood Delinquency
 Cullen, Greggory.

Family Tragedy to Family Triumph: Surviving Murder and the Effects of a Wrongful Capital Conviction
 Vollertsen, Nancy.

Family, School, and Peer Influences on Alcohol Use / Abuse Among American Indian and White Female Adolescents
 Redman, Paula. and Andreescu, Viviana.

Far From Home: An Analysis of the Distance between Prisoners and their Prior Residence
 Dane, Benjamin. and Poteyeva, Margarita.

Far-Right, Strain and Cops: The Effects of Strain and Police Encounters on Commitment to Far-Right Extremism
 Kerodal, Ashmini., Freilich, Joshua. and Chermak, Steven.

Farm Crime in England and Wales: Results of a Farmer Survey Identifying the Attitudes of Farmers
 Smith, Kreseda.

Farmer and Police Responses to Agricultural Crime in Victoria, Australia
 Harkness, Alistair.

Fatal Encounters Between the Police and Persons with Serious Mental Illness
 Smith, Hayden. and Kaminski, Robert.

Fatalism and Crime: A longitudinal approach
 Huggins, Chris. and Love, Tony.

Fear & Loathing Crime in Dallas: Assessing Perceptions of Crime, Safety, & the Quality of Life in Dallas, Texas
 Harper, Alexis. and Galvan, Anthony.

Fear Conditioning Skin Conductance Response and Callous Unemotional Traits among Children
 Chen, Frances., Raine, Adrian., Rudo-Hutt, Anna. and Gao, Yu.

Fear among the Feared: Arab Americans’ Fear of Crime in an Ethnic Enclave Community
 Zaatut, Amarat. and Jacobsen, Shannon.

Fear of Being Stopped and Questioned by Police
 Johnson, Devon. and Lum, Cynthia.

Fear of Crime among Mongolian Immigrants in Seoul, South Korea
 Chuluunbat, Sharkhuu. and Lee, MinSik.

Fear of Crime and Media Consumption: Digging Deeper
 Bader, Chris., Rawlinson, Cassidy., Jones, Tyler. and Day, Edward.

Fear of Crime and Perceptions of Police
 Griffith, Candace.

Fear of Crime and Victimization
 Li, Carrie. and Melde, Chris.

Fear of Crime at School: What Do We Know and What Can We Do?
 Connell, Nadine.

Fear of Crime in a Transitional Society: The Case of Mongolian Citizens
 Chuluunbat, Sharkhuu. and Lee, MinSik.

Fear of Crime: Examining Gender Differences in Fear of Crime from and Identity Theory Perspective
 Asencio, Emily. and Merrill, Monica.

Fear of Crime: Personal Concerns and Generalized Worries
 Ouellette, Heather., Applegate, Brandon., Vuk, Mateja., Bolin, Riane. and Aizpurúa, Eva.

Fear of School Victimization: A Social Capital Perspective
 Sobba, Kristen.

Fear of Violence and Well-being: Mediating Versus Moderating Effects of Family Support
 Drinkard, Allyson., Schell, Christopher. and Adams, Richard.

Fear of crime and media: The moderating role of neighborhood perception in cultivation
 Choi, Jaeyong.

Fear over Time: Examining Changes in Reported Fear at Micro-Places
 Lawton, Brian., Weisburd, David., Ready, Justin., White, Clair., Cave, Breanne. and Nelson, Matthew.

Federal Criminal Justice Reform in 2017 and Beyond
 Gill, Molly.

Federal Responses to Organizational Crime in Republican and Democratic Administrations: A Longitudinal Analysis of Trends in Organizational Convictions
 Fissel, Erica.

Federal Sentencing of Hispanics in "Traditional," "New," and Changing Immigrant Destinations
 Parker, Brandy. and Ulmer, Jeffery.

Feeding the Felons
 Orrick, David.

Feeling Punishment: Women’s Experience of Imprisonment in a Punitive and Pain-Killing Society
 Chamberlen, Anastasia.

Feeling others’ pain: analyzing the indirect impacts of anti-LGBT and Islamophobic hate crimes
 Walters, Mark.

Felon Seeks Firearm: Measuring Risk in the Country’s Largest Online Gun Markets
 Alcorn, Ted.

Felonious Killings of Law Enforcement Officers from 2002-2014
 Petersen, Rebecca. and De Leo, Michael.

Female Offender Reentry Program: Moving On in Washington State
 Ruiz, Leah. and Hamilton, Zachary.

Female Offenders Substance Abuse Treatment Satisfaction and Desistance from Substance Use
 Goodson, Marva., Morash, Merry., Kashy, Deborah. and Smith, Sandi.

Female Perpetrated Dating Violence: An Examination of Nature, Extent, Motivations, and Causes
 Kaukinen, Catherine. and Powers, Ráchael.

Femicriminalization: Liberation Theology Challenges Liberation Theory
 Linhares, Fernando.

Feminist Criminology: Contributions, Challenges, and Future Trends
 Chesney-Lind, Meda. and Chagnon, Nicholas.

Feminist Pornography, Creative Resistance, and Consumer Culture
 Medley, Corina.

Feminist, Patriarchal, and Gender-Neutral Responses to Campus Sexual Assault: Results from a National Sample of Institutions of Higher Education (IHE)
 Richards, Tara., Branch, Kathryn., Fleury-Steiner, Ruth. and Kafonek, Katherine.

Feminized Need and Racialized Risk: Accentuated Gender and Color-blind Racism in a Midwestern Drug Court
 Horowitz, Veronica. and Gowan, Teresa.

Ferguson Effect: Race/Ethnicity and Public Expectations of the Police in Houston
 Ren, Ling. and He, Phil.

Ferguson and Baltimore Residents’ Experiences with and Perceptions of Black Officers
 Cobbina, Jennifer.

Ferguson and Beyond
 Williams, Jason.

Ferguson and Beyond: A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment of How Race and Place Matter for Arrest
 Phillips, Lora.

Ferguson from a Police Perspective: Examining Experiences and Impact by Race
 Kochel, Tammy.

Fidelity in Implementation: Attending to Responsivity Challenges in a Second Chance Act Reentry Demonstration Program
 Sachs, Nicole. and Miller, Joel.

Fierce Mamas’ Rising: Navigating the Terrain of Motherhood As Formerly Incarcerated/Convicted Women
 Gamez, Grace.

Fifty State Statistical Overview of Parole Release and Revocation
 Alper, Mariel.

Fighting Financial Statement Fraud Through Predictive Analytics
 Jofre, Maria. and Gerlach, Richard.

Fighting for Theories of Race and Gender: Pacific Islander Teens Confront Violent Legacies
 Irwin, Katherine.

Figurehead Hate Crime Cases: Developing a Preliminary Model and Exposing the ‘Problem’ with ‘Disability’
 Thorneycroft, Ryan. and Asquith, Nicole.

Filmmaking Criminology: a New Language for Justice Professionals
 Sutton, Paul.

Final Results of a Matched-Pairs Reanalysis of Offending at Age 45
 Zimmerman, Gregory., Welsh, Brandon. and Zane, Steven.

Financial Crime and Edgework
 Eren, Colleen.

Financial Disadvantage, Popularity, And Delinquency: An Analysis of Longitudinal, Social Network Data
 Baals, Douglas., Osgood, Wayne. and Ramirez, Nayan.

Financing transnational bribery: some key analytical questions
 Lord, Nicholas. and Levi, Michael.

Finding Labor Trafficking Violations Among Migrant Farmworkers: A GIS-Enabled Multi-Stage Sampling
 Zhang, Sheldon., Barrick, Kelle. and Pitts, Wayne.

Finding Rhetorical Pathways to Racially Disproportionate Outcomes in School Discipline
 Crawley, Kayla.

Finding a Safe Zone: An Examination of Sexual Assault among Queer College Students
 Rogers, Sarah.

Finding a Solution to Intimate Partner Violence in the Immigrant Nigerian Community in the United States
 Kalunta-Crumpton, Anita.

Findings and Lessons Learned from Five Years of the Smart Policing Initiative
 Elliott, Vivian.

Findings from a Pilot Test of the Environmental Corrections Model of Probation and Parole
 Schaefer, Lacey.

Findings from the BJS Arrest-related Deaths (ARD) Program 2015 Pilot Study
 Banks, Duren., Couzens, Lance. and Ruddle, Paul.

Findings from the Cross-Site Evaluation of the Bureau of Justice Assistance FY 2011 Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Demonstration Programs
 Lindquist, Christine., Lattimore, Pamela., Buck Willison, Janeen. and Rossman, Shelli.

Findings from the Randomized Experiment with Body Worn Cameras at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
 Braga, Anthony., Coldren, James., Sousa, William. and Rodriguez, Denise.

Fines, Fees, and the Threat of Jail: The Long Reach of the User-Funded Justice System in New Orleans
 Roberts, Stephen.

Finger on the Trigger: Police Violence and Trigger Warnings
 Nelson, Bethany.

Firearm Fatality Prevention: Washington State’s Public Health Approach
 Landon, Matthew., Mullins, Sandy., McGill, Jason., Nelson, Eric. and Mueller, Martin.

Firearms and the Lethality of Suicide Methods
 Kleck, Gary.

First Time Offenders as Once and Future Victims
 Neyroud, Eleanor.

First and Second Generation Caribbean Immigrants’ Susceptibility to Delinquency & Crime in the United States
 Andreescu, Viviana. and Nelson, Nadia.

Flushing out Public Spaces: Urban Security and Public Washrooms in the City of Ottawa
 Buchanan, Ryan.

Focused Deterrence and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approaches to Reducing Community Violence
 Kennedy, David. and Watson, Anthony.

Focusing on the Courts: Media Constructions of California's Proposition 8
 Cook, Samantha., Warren, Deirdre. and Campbell, Kyla.

Food Bullying at the Intersection of Environmental Crime and Health Discourses of Food Advice
 Gray, Allison.

Food Fraud Incident Clustering and Applying the Crime Triangle
 Spink, John.

For Some Other Reasons? – Ethnographic Study of an International Outlaw Motorcycle Club
 Perala, Jussi.

For the Greater? A Critical Examination of the Veterans Treatment Court Concept
 Brooke, Erika. and Baldwin, Julie.

Forcible Rape and Attempted Rape on a Midwestern University Campus: Test of Self-Control Theory and Identification of Risk Factors
 Waters, Kevin. and Waters, Kenneth.

Forecasting Mafia Related Homicides
 Dugato, Marco., Calderoni, Francesco. and Berlusconi, Giulia.

Forecasting Right Wing Extremist Violence in the West
 Davies, Garth. and Doering, Sara.

Forensics, Legal Actors, and Wrongful Convictions
 Garrett, Brandon.

Forgiving Murder: A Qualitative Exploration of the Factors that Promote or Impede Forgiveness
 Hourigan, Kristen.

Formal and Informal Control of Speech in the European Union
 Kyckelhahn, Tracey.

Formerly Incarcerated Men’s Negotiation of Family Support
 Christian, Johnna. and Martinez, Denisse.

Foster Care: The Quality of the State's Parenting in the United States and Abroad
 Simmons-Horton, Sherri.

Fourteen Thirty-Eight: The Stakes of Jail Size in New Orleans, Louisiana
 Williams, Kaya.

Fragile Rituals: Armed Robberies Caught on CCTV
 Nassauer, Anne.

Framing Violence: An Analysis of Media Coverage of Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence
 Merrill, Monica.

Framing the Issue: What We Know and Need to Know about Reducing Correctional Populations
 Moore, Angela.

Fraud and Corruption Kill and Maim
 Black, William.

Free Will, Determinism, and Criminology: A Metatheoretical Analysis
 Heidt, Jon.

Friend or foe: Sorority Affiliation and Risk of Sexual Violence
 Piatak, Kirsten., Mummert, Sadie. and Reitz-Kruger, Cristina.

Friends, Fellows, Brothers or Chiefs? Blurred Lines Between Traffickers and Brokers
 Nagy, Veronika.

Friendship Suspended: Toward a Longitudinal Social Network Analysis of Labeling Theory
 Jacobsen, Wade.

From Calabria to the World: The ‘Ndrangheta Clans and Colonisation Mechanisms Outside Italy
 Sergi, Anna.

From Cellblock to Community: A Longitudinal Analysis of Inmate Social Networks during Community Re-Entry
 Whichard, Corey.

From Child to Commander: Exploring the Complexities of Former Child Soldiers as Victims and Perpetrators of International Crimes
 Gregg, Melissa.

From Dating Violence to Adult Intimate Partner Violence: Continuity and Sources of Resilience in Adulthood
 Greenman, Sarah. and Matsuda, Mauri.

From Enforcing the Law to Serving Time in Prison: How Police Officers Reenter Society
 Garduno, L. Sergio., Bales, William. and Zurburg, Heather.

From Global to Local Visions of the Security Sector in the West Bank
 Nafstad, Ida.

From Hegemonic Masculinity to Gun Masturbation: Masculine Discourse of Self-pleasure in American Gun Culture
 Prelog, Andrew., Henderson, Angie. and Newman, Harmony.

From Hell to Whitechapel: hauntology, crime and the construction of place
 Fiddler, Michael.

From Kerner to Ferguson: The Racial State Response to Protests Against Police Abuse of Power
 Glover, Karen.

From LGBTQ risk navigation to criminological theory: Is contested space queer space?
 Panfil, Vanessa.

From Local to Global: Assessing Predictors of Fear of Crime from Transnational Organised Criminal Groups’ Activities in Mexico
 Perez Esparza, David.

From Outrage to Acceptance: Public Discourse in Response to the Snowden Revelations
 Ivers, Amber. and Palys, Ted.

From Prototype to Production: Model Implementation
 Concannon, Connor.

From Seed to Sale: Putting Foucault to Work and the Recreationalization of Marijuana in Denver, Colorado
 London, Jeffrey.

From Sexual Assault to Examination: Factors that Influence the Variation in Time Frame
 Carkin, Danielle. and Edson, Timothy.

From Slavery to Jane Crow to Say Her Name
 Battle, Nishaun.

From Social Control to Sanctuary: Trauma Treatment for Youth in Residential Care
 Merlo, Alida. and Benekos, Peter.

From Solitary to the Streets: The Effect of Restrictive Housing on Recidivism
 Clark, Valerie. and Duwe, Grant.

From Victimization to Criminalization: The Relationship between Victimization, Poly-victimization and Delinquency
 Wemmers, Jo-Anne. and Cyr, Katie.

From Wallander to Montalbano: A Study of Police Cultures and Policemen in European Fiction Books
 Selmini, Rossella.

From a Market Economy to a Caring Economy: Peacemaking/Critical Perspectives on Reducing Crime
 Wozniak, John.

From a “Bunch of Young Punks” to a Well-Organized “Violent Force”: Continuity of the 856 Gang
 Bains, Surena.

From an Integrated to a Stand Alone Order: The Story of Electronic Monitoring in Belgium
 Beyens, Kristel.

From political extremism to violence: A SAT analysis of right-wing extremism
 Perry, Gali.

From the nameless addict to the unexpected victim: Media representations of overdose, 1988 to 2014
 McLean, Katherine.

From “Just Say No” to “I Didn’t Inhale” to “I’ve got Bigger Fish to Fry”: The President, Media, and Attitudes Toward Marijuana (1975-2014)
 Stringer, Richard. and Maggard, Scott.

Front Line Needs of a Busted Vet
 Sheppard, William.

Fuck the Police!: Parrhesiastic Speech from Below?
 de la Tierra, Albert.

Functional Family Therapy for Gang Populations (FFT-G): Overview
 Kearley, Brook. and Devlin, Deanna.

Future Cops in the Hood examine Police & Legitimacy in high and low-crime neighborhoods in New York City.
 Grant, Heath., Herrmann, Christopher., Smith, Margaret., Hughes, Kimberly. and Drucker, Ernest.

Future-Proofing, Collateral Hardening and Decreasing Room for Error in Danish Prisons
 Sexton, Lori., Reiter, Keramet. and Sumner, Jennifer.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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