American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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GPS-EM Sanctions for Serious Sex Offenders: The Application and Outcomes in the USA and Australia
 Martinovic, Marietta.

GPS-EM and Stakeholder Expectations
 Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin. and Humphrey, Tamara.

Gang Affiliation Tattoo Removal: Examination of Self-perception, Stigma, and Internalized Values.
 Mayba, Yevgeniy. and Herrera, Veronica.

Gang Affiliation Tattoo Removal: Examining Gender and Age Differences in Program Participation.
 Herrera, Veronica. and Mayba, Yevgeniy.

Gang Affiliation and Radicalization to Violent Extremism within Somali-American Communities
 Ellis, Heidi.

Gang Culture on the Virtual Corner: Examining Local Gang Culture Through Online Rap Videos
 Lauger, Timothy.

Gang Identity, Performance, and Conflict Transformation in the Online World
 West-Fagan, Jenny.

Gang Member as Defendants: The Importance of Procedural Justice
 Morgan, Kirstin.

Gang Membership and Violent Delinquency: How Strong is the Association After Taking into Account Familial Confounds?
 Connolly, Eric.

Gang Membership, Deviant Behavior and Social Reaction to Offending: Results from the Third Wave of the International Self-Reported Delinquency Study (ISRD-3) in 12 countries.
 Gatti, Uberto. and Haymoz, Sandrine.

Gang-Affiliated Latina Teen Mothers Overcoming Marginalizations through Resilience and Educational Aspirations
 Maldonado, Katherine.

Gangs and Humanitarianism in Comparative Context: Perspectives from Practice
 Palama, Audrey.

Gangs and Urban Genealogy
 Fraser, Alistair.

Gangs, Groups, Networks, and Deterrence: An Evaluation of Syracuse Truce
 Worden, Robert., McLean, Sarah., Wheeler, Andrew. and Becker, Kelly.

Gangs, Masculinity and Social, Emotional and Spiritual Journeys: Transatlantic Insights from Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Glasgow
 Deuchar, Ross. and Weide, Robert.

Gated Communities as a Form of Interpersonal Distrust? A Statistical Scrutiny of Existing Hypotheses
 Waszkiewicz, Pawel., Svenonius, Ola. and Bjorklund, Fredrika.

Gender Based Violence at the University: An International Comparison
 Sharpless, Rashona.

Gender Differences in African American Offending: A Gendered Analysis of The Theory of African American Offending
 Jackson, Robin.

Gender Differences in Police-Juvenile Relations
 Won, Haemi.

Gender Differences in the Perceived Needs and Barriers of Prisoners Preparing for Reentry
 Gomes, Sílvia.

Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Prison Misconduct
 Daquin, Jane. and Daigle, Leah.

Gender Dynamics in Parenthood as a Source of Change
 Abeling-Judge, David.

Gender Dynamics of Violent Acts among Gang-Affiliated Young Adult Mexican American Men.
 Valdez, Avelardo.

Gender Equality, State Paternalism, and the Drug Felony Lifetime Ban
 Martin, Brittany. and Shannon, Sarah.

Gender Norming: Should it be Used?
 Hein, David.

Gender Responsive Justice: A Critical Appraisal
 Evans, Karen.

Gender Role Incongruence and the Adjudication of Criminal Responsibility
 Veysey, Bonita.

Gender Stereotypes and Sexual Assault Involving Alcohol: Comments From Online News Readers
 Ireland, Leanna.

Gender and Alcohol Use Trajectories during Emerging Adulthood
 Wiley, Lia.

Gender and Anti-Muslim Hate Crime
 Zempi, Irene.

Gender and Prison Recidivism: The Influence of Protective and Risk Factors
 Bell, Kerryn.

Gender and Release From Convict Prisons in Late 19th Century England
 Turner, Joanne.

Gender and Risk Assessment in Juvenile Offenders: A Meta-Analysis
 Pusch, Natasha. and Holtfreter, Kristy.

Gender differences in Fear of Victimization
 Slazenik, Craig. and Rodgers, Forrest.

Gender differences in young people’s crime involvement: A cross-national comparison of the UK and Sweden
 Ivert, Anna-Karin., Levander, Marie. and Wikström, Per-Olof.

Gender in Hate Crime Legislation in Australia
 Dwyer, Angela. and O\'Brien, Melanie.

Gender, Cognitive Transformation and Desistance from Crime
 Anderson, Annika. and Oselin, Sharon.

Gender, Context, and Patterns of Intimate Partner Violence
 Johnson, Wendi. and Burrington, Lori.

Gender, Mental Health, and Procedural Justice Perceptions in a Specialized Court Context
 Somers, Logan. and Holtfreter, Kristy.

Gender, Routine Activity, and Violent Victimization in Chinese Context
 Liu, Weidi.

Gender, Status, and Tax Evasion
 Reese, Bruce.

Gender, Strain, and Bullying: The Differential Influence of Strain on Offending and Victimization among Adolescents.
 Booth, Jeb. and Howerton-Orcutt, Amanda.

Gender-Specific or Gender-Responsive? Investigating Juvenile Justice Practitioner Knowledge
 Hoskins, Kayla. and Anderson, Valerie.

Gendered Bars: How Collective Efficacy is Experienced Differently Among Correctional Staff
 Carter, TaLisa.

Gendered Class Conflict within Men’s Abusive Relationships with Women: Findings from a Qualtitative Study
 Ptacek, James.

Gendered Communications and Identities of Female and Male Police Officers in Canada
 Bannister, Sarah.

Gendered Fear of Crime on a College Campus
 Haynes, Stacy., Rogers, Sarah. and Rader, Nicole.

Gendered Hate: Where Do We Go From Here?
 Hodge, Jessica.

Gendered Pathways: The Experience of Girls in School
 Chenier, Allison. and Pulis, Jessica.

Gendered Protest Policing and the Criminalization of Dissent, 1960-1995
 Padilla Wyse, Jennifer., Ratliff, Thomas. and Marshall, Anita.

Gendered Risks of Bullying Perpetration and Victimization Among a Middle School Student Cohort
 Runell, Lindsey.

Gendered Violence and Vulnerability in the Night Time Economy.
 Smith, Oliver.

Gene-Environment Interactions: The Relationship between MAOA polymorphism, Peer Affiliation, and Antisocial Behavior
 Cooke, Eric., Armstrong, Todd., Wells, Jessica., Boisvert, Danielle., Lewis, Richard. and Woeckener, Matthias.

Gene-environment correlations and antisocial behavior
 McBride, Marianna. and Beaver, Kevin.

General Public Attitudes Towards Community Policing within Europe - An Explorative Research
 Wegmann, Janna. and Kersten, Joachim.

Genes, Religiosity, and Criminal Behavior
 Watts, Stephen.

Genes, Social Environment and Substance Abuse: A Study on Young Males in China
 Zhong, Hua. and Chen, Xi.

Gentrification and Crime in the Tampa Bay Area
 Oh, Gyeongseok.

Getting High and Feeling Good: Exploring the Association of Self-esteem with Drug Use through Meta-analysis
 Mier, Carrie. and Ladny, Roshni.

Getting Stoned: Marijuana Use among University Students
 Butler, Leah.

Getting into Deep Water. A Case Study of the Isle de Jean Charles in Louisiana
 Bisschop, Lieselot., Strobl, Staci. and Viollaz, Julie.

Getting “Rescued”: Arrest and Imprisonment as a ‘Positive Disruption’
 Pelvin, Holly.

Girlfriend Experience v. Thrill of the Purchase: Age-Graded Companionship and Thrill-Seeking among Street Sex Buyers
 Smith, Molly.

Girls, Challenge and Criminological Constructions
 Arnull, Elaine.

Girls' Use of Violence: Urban, Suburban, and Rural Differences
 Rennison, Callie. and DeKeseredy, Walter.

Giving Voice to Crime Victims: An Examination of Victim Survey Findings from the Evaluation of the OVC Wraparound Victim Legal Assistance Network (WVLAN) Demonstration Program
 Debus-Sherrill, Sara., Frazee, Kayla., Lowry, Samantha. and Henninger, Alana.

Glass Ceilings and Sexual Abuse: Gender Inequality and Structural Bias in the Australian Defence Force
 Dagistanli, Selda. and Huppatz, Kate.

Going Dark: Encryption and ICT Legislation in Response to Terrorist Attacks
 Abbasciano, Suzzette.

Going Upstream: Tracking the Carceral Continuum to and through the Juvenile Justice System
 Shedd, Carla.

Good Girl Influenced or Bad Girl Independence?: Female Sex Offenders, Male Partners, and Neutralization
 Bash, Kayla. and Merken, Stacie.

Good Governance, Political Participation, and Public Support for Mandatory Sentencing
 Sundt, Jody., Schwaeble, Kathryn. and Merritt, Cullen.

Good Guy with a Gun? An Analysis of Residents Near Active Shooter Incidents
 Brault, Elizabeth.

Good Kids Feeling Bad? Assessing the Association of Self-esteem with Delinquency and Criminal Behavior in At-Risk Populations through Meta-analysis
 Ladny, Roshni. and Mier, Carrie.

Got Health? Examining the Relationships between Well-being, Substance Use/misuse, and Delinquency
 Hurst, James., ten Bensel, Tusty., Baldwin, Julie. and Laan, Jacob.

Governance and Criminality in Nigeria: From 1985-2015 - An Introduction
 Ubah, Charles.

Governance, Risk and Punishment: The Case of Insurance Fraud
 Stenström, Anders.

Government 3.0 and Crime Analysis in Korea
 Moon, Junseob.

Government Data Mining and Privacy After 9/11
 Kaplan, Stephanie.

Green Criminology Opposes Prison Growth/Mass Incarceration, Opposition to the Jewkes/Moran Hypothesis
 Long, Michael., Lynch, Michael. and Stretesky, Paul.

Green Criminology and Environmental Crimes in the State of Michigan
 Barrett, Kimberly.

Group Threat and the Passage of Anti-Immigrant Legislation, 2006-2012
 Ferraro, Vincent. and Ghatak, Saran.

Group Threat or Opportunity for Interaction: Understanding the Relationship between Relative Group Size and Hate Crime Rates
 Piatkowska, Sylwia. and Messner, Steven.

Group-Based Trajectory Modeling of Police Misconduct: Toward Finding Needles in a Haystack
 Harris, Christopher., Worden, Robert. and McLean, Sarah.

Grow Where You Are Planted: The Use of Gardening as Offender Rehabilitation in Prisons
 Granger, Kendahl.

Grow Your Hair Out: Chicano Gang Masculinity and Embodiment in Recovery
 Flores, Edward.

Growing Knowledge on Individuals Involved with the Criminal Justice System: The Importance of the Second Chance Act and Hawaii HOPE
 Irazola, Seri.

Growing the Next Generation of Violence Against Women Prevention Researchers (McBEE)
 Coker, Ann., Fisher, Bonnie., Bush, Heather., Clear, Emily. and Davidov, Danielle.

Guardians of the Suburbs
 Moir, Emily., Stewart, Anna., Reynald, Danielle. and Hart, Timothy.

Gun Laws, Homicide Rates, and a Public Health Approach to Crime
 Webster, Daniel.

Gun production and prevalence across the U.S.: Explaining Spatial-temporal correlates, links and patterns
 Perez Esparza, David.

Gunfire, neighborhoods and fear of crime in New York City: Findings from the Crime & Drugs in My Neighborhood Study, 2012-2015
 Bates, Laiquan., Sawwan, Ronny., Rodriguez, Yeireline. and Martin, Yolanda.

Guns, Mental Illness, and Violence: What is the Real Danger?
 Baumann, Miranda. and Teasdale, Brent.

Gunshot Detection Technology: Understanding the Theoretical Mechanisms and Practical Applications Underpinning Desired Impacts on Gun Violence Reduction
 La Vigne, Nancy.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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