American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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Hands Off My School: Exploring State Regulation of Homeschooling
 Cohen, Isaiah.

Hands Up! A Qualitative Study of the Bodily Dynamics of Shop Robberies Using Video-Analysis
 Mosselman, Floris., Weenink, Don. and Lindegaard, Marie.

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Perceptions of Racial Bias in Police Use of Force in Canada
 Laming, Erick. and Wortley, Scot.

Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd? Unstructured Socializing, Delinquency and Characteristics of the Present Peers
 Hoeben, Evelien., Osgood, Wayne., Siennick, Sonja. and Weerman, Frank.

Harassing Bisexuals on YouTube: Bullying, Labeling, and Informal Policing of Sexuality
 Jasperson, Nicole. and Kawaguchi, Riku.

Hardtime Revisited: A Fresh Look at Prisons and Prison Reform
 Johnson, Robert., Rocheleau, Ann. and Martin, Alison.

Hartford: A Hell of a Town: Planned Capitalist Abandonment
 DiChiara, Albert.

Has the Battered Woman Syndrome Done More Harm Than Good for Battered Women Who Kill Their Abusers?
 Kelish, Adrienne.

Has the Colorblind Ideology Permeated Prison Walls?
 Furst, Gennifer. and Korgen, Kathleen.

Hashtag Supertroopers: The Use of Twitter as a Non-investigative Law Enforcement Tool
 Ryan, Casey.

Hate Crime Statutes: A Public Policy and Law Enforcement Dilemma
 Pezzella, Frank.

Hate Crime in New York City, 1995-2010: Revisiting the Classic NYC Neighborhood Studies
 Mills, Colleen.

Hate crime: Who are the offenders?
 Garland, Jon.

Have Government Policies Been Complicit in Creating Spaces Where Extremism Can Flourish?
 Skoczylis, Joshua. and Andrews, Sam.

Hazy Perceptions: Understanding Differences in Defining Hazing Activities among College Students and Their Implications
 Alexander, Kellie. and Opsal, Tara.

He's a Monster: Online Discussions of Crime
 Zozula, Christine. and Uber, Julia.

Health Literacy and Health Outcomes in Prison Populations
 Mehay, Anita. and Meek, Rosie.

Health Trajectories and Racial Disparities in the Transition to Adulthood After Incarceration
 Harris, Heather.

Hear and listen: identifying variation in victim accounts of violence and sexual assault
 Bonnan-White, Jess., Diamond-Welch, Bridget., Kosloski, Anna., Martino, Sara. and Hetzel-Riggin, Melanie.

Heisenberg Uncertainty: When Researchers Affect the Research Setting
 Ledyard, Margaret.

Helping Others 2 Win: A Reentry Program for Formerly Incarcerated Female Offenders
 Seabrook, Renita., Kelly, Michelle. and Sherr, Jay.

Heroin, Acting, and Comedy in New York City
 Spunt, Barry.

Hiding Hate Speech: Canada's White Nationalism Online
 Tetrault, Justin.

High School Students’ Perceptions of Sexual Violence: The Role of Demographics, Alcohol-related Attitudes, and Social Media usage in Shaping Definitions of Consent
 Crowder, Christiana., Leili, Jennifer. and Powers, Ráchael.

High School and University Athletic Participation and Its Influences on Rape Myth Acceptance Among Students
 Navarro, John. and Tewksbury, Richard.

High on Crime? Exploring the Effects of Marijuana Dispensary Laws on Crime in California Counties
 Weinberger, Gabriel., Pacula, Rosalie. and Hunt, Priscillia.

High-profile Mafia Murders: Understanding Targeted Assassinations Carried Out by Organized Crime in Italy
 Catino, Maurizio. and Moro, Francesco.

Higher Learning: On-Campus Purchase and Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs
 Ivsins, Andrew., Wilkinson, Blair., Stockwell, Tim., Vallance, Kate., Pauly, Bernie. and Chow, Clifton.

Hirschi’s Self-Control Theory & Criminal and Analogous Behavior: Preliminary Findings
 Mathna, Brooke.

Historical Modes of Perpetual Penal Confinement: Theories and Practices Before Life Without Parole
 Seeds, Christopher.

Historical and current trends of digital piracy on university networks.
 Appleby, Sarah., Maimon, David. and Ginther, Amy.

Hit Like and Share if What?
 Wagner, Philip.

Hogarth’s Beef
 Beirne, Piers.

Home Visits with Women Parolees: An Examination of the Spheres of Life and Social Support Networks
 Finn, Mary. and Rines, Kaitlyn.

Homeland Security Training: Law Enforcement and Community Interactions
 Wentling, Richard. and Cooper, Jonathon.

Homeless Hotspots or the Criminalization of Poverty in New York City
 Martin, Yolanda.

Homicide in Scotland: the need for a deeper understanding
 Skott, Sara.

Homicide in Sub-Saharan Africa. What is the Influence of Formal Social Control on the Homicide Prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa?
 Chabot, Claire.

Honor Violence and the Semantics of Othering: Perspectives of Law Enforcement and Service Providers in Turkey and England
 Henninger, Alana.

Hooking Up on Campus: A Moderator of Rape Myth Acceptance?
 Reling, Timothy.

Hospital-Based Violence Intervention-Saving Lives and Money
 Marks, Anne.

Hospital-to-Prison Pipeline: Unpacking the Process of Regulating Pregnant Women
 BrennanKane, Laura.

Hotel/Motel Crime: A Local Comparison
 Rowe, Torrey.

How Collective is Collective Efficacy? Allowing for Within-neighbourhood Heterogeneity of Variance in Mixed Effects Models
 Brunton-Smith, Ian.

How Different Are Lifers from Other Long-Term Prisoners?
 Kazemian, Lila.

How Do Changes in Vulnerability Affect Fear of Crime in Different Neighborhood Contexts?
 Koeber, Goeran., Gerstner, Dominik. and Oberwittler, Dietrich.

How Do Police Officers Really Feel About Police Body Worn Cameras?
 Guerette, Rob., Headley, Andrea. and Shariati, Auzeen.

How Do Reentry Court Work? Findings from NIJ’s Multi-State Research on Reentry Courts
 Carey, Shannon.

How Do Stories Motivate Harm?
 Presser, Lois.

How Does the Psychology of White Collar Offenders Differ from Common Offenders
 Cox, Emily.

How Does the Spatial Distribution of Urban Growth Impact Crime Across Cities?
 Kane, Kevin. and Hipp, John.

How Effective are Safe Haven Laws at Reducing Neonaticide Rates in the United States?
 Mendes, Maggie.

How Experiential Learning Can Help Students Understand the Challenges of Desistance
 Chowdhury, Liza.

How Gender, Race, and Sexuality Shape Young People’s Blame Attributions for Sexual Aggression in Public Drinking Spaces
 Becker, Sarah., Tinkler, Justine. and Weltman, Elizabeth.

How Jobs are Being Done? Research on Homicide Investigations.
 Waszkiewicz, Pawel.

How Lethal are the Militant Islamists Operating in Europe?
 Hemmingby, Cato.

How Local Law Enforcement Agencies Use Twitter and Facebook: #wantedwednesdays to #humanizingthebadge
 Mayes, Lauren.

How Mental Health Professionals Serve as Consumers and Providers of Information in School Safety
 McCrary, Joseph., Grogan, Kathryn. and Pelaez, Dally.

How Much Do Offenders Value Freedom? Stated Reservation Wages and Willingness to Accept Crime Risk
 Loughran, Thomas., Nguyen, Holly. and Paternoster, Raymond.

How Non-Custodial Alternatives to Incarceration Encourage Desistance in Offenders’ Male Peers and Family Members
 Fallesen, Peter.

How Peace by Peace Aligns with the Research on Policy and Practice
 Battle, Nishaun.

How Real is Virtual Violence? Examining Psychosocial and Behavioral Outcomes of Intimate Partner Cyber Victimization
 Marganski, Alison. and Melander, Lisa.

How Research Works in the (Real) World
 Nelson-Zagar, Tari. and Spain, Linda.

How Restorative Justice Practices in Prison Can Promote Desistance from Crime: Or Does It?
 Claes, Bart.

How Rural California Counties Have Been Impacted by California's Public Safety Realignment
 Turner, Susan.

How Strong is the “Fake ID Effect?” An Examination using Propensity Score Matching in Two Samples
 Stogner, John., Martinez, Julia. and Miller, Bryan.

How Supervisors Can Make a Difference. A Comprehensive Test of the “Fair Policing from the Inside Out” Approach.
 Van Craen, Maarten.

How To be A Marijuana Grower: Legalization in the State of Washington
 Debro, Julius. and Conley, Darlene.

How Transgressive Can Social Control Be? Gang Members in the Ministry of the Interior
 Brotherton, David.

How Well Educated are Our Nation’s Cops? An Examination of Police Education in the U.S.
 Gardiner, Christie.

How White are Arab-Americans After 9-11? Fear of Crime and the Faustian Pact
 Haber, Naomi., Habib, Mohamed., Marcus, Anthony. and Jean, Samantha.

How a Foundation’s Response to Elder Abuse Impacted Systems Change (Medical Examiner, District Attorney, Police)
 Imig, Doug.

How are They Doing? Mental Health Disorders as Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency and Risky Behaviors
 Laurier, Catherine. and Guay, Jean-Pierre.

How can we Apply Crime Prediction Technics to Japan?
 Ohyama, Tomoya. and Amemiya, Mamoru.

How do changes in vulnerability affect fear of crime in different neighborhood contexts?
 Koeber, Goeran., Oberwittler, Dietrich. and Gerstner, Dominik.

How do economic conditions and finding a job affect criminal recidivism? Decomposition of policy and treatment effects with duration outcomes
 Kastoryano, Stephen., Beyhum, Jad. and Skardhamar, Torbjorn.

How does early antisocial behaviour impact later life success? An examination of the age 30 outcomes in an Australian population sample
 McGee, Tara., Eriksson, Li., Whitten, Tyson., Clavarino, Alexandra., Williams, Gail. and Najman, Jake.

How to Play the Game: Rationales Underlying and Shaping Plea Decision-Making According to Defendants, Defense attorneys, and Prosecutors
 Shteynberg, Reveka.

How ‘Gendered’ are Gendered Pathways into Prison?: A Latent Class Analysis of the Life Experiences of Male and Female Prisoners in The Netherlands
 Joosen, Katharina., Palmen, Hanneke., Kruttschnitt, Candace., Bijleveld, Catrien., Dirkzwager, Anja. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Human Post-Conflict Behavior in the Aftermath of Commercial Robberies is Behaviorally Homologous to Consolation in Great Apes
 Lindegaard, Marie., Liebst, Lasse., Bernasco, Wim., Heinskou, Marie., Philpot, Richard., Levine, Mark. and Verbeek, Peter.

Human Rights Abuse in Africa: Implications for Social and Political Stability
 Odunze, Damian. and Ihe, Justina.

Human Trafficking Crime Reporting
 Farrell, Amy., McDevitt, Jack., Cronin, Shea., Dank, Meredith. and Owens, Colleen.

Human Trafficking Units in California
 Heredia I, Sonia. and Grgurich, Michelle.

Human Trafficking and Online Networks: Policy, Analysis, and Ignorance
 Sharapov, Kiril. and Mendel, Jonathan.

Human Trafficking and the Unaccompanied Minor Crisis: Ensuring the Right to Screening and Specialized Services
 Boak, Alison.

Human Trafficking in Connecticut: Baseline Needs Assessment Findings
 Seera, Saniya. and Lowry, Samantha.

Human Trafficking in the U.S.: Strategies and Solutions for Combating Sexual Exploitation
 Grimes, Jennifer.

Humanizing Counterterrorism at the United Nations Security Council
 Andreopoulos, George.

Hungary on the Map of Anti-Cyberbullying Initiatives: How Do Students, Parents, and Teachers Manage and Prevent Cyberbullying?
 Parti, Katlin.

Hunting the Predators: Strategies used by Sexual Offenders Targeting Children Online
 Cooke, Claire., Rees, Kerry. and Schofield, Jamie.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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