American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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I Came for the Food: Perspectives of Youth Participants in a Youth Diversion Program
 Samuels, Kanika.

I Can Haz Applicants: An Analysis of Police Recruitment and Marketing Through Social Media
 Helldorfer, Kelly.

I Can Resist Anything But Temptation: Exploring Religion, Risk, Opportunity, and Self-Control
 Ray, Katherine. and Mier, Carrie.

I Don’t Want to Die in Your Cell: Black Women and Girls as Victims of State-Sanctioned Violence
 Willingham, Breea.

I Felt Like a Hostage in My Own Relationship: Understanding Co-offending Women's Pathways into Crime and Experiences of Agency
 Barlow, Charlotte.

I Got Shot, but I Ain’t a Victim: Masculinity, Gun-violence, and Victimization in the Ghetto
 Berardi, Luca.

I Never Knew it Was So Complicated: The Impact of Formerly Incarcerated Guest Speakers on Criminal Justice Classes
 McDowell, Lila.

I Was Reborn a Prisoner: The Shifting Salience of Gender at the Prison Gate
 Williams, Susan. and Green, Edward.

I started making some very bad choices: Making sense of narratives of desistance “failures”
 Leverentz, Andrea.

ISIL, Cool Men and Lonely Women: How the Media Makes Sense of The Group’s Recruitment Success
 Salman, Sara.

ISIS in American Courts
 Jackson, Summer. and Shields, Christopher.

Identifying Change Levers Related to Program Effectiveness: Evidence from a Large Meta-analysis of Juvenile Delinquency Programs
 Wilson, David. and Lipsey, Mark.

Identifying Criminogenic Needs
 Bhati, Avinash.

Identifying Major Actors of the Nexus Between Governance and Criminality: From 1985-2015
 Ibe, Patrick.

Identifying Similarities and Differences in the Effect of Key Risk and Protective Factors on Deviant Behavior, Social Stability, and Health
 Soderstrom, Melanie., Childs, Kristina. and Stewart, Chris.

Identifying and Studying Human Traffickers in the Federal Criminal Justice System
 Smith, Kamala., Shively, Michael., Jalbert, Sarah. and Drucker, Omri.

Identifying the Causal Effect of Prison Visitation on Prison Violence
 Guetzkow, Josh.

Identifying the Risks of Children of Domestic Violence
 Miller, Denise., Miller, Heather. and Johnson, Natalie.

Identity, Symbolic Boundaries and Authenticity in Anti-Meth Ads
 Marsh, Whitney., Copes, Heith. and Linnemann, Travis.

Illegal Dumping at the Black Mountain Industrial Complex: An Opportunity Perspective
 Gilchrist, Andrew.

Illegal Guns in Boston: Patterns and Policy
 Hureau, David. and Braga, Anthony.

Illegal Trafficking in Non-Human Animals
 Coston, Charisse., Blevins, Kristie., Bing III, Robert. and Lord, Vivian.

Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing: How do Blacklisted Vessels Select the Country to Offload their Catch?
 Marteache, Nerea., Stevens, Jared. and Petrossian, Gohar.

Illicit Juvenile Weapon Carrying: The Role of Serious Sanctioning
 Wallace, Lacey.

Illicit Network Evolution and Group Stability
 Ouellet, Marie., Bouchard, Martin. and Charette, Yanick.

Illuminating the Lived Experience of Crime: Offenders’ Perspectives on Immersion in Methamphetamine
 Shukla, Rashi. and Stoneberg, Danielle.

Images of Incarceration: Minority Inmate Tropes in Classic Prison Movies.
 Leone, Angela. and Leone, Matthew.

Imagining Terrorism, Imagining War and the Paradox of Violence
 Mooney, Jayne.

Imagining The Migrant Child: on Flexible Realities, Forced Identities and Fake Moralities
 Oude Breuil, Brenda.

Immanent Punishment: Experiencing Supervision in Scotland
 McNeill, Fergus.

Immigrant Generation, Friendship Network, and Delinquency
 Chen, Xiaojin. and Jiang, Xin.

Immigrant Girls' Pathway to Delinquent and Criminal Behavior
 Hagit, Turjeman.

Immigrant Paradox or Good House Hunting? The Effects of Crime on Settlement Patterns of Recent Immigrants from Latin America.
 Gostjev, Feodor. and Stowell, Jacob.

Immigrant Status and Individual Perception of Collective Efficacy: Analyses of National and Metropolitan Data
 Kurtulus, Aysenur., Shen, Yinzhi. and Friedman, Samantha.

Immigrant Threat, Context, and Incarceration: A Multilevel Analysis
 Neptune, Malisa.

Immigrants, Crime, and the Criminalization of Immigration
 Ewing, Walter.

Immigrants: The View from a Police Officer’s Car
 Petropoulos, Nikolaos.

Immigration Enforcement and Policing in the Rust Belt, 1995-2014
 Shrider, Emily.

Immigration and Crime in Canadian Cities, 1976-2011
 Jung, Maria.

Immigration, Crime, and the Role of Religion
 Olma, Tayte.

Impact Evaluation Results from the Training Pilot
 Miller, Joel. and Alexandrou, Banos.

Impact Findings from the Evaluation of the Second Chance Act Adult Demonstration Program
 D’Amico, Ronald.

Impact and Process Evaluations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Institutionalized Youth
 Peterson, Bryce. and Harvell, Samantha.

Impact of Brief Intervention on Truant Youth Delinquency
 Dembo, Richard., Briones-Robinson, Rhissa., Schmeidler, James., Wareham, Jennifer., Winters, Ken. and Ungaro, Rocio.

Impact of CODIS on the Criminal Justice System
 Elink-Schuurman-Laura, Kristin. and Schroeder, David.

Impact of Cure Violence in New York City
 Wolff, Kevin., Delgado, Sheyla. and Butts, Jeffrey.

Impact of Drug Use History on the Severity of Sexual Assaults within Indian Country
 Seward, Jenna., Jones, Marshall. and Conradt, Travis.

Impact of Federal Funding on Policy Initiatives in Police Organizations
 Schnobrich-Davis, Julie. and Bond, Brenda.

Impact of Forensic Evidence on Sentencing
 Marano, Christine., Schroeder, David., Cusano, Joseph. and Emigh, Meredith.

Impact of Grading Rubric Use on Academic Outcome: A Multivariate Investigation
 Howell, Rebecca.

Impact of Reentry Courts on Intermediate Outcomes (Prospective Study)
 Ayoub, Lama., Zil, Charlene., Lindquist, Christine., Rempel, Michael. and Carey, Shannon.

Impact of Reentry Courts on Recidivism
 Cissner, Amanda., Ayoub, Lama., Kerodal, Ashmini., Zil, Charlene., Malsch, Anna., Lindquist, Christine., Rempel, Michael. and Carey, Shannon.

Impact of sex offender registration and notification on juvenile sex offenders
 Kokkalera, Stuti.

Impact of the Characteristics of Crime Generators and Crime Attractors on Crime Levels in Montreal
 Demeau, Elodie. and Parent, Geneviève.

Implementation Assessment of the Body Worn Camera program in a local police department
 Choo, Kyungseok.

Implementation Fidelity in a Loosely Coupled System: The Challenges of Maintaining Consistent ‘Problem Theory’ and ‘Programme Theory’ in a Multi-force Training Pilot
 Giacomantonio, Chris. and Litmanovitz, Yael.

Implementation Fidelity in the FFT-G Intervention
 Slothower, Molly.

Implementation of Model Police Precincts in Central America: Evidence from the Northern Triangle
 Pitts, Wayne. and Donnelly, Robert.

Implementing Body-Worn Cameras with Specialized Police Units
 Gaub, Janne., White, Michael. and Todak, Natalie.

Implementing Punishment for Atrocities: Towards a New View on the Rehabilitation of International Criminals
 Vojta, Filip.

Implementing Unique Pedagogical Experiences for Students: Data Collection and Fear in Parks.
 Snyder, Jamie., Evans, Sara., Morgan, John. and Evans, Jocelyn.

Implementing a Comprehensive Performance Management Approach in Community Policing Organizations: An Executive Guidebook
 Davis, Michael.

Implementing a Pre-Court Diversion Experiment: Learning in the Field. How the Lessons of RCTs Can Be Embedded In the Organisation
 Neyroud, Peter. and Bedford, Laura.

Implementing and Evaluating New York State’s Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) Initiative
 Dougherty, Jamie., Clark, Lisa., Klofas, John. and Altheimer, Irshad.

Implementing the Cure Violence Hospital-Based Program in New Orleans
 Demoiurelle, Carmen.

Implementing the Girls Circle Program in Chicago: Lessons Learned
 Bobnis, Amanda., Gies, Stephen., Cohen, Marcia. and Taormina, Giovanna.

Implications of Hurst v. Florida
 Riley, Brenda.

Implicit Criminal and Victim Identities Moderate the Effect of Gender and Past Criminal and Victim Experiences on Poor Mental Health
 Rivera, Luis., Sachs, Nicole., Veysey, Bonita. and Henein, Marina.

Implicit Racial Bias and Wrongful Conviction of Minority Men
 Reid, Jonathan.

Implicit Theories of Reoffending among Violent and Sexual Offenders
 Woessner, Gunda. and Gauder, Kira-Sophie.

Importance of Areal Aggregation: The Case of Violence Against the Police Research
 Gibbs, Jennifer. and Lee, Jonathan.

Impressions of Ineffectiveness: What Individuals Who Provide Formal Social Support to Registered Sex Offenders Think About Sex Offender Registration and Notification
 Connor, David.

Improving Correctional Response to Sexual Victimization within Women’s Prisons
 Kubiak, Sheryl., Brenner, Hannah., Bybee, Deborah., Campbell, Rebecca. and Fedock, Gina.

Improving Investigations of Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Country: Federal Challenges in Strategy and Policy
 Steele, Paul.

Improving Juveniles' Perceptions of the Police
 Freiburger, Tina. and Pfeiffer, Alyssa.

Improving Police Accountability and the Integrity of the Criminal Justice System
 Hendy, Tara.

Improving Probation Outcomes for Violent Offenders: A Swift, Certain and Fair Model in Rochester, NY
 Liu, Na. and Klofas, John.

Improving Use of Force Decision Making Through Deliberate Practice of the Visual System
 Martaindale, M. Hunter.

Improving the Evidence Base on Modern Slavery Offenders in the UK
 Hesketh, Olivia.

In Defense of Violentization: Rebutting My Critics
 Athens, Lonnie.

In Katrina's Wake: Dismantling Mass Incarceration in New Orleans Ten Years After the Storm
 McCorkel, Jill.

In Search Of Perspective: Discerning The Faces Of Human Trafficking
 Gadd, David. and Broad, Rose.

In Search of Victims
 Swanson, Jessica.

In The Eyes of the Beholder: A Review of Stalking Policy
 Vincent, Jolene.

In With a Boom and Out With a Bang: Exploring the Life Cycle of a Terrorist Campaign
 Amirault, Joanna.

In the Beginning…and 35 Years Later: Interviews with a Prison Gang Member
 Pelz, Beth. and Pelz, Terry.

In the Face of Perceived Sexual Victimization: Why Some People Comply with Stop and Frisk Searches
 Klein, Jennifer., Cooper, Danielle. and Pettiford, Adrianne.

In the Shadows of the Punitive State: Management and Control of Uncertainty Pre-Trial
 Myers, Nicole.

In the line of duty: Grief, Police, and the Politics of Death
 Turner, Justin.

In-Prison Vocational Training and Post-Release Employment in Florida
 Brown, Jennifer.

Incapable Guardianship and Its Effects on Fighting at College
 Weiss, Karen.

Incapacitated Involvement: Incarceration and Fatherhood in Fragile Families at Year 9
 Washington, Heather., Juan, Shao-Chiu., Haskins, Anna. and Jackson, Nicole.

Incarcerated College Educators: Radicalizing Higher Education Pedagogy
 Gaskew, Tony.

Incarcerated Mother-Father Effects on Minority Youth’s Outcomes
 Rosales, Oscar. and Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.

Incarcerated Women in Minas Gerais/Brazil: A Description of Prisoners' Profile in the Period from 2010 to 2014
 Sousa, Rosania.

Incarcerated Women’s Perceptions of the Model Correctional Officer
 Bender, Kimberly.

Incarceration Trajectories: A 15-Year Follow-Up Study of Young Adult Mexican American Males
 Valdez, Avelardo., Zhao, Qianwei. and Cepeda, Alice.

Incarceration and Crime: Evidence from California’s Public Safety Realignment Reform
 Lofstrom, Magnus. and Raphael, Steven.

Incarceration without Conviction: Accounting for Pretrial Detention in the Estimation of Incarceration Effects
 Wakefield, Sara. and Andersen, Lars.

Incident and Individual Characteristics of Persons Denied a Firearm Transfer in 2002.
 Mueller, David., Frandsen, Ronald. and Karberg, Jennifer.

Inconsistencies in the Media “Portrayals” of Law Enforcement Lethal Interventions
 Schroedel, Jean. and Chin, Roger.

Inconsistent Parenting and the Development of Externalizing Behaviors Among an Adolescent Sample
 Woessner, Mathew., Siennick, Sonja. and Feinberg, Mark.

Incorporating Globalization and Neoliberalism into A Theory of Urban Decay And Crime
 Maksuta, Kyle.

Increasing Medical Parole in New York State
 Anthony-North, Vedan.

Increasing the Use of Clearinghouses: A State and Local Government Perspective
 Lyons, Karen.

Indicators of ‘Readiness’ in the Process of Reentry: What Are They and Do They Matter?
 Norwood, Melanie.

Indigenous/Native Peoples and Green Criminology: Toward Fuller Inclusion
 Lynch, Michael., Stretesky, Paul. and Long, Michael.

Indigent Defense Systems and Access to Justice: A Comparative Analysis
 Petlakh, Ksenia.

Individual Differences in Specialization in Intimate Partner Violence
 Forrest, Walter.

Individual and Academy Level Influences of Openness to Evidence-Based Policing
 Grieco, Julie.

Individual and Case Characteristics of Probationers who Fail
 Link, Tanja.

Individual and Institutional Risk Factors for Misconduct While Incarcerated
 Nader, Elias.

Individual and Situational Level Characteristics that Predict the Likelihood of Intimate Partner Homicide
 Overstreet, Suzanne.

Individual, Organizational, and Training Design Influences on Probation Training Outcomes
 Maass, Stephanie.

Ineffective Parenting, Self-control, Rational Choice and PED Use among Professional Athletes in Iran
 Severson, Rachel., Kabiri, Saeed., Cochran, John., Sharepour, Mahmoud., Rahmati, Mohammad. and Shadmanfaat, Syede.

Inequalities in Health Service Use among Former Inmates: A Propensity Score Approach
 Nowotny, Kathryn.

Inequality and Crime: A Multilevel Examination
 Wenger, Marin.

Inequities in Administrative Probation
 Klingele, Cecelia.

Influence On Delinquency: School Peers Versus Neighborhood Friends
 Samuels, Lorraine. and Walters-Jones, Nelseta.

Influence of Parents' Satisfaction of Life on Juvenile Delinquency
 Jang, Chorok., Lee, Jaekyung., Hong, Myeonggi. and Lee, MinSik.

Influences on Officer Perception of Risk of Future Violence in Domestic Violence Calls
 Fulambarker, Anjali.

Informal Online Disclosures of Sexual Violence in Arts & Culture Industries: Mechanisms, Outcomes, and Implications
 Worden, Chris.

Information and Technology Management in the Louisiana Public Defender Board
 Stilling, Erik.

Infusing an Organizational Change Model into a Criminal Justice Practice
 Smith, Stephanie., Bond, Brenda. and Gebo, Erika.

Initial Backfire and Criminal Hormesis: Why Some Crime Prevention Interventions Can Increase Offending before Benefits are Observed
 Linning, Shannon. and Eck, John.

Injury surveillance through ambulance data: A ‘proof of concept’ approach
 Sutherland, Alex. and Giacomantonio, Chris.

Injustice While Seeking Social Justice: Activist Scholars, Punishment and a Culture of Fear
 Selman, Donna. and Troshynski, Emily.

Inmate Identities and Social Networks
 Zhang, Cynthia. and Raleigh, Peter.

Inmate Transfers and Research on Inmate Social Networks
 Cochran, Joshua.

Inmates, Gang Members and Radicalization
 Decker, Scott. and Pyrooz, David.

Inmate’s Experiences of Privacy in Canadian Provincial Prisons
 Tschanz, Anaïs.

Inner-city policing: Officers’ perceptions and practices within paramilitary units
 Vera Sanchez, Claudio.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty? The Racial and Economic Inequalities of a Monetary Bail Pretrial Detention System
 Calaway, Wendy.

Inside Out Prison Exchange Program Arrives "Down Under:" The Outcomes of the Inaugural Program in Australia
 Martinovic, Marietta.

Inside Privatisation: An Exploration of the Experiences of UK Probations Officers
 Wilson, Angela.

Inside the Black Box of Treatment--An Empirical Examination of Program Design
 Brusman Lovins, Lori. and Latessa, Edward.

Inside the Circle but Still an Outsider: The Insider/Outsider Debate in Restorative Justice Research
 Vigil, Brandi.

Inside the Green Card Marriage Phenomenon: An Overview of Completed Study
 Zuber, Malgorzata.

Inside-Out and In-Between
 Deisman, Wade. and Abramson, Alana.

Inside-Out of the Desert: Arizona’s First Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
 Wright, Kevin.

Insider Views on Juvenile Offending: Individual Differences vs. Social Causation
 Kassem, Leigh. and Pealer, Jennifer.

Insights from Honour-Based Violence Cases in Québec Canada
 Jimenez, Estibaliz. and Cousineau, Marie-Marthe.

Institutional Apathies: A Transnational Ethnographic Analysis of Responses to Sexual Assault
 Whalley, Elizabeth.

Institutional Imbalance and a Marketized Mentality in Europe – A Multilevel Elaboration of Institutional Anomie Theory
 Hövermann, Andreas., Groß, Eva. and Messner, Steven.

Institutional Isomorphism among US White Prison Gangs
 Simi, Pete. and Friedman, Brittany.

Institutional Pathways to Not High Serious Crime: A QCA Approach to Institutional Anomie Theory
 Smith, Amanda. and Carlson, Susan.

Institutional care for youths in Stockholm from a life-course perspective
 Sarnecki, Jerzy. and Axelsson, Johan.

Institutionalizing the Informal: The Media “Criminalization” of Troubled Youth
 Pourebrahim Alamdar, Negar.

Institutionalizing the informal -- The Impact of Changing Values on Criminal Justice: A Study of Judges
 Visano, Livy.

Institutionalizing the informal – The Changing Impact of Resistance on Criminal Justice
 Baker, David.

Instructor is My Career Choice
 Rector, Paula.

Insurgent Gangs: Human Rights, Political Economy and the the Gang Truce in El Salvador
 Gude, Rafa.

Integrated Environmental and Personal Crime Prevention in a Complex Urban System: Challenges and Prospects
 Boxer, Paul., Caplan, Joel., Drawve, Grant., Buccine-Schraeder, Henri., Kubik, Joanna., Docherty, Meagan., Doyle, Adam. and Herrera, Carolina.

Integrating LGBTQ Issues into Criminal Justice Courses
 Fradella, Hank. and Sumner, Jennifer.

Integrating Service Learning and Simulation in an Undergraduate Criminology Course
 Rickards, Cyndi. and Johnson, Lallen.

Integrating Social Media into #CriminalJustice and #Criminology Courses
 Valentine, Colby. and Restivo, Emily.

Integrating public health and criminologic approaches to address human trafficking
 Rothman, Emily., Farrell, Amy., Paruk, Jennifer. and Bright, Katie.

Intelligence as a Protective Factor against Offending: A Meta-Analytic Review of Prospective Longitudinal Studies
 Ttofi, Maria., Farrington, David., Piquero, Alex., Loesel, Friedrich., DeLisi, Matthew. and Murray, Joseph.

Intensive Treatment Programming and Recidivism in a Correctional Context
 Frost, Natasha., Taheri, Sema., Rodriguez-Meade, Rebecca., St. Louis, Stacie. and Strah, Beck.

Inter-District Variation and Disparities in Federal Sentencing Outcomes: Case Types, Defendant Characteristics, and Judicial Demography
 Tillyer, Rob. and Hartley, Richard.

Interaction between Prenatal Maternal Stress and Low Heart Rate in Predicting Conduct Problems and Psychopathic Traits in Children
 Huang, Yonglin. and Gao, Yu.

Interactionist Labeling: A Structural Equation Model of Formal Labeling and Juvenile Delinquency
 Kavish, Daniel.

Interactions Between Hate Crime Victims and Police: A Comparison Between the US and Germany
 Krause, Daniela., McDevitt, Jack. and Wagner, Alex.

Interactions Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Medical Profession: A Qualitative Exploration of Institutional Corruption in Hungary and the Netherlands
 Laskai, Anna.

Interactive Effects of Sexual Objectification and Attitudes Towards Use of Sexual Coercion in Interpersonal Conflicts
 Semmann, Jessica., Low, Elizabeth., Vinas Racionero, Rosa., Scalora, Mario., Gervais, Sarah. and Bernard, Philippe.

Interactive Model for Confidence in the Police Research
 Lee, Jonathan. and Gibbs, Jennifer.

Interdisciplinary Mentorship and Learning: How Overlap and Experience Matter
 Noll, Anthony., Jamison, Rachel. and Kidd, Mackenzie.

Intergenerational Transmission of Problem Behavior among American Indian/First Nations Youth
 Hautala, Dane.

Intergenerational Transmission of Psychopathy and Moderation via Separation from the Father and Offspring Sex.
 Auty, Katherine., Farrington, David. and Coid, Jeremy.

Interim Report of Desistance from Crime and Delinquency among Ex-Inmates of Japanese Juvenile Training Schools
 Tadano, Tomohiro.

Internal Migration, Crime and Criminal Justice in China
 Ma, Tian.

Internal Procedural Justice and Trust in Citizens: An Analysis of Police Officers in Taiwan
 Sun, Ivan. and Wu, Yuning.

International Co-Operation for the Development of New and Radical Responses to Women in Criminal Justice Systems
 Quinlan, Christina., Smoyer, Amy. and Gido, Rosemary.

International Corrections Reform and Human Rights Protections for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Inmates in Africa and Latin America: LGBTI Integrated Cartographic Information System
 Mehra, Bharat.

International Graduate Students' Risk and Vulnerability to Sexual Violence and Victimization
 Bonistall Postel, Emily.

International Law
 Demitro, Justice. and Song, Juyoung.

International Political Economy and the Directionality of Global Crime Control Mobilities
 Blaustein, Jarrett., Jones, Trevor. and Newburn, Tim.

International Students’ Perceptions of the Police
 Kaur, Prit.

Internationalizing Feminist Criminology, Challenges and Prospects
 Barberet, Rosemary.

Interpersonal Violence in the Bakken: Quantitative Findings from an Exploratory Study
 Mayzer, Roni., Jones, F. Matt. and Ruddell, Rick.

Interpersonal polyvictimization among rural adolescents: A paradigm of bullying-dating violence-sexual assault
 Delaney, Aimée.

Interrogating the Respectable Deviant: Buying Unregulated Medicines Online
 Webber, Craig. and Sugiura, Lisa.

Intersectional Criminology and Domestic Human Trafficking
 Gonzalez, Cassandra.

Intersectionality and Police Perceptions in the post-Ferguson Era: A Different Kind of Ferguson Effect?
 Foley, Allison.

Intersectionality in the Classroom
 Buist, Carrie.

Intersections of Gender and Sexual Minority Status: Co-occurring Cyberbullying and Physical Bullying Victimization Among Adolescents
 Ash-Houchen, William. and Lo, Celia.

Intersections of Race and Class: Victim Hierarchy and Rape Myths in the Daniel Holtzclaw Case
 Vaughan, Adriane. and Kassem, Leigh.

Interventions Involving At-Risk Individuals and Potential Risks to Public Safety: Identify and Prevent
 Hatchett, Casey. and Wagner, Alex.

Interventions Provided to Women Involved in the Criminal Justice System: A Systematic Review of the Literature Over the Past 25 years
 Thomas, Tammi., Velez, Amanda., Wilfong, Jordan. and Golder, Seana.

Intimate Partner Abuse and Human Development: A Matched-Pairs Comparison of Six Countries
 Balliet, Jennifer.

Intimate Partner Victimization and Adverse Health In a National Sample of College Students
 Jasinski, Jana., Schmidt-Owens, Mary., Schaus, James., Berman, Stephen. and Pasarica, Magdalena.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Victims’ Perceived Interpretation of the Root Cause of Offenders’ Violence
 Kim, Chunrye.

Intimate Partner Violence Outside the Criminal Justice System: The Need to Study Informal Governance
 Johnson, Ingrid.

Introducing Measures of the Concentration of Crime at Place and Time
 Lee, YongJei. and Eck, John.

Inventing a Colonial Dark Tourism Site: The Derby Boab ‘Prison Tree
 Grant, Elizabeth.

Investigating Discursive Shifts in the Social Construction of Private Prisons
 Wolf, Brian., De Angelis, Joseph., Levan, Kristine. and Whitley, Claire.

Investigating Ferguson and the Criminological Imagination
 Root, Carl.

Investigating Perceptions and Attitudes of Criminal Involvement toward Muslims
 Farrukh, Maaha., Clow, Kimberley. and Zaidi, Arshia.

Investigating Personalities and Attitudes towards Torture
 Perez, Edward., Amaya, San Juana. and Houston, Kate.

Investigating Under-Researched Aspects of Wrongful Conviction
 Redlich, Allison.

Investigating the Criminogenic Consequences of Juvenile Waiver to Adult Court
 Augustyn, Megan., McGloin, Jean. and Nguyen, Holly.

Investigating the Effectiveness of the Community Works Delinquency Prevention Program Using Propensity Score Matching
 Nicholson, Jason. and Higgins, George.

Investigating the Moderating Effect of Gender on Treatment Factor Co-Morbidity among Adolescent Offenders: A Gender-Informed Latent Profile Analysis
 Brown, Shelley., Greiner, Leigh. and Skilling, Tracey.

Investigating the Predictors and Prevalence of Wrongful Convictions
 Golian, Laura., Flynn, Abigail., Hussemann, Jeanette. and Paddock, Ellen.

Investigating the Role of Religious Salience in Terrorist Violence
 Becker, Michael.

Investigating the Use of Sexual Violence by Terrorist Organizations
 Miller, Erin.

Investigation of Southeastern Colleges and Universities Sharing of Crime Prevention Information to International Students to Help Prevent Off-Campus Victimization
 Johnson, Thomas.

Invisible Policing: A Statewide Assessment of Civil Commitment Requests as Made by Police Officers
 Makin, David.

Is Anyone Listening? Examining Students’ Perceptions of and Experiences with Interpersonal Violence on College and University Campuses
 Hodge, Candice.

Is CSI Really to Blame? The Influence of Personal Traits in Influencing Potential Juror Verdicts
 Trojan, Carrie., Kanan, James. and Beckner, Chasity.

Is Disorder Really in the Eye of the Beholder? Extending the Ecometric Framework for the Measurement of Neighborhood Disorder
 Maskaly, Jon.

Is Genocidal Behavior Learned? Assessing How Siblings Contribute to Perpetrators' Violence
 Gertz, Evelyn.

Is Investigative Awareness a Distinctive Feature of Sadism?
 Reale, Kylie. and Beauregard, Eric.

Is Mexico a Mafia State?
 Ochoa, Rolando. and Elizarraras, Rodrigo.

Is Organizational Support an Essential Ingredient for Police Performance in China? A Test of the Organizational Support Theory in the Chinese Society
 Boateng, Francis. and Wu, Guangzhen.

Is Part of the Cure Part of the Disease? A Content Analysis of Arbitrariness Inducement in Capital Juror Sentencing Instructions
 Phillips, Ryan., Minor, Kevin. and Tilley, Jennifer.

Is Prison Why I'm Fat? Examining Obesity Within Correctional Facilities
 Hughes, Mary.

Is Reform Necessary for Incarcerated Young Adults? A Cross National Comparison of Canada and Scotland
 Cesaroni, Carla., Fredericks, Kaitlin. and Peterson-Badali, Michele.

Is Religion Inversely Related to Deviance in China? An Empirical Study on the 2010 China General Social Survey
 Wang, Xiuhua. and Jang, Sung Joon.

Is Success in Drug Court About Drugs? Examining the Impact of Adding a Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Intervention
 LeBel, Thomas., Richie, Matt. and Fendrich, Michael.

Is it Legal? Cultural Assimilation Accommodations and Unintended Consequences: Media Print "bites"
 Grimes, Ruth-Ellen.

Is it the Shoes?: Policing Fashion in the South Bronx
 Haldipur, Jan.

Is the Crime Drop in Scotland Due to Changes in Prevalence or Frequency?: A Decomposition Approach
 Matthews, Ben.

Is the Criminal Justice Field Stuck in a Habit Loop?
 Prior, Nicole., Pealer, Jennifer. and Hughes, Mary.

Is the Diversity Index Fit for Purpose in Studies of Life Course Specialization?
 Francis, Brian. and Humphreys, Leslie.

Is the Revolution Posted? Content Analysis of Black Student Organizations via Social Media
 Ortiz, Mia. and Jones, Chenelle.

Is the Street Code Protective? A Gendered Assessment of “Nerve” and the Victim-Offender Overlap
 Melde, Chris. and Esbensen, Finn-Aage.

Is the Writ of Habeas Corpus Effectively Dead in California?
 Zucker, Bruce.

Is the psychopathic personality set at the age of 30? Stability of psychopathic traits in adulthood.
 Bergstrøm, Henriette. and Farrington, David.

Isolating Extreme Outliers in the Distribution of Area-Level Burglary Victimizations: Revisiting an Old Postulate
 Levin, Aaron.

Isolating Modeling Effects in Offender Risk Assessment
 Hamilton, Zachary., Neuilly, Melanie-Angela. and Lee, Stephen.

Israeli Police First Responders' Inside World During Terrorist Bomb Site Evacuation
 Geiger, Brenda. and Fischer, Michael.

It Keeps Me Awake Too: Reactions to Inequality and Injustice in Making a Murderer
 Kennedy, Liam.

It was a Spur of the Moment Thing: Sex Offenders and the Nature of Crime
 Cleary, Shawna.

It's Criminal: Variance in Adjudicated Cases of Animal Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in the US
 Edwards, Jenny. and Seigfried-Spellar, Kathryn.

Itinerant soliloquies: A visual qualitative method to explore the social perception of environmental crime
 Natali, Lorenzo.

It’s Blue and It’s Up to You! Policy Narratives and Anti-Trafficking Awareness in the United States
 Majic, Samantha.

It’s Not All Bad: Positive Coping Among Family Members of Violent Children with Mental Illness
 Speropolous, Lisa. and Sporer, Karyn.

It’s Not Like I’m a Deadbeat: The Impact of Child Support System Involvement on Fatherhood
 Battle, Brittany.

I’m Giving you a Lawful Order: Dialogic Legitimacy in the Sandra Bland Traffic Stop
 Sullivan, Grace. and Lowrey, Belen.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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