American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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Jail Staff Willingness to Report Wrongful Behavior: A Descriptive Study
 Wells, James., Minor, Kevin., Lambert, Eric., Phillips, Ryan., Ellis, Joseph., Granger, Kendahl., Brown, Cameron., Shuplinkov, Tyler., Mallory, Carlene. and Henson, Jordan.

Jailhouse Environmentalism: Understanding Environmental Inequality of Mass Incarceration
 Silvaggio, Anthony.

Japanese Implicit and Explicit Attitudes toward Juvenile Delinquents
 Fujiwara, Yuki. and Fujii, Tsutomu.

Jennifer Fleetwood
 Fleetwood, Jennifer.

Jihadi Cool, Visual Criminology and the ISIS Beheading Videos
 Hamm, Mark.

Jihadi Leadership and its Relationship to Group Longevity
 Suttmoeller, Michael. and Gunderman, Karen.

Job Assignment and Police Perceptions of Engagement with the Public: Bicycle Patrol and the Community Response Unit
 Sytsma, Victoria. and Piza, Eric.

Job Readiness and Navigating ReEntry Networks
 Nhan, Johnny. and Bowen, Kendra.

Job Stress and Job Satisfaction Among Police Officers in Trinidad and Tobago: The Mediating Role of Social Support
 Mohammed, Linda. and Seepersad, Randy.

Job-related Stress: A Survey of Hong Kong Police Officers
 Li, Jessica., Sun, Ivan. and Cheung, Jacky.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Or Poverty? The Jobs, Poverty, Social Isolation Nexus with Neighborhood Crime
 McCall, Patricia., Parker, Karen. and Dollar, Cindy.

Joining the “Boy’s” Club: Gendered Experience of Women Police Officers in a Midwestern Law Enforcement Department
 Jackey, Hayley. and Ortiz, Jennifer.

Journey to Homicide: Zero-inflated Distance Analysis of Non-travel and Travel Homicides
 Park, Seong-min.

Journey-to-raids: Distance Decay and Prohibition Enforcement
 Donohoe, Chelsey.

Judicial Decision-Making in a Northeastern Juvenile Court
 Corbett, Ron. and Butterfield, Allison.

Judicial Decision-Making in the Sentencing of Mentally Ill Offenders in Canada: A Descriptive Study
 Komljenovic, Amanda.

Just Another Day in the Life: Exploring Trauma Relativity in the Life Narratives of Street Sex Workers
 Paladino, Amalia.

Just passing through? Uganda as a transit country for illegal trade in elephant ivory
 Runhovde, Siv.

Just the way you are. Big Five personality traits and their relation to online consumer fraud victimization
 Wilsem, Johan.

Justice Community: An Evaluation of a Civic Engagement and Employment Program for Justice-Involved Young Adults
 Ferone, Jennifer.

Justice Innovation Center for technology in small, rural, tribal, and border criminal justice system agencies
 Saunders, Jess., Cahill, Meagan. and Webb, Vince.

Justice Reinvestment: A Review of the Existing Literature
 Ndrecka, Mirlinda. and Kringen, Anne.

Justice in Development: Process and Punishment in Arraignment Courts in the United States, Colombia and Mexico
 Rengifo, Andres. and McCallin, Morgan.

Justice-Involved Latina Girls, Their Parents, and the Juvenile Justice System
 Lopez, Vera.

Justifying Militarization: The Influence of Active Shooter Events on Police use of the 1033 Program
 McAden, Lanny. and Radil, Steven.

Juvenile Arrest and Court Outcomes using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (NLSY97)
 Stevens Anderson, Tia.

Juvenile Arrests: Implications of Formal Arrests Compared to Notice to Appear
 Greenwald, Mark., Scaggs, Samuel., McMillan, Kevin., Picon, Mayra. and Gomez, Katherine.

Juvenile Correctional Confinement, Psychosocial Maturity and the Transition to Adulthood
 Erickson, Gina. and Schaefer, Shelly.

Juvenile Crime & Media in North Carolina:1986-2001
 Umeh, Zimife.

Juvenile Delinquent Behavior: Is it Low Morality or Rational Choice?
 Ein-Tal, Irit. and Hagit, Turjeman.

Juvenile Detention and Recidivism in Montana
 Acton, Daniel., Hollist, Dusten. and Bunch, Jackson.

Juvenile Gang Involvement in the Central Valley of California: Its Initiation, Continuation, and Desistance
 Gao, Huan.

Juvenile Homicide Offenders: An Examination of Prior Record Offending and Post-Release Recidivism
 Pinnamaneni, Reshma., Khachatryan, Norair., Heide, Kathleen. and Solomon, Eldra.

Juvenile Justice System Data: How Do We Change the Field?
 Adams, Benjamin.

Juvenile Probation Officers’ Use of the YLS/CMI in Routine Practice and Decision-making: Insights from Ethnographic Research
 Maloney, Carrie. and Miller, Joel.

Juvenile Solitary Confinement: Perceptions of Residential Placement Employees
 Gander, Coty.

Juvenile Transfer and Confinement Decisions: An Analysis of Individual and Contextual Factors
 Branham, Brenda., ten Bensel, Tusty. and Golden, James.

Juvenile Waiver Reformation
 Papa, Eric. and Goulette, Natalie.

Juveniles’ Relationship with The Police in The Multi-Ethnic City
 Schwarzenbach, Anina.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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