American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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Labelling and intergenerational transmission
 Besemer, Sytske., Farrington, David. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

Labor, Power, and Inmate Consent: Work as an Apparatus of Control in the American Prison
 Gibson-Light, Michael.

Ladbrokes Life: Gambling Identities and Deviant Leisure
 Raymen, Thomas.

Language Competence, Emotion and Restorative Justice Conference Processes
 Hayes, Hennessey.

Language Matters: How the Media Discusses Youth Who Engage in Sexting Behavior
 Ryan, Casey.

Language as Cultural action: Why Criminology Needs to Engage with Institutional Discourses
 Petintseva, Olga.

Latino Capital Punishment Defendants’ and Their Families’ Views of the Police: Exploring Attitudes towards the Police via Multiple Marginality Theory
 Portillo, Edwardo.

Latino Homicide Victimization and Offending: An Examination of Individual and Situational Covariates in Three Cities
 Pizarro, Jesenia., Mora, Victor., LoFaso, Charles. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Laughter in Stories of Crime and Tragedy: Bringing Humour Theory to Criminology
 Tutenges, Sébastien. and Sandberg, Sveinung.

Laundering Locally or Globally? Transnational Patterns of OC Infiltration in the Legal Economy
 Riccardi, Michele.

Law Enforcement Adoption of the Olfactometer: A Legal Analysis
 Chism, Kimberly. and Gulledge, Laura.

Law Enforcement Perceptions of Victims of Domestic Violence
 Davis, Jaya.

Law Enforcement and their Experiences with Trauma: Exposure During an Intrinsic Career
 Stocker, Darren.

Lay Participation in Sex Crime Trials in Japan
 Hirayama, Mari.

Lay Perceptions of Psychopathy and their Effect on Legal Decision-Making
 Kopkin, Megan. and Cox, Jennifer.

Layered Justice after Atrocities - Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Hola, Barbora.

Learning How to Test in Policing: The Lessons for the Conduct and Management of Experiments from Frontline Police Staff Involved in a Randomized Controlled Trial
 Neyroud, Peter.

Learning through Experience: The Benefits of Hands-on Courses in Criminal Justice
 Abderhalden, Frances., Guillaume, Nikita., Best, Janise., Vanvalkenburg, Austin. and Breau, Lena.

Leaving Home and Binge Drinking: An Application of Marginal Structural Modeling
 Lei, Man (Karlo). and Simons, Ronald.

Leaving Police Work: A Comparative Study of Transition into Retirement
 Bennett, Richard., Baxter, Sandra. and Mitchell, Katie.

Leaving the Bank of Mom and Dad: Financial Independence and Delinquency Desistance in Emerging Adulthood
 Hill, Jessica., van der Geest, Victor. and Blokland, Arjan.

Legal Assumptions and Unintended Meanings Before International and Hybrid Criminal Courts: Effects on Trial Proceedings and Defense Rights
 Radosavljevic, Dragana.

Legal Consciousness and Xinfang: A Study of Factors Affecting Public Petition in China
 Li, Luye.

Legal Recourse for Sexual Assault Victims: An Examination of the Civil Court as an Alternative Avenue
 Bader, Danielle.

Legal Reforms and Shifts in Reporting of Violence against Women
 Cherukuri, Suvarna.

Legal Use of Force by Police: Its Justification by the European Court of Human Rights
 Ortiz, Salvador. and Marin, José.

Legal Violence: Unauthorized Mexican Immigrant Victimization
 Gamino, Eric.

Legalized Looting: General MacArthur and the Proposal to Use Japanese Cultural Objects to Replace Heritage Looted or Destroyed in Asia during World War II
 Elia, Ricardo.

Legalizing Cannabis: Jurisdictions, Mechanism of Distribution and Regulation of Production of the Product
 Boyd, Neil.

Legalizing Marijuana in Ghana: The Fallout
 Appiahene-Gyamfi, Joseph.

Legislative Responses to Wrongful Conviction in Relation to Connick v. Thompson
 Balboni, Jennifer. and Grometstein, Randall.

Legitimacy Crisis? The Nexus Between constituent-defined Police Legitimacy and Attitudes Toward Police
 Gibbs, Jennifer.

Legitimacy of Law-Enforcement Authorities and Deeply Embedded Worldviews
 Factor, Roni. and Mehozay, Yoav.

Legitimacy, Crime, and Violent Vigilantism in South Africa
 Nivette, Amy., Karstedt, Susanne. and Koch, Michael.

Legitimate Custodial Authority: Preliminary Findings from The Texas Jail Study
 Parker, Robin., Viglione, Jill. and Blasko, Brandy.

Legitimate Police Interrogations of Young Suspects and the Need for Children's Rights: The Belgian Case
 De Kimpe, Sofie., Dumortier, Els. and Claeys, Camille.

Legitimate and Illegitimate Capital Among Prisoners: A Case Study of a Chinese Drug Detention Facility
 Vincent, Cheng.

Less Cash, Less Crime: A National Replication
 Hunt, Donald., Topalli, Volkan., Wright, Richard. and Dabney, Dean.

Less-lethal Force? An In-depth Look at 50 Civilians Killed by Conductive Energy Devices in 2015
 Byers, Edward., Campbell, Bradley. and Nix, Justin.

Lessons Learned From a CCTV-Facilitated Study of Shoplifting
 Dabney, Dean., Dugan, Laura., Hollinger, Richard. and Topalli, Volkan.

Lessons Learned and Future Directions: Funding and Implementing a Transformative Criminal Justice Investment Initiative
 Sgobba, Theresa. and Carney, Siobhán.

Lessons Learned in Creating a College Consortium (McBEE)
 Clear, Emily., Coker, Ann., Bush, Heather., Davidov, Danielle. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Lessons Learned: A State-Wide Immersion of Blue Courage in Iowa’s Law Enforcement Academies
 O\'Hara, Samantha. and Leifker, Denise.

Lessons Learned: Benefits and Challenges of Anti-Sex Trafficking/Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Coalitions
 Nichols, Andrea. and Gerassi, Lara.

Lessons Learned: Process and Outcome Evaluation of Functional Family Therapy
 Celinska, Katarzyna.

Let Them Eat Lead
 Shelden, Randall. and Boyer, Cassandra.

Let’s Not Put a Label on It: Right-Wing Extremism in the News
 Zdjelar, Vanja. and Davies, Garth.

Leveraging a New FJSP Research Platform to Examine the Effects of Prosecutorial Actions
 Kling, Ryan. and Drucker, Omri.

Leveraging a State-level Intermediary Organization to Support System Improvement: Developing Capacity for Scale in a Decentralized System
 Bradley, Stephanie. and Bumbarger, Brian.

Life After Exoneration
 Asquith, Linda.

Life Course Criminology and Policing: Understanding and Explaining Police Misconduct Through the Law Enforcement Career
 Padilla, Kathleen.

Life Events and Delinquency: An Assessment of Event-Based Strains and Gender Differences among Adolescents in Mainland China
 Liu, Ruth.

Life Isn’t Fair: Risk, Responsibilisation, and Masculinity in Gun Law Enforcement
 Carlson, Jennifer.

Life Satisfaction of Chinese Correctional Staff
 Liu, Jianhong., Lambert, Eric., Jiang, Shanhe., Zhang, Jinwu. and Kelley, Thomas.

Life and Death in the Big Easy: Homicide and Lethality in Twenty-First-Century New Orleans
 Corzine, Jay., Huff-Corzine, Lin., Poole, Aaron., McCutcheon, James. and Sacra, Sarah.

Life in America: The Growing Wait for Parole in U.S. Prisons
 Ghandnoosh, Nazgol. and Nellis, Ashley.

Lifers Educating Lifers
 Maier, Elizabeth. and Burns, Jaime.

Lifestyle, Self-Control, and School-Based Violent Victimization in Turkey
 Deryol, Rustu., Wilcox, Pamela. and Dolu, Osman.

Lights, Camera, Inaction: Body-Worn Camera Research in Canada
 Todd, Hilary. and Murphy, Joshua.

Like father like son: Cultural Transmission and Children Protection in Calabrian Mafia Families
 Sergi, Anna.

Like the Problem Kids in High School: The Medicalization, Infantilization, and Demonization of Women Inmates in a Therapeutic Jail
 Aiello, Brittnie.

Limited English Proficient (LEP) and/or English as a Second Language (ESL) Applicant Experiences with a Civil Protection Order Court.
 Troshynski, Emily., Bejinariu, Alexa. and Willis, Carolyn.

Linking Crime Characteristics to Gun Use and Injury
 Willits, Dale. and Neuilly, Melanie-Angela.

Litigation Tax – An Analysis of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Roles in Minor offenses in China
 Lu, Hong., Li, Yudu. and Liang, Bin.

Living Food Towers Spark Youth Recovery from Community Violence
 Wilkinson, Deanna., Kucinic, Katarina., Johns, Meagan., Overdorf, Kaylin., Roe, Emily. and Groce, Tiffany.

Living Life After Serving Life: The Lifer Peer Reentry Navigation Network (Lifer PRNN)
 Kita, Elizabeth.

Living Small: Race & the Sociolegal Consequences of Sex Offense Registration
 Hersh, Eliza., Kinney, Edith. and Harris, Danielle.

Living on the Edges: Examining Crime Patterns of Street Segments on the Spatial Boundaries
 Kim, Young-An. and Hipp, John.

Local Institutions and Juvenile Violence
 Krieg, Andrea. and Ziegler, Jessica.

Local Level Crime Patterns: Comparing Police Incident Reports and Victimization Reports
 Drake, Gregory.

Local Variation in the Development of Delivery Models for Counsel at First Appearance
 Siegel, Jonah., Sadler, Chris. and Hussemann, Jeanette.

Location, location, location – Environmental impact on transnational organised crime ties
 Zolghadriha, Sanaz.

Locking Up Juvenile Offenders: The Legalistic Impact of Juvenile Offender Sentencing and Life Without Parole
 Klein, Lloyd.

Lone Female Murderers: A Preliminary Typology
 Rees, Kerry., Cooke, Claire. and Williams, Megan.

Long Term Impact of Gang Affiliated Partner Violence Victimization in Adolescence: Health and Criminal Justice Implications for Young Adult Latinas
 Cepeda, Alice.

Long-Term Physical Health Consequences of Perceived Inequality: Results from a Twin Comparison Design
 Schwartz, Joseph.

Long-term offending trajectories and life circumstances of adult sex offenders
 Lussier, Patrick. and McCuish, Evan.

Longitudinal and Contemporaneous Risk Factors of Dating Violence Perpetration: Differences and Similarities Between Genders
 Ribeaud, Denis.

Looking Forward, Not Back: Sexual Offender Predictions for Their Future
 Pleggenkuhle, Breanne., Kras, Kimberly. and Huebner, Beth.

Looking Upstream: A Sociological Investigation of Mass Public Shootings
 Capellan, Joel.

Looking on the Brighter Side: Positive Correlates and Consequences of Youth Gang Involvement
 Kubik, Joanna. and Boxer, Paul.

Lost in Translation: Latinos & the Police
 Armenta, Amada.

Louisiana Campaign for Equal Justice
 Burkhart, John.

Louisiana Models for Change: Systems Reform in Juvenile Justice
 Frick, Paul., Phillippi, Stephen., Touchet-Morgan, Beth. and Ryals, John.

Low Resting Heart Rate, College-Level Deviance, and Antisocial Behavior.
 Swopes, Allison., Cooley, Brooke. and Petkovsek, Melissa.

Low Self-Control and Attention-Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder
 Schoepfer, Andrea. and Reitzel, John.

Low Self-Control and Bullying: The Applicability of the General Theory of Crime
 Esselmont, Chris.

Low Self-control and Sanction Threats: A Study of Deterrence as a Communication Theory
 Poirier, Brigitte. and Blais, Étienne.

Low-Income Housing and Crime: The Influence of Property Characteristics and Neighborhood Conditions
 Tillyer, Marie. and Walter, Rebecca.

Lundman on Private Corporate Justice
 Martinez, Ramiro.

Lushworkers: Characteristics of Offenders Who Prey upon Sleeping and Drunk Passengers in the NYC Transit System
 Costello, Andrew.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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