American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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MIXEDconceptions: A Narrative-Discourse Analysis of Mixed-Race College Students and Racialized Bullying
 Thompson, Joanna.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Case Study of Changing Female Narratives in Dystopic and Post-Apocalyptic Pop-Culture
 Kroon, Evangeline.

Magistrate Perceptions of Rural Reentry Challenges: An Examination of PA Judges
 Ward, Kyle., Hawkins, Paul. and Stallings, Robert.

Maintaining Continuity in the Monitoring of Offenders
 Nored, Lisa. and Scheer, Charles.

Making Claims About the Immigration-Crime Nexus in Major U.S. Newspapers
 Barber, Mariah., Gruenewald, Jeff. and Harris, Casey.

Making Positive Connections between Law Enforcement and At-Risk Youth: A Formative Evaluation of the Character Be About It Program
 Shoenberger, Nicole. and Rosen, Nicole.

Making Research and Data Useful for Helping Community Corrections Organizations Change
 DeMichele, Matthew.

Making Resistance ‘Objective’: Notes from a New-Materialist Inquiry into European Fab Labs
 Mazzilli-Daechsel, Stefano.

Making Sense of the Literature on Criminal Mobility
 Arsovska, Jana.

Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico's War on Crime
 Guzik, Keith.

Making Valid Cross-County Comparisons in Criminal Justice Performance
 Escobar, Gipsy. and Hutchison, Robert.

Making the School to Prison Pipeline Visible: A Call for Rigorous Investigation
 Phenix, Deinya.

Male Stranger Rape: Single-Victim, Serial and Group Sexual Aggression
 Gimenez-Salinas Framis, Andrea. and Perez Ramirez, Meritxell.

Male and Female Prison Environments: Gender's Effect on Performance and Retention Among Female Correctional Officers
 Epstein, Samantha.

Malevolent Forces: Self-Control, the Dark Triad, and Crime
 Morgan, Mark. and Wright, John.

Managerial Borders?: Understanding the evolution of Spanish policies of migration control
 Brandariz-García, José. and Fernández-Bessa, Cristina.

Managing Conflict: An Examination of Three-Way Alliances in Canadian Escort and Massage Businesses
 Casey, Lauren.

Managing Crimmigration Through Faith: Immigrant Religious Organizations and the Construction of Neoliberal Citizens
 Guzman, Melissa.

Managing the "Police Generation Gap" Through Personnel Recruitment: A Multi-Site Case Analysis
 Scheer, Charles.

Mapping Perceptions of Safety in Parks
 Morgan, John., Evans, Sara., Snyder, Jamie., Abderhalden, Frances. and Evans, Jocelyn.

Mapping Proactive Policing Through RTM
 Onat, Ismail.

Mapping Public Opinion of Police Shootings: An Analysis of Tweets about Ferguson, MO
 Stamatel, Janet. and Bunting, Amanda.

Mapping the Path: The Influence of Historic Life Events on Community Corrections Staff and their Philosophy of Supervision
 Kras, Kimberly., Magnuson, Shannon. and Taxman, Faye.

Marginality, Vulnerability, and Mixed-Race Identity
 Wu, Marie. and Knoke, David.

Marked Men: A Photography Study of Veterans Court Participants
 Jewell, Babz.

Marketized Mentality, Schools, and Delinquency: A Multilevel Application of Institutional Anomie Theory
 Groß, Eva., Hövermann, Andreas. and Messner, Steven.

Marking Time: American Convict Tattoos in a Global Context, 1900-1940
 Tepperman, Alexander.

Masculinity, Misogyny, and the Lone Wolf Terrorist
 Hamm, Mark.

Mass Probation and Criminal Justice Supervision Disparities
 Phelps, Michelle.

Massacre at Six Shooter Junction (Waco, Texas): Police Overreaction to a New Folk Devil
 Barker, Tom.

Matters of Life and Death: Situation, Place, and Lethality of Firearm Violence
 Garrity, Kristina. and Huebner, Beth.

Mauss and Marx in the 21st Century
 Kontos, Louis.

Maxing Out in Prison: A Study of Pre-Release Long-Term Prisoners
 Robert, Luc.

Measurement Invariance of the Multidimensional Model of Legal Cynicism
 Gifford, Faith.

Measures Against Drug Abuse
 Tsuji, Takanori. and Kawai, Kiyoshi.

Measuring Bystander Training Efficacy: Bystander Opportunities and Behaviors
 Coker, Ann., Bush, Heather., Brancato, Candace. and Follingstad, Diane.

Measuring Community Views on the Criminal Justice System with Group Feedback Analysis
 Spinelli, Mary., Dougherty, Jamie. and Klofas, John.

Measuring Coordination of Services for Child and Youth Victims through Social Network Analysis
 Cramer, Jacob., Crossman, Janine. and Debus-Sherrill, Sara.

Measuring Correlates of the Correctional Officer Work Environment Via the Work Experiences Questionnaire: A Descriptive Study
 Ellis, Joseph., Phillips, Ryan., Granger, Kendahl., Brown, Cameron., Shuplinkov, Tyler., Mallory, Carlene., Henson, Jordan., Wells, James., Minor, Kevin. and Lambert, Eric.

Measuring Factors Contributing to Longevity in Terrorist Activity
 Brice, Madeline. and Shields, Christopher.

Measuring Human Rights in Practice: The Implementation of the Bangkok Rules in the ASEAN Region
 Chuenurah, Chontit. and Owen, Barbara.

Measuring Intimate Partner and Dating Violence: Is the CTS a Valid Measure?
 Ackerman, Jeff.

Measuring Jurors’ Trust in Legal Authorities: Comparing Scaled Responses and Qualitative Explanations
 Pennington, Liana. and Dolliver, Matthew.

Measuring Neighborhood Disadvantage and Its Association with Police Contact Among Youth
 Sharlein, Jeffrey. and Engstrom, Malitta.

Measuring Neutrality in Custodial Decisionmaking: Prisoner Perceptions of One Procedural Justice Element
 Dittman, Layne., Blasko, Brandy., Rudes, Danielle. and Magnuson, Shannon.

Measuring Punitivity in Sentencing
 Györy, Csaba.

Measuring Software Piracy in Competitive World − A Panel Presentation on Software Piracy Data Quality Assessment for China and Beyond
 Liu, Jiabo.

Measuring and Explaining Charge Bargaining in New York State
 Yan, Shi. and Bushway, Shawn.

Measuring attitudes toward police use of force: Psychometric properties of a self-administered questionnaire
 Faubert, Camille., Guay, Jean-Pierre. and Boivin, Rémi.

Measuring changing rates of violence in government surveys by including the experience of high frequency victims
 Towers, Jude., Walby, Sylvia. and Francis, Brian.

Measuring neighborhood social processes using georeferenced location reports: The Adolescent Health and Development in Context Study
 Browning, Christopher., Calder, Catherine., Soller, Brian., Smith, Anna. and Boettner, Bethany.

Measuring the Effects of Therapeutic Community-Based Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs on Inmates in Connecticut Prisons
 Younts, Wes.

Measuring the Impact of Police Representativeness on Communities
 Trochmann, Maren. and Gover, Angela.

Measuring the Prevalence of Minors in Sex Trafficking in Mumbai and Kolkata, India
 Russell, Ashley., Cooper Parks, Andee., Rusk, Alesha., Vincent, Kyle. and Nie, Zixin.

Measuring the Untraceable: A composite indicator to assess the risk of money laundering at sub-national level
 Camerini, Diana. and Riccardi, Michele.

Mechanical Measures and Imaginary Care: Managerialism and the Construction of Risky Youth
 Salole, Abigail.

Mechanisms of Undermining Crime
 Kolthoff, Emile. and Khonraad, Sjaak.

Media "Blackout"
 Brown, Cameron.

Media Construction of Crime Revisited: Media Influence on Perceptions of Crime Trends and Policy Opinion
 Baranauskas, Andrew. and Drakulich, Kevin.

Media Consumers' Responses to Police Shootings of African Americans: #SayTheirNames
 Kolb, Abigail. and Yercich, Sarah.

Media Influence on Fear of Crime: Differences among Various Race and Gender Intersection
 Weng, Kevin.

Media Perceptions of Terrorism Pre and Post 9/11
 Vaught-Candage, Courtney. and Nash, Becky.

Media Portrayals of Crime and their Relationship to Police Perceptions of the Use of Excessive Force
 Williams, Ariele. and Jenkins, Michael.

Media and the Femme Fatale Killer
 Bonn, Scott.

Mediating Effects of Routine Activities on Victimization within the Disabled Population
 Gann, Taylor. and Teasdale, Brent.

Medical Examiner's Role in Murder Cases in South Korea
 Choi, Young-Shik.

Medical Marijuana and Motor Vehicle Fatalities: A Synthetic Control Approach to California's Compassionate Use Act
 Bartos, Bradley. and McCleary, Richard.

Medicalised Detention of Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory: A New/Old Regime of Control?
 Marchetti, Elena. and Ransley, Janet.

Meeting the Challenges of Covering Sex-Crime Specific and General Crime Theories in Sex-Crimes Courses
 Stafford, Mark.

Members Only: Limits of Access for Untenured Faculty
 Pallone, Melanie.

Memoirs of a Guard-Researcher: Deconstructing the Games Inmates Play Behind the Prison Walls
 Worley, Robert.

Men in the Margins: Constructing Masculinity in a Gendered Organisation
 Oselin, Sharon.

Mental Disturbance and Gun Carrying: Findings from Monitoring the Future National Survey
 Juan, Shao-Chiu. and Gao, Yu.

Mental Health Court Team Members’ Perceptions about Criminogenic Risk and Mental Health Needs of Clients
 Bonfine, Natalie.

Mental Health Public Defender Evaluation
 Andresen, W..

Mental Health Status of Prisoners in Japan
 Tomoto, Aika.

Mental Health and Drug Use: The Importance of Mixed Methods Approaches
 Hollis, Meghan.

Mental health and the transition from adolescence to emerging adulthood: Examining patterns of comorbidity in the continuity and desistance of criminal offending between two developmental stages
 Mathesius, Jeffrey., Corrado, Raymond. and McCuish, Evan.

Mentalization as a Moderator Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Teen Dating Violence
 Davis, Jessica.

Mentoring as a Therapeutic Intervention for Incarcerated Offenders
 Morse, Stephanie.

Men’s Attitudes Towards Intimate Partner Violence in Kenya
 Kimuna, Sitawa. and Tenkorang, Eric.

Message Frames and Public Attitudes Towards Criminal Justice Sentencing Policy
 Gottlieb, Aaron.

Meta-Analysis of Organized Crime Mobility
 Ruiz, Pamela. and Arsovska, Jana.

Meta-Analysis of the Literature on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling: The Changing Image of Victims and Offenders
 Arsovska, Jana. and Dhrami, Itena.

Meth on the Mountain: A Photo-Ethnography of Women Methamphetamine Users in the Rural South
 Copes, Heith. and Ragland, Jared.

Methadon’t: African Americans and Methadone Maintenance, 1969-1977
 Bridge, Kyle.

Methamphetamine Manufacturing, Risk Management, and Restrictive Deterrence: Variation in Risk Perception and Management by Cooking Roles
 Kim, Jennifer., Matos, Natalie., Leet, Taylor. and Wilcox, Samantha.

Methamphetamine using Women’s Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence as both Offender and Perpetrator
 Gunderman, Mikh.

Method in Context: Examining the Historical Developments and Contemporary Relevance of the Longitudinal-Experimental Design of the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study
 Zane, Steven., Welsh, Brandon. and Zimmerman, Gregory.

Methodological Concerns in Intimate Partner Violence Research within Lesbian Relationships: The Australian Case
 Gampe, Melissa.

Methodological Obstacles and Innovations in Recruiting “Hidden Populations”: Using Social Media
 Eppler-Epstein, Sarah.

Methodological and Ethical Considerations in Intimate Partner Violence Research with Queer College Students
 Edwards, Katie.

Mexican Americans and Police Reform
 Behnken, Brian.

Miami Vice: Unpacking the Drug Activity and Neighborhood Violent Crime Nexus
 Contreras, Christopher. and Hipp, John.

Micro and Macro Dimensions of Violentization Theory Applied to Genocide
 Winton, Mark.

Microaggression and Sexual Harassment as Strain: Hazardous Drinking among Female Graduate and Law Students
 Boyle, Kaitlin.

Middle Eastern Harshness in the Application of Death Penalty: Why Israel Is the Only Abolitionist?
 Alasti, Sanaz., Fakhravar, Amir. and Wood, Brittany.

Mighty Like A River: The Black Protestant Church and Violence In Black Communities
 Harris, Casey. and Ulmer, Jeffery.

Military Experience and Prison Behavior: An Examination of Prison Misconduct
 Orrick, Erin., Kane, Brianne. and Piquero, Alex.

Military Service and Subsequent Substance Use: A Propensity Score Approach
 Eassey, John., Baldwin, Julie. and Lizotte, Alan.

Military Trauma, Transition Stressors, Alcohol and Crime Post-Deployment: Understanding Their Relationship and Mitigating Negative Consequences
 Geraci, Joseph., Angel, Caroline., Lamade, Raina., Grier, Savannah., Sinnott, Sinead., Harris, Rachel., Arenz, Jillian. and Bonanno, George.

Mind the Gap: Making the Transition from Juvenile to Adult Criminal Justice
 McVie, Susan.

Minding the Gap: An Evaluation of Sentencing Disparities in the Absence of Sentencing Guidelines
 Richardson, Rebecca.

Minority Threat and Teacher Race: An Examination of Exclusionary School Punishment
 Hughes, Cresean., Bailey, Caroline., Warren, Patricia. and Stewart, Eric.

Minority Threat, Social Control, and Voting Patterns for Authoritarian Candidates
 DeMarco, Laura. and Steidley, Trent.

Minority-Police Interaction and “The Talk”
 Cintron, Myrna., Dawkins, Marika. and Gibson, Camille.

Misrepresenting the Victim: An Analysis of Newspaper Articles on Stand Your Ground Domestic Violence Cases
 Crisafi, Denise.

Missed Opportunities to Place Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Youth in Alternatives to Secure Detention
 Ogle, Meg. and Pla, Julie.

Mobbing and the Academy: A Cross-Institutional Comparison of Practice and Policy
 Hicks, Wendy.

Mobilising Research Evidence and Knowledge in Policing: Norwegian Experiences
 Knutsson, Johannes.

Mobilizing Service Delivery for Violent Juveniles and Adults
 Scott-Pickens, Lori., Kubik, Joanna. and Moore, Wanda.

Mock Juror Perceptions of Male and Female Psychopathic Traits
 Coffey, C.., Cox, Jennifer. and Kopkin, Megan.

Mock-Change Initiatives: Strategies of Resistance to Change in Canadian Policing
 Beare, Margaret.

Modeling Homicide Investigations: Does a Difference Make a Difference
 Mancik, Ashley., Jarvis, John. and Regoeczi, Wendy.

Modeling Risk at Sentencing: Addressing Theoretical and Methodological Concerns
 Knoth, Lauren., Kempinen, Cynthia., Tinik, Leigh. and Ruback, R. Barry.

Modeling crime as pollution: Geographic variations in violent crime victimization risks
 Stewart, Greg., Peterson, Christian. and Kahn, Kimberly.

Modeling the Human Cost of Jail Incarceration in New Orleans
 Mai, Chris.

Moderating the Collateral Consequences of Incarceration on Children of Incarcerated Parents
 Bloom, Barbara. and Pech, Alexandria.

Modern Slavery and Agricultural Production Systems
 Byrne, Richard. and Smith, Kreseda.

Modernizing the National Crime Victimization Survey Instruments
 Truman, Jennifer.

Modernizing the National Crime Victimization Survey Sample
 Planty, Michael.

Modifying Mindsets: Effects of a Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program on Victim Blaming Attitudes
 Cuevas, Celina.

Modus Operandi in ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ sexual murders
 Stefanska, Ewa.

Money Bail Process Experiences and Perceptions
 Kimbrell, Catherine. and Wilson, David.

Money Laundering & National Security: The Financial Crime that Empowers Organized Criminal Groups, Undermines Economies, Erodes Financial Systems, and Debilitates Political Systems
 Rockwell, Lesley.

Money laundering as a “three-stage process”– Hazardous Misconception of a Serious Crime
 Hetzel, Florian.

Monitoring the Effectiveness of a New Jail Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Program
 Joo, Heejong., Pershadsingh, Debbie., Vela, Wendy. and Silva, Ian.

Monstrous nature, eco-horror and the criminological imagination
 South, Nigel.

Moral Beliefs and Offending: Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Moral Beliefs Scale
 Wattanaporn, Katelyn.

Moral Decision-Making and Psychopathic Personality
 Portnoy, Jill. and Raine, Adrian.

Moral Economy, Liquid Control and Broken Tacit Agreement: A Situational Action Perspective on Chengguan Violence in China
 Xu, Jianhua. and Jiang, Anli.

Moral Foundations of Public Attitudes Toward Sexual Offending
 Harper, Craig. and Harris, Andrew.

Moral Obligation is not Risk Averse: Ideal Theory vs. Pragmatism
 Otto, Jessica.

Moral Panics by Design: The Case of Terrorism
 Walsh, James.

More Than Just ‘Either Or’: Transgender Students’ Experiences with Gay-Straight Alliances in British Columbia
 Sutherland, D. Kyle., Burtch, Brian. and Fabian, Sheri.

More Than a Job: The Reentry and Work Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Illinois Women
 Coffey, Vickii.

More than Accomplices?: A Social Network Analysis of Boston Gang Members
 Ciomek, Alexandra.

Mortality in a Juvenile Court Cohort
 Callahan, Lisa. and Vesselinov, Roumen.

Mother Earth is The Baddest Bitch: Environmental Harm, Eco-Feminism and Gendered Constructions of Victimhood
 Dunn, Molly. and McClanahan, Bill.

Motherhood Identities among Women Who Use and Deal Illegal Drugs
 Grundetjern, Heidi.

Motherhood and Criminality: An Examination of the Influence of Substance Use on Criminal Behavior among Mothers
 Pavioni, Erin. and Berthelot, Emily.

Mothering with mental illness: How women on mental health caseloads in the criminal justice system discuss motherhood
 Mulvey, Philip., Mcdermott, Cailin. and Rabe-Hemp, Cara.

Motivations for Denial during Police Interrogation: An Exploratory Study of Non-confessors Profiles
 Bergeron, Andréane. and Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine.

Motivations for Plea Decisions
 Henderson, Kelsey. and Levett, Lora.

Motorcycle Gangs as Political Players: The Case of the Russian Night Wolves
 Zabyelina, Yuliya.

Moving Away from Online Illicit Markets: Analyzing The Rise of Single Vendor Shops On the Dark Net
 Décary-Hétu, David.

Moving Beyond Kingpins: Targeted Removal and the Optimization of Network Fragmentation in Trafficking Organizations
 Hofmann, David. and Behlendorf, Brandon.

Moving Forward by Looking Back: Prosecutorial Decision-Making and White Collar Crime
 Galvin, Miranda.

Moving Outside the Classroom: Utilizing Experiential Learning in Corrections Courses
 Mansley, Elizabeth. and Toth, Austin.

Moving Toward The Electronic Community-Oriented Policing Era: Police Use of Social Media
 Hu, Xiaochen.

Moving from Theory to Practice: Using Lessons Learned to Improve the RNR Simulation Tool
 Murphy, Amy. and Taxman, Faye.

Multi-Method Synergy: Using The Life History Calendar and Life as a Film for Retrospective Narratives
 Kang, Timothy., Kruttschnitt, Candace. and Goodman, Phil.

Multi-Site Reentry Court Process Evaluation
 Malsch, Anna., Lindquist, Christine., Ayoub, Lama., Dawes, Debbie., Harrison, Paige., Hardison Walters, Jennifer., Rempel, Michael. and Carey, Shannon.

Multicultural Education? Exploring Criminal Justice Educational Experiences among Minority Students
 Hale, William.

Multiple Meanings of Community Policing for a Brazilian Military Police
 Ribeiro, Ludmila. and Diniz, Alexandre.

Murder Investigation in South Korea
 Park, Oi.

Murder Investigation in the United States
 Klingfuss, Jeffrey.

Murder of Older Women
 Dobash, Russell.

Mutually Pleasurable Experiences? A Partial Explanation of Why Courts Ignore the Victimization of Male, Teenage Victims of Statutory Rape
 Burrow, John.

My Brain Is So Wired: Neuroimaging’s Role in Competency Cases Involving Persons with Mental Disabilities
 Perlin, Michael. and Lynch, Alison.

My Life My Choice Curriculum as a means to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation
 Perkins, Elizabeth.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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