American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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NIJ Wrongful Conviction Listening Sessions
 Martin, Eric.

NIJ’s Body-Worn Video Technology project
 Ford, William.

NIJ’s Research in Social and Behavioral Science
 Irazola, Seri.

Naloxone user attitudes toward law enforcement involvement in overdose cases
 Durieux, Jared., Mirka, Melissa., Jefferis, Eric., Curtis, Andrew. and Felix, Chaz.

Naming and Shaming Corporate Crime in the Financial Markets
 Jordanoska, Aleksandra.

Narrative Accounts of Domestic Violence: She Said, He Said, the Police Said
 Fitzgerald, Robin. and Douglas, Heather.

Narrative Criminology and Psychosocial Criminology: Similarities, Differences and a Tentative Integration
 Verde, Alfredo.

Narrative Criminology: Appalachian Stories Straight From the Horse's Mouth
 Stacy, Carissa. and Granger, Kendahl.

Narrative Habitus: Thinking Through Structure/Agency in the Narratives of Offenders
 Fleetwood, Jennifer.

Narrative Means to Self-Justificatory Ends: Neutralizing Right-Wing and Jihadi Political Violence in Germany
 Colvin, Sarah. and Pisoiu, Daniela.

Narrative criminology and ‘decisions in context’: Women’s violent victimization and substance use over the life course
 Stone, Rebecca. and Wallace, Kellie.

Narratives of Freedom: An Analysis of Exoneree Descriptions of Their First Week Out of Prison
 Curmi, Teresa.

Narratives of Justification for Police Violence
 VanNatta, Michelle.

Narratives of Rebellion
 Joosse, Paul.

National Crime Victimization Survey Research and Development Efforts
 Langton, Lynn.

National Employment Law and Compliance Rules in International Companies? – A Comprehensive Analysis of the Situation in the US & Germany
 Kudlacek, Jana.

National Findings on Contemporaneous Use of Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Services among Justice-Involved Adults Experiencing Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders
 Matejkowski, Jason., Nam, Eunji. and Lee, Sungkyu.

National Identity Number (NIN): Is Nigeria Prepared for Identity Theft Onslaught?
 Obi, Festus. and Oludare, Alaba.

National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) Data Overview
 Roach, Julia. and Rosay, Andre.

National Police Research Platform
 Rosenbaum, Dennis.

National Survey on Law Enforcement Agencies’ Social Media Engagement
 Mohr, Edward., Kim, KiDeuk., Bieler, Samuel. and Tiry, Emily.

National initiative for Building Trust and Justice
 Fontaine, Jocelyn.

Navigating the Anticipated and Often Unanticipated Perils of Human Subjects Research
 Pierce, Mari.

Navigating the Anticipated and Often Unanticipated Perils of Human Subjects Research
 Bowen, Kendra.

Navigating the Anticipated and Often Unanticipated Perils of Human Subjects Research
 Spraitz, Jason.

Needs Assessment: Needs Factor Validation
 Mei, Xiaohan., Hamilton, Zachary. and Campagna, Michael.

Needs-Satisfaction, Motivation, and Prisoner Well-being: Applying Self-Determination Theory to the Prison Context
 van Mastrigt, Sarah. and van der Kaap-Deeder, Jolene.

Negative Consequences of Drug-Related Behaviors in Adolescence on The Family and Employment Domains During the Transition to Adulthood
 Phillips, Matthew. and Krohn, Marvin.

Negative Emotions and Juvenile Delinquency: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Cho, Yeok-il. and Park, Seong-min.

Negotiating Balance: Criminal Justice and Social Complexity in Fragile States
 Gould, Laurie. and Pate, Matthew.

Negotiating Surveillance and Managing Resistance: Exploring How Probation Officers Talk about Practicing Surveillance
 Barkway, Kelsi.

Negotiating the Challenges and Opportunities For Shaping Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice in a Collaborative University and Policing Partnership
 Millings, Matthew.

Neighborhood Change and the Suburbanization of Returning Prisoners
 Kirk, David.

Neighborhood Characteristics and Confidence in the Police in the Context of South Korea
 Kwak, Hyounggon. and McNeeley, Susan.

Neighborhood Correlates of Violent Crime in New Orleans Since Katrina
 Frailing, Kelly., Harper, Dee. and Serpas, Ronal.

Neighborhoods and crime over time: Nothing endures but change?
 Boessen, Adam.

Neighbourhood Effects on Fear of Crime in Canada
 Pastia, Cristina. and Davies, Garth.

Neo-Penology and the Politics of the Post War on Drugs Economy
 Farrell, William.

Net Widening and Juvenile Criminal Diversion: Heterogeneous Impacts of a Peer Jury Diversion Program
 Hinze-Pifer, Rebecca.

Network Capital: Identifying Key Players within Criminal Networks through weighted measures of Connectivity and Resource-Sharing
 Westlake, Bryce.

Network Intervention with Sheltered Victims of Domestic Violence
 Nolet, Anne-Marie., Morselli, Carlo. and Cousineau, Marie-Marthe.

Network Structure and Victimization: A Study of the Population of Gang Factions in Chicago
 Lavery, Timothy., Pyrooz, David. and Papachristos, Andrew.

Network structure and victimization: Examining the role of peer commitment.
 Solomon, Starr. and Schwartz, Joseph.

Networking Opportunities for Cultural Property Crime Professionals
 Burmon, Kate Melody.

Neuroanatomical Correlates of Psychopathic Traits in Adolescent Males
 Sartin, Emma., DeRamus, Thomas., Maximo, Omar., Remmel, Rheanna., Glenn, Andrea. and Kana, Rajesh.

Neuropsychological Effects of Violence Exposure on Cognitive Outcomes: The Case of Colombian Youth
 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth., Barrera-Valencia, Mauricio., Calderon-Delgado, Liliana. and O\'Boyle, Michael.

Neutralizations, Their Sources, and Crime
 Tittle, Charles., Antonaccio, Olena. and Botchkovar, Ekaterina.

New Age Police Training Curriculum
 Obinyan, Evaristus.

New Approaches to Transforming the Justice System: Origins and Strategy of a Collaborative Initiative between a District Attorney’s Office and a Public University Institute
 Carney, Siobhán. and Jacobson, Michael.

New Data on the Prevalence of Illicit Trade in Cigarettes
 Prieger, James., Aziani, Alberto., Kulick, Jonathan. and Norman, Neill.

New Destinations, Immigration, and Crime: A Test of Competing Measures
 Ferraro, Vincent.

New Directions for Crime Displacement: The Impact of Removing a Crime Generator
 Hodgkinson, Tarah.

New Orleans Neighborhood Patterns of Homicide and Key Structural and Cultural Linkages—1940 to 2013
 Voigt, Lydia., Harper, Dee. and Thornton, William.

New Orleans' Successes and Challenges in Implementing a Comprehensive Approach to Violence
 Serpas, Ronal.

New Parochialism and Informal Social Control in Two Boston Neighborhoods
 Pittman, Adam.

News Media Distortions and Representations of Youth Crime in Canada: An intersectional analysis
 Silcox, Jennifer.

Nights out as a predictor of daytime vs. evening vs. nighttime victimizations
 Vaughan, Tyler., Kringen, Jonathan. and Felson, Marcus.

No Criminology of Wage Theft? (Wrongful Withholding of $50 Billion of Wages Earned)
 Leighton, Paul.

No Easy Answers: Understanding the Impact of Sexual Assault Kit Testing on Case Attrition
 Pattavina, April., Williams, Linda. and Morabito, Melissa.

No Means Yes: University Students Who Disagree with Affirmative Consent
 Follingstad, Diane., Lynch, Kellie., Chahal, Jaspreet. and Renzetti, Claire.

No More Excuses: How Police and Prosecutors have Failed Non-stranger Rape Victims
 Field, Carolyn.

No More Hiding Behind the Keyboard: Experiences of Victims of Cyber Stalking with the Criminal Justice System
 Whitmire, Trisha.

No One Is an Island: It's Not Just the Wrongfully Convicted Who Suffer
 Sharp, Susan.

No Place Like Home: The Divergent Effects of Lifecourse Transitions by for Young Adults with and without a Physical Disability
 Bones, Paul.

No Sit/No Lie: Media Framing and the Criminalization of Homelessness
 Smith, Hilary., Blackwell, Barbara. and Becknell, Karen.

No. Little. Some. Probation Officer Use of Case Management Practices across Jurisdictions
 Magnuson, Shannon., Kras, Kimberly., Meyer, Kimberly., Rudes, Danielle. and Taxman, Faye.

Non-compliance with Sex Offender Registration: Law Enforcement Perspectives
 Walfield, Scott., Levenson, Jill., Cubellis, Michelle. and Harris, Andrew.

Non-fatal Shootings and Clearance Rates
 O\'Brien, Mallory. and Ertl, Allison.

Non-fatal shootings, victim cooperativeness, and case clearance
 Hipple, Natalie. and Magee, Lauren.

None More Black: Photography, Horror and ‘Black Ecology’ in Extractive Appalachia
 McClanahan, Bill.

Normative Nominalism: a Critical Analysis of the Potential for a Conceptual Ontology of Harm
 Awsumb, Clay.

Northwestern Juvenile Project
 Teplin, Linda.

Not All Muslim Inmates are Radical: Identifying Differences between Prison Islam and Traditional Islam in Prison
 Hamm, Mark.

Not on Track to Apply to College: School Punishment and Taking the SAT
 Cuevas, Gerardo.

Not that Guy! Navigating the Helping Role with Justice-Involved Clients, Labels, Stigmas, and Resistance
 Linn-Walton, Rebecca.

Nothing Else to Do: Situational Predictors of Driving after Drinking in Rural Areas
 Greene, Kaylin.

Now Is The Time – Project AWARE: Strategies to Increase Resiliency and Wellness in School-aged Youth
 Trudeau, James., Banks, Duren. and Yaros, Anna.

Nowhere to Go: Barriers to Services for Students Who are Victims of Campus Sexual Assault
 Chahal, Jaspreet., Lynch, Kellie., Renzetti, Claire. and Follingstad, Diane.

Noxious Housing or Temporary Havens: Single Room Occupancy (SROs) Facilities and Crime
 Boggess, Lyndsay., Krupa, Julie., Chamberlain, Alyssa. and Grubesic, Tony.

Nuances of Juvenile Justice Decision Making: Exploring Disparities in Lower Level Offenses
 Chappell, Allison. and Maggard, Scott.

Numeric tokens? A Qualitative Test of Tokenism in Policing
 Rabe-Hemp, Cara. and Harper, Cameron.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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