American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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OJJDP’s Strategy for Improving Access to High-Quality Juvenile Defense
 Alanen, Julia.

Observations of a Sexual Assault Response Team
 Koon-Magnin, Sarah.

Observer and Victim Sexuality’s Effect on Blame of Heterosexual and Homosexual Male Sexual Assault Victims
 Reihe, Melissa., Mann, Olivia. and Diamond-Welch, Bridget.

Of All the Joints, She Walks Into This One: Women Executives’ Career Paths to Corrections Management
 Collica-Cox, Kimberly. and Schulz, Dorothy.

Of Jobs and Jail: Outcomes for Washington State Property Offenders
 Landon, Matthew. and Mounts, Thea.

Off the Rails: The Challenges of Implementing a Community-Based Deployment Model in the Metro Vancouver Transit Police
 Murphy, Joshua.

Offender Alcohol Consumption among Native Americans Compared across Victim Age: The Severity of Sexual Assaults
 Capparelli, Amy., Jones, Marshall. and Conradt, Travis.

Offender Insights into Human Trafficking Decision-Making: Perceptions of Risks, Rewards, and Culpability
 Shively, Michael., Smith, Kamala. and Jalbert, Sarah.

Offender Perceptions of a Police Response in Long-Term Property Crime Hot Spots
 Santos, Roberto. and Santos, Rachel.

Offenders or/and Victims: Homeless Women in Brisbane
 Menih, Helena.

Offending Over the Life Course: Self-Worth, Means of Power and Repertoires of Action
 Laferrière, Dominique. and Morselli, Carlo.

Offending Propensity versus Offending Frequency: The Differential Effects of Normative Peer Influence and Unstructured Socializing
 McCuddy, Timothy. and Thomas, Kyle.

Offending Women: Toward A Greater Understanding of Women's Pathways Into and Out of Crime
 Singh, Anu.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Juvenile Justice Reentry Measurement Standards Project: An Overview
 Adams, Benjamin.

Officer Characteristics and Decision Making: A Meta-Analysis
 Lytle, Daniel. and Bolger, P..

Officer Perspectives on Being Filmed by Citizens
 Kadleck, Colleen. and Slakoff, Danielle.

Officer and Suspect Characteristics in Use of Force Incidents by Transit Authority Police
 Houser, Kimberly., Lewandowski, Carla., Sorg, Evan. and Schell-Busey, Natalie.

Officers in Transition: The Dynamic Self-Concept of Officers in Schools
 Rhodes, Trisha. and Clinkinbeard, Samantha.

Oil Train Transparency and the 'Threat' of Terrorism
 Milburn, Travis.

Older Prisoners and Health Self-Management: Policy, Practice, and Legal Issues
 Doerner, Jill., Blowers, Anita., Ruggiano, Nicole. and Lukic, Andreja.

On Hypengyophobia: Security Officer’s Fear of Accountability
 Eski, Yarin.

On Revising Place-Based Theory in Criminology: The Role of Rural Studies
 Hall-Sanchez, Amanda., DeKeseredy, Walter. and Donnermeyer, Joseph.

On the Abuse of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs
 Smith, Brian.

On the Edge of Reason? The Thrills and Spills of Armed Robbery
 Taylor, Emmeline.

On the Importance of Systemicity: What General Strain Theory Can Learn from the Field of Neuroendocrinology
 Niemeyer, Richard. and Proctor, K. Ryan.

On the Use of Law Enforcement Files in the Research of Organized Crime
 Griffin, Sean.

On the Weak Mortality Returns of the Prison Boom: Accounting for Infant Mortality in the Incarceration Ledger
 Light, Michael. and Marshall, Joey.

One Day Makes All the Difference: Denying Offenders Access to 'Good Time' Through the Process of Federal Sentencing
 Franklin, Travis. and Henry, Tri Keah.

One Year or One Day?: Adjusting Estimates of Parole and Probation Revocation for Varying Sentence Lengths
 Ganier, Carroll.

One-Child Policy and Economic Explanation on Female Share of Crime in China
 Lowan, Ting. and Stamatel, Janet.

Online Channels for the Spread of Jihadist Ideology in the Europe of 2016
 Cano Paños, Miguel Angel. and Rodríguez Ferrández, Samuel.

Online Child Sexual Abuse by Female
 Desfachelles, Marion. and Fortin, Francis.

Online Crime Mapping for Fostering Public Deliberation about Crime and Disorder
 Park, Sang Jun.

Online Lifestyle and Cybersecurity: Risk Factors of Interpersonal Cybercrime on Social Networking Sites
 Choi, Kyung-shick., Lee, Hannarae. and LeClair, Daniel.

Online Sexual Offending: Cognitions, Sexual Deviance and Anonymity
 Paquette, Sarah. and Cortoni, Franca.

Online fraud scammers and victims: comparing offenders’ modos opperandi with online fraud targets’ victimization reports
 Park, Youngsam., Renno Santos, Mateus. and Maimon, David.

Only the Lonely?: Contextual Impacts of Motherhood on Periods of Incarceration Among Female Prisoners in The Netherlands
 Alberts, Sylvia., Joosen, Katharina., Slotboom, Anne-Marie., Kruttschnitt, Candace. and Bijleveld, Catrien.

Onwards and Upwards in Police Ranks: An Analysis of the Experiences of Officers Navigating the Promotion System
 Drew, Jacqueline. and Saunders, Jason.

Open Source Methods to Collect Information on Lethal Police Use of Force Investigations
 Dawson, Justin., Banks, Duren. and Ruddle, Paul.

Open for Business: The Impact of Opening Hours on Street Segment Crime Levels
 Steenbeek, Wouter. and Ruiter, Stijn.

Open-Source Data and Collaboration on Cultural Property Crime
 Fabiani, Michelle.

Opening a Critical Space: Data Analytics, Social Structures and Criminogenic Risk-Needs
 Hannah-Moffat, Kelly.

Operation Child Pornography: How Organized is the Distribution of Child Sexual Exploitation Material?
 Westlake, Bryce.

Operationalizing Delinquency: An Analysis of the Most Common Methodologies Used for Criminological Theory Testing
 O\'Brien, Daniel., Tcherni-Buzzeo, Maria. and Spano, Richard.

Operationalizing a Transformative Approach to Juvenile and Criminal Justice
 Jacobson, Michael.

Opiate Addiction in the "Methadone Mile": Analysis and Recommendations
 Paynich, Rebecca. and Stearn, Adam.

Organizational Change Outcomes: Success & Failure in Changing Police Organizations
 Schafer, Joseph. and Varano, Sean.

Organizational Commitment Among Sheriffs' Deputies During the Shift to Community-Oriented Policing
 Perez, Nicholas., Bromley, Max. and Cochran, John.

Organizational Deviance and Professional Decision-Making in an Institutional Child Sex Abuse Case
 Hefner, M. Kristen.

Organizational Legitimacy as a Mechanism of Police Legitimacy: Combining Research and Practice
 Lieberman, Charles. and Hanson, Nicole.

Organizational Structure and Forms of Independence in Citizen Oversight of Police
 De Angelis, Joseph.

Organizations as Defendants in the Federal Criminal Justice System
 Motivans, Mark. and Cutler, Christopher.

Organized Crime and Asymmetric Warfare: Challenges and Interdependencies
 Rushchenko, Julia.

Organized Crime in America and the History of Jazz Music, 1900-1950
 Bovenkerk, Frank.

Organized Crime in the Digital World
 Selzer, Nicole.

Origin of Implication: How do Innocent Individuals Enter the Criminal Justice System?
 Lowrey, Belen., Mitchell, Katie., Hail-Jares, Katie. and Gould, Jon.

Our side of the story: Changing the Police Media Narrative through Body Worn Cameras
 Zeppa, Carolyn.

Out of the Blue Sexual Offenses: Informing Redemption Thresholds for Sexual Offenders
 Kahn, Rachel., Thornton, David., Hanson, Karl. and Ambroziak, Gina.

Outcomes and Motives of Drugging (“Drink Spiking”) on Three College Campuses
 Swan, Suzanne., Lasky, Nicole., Fisher, Bonnie., Woodbrown, V. Diane., Bonsu, Janaé., Schramm, Andrew., Warren, Peter., Coker, Ann. and Williams, Corrine.

Overcoming Institutional Roadblocks on the Inside
 Hilinski-Rosick, Carly.

Overcoming methodological challenges in conceptualizing and measuring labor trafficking victimization
 Vries, Ieke. and Farrell, Amy.

Overlap and Sequencing of Victimization and Offending in Prisons
 Smith-Inglis, Melissa.

Overstressing the Influence of Police Stress: A Review of the Evidence
 Ouellet, Leah., Smith, Brad. and Klahm IV, Charles.

Overturning Penal Logic: Learning from Warriors, Headhunters and Genocideurs
 Hamblet, Wendy.

Overview of Governance and Criminality in Nigeria: From 1985-2015
 Ochie, Charles.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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