American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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PIAAC Data: Exploring the Literacy, Numeracy, and Digital Problem Solving Skills of the U.S. Prison Population
 Salisbury, Emily. and Castek, Jill.

POST Agency Certification Practices, 2015
 Hickman, Matthew. and Chandler, Jessica.

Pandora’s Box? Electronic Monitoring in England and Wales
 Hucklesby, Anthea.

Paper) Mapping The Major: Exclusion of Intersectionally Marginalized Con-Knowers In Criminological Discourse
 Woodall, Denise.

Parens Patriae: The historic Journey of a Fickle Parent
 Bartley, Nancy.

Parental Contact and Institutional Misconduct among Juvenile Detainees: Is There a Relationship?
 Hendrix, Nicole. and Bolin, Riane.

Parental Immigration, Legal Status, and Children’s Risky and Delinquent Behaviors
 Howard-Tripp, Alyssa. and Graif, Corina.

Parental Incarceration, Identity, and Crime
 Finkeldey, Jessica., Longmore, Monica., Giordano, Peggy. and Manning, Wendy.

Parental Social Support as a Moderating Factor in the Intergenerational Transmission of Drug Use
 Castro, Erin., Krohn, Marvin. and Dong, Beidi.

Parental use of physical force and its effect on delinquency
 Steketee, Majone. and Marshall, Ineke.

Parenthood as a Turning Point for Gang Members: A Within-Individual Study of Multiple Domains
 McGloin, Jean., Pyrooz, David. and Decker, Scott.

Parenting Juvenile Prisoners: The Challenges of Parenting beyond the Prison Walls
 McCarthy, Daniel.

Parenting Practices & Aggression among Prison Inmates
 Schanz, Youngyol.

Parenting and Self-Control across Three Generations
 Nofziger, Stacey. and Newton, Katherine.

Parenting in the Kingdom: Parenting Effects on Child Delinquency in a Sample of Saudi Arabian Youth
 Sacarellos, Catherine. and Wright, John.

Parenting, Self-control, and Neighborhood Context as Explanations of Delinquency: A Case of Moderated Mediation?
 Stults, Brian., Swagar, Nic. and Oh, Gyeongseok.

Parole Assessments of Adolescence: Juvenile Offenders Sentenced in Criminal Court
 Singer, Simon. and Mulvey, Edward.

Parole Recidivism: Technical Violations
 Furtado, Ashley.

Parole Revocations and Racial Disproportionality in Imprisonment: A Multilevel Analysis of State Prison Admissions (1990-2009)
 Curry, Caitlin. and Engen, Rodney.

Parole and the Public: Gender Differences in Public Attitudes Toward the Supervised Release of Offenders
 Buglar, Shannon.

Parolee Recidivism and Rural Context: Assessing Similarities and Differences across Urban and Rural Areas
 Chamberlain, Alyssa. and Wallace, Danielle.

Partial Room Entry Versus Full Room Entry into a Hostile Room: An Assessment of Officer Speed, Accuracy, and Safety.
 Blair, J. Pete.

Partial Standardization of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Across States: The Impact of the Adam Walsh Act on State Policy Change
 Lytle, Robert.

Partners in crime: Assortative mating, marriage, and divorce
 Beijers, Joris. and van de Weijer, Steve.

Patches of everyday life: textile arts and criminological aesthetics
 Bilby, Charlotte.

Pathologizing ‘At-Risk’ Families in the Disciplinary Alternative School
 Robison, Kaitlyn.

Pathways from Child Maltreatment to Crime and Delinquency
 Estienne, Elizabeth.

Pathways to Forensic Outpatient Treatment: Interpersonal Trauma and Mental Health Problems of Antisocial Adolescents
 Slotboom, Anne-Marie., Hendriks, Jan. and Hoeve, Machteld.

Pathways to Violence: Terrorist Radicalization and Enculturation Mechanisms
 Bloss, William.

Pathways to and from Criminality in the Lives of Persistent Male Offenders
 Petrich, Damon.

Patriarchy and Violence Against Women: Explaining VAW and the state's official response to VAW
 Schmuhl, Margaret.

Patrolling the Borders of Risk: The New Bifurcation of Probation Services in England & Wales
 Robinson, Gwen.

Pattern Detection and Visualization for Strategic Crime Analysis
 English, Crystal.

Patterns and Causes of Official Corruption in the Real Estate Transactions in China
 Deng, Xiaogang.

Patterns and Predictors of Life-Course Offending from Ages 8 to 70 among 1950s Gang Members
 Sweeten, Gary. and Young, Jacob.

Patterns of Drug Use in Sorority and Fraternity Life
 Alderson, Maryanne. and Perrone, Dina.

Patterns of Liability in Domestic Violence
 Manning, Jason.

Patterns of Outlaw Biker Criminal Career Development
 Blokland, Arjan., van der Leest, Wouter. and Soudijn, Melvin.

Patterns of Sex Worker and Non-Sex Worker Victim Selection: Relationship to Offender Characteristics
 Abrams, Marissa., Palmer, Brianna. and Salfati, C..

Patterns of Substance Use among Child Welfare System-Involved Adolescents
 Piazza, Nicole., Fisher, Jacqueline., Hogue, Aaron. and Dauber, Sarah.

Pawsitive Solutions: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Prisoners and Canines
 Humby, Lauren.

Peace by Piece NOLA: Post-disaster capitalism after Katrina
 Staff, Program.

Peace by Piece NOLA: Youth organising for social justice, unity and peace after Katrina
 Mustafa, Tabitha.

Peace by Piece NOLA: Youth organising for social justice, unity and peace after Katrina
 Green, Vedesia.

Pedagogical Considerations for Mapping Perceptions of Safety in Parks
 Greller, Rachael., McKinney, Nathan. and Morgan, John.

Peer Support for Sexual Assault on the College Campus: Results from the West Virginia University Campus Climate Survey
 DeKeseredy, Walter., Hall-Sanchez, Amanda. and Myers, Douglas.

Peer Support, Outreach, and the Case of the Veterans Service Office at Soledad
 Lanterman, Jennifer.

Peeragogy in Graduate Statistics: Examining the Effects of Co-learning on Perceptions of Statistics
 Phillips, Ryan., Ellis, Joseph., Granger, Kendahl., Brown, Cameron., Shuplinkov, Tyler., Mallory, Carlene. and Wells, James.

Peers and Delinquency During Emerging Adulthood
 Weerman, Frank. and Blokland, Arjan.

Peers or Me? Understanding Mediating Pathways of Risk Behaviors in Minority Youth
 Chawla, Manju. and Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.

Penal History Museums and the Memorialization of Jailors and Wardens
 Walby, Kevin.

Penal Philosophy and the Policy of Punishment: What Really Stands in the Way of Prison Abolition
 Calathes, William.

Penal Philosophy and the Policy of State Violence Punishment: What Really Stands in the Way of Prison Abolition?
 Calathes, William.

Perception of Police Legitimacy in Areas of Gentrification
 Kozey, Kathryn.

Perception of Prison Time Via Prisoners' Eyes
 LaPorte, Mallory.

Perception or Reality: Students' Perception of School Suspension
 Shekarkhar, Zahra., Guevara, Lori., Brown, Joe. and McElrath, Karen.

Perceptions of Art Crimes
 Bang, Meghan. and Crow, Matthew.

Perceptions of Electronic Monitoring as a Tool for Improving Public Safety and as an Alternative to Incarceration
 Stevenson, Phillip. and Fahy, Stephanie.

Perceptions of Hate: Police Awareness Training
 Miles-Johnson, Toby.

Perceptions of Incarcerated Mother: On Their Children, Themselves and on the Mother-Child Relationship
 Couvrette, Amélie.

Perceptions of Knowledge and Misinformation: New Dimensions Within Death Penalty Support Research
 Myers, Wesley. and Cruz, Justo.

Perceptions of Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Are We the Wave of the Future or a Threat to Tenure?
 de Heer, Brooke.

Perceptions of Police Discrimination among African, Caribbean, and Black Youth in a Mid-sized Canadian City
 Peirone, Amy., Maticka-Tyndale, Eleanor., Gbadebo, Kenny. and Kerr, Jelani.

Perceptions of Police Use of Force: Bridging the Gap between Law Enforcement and Citizens
 Choi, Kyung-shick. and Apaza, Clint.

Perceptions of Procedural Justice among Adults with Recent Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
 Hahn, Josy. and Ramdath, Cassandra.

Perceptions of Procedural Justice: Convergent and Divergent Perspectives of Police, Disadvantaged Youth and their Families
 Antrobus, Emma., Bennett, Sarah., Prguda, Emina. and Mazerolle, Lorraine.

Perceptions of Professors in Convict Criminology: What Do Students Think?
 Trombley, J..

Perceptions of Risk and Potential Consequences of Committing Employee Theft
 Norris, Alexis., Marteache, Nerea. and Ibarra, Citlalik.

Perceptions of Sex Offender Policies in North Carolina
 Socia, Kelly. and Grady, Melissa.

Perceptions of Sexuality, Sex Education and Safe Sex Practices Among Diverse Muslim Communities in Canada
 Arif, Mehek.

Perceptions of Terrorism: The Impact of Religiosity
 Rukus, Joseph., Costello, Matthew. and DeGarmo, Matthew.

Perceptions of the Benefits and Barriers of Human Trafficking Interagency Collaboration
 Jones, Tonisha.

Perceptions of the Death Penalty
 Geer, Steve., Dobbs, Rhonda. and Waid-Lindberg, Courtney.

Perceptions of the Workplace and Corruption of Correctional Officer Authority
 Kempany, Katherine., Hepburn, John. and Griffin, Marie.

Perceptual and Observational Measures of Disorder in Campgrounds: An Exploratory Analysis
 Evans, Sara., Snyder, Jamie., Morgan, John., Abderhalden, Frances. and Evans, Jocelyn.

Performing Desistance: The Counter Narrative
 Glynn, Martin.

Perilous Penology: Prison, Punishment, and Control in Silent Hill
 Steinmetz, Kevin.

Permission Denied; The Reality of Sexual Assault Rates of College Students
 Ferranti, Carol., Pavan, Karisa. and Kennedy, M. Alexis.

Perp Walks and Publicity Surrounding Allegations of White-Collar Criminality
 Van Slyke, Shanna.

Persistent Delinquent Offenders: Understanding the Impact of Family
 Erbay, Ayhan. and Buker, Hasan.

Personality, Criminological Constructs, and Offending: Direct and Conditional Effects
 Jones, Shayne. and Ray, James.

Perspectives on the Process Costs After Exoneration
 Saloom, Steve.

PhD Mama: Balancing Motherhood and the Academy
 Boots, Denise., Rosenbaum, Jill., Burgess-Proctor, Amanda. and Mallicoat, Stacy.

Philosophical Conversation With Sex Offenders: How Education Can Develop the Self
 Szifris, Kirstine.

Pills, Thrills, and Espadrilles: A British Drug Market in a Foreign Land
 Salinas-Edwards, Mike. and Alexander, Richard.

Piloting the Drone: Applied Use of Drones in Criminal Justice to Increase Student Engagement
 Bourgeois, Jennifer. and Chiotti, Jennifer.

Pimps’ Perspectives on Good and Bad Sex Workers
 Stalans, Loretta. and Finn, Mary.

Pimps’ Views of Their Work and Measures of Their Success
 Finn, Mary. and Stalans, Loretta.

Pittsburgh Youth Study
 Pardini, Dustin.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Art Supplies? A Case Study of Methamphetamine Offenders’ Ingenuity and Adaptions
 Langley, A. DeWade., Stoneberg, Danielle. and Shukla, Rashi.

Playing without Empathy: a Video Game Noir’s Impact on Rape Myths and Victim Worthiness Perceptions
 Rose, Chris., Beck, Victoria. and Lee, Jason.

Plea Bargaining: Penalizing the Risk-Averse
 Dykstra, Laura. and Carkin, Danielle.

Please State Your Emergency: An Exploration of How Immigrant Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Survivors Reach Out and Experience Police Services in Canada
 Zaidi, Arshia. and Ammar, Nawal.

Plugging the School-to-Prison Pipeline
 Swan, Tracy., McKetta, Luke., Rosado, Karen. and Harris, Gwendolyn.

Point of View
 Mabry, Timothy.

Police Ambush Incident Response
 Shultz, Ashley. and Thorkildsen, Zoë.

Police Body Worn Cameras: Comprehensive Review of Existing and Ongoing Research
 Scherer, Jacqueline., Lum, Cynthia. and Koper, Christopher.

Police Brutality and the Ungendering of Black Women
 Browne, Afiya.

Police Chief's Changing Perspectives on Decriminalization and Capital Punishment
 Barlow, Angela. and Stevenson, Peter.

Police Chiefs’ Assessments of Leadership
 Wells, William., Schafer, Joseph. and King, William.

Police Chiefs’ Opinions on College Education of Officers
 Marciniak, Liz.

Police Chiefs’ Tasks, Time, and Contingency Theory: An Empirical Examination
 White, Kayla. and King, William.

Police Communications and Legitimacy: A Content Evaluation of Police Department Websites
 Herbert, Jessica., Moule, Jr., Richard. and Parry, Megan.

Police Contact, Perceived Injustice, and Politics
 Drakulich, Kevin., Hagan, John., Wozniak, Kevin. and Johnson, Devon.

Police Contacts and Public Perception
 Riner, Richard.

Police Culture, Reproduction, and Transformation: A Morphogenetic Approach to Police Organizational Change
 Weston, Crystal.

Police Decision of Arrest and Place: A Combination of Spatial Approach with Multilevel Analysis
 Zhang, Yan.

Police Decision-Making at the Point of Arrest: What We Know, What We Don’t Know
 Worden, Robert.

Police Determination of Suspected Foul Play in Death Incidents Involving Hazards: A Case Series
 Morewitz, Stephen.

Police Education and Training: A Comparative Analysis of Law Enforcement Preparation in Two Countries
 Deverge, Citlali.

Police Encounters with Homeless Injecting Drug Users in Skid Row
 Perrone, Dina., Alderson, Maryanne. and Malm, Aili.

Police Firearms: A Historical Analysis
 Phillips, Scott.

Police Harassment of People Who Inject Drugs: Effects on Health Risk Behaviors among Prisoners in Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan
 Polonsky, Maxim.

Police Legitimacy and Social Media: Exploring Local and Cyber-Mediated Perceptions of Police in Canada
 Brewis, Evan.

Police Legitimacy and Symbolic Representation: Gender and Subjective Assessments of Police Performance
 Schuck, Amie., Baldo, Paola. and Powell, Christopher.

Police Legitimacy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Instrumental or Normative?
 Behlendorf, Brandon.

Police Legitimacy in the Community: A Thematic Analysis of Police and Citizen Relationships at the Neighborhood Level
 Walsh, John., Gerkin, Patrick. and Roach, Abbey.

Police Legitimacy or Dull Compulsion?: Assessing Why People Comply with Laws in Nigeria
 Akinlabi, Oluwagbenga., Murphy, Kristina. and Stenning, Philip.

Police Officer Experiences of Higher Education: Barriers/Drivers and Organisational Responses
 Cockcroft, Tom. and Hallenberg, Katja.

Police Officer Integrity: Factors Related to Police Supervisors¹ Willingness to Blow the Whistle
 Lim, Hyeyoung. and Sloan, John.

Police Officer Perceptions of Body Worn Cameras
 Powell-Williams, Todd.

Police Officer Perceptions of Racism, Media, and Use of Force
 Powell-Williams, Melissa.

Police Officers Who Commit Intimate Partner Violence: A Routine Activity Approach
 Zavala, Egbert. and Melander, Lisa.

Police Officers' Experiences with and Perceptions of the Lethality Assessment Program
 Dutton, Leila., Tamborra, Tracy. and Pittman, Meagan.

Police Officers’ Views of Stress, Stress Intervention Services and Pre-Service Education on Stress
 Tucker, Jane. and Miller, Lisa.

Police Organizational Factors and Lethal Police Behavior
 Henein, Marina., Hirschfield, Paul. and Miller, Joel.

Police Pensions and Legitimacy in the Community
 DeCarlo, John., Jenkins, Michael. and Sedelmaier, Chris.

Police Perception of Police-Community Relations
 Sanchez, Isabel.

Police Perceptions of Procedural Justice Policing
 Allen, Siobhan. and Murphy, Kristina.

Police Perceptions of Young People: A Qualitative Analysis
 Richards, Kelly., Cross, Cassandra. and Dwyer, Angela.

Police Pre-arrest Strategies for Diverting People with Mental Health Issues: A Systematic Review of the Impacts on Crime and Mental Health
 Schucan Bird, Karen. and Vigurs, Carol.

Police Presence on Social Media: Engaging the Public and Best Practices for Interacting Online
 OConnor, Christopher. and Zaidi, Huda.

Police Reform at a Learning Institution: Promoting Student Trust and Involvement
 Isaza, Gabrielle.

Police Reported School-Violence Among Children Below the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Sweden
 Vainik, Anne-Lie. and Kassman, Anders.

Police Response to Crime Scenes: Testing the Effect of the Number of Patrol Officers Responding to an Active Crime Scene on the Immediate Arrest Success Rates
 Avdija, Avdi.

Police Responses to Micro-Grid Crime Prediction Technology: Grounded Theorizing
 Fisher, Ryan., Ratcliffe, Jerry., Taylor, Ralph. and Naimo, Christopher.

Police State: Rap Music and the Portrayal of the Police
 Stanek, Kayleigh. and Hays, Stephanie.

Police Traffic Stop Bias: A Longitudinal Study - 1999-2011
 Papp, Jordan. and Graham, Amanda.

Police Training: A Curriculum Comparison and the Connection to Future Change
 DeCarlo, John. and Maxwell, Dan.

Police Use of Deadly Force and Mentally Troubled Civilians: Correlates of Fatal and Non-Fatal Outcomes
 Hou, Yuchen., Sung, Hung-En., Pezzella, Frank. and Yeom, Yun-Ho.

Police Use of Deadly Force in Large U.S. Cities
 Dirlam, Jonathan.

Police Use of Force and Suspect Injury: The Mediating Role of Drug and Alcohol Intoxication
 Sevigny, Eric., Kaminski, Robert. and Allen, Andrea.

Police Vehicle Searches Incident to Arrest: Evaluating Chief Perception of Search Conduct Post-Gant
 Totten, Christopher.

Police Violence and Cell Phone Videas: An Annual Review
 Adams, Ken.

Police Violence and Moral Narcissism: Politics and Identity in Police Narratives
 Whitehead, Stephanie. and Walsh, Sara.

Police Violence and Transgender Women Who Trade Sex
 Rivera, Elias.

Police Violence and the Maintenance of Public Sentiment: Why Do the Public Continue to Support the Police?
 Milani, Jenna.

Police and Collective Efficacy in the Heartland
 Steele, Morgan.

Police and Minorities: Comparative European Research Perspectives
 Kersten, Joachim.

Police and Self-legitimacy in Sao Paulo - Brazil
 Cubas, Viviane.

Police and the Invisibility of the Violent Crimes of the Porn Industry in the Current Knowledge of Crime and Insecurities
 Corsianos, Marilyn.

Police and the Managerialist Turn. A Comparative Study of Police Performance Regimes
 de Maillard, Jacques.

Police as Victims and Perpetrators of Homicide: Ontario as a Case Study
 Sutton, Danielle. and Dawson, Myrna.

Police for Rent: The Thin Legal Line Between Public Service and Private Employment
 Sainato, Vincenzo., O\'Hara, Patrick. and Wandt, Adam.

Police union contracts: An analysis of large cities
 Harris, Christopher. and Sweeney, Matthew.

Police-Directed Problem Solving: Providence, RI's BCJI Initiative
 Varano, Sean. and Manzi, Stephanie.

Police-Youth Collaborative Pilot Program in St. Louis
 Gerlomes, Jennifer., McCuddy, Timothy., Pickering, Jordan. and Taylor, Terrance.

Police-community relationships, community norms of violence and concentrated disadvantage: Examining relationships and influence on gun violence in Massachusetts
 Campie, Patricia. and Vriniotis, Mary.

Policing Belonging: Race, Empire and Nation 
 Parmar, Alpa.

Policing Community: Race and Britain’s Community Cohesion Agenda
 Konell, Jordan.

Policing Criminal Justice Debt: Costs & Consequences
 Martin, Karin.

Policing Microgeographic Areas: Is Temporal Stability Important?
 Deckard, Michael.

Policing New York: The Distribution of Police Resources Through Deployment and Stops, 1988-2011
 Kalbfeld, Jessica. and Greenberg, David.

Policing Online Sex Crime: Victim Hierarchies and ‘Typologies’
 Spencer, Dale., Ricciardelli, Rose. and Ballucci, Dale.

Policing Outlaw Bikers: Myths and Support for the Abuse of State Power
 Olivero, J. Michael.

Policing Precariousness: Accounting for Ontological and Situational Vulnerability
 Asquith, Nicole. and Bartkowiak-Theron, Isabelle.

Policing Protests at the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions
 Martin, Favian., Lee, Anne. and Noakes, John.

Policing Strategies and Native American Marijuana Politics
 Lynch, Michael.

Policing and Protecting Europe’s Most Vulnerable: Responses to the Trafficking of Roma Children
 Fussey, Pete.

Policing by Doing What Needs to be Done, Qualitative Management and Accountability
 Versteegh, Peter.

Policing in the 21st Century
 Ubah, Charles.

Policing in the South: Occupational Perceptions of Female Law Enforcement Officers
 Nation, Denise.

Policing the Beats: The Criminalisation of Black Musical Subcultures by the London Metropolitan Police
 Fatsis, Lambros.

Policing the Mentally Ill in Los Angeles
 Pifer, Natalie.

Policing the Police
 Rees, Christopher. and Gibbons, Joseph.

Policing the boundaries of belonging: mapping the subjective experiences of marginalised youths
 Weber, Leanne.

Policing youth: Trends in pedestrian stops for children and adolescents in New York City
 Lu, Olive. and Fera, Adam.

Policing, Perceptions, and the Implementation of Domestic Violence Policy
 Admire, Amanda.

Policing, Youth Activism and Vigilantism in Russia
 Favarel-Garrigues, Gilles.

Policy Changes and the Federal Prison Count, 1980-present
 Gramlich, John.

Policy Implications of On-Site Forensic Screening of Contraband: An Overview of the Fourth Amendment Issues
 Gizzi, Michael., Mulligan, Christopher., Wieland, Jamie. and Bruno, Alessandra.

Policy Incrementalism and Penal Reform: States and the Reduction of Mass Incarceration
 Bergin, Tiffany. and Karstedt, Susanne.

Policy Transfer and Privatization of Punishment in Belgium
 Gudders, Danique.

Policy Transfer in Criminal Justice: A Case Study of the Probation System.
 Akgul, Arif.

Politics and the Origins of Corporate Criminal Liability
 Grasso, Anthony.

Polyvictimization in the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
 Blumenstein, Lindsey.

 Sutton, Paul.

Popular Culture and Global Violence: Sensitizing or De-sensitizing?
 Phillips, Nickie. and McGovern, Alyce.

Popular media: discourses about Intimate Femicide in Portugal
 Neves, Sofia. and Gomes, Sílvia.

Population-Level Alcohol Consumption and National Homicide Rates
 Hockin, Sara., Hill, Kirsten., Rogers, Meghan. and Pridemore, William.

Portrayal of Police in Print: A Longitudinal Look at Policing Frames in The New York Times
 Tyler, David.

Poseidon’s Proxy or Plutus’ Partisan: Sentencing Corporations for Crimes against Water and the Modern Day Clash of Titans.
 Greife, Matthew.

Possibilities for a Post-methodological Criminology
 Ferrell, Jeff.

Post-Election Outlook for Criminal Justice
 Blumstein, Alfred.

Post-Election Outlook for Criminal Justice
 La Vigne, Nancy.

Post-Election Outlook for Criminal Justice
 Robinson, Laurie.

Post-Ferguson Police Training in the United States Continues to Ignore Human Rights
 Rudyk, Andrew.

Post-prison Social Networks and their Association with Recidivism
 Palmen, Hanneke., Kreager, Derek., Wakefield, Sara., Dirkzwager, Anja. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Postseparation Domestic Violence in Affluent Families: The Role of the Court System
 Haselschwerdt, Megan. and Hardesty, Jennifer.

Posttraumatic Stress, Psychophysiological Reactivity, and Offending in a Sample of Detained Youth
 Kerig, Patricia.

Potential Pathways: Police Stops, Theoretical Drivers of Deviance, and Juvenile Delinquency in a Scottish Sample
 Kurti, Marin., Trocchio, Sarah. and Miller, Joel.

Potential moderators of the cycle of violence among high-risk children and families
 Benedini, Kristen. and Fagan, Abigail.

Power of Influence: Peers or Parents?
 Goh, SuYoong. and Zuber, Malgorzata.

Power, Policing Agents and Police Custody: Findings from Phase 2 of the 'Good' Police Custody Study
 Skinns, Layla. and Rice, Lindsey.

Practically Emotional: What Works With Young Men’s Desistance
 Mizel, Matthew. and Abrams, Laura.

Predicting Association with Deviant Peers: The Importance of Parenting and Place
 Antunes, Maria Joao. and Ahlin, Eileen.

Predicting Crime After Disaster
 Van Brown, Bethany.

Predicting Criminal Justice Outcomes for Child Sexual Abuse Cases: The Role of the Forensic Interview
 Wojcik, Michelle., Long, Josh., Lasky, Nicole., Cassedy, Amy., Eismann, Emily., Shapiro, Robert. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Predicting Drug Markets: An Examination of Social Disorganization and Routine Activities in Drug Neighborhoods
 Ho, Aaron., Rengifo, Andres. and Slocum, Lee.

Predicting Ethnic Minority Group Defiance Toward Police: Testing an Integrated Model of Emotion, Legitimacy and Procedural Justice
 Sargeant, Elise., Murphy, Kristina. and Madon, Natasha.

Predicting Eyewitness Memory Accuracy Across Two Studies: Personality and Situational Influences
 Rich, Jamie. and Goodfriend, Wind.

Predicting Image Inclusion and Image Type in Newspaper Homicide Reports Using Established Crime Reporting Themes
 Works, Walter., Wong, Jennifer. and Gravel, Jason.

Predicting Police Recruits Cynicism Development & Growth
 Enciso, Georgina.

Predicting Prosecutorial Outcomes in the Sexual Assault Kit Task Force in Cleveland, Ohio
 Lovell, Rachel., Butcher, Fredrick. and Flannery, Daniel.

Predicting Recidivism Through Machine Learning
 Ozkan, Turgut.

Predicting Risk for Violence, Weapons, or Sex Offense among Supervised Offenders in the District of Columbia
 Anum, Emmanuel.

Predicting Substance Use and Treatment Initiation among Substance Using Probationers
 Taxman, Faye., Walters, Scott. and Lerch, Jennifer.

Predicting Tendencies in Personal Crime Prevention Strategies: A Study of the Role of Individual Characteristics
 Schreck, Chris., Fisher, Bonnie., Wilcox, Pamela. and Berg, Mark.

Predicting Young Prisoner Desistance: A Longitudinal Analysis of Family, Support, and Desistance
 Campion, Brae.

Predictive Policing as a Tool for Crime Prevention?
 Hardyns, Wim.

Predictive Validity of Activity Space for Crime Location Choice
 Bernasco, Wim., Lammers, Marre., Menting, Barbara. and Ruiter, Stijn.

Predictors of Justice System Involvement: Maltreatment and Education
 Robertson, Angela. and Walker, Courtney.

Predictors of Program Success and Recidivism among Adult Civil Citation Participants
 Kopak, Albert. and Frost, Greg.

Predictors of Recidivism for Women Parolees in Philadelphia
 Saum, Christine., Houser, Kimberly. and McCord, Eric.

Predictors of Sexual Offense Recidivism
 Robertson, Jessica. and Rhodes, Trisha.

Predictors of Youth Drug Dealing: How Community and Peer Influence to Drugs Predict Behavior
 Verbin, Alexis.

Preferential and Situational Sexual Offender Identification and Comparison through Native American Case Evaluation
 Henry, Lauren., Jones, Marshall. and Conradt, Travis.

Prefrontal Cortex in Moral Judgment and Psychopathic Traits in Community-Recruited Adolescents
 Remmel, Rheanna., Glenn, Andrea., Salekin, Randall., DeRamus, Thomas., Maximo, Omar. and Kana, Rajesh.

Pregnancy and birth complications and externalizing behavioral problems in preschoolers: An empirical study
 Loesel, Friedrich. and Koglin, Ute.

Preliminary Results from Milwaukee Police Department’s Random Controlled Trial Evaluation of Body Worn Cameras
 Yu, Lilly., Peterson, Bryce. and Lawrence, Daniel.

Preliminary Results from the Chicago Police Department's Body Worn Cameras Program
 Lewin, Jonathan.

Prenatal Maternal Stress Affects Behavioral Problems in Toddlers: The Moderating Effect of Electrodermal Activity
 Gao, Yu., Buthmann, Jessica. and Nomura, Yoko.

Presentence Detention in U.S. District Courts: The Effects of Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Social Context
 Anderson, Jamilya.

Pretrial Detention and the Adverse Impacts for At-Risk Inmates
 Toman, Elisa., Cochran, Joshua. and Cochran, John.

Pretrial Incapacitation Duration Impacts the Odds of Recidivism among Unreleased Bond-Eligible Defendants
 Meitl, Michele. and Morris, Robert.

Prevalence and Patterns of Street Gangs in the Caribbean
 Nuno, Lidia. and Katz, Charles.

Prevalence of Repeat Violent Victimization in the United States
 Oudekerk, Barbara. and Truman, Jennifer.

Preventing Organised Crime Originating from Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs
 Bjørgo, Tore.

Preventing Organized Crime Originating from Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs
 Bjørgo, Tore.

Preventing Residential Burglary – A Randomized Controlled Experiment Investigating the Utility of Notification By Uniformed Volunteers
 Groff, Elizabeth. and Taniguchi, Travis.

Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus: Understanding Attitudes Towards Affirmative Consent Policies
 Youstin, Tasha.

Preventing Suicide After Release from Jail: Assessing the Effects of the Suicide Prevention Intervention for at-Risk Individuals in Transition (SPIRIT)
 Johnson, Jennifer.

Prevention and Punishment of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Peacekeepers
 O\'Brien, Melanie.

Preventive Detention in Germany - Status Quo and Developments
 Obergfell-Fuchs, Joachim.

Preventive Measures against Terrorism in Japan
 Yokoyama, Minoru.

Previous Life Experiences and Risk Factors of Violent Right-Wing Extremists
 Fahey, Susan. and Simi, Pete.

Previously Gang Involved Men's Historical Accounts of Complex Trauma
 Barrientez, Amanda.

Pride and Sadness: Impression Management of Prison Brides
 Stevens, Jennifer.

Prison Chaplain Perceptions: Criminality, Rehabilitation, and the Role of Religion in the Desistance from Crime
 Denney, Andrew.

Prison Chaplains: Goal Ambiguity and Role Conflict
 Doughty, Meghan.

Prison Disciplinary Processes and Restorative Justice – An Opportunity to Challenge Coercive Communication Patterns?
 Butler, Michelle.

Prison Displacements and Life “After” Mass Incarceration for the Elderly
 Verma, Anjuli.

Prison Environments for Indigenous Prisoners: International Comparisons of Indigenous Prisons in Australia, Greenland, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand and the US
 Grant, Elizabeth.

Prison Food in Denmark: Normal Responsibility?
 Kjaer Minke, Linda.

Prison Health Care Issues in Kansas and Ohio: The Perspective of Female Inmates
 Proctor, Janice. and Bumgardner, Tiffany.

Prison Interviews with Male Stranger Rapists: Complementary Information to Behavioural Profiles
 Perez Ramirez, Meritxell. and Gimenez-Salinas Framis, Andrea.

Prison Realignment in California: What’s it Like Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Los Angeles?
 Spohn, Cassia. and Tellis, Katharine.

Prison Seminaries: A Survey of Constitutional Practice
 Hallett, Michael., Johnson, Byron., Jang, Sung Joon., Duwe, Grant. and Hays, Joshua.

Prison Suicide: Theorising its Regulation
 Tomczak, Philippa.

Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes
 Sutton, Paul.

Prison Violence: Global Perspectives on Cause, Prevention, and Control
 Byrne, James. and Hummer, Donald.

Prison Visitation: Exploring the Neglected Role of Content and Quality
 Meyers, Travis., Wright, Kevin., Young, Jacob. and Tasca, Melinda.

Prison Without Punishment Germany Allows Inmates to Wear Their Own Clothes, Cook Their Own Meals, and Have Romantic Visits: Could that Work in the United States?
 Chammah, Maurice.

Prison as a Turning Point in the Era of Mass Incarceration
 Carpenter, Channing., Hernandez, Cristal. and Blasko, Brandy.

Prison has Nothing on This: Parenting and Reentry Experiences for Justice-involved Women and Their Children
 Thompson, Melissa. and Newell, Summer.

Prisoner Reentry in Idaho
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre.

Prisoner Social Networks: Patterns Observed in Longitudinal Visitation Data
 Hickert, Audrey.

Prisoner Suicides in Ontario, 1992-2006
 Kara, Farzana.

Prisoners of the United States Government
 Richards, Stephen.

Prisoner’s Fear: Personal Characteristics, Building Types of Prisons, and Fear of Victimization
 Shih, Mengru.

Prisons and Proximity: Encouraging Change Through Personal Connections
 Inderbitzin, Michelle.

Privacy vs. National Security: An Ethical Systems Perspective
 Stockner, Jeffry. and Hurwitz, Steven.

Privacy, Gender and Aging Out of Cyber-Risk: Adolescents’ Experiences and Strategies Managing Online Risk
 Adorjan, Michael. and Ricciardelli, Rose.

Private Investment in the Public’s Interest? The Case of Business Improvement Districts and Crime in New York City
 Meltzer, Rachel., Han, Seunghoon., Cook, Philip., Ellen, Ingrid. and MacDonald, John.

Pro Football and Domestic Violence: A Four Region Replication
 Adubato, Beth. and Sachs, Nicole.

Proactive Pedagogy Across the CJ Curriculum: Helping Students Develop Academic Writing Skills in 15 Minutes
 DioGuardi, Sherri.

Proactive Policing and Mental Health in a Panel of Young Urban Men
 Geller, Amanda., Fagan, Jeffrey., Tyler, Tom. and Link, Bruce.

Proactive or Predetermined?: An Ecological Examination of Stop and Frisk in New York City
 Lautenschlager, Rachel.

Probation Migration(s): Examining Occupational Culture in a Turbulent Field
 Burke, Lol.

Probation Officer Effectiveness: An Examination of Job Attitudes and Work Orientations
 Hedlund, Jennifer. and Cox, Stephen.

Probation Officer Productivity: Using The Effort-Reward Imbalance Model
 Presley, Brandon.

Probation Pathways: Measuring the Supervision Life Course of Juvenile Probationers
 Meyer, Kimberly.

Probation Sentences for Theft Offenders in China
 Hu, Charlotte.

Problem Solving, Evidence-Based Policing & Rebuilding Community Trust: Implementation in the Aftermath of Controversial Policy-Involved Shootings
 Whalen, James.

Problematic alcohol use seen through the lens of a situational action perspective: Patterns of change in substance use propensity and substancegenic exposure
 Gustafsson, Nina-Katri.

Procedural Injustice, Risky Lifestyles, and Violent Victimization
 Wolfe, Scott. and McLean, Kyle.

Procedural Justice BOLO
 Bradley, Melissa.

Procedural Justice and Compliance with Environmental Laws
 Maxwell, Sheila.

Procedural Justice and Criminal Offending: A Longitudinal Assessment of Direct and Mediating Effects
 Kaiser, Kimberly. and Reisig, Michael.

Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement: An Overview
 Moe, Charlene.

Procedural Justice in Criminal Justice System Interactions with Domestic Violence Victims: Shaping Research Going Forward
 Holmes, Jennifer Lynne. and Backes, Bethany.

Procedural Justice, Parole Officers, and Re-Entry Outcomes for Serious and Violent Offenders
 Smith, Sarah., Wallace, Danielle. and Chamberlain, Alyssa.

Procedural Justice: Test of the Teen And Police Service (TAPS) Academy
 Penn, Everette. and Harper, Megan.

Processing of Domestic Violence Cases by Magisterial Courts in Rural Pennsylvania
 Wasileski, Gabriela. and Poteyeva, Margarita.

Professional Discourses In Youth Justice and the Question of Change
 Phoenix, Jo. and Kelly, Laura.

Professionals Who Work With Animals and Their Perceptions of Animal Abuse
 Richardson, Dustin.

Profile of America Lone Wolfs
 Obinyan, Evaristus.

Profiles of Death Penalty Support and Opposition: A Cluster Analytic Approach
 Rosa, Melanie. and Cochran, John.

Profiles of Deportability in Spain: Analyzing the Policies of Migration Control from a Feminist and Post-colonial Perspective
 Fernández-Bessa, Cristina.

Profiles of Sexual Recidivists throughout their Penal Trajectory: A Longitudinal Classification Tree Analysis
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine.

Profit-motivated Police Crime in the United States
 Stinson, Philip. and Brewer, Steven.

Program Costs in the FFT-G Intervention
 Gottfredson, Denise. and Fader, Jamie.

Program Evaluation of Indiana’s HIRE Reentry Program: The Effect of Job Quality on Recidivism
 Hood, Brittany., Northcutt-Bohmert, Miriam. and Meckes, Jessica.

Program Fidelity Research in Criminology & Criminal Justice
 Miller, J. Mitchell. and Miller, Holly.

Program Fidelity and Implementation of School-Based Crime Prevention Programming
 Phaneuf, Shannon.

Program and System-Level Approaches to Overcoming Workforce Disconnection for Justice-Involved Young Adults
 Jalbert, Sarah.

Programming for Crime Prevention in Latin America
 Hoffmann, Joan. and Villaveces, Andres.

Programs for Countering Violent Extremism: Limitations and Possible Solutions
 Neudecker, Christine.

Programs for First Nations' Families Experiencing Parental Incarceration: A Realist Synthesis
 Lockwood, Krystal., Dennison, Susan., Stewart, Anna., Broidy, Lisa., Allard, Troy. and Tilley, Nick.

Progress Toward a National Estimate of Police Uses of Force
 Garner, Joel., Hickman, Matthew. and Malega, Ronald.

Project Findings: A 10 Year Appraisal
 Terrill, William., Paoline III, Eugene. and Ingram, Jason.

Prominent Islamic Scholars, Islamic Jihad, Terrorism and Jus in Bello
 Akyuz, Kadir. and Riggs, Robert.

Promoting Ethnic Minority Engagement with Police: Does Procedural Justice Matter?
 Madon, Natasha. and Murphy, Kristina.

Promoting School Safety: A Comprehensive Emotional and Behavioral Health Model
 Stephan, Sharon., Bohnenkamp, Jill. and Kozlowski, Meghan.

Promoting digital higher education without internet access in Australia
 Farley, Helen.

Prosecuting Emerging Adults: The Effects of Age on Screening, Charging, and Sentencing Decisions
 Stemen, Don.

Prosecution and Sentencing of Child Pornography Cases
 Teske, Raymond. and Subjack, Jeanne.

Prosecutor Misconduct: A Phenomenological Study
 Cox, Tiffany.

Prosecutorial Misconduct Resulting in Wrongful Conviction in Massachusetts
 Grometstein, Randall.

Prosecutors' Stress and Job Satisfaction
 Klingfuss, Jeffrey. and Choo, Tae.

Prospective Predictors of Bystander Behavior among Teens in Dating and Sexual Violence Situations
 Edwards, Katie.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking: A Shift in Community Understanding, Law Enforcement Culture, and Enforcement Practices
 Pfeffer, Rebecca.

Protection Order Best Practices
 Leduc, Lisa. and Thompson, Idella.

Protective factors for violence: Results from the Pittsburgh Youth Study
 Jolliffe, Darrick., Farrington, David., Loeber, Rolf. and Pardini, Dustin.

Proximity to Crime and Perceptions of Police Effectiveness
 Zahnow, Renee., Wickes, Rebecca. and Corcoran, Jonathan.

Psychological Resilience as a Predictor of Cooperation with the Police: A Report from Japan
 Tsushima, Masahiro. and Hamai, Koichi.

Psychological deficits and socioeconomic disadvantage: Illuminating the path from cumulative risk to substance misuse and crime
 Eisman, Andria., Savolainen, Jukka. and Mason, W. Alex.

Psychometric Properties of a Screening Tool to Detect Elder Abuse and Neglect by Emergency Medical Technicians
 Reingle Gonzalez, Jennifer., Cannell, M. Brad. and Jetelina, Katelyn.

Psychopathy and P300 ERP in Juvenile Offenders
 Clark, Abby. and Salekin, Randall.

Psychopathy and Perceptions of Procedural Justice
 Ray, James. and Augustyn, Megan.

Psychosocial Factors Contributing to Voluntary MMT Dose Reduction among Opioid-dependent Criminal Justice Populations in Ukraine
 Rozanova, Julia., Bojko, Martha., Marcus, Ruthanne., Taxman, Faye., Mazhnaya, Alyona. and Altice, Frederick.

Puberty and Criminal Behavior: A Longitudinal Test of Criminal Behavior as a Life History Strategy
 Klopack, Eric. and Simons, Ronald.

Public Attitudes to Criminal History Sentencing Enhancements
 Roberts, Julian., Hester, Rhys. and Frase, Richard.

Public Attitudes toward the Police in Taiwan
 Wang, Shun-Yung Kevin.

Public Communication to Stop Terrorism: An Examination of Zero-Sum Counterterrorism Assumptions
 Fisher, Daren.

Public Defending in Lafayette, Louisiana
 Ikerd, Chad.

Public Health Law and Gun Safety
 Burris, Scott.

Public Opinion on Rehabilitation and Punishment: The Interaction of Offenders’ Demographics and Pragmatic Considerations
 Vuk, Mateja., Applegate, Brandon., Ouellette, Heather., Bolin, Riane. and Aizpurúa, Eva.

Public Perceptions of Hate Crimes: A Seriousness Perceptions Study in Israel
 Herzog, Sergio.

Public Procurement, Corruption & Situational Organized Crime Prevention
 Nelen, Hans.

Public Reputation and Organized Crime: Explicating the Relationship between Racket Subcultures and Informal Social Control
 Lombardo, Robert. and Marshall, Hollianne.

Public Safety vs. Education Expenditure: Which Is Associated With Better Outcomes?
 Zhang, Qian., Lawson, Victoria. and Kutateladze, Besiki.

Public Support for Capital Punishment in Africa: An Empirical Study
 Boakye, Kofi. and Tankebe, Justice.

Public Support for Police Body Cameras: The Role of Class, Race & Neighborhood Context
 Smith, Carlee. and Williams, Monica.

Public perception of parolees and their likelihood to deceive others
 Kuehn, Sarah., Vosgerau, Joachim. and Ochap, Ksenia.

Public-Private Policing Partnerships: The Next Big Thing in Policing
 Holmes, Stephen., Wolf, Ross. and Baker, Thomas.

Publishing in Women& Criminal Justice, an Editor's View on International Manuscripts
 Bernat, Frances.

Pulling Levers: An Examination of the Targeted Offenders Program (TOP) in Dallas, Texas.
 Bishopp, Stephen. and Morris, Robert.

Pulling Teeth: A Cross-National Analysis of Factors that Influence Dating Violence
 Meckes, Jessica.

Punishing Benevolence: The Criminalization of Homeless Feeding As An Act of State Harm
 Dum, Christopher., Norris, Robert. and Weng, Kevin.

Punishing Juveniles as Adults: A Synthesis of Contemporary Findings
 Bak, Hyeonna.

Punishing Latina/o Youth: School Justice, Fairness, Order, Dropping Out, and Gender Disparities
 Peguero, Anthony., Bondy, Jennifer. and Shekarkhar, Zahra.

Punishment Rate Measures Prison Use Relative to Crime: Metric Offers New Perspective on State Incarceration Levels
 Gelb, Adam.

Punishment Through Neglect…And an Alternative
 Myers, Randolph. and Goddard, Tim.

Punishment and the Phenomenology of Social Identity
 Carvalho, Henrique.

Punishment by Place: The Relationship between Neighborhood Conditions and Case Processing Outcomes for Felony Drug Offenders
 Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Punishment without Purpose? Explaining the History of America’s Hidden Penal Regime, 1930-2015
 Kaiser, Joshua.

Punishment, Slavery and Degradation: Thorsten Sellin’s Legacy and Penology Today
 Daems, Tom.

Punitive Parenting Practices, Present-orientation and Delinquency: Explaining the Nexus from an Evolutionary Perspective
 van Gelder, Jean-Louis., Averdijk, Margit., Eisner, Manuel. and Ribeaud, Denis.

Purity & Danger: Solutions to sex trafficking in Swedish media and politics
 Heber, Anita.

Putting a Stop to the Mass Incarceration of Juveniles
 Schweitzer Smith, Myrinda. and Latessa, Edward.
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