American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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RNR in the Community: Hidalgo County, Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department
 Lopez, Faustino.

Race Differences in Motivations for Gang Desistance: A Mixed-Methods Approach
 Carson, Dena.

Race Matters! Investigating University Retention and Graduation Rates
 Hale, William.

Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders of Nonfatal Violent Victimization, 2012-15
 Morgan, Rachel.

Race and Juvenile Probation Officer Decision Making in Juvenile Justice
 Perrault, Rachael.

Race as a Factor in Juvenile Arrests
 Furdella, Julie. and Puzzanchera, Charles.

Race, Ethnicity, and the Experiences of Incarcerated Juveniles
 Feinstein, Rachel.

Race, Gender, and Responses to the Police among Ferguson Residents and Protesters
 Conteh, Michael., Cobbina, Jennifer. and Emrich, Collin.

Race, Health, and Recidivism: Examining the Effects of Health Status and Healthcare Needs on Recidivism for Black versus White Ex-Offenders
 Wang, Xia., Wallace, Danielle. and Infante, Arynn.

Race, Neighborhood Context, and Experience with Campus Police: A Qualitative Assessment of Student Experiences
 Grugan, Shannon.

Race, Parenting and School Punishment
 Kupchik, Aaron., Mowen, Thomas. and Liberman, Akiva.

Race, Place, and Homicides by Police in US Cities
 Holmes, Malcolm., Painter II, Matthew. and Smith, Brad.

Race, Policing and Public Support in New York City: Findings from the Crime & Drugs in My Neighborhood Study, 2012-2015
 Camacho, Anjelica., Haxhi, Peter., Bektesevic, Mirsad., Grant, Heath. and Lopez, Amanda.

Race, Reentry and Mass Incarceration: A critical analysis of racial and criminal stigma
 Wilson, Sean.

Race, Suspect Resistance, and Police Use of Force: A Test of Interaction Effects
 Gau, Jacinta., Paoline III, Eugene. and Terrill, William.

Race, Threat, and Punitive School Discipline: A Multilevel Analysis
 Lehmann, Peter. and Siennick, Sonja.

Race, gender, and crime: An intersectional application of Unnever and Gabbidon’s Theory of African American Offending
 Threadcraft-Walker, Whitney. and Mitchell Threadcraft, Melody.

Race/Ethnicity and the Social and Organizational Contexts of Probation Outcomes in a Midwestern State
 Cano, Mario., Terry, April. and Steinmetz, Kevin.

Race/Ethnicity, Weapon Use, and Lethality
 Nielsen, Amie., Gostjev, Feodor. and Louderback, Eric.

Racial Bias in Police Searches: Using Shifts in Police Manpower to Test for Racial Profiling
 MacDonald, John., Fagan, Jeffrey. and Ridgeway, Greg.

Racial Bias in Sex Offender Registries: An Examination of the New York Sex Offender Registry Risk Assessment
 Walsh, Christine.

Racial Bias: Uncovering Hidden Factors Involved in Sentencing Juveniles As Adults
 Crane, Emily. and Dickinson, Ashley.

Racial Differences in a test of Reintegrative Shaming Theory among inmates
 Mathers, Scott.

Racial Disparities in Crime Commission Rates and Arrests Revisited
 Ozer, Murat., Akbas, Halil. and Gerard, Daniel.

Racial Disparities in Pretrial Treatment
 Hankhouse, Shannnon., Hollis, Meghan., Lacefield, Gary. and del Carmen, Alex.

Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice Processing: Updating the Blumstein Approach in New York State
 Kiesel, André., Kim, Jaeok. and Bushway, Shawn.

Racial Microaggressions
 Hawkins, Darnell.

Racial Profiling, Human Rights, Intersectionality & Black LGBTQ Institutional Invisibility
 Crichlow, Wesley.

Racial Profiling: Crime Control Versus Constitutional Rights
 Kijowski, Matthew.

Racial Threat, Criminal History, & Employment
 LaPlant, Eric.

Racial Trends in Intimate Partner Violence Victimization
 Sharpless, Rashona.

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mental Health Need and Services Received: Results from the Survey of Youth in Residential Placement (SYRP)
 Heaton, Leanne.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Access to Juvenile Court Evidence-Based Programs
 Veele, Sarah.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Substance Use Treatment Episode Initiation and Engagement for Different Substances
 Sloas, Lincoln., Caudy, Michael. and Taxman, Faye.

Racial-Ethnic Differences in Rape & Sexual Assault Victimization
 Gorislavsky, Ekaterina.

Racialized Sentencing: The Disproportionate Effects of Sentencing Reforms on People of Color
 Harmon, Mark. and Boppre, Breanna.

Radicalization Behind Prison Walls: Perspectives of Correctional Officers
 Schultz, Will. and Bucerius, Sandra.

Radicalization as Martialization: Towards a Better Appreciation for the Progression to Violence
 Haggerty, Kevin. and Bucerius, Sandra.

Raids, Manhunts, and Seizures: Understanding Aggressive Policing through the “Police”
 Schaefer, Brian.

Raising Awareness of and Improving Responses to Sex Trafficking Victims: It’s Déjà vu All Over Again
 Renzetti, Claire.

Raising the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in Louisiana
 Phillippi, Stephen., McCann, Ellen. and Atkinson, Rebecca.

Raising the Bar - Tackling Queerphobia in Prisons
 Harris, Mia.

Randomized Trial of Family Therapy versus Nonfamily Treatment for Adolescent Behavior Problems in Usual Care
 Bobek, Molly., Hogue, Aaron. and Dauber, Sarah.

Range and Availability of Victim Services and Restorative Justice Practices
 Jergenson, Stacie.

Rank and Military Justice in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence
 Rios-Segarra, Kassandra., Cohn, Ellen. and Carpenter, Eric.

Rap Lyrics as Evidence: What Can Music Theory Tell Us?
 Stoia, Nicholas., Adams, Kyle. and Drakulich, Kevin.

Rap as the Voice of Criminality: Empowering "Hood" Students Through the Exploration of Street Rap
 Maniglia, Rebecca.

Rape Myth Acceptance Among College Students Across Countries: A Multilevel Analysis of Individual and Country Level Predictors
 Burnham, Kathryn.

Rape of Older People in the UK
 Bows, Hannah.

Rapid Evidence Assessment of Offender Learning in Prisons
 Ellison, Mark., Szifris, Kirstine., Horan, Rachel. and Fox, Chris.

Rating versus Ranking Items in Survey Methodology
 DeJong, Christina. and St. George, Sarah.

Rational choice and criminal social capital as barriers to desistance
 Andresen, Martin., Ha, Olivia., McCuish, Evan. and Corrado, Raymond.

Re-Evaluating Resettlement: Best Practice and Challenges to the Reintegration of Offenders
 Ragonese, Ester.

Re-Examining Gender Disparity in Sentencing: A Propensity Score Approach
 Bond, Christine., Carrington, Kerry. and Jeffries, Samantha.

Re-Examining the Importance of Crime Severity Indices
 Weagle, Christopher.

Re-Imagining the Use of Jail: Are There Community-Based and Cost Efficient Alternatives?
 Egan, Margaret., Carney, Siobhán., Edwards, Shaun. and Toplitz, Michele.

Re-Raising the Age: Assessing Recidivism Outcomes of the Second Phase of Raise the Age Legislation in Connecticut
 Fowler, Eric.

Re-conceptualizing Women’s Risk for Recidivism: A Conjunctive Analysis of the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) to Identify Risk Profiles
 Boppre, Breanna., Salisbury, Emily., Miethe, Terance. and Van Voorhis, Patricia.

Reactions to the Video Vanguard: Individual Differences and Receptivity to Police Use of Visual Monitoring Technology
 Heen, Miliaikeala., Lieberman, Joel. and Miethe, Terance.

Readiness Evaluation for Community Resilience Exercises
 Lee, Ji Sun.

Reading Intervention Research with Court-Placed Youth
 Sander, Janay., Jefferson, Ruth., Rye, Lindsay., Miller, Leslie. and Eubank, R..

Reading Pictures: Art History and the Sociology of Punishment
 Carrabine, Eamonn.

Real Injuns v. Fake Indians: Identity Imposition as a Form of Violence Against Natives
 Davis, Alexandra.

Real Lives and Data Points: Practical Implementation Barriers for Evidence Based Risk Assessment for Correctional Professionals
 Hochstetler, Andy., Peters, David. and Copes, Heith.

Real-time measurement of crime in the U.S.
 Bierie, David. and Rocque, Michael.

Realignment and Recidivism
 Bird, Mia. and Grattet, Ryken.

Reanimating the Death Drive: A Criminological Reflection
 Carney, Phil.

Reassessment of Juvenile Risk: An Application of Longitudinal Multilevel Modeling for Dynamic Risk
 Anderson, Valerie., Barnes, Ashlee., Campbell, Christina. and Davidson, William.

Recent Criminal Conviction Histories in Overdose Fatalities in New Mexico
 Warrick, Brandon., Freeman, Linda., Davis, James., Myers, Orrin., Seifert, Steven., Lathrop, Sarah. and Smolinske, Susan.

Recidivism Among Federal Career Offenders
 Hunt, Kim.

Recidivism and Risk Predictors for (Sexual) Re-Offending of Female Sexual Offenders
 Vogel, Vivienne. and Wijkman, Miriam.

Recidivism in Prisons and Jails: What Works?
 Frey, Kathleen.

Reclaiming Indigeneity Amongst Chicano Prison Inmates
 Diaz Villela, Anna.

Recommendations to Prevent System Involvement from Childhood to Reentry
 Palmer, Neal. and Mason, Britney.

Reconciliation and Reintegration after Genocide: Understanding the Needs of Incarcerated Genocide Perpetrators in Rwanda.
 Barnes-Ceeney, Kevin., Gideon, Lior. and Leitch, Laurie.

Reconstituting the Legal Subject: Comparing and Contrasting Corporate Criminal Liability in Canada and Finland
 Alvesalo-Kussi, Anne., Bittle, Steven. and Lähteenmäki, Liisa.

Recouping Loss or Hunger for Money: Exploring Sale of Dead or Sickly Stock among Rural Farmers of Kenya
 Bunei, Emmanuel.

Recreational Cannabis in Washington: Are There Consequences Behind the Wheel?
 Turner, John.

Recruiting Terrorists in the Arab World
 Alomosh, Ahmad.

Recruitment Methods of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the State of Florida
 Zurburg, Heather.

Red Light Camera Interventions for Reducing Traffic Violations and Accidents: A Systematic Review
 Cohn, Ellen. and Kakar, Suman.

Redemption in an Era of Penal Harm: Moving Beyond Offender Exclusion
 Thielo, Angela., Cullen, Francis. and Burton, Velmer.

Reduced from Death: Extra-legal Factors that are Associated with Getting Off Death Row
 Brown, Wyatt.

Reducing Incorrect Classification: Risk Assessment from a Bayesian Perspective
 Pendergast, Philip.

Reducing Juvenile Justice Contact Among Multi-System Involved Youth
 Behnken, Monic.

Reducing the Overuse and Misuse of Jails in Safety and Justice Challenge Site
 Joplin, Lore. and Wolfson, Carrie.

Reducing the Overuse and Misuse of Jails in Safety and Justice Challenge Site
 Picard-Fritsche, Sarah., Tublitz, Rebecca. and West, Emily.

Reducing the Overuse and Misuse of Jails in Safety and Justice Challenge Site
 Fishman, Nancy. and Pisciotta, Caterina.

Reentry Court in an Era of Mass Incarceration: Redefining “What Works”
 Taylor, Caitlin.

Reentry Court: New Approach, New Insights
 Schlegel, Scott., Frailing, Kelly. and Taylor, Rae.

Reentry Processes of Released Sex Offenders - Pathways of Desistance and Recidivism
 Gauder, Kira-Sophie. and Woessner, Gunda.

Reentry and Health-Related Challenges Facing Offenders with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
 Bakken, Nicholas. and Visher, Christy.

Reexamining Focal Concerns Theory: How Much Risk Should Be Considered as Part of Sentencing Decisions?
 Hsieh, Ming-Li.

Reexamining Power-Control Theory: A Longitudinal Test of Female Criminality
 Kirchner, EmmaLeigh.

Reexamining the Relationship between Wars and Homicide
 Romans, Samuel. and Stamatel, Janet.

Reflected and Peer Appraisals in a Prison-Based Therapeutic Community
 Davidson, Kim.

Reform on Fire: The Role of Skilled Labor Programs in the Era of Mass Incarceration
 Feldman, Lindsey.

Reforming Available Dispositions Using Restorative Justice and Civil Processes
 Taxman, Faye.

Reforming School Policing
 Behnken, Monic.

Reforming the Racial/Ethnic Disproportionality Narrative – Using Implicit Bias to Expand the Discrimination/Disparity Dichotomy
 Bowman, Scott.

Regulation through Vision: Homelessness in Melbourne
 Petty, James.

Regulatory Fines as an Instrument of Bureaucratic Repression
 Faraldo Cabana, Patricia.

Rehabilitation or Social Isolation? The States’ Struggles with Juvenile Sex Offender Laws
 Hall, Elyce. and Wright, Richard.

Reintegration, Education, and Forgiveness: Helping Former Child Soldiers End Cycles of Violence
 Keegan, Brittany.

Reinventing Corrections: Faith, Identity Transformation, and “Relationship Theology” at Angola
 Hallett, Michael.

Relational Approaches to Explaining the Gender Gap in Crime
 Smith, Chris.

Relationship Building in Faith, Restorative Justice and Community Corrections
 Piper, Doshie.

Relationships, motherhood and female desistance: Constructions of post-release lives
 Rodermond, Elanie., Slotboom, Anne-Marie., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Kruttschnitt, Candace.

Relative Resources and Intimate Partner Violence Among Married and Cohabiting Couples: Evidence from the Fragile Families Study
 Bastomski, Sara.

Relative Versus Attributable Risk: Implications for Criminal Justice Policies with Disparate Impacts Across Demographic Groups
 Manski, Charles. and Nagin, Daniel.

Reliability and Validity in Veterans Treatment Court Evaluations
 Hartley, Richard.

Religion, Race/Ethnicity, and Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence
 Barranco, Raymond. and Harris, Casey.

Religion, Reentry and the Moderating Role of Risk
 Stansfield, Richard. and Mowen, Thomas.

Religiosity Across the Life Course: Does the Strength of the Religiosity-Crime Relationship Change?
 Cooper, Maisha. and Bouffard, Jeff.

Religiosity as a Protective Factor: Does Affiliation or Frequency Restrict Delinquency
 Barbieri, Nina.

Remembering and Forgetting the Gulag: Prison Tourism in the Former Soviet Union
 Slade, Gavin.

Removing Social Stigmas from the BDSM Community
 Ginsley, Victoria.

Reporting Changes in Equality in New York City from 2015 to 2016
 Zhang, Qian., Lawson, Victoria. and Kutateladze, Besiki.

Representations of Capital Punishment in Canadian Penal Tourism Sites
 Piché, Justin.

Representations of Correctional Reform: An Analysis of Prisons in the News
 Cecil, Dawn.

Representations of and Resistance to Environmental Crime and Harm: A Green-Cultural Criminological Perspective: A Redux
 Brisman, Avi.

Representations of female prisoners and prison staff in Canadian penal history museums
 Chen, Ashley. and Fiander, Sarah.

Representing Indigent Clients with Diminished Capacity
 Weinstein, Naomi.

Representing Political Oppression: The Stasi Prison as an Edifice of Cultural Memory in Modern Berlin
 Wilson, Jacqueline.

Reproducing the Logics of Risk: The Self-Reinforcing Nature of Assessment Within Parole
 Werth, Robert.

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate: A Moral Imperative?
 Cojocaru, Claudia. and Haber, Naomi.

Research Collaborations and Partnerships on Victims of Crime
 Backes, Bethany.

Research Design, Participant Safety and Eligibility: Resolving Ethical and Methodological Challenges When Researching with Minority Populations
 Roffee, James. and Waling, Andrea.

Research Practitioner Partnerships as Pathways to Understanding Culture and Improving Reform Implementation
 Rudes, Danielle. and Viglione, Jill.

Research from the Inside: Inmate Analyses of Prison Culture
 Evans, Douglas. and Feng, Shun.

Research on Facilitators of Transnational Organized Crime: Understanding Crime Networks' Logistical Support
 Chapman, Meg., Drucker, Omri., Jalbert, Sarah., Radakrishnan, Sharmini. and Smith, Kamala.

Research on Police Investigative Practices and Needs
 Johnston, Rachel.

Researcher Characteristics Associated with the Experience of Risk
 Brougham, Patricia.

Residence Restriction Laws and Locations of Sexual Assaults: A NIBRS Analysis
 Budd, Kristen., Mancini, Christina. and Bierie, David.

Resident Perceptions of Police Use of Nonfatal Force
 Davis, Elizabeth., Hyland, Shelley. and Langton, Lynn.

Resident Reactions to Proactive Mental Health and Policing: A Demonstration Project of a Police and Mental Health Professional Outreach Program in Baltimore, Maryland
 Goldberg, Victoria., White, Clair. and Weisburd, David.

Residential Location Choices of Sex Offenders in the Atlanta Region: A Multilevel and Spatial Analysis
 Song, Juyoung. and Jun, Hee-Jung.

Residential Mobility and Desistance from Crime During Young Adulthood
 Widdowson, Alex.

Resilience and Paternal Incarceration
 Powell, Kathleen., Wakefield, Sara., Turney, Kristin. and Wildeman, Christopher.

Resistance Post-Occupy. A Cultural Criminological Analysis of Resistance, Knowledge Production and Imagination in the Radical Movement in New York City
 Naegler, Laura.

Resistance To Crime: Empirical Findings Regarding Life Stories of Resisters
 Adjiembaks, Sheila.

Resisting Crimmigration From Below
 Wonders, Nancy., Stenger, Madeline. and Reyes, Jocelyn.

Resisting Immigration Detention: Dynamics of Social Change
 Guskin, Jane.

Resources, Resources, and More Resources
 Kyker, Brett.

Respect-building as Challenge for Modern Policing
 Decker, Catharina. and Kersten, Joachim.

Responding to Adolescent to Parent Violence through Juvenile Justice
 Condry, Rachel.

Responding to Juvenile Crime through the Lens of the ‘Problem Family’
 Miles, Caroline. and Condry, Rachel.

Responding to Organised Economic Cybercrimes
 Levi, Michael.

Responding to Pillar Five of the President’s Task Force: Training and Education
 Rosenbaum, Dennis.

Responding to Pillar Two of the President’s Task Force: Policy and Oversight
 Terrill, William.

Responding to Terrorist Attacks: Coordination Barriers Encountered by Law Enforcement Agencies
 Bastug, Mehmet. and Onder, Seref.

Restorative Justice Quilt
 O\'Shea, Meagan.

Restorative Justice and Terror: Questioning Restorative Practices' Applicability in Addressing Terror as an Integration Method
 Friedman, Esther.

Restorative Justice: Salt Lake Peer Court Recidivism to Juvenile Court
 Owen, Rebecca., Munoz, Ed. and Prospero, Moises.

Restoring Doxa in American Policing
 Nolan, James.

Restricting More Than Housing: The Effects of Restrictive Housing on Recidivism Among Juveniles
 Clark, Kendra. and Pyrooz, David.

Results from the HOPE DFE Four-Site Randomized Control Trial
 Lattimore, Pamela., MacKenzie, Doris. and Zajac, Gary.

Rethinking about Police Force Continuum Models
 Lim, Hyeyoung. and Vandiber, Tonikos.

Rethinking the Risk of Sexual Abuse
 Smith, Margaret.

Rethinking the Role of Rehabilitation in Women's Prisons
 Genders, Elaine. and Player, Elaine.

Retrospective Accounts of Brother to Sister Sexual Violence and its Consequences
 Martinez, Katherine. and McDonald, Courtney.

Revealing Longitudinal Heterogeneity in Police Clearances: An Application of Group-based Trajectory Modeling
 Scott, Thomas.

Revenue or Justice: An Inquiry into the Role of Money in Punishment
 Martin, Karin.

Reversing Criminology’s White Gaze: as Lombroso’s Disembodied Head Peers through a Glass Jar in a Museum foreshadowed by Sara Baartman’s Ghost
 Saleh-Hanna, Viviane.

Reversing the Panopticon: Current Legal Status of the Right to Record Police
 Rowe, Brenda.

Revisiting Empathy: Treating African American Females in Corrections
 Truesdale-Moore, Sherrise. and Lewis, Jacqueline.

Revisiting the Comprehensive Gang Intervention Model: Implementation, Data, and Program Impact in a Chronic Gang Site
 Tapia, Mike. and Posadas, Carlos.

Revisiting the Effect of Criminal Justice Involvement on Employment using the NLSY
 Kling, Ryan.

Revolutions Never Come with a Warning*: Reflections on Teaching Abolition in Unfriendly Territory
 Munn, Melissa.

Revolving Doors: An Exploratory Study of Individuals With Frequent Jail Admissions
 Harocopos, Alexandra., Allen, Bennett., Glowa-Kollisch, Sarah. and MacDonald, Ross.

Right Down to the Real Nitty-Gritty: Criminologists Having an Impact through Bill Impact Analysis
 Van Dine, Steve.

Rights Versus Obligations: Anti-Biker Laws in Australia
 O\'Sullivan, Carmel. and Lauchs, Mark.

Ripping off the Government: Rationalizing and Boundary Breaking among 3 White Collar Immigrant Offenders
 Wynn, Jennifer.

Risk Factors of Recidivism for White-Collar Offenders
 Harbinson, Erin.

Risk Factors of Violent and Drug Misconduct among Female Inmates
 Klatt, Thimna.

Risk Management Strategies of Synthetic Cannabinoid Users
 Campos, Stephanie., Benoit, Ellen. and Dunlap, Eloise.

Risk Terrain Modeling of Crime and Coping Strategies in Vhembe District of Limpopo, South Africa
 Akinpelumi, Oladipo., Nethengwe, Nthaduleni. and Odhiambo, Beneah.

Risk and Needs Assessment Predicts Re-Arrest Among Mental Health Court Participants
 Reich, Warren. and Picard-Fritsche, Sarah.

Risk and Preventive Factors for Substance Use among Adolescents
 Coto, Lynnette.

Risk and Protective Factors Bearing on Change in Adolescents’ Alcohol-use Patterns: Reduction, Cessation, or Escalation
 Cheng, Tyrone. and Lo, Celia.

Risk and Resilience: The Impact of Community Programs on LGBTQ Youth
 Fredericks, Kaitlin.

Risk factors on Depression among Korean Youth using Social Big Data
 Song, Juyoung. and Song, Taemin.

Risk it Out, Risk it Out: Occupational Risk in Rural and Remote Policing
 Ricciardelli, Rose. and Power, Nicole.

Risk of Violent Radicalization among Refugees
 Kudlacek, Dominic.

Risk-Based Modeling of Crime and Social Conditions in a Metropolitan County
 Clubb, Audrey., Dabney, Dean. and Hinkle, Josh.

Risk-Need-Responsivity Model Meta-Analysis: Does the Responsivity Principle Uniquely Contribute to Reducing Recidivism and Treatment Attrition?
 Kang, Tamara., Eno Louden, Jennifer. and Ricks, Elijah.

Risking women's lives: comparing the tolerance or risk to private and public terrorism
 McCulloch, Jude.

Robbing the Rich to Give to the Poor: Neighborhood Frames, Enabling Criminal Mutualism, and Neighborhood Structure
 Schalliol, David.

Rogue Traders, Ageing Populations, and Doorstep Fraud
 Phillips, Coretta.

Role Conflict Among Juvenile Defenders in an Expressed Interests Jurisdiction: An Empirical Study
 Corbin, Anne.

Role of Entitlement and Self-Control in the Link Between Family Risk and Dating Violence Perpetration
 Tyler, Kimberly., Schmitz, Rachel., Ray, Colleen. and Gordon Simons, Leslie.

Role of Religious Institutions and Voluntary Associations for Countering Terrorism
 Basibuyuk, Oguzhan.

Romantic Relationships and Time-Varying Moderators of Desistance: A Focus on Gender Differences across the Life-Course
 Zedaker, Sara.

Routine Activities Theory: Legal, Community Policing, Resource Challenges of Dealing with Advance Fee Fraud
 Miller, Kim. and Esmail, Ashraf.

Routine Activity and the Insider Threat
 de Guzman, Melchor., Wang, Jingguo., Lee, Jaeung., Rao, H.. and Korni, Kumar.

Routine Activity, Target Congruence and Teacher Victimization: A Multilevel Analysis
 O, SooHyun. and Wilcox, Pamela.

Routine activities and police stop and frisk
 Ashby, Matthew. and Tompson, Lisa.

Rummaging through the Resistance to Animal Legal Status in Canadian Legislation
 Gray, Allison. and Cesaroni, Carla.

Runaway Dynamics: Examining First-time and Repeat Runaway Behavior
 Cain, Calli. and Peterson, Johanna.

Rural Crime in South Africa: Searching for Explanations
 Clack, Willie. and Minnaar, Anthony.

Rural Migrants and Disorderly Behaviors in Contemporary Urban China
 Zhang, Lening. and Liu, Jianhong.

Rural Policing: Analyzing Supportive Behavior in Juvenile Interactions
 Skaggs, Sherry.

Rural Young Adults’ Lay Theories of Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Examination
 Edwards, Katie., Banyard, Victoria., Moschella, Elizabeth. and Seavey, Katherine.

Ruth and Lies: Class and Gender in Narratives of Victimhood in the Madoff Scandal
 Eren, Colleen.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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