American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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SMART Practices in Case Management: A New Approach to a Traditional Process
 Kiss, Marissa.

SPEP™ Implementation and Local Validation Findings from OJJDP's Juvenile Justice Reinvestment and Reform Initiative
 Liberman, Akiva. and Hussemann, Jeanette.

SPEP™ in Florida: Assessing Changes in Social Skills for Juveniles in a Residential Setting
 Moneyham, Laura., Bates, Meg., Gomez, Katherine. and Greenwald, Mark.

STATIC-99R Scores, SORNA Leveling, and Recidivism: A Study of Washington State’s Sex Offender Population
 Fisher, Leah., Landon, Matthew., Mounts, Thea. and Landon, Jeffrey.

Safety and Physical Security in School Settings
 Giever, Dennis.

Sanction and Justice Properly Understood
 Jacobs, Jonathan.

Saving Lives: An Alternative Approach to Reducing Urban Gun Violence
 Boggan, DeVone.

Saving Police Marriages
 Sanborn, Beth.

Scaled Straight: The Political Economy of Scale in South African Organized Crime
 Nesvet, Matthew.

Scary Monsters, (And Super Creeps)
 Farrant, Finola.

Schitzoville: Polarized Views about Crime, Drugs and Quality of Life in NYC Neighborhoods
 Kravchenko, Yaroslav., Zenuni, Irini., Grant, Heath. and Thompson, Kadesha.

School Class Homogeneity, Bonding to School, and Juvenile Delinquency/Victimization: Results of the ISRD-3 in Switzerland
 Siegmunt, Olga., Monnet-Lukash, Anastasiia. and Killias, Martin.

School Context and Juvenile Delinquency: Examining Common Predictors of Delinquency with Multi-Level Models
 Ladwig, Samantha.

School Discipline as a Turning Point: The Cumulative Effect of Suspension on Arrest
 Mowen, Thomas. and Brent, John.

School Security Measures: Perceptions of Severity
 Freng, Adrienne. and Mowen, Thomas.

School Strictness and Disproportionate Minority Contact: Investigating Racial and Ethnic Disparities with the School-to-Prison Pipeline
 Peguero, Anthony., Marchbanks III, Miner “Trey”., Varela, Kay., Blake, Jamilia. and Eason, John.

School-Based Delinquency Interventions: Are They Needed and How Might They Work?
 Collier, Nicole., Mears, Daniel., Pesta, George., Siennick, Sonja., Lindsey, Andrea. and Lehmann, Peter.

School-Based Efforts to Help At-Risk Youth
 Pesta, George. and Mears, Daniel.

School-Based Victimization: An Integrated Approach to Gendered Opportunity
 Peterson, Samuel., Lasky, Nicole., Fisher, Bonnie. and Wilcox, Pamela.

School-based Violence Prevention Programs
 Esbensen, Finn-Aage., Melde, Chris. and Slocum, Lee.

Scientific Fictions and the Case of Deterrence Theory: A Mechanistic Approach
 Proctor, K. Ryan. and Niemeyer, Richard.

Scientific Misconduct as Occupational Crime. Pleading for Criminological Analysis
 Faria, Rita.

Screening for Human Trafficking by the Florida Juvenile Justice System
 Epps, Nathan., Gilot, Bethany., Jackson, Sherry. and Colella, Kristy.

Seaport Vulnerability to Criminal Networks: A Case Study of the Port of New York and New Jersey
 Lantsman, Leonid.

Seaport Vulnerability to Criminal Networks: An Analysis of Criminological Vulnerability in the Top 30 U.S. Container Ports
 Lantsman, Leonid.

Searching for Justice: Accounts of Police Misconduct during Search and Seizure Practices
 Greene, Carolyn. and Urbanik, Marta-Marika.

Searching for a Virtual Needle in a Cyber-Stack: Identifying Radical Content in Online Discussion Forums
 Scrivens, Ryan., Davies, Garth. and Frank, Richard.

Secondary Employment Issues in Law Enforcement
 Hansen, John.

Secret Evidence in Canadian Courts
 Hudson, Graham.

Security Threat Groups and the Prison Protection Market
 Gundur, Rajeev.

See Something, Say Something: The Role of Legitimacy and Trust in Reporting Crimes and Potential Terrorism among Minority Communities
 Kearns, Erin.

Seeing Crime
 Coyle, Michael.

Seeing Disorder: individual- and neighborhood-level predictors of biased perceptions
 Janssen, Heleen., Gerstner, Dominik. and Oberwittler, Dietrich.

Seeing Life in Their Shoes: Fostering Empathy towards Victims of Interpersonal Violence through Five Active Learning Activities
 Clevenger, Shelly. and Navarro, Jordana.

Seeking Help in Situations of Conjugal Violence: Adding the Barriers by Adding Vulnerabilities
 Cousineau, Marie-Marthe.

Segregated Spaces: Immigration, Segregation and Neighborhood Crime
 Sydes, Michelle.

Self-Care Tactics For Those Involved In Activism and Protest Against Police Violence
 Isom, Yvonne.

Self-Control Capacity, the Desire to Control “Low Self-Control”, and Crime/Deviance
 Arneklev, Bruce.

Self-Control, Independent-Interdependent Self-Concepts, and Bullying: A Comparative Study of Japanese Male and Female Adolescents
 Kobayashi, Emiko.

Self-Deception and White-Collar Crime
 Benson, Michael. and Cullen, Francis.

Self-Directed Victim Offender Mediation: A Tool of Self-Empowerment
 Moncrieff, Christine.

Self-Disclosed Attitudes and Beliefs of Deviant Behavior: A Study of Greek Life Students
 Terry, Troy., Perry, Brian., Terry, April. and Pealer, Jennifer.

Self-Exclusion for the Already Excluded? Ex-Cons and Antisocial Queer Theory
 Varner, Deena.

Self-Narratives of Desisting Sex Offenders: Where are the Redemption Scripts?
 Maruna, Shadd.

Self-control, Risky Sex, and Alcohol: How do College Girls Roll?
 Chawla, Manju. and Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.

Self-legitimacy and Support for Offender Rehabilitation among Prison Officers in Ghana
 Akoensi, Thomas.

Self-medicating Delinquency: The use of Drugs in Adolescents with Mental Health Issues
 Thomas, Johanna. and Liles, Alesa.

Seller’s Reputation and Capacity on the Online Drug Markets
 Oksanen, Atte., Nurmi, Juha., Kaskela, Teemu. and Perala, Jussi.

Selling Justice as a System: Marketing the Challenge of Crime in a Free Society
 Hoffman, Bruce.

Seminary Program and Desistance in Prison: An Empirical Study of Self-identity, Religiosity, and Disciplinary Convictions
 Jang, Sung Joon., Duwe, Grant., Johnson, Byron., Hallett, Michael. and Hays, Joshua.

Sensitivity to Status-Based Rejection Among Minority Criminal Justice Majors
 Kelly, Christopher. and Tapia, Natalia.

Sentences of Silence: Order, Morality, and Labor in Auburn Penitentiary
 Burton, Chase.

Sentencing Disparities? Assessing the Impact of Static and Dynamic Criminogenic Risk Factors
 Lant, James., Ricciardelli, Rose., Clow, Kimberley. and Adorjan, Michael.

Sentencing Outcomes of Sex Offenders in Arkansas
 Gibbs, Benjamin., ten Bensel, Tusty. and Golden, James.

Sentencing Transferred Juveniles in the Adult Criminal Court: The Moderating Effects of the Trial Penalty
 Chiricos, Ted., Lehmann, Peter. and Bales, William.

Sentencing and Juvenile Offenders: An Examination of Culpability, Mitigation and Mental Health.
 Jalain, Caroline. and Nored, Lisa.

Sentencing in British Columbia, Canada: An Analysis of Recent Trends
 Reid, Andrew., MacAlister, David. and Andresen, Martin.

Sentencing in Rape Cases: A Critical Appraisal of Judicial Decisions in India
 Kumari, Ved. and Barn, Ravinder.

Sentencing of Illegal Reentry Offenders
 Blackwell, Kevin.

Sentencing the Symbolic Sex Offender: The Impact of Demographics on Ohio Child Pornography Cases
 Leone, Matthew., Barthe, Emmanuel. and Sheehan, Brendan.

Sentinel Events and Criminal Investigative Failures
 Rossmo, Kim.

Serious Crimesploitation
 Kaplan, Paul. and LaChance, Daniel.

Serious Mental Illness, Substance Use, and Related Problems among People on Probation
 Rossheim, Matthew., Livingston, Melvin., Taxman, Faye. and Walters, Scott.

Serotonin Transporter gene and substance use: a meta-analysis
 Wu, Jun., Wells, Jessica., Cho, Ahram. and Updegrove, Alexander.

Services Provided to Youth in Residential Placement Facilities
 Hockenberry, Sarah. and Puzzanchera, Charles.

Set Up to Fail: The Use of Bail Release Conditions in Canada
 Sprott, Jane.

Setting a Good Example for the Ladies: Specialized Prostitution Court and the Use of Essentialism as a Technique of Penal Reform
 Singh, Rashmee.

Setting the Stage for Hate: Racist Socialization in the Family Prior to Entering Violent Extremism
 Logan, Michael., Simi, Pete. and Windisch, Steven.

Seven Ways to Make Prison Work
 Jonson, Cheryl., Cullen, Francis., Mears, Daniel. and Thielo, Angela.

Sex (in) Education
 Walsh, Jeffrey., Krienert, Jessie. and Hickey, Eric.

Sex Crime on Campus: Public Opinion on University Accountability and Mandatory Reporting
 Mancini, Christina., Pickett, Justin., Call, Corey., Diehl McDougle, Robyn., Brubaker, Sarah Jane. and Brownstein, Henry.

Sex Crimes in New York City Subway Stations
 Yu, Sung-suk Violet.

Sex Offender Experience in Communities of Poverty
 Sever, Cassandra.

Sex Offender Legislation and Public Perception: Cause for Concern or Simply a Media Diffusion of Moral Panic?
 Merken, Stacie.

Sex Offender Policies and Campus Sexual Assault
 Mancini, Christina.

Sex Offender Registration Systems in the United States: Mapping the Information-Sharing Landscape
 Harris, Andrew.

Sex Offender Registration in Southeastern Louisiana and Overpopulation of Prisons
 Picone, Joseph. and Thornton, William.

Sex Offenders and Society: A Focus on Sexual Deviance
 Worthen, Meredith.

Sex Offenders and the Lebanese Criminal Justice System
 Baz, Shereen.

Sex Offenders: How Age Affects Reentry
 Augustyn, Rita.

Sex Trafficking: Towards a Social and Economic Justice Approach
 Johnson-Dash, Janell. and Swaner, Rachel.

Sex Work: Crime or Employment?
 McCarthy, Bill., Carter, Angela., Benoit, Cecilia. and Jansson, Mikael.

Sex Workers Talk About Stigma and Degradation
 Kennis, Maria.

Sex and Drugs? Women's Role in Seattle's Cannabis Markets
 Cadigan, Michele. and Harris, Alexes.

Sex and Violent Crime: A Multilevel Analysis of Male and Female Perpetrated Violent Offenses using NIBRS
 Clark, Kyleigh. and Rydberg, Jason.

Sex, Drugs, and Bad Parole: The Appeals
 Pottorff, Stacia.

Sex, Sexuality & the Law
 Lenning, Emily.

Sexting and Dating Violence: No LOL Matter
 Harris, Charlene. and Dunkley, Lisa.

Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce and Custody Disputes
 Smit, Anne., Bijleveld, Catrien. and Antokolskaia, Masha.

Sexual Anxiety and Sexual Identities: Implications for Prescription Drug Misuse
 Frizzell, Laura., Vuolo, Mike. and Kelly, Brian.

Sexual Assault Disclosure and Helpseeking Advice
 Garza, Alondra. and Franklin, Cortney.

Sexual Assault Revictimization: Understanding the Correlates
 Traficante, Alyson.

Sexual Assault Victims and Credibility: Factors Influencing Police Perceptions
 O\'Neal, Eryn.

Sexual Assault of Young Children
 Puzzanchera, Charles.

Sexual Assualt on College Campuses: Religious Affiliaton
 Cowling, Cathy.

Sexual Deviance and Society
 Worthen, Meredith.

Sexual Deviance and Terrorism: Contextualizing the Use of Sexual Offending Within ISIS
 Cubellis, Michelle. and Dmello, Jared.

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Military Identities among U.S. Servicewomen
 Bonnes, Stephanie.

Sexual Minority Status as a Moderator Between Social Factors and Teen Dating Violence Victimization
 Fox, Katherine., Davis, Jessica. and Vincent, John.

Sexual Murder of Women
 Dobash, Russell.

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Race Intersections as Barriers/Facilitators of Bystander Intervention in Sexual Violence
 Mazar, Laurel.

Sexual Perversion and Morality: How an Attorney’s Personal View of Deviance Can Shape the Quality of Representation in Sex Offender Cases
 Cucolo, Heather.

Sexual Risk Behavior among Male and Female Truant Youths: Exploratory, Multi-Group Latent Class Analysis
 Krupa, Julie., Dembo, Richard., Wareham, Jennifer. and Winters, Ken.

Sexual Shaming of Victims: A Content Analysis
 Fitch, Chivon.

Sexual Victimization Patterns in Indian Public Transport Sites: Insights from
 D\'Silva, Elsa. and Lea, Suzanne.

Sexual Victimization of Students during the Journey to College in New York City
 Natarajan, Mangai., Mandala, Marissa., Schmuhl, Margaret. and Sudula, Susruta.

Sexual Violence Against Marginalized Victims: Choice of Victim or Victim of Choice?
 Horan, Loren. and Beauregard, Eric.

Sexual Violence on Campus and the LGBTQ population: Surveys and Programming
 de Heer, Brooke., Prior, Sarah. and Jones, Lynn.

Sexual Violence on Canadian University Campuses: The State of the Literature
 Ostridge, Lindsay. and Ammar, Nawal.

Sexual murderers: The offenders and their crimes
 Proulx, Jean.

Sexual-Orientation-Based Victimization in the Workplace
 Womack, Valerie.

Sexuality and Law in Contemporary Europe
 Skilbrei, May-Len.

Sexuality and Law in Contemporary Europe
 Skilbrei, May-Len.

Sexuality’s Effect on Blame of Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual Female Sexual Assault Victims
 Mann, Olivia., Reihe, Melissa. and Diamond-Welch, Bridget.

Sexually Explicit Media (Pornography) and Dating Abuse
 Rothman, Emily. and Paruk, Jennifer.

Sexually Oriented Businesses and Ambient Crime in a Southern City
 D\'Unger, Amy., Reid, Lesley. and Oakley, Deidre.

Shake and Bake: Internet Retrieved Methamphetamine Recipe Analysis
 Vidal, Sabrina.

Shall-Issue Laws and Handgun Sales: Results from Interrupted Time Series Analyses in Seven States
 Steidley, Trent.

Shaping Hope: Spatial Autonomy and Desistance in the Barlinnie Special Unit
 Bird, Jessica.

Shared Experiences: Police, Space and Race in Two Cities
 Sclofsky, Sebastian.

Shared History and Imbalance in the Courts: A Social Networks Approach
 Hutchison, Robert.

Shielding Gun Manufacturers as State-Corporate Crime
 Reed, Gary.

Shifting Paradigms: Transformation Through Restorative Justice Education
 Abramson, Alana.

Shoot to Kill? Shoot to Keep Alive? Shoot to Miss?: A Police Officer Charged with Murder
 Janus, Soraya.

Shop theft: Understanding how neighbourhood context shapes the risk faced by retailers
 Hunter, James. and Garius, Laura.

Shoplifting and Risk Perception: Does Shoplifting Cause a Change in Juvenile’s Perceptions of Risk Over Time?
 Jarrett, Jennifer. and Hollinger, Richard.

Short Term Fixes to Long Term Problems: An Analysis of California's Realignment Plan for Prison Overcrowding
 Reynoso, Marisela. and Westlake, Bryce.

Short- and Long- Term Impact of GPS Tethering on Domestic Violence Violations
 Gur, Oren., Ibarra, Peter. and Maskaly, Jon.

Should "Forced Marriage" be Criminalised?
 Begum, Popy.

Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Needs Supply Balance and Student Retention
 Levan, Kristine. and Mackey, David.

Shuffle Up and Deal: Estimating the Size and Sustainability of Online Fraud Networks
 Macdonald, Mitch. and Frank, Richard.

Sibling Placement in the Living Arrangements of Minor Children of Incarcerated Mothers
 Foster, Holly.

Siblings, Sweethearts, Scotch: Controlling for Heritability in the Association between Marital Quality and Alcohol Problems
 Smith, Thomas.

Signal Crimes and Presidential Gun Rhetoric
 Hill, Joshua. and Marion, Nancy.

Signaling Desistance: Using Short-Term Signals to Identify Long-Term Desisters
 DeWitt, Samuel.

Signaling Power and the Social Construction of Crime: the Case of Police Street Banners/slogans in Guangzhou, China
 Xu, Jianhua.

Silent Victims No More: Exploring Factors Affecting LGBT Hate Crime Reporting in Leicester, UK
 Waite, Dylan.

Single versus Multiple-Offender Homicide in the Dominican Republic: Preliminary Results of Crime Scene, Offender and Victim Characteristics
 Ceballos-Durham, Fabiola.

Situating Familial, Intimate, and Acquaintance Violence Against Black Girls and Women in the Movement for Black Lives
 Potter, Hillary.

Situational Characteristics of Female-perpetrated Homicide: Does the Degree of Intimacy between Offender and Victim Matter?
 Kim, Bitna., Hassett, Matthew. and Kim, Young-Hee.

Situational Determinants of Procedural Justice: Do Negative Outcomes Outweigh Fair Procedures?
 Lee, Heejin.

Situational, Officer-based, and Environmental Explanations of Citizen Resistance
 Rossler, Micahel. and Terrill, William.

Situations Conducive towards College Drinking: Examining the Elements of the Routine Activity Theory of General Deviance
 Barnum, Timothy. and Anderson, Amy.

Sixth Graders Describe their Experience of Verbal/Emotional Abuse by Teachers in the Classroom
 Geiger, Brenda. and Fischer, Michael.

Skills of U.S. Incarcerated Adults
 Soroui, Jaleh.

Slumcare and the Fail-State
 Cruz, Kenneth.

Smart Defense: Evidenced-Based Justice -- Turning Principles into Practice
 Ball, Kim.

Smart Stops: Toward More Strategic Proactive Policing
 Worden, Robert., McLean, Sarah. and Wheeler, Andrew.

Smart Weapons Need Smart Policies: Municipal Liability for the Inappropriate Use of Tasers by Police
 Worley, Vidisha. and Worley, Robert.

Sneaking it in: Teaching Prison Abolition in Prison and University Classrooms
 Balfour, Gillian.

So You Connected What to the Internet? Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Attacks, and National Security
 Paulson, Janice. and Rege, Aunshul.

Sociability and Network Features in Correctional Settings
 Francois, Axelle. and Morselli, Carlo.

Social Bonds, Cognitive Schemas, and Police Deviance: Does the Relative Importance of Specific Bonds Matter in Explaining Police Supervisors’ Workplace Misconduct?
 Donner, Christopher., Maskaly, Jon. and Fridell, Lorie.

Social Capital Theory and Cross-National Variation of Homicide Rate
 Chon, Don.

Social Capital and Community Engagement for Safe Communities
 Brown, Mary Ellen.

Social Capital: The Forgotten Responsivity Factor
 Matthews, Betsy. and Koetzle, Deborah.

Social Construction of Female Serial Killers
 Gonzales, Jacqueline.

Social Control and Neutralizations: Conflicting Hypotheses?
 McLean, Kyle.

Social Death among Long-Term Inmates
 Stearns, Ami., Louviere, Elizabeth., Swanson, Rick. and Etie, Stephanie.

Social Disorganization and Robbery in Arkansas
 Allen, David.

Social Disorganization and Victimization in Brazil: Investigating Collective Efficacy using the Brazilian National Victimization Survey
 de Oliveira, Valéria. and Rodrigues, Corinne.

Social Disorganization, Interpersonal Violence, and the Rural/Urban Divide
 Goodson, Amanda. and Bouffard, Leana.

Social Learning Theory and the Misuse of Prescription Stimulants on a Southern University
 Helms, James.

Social Learning Theory, Mental Health Issues, and Their Effects on the Intergenerational Transmission of Sexually Deviant Behavior
 Kushner, Mackenzie., Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn. and Klein, Jennifer.

Social Media Journalism: The Influence of Shared Policing Videos on Perceptions of Legitimacy
 Mohler, Megan.

Social Media, Open Architectures, and Ideological Rationality: A Profile of the Islamic State
 Sporer, Karyn., Fuller, Julia., Church, Sam., Derrick, Doug., Ligon, Gina. and Simi, Pete.

Social Media: A Community Policing Tool
 Lavigne, Erik. and Nhan, Johnny.

Social Network Dynamics and Moderators of Peer Influence: How Friendship Characteristics Moderate Peer Influence
 Peterson, Samuel.

Social Network Influences on Gun Carrying by Gang-Involved Youth
 Klein, Hannah.

Social Networks and Recruitment Pathways into Violent Extremism
 Windisch, Steven., Simi, Pete. and Logan, Michael.

Social Preferences and Offender Decision Making
 Chae, Mamayek., Loughran, Thomas. and Paternoster, Raymond.

Social Structural Differences in Long-Term Relationships between Adolescent Work Intensity and Adult Deviance
 Rocheleau, Gregory.

Social Support and Mental Health in Adult State Prisons
 Lindsay, Sade.

Social Support and the Lives of Male Prisoners: A Comparison across the Ages
 Goodlin-Fahncke, Wendi. and Doerner, Jill.

Social Supports and Youth Violence: A Cross Sectional Analysis of Chicago Youth
 Ward, Sarah. and Lawton, Brian.

Social capital and community well-being: An examination of institutional social supports and neighborhood crime.
 Fronius, Trevor.

Social location and the aftermath of victimization: Examining help-seeking behaviors through an intersectional approach
 Zaykowski, Heather. and Campagna, Lena.

Societal Attitudes Towards Biological Risk Factors for Criminal Behavior and Implications for Death Penalty Mitigation
 Berryessa, Colleen.

Socio-Economic Disadvantage and Crime across Large, Urban Neighborhoods
 Tostoe, Jon. and Dollar, Cindy.

Socio-cultural examination of immigrant youth victimization
 Barnaby, Carlene.

Socioeconomic Bias in Risk Assessment and Sentencing
 van Eijk, Gwen.

Solitary Confinement in the United States: A Content Analysis of State Policies
 Severson, Rachel. and Powers, Ráchael.

Solo-Offending Versus Co-Offending: Peer and Adult Influence in Various Countries
 Newton, Katherine.

Solving Crime: Crowd-sourced Investigations, New Media Convergences, Old Omissions
 Brown, Michelle.

Some Water, a Seat, and to See My Loved One: First Responders' Need to Understand and Respond to Survivors’ Needs at the Scene of a Suicide Loss
 Mastrocinque, Jeanna., Metzger, Jed., Carapella-Johnson, Renae. and Cerulli, Catherine.

Someone to Talk to, The Role of Victim Advocates in Domestic Violence Policing Strategies
 Muni, Michele.

Sources of Guns to Dangerous People: Interviews with Gun Offenders in Illinois Prisons
 Cook, Philip., Emmons, Sarah. and Quinn, Julia.

Southern Criminology and Global Justice
 Carrington, Kerry., Hogg, Russell., Scott, John. and Sozzo, Maximo.

Space, Place, and Home: A Pilot Project Mapping the Routine Activities of Homeless Young Adults
 Payne, Troy. and Aguiniga, Donna.

Spatial Concentration of Crime and Racial Disparity in Arrest Rates
 Akbas, Halil. and Ozer, Murat.

Spatial Diversity and Injustice: Intimate Partner Violence Beyond the Cityscape
 Harris, Bridget.

Spatial Patterns of Sexual Aggression in Spain: Locations of Offenders’ and Victims’ Residences, Journey to Crime and Virtual Evaluations of Crime Scenes
 Vozmediano Sanz, Laura., Martin Fernandez, Nerea. and San Juan Guillen, Cesar.

Spatializing Gang Identity and Youth Criminalization
 Lopez-Aguado, Patrick. and Walker, Michael.

Spatially Diverse Policing: An Examination of Police Typologies across Space and Time
 Simpson, Rylan. and Hipp, John.

Spatio-temporal Analysis of the Association between Neighbourhood Land Use and Seasonal Property Crime Patterns
 Quick, Matthew. and Law, Jane.

Speaking of Justice
 Moore, Colleen.

Specifying Locations of Antagonism Within Penal Structures
 McCaffree, Kevin. and Walker, Michael.

Spectral Crime Scenes: The Commodification and Marketization of Violence and Horror
 Upton, Lindsey. and Linnemann, Travis.

Spectrum of Racialized Social Control: A Comparative Analysis of Correctional Supervision, Immigration Enforcement, and Hate Crimes
 Kelekay, Jasmine. and Campos-Holland, Ana.

Spending leisure time and juvenile delinquency in Switzerland and Ukraine. The role of permissive societies. Results of the ISRD-3
 Monnet-Lukash, Anastasiia. and Killias, Martin.

Sports Participation and Juvenile Delinquency among the U.S. Youth
 Hong, Moonki.

Spurious Relationships: Modeling the Effect of Steady Dating and Marriage on Deviance among Taiwanese Youth
 Callahan, Richard. and Lin, Wen-Hsu.

Stalking Victimization Among College Students: The Role of Disability Within a Lifestyle-Routine Activity Framework
 Reyns, Brad. and Scherer, Heidi.

Stash, Duck, and Dash: Strategies to Elude the Police
 Vecchio, J. Michael.

State Fusion Centers as a Tool to Counter Human Trafficking: Action and Opportunity
 Nussbaum, Brian., Kosloski, Anna. and Landon-Murray, Michael.

State Intervention into Intimate Partner Violence: How State Paternalism Structures Women’s Agency
 Nobles, Allison.

State Legitimacy and Government Crime: The China-Japan Rare Earth Element Case
 Ghazi-Tehrani, Adam. and Pontell, Henry.

State Licensing of Corrections Officers
 Goldman, Roger.

State Politics and State Safeguards Against Wrongful Convictions
 Jones, David.

State Public Defender of the Louisiana Public Defender Board
 Dixon, Jay.

State-Administered Indigent Defense Systems: Selected Findings from the 2013 National Survey of Indigent Defense Systems.
 Strong, Suzanne.

State-Corporate Crime and Exposure to Contaminated Water in Flint, Michigan, and on the Navajo Nation
 Robyn, Linda.

State-Corporate Crime in the Construction Industry: Examining the Symbiotic Nature of Corrupt and Collusive Practices
 Reeves-Latour, Maxime. and Morselli, Carlo.

States Caught In the Act: Doing Some Things Right
 Sickmund, Melissa., Howell, James. and Wilson, John.

States of Opinion: Comparing Regional Variation in Support and Knowledge of the Death Penalty
 Lee, Gavin., Pazzani, Lynn., Burgason, Kyle. and Bohm, Robert.

States, Streets, and Suites: Testing a Theory of Legal Cynicism, Systemic Exclusion, and Reported Crime
 Hagan, John., McCarthy, Bill., Chandrasekher, Andrea. and Herda, Daniel.

Statewide Data Collection of Evidence-based Programs: Process and Analysis Efforts
 Hobbs, Anne. and Moore, Sara.

Statewide Implementation of a DUI Law: An Analysis of Effectiveness
 Hodge, Kimberly., Knoth, Lauren. and Ruback, R. Barry.

Static and Dynamic Predictive Utility of the Level of Service Inventory
 Wing, Janeena.

Stationhouse Adjustment: Keeping Youth Out of the Juvenile Justice System
 Swan, Tracy., McKetta, Luke., Rosado, Karen. and Harris, Gwendolyn.

Statistical Outliers of Juvenile Delinquency: A Focus on Pure Conformists
 Elsass, H. Jaymi.

Stereotype Threat and Self-Legitimacy in Law Enforcement
 Trinkner, Rick.

Stigma of Conviction: Employment Outcomes and Misdemeanor Convictions
 Fernandes, April.

Stigma, Displacement, and Acculturation: Examining the Experience of Deportees in Tonga
 Hafoka, Moana.

Still Getting Paid? Neighborhood Change and Crime
 Sullivan, Mercer., Curtis, Ric. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Still Life: Current Estimates of Life, LWOP, and Virtual Life Sentences across the U.S.
 Nellis, Ashley.

Still in the Shadows: Stalking Prosecution Rates’ Unresponsiveness to Increased Legislative Attention
 Nobles, Matt., Bouffard, Jeff. and Bouffard, Leana.

Stolen Guns in the Crime Gun Distribution Chain
 Cook, Philip., Emmons, Sarah. and Quinn, Julia.

Stop and Frisk Policy Effectiveness Revisited: A Time Series Analysis
 Zhao, Yunhan.

Stop and Go: Explaining the Timing of Intermittency Cycles in Criminal Trajectories
 Ouellet, Frédéric.

Stop or Frisk? Measuring Explanatory factors of Officer Decisions to Frisk Suspects During Pedestrian Stops in New York City
 Grant, Heath., Piza, Eric. and Feng, Shun.

Stops and Stares: Street Stops, Surveillance and Race in the New Policing
 Braga, Anthony., Fagan, Jeffrey., Brunson, Rod. and Pattavina, April.

Straight from the Pen
 Sutton, Paul.

Strain in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Examination of Human Trafficking using Fuzzy-Set QCA
 Williamson, Sarah.

Strategies for Improving the Quality and Utilization of the Blueprints Registry
 Elliott, Delbert.

Street Gang Definitions across Two US Cities: Eurogang Criteria, Group Identity Characteristics, and Peer Group Involvement in Crime
 Roman, Caterina. and Cahill, Meagan.

Street Gangs on YouTube: Findings from Two Countries
 Densley, James.

Street Racing: Mandatory Minimums, Maximums, and Limiting Judicial Discretion through Legislature
 Bilski, Roxanne.

Street Violence as Conversation: Using CCTV Footage to Explore the Dynamics of Violent Episodes
 Philpot, Richard. and Levine, Mark.

Streetwork In The Post-Ferguson Era: Relations Between Ex-Prisoner Outreach Workers And The Police
 Wade, Brian. and Maruna, Shadd.

Stress and Burnout Among Law Enforcement Executives: A Study
 Brady, Patrick. and King, William.

Stress in Bangladesh: Are Changes in Life Circumstances and Perceived Stress Related to Changes in Crime, Deviance, and Depression?
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