American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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Taking a Deal: Exploring Influences on Plea Decisions among Adolescents and Adults
 Arndorfer, Andrea. and Malloy, Lindsay.

Taking the Long View of Risk Assessment: The Promise and Pitfalls of Machine Learning in Actuarial Decision-Making for Criminal Justice Agencies
 Kim, KiDeuk. and Duwe, Grant.

Taming Business? Understanding Effectiveness in the Control of White Collar and Corporate Crime
 Haines, Fiona.

Targeted Enforcement Against Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: How Best to Suppress Violence?
 Kleiman, Mark., Kulick, Jonathan. and Prieger, James.

Targeted Policing or Sin Taxes on Sex? The Relationship between Adult Dance Clubs and Human Trafficking
 Fink, Joshua. and Land, Kenneth.

Taught Red-Handed: Learning Crime Prevention from Offenders
 Addis, Nick., Evans, Andrew., Karstedt, Susanne. and Malleson, Nicolas.

 Harmon, Talia.

 Bohm, Robert.

 Foglia, Wanda.

 Sandys, Marla.

 Lee, Gavin.

Teacher Victimization in the U.S.: Measuring and Understanding Prevalence
 Moon, Byongook. and McCluskey, John.

Teaching Community Police Officers to Coach Colleagues
 Geenen, Marie-José.

Teaching Law Enforcement Undergraduates at John Jay College of Criminal Justice : From Punishment to Public Health.
 Drucker, Ernest.

Teaching Leadership Concepts to the Finest
 Haberfeld, Maria., Walker, Michael., Fraher, William. and LaRaia, William.

Teaching Race From a Place of Privilege
 Limmer, Jaimee. and Ragan, Kasey.

Teaching Race and Inequality in a Short-Term Immersion Experience
 Globokar, Julie.

Technological Frames and Technological Change: A Case Study of a New Records Management System
 Willis, James., Lum, Cynthia. and Koper, Christopher.

Technologies of an Everyday Drug Dealer
 Berry, Mark.

Technology, Justice and the Juvenile Defendant in Queensland (Australia)
 Hutchinson, Terry.

Technology, Trickery and Trafficking: An Examination of Internet Recruitment Techniques to the UK Sex Industry
 McAlister, Ruth.

Teen Sexting and Adolescent Relationship Abuse
 Temple, Jeff. and Choi, Hye.

Teenage Motherhood and Intimate Partner Victimization Risk: A Counter-Factual Analysis
 Zito, Rena.

Teenage Murderers: An Exploratory Comparative Analysis of 2008-2012 Homicides Perpetrated by African American and Non-minority Youth
 Andreescu, Viviana. and Chukwuedo, Christopher.

Tell Me Who You Hang with and I’ll Tell You What You Are: Gang Identity, Organization, and Desistance
 Leverso, John.

Telling Stories: The Disconnect Between Police Problem Description and Response Frames
 Gallagher, Kathleen.

Telling the Truth Takes a Collective Effort*: Lessons in Excavating Missing Voices in Penal Reform
 Munn, Melissa. and Clarkson, Chris.

Termination or Accountability? The Controversy Over the United States Use of Cyber-Intelligence
 Boussios, Emanuel.

Terrorist Ideology and Behavior: An Examination of the Behavior of Known Perpetrators
 Bellandi, Rose.

Terrorist Targeting of Schools
 Asal, Victor. and Fahey, Susan.

Terrorist, Troll or Vigilante: Mainstream media characterizations of Joshua Ryne Goldberg
 Cadigan, Robert.

Terry's Original Sin
 Fagan, Jeffrey.

Testing Anomie Theory on an Adult Population
 Collins, Angela. and Menard, Scott.

Testing Crime Displacement Effect on Installing CCTVs
 Seo, Chunghyeon. and Park, Sang Jun.

Testing Deterrence in the National Basketball Association
 McCutcheon, Michael.

Testing Environmental Criminology: A New Question and A Neglected Population
 Zawisza, Thomas. and Frailing, Kelly.

Testing Guardianship in Action in Texas
 del Carmen, Alex. and Hollis, Meghan.

Testing Methods for Improving Response Rates in Local Level Victimization Surveys
 McGarrell, Edmund. and Melde, Chris.

Testing Theories of Police Response to Same-Sex vs. Opposite-Sex Couples Involved in Interpersonal Violence
 Richardson, Nicholas. and Smith, William.

Testing Turning Points: A Randomized Field Experiment in Birmingham, UK
 Sherman, Lawrence.

Testing Whether Culture Moderates Batterer Intervention Program Retention and Outcomes Rates
 Maxwell, Christopher. and Patterson, LaShawndra.

Testing a Model of Attitudes Toward Disproportionate Minority Contact
 Ryon, Stephanie. and Pickett, Justin.

Testing an Integrated Model of Intimate Partner Homicide Rates in Texas Counties
 Williams, James. and Rodeheaver, Daniel.

Testing an Organizational Change Model of Relational Coordination within a Comprehensive Youth and Gang Violence Collaborative
 Bond, Brenda. and Gebo, Erika.

Testing and Evaluating Body-Worn Video Technology in the LAPD: One Year Later
 Uchida, Craig., Solomon, Shellie., Swatt, Mark. and Connor, Christine.

Testing for the Benefit of Readiness for Batterer Intervention Program Treatment
 Mandalari, Amber. and Maxwell, Christopher.

Testing the Collective Action Theory of Genocide
 Pruitt, William.

Testing the Impact of Police Body-Worn Cameras on Officer Use of Force and Citizen Complaints
 White, Michael., Gaub, Janne. and Todak, Natalie.

Testing the Influence Differential Coercion and Social Support Theory on Violent Offending
 Hughes, Vivian. and Kurtz, Don.

Testing the Influence of Crime Generators on Urban Property Crime Patterns: A Natural Experiment
 Vandeviver, Christophe., Van Daele, Stijn. and Bernasco, Wim.

Testing the Marshall Hypothesis: New Data and New Measures
 Cruz, Justo. and Myers, Wesley.

Testing the Violence Hypothesis: Untangling Motives for Migration and Non-migration among Salvadoran Youth
 Donnelly, Robert., Pitts, Wayne., Barrick, Kelle., Gibbs, Deborah. and Lattimore, Pamela.

The (Perceived) Seriousness of Crime and its Components: Opening the Black Box
 Adriaenssen, An., Paoli, Letizia. and Pleysier, Stefaan.

The (Social) Road Less Traveled: Geographical Distance Between Criminal Associates and Frequency of Police Contacts in a Network of Serious Offenders
 Hashimi, Sadaf. and Bouchard, Martin.

The 2016 Presidential Election and the Militia Movement: How One Militia Used Social Media to Discuss the election.
 DeLeeuw, Joseph.

The Active Dispute as the Strongest Predictor of Violence in the Near Term: A Strategy for Identification, Risk Assessment and Intervention by the Police
 Klofas, John., Altheimer, Irshad. and Petitti, Nicholas.

The Active Shooter Influence on Police Militarization
 McAden, Lanny.

The Additional Stressors of Volunteering: Policing
 Dobrin, Benjamin., Dobrin, Adam. and Wolf, Ross.

The Advertisement of Escort Companionship: An Examination of Attributes and Stereotypes
 Snow, Natalie. and Radatz, Dana.

The Affect of Trump: Ressentiment, Marginalization, and the Policing of Surplus Migrant Life
 Montana, Omar.

The Ambiguity of Detained Youths: Going Beyond "Making Good Choices"
 King, Sanna.

The Application of Social Disorganization Theory in Order to Understand Crime on College Campuses
 DeCesare, Rebecca.

The Arbitrary & Racialized Calculus of U.S. Crack Laws
 Lang, Aaron.

The Art of Listening in Law Enforcement – Building Community Trust
 Tucker-Gail, Kasey., Kral, George., Lilley, David., Stewart, Megan. and Butler, Tara.

The Association between Parenting Styles and Children’s Delinquency
 Lee, Bora. and Gerber, Jurg.

The Background and Vision of the Philadelphia Adult Probation and Parole Department
 Eidson, Jillian.

The Bail Decision in Atlanta and Philadelphia: What Does it Really Mean?
 Starks, B. Chad.

The Beginning of a Social Movement Among Sex Offender Organizations
 ten Bensel, Tusty., Baldwin, Julie., Sobba, Kristen. and Sample, Lisa.

The Behavior of Law in College Athletics: Examining the Quantity and Variability of NCAA Sanctions
 Day, Jacob. and Brauer, Jonathan.

The Bill of Globalization: May we still talk of 'crime and migration' today?
 Melossi, Dario.

The Brady Bill and Domestic Violence Protection Orders: Firearm Removal Rates in Arizona
 Wallin, Mikaela. and Durfee, Alesha.

The Brutalization Effect: Examining the Role of State Sponsored Violence on National Homicide Trends
 Connell, Nadine., Powell, Zachary. and Bunte, Jonas.

The Burden of Supervision Fees for Individuals on Probation
 Ruhland, Ebony., Robey, Jason. and Corbett, Ron.

The Business of Bullying: The Olweus Program’s Construction of Bullies, Bystanders, and Victims
 Kremser, Jonathan.

The CAN-SEBP Experience: Developing Evidence Based Policing through Productive University-Police Relationships
 Huey, Laura.

The Camorra Violence: Mafia Wars in the Metropolitan Area of Naples
 Brancaccio, Luciano., Castellano, Carolina., Martone, Vittorio., Massari, Monica. and Zaccaria, Anna Maria.

The Campus Beat Goes On: A Historical Comparison of University Law Enforcement Services
 Wilkinson, Blair.

The Canary in the Coal Mine: General Punitiveness Toward Criminals and Support for Marijuana Legalization
 Hauser, Will.

The Care Could Kill Ya: The Need For Transparent Inquiries Into Prisoners’ Health Care Needs
 Zaitzow, Barbara. and Willis, Anthony.

The Carrot or the Stick? An Examination of Rehabilitative Programs and Solitary Confinement in U.S. Penal Institutions
 Brown, Timothy., Lamb, Eugene., Glidden, Marc. and Brown, Kimberly.

The Case Against Custody: Exploring the Problems With Police Detention in England and Wales
 Dehaghani, Roxanna.

The Cessation of Violent Victimization: A Study of Developmental and Personal Antecedents
 Ziegler, Jessica.

The Chain of Violence and the Lessons for New Orleans
 Iadicola, Peter.

The Challenges and Benefits of Research Co-production and Knowledge Mobilisation in Policing: The N8 Policing Research Partnership initiative
 Crawford, Adam.

The Challenges of Enforcing the Laws on Identity Theft
 Oludare, Alaba. and Obi, Festus.

The Challenges of Prison Research in South Asia: A Case Study in India and Sri Lanka
 Bhardwaj, Ntasha.

The Changing Faces of Neighborhoods and Crime: An Examination of Four Philadelphia Neighborhood Clusters over Time
 Miller, Jeaneé.

The Changing Nature of Detective Work
 Bacon, Matthew. and Rice, Lindsey.

The Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections: Findings and Recommendations
 La Vigne, Nancy.

The Cincinnatti Collaborative Agreement: Using Police Effectiveness Research to Reduce Police Problems in the Community
 Eck, John.

The Classroom as a Gang: An Active Learning approach to Teaching Undergraduates about Deviant/Criminal Groups
 Steele, Jennifer.

The Club Deportivo Dan Soccer Program: An Evaluation of Process and Outcome
 Abdel-Salam, Sami. and Antonio, Michael.

The Code of Silence and Ethical Perceptions: Exploring Police Officer Unwillingness to Report Misconduct
 Porter, Louise. and Prenzler, Timothy.

The Color of Confinement: Determinants of Detention among Latino Youth
 Webb, Patrick.

The Color of Trust: Police, Conflict and Community
 Brown, Alan. and Meyerhoffer, Cassi.

The Comparative Lethality of Two World Regions: An Examination of Divergent Homicide Trends in Latin American and European Nations
 Curtis, Karise.

The Complex Web of Australian Ethnic Segregation and Neighbourhood Change
 Fay-Ramirez, Suzanna., Sydes, Michelle. and Benier, Kathryn.

The Conflictive Meanings of Expulsion for Criminal Justice Agents in Spain
 Villagomez, Byron.

The Consequences of Secondary Trauma for Rural Victim Service Providers
 Ellis, Colter., Knight, Kelly. and Robinson, Robin.

The Construction of Exoneration: Exploring News Media Coverage of the "Correction" of Wrongful Conviction
 Rozad, Katy.

The Correlation Between Deterrence and the Punishment of Crimes Committed by Federal Legislators
 Grossberger, Kenneth.

The Cost of Being Cool: How Adolescent Peer Crowds Map onto Adult Adjustment
 Gordon Simons, Leslie. and Sutton, Tara.

The Cost of Chronic Homelessness vs. The Cost of Public Supportive Housing
 Voigt, Lydia., Friduss, Marisa., Jablonski, Nik., Parker, Dan., Riley, William. and Judice, Vicki.

The Costs and Cost-effectiveness of Implementing In-person and Computerized Interventions to Enhance Treatment Receipt among Drug-involved Probationers
 Cowell, Alexander., Zarkin, Gary., Wedehase, Brendan., Walters, Scott. and Taxman, Faye.

The Court Community Perspective: Investigating How the Structure of Professional Relations Influences Court Decisions
 Leclerc, Chloé. and Boivin, Rémi.

The Creation of the Aggravated Felony Legal Category and the Punitive Turn in American Drug, Crime, and Immigration Policy
 Tosh, Sarah.

The Crime of Disembodiment: Ethics and Remote-Controlled Warfare
 Kabamba, Patience., Nelson, Samuel. and McGraw, J..

The Crime-Preventive Effects of Religiosity in Males and Females: A Study in Russia and Ukraine
 Botchkovar, Ekaterina., Antonaccio, Olena. and Hughes, Lorine.

The Criminal Consequences of Regulating Problematic Goods and Services
 Aziani, Alberto., Calderoni, Francesco. and Savona, Ernesto.

The Criminal Fire Triangle: An Exploratory Study of the Spatiotemporal Correlates of Intentionally Set Fires
 South, Rhena.

The Criminalization of Muslims in the Contemporary United States
 Kaufman, Sarah Beth. and Niner, Hanna.

The Criminogenic Effect of the Canada Line on Neighbourhood Levels of Crime in Vancouver, BC
 Gallison, Jordana. and Andresen, Martin.

The Criminology of the “Criminal Involvement” and “Criminal Event” of Jihadi Lone Terrorists
 Perry, Simon., Hasisi, Badi. and Alshech, Eli.

The Cultural Afterlife of Visual Evidence
 Biber, Katherine.

The Cumulative Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Offense Seriousness Among Delinquent Youth
 Ivezic, Ardijana. and Wolff, Kevin.

The Current State of School Security
 Eckert, Ronald. and Payne, Allison.

The Dangers and Self-protective Behaviors of Ride Share Drivers
 Schwendau, Angie.

The Dangers of Cross-Racial Misidentification Resulting from Interracial Sexual Assaults
 Kelish, Adrienne.

The Dangers of Disruption: A Social Worker’s Notes on Jails, (Slow) Death, and Institutional Cycling
 Miller, Reuben. and Kita, Elizabeth.

The Dark Side: Exploring Violent Extremism on the Dark Web
 Mitchell, Julianna., Frank, Richard., Davies, Garth., Monk, Bryan. and Zulknarnine, Tahsin.

The Deadliness of Terrorist Groups’ Twitter Usage and Popularity
 Jiang, Bo.

The Deadly War of “Duchess” and “Honey”: Exploring the Opportunities for Counterfeit Alcohol in Different Social Settings
 Markovska, Anna.

The Decision to Prosecute in Felony Cases in Kenya
 Cooper Parks, Andee., Kimani, Wamaitha., Aggrey, Juma., Harris, Kristen., Wilkinson, Claire., Russell, Ashley. and Singleton, Kirsten.

The Deportability of the Central American Undocumented Community: Immigrant Right Advocate’s Perceptions, Experiences, and Realities
 Torres, Jose.

The Deputy Chief's Perspective
 Thomas, John.

The Development and Implementation of the Community Arts and Reintegration Project (CARP)
 Holler, Timothy.

The Development of a Community-based Elder Death Review Team: Mission, Goals and Strategies
 Benson, Paul.

The Deviance of the OMCG
 Bain, Andy.

The Devil is in the Counterfactual: Alternative Strategies for Evaluation Studies
 Terranova, Victoria. and Stafford, Mark.

The Devil is in the Details: How News Media Coverage of Family Violence De-emphasizes Victims
 Grau, Amy.

The Diffusion of State Racial Profiling Laws
 Weld, Dean.

The Digital Squeeze: Extortion Rackets in Cyberspace
 Rege, Aunshul.

The Diversity of Diversion Disparity: An Evaluation of the Use of Civil Citations in Florida
 Kuch, Joshua., Mears, Daniel., Greenwald, Mark. and Russell, Mark.

The Double Edged Sword of Gender Equality: A Cross- National Study of Crime Victimization
 Lo, Celia., Ash-Houchen, William. and Gerling, Heather.

The Drag Pit: the Decline and Fall of Cockfighting
 Hawley, Francis.

The Dynamics of Counterfeit Alcohol Distribution
 Spencer, Jon. and Lord, Nicholas.

The Dynamics of Generational Transformations: An Examination of Police Aggression and Generational Differences
 Kocher, Charles.

The Dynamics of Neighborhood Crime: A Multi-City Longitudinal Analysis
 Sabbath, Elizabeth., Krivo, Lauren., Lyons, Christopher., Phillips, Jason. and Velez, Maria.

The Dynamics of Violence and the Risk of Atrocity Crimes: Using Violence Indicators as Precursors of Mass Atrocities
 Karstedt, Susanne. and Koch, Michael.

The Effect of Differential Police Patrols on Citizen's Fear of Crime
 Jobi, Obang. and Avdija, Avdi.

The Effect of Friends’ Drug Treatment on One’s Substance Use: A Network Perspective
 Everett, Dallin. and Rees, Carter.

The Effect of Incarceration Experiences on Suicide Attempts among Transgender Individuals
 Drakeford, Leah. and Blosser, Emily.

The Effect of Juvenile Justice-Related Factors on Trajectories of Callous-Unemotional Traits
 Frick, Paul., Ray, James., Thornton, Laura., Wall, Tina., Steinberg, Laurence. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

The Effect of Mental Health Diagnoses and Substance Abuse on Offenders’ Reasons to Offend
 Craig, Jessica., Wilson, Angie., Baglivio, Michael., Epps, Nathan. and Piquero, Alex.

The Effect of Military Service on Misconduct in Prison
 Bakes, Brandon.

The Effect of Mobile-phone Dependency on School Adjustment in Korea: Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Self-Esteem and Gender Difference
 Chung, Ick-Joong. and Lee, Ji Yeon.

The Effect of One's Social Class on the Likelihood Regarding the Practice of Stop, Question and Frisk
 Mercogliano, Frank.

The Effect of Paternal Imprisonment on Children’s Educational Outcomes
 Anker, Anne Sofie.

The Effect of Paternal Incarceration on Children and Caregivers’ Social Support Networks
 Besemer, Kirsten. and Dennison, Susan.

The Effect of Physical Health on Inmate Misconduct
 Grosholz, Jessica. and Semenza, Daniel.

The Effect of Police Presence on Collective Efficacy: Baltimore, Maryland, 1986
 Tucker, Riley.

The Effect of Previous Bullying Victimization on Fear and Bullying Delinquencies as an Extreme Avoidance Behavior
 Han, Sungil. and Nobles, Matt.

The Effect of Prison Visitation on Reentry Success: A Meta-Analysis
 Mitchell, Meghan., Spooner, Kallee. and Jia, Di.

The Effect of Procedural Justice during Police-Citizen Encounters: A Factorial Vignette-Based Study
 Mays, Ryan. and Reisig, Michael.

The Effect of Racial Bias on Domestic Violence Scenarios
 Rubenstein, Batya., Powers, Ráchael., Cochran, John. and Smith Stover, Carla.

The Effect of Religiosity on Criminality: A Cross-National Comparative Study
 Hong, Myeonggi., Yoojung, Cha. and Hwang, EuiGab.

The Effect of Supplementary Schooling Programs on Delinqunecy: A Review of Literature
 Harris, Lish., Baugh, Bryan., Gullo, Hannah., Lockwood, Joshua., Palmer, Morgan. and Winnefeld, Ashley.

The Effect of Victimization on Police Effectiveness, Legitimacy and Co-operation: A Longitudinal Study
 Benier, Kathryn. and Wickes, Rebecca.

The Effect of an Alcohol Treatment Program on Children’s Risk of Foster Care
 Berger, Lawrence. and Andersen, Signe.

The Effect of the Ohio Youth Assessment System's Residential Tool on Length of Placement
 Julian, Linda. and Karpinski, Aryn.

The Effect of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 on Arrests for Juvenile Prostitution: An Analysis of UCR Data
 Shields, Ryan., Kahn, Geoffrey. and Letourneau, Elizabeth.

The Effect of the “Quality” of Police Interaction on Satisfaction and Trust in Police
 Wheelock, Darren., Stroshine, Meghan. and O\'Hear, Michael.

The Effectiveness of Bullying Prevention Programs: An Updated Systematic Review
 Gaffney, Hannah., Ttofi, Maria. and Farrington, David.

The Effectiveness of Transitional Funds at Reducing Recidivism: A State DOC Perspective
 Falconer, Sean. and Wing, Janeena.

The Effectiveness of Weaponless Defensive Tactics Training: A View of Police Officers
 Vandiber, Tonikos. and Lim, Hyeyoung.

The Effectiveness of a Trauma Informed Training Program and Structured Interview in Adult Sexual Assault Cases
 Valentine, Julie.

The Effectiveness of the Nigerian Government’s Responses to Terrorism, 1980-2013
 Okoye, Ifeoma.

The Effects Of Adverse Childhood Experiences On Adult Outcomes Among Heterosexual And Sexual Minority Populations
 Jin, Hae Rim (Helen).

The Effects of Adolescent Involvement in Crime and Arrest on Young Adult Health
 Remster, Brianna.

The Effects of California’s Proposition 47 on Jail Populations, Recidivism and Public Safety
 Bird, Mia., Tafoya, Sonya., Grattet, Ryken. and Nguyen, Viet.

The Effects of Cognitive Abilities on Successful Prison Treatment: A Biosocial Assessment of Responsivity to Correctional Treatment
 Silver, Ian. and Nedelec, Joseph.

The Effects of Community Supervision on Recidivism and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
 Nguyen, Anh., Harding, David., Morenoff, Jeffrey. and Bushway, Shawn.

The Effects of Hot Spot Policing on Violent Crime: Strategic Tactical Deployment in Joliet, Illinois
 Lombardo, Robert. and Donner, Christopher.

The Effects of Increased Access to Community Programs on Parole: Lessons From New Jersey
 Veysey, Bonita. and Herrschaft, Bryn.

The Effects of Life Domains on Self-Reported Crime: Testing Agnew’s General Theory of Crime and Delinquency
 Calvert, Joseph., Love, Tony. and Bunting, Amanda.

The Effects of Lost/Rejected Aggravating and Mitigating Factors on Capital Sentencing Outcomes in North Carolina (1977-2009)
 Krupa, Julie., Smith, M.., Cochran, John., Bjerregaard, Beth. and Fogel, Sondra.

The Effects of Police Consolidation on Crime and Homicide: Examining the Impact in Compton, California
 Corsaro, Nicholas. and Wilson, Jeremy.

The Effects of Policy and Victim/Survivor Resources on Universities’ Reporting of Gender Based Violence
 Boyle, Kaitlin.

The Effects of Political Trust and Civil Liberty on Anti-Terrorism Police Power in South Korea
 Bae, Junghwan.

The Effects of Procedural Justice and Coercion on Specialty Court Outcomes
 Hood, Brittany. and Luskin, Mary Lee.

The Effects of Procedural Justice on Perceptions of Police Bias: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments
 Maguire, Edward., Lowrey, Belen. and Johnson, Devon.

The Effects of Racialized Crime Stereotypes on Concern, Fear, and Perceived Trends
 Butler, Leah., Welch, Kelly., Gertz, Marc. and Chiricos, Ted.

The Effects of School-Based Law Enforcement Programs: A Systematic Review
 Petrosino, Anthony., Fronius, Trevor., Guckenburg, Sarah., Persson, Hannah. and Earl, Kevin.

The Effects of Self-Catering on Prisoners’ Detention Experiences in Belgium
 Vanhouche, An-Sofie.

The Effects of Social Integration/support on Drug Abuses among Aboriginals
 Cao, Liqun. and Burton, Velmer.

The Effects of Specialized Sex Offender Treatment on Juvenile Recidivism: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
 Kettery, Heather.

The Effects of State and Local Cannabis Policy Design on Local and Neighbouring Legal and Illicit Markets
 Midgette, Greg.

The Effects of Suggestive Questioning on Alibi Corroboration
 Behl, Joshua. and Levett, Lora.

The Effects of Teenage Work Quality on Delinquency
 Cundiff, Kelsey.

The Effects of Victimization: How Past Exposure to Violence Influences Response to Future Threats
 Low, Elizabeth., Avila, Andrea., Scalora, Mario., Bulling, Denise. and DeKraai, Mark.

The Effects of a Texas Law that Mandates Sexual Assault Kit Testing
 Davis, Robert., Wells, William. and Knecht, Ilse.

The Emergency Training of Helicopter Pilots of Minas Gerais Military Police
 Nicacio, Claudia. and Vilas Boas, Marcelo.

The Empirical Status of General Strain Theory: A Meta-analysis
 Li, Yudu., Zhang, Yan. and Armstrong, Todd.

The Empowerment Model in Prison Education and its Obstacles
 Drew, Jenifer.

The Enduring Significance of Race, Ethnicity and Poverty for Male Victimization: 1973-2010
 Lauritsen, Janet., Heimer, Karen. and Lang, Joseph.

The Etiology of Intelligence on Juvenile Delinquency using a Multivariate Analysis Approach
 Nickell, Tammy. and Cho, Yeok-il.

The Evaluation of Body-worn Cameras: Final Results from a Randomized Controlled Experiment in Orlando, FL.
 Lynch, Mathew.

The Exercise of Unacceptable Power: Using the Lessons of the Canadian Residential School Closures to Achieve Penal Abolition
 Clarkson, Chris. and Munn, Melissa.

The Experiences of Registered Citizens in the Community Regarding Treatment Post-Sanctions
 Cooley, Brooke. and Sample, Lisa.

The Experiences of a Group of Agents that Intervene with Crimes of Commercial Exploitation of Minors
 Melendez-Vazquez, Manuel., Colón-Santos, Edgar. and Plaza-Montero, Dra. Ana.

The Exploration of Infantophilia: Establishing Infant-Related Sexual Assault Profiling Typologies
 Hutton, Erica., Barone, Peter., Hernandezpeterson, Kyrie. and Felton, Christopher.

The FFT-G Intervention
 Robbins, Michael. and Midouhas, Helen.

The Facts about FACT: An Evaluability Assessment of a Fatherhood Prison Program
 Henson, Abigail.

The Fair Fight: Contextualizing Procedural Justice in a Veterans Treatment Court
 Sherman, Nicole.

The Falling Back Men Turn 30: Desistance and Subjective Perceptions of Adulthood and Masculinity
 Fader, Jamie.

The Fates of "Cop Killers" in Post-Gregg North Carolina
 Smith, M.., Bjerregaard, Beth. and Fogel, Sondra.

The Fault is in the System: Jail Reform in the United States from 1790 to 1945
 Tillotson, Stephen.

The Fear Factor: The Impact of Deportation as Legal Violence on the Lives of Immigrants
 Leyro, Shirley.

The Federal Prosecution of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Offenses, 2007-2013
 Flynn, Abigail. and Adams, William.

The Fight Against Impunity: A Content Analysis of the Sexual Violence Cases of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
 Dejaeger, Sara.

The Financial, Emotional, and Wellbeing Costs of Fines, Fees, and Bond in New Orleans
 Delany-Brumsey, Ayesha.

The First State Public Defender of the Louisiana Public Defender Board
 Faria, Jean.

The Fiscal and Human Costs of Life without Parole
 Leigey, Margaret. and Schartmueller, Doris.

The Focal Concerns Theory and Predictors of Pretrial Detention
 Hanrath, Lily.

The Foreign Sun, It Squints Upon/A Bed That is Never Mine: How Domestic Sex Offender Policies Violate International Human Rights Laws and Ethical Standards
 Perlin, Michael.

The Foreshadowing of Desistance Among Incarcerated Juvenile Offenders
 Hay, Carter. and Widdowson, Alex.

The Forgotten Ones: Exploring the Pervasiveness and Correlates of PTSD among Correctional Staff
 Swartz, Kristin. and French, Ashley.

The Forgotten Women: Pregnant and Behind Bars
 Rose, Susan. and LeBel, Thomas.

The Forgotten: An Analysis of Victim Testimony in a Federal Environmental Crime Case
 Jarrell, Melissa. and Ozymy, Joshua.

The Future of Lethal Violence Abatement in New Orleans
 Serpas, Ronal.

The Future of the Academy: Who's Looking for Whom?
 Pikciunas, Kweilin., Gavin, Samantha., Cooper, Jonathon. and Hanrahan, Kathleen.

The Gender Gap in Incarceration: The Role of Demographics, Politics, and the Welfare System
 Park, JiHye., Heimer, Karen. and Sanchagrin, Kenneth.

The Gender in Stories: How War Stories and Police Narratives Shape Masculine Police Culture
 Kurtz, Don. and Upton, Lindsey.

The Gendered Context of Military Service and Differential Effects on Offending Trajectories
 Bouffard, Leana. and Craig, Jessica.

The Gendered Worlds of Drugging (or “Drink Spiking”)
 Lasky, Nicole., Swan, Suzanne. and Fisher, Bonnie.

The Generality of the Neighborhood Immigration and Crime Relationship: Official and Perceptual Measures
 Curry, Theodore. and Morales, Maria.

The Genesis of SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) and the Impact Treatment Intensity
 Augimeri, Leena., Walsh, Margaret. and Donato, Adam.

The Geography of Death: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Homicide Court Cases
 Petersen, Nick.

The Geography of Police Killings
 Weisheit, Ralph., Ingram, Jason. and Cottle, Clayton.

The Gift: The Technique of Reciprocity in a Society of Control
 Schuilenburg, Marc.

The Girls Circle Evaluation: Policy and Program Implications
 Cohen, Marcia., Gies, Stephen., Bobnis, Amanda. and Taormina, Giovanna.

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The Monitor's Perspective
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The NYC Commercial Sex Market: The Life Histories of Adults Who Trade Sex
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The Nation's Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Violations: Do State-Sponsored Social Controls Signify Internal Struggles?
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The National Centre for Dance Therapy: Move the World Differently
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The National Database of Completed and Averted Attacks on Schools
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The National Legal Aid & Defender Association Quality Indicators Project
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The Nature and Extent of Electronic Monitoring in the U.S. Criminal Justice System
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The Nature, Scope, and Effectiveness of Officer Decertification
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The Need to Consider Active Duty Offenders for Diversion from Less-Than-Honorable Discharges in a Similar Manner as Civilian Veterans’ Diversion Programs
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The Nordic War against Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs
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The Ordering of Occupy Toronto: Exploring Social Media Mobilization
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The Organisation of Migrant Smuggling across the Mediterranean
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The Organisation of Migrant Smuggling across the Mediterranean
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The Persistence of Mass Incarceration in a Low Crime Era
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The Plantiffs' Civil Rights Attorney's Perspective
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The Police Subculture: Understanding its Importance for Policing and Police
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The Politics of the Subculture Career: Skaters De-Criminalize The West LA Courthouse
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The Price Tag of Fast Fashion: Rana Plaza and State-Corporate Crime in Bangladesh's Garment Industry
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The Privatization of Juvenile Facilities
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The Rainier Beach Positive Behaviors Project
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The Real Criminal Minds
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The Realities of Non-Profit Reentry Services
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The Reality of Some: How films have shaped the Rural Appalachian "Other"
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The Relationship Between Community Context and Homelessness
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The Relationship between Migration and Homicides at the Cross-National Level: A Longitudinal Analysis
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The Relationship between Social Adversity and Callous-unemotional (CU) Traits in Children: The Moderating Effect of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA) Activity
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The Relationship between Trauma and Substance Use among Probationers
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The Relationship between the ICC and Truth Commissions
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The Relevance and Impact of Contemporary Paroling Authorities
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The Relevance of Prison Programs for Shaping Female Inmate Misconduct
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The Reporting and Support Needs of Online Fraud Victims: An Australian Case Study
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Theoretical Explanation of Homicide
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They’re Banging’ Too!” A Typology of Correctional Officers Developed from Formerly Incarcerated Narratives
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Torture Tactics of Pimps
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Toward an Integrated Theory of Crime at Place: Routine Activities, Social Disorganization, and the Law of Crime Concentration
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Toward better data for firearms background check research: the Firearm Inquiry Statistics (FIST) Program
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Toward the Development of a Multidimensional Scale of Latino Threat
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Towards a Better Understanding of Policing: Race and Class
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Towards a Criminology of Popular Culture
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Towards a Theoretical Model of Police Decision Making: Elaborating the Focal Concerns Perspective Using the Theory of Planned Behavior
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Towards an Anarcho-Punk Criminology
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Towards of Typology of Retaliatory Disputes
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Tracing Public Support for the Death Penalty in a Red State
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Tracking mentally ill individuals to reduce violence in the United States: Are background checks effective prevention strategies?
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Traditional Qualitative Methodology in an Innovative Setting: Cybercrime Research on Adversarial Decision-Making, Behavior, and Group Dynamics
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Trajectory Models Revisited: Assessing Recent Simulation Studies
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Transfer Student Success
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Tweaking the Process: Application of the Sequential Intercept Model in Mental Health-Criminal Justice Collaboration
 Staton, Monte.

Twenty First Century Policing in the City: Officer Perspectives on a Decade under Consent Decree
 Cesar, Gabriel.

Twenty Years of Physical Agility Testing
 Craig-Moreland, Delores.

Twenty-First Century Police Training Academy Curriculum
 Shabazz, Hamin.

Twenty-Two Years After the Passage of VAWA: A Comparative Case Study on Domestic Violence
 Yang, Fei.

Twenty-five Years of NIJ-Sponsored Firearms Research
 Combs, Barbara. and Wyrick, Phelan.

Twitter After Charlie Hebdo: A Taxonomy Of Violent Communication In Cyberspace
 Miró Llinares, Fernando. and Fernández Castejón, Elena Beatriz.

Two Sides of the Same Coin? Family Conflict, Support, and Reentry Success
 Mowen, Thomas.

Two-faced city: Guns, crime and drugs in New York.
 Martin, Yolanda., Ruggiero, Raymond., Jean, Samantha., Bates, Laiquan., Zenuni, Irini., Haxhi, Peter., Ramirez, Franklin. and Orellana, Marta.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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