American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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U.S. Justice Failures: A neo-Kuhnian Paradigmatic Analysis of Westphalia’s Ghost
 Reed, Thomas.

U.S. State Power and the War on Terror: A Look at New Post-9/11 Legal Complexes
 Dunford, David.

Unaccompanied Minor Refugees in the Swedish Landscape: Visualizing Double-Edged Risk
 Jordeno, Sara.

Unaccompanied Minor Refugees’ Narratives of Risk
 Horning Ruf, Amber.

Uncaged: Mixed Martial Arts, Ultra-Realist Criminology, Violence and the Ethnographic Lens.
 Treadwell, James.

Uncertainties Faced in the Transition from Adjunct to Full-Time NTT
 Allen, Ross.

Unconstitutional Search Warrant Practices in Washington, D.C.
 Karakatsanis, Alec.

Uncovering levels of community trust, fear of crime, and police-community relations in Baltimore City.
 Cantora, Andrea.

Uncovering the Motivations, Barriers, and Pathways to Becoming a Former Extremist: Mapping the Structural, Agentic, and Organizational Dynamics in Identity Transformation
 DeMichele, Matthew., Simi, Pete. and Blee, Katherine.

Uncrossing the Digital Divide: Continuities between On and Offline Criminal Organisation
 McGuire, Mike.

Understanding Arrest Data in the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
 Wagner, Alex., Cross, Ted., Bibel, Daniel. and Koch, Ryan.

Understanding Barriers to Community-Based Health Care After Jail Release
 Mallik-Kane, Kamala., Paddock, Ellen. and Jannetta, Jesse.

Understanding CODIS Hits as a Performance Metric
 Walsh, Kelly., McClure, Dave. and Flynn, Abigail.

Understanding Crime Clearances: A Research Program to Improve Police Performance
 Wellford, Charles. and Lum, Cynthia.

Understanding Crime Hot Spots: Correlates of High Crime and Social Disorganization
 Stephensen, Rachel.

Understanding Effects of Employment on Alcohol Use: A Cross-Sectional Perspective
 Schnellinger, Rusty.

Understanding Evaluation Evidence through Systematic Reviews of School-Based Crime Prevention Programs
 Gerstenblith, Stephanie.

Understanding Factors Related to Prolonged Trial of Detained Inmates in the Philippines
 Narag, Raymund.

Understanding Familial DNA: Findings from ICF International's Study of Familial DNA Searching Policies and Practices
 Field, Michael., Debus-Sherrill, Sara. and Seera, Saniya.

Understanding Farm Animal Abuse: Legal and Extra-Legal Factors
 Lovell, Jarret.

Understanding Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Differences in the Relationship between Prison Visitation and Recidivism
 Tasca, Melinda., Turanovic, Jillian. and Wright, Kevin.

Understanding How Halfway House Residents Perceive and Access Healthcare During the Transition from Prison to the Community
 Paddock, Ellen., Mallik-Kane, Kamala. and Tiry, Emily.

Understanding Human Trafficking in Iowa: Preliminary Results
 Lowry, Samantha., Henninger, Alana., Seera, Saniya. and Crossman, Janine.

Understanding Law Enforcement Officer’s Perspectives Regarding the Use of the Body-Worn Camera: A Qualitative Study
 Cathcart, Katy.

Understanding Modes of Drugging and Their Effects From Reddit Users’ Descriptions
 Ratay, Rachael.

Understanding Place Function, Openness, and Crime
 Birds, Jonathan. and Madensen, Tamara.

Understanding Police Homicides: What We Can Learn from the National Homicide Data Improvement Project
 Roth, Randolph., Regoeczi, Wendy. and Issa, Rania.

Understanding Race and Delinquency: A Rationale for Alternatives to Out-of-School Suspensions
 Cottrell, Cicely.

Understanding Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence: The Influence of Victims’ Criminal Histories
 Iratzoqui, Amaia.

Understanding Risky Facilities: Analysis of Factors Associated with Jails Escapes in Four States
 Scott, Jacqueline., Mellow, Jeff., Petrossian, Gohar. and Peterson, Bryce.

Understanding State Crime Through the Extrajudicial Killing of Journalists
 Krajewski, Andrea.

Understanding Substance Use Trajectories among Probationers and the Impact on Criminal Behavior
 Lerch, Jennifer., Taxman, Faye. and Walters, Scott.

Understanding Why Off-Premise Alcohol Outlets Matter for Neighborhood Violence
 Snowden, Aleksandra. and Pridemore, William.

Understanding and Accounting for Triggers in Sex Crimes Classes
 Terry, Karen.

Understanding the Causes of Disproportionate Minority Contact: Perspectives of System Actors
 McManus, Hannah., Spiegel, Stephanie. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Understanding the Development of a Terrorist Propensity in Lone Actors
 Bouhana, Noemie., Gill, Paul., Lindelkilde, Lasse., Malthaner, Stefan., Corner, Emily. and Thornton, Amy.

Understanding the Economic Impact of Gun Violence
 Irvin-Erickson, Yasemin., Bieler, Samuel., Bai, Bing. and Gurvis, Annie.

Understanding the Factors of Cyberbullying Offending and Victimization
 Hayton, Alexis.

Understanding the Impact of Restorative Justice and Community Justice Programs
 Meditz, Kyle.

Understanding the Impacts of Body-Worn Cameras on Accountability
 Koen, Marthinus.

Understanding the Juveniles’ Attitudes Towards the Police in Hakkari, Turkey
 Sahin, Nusret. and Baysal, Samet.

Understanding the Nature of Youth Sexual Offending in Canada
 Leroux, Elisabeth. and Varma, Kim.

Understanding the Onset and Specialization of Sexual Offending Among Juveniles
 Welsh-Loveman, Jeremy., Goff, Margaret. and Kim, KiDeuk.

Understanding the Relational Context of Desistance: The Peer Mentoring of Offenders in Recovery in the North East of England
 Irving, Adele. and Soppitt, Sarah.

Understanding the Role of Neighborhood Churches: An Examination of Churches, Drug Values and Drug Offenses
 Headley, Rebecca. and Warner, Barbara.

Understanding the Spatial Effects on Hate Crimes in a Majority-Minority Context: An Examination of Hate Crimes against Latinos
 Iwama, Janice.

Understanding the 'Ripple Effect' of Terror Incidents on Londoners' Sense of Safety and Social Cohesion
 Fenn, Liam. and Brunton-Smith, Ian.

Understanding the role of structural, organizational, and demographic factors in the early adoption of body-worn cameras
 Katz, Charles., King, William. and Meditz, Kyle.

Unearthing Hidden Keys: Why Pracademics are an Invaluable (if Underutilized) Resource in Policing Research
 Huey, Laura. and Mitchell, Renee.

Unfair Miranda Rights to All
 Solensten, Brittany.

United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners: The Mandela Rules
 Leal, César.

Uniting Science, Policy, and Practice to Advance Smart Decarceration
 Pettus-Davis, Carrie.

Universities Effectively Working with Corrections Agencies, or “Why do the Prison People Act Like That?”
 Yanai, Christopher.

University Student Perceptions of Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice
 Shafer, Jillian., Stoddard, Cody. and Harrod, Michael.

Unleashing the Power of Open Government Datasets in Criminology
 Bates, Christopher.

Unmasking Privatization: Discursive Strategies and the Construction of CCA’s Public Image
 Nelson, Bethany.

Unmasking the Hidden Influences to College Success in a Disadvantaged Urban Environment: Voices from Inner-City College Students An Examination into the Social Capital
 Meloy, Michelle., Curtis, Kristin., Jensen, Ashley., Tucker, Shelby. and Webb, Wayne.

Unmet Operational Challenges in Tribal Criminal Justice Systems Agencies
 Saunders, Jess., Cahill, Meagan. and Katz, Charles.

Unpacking Disproportionate Minority Contact: Is There Evidence of Mediation Between Race and Juvenile Court Outcomes?
 Ilchi, Omeed. and Sullivan, Christopher.

Unpacking Spatio-Temporal Differences of Risk: An Analysis in Little Rock, Arkansas
 Chillar, Vijay. and Drawve, Grant.

Unpacking Violence: Deconstructing Understandings of Violence in Criminal Justice
 Bey, Saadiq.

Unpacking the Developmental Overlap between Victims and Offenders
 Lee, Yeungjeom. and Kim, Jihoon.

Unpacking the Organizational Climate and Culture: Co-production of Discord in a Small Police Agency
 Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Unpacking the Paradox of Network Ties: The Moderating Effect of Criminal Context on Victimization and Collective Efficacy
 Cwick, Jaclyn., Doherty, Elaine. and Ensminger, Margaret.

Unraveling the Crime-Development Nexus
 Pino, Nathan., Ellison, Graham. and Blaustein, Jarrett.

Unsafe Online: Routine Activities and Cyber Stalking Victimization Among College Students
 Carmody, Dianne.

Unstructured Socializing, Delinquent Behavior, and Victimization: A Genetically Informed Analysis of Twin Pairs
 Meldrum, Ryan. and Barnes, J.C..

Unsupervised Leisure Time and Risky Drinking among College Freshmen: Does the Number of Friends Matter?
 Barnum, Timothy., Anderson, Amy. and Clinkinbeard, Samantha.

Untangling Multiple Decisions in Domestic Violence Protection Orders
 Murray, Rebecca.

Up in Smoke? The Effects of Marijuana Dispensaries on Neighborhood Crime
 Hughes, Lorine., Schaible, Lonnie. and Jimmerson, Katherine.

Urban African American Youth and their Caregivers’ Perceptions of School Safety in Chicago: A Social-Ecological Perspective
 Hong, Jun., Voisin, Dexter. and Lee, Jungup.

Urban Planning or Urban Mining?
 Cornette, Evanne. and Bailey, Elizabeth.

Urban-Rural Differences in Perceptions of Policing: Preliminary Evidence from the 2016 Missouri Crime and Victimization Survey
 Avery, Eileen., Hermsen, Joan., Towne-Arnold, Katelynn., Knudtson, Matt. and Ritchey, Mark.

Use of Force During Sexual Assaults that Occur in Indian Country
 Murray, Nicole., Jones, Marshall. and Conradt, Travis.

Uses, Abuses, and Error in Criminal History Data Across Platforms
 Lageson, Sarah.

Using 311 reports to assess capacity for informal social control at the individual and neighborhood levels: Measurement and validation
 O\'Brien, Daniel. and Sampson, Robert.

Using Black Feminist Criminology to examine the tactics of women organizing in the Digital Era
 Gray, Kishonna.

Using C2 Reviews to Justify Intervention Investment: Methodological and Practical Challenges
 Mallender, Jacqueline., Harper, Gareth. and Beale, Andrew.

Using Campus Climate and Enrollment Data to Explore the Impact of Sexual Violence Experienced on Retention and Persistence
 Bush, Heather., Coker, Ann., Brancato, Candace. and Carlson, Charles.

Using Criminal Recidivism to Estimate Crime Displacement
 Loeffler, Charles.

Using Critical Reflection to Address LGBTQ Themes in CCJ Courses
 Panfil, Vanessa.

Using DNA Evidence in Sexual Assault Kits to Identify Serial Sexual Offenders
 Campbell, Rebecca., Fennel, Hannah., Pierce, Stevan., Sharma, Dhruv. and Fehler-Cabral, Giannina.

Using Drugs to Contest Medicalization?: Making Medical Knowledge on the Internet
 Duxbury, Scott.

Using Dyadic Interviews to Examine Social Support in Female Sexual Assault Survivors
 Vasquez, Amanda., Lorenz, Katherine., Kirkner, Anne. and Ullman, Sarah.

Using Evidence-Based Programs to Improve Reentry Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
 Farrell, Jill. and Betsinger, Sara.

Using Group-Level Assessment to Create a Defender-Driven Empirical Research Agenda
 Moore, Janet.

Using Innovative Samples to Examine Crime and Criminal Justice: Comparing GSS and MTurk
 Fenimore, Danielle. and Hendrix, Nicole.

Using Multiple Federal Data Platforms for Research into Human Trafficking: The Charging, Adjudication, and Sentencing Process of Offenders Suspected of Human Trafficking
 Shively, Michael., Kling, Ryan. and Drucker, Omri.

Using Multiple Sources to Estimate Homicides by Police Officers
 Loftin, Colin., McDowall, David. and Xie, Min.

Using Multitrait-Multimethod (MTMM) Techniques to Examine the Convergent and Discriminant Validity of Social Disorder
 Yang, Sue-Ming. and Hinkle, Josh.

Using Negative Cases to Evaluate Life Course Theories
 Doherty, Elaine. and Bersani, Bianca.

Using Neuroscience in the design of survey and interview questionnaires
 Leitch, Laurie. and Jacobs, Ann.

Using Non-traditional Methods to Assess the Impact of Education on Student Perceptions of Police
 Whitus, Stephanie. and Walsh, Kevin.

Using Optimization Designs to Evaluate Bystander Efficacy (McBEE)
 Bush, Heather., Coker, Ann., Clear, Emily., Davidov, Danielle. and Fisher, Bonnie.

Using Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to Improve the Accuracy and Performance of Juvenile Justice Risk Assessment Instruments: The Florida Case Study
 Schwartz, Ira.

Using Risk Terrain Modeling to Test the Effect of Disaggregate Liquor Establishment Types on Street-Robbery in New York City
 Feng, Shun., Piza, Eric., Kennedy, Leslie. and Caplan, Joel.

Using Routine Activity Theory to Better Understand the risk of Identity Theft Victimization
 Nayak, Deveeshree.

Using Safety Equipment of Reduce Harm for Corrections Officers: Assessing What Works
 Coldren, James.

Using Social Disorganization Theory to Explore the Socio-Political Context of Crimes, Arrests, and Dispositions
 Miller, Jennifer.

Using Technology to Improve Rule of Law Programming
 Fonseca, Brian.

Using Trajectories of Crime to Forecast Future Crime Patterns
 Townsley, Michael., Clare, Joseph., Birks, Dan. and Corcoran, Jonathan.

Using Twitter Data in Criminology Studies: Methodological Issues
 Fortin, Francis.

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Remotely Sensing Neighborhood Disorder
 Grubesic, Tony., Wallace, Danielle. and Chamberlain, Alyssa.

Using Varied Approaches to Study Interventions with Juveniles
 Jackson, Patrick.

Using Virtual Reality in Criminal Justice Education: Where Do We Begin?
 Dearden, Thomas.

Using a Simulated Experience to Increase Student Awareness and Empathy: A Preliminary Study
 Bratina, Michele., Kim, Bitna. and Merlo, Alida.

Using a Zero Base Strategy to Model Reduction in Incarceration at the State Level
 Clear, Todd. and Austin, James.

Using a regression-discontinuity design to examine community-level gun violence and victimization outcomes from the Safe and Successful Youth Initiative in Massachusetts from 2010 to 2015.
 Petrosino, Anthony. and Fronius, Trevor.

Using genetically informed quasi-experimental research designs to further understand the association between poly-victimization and substance use
 Connolly, Eric.

Using open sources to explore illicit trafficking in firearms in Europe
 Mancuso, Marina. and Favarin, Serena.

Using the RNR Tool to Inform Transition of Care for Louisiana Co-occurring Program Participants Discharging from State Institutions to the Community
 Priebe, Alexandra., Edgerton, Shelley. and Covington, Rhett.

Using the Sentinel Events Approach to Examine Self-Harm and Suicide
 Delany-Brumsey, Ayesha.

Using the What Works in Reentry Clearinghouse
 Lynch, Mathew.

Using the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument to Identify Traumatic History for Risk Classification and Case Management
 Kelly, Bridget. and Salisbury, Emily.

Utilizing a Risk Needs Responsivity Approach to Improve Correctional Treatment in Delaware
 Buchanan, Judi., O\'Connell, Daniell. and Visher, Christy.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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