American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20

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Validating the Perceived Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Scale in Pittsburgh Youth Study
 Cheon, Hyunjung. and Pardini, Dustin.

Values, Climate, and Resources: Preparing for Implementation Success
 Toronjo, Heather., Murphy, Amy. and Taxman, Faye.

Variation in Early Childhood Cigarette and Alcohol Use by Gender and Parental Substance Use
 Abramson, Karley. and Staff, Jeremy.

Variations in Citizen Attitudes Towards Police
 Chermak, Steven. and Wilson, Jeremy.

Veterans Courts and Recidivism: Outcomes of a Mature Veterans Court
 Snell, Clete.

Veterans Working in Corrections: Does Cumulative Trauma Place Veterans at a Higher Risk for PTSD?
 Marshall-Robinson, Annette. and Swartz, Kristin.

VicariousViews: Attitudes and Social Media Reactions to a Vehicular Pursuit Video
 Hunt, Laura., Lonergan, Holly. and Spievak, Elizabeth.

Vice or Virtue?: Regulating the Gaming Industry Across Time and Place
 Rorie, Melissa. and van Wingerde, C.G. (Karin).

Vice, Violence, & Crime in Popular Music: A Sociological Analysis of Prevalence & Meaning
 Leon, Kenneth., Desien, Michelle. and Barak, Maya.

Victim Compensation as Survivor Justice: The Potential Benefits and Limitations of the UK Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in Rape and Sexual Assault
 Smith, Olivia.

Victim Credibility on Trial: The “Perfect Victim” Stereotype in Cases of Sexual Assault
 Kroon, Evangeline.

Victim Needs Assessment in Iowa: The Voice of the Crime Victim
 Feeley, Lisa., Reddy, Vipin., Lowry, Samantha., Henninger, Alana., Long Murray, Callie., Cramer, Jacob. and Gibbes, Laney.

Victim Precipitation and Internet Crimes Against Children
 McCabe, Kimberly.

Victim Support and Human Rights: A Case Study from Sweden
 Svensson, Kerstin. and Gallo, Carina.

Victim Vulnerability and the Death Penalty: What is the Effect of Victim's Age on Capital Sentencing Decisions in North Carolina
 Marier, Christopher., Cochran, John., Fogel, Sondra., Smith, M.. and Bjerregaard, Beth.

Victim perceptions of Social Cohesion and Informal Social Control in Rural Communities
 Galehan, Jordan., Hibdon, Julie., Schafer, Joseph. and Corsaro, Nicholas.

Victim/offender characteristics and the likelihood of third party involvement
 Tapp, Susannah., Payne, Brian., Triplett, Ruth. and Collins, Victoria.

Victimhood Perceptions among Hospital Emergency Wards Staff
 BenDalak, Judy.

Victimization Risk among Single-households
 Kang, Ji Hyon.

Victimization and Fear of Crime on Campus: Differences between Native American and non-Native American College Students
 Proctor, Amy.

Victimization and Trust in the Police in Turkey: A Multilevel Analysis
 Andreescu, Viviana. and Koc, Cagatay.

Victimization of American Indian Youth: Social Bond's Mediating Role on Alcohol and Marijuana Use
 Wilson, Michaela. and Lo, Celia.

Victimization of Farm Owners and Operators in Georgia, United States
 Prine, Rudy. and McIntyre, R..

Victimization of Latino Women and Youth: Themes from a Decade of Research
 Cuevas, Carlos. and Sabina, Chiara.

Victimization of Undocumented Immigrants and the Dark Figure of Crime
 Caraballo, Krystlelynn., Topalli, Volkan. and Martinez, Ramiro.

Victimization: The Narrowing of the Gap Between the Dark Figure and Official Figure of Crime
 Murphy, Daniel.

Victims of Terrorism Associations after September 11th and March 11th: Claims, Demands, Responses
 Barberet, Rosemary.

Victims’ Experiences with Police Responses to Intimate Partner Violence and Reutilization of Police Services: A Systematic Review
 Lee, Jina. and Zeoli, April.

Victims’ Motives for Participation in Restorative Practices Before and After Adjudication
 Van Camp, Tinneke.

Victims’ Needs through a Therapeutic Jurisprudence Lens: What Can Victim Assistance Units Do?
 Gesser, Nili.

Video Modeling in Task Acquisition of Juvenile Offenders in One State’s Detention Center
 Dunkley, Lisa.

Video Recorded Retail Cannabis Transactions in a Low-risk Marketplace
 Moeller, Kim.

Viewing Prison Through the Eyes of the Gang Leader: “Will I Ever Get Out of Here?”
 Fernandez, Antonio. and Brotherton, David.

Vigilante Justice: Women of the Sydney Ducks Gangs on the Barbary Coast, circa 1851
 Coventry, Garry.

Violence & Violence Prevention
 Ranjan, Sheetal.

Violence Against Emerging Adults in NISVS
 Addington, Lynn.

Violence Against Women Act: Still Misleading American Indian Women
 Robyn, Linda.

Violence Against Women Engaged in Sex Work
 Blankenship, Kim., Danner, Mona., Fort, Lucia. and Young, Gay.

Violence Against Women in Bollywood Indian Cinema: Exploring Film Interpretations of Asian Indian Diaspora
 Bhat, Meghna.

Violence Against Women in the News: A Neoliberal Problem Construction?
 Chagnon, Nicholas.

Violence Interruption Strategies in Central City, New Orleans
 Allen, Daniel.

Violence Intervention Peer Advocates
 Thornton, Samantha.

Violence Off the Field: An Examination of Punishments Meted Out to Violent Offenders
 Park, Victoria., Kallini, Allix., Ciavarro, Paige. and Spencer, Meridith.

Violence Victimization among Sexual Minority High School Students: Impact of School Disorganization on Mental Health Outcomes
 Espelage, Dorothy. and Merrin, Gabriel.

Violence and School Climate: Evidence of State Schools in the Metropolitan Area of Minas Gerais
 Bastos, Luza.

Violence in a 'Non-violent' Population: The Role of Narrative Interpretation
 Sandberg, Sveinung., Copes, Heith. and Pedersen, Willy.

Violent Crime and Immigrant Revitalization and Influx in the South: Contending with a Southern Culture of Violence and Exclusion
 Pratt, Jr., James.

Violent Crimes at School: Does the Number of Security Personnel Matter?
 Yang, Mei.

Virtual Burglary: Understanding Burglary Behaviour Using Simulated Environments: Results from the First Trial with Convicted Burglars
 Nee, Claire., van Gelder, Jean-Louis., Otte, Marco., Meenaghan, Amy. and Vernham, Zarah.

Virtual Poster Competitions: A way to involve non-traditional and on-line students in research
 Etter, Gregg., Smith, Carter., Gross, Sarah. and Pottorff, Stacia.

Visiting Porn Sites Online: Contrasting the Predictive Value of Studying Personal Characteristics, In-person Activities, and the Social Learning Approach
 Cooper, Danielle. and Klein, Jennifer.

Visitor and Prisoner Views on Visitation Policies and Practice in an Urban Jail System
 Siegel, Jane., Napolitano, Laura. and Chrzanowski, Brianna.

Visual Methods in Research on Fear of Crime
 Vanderveen, G.N.G..

Visual Narratives, Photovoice and Meth Use in Rural Alabama
 Ragland, Jared., Copes, Heith. and Brookman, Fiona.

Visual Representations in Crime Films: Methodological Considerations
 Cavender, Gray. and Jurik, Nancy.

Visual and Narrative aspects of Front-Page Crime Stories for Male and Female Offenders: Does Race and Ethnicity Matter?
 Epinger, Ebonie. and Brennan, Pauline.

Voices from the field: Perspectives from law enforcement on working with juvenile delinquents
 Corvalan, Jennifer. and Addison, Steve.

Volunteer Police: An Understudied Aspect of Policing
 Dobrin, Adam.

Voting Scared: Does Neighborhood Crime and Fear of Crime Affect Voter Turnout
 Bray, Timothy., Galvan, Anthony. and Boots, Denise.

Vulnerability to Deportation and the Impact on Immigrants and Their Communities
 Leyro, Shirley.

Vulnerable Young People and Juvenile Justice: A Comparative Study
 Baldry, Eileen. and Russell, Sophie.
American Society of Criminology – 72nd Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-15 to 2016-Nov-20
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